Learning to Fall by Suteishichic

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen:Tezuka Seventeen

Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty-one Twenty-two  

Twenty-three:Fuji Twenty-four Twenty-five Twenty-six 

Twenty-seven Twenty-eight Twenty-nine Thirty Thirty-one

Thirty-two Thirty-three:Fuji Thirty-four Thirty-five:Kikumaru

Thirty-six:Fuji Thirty-seven:Fuji Thirty-eight:Kikumaru Thirty-nine:Kiko  

Forty Forty-one Forty-Two Forty-Three Forty-Four:Fuji Forty-Five:Fuji  

Forty-Six:Fuji Forty-Seven:Fuji Forty-Eight:Tezuka Forty-nine:Fuji Fifty

Fifty-one Fifty-two:Fuji Fifty-three Fifty-four Fifty-five Fifty-six:Fuji

Fifty-seven Fifty-eight:Tezuka Fifty-nine:Eiji Sixty Sixty-two:Fuji

Sixty-three:Fuji Sixty-four Sixty-five Sixty-six Sixty-seven:Kikumaru

Sixty-eight:Fuji Sixty Nine:Fuji Seventy:Fuji Seventy-One(FINAL)

~ By Suteishichi (WARNING!! N17 rating for sex; yaoi, love, angst, fluff; Golden Pair, TezuFuji)

Now on to the sequel, Learning to Land  ~<3