Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

They both were quiet, taking in the story for a while. Then Oishi had to ask, "Fuji never kissed you again?"

"Nya, but I thought he might at the movies when he smelled my breath, but he didn't! I feel really bad for Fuji-senpai! Oishi, did you know? Yuuta moved out? He left Seigaku and is going to another school now, St Rudolph's. He doesn't live at home anymore. I asked Fuji-senpai how he felt now that Yuuta moved out. I thought he would be happy, but he looked so sad and said he missed him! Even though he was mean to him! Oishi the only thing Fuji-senpai said in the morning on our way to practice the next day was that you were fascinating and deep. That you were someone really worth getting to know."

"Fuji said that?"

"Hoi, and he said if I ever wanted to learn about kissing, I should have you teach me because you are the best at it in our school." When he saw Oishi blushing a little, Eiji added, "Hoi! Everyone says so Oishi, even me." He looked so cute, smiling while teasing him, Oishi couldn't help it, he kissed Eiji. He started just to give him a quick kiss but when he felt Eiji responding he kept his lips on his and they exchanged a series of long slow gentle kisses. He was amazed. He did not even touch Eiji with his tongue and the kiss felt electric. They both broke the kiss at the same time, smiling.

"Hoi? So when did you think about kissing me? You said you did but when?"

"Remember when you called after the movie, I hadn't gotten home yet? I was thinking about it then."

"Yah-hoi! I was thinking about it too when I called you. I was laying here. My bed missed you so I called you." Oishi smiled at another Eiji-ism. His bed missed him.

"Your bed missed me?"

"Hoi Oishi! Don't make fun! You know what I mean!" Eiji pouted and Oishi laughed.

"Eiji, my bed missed you, too, but....my......my pillow smelled like you." Oishi felt himself blushing again at telling such stupid stuff to his friend.

"Oishi! My pillow smelled like you too! And I slept like this......." Eiji went to hop up and show Oishi how he hugged the pillow that had Oishi's scent on it but he must have forgot for a moment he was hurt. When he went to jump up he pulled his sore leg the wrong way and fell back in agony giving a little wail of pain, trying to be quiet. Oishi knew if no one was around that would have been a long, loud cry.

Oishi went to him frustrated and unable to help him. Oishi asked Eiji if he could look at it now and Eiji agreed. He helped Eiji pull off his pajama pants leaving only his underwear on and Oishi whistled. Eiji had one of the worst bruises Oishi had ever seen on anyone. It was almost perfectly round, white in the middle, and terribly discolored on the outside. Then Oishi realized there was something he could do. "Ah, Eiji that looks like it really hurts! I've had bruises like those before after being hit. They are really painful. There is something you can do to make it feel a little better sooner. Can I try?"

"Nya! Will it hurt?" Eiji was wincing thinking it might hurt any more.

"No, I'll be really careful. I promise. I was hit hard once right here", Oishi pointed at the upper part of the right side of his chest, "My uncle had me rub this stuff not into the bruise but on the area around it to relax the muscles and help the blood flow. It seemed to help it heal faster and the stuff is good for a muscle pull too so I usually try to keep some with me. Let me see if I have some?"

Eiji nodded. Oishi extracted himself from the bed and went to his bag. He was glad to find he had some arnica gel and went back to Eiji. "Hoi Oishi, does it smell bad?"

"No, not at all. Want to smell first?" Eiji nodded and put his nose to the open tube making a face and then relaxing it as if surprised that it had almost no smell.

"Hoi. Oishi, what do I have to do?" Oishi sat on the bed between Eiji's legs gingerly trying to make sure not to jar Eiji at all. "Nya Oishi", Eiji interrupted, "It hurts but I am not going to break! Hoi...." Eiji lightening quick bent his hurt legs knee and put his leg extended over Oishi's lap. Then he pushed his torso down towards Oishi, and turned his hip so he was laying on his hurt side with the bruise centered on Oishi's lap and Eiji's other leg behind Oishi. "Now what?"

Oishi smiled knowing how painful the next part was for Eiji. "Just relax."

"Hoi." Oishi put some gel into his hands and rubbed them together so it would not be cold. At first he just lightly put his warm hands on the spot that was bruised so Eiji would know Oishi would not hurt him. He put a thin layer of the gel on the entire area and then gently rubbed with his thumbs mostly into the sore muscles around the area that was not bruised. The bruise Oishi felt had a knot in the center but not a huge one. Eiji, he knew, healed fast and this seemed to look worse than it was. The outside of the bruise was already yellowing. If it was him, he would be bruised for a month. Eiji, at most, would be fine in a week, two at most.

He noticed that Eiji, for once, was totally relaxed and watching him. Eiji's shirt had lifted when he scooted down to Oishi and his stomach muscles and belly button were exposed. Then Oishi noticed, taking a second look, that Eiji was not totally relaxed, but was clearly starting to get hard. Oishi rubbed his hand down towards the knee over Eiji's skin with the gel making it soft and cool. Then he ran it up, lightly over the bruise, and kept going until his hand ran along the inside of Eiji's leg to just where his underwear stopped. Eiji inhaled and half closed his eyes in a long blink at Oishi's touch.

Oishi watched, fascinated, as his touch slowly made Eiji completely hard. "Is that okay?" He asked. Eiji nodded, still watching Oishi, and bit his bottom lip. Oishi did it again, and again, each time when he touched along his friend's inner thigh his friend responded. Oishi was getting turned on too so he decided he had to stop.

"Now, I'll wrap it." As he wrapped, to Oishi's own surprise, he still ran his hand along Eiji's inner thigh lightly enjoying the deeper breaths and sighs he was able to get out of him. "Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Right? And this gel 3 times a day unless my Uncle says no tomorrow. Okay?

"Hoi. Will you put it on for me?" Eiji's voice sounded a little husky.

"Three times a day?" Oishi was still wrapping an ace bandage around Eiji's upper leg and was not looking at him.


Oishi secured the bandage and looked at Eiji. Eiji was looking at him, that way. That way when someone wanted to kiss you kind of look. Oishi smiled at him, "What?"

"Nya, come here." Eiji smiled, knowing he was being teased. He winked and wiggled a finger at Oishi. Oishi leaned over and complied so that they were face to face. Eiji said, "It felt nice. It always feels nice when you take care of me when I'm hurt."

Oishi smiled and said, "No it doesn't. When you're banged up, you usually tell me all the time how I'm hurting you more and to stop fussing."

"Nya. It felt nice." And Eiji kissed him. Much different from when he was kissing how Fuji kissed. It was sweet and it was soft but it was also hungry. Eiji pulled back from the kiss with a wicked little smile on his face. Oishi felt Eiji wiggle his unhurt leg under him trying to get free. He realized then that his friend was in an odd twisted position and could not possibly have been comfortable. He lifted his hip up expecting Eiji just to pull his leg out. The next thing he knew Eiji had pushed off using his good leg, pushed Oishi down on his back, flipped himself up, and he came down on top of Oishi straddling him on all fours. Eiji caught himself on his knees and hands with his weight resting on his unhurt side. Oishi was amazed. "Acrobatics." Eiji explained to Oishi's surprised face with a laugh. He then kissed Oishi for a long time. Slow lazy kisses with his tongue and lips that made even Oishi stop thinking. Oishi let him take the lead and was happy to enjoy this.

"Hoi Oishi, when else were you thinking about kissing me? A lot?" Oishi nodded. Eiji stopped to kiss Oishi a little more then said, "Did you think about it at night?" Oishi nodded, blushing, and Eiji nibbled on Oishi's bottom lip holding it lightly in his teeth and licking it with his tongue. "Every night?" Oishi nodded again, his face flushing a bit more. Eiji kissed Oishi's face, his cheek, and over to his ear. Oishi had very sensitive ears and with just one lick on his from Eiji he sucked in a bit of air. Eiji seemed to enjoy his reaction, he gave a little "Nnn" sound and kissed lightly, gently exploring as if to find where and how to make Oishi make more noise.

It felt really good and Oishi was really enjoying it until Eiji whispered, "Hoi? Did you do anything?" Oishi froze. No way was Eiji asking him THAT!

Eiji must have felt him tense up and went back to kissing his sensitive ear. "Hoi Oishi? Don't you want to know what I did when I thought about kissing you?" He nibbled Oishi's earlobe gently and waited for Oishi to respond. Oishi didn't. Oishi had never talked about that with anyone.

Eiji sat up giving Oishi room to breathe, and took off his T-shirt so that now he had only his underwear on. Eiji unbuttoned Oishi's shirt, putting little kisses on each spot after he undid each button, starting at the hollow at the bottom of Oishi's throat and working his way down. He kissed down his friend's strong muscular chest. Down his cut abs licking his belly button along the way. When he got to the last button he licked the skin between Oishi's belly button and the top of his pants. Oishi had some little dark hairs that lead in a little line going down. Eiji ran his index finger under the line of Oishi's pants, millimeters away from the tip of Oishi's erection, making Oishi give a little gasp. Eiji looked up and saw Oishi was watching his every move. Eiji smiled, seeming to enjoy Oishi's reactions to his attentions.

Eiji started kissing his way back up Oishi's chest, his neck, and found his mouth again. He went to tease Oishi's mouth a bit but Oishi wanted more than light teasing now. Oishi brought his hands up Eiji's naked back feeling the strong muscles that roped up him with soft skin over them. He ran his hands through Eiji's hair and met Eiji's kiss with a deep demanding kiss. "Can we...." Oishi wanted to roll Eiji on his side without hurting Eiji's leg. Eiji helped him and they put a pillow in between his wrapped bruise and Oishi's leg just because Oishi wanted to be on the safe side.

Oishi was on his side but more on top of them both. Eiji smiled and said, "Hoi Oishi, you're back!"

Oishi smiled at his friend who knew him so well and said, "Did you have fun while I was gone?"

"Hoi!" Eiji said enthusiastically, "I did!" Oishi laughed, he couldn't help it. Eiji laughed too as if glad at having made him laugh once again.

Eiji had a wicked look in his eyes that Oishi really liked. It made Oishi feel a little bold. Oishi said, "Now what was it you asked me again?"

"Hoi. When you were thinking about kissing me, about what we did? And you were alone in your room? At night? Did you do anything?" Oishi shook his unbuttoned shirt off the arm he had access to and enjoyed the feel of his friends skin on his. He took his thumb and ran it along his friend's full soft lips, now slightly swollen from kissing. As he did, Eiji opened his mouth and licked and kissed his thumb. Such a small thing that felt so amazing. Opening Eiji's mouth open with his thumb, Oishi then kissed him soundly and deeply with his tongue. He remembered how Eiji liked to be teased and that he seemed to really like when Oishi ran his hand through Eiji's hair from the back of his neck up while kissing him. Eiji put his tongue fully into Oishi's mouth but Oishi did not suck on it this time knowing his friend liked it and wanted him to. He just kept teasing him touching his tongue to Eiji's teeth, his lips, and briefly on his tongue, licking but never fully lingering. Finally he gently sucked on Eiji's tongue taking it into his mouth and Eiji let out a low purring moan.

Oishi pulled back, "Eiji, that's not the last thing you asked me. The last thing you asked me was don't I want to know what you did when you thought about kissing me. Remember?" Oishi kissed him deeply again sliding his strong hands along Eiji's back and side. Feeling Eiji's soft skin with Oishi's callus roughened hands. He kissed down Eiji's neck.

Oishi realized, Eiji was good at kissing because he was enjoying it, but Oishi, was experienced, very experienced, well at least with girls.

He knew how to slide his tongue and lips along girl's neck and over to her ear in a way that made most girls tremble. He knew how to kiss her ear with a feather touch, to find those little, oh so sensitive spots on each person, that drove that person alone wild, he knew how to tease until they were shaking with want, and he knew how to touch them, tease them, pleasure them, until they came. Not that he would brag to the guys about it ever, but he knew he was good at this. The first girl he ever brought to an orgasm he was kissing her like he was kissing Eiji now. Oishi was a nice, sensitive, guy but he worked hard to do whatever he did very well, especially when he enjoyed it.

He was enjoying this.

He brought his kiss across Eiji's neck licking and kissing spots that he knew were sensitive on girls, trying to find ones on his friend that were more sensitive than others. Ah. The back of Eiji's neck right at his hairline on the side. Keeping his fingertips teasing that area, Oishi licked and kissed around his friend's ear. "Oishi...." He heard Eiji sigh in pleasure as he touched gently with his lips and tongue. Oishi had found a very sensitive spot indeed right by where Eiji's ear curled in, and his friend's responses to his touch were really turning Oishi on even more.

Oishi, having found a spot he wanted to play with, slowed his pace by slowing his attentions and touches. He breathed softly, whispering into his ear, making sure Eiji felt his breath and his words. "Eiji......what did you do Eiji? Were you thinking about me kissing you Eiji?" He licked around and at that spot slowly and gently using the softest, lightest touch of his tongue.

"Ah...yes." Eiji breathed out. He felt Eiji tremble as if he had a chill.

"Did you touch yourself Eiji?" He licked around again using a little more of his tongue and his lips softly.

Eiji gave a little purr of pleasure, ".....hmm....."

"Did you say my name when you came Eiji?" He licked around that spot again using even more. Then he licked and softly breathed right on where Eiji was anticipating.

"Ah......yes! Oishi...!" Eiji shuddered as he whispered his answer. Eiji was so sensitive and his responses felt incredible. Oishi focused on that spot on Eiji's ear and he felt Eiji trying to grind himself up against Oishi's leg, but Oishi didn't want Eiji to come yet. Not even close. So Oishi worked his way back along some other spots along Eiji's neck he had found to be sensitive. He met Eiji's mouth with his and Eiji kissed him hard and needy.

Oishi wanted to play more though, and he was curious. Oishi knew he liked his own nipples kissed and sucked and that occasionally it drove a girl wild. He wondered how Eiji, who seemed so much more sensitive and responsive than most girls Oishi had done anything with, would react. While still kissing Eiji, he started gently playing with one of his nipples. It was already hard when Oishi ran his calloused fingers over it and he gave a soft pinch. He was rewarded when another shudder rippled through Eiji. He kissed Eiji once more on the mouth and then bent to kiss his nipple. He first licked its hardened surface slow and long with his tongue wide, while Eiji watched him. He then rubbed his lips across it with his mouth closed, slowly, back and forth with the hard nipple grazing between his lips to dry it. His light touch as he rubbed it with his lips made Eiji moan softly. Eiji was pressing into his mouth, starting to grind against him again, wanting a harder touch but Oishi held him back.

He kissed Eiji's mouth again and simply said, "Not yet, okay?" Eiji nodded and looked at Oishi with eyes filled with lust and, it looked like wonder. Oishi then added just in case that was not it, "Eiji if you want me to stop anything, ever, just tell me, all right?" Eiji nodded again.

He kissed Eiji again. Eiji said, smiling a little, breathing hard after the kiss, "Oishi, don't stop."

Oishi felt something in his heart give a little turn. He actually felt it. His friend looked so adorable and felt so good. His friend trusted him completely and Oishi cared about Eiji. Really cared about him and was pretty sure Eiji felt the same. He kissed Eiji softly on his lips, made sure he was paying complete attention, and again said, "Eiji, I mean it, if you ever want me to stop anything, just tell me, promise?"

Eiji smiled. "Hoi Oishi." Then Eiji leaned up and kissed him softly, gently, as if sweetly sealing a promise. Then Eiji pulled away from the kiss and again said, "Don't stop, please."

Oishi wanted to get back to where they had left off so he kissed him again, deepened the kiss, until he felt Eiji relax into it and lay back down. Oishi kissed along Eiji's neck making sure he remembered where those places were. He went over to Eiji's ear and found what was rapidly becoming his favorite spot other than his mouth to tease and lick on Eiji. He tried several different types of touching until he was rewarded with Eiji making little purring pleasure noises. Its really amazing how sensitive he is, Oishi thought to himself.

Oishi, while still kissing that spot on Eiji's ear that he so responded to, started again playing with his hand on Eiji's nipple. To his pleasure Oishi found it was already hard from his attentions on Eiji's ear. He gave the spot on Eiji's ear a fond last gentle lick and then brought his mouth over to Eiji's nipple. Again he brought his lips gently over the hard spot. Eiji did listen to what Oishi told him, because while Eiji was trembling and may have wanted to bring his nipple harder into Oishi's mouth, he held back. He had stopped grinding. He was waiting. Not changing the soft rubbing of his lips, Oishi added his wet tongue and licked. The change from dry to wet made Eiji give a quiet little whimper that went right through Oishi.

Oishi licked with his tongue and gently started playing with the nipple. Licking and rubbing it softly. Then he gently sucked on it. Eiji gave a little involuntary buck of pleasure and whispered "Oishi!" Oishi smiled and idly playing with the sensitive nipple in his hand, he went back to kiss Eiji's hot, hungry mouth some more.

Eiji had some questions for Oishi though. He pulled back after a while from the kiss even as turned on as he was. He looked surprised, "Hoi! You've had...sex!"

Oishi froze and then nodded. "Please Eiji. Please don't tell anyone. Ever. Promise me?" Oishi very embarrassed. He pulled away a little and was not able to look at him.

"Nya! Oishi what's wrong?" Eiji kissed him gently and took his face in his hands so Oishi had to look at him. "Stay here Oishi. Tell me. I won't tell. Please?"

"Eiji, I've never told anyone this before. Its too hard for me to say. I can't. Even to you."

"Oishi," Eiji kissed him starting off gently and slowly and letting the kiss build. He was playing with Oishi's tongue and sliding his hands along Oishi's skin. He kissed him deeper and yet soft at the same time. It was not as hungry as before, now it felt sweet, loving, affectionate. It was an amazing kiss and Eiji seemed to be putting himself into it to keep Oishi from drifting away to his thoughts. It was a very sweet kiss and it took Oishi's breath away.

"Nya Oishi! Stay here. I just told you I touched myself thinking about you!" He smiled at him as if a bit embarrassed.

"You said you said my name when you came." Oishi smiled back at him.

Eiji looked at him still smiling shyly, "Hoi. I did. Did you?"

"Did I what?" Oishi was going to smile more but saw that this was something important to Eiji.

"Did you touch yourself thinking about me?"


"Did you say my name?" Eiji was pouting a little as if afraid Oishi would say no.

"Yes." Eiji cocked his head as if demanding that Oishi go on, "Yes, I said your name when I came, Eiji." Eiji smiled and shut his eyes for a second in a long slow blink. Oishi was not sure if it was a because he was so turned on or so delighted at having someone say the exact right thing, right when you want to hear it or maybe both. Eiji kissed Oishi sweetly for a long time and Oishi was smiling, glad to make his friend so happy. It seemed like such a small silly thing but Oishi knew that if Eiji said no, or said he said someone else's name, like Fuji's, Oishi would have been both angry and hurt.

And it was easier to talk about even this than the other thing. Oishi hoped maybe Eiji would just let that go.

"Hoi Oishi. Will you tell me what happened? Please?"

Eiji was not going to let it go.

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