Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

The bath turned out to be a really good idea. It felt nice to sit together in the hot water and relax. Oishi sat behind and Eiji sat in front laying back on him. They fit much better in the bathtub this way. Oishi rubbed his hands on Eiji's arms and shoulders tracing the strong well defined muscles there. Eiji had several fine little scars all over him and when Oishi asked about one or another Eiji was happy to tell the story of this one or that one. Eiji then took Oishi's hands and carefully studied each one. He looked for scars, felt the calluses, noticed a blister was forming from where Oishi's racket grip had loosened and rubbed. He kissed it. Then he took Oishi's hands in his, lacing their fingers, and wrapped them around himself into a hug.
Oishi laughed and leaned into the hug kissing his friends neck just below his hairline. He kissed over to Eiji's ear playing softly with it, and licked that spot Eiji so responded to. Eiji gave a little purr of a laugh.

"Nya Oishi!" And somehow, in a flash, Eiji had flipped himself around in the bathtub and was now facing Oishi laying on his stomach. He did it so fast even the water did not have a chance to react. "Scoot down and kiss me." He commanded. It was a struggle for a minute trying to move down without drowning either of them or getting water everywhere, but Oishi did it.

Eiji kissed him slowly, and for a long time.

His kisses were both deep and soft and he seemed to be enjoying himself tremendously. Oishi certainly was enjoying him.

Oishi then felt him shiver and realized it was not totally from the kissing. The water was getting cold and Eiji's back was out of the water in the chill air.

"Come on," Oishi said giving a goose fleshed Eiji one last kiss before helping him out of the bathtub, "Lets go warm up and watch the movie."

They changed for bed and went back to their nest of pillows and blankets. Oishi hit play. Eiji was restless during the rest of the previews. He fidgeted around kissing Oishi, playing with Oishi's pants tie teasingly. But when the movie came on, Eiji settled down and was lost in the story. Oishi had seen it a while ago but found he had forgotten much of it. Eiji laughed, he hid his eyes during the scary parts, he held Oishi's hand when it was tense, and he even cried tears during the sad parts. It was a joy to watch a movie with someone who enjoyed it that much.

At some part in the middle, Oishi paused it and went to go get ice cream for them. Remembering how Eiji ate it the night before, he just brought the carton, one spoon, and a bottle of cold water. He found Eiji up and acting out some of the scenes he saw, playing all the parts while Oishi was gone. He especially liked the swordsman and the giant. Oishi laughed and told him how good at playing them he was. Eiji turned on him and started playing the characters at him until Oishi kissed him, laughing, to stop.

Oishi turned the movie back on and they settled down. Again, Eiji ate the ice cream one spoon after the next, engrossed with the movie, only occasionally pausing to pass Oishi a spoonful. "Last bite." He offered, not taking his eyes from the TV. Oishi again took a part of it and handed the majority back to him. Eiji turned to him, thrilled, and ate the last bite grinning. Then he was lost to the movie again curling up with Oishi in an impossible tangle of limbs. Eiji held Oishi's hand tucked in his own under his chin. Oishi felt every smile, laugh, and gasp throughout the rest of the movie as Eiji watched, enraptured, kissing Oishi's hand occasionally.

They brushed their teeth, Eiji still talking about the movie and insisting on now using Oishi's toothbrush, even though Oishi had a new spare, even though Eiji said his at home was better. Oishi used and liked the new paste Eiji bought him.

"Hoi. Let me see, " Eiji said and kissed him hard and needy making Oishi's pulse race. "Hoi, nice!" Then he turned around and went to Oishi's bedroom, only limping slightly. He stopped right at the door to look at Oishi standing there and see the effect his kissing had on Oishi. When he saw Oishi he laughed, "Coming?" he said teasingly.

Oishi smiled, "Not yet." He said softly to himself, laughing, and walked to his bedroom.

"Show me." Eiji said simply when Oishi walked into the room and closed his door.
Oishi made a confused face and went to walk out of his room again like he had walked into the wrong place. Eiji laughed at this surprise. "Hoi!" He said laughing and he went and hugged Oishi kissing him softly. Then he nibbled on Oishi's bottom lip while Eiji considered this seriously. "You're funny! Why aren't you funny like this at school?"

"You make me funny. I'm only funny with you." Oishi said truthfully laughing, "Can you imagine if I started making jokes like you do? Boring Oishi? They would think I'd lost my mind!"

It was funny to think of Oishi being him and Eiji laughed but he seemed bothered at the same time. He cocked his head to the side thoughtfully and said confused, "Nya. You're not boring."

Oishi could not resist. He took his finger and flicked it in the crease between Eiji's eyes in a perfect Eiji imitation. "So serious." he said with a smile.

Eiji gasped in surprise and threw his head back laughing. This made Oishi laugh too and they held each other up laughing. "Nya! See?"

Eiji must have seen that Oishi would not listen to him so he said simply, "Kiss me. Please."

"Do you want to go lay down first?" Oishi asked wondering what Eiji was up to.

"Nya. Kiss me first."

"Well all right." Oishi acted put upon making Eiji laugh. He brought his hands up to Eiji's face and kissed him gently, lovingly. Oishi had not forgotten the state his friend had recently left him in the hallway. He used his tongue lightly and slowly, teasing Eiji. Oishi brought his arms around his friend and continued kissing him. He took the kiss a little further and heard Eiji give a soft little moan of enjoyment. Oishi thought of breaking the kiss off, just to get Eiji back, but he felt so good in his arms, Oishi just didn't have the heart to. He held Eiji a little closer and kissed him a little deeper. He felt Eiji melt into the kiss and wished they were on the bed.

Oishi looked to see how far from the bed they were when Eiji noticed and said, "Nya. Show me." ending the kiss. Oishi looked totally confused. "Hoi." he said annoyed. Oishi still was confused. "To dance, you said you would show me."

"Now? But your leg...." Oishi saw that Eiji was determined. He shrugged. "We'll need music."

Oishi really had no idea what kind of music to put on. He finally put on a soft radio station and looked at Eiji if that was okay. Eiji nodded.

"All right, you know how to slow couples dance, like at school?" He held out his hands, "You'll have to be the girl again, I only know how to lead, okay?"

"Hoi." They first did the 1950s version where he held one hand around Eiji's waist and they held hands on their side up. Then Eiji slipped his hands around Oishi's neck and Oishi put his around Eiji's hips. "Nya. Don't get fresh." Eiji joked making Oishi smile as Eiji was wearing only his usual T-shirt and underwear for bed.

"Okay, now I'll spin you out slowly and bring you back to me, if it bothers your leg at all, tell me and we can stop." Eiji nodded. Oishi tried to spin him just out and back but Eiji tried to lead and got stuck.

"Again." Eiji said.

"You tried to lead and that's what happens. You have to trust me okay?" They tried. It didn't work again. They tried again. It didn't work. Oishi got an idea. "Try this. Close your eyes." Oishi thought maybe Eiji might be distracted by seeing. Doing it until the motions felt right would be easier for him. "Okay, now we'll do it again. Keep your eyes closed."

He swung him out and back. It wasn't perfect by any means but it was better. "Same thing again so you know how it feels. Then next we'll do it when your eyes are open, and you do the same thing." This time went better.

"With your eyes open now?" It went even better.

Eiji caught on quickly and was thrilled. Oishi did not want to make him do too much in case his leg was hurting so at the next songs end he told Eiji to close his eyes and he kissed him trailing his hand down his back as he did so. Eiji kept his eyes closed and let Oishi lead him to the bed kissing him, wanting him also. With the music still playing softly in the background Oishi felt kind of stupid so he got up to turn it off. He also turned out the light, took off his pajama bottoms, and got the lube.

"You can open your eyes when you want, you know?"

"Nya. Don't want to."

"You don't want to see what I am doing?"

"Hoi? What are you doing?"

"If you opened your eyes you would know." They both laughed.


"Can I take these off?" Eiji nodded as his underwear were removed. "And your shirt?" Eiji lifted his arms and sat partway up. Oishi lay down next to him enjoying the feel of their naked skin together. Eiji was mostly hard laying on his back and Oishi was on his side, also mostly hard. He just touched Eiji's soft skin in a light caress. "What do you want to do? What do you like?"

"Anything?" Oishi got one eye opened on him to verify.

Oishi thought a moment because anything with Eiji could really be, anything. But Oishi was really curious about what his friend would want to do if he could. "Anything."

"Yah-hoi! Come here. Lay down this way." Meaning in the middle of the bed on his back, Oishi did as instructed. "Close your eyes."


"Hoi. You have to trust me, close your eyes, and keep your eyes closed."

"This...will be hard for me."

"Hoi. I know, you like to lead. But you trust me." This was not a question so much as a statement of fact. "Nya. You said anything."

Oishi sighed. "All right." He lay down and closed his eyes. Eiji kissed him deeply. Then he put a pillow over Oishi's eyes. "Hey!" Oishi laughed.

"Nya. No peeking."

"But I like to watch you."

"Nya. Watch later. Trust now." This was really hard for Oishi and though he did know Eiji understood, he was not sure how much his friend understood. Eiji kissed his mouth a little bit and then kissed him down his neck and chest. Oishi tried to touch Eiji's hair with his hand but Eiji gently put it back down with a distinct, "Nya!"

Oishi waited to see what would happen next. It was like Eiji could not decide what to do first. He played with Oishi's nipples first one then the other laughing in a turned on way at the reactions he was able to wring from Oishi. Eiji slid his hard body against Oishi now knowing how much Oishi enjoyed the feel of their skin together. Without warning he took Oishi's erection into his mouth bringing it to full hardness in a few seconds. Eiji slid it in and out of his mouth enjoying making Oishi writhe. He teased Oishi for a while, licking and taking it deep into his mouth and throat. When Oishi really responded, it must have turned Eiji on and Oishi heard and felt Eiji moaning a little too while he was in his mouth. The sensations of Eiji making sounds while having him in his mouth were almost too much for Oishi to take. Oishi was really into it and then, without warning Eiji stopped. Oishi felt a little rustle on the bed, and again worried, not knowing what was coming next.

Next he felt Eiji kissing him on his mouth again. Very passionately, and very turned on. He waited for Oishi to start sucking his tongue as Oishi knew Eiji liked and then as soon as Oishi did, as soon as he tried to take control, Eiji stopped. He felt Eiji sit partially on him and then he felt Eiji press his hard erection against and into Oishi's mouth. Oishi moaned as he licked him taking Eiji into his mouth, which made Eiji moan louder. Oishi was so tempted to grab his friend with his hands and take control but he knew, knew without a doubt, Eiji would be furious, so he held back but it was so, so, hard.

Eiji was up, gone again, and then next licking Oishi's tip. Then taking him into his mouth. Then when Oishi really responded again, he stopped and started kissing him down further again. Eiji then replaced his mouth with his hand, and stroked Oishi's erection, wet from Eiji's mouth. He moved his hand lightly, softly, in a way Eiji knew drove Oishi crazy wanting more, harder, faster, tighter, anything more than that feather light, knowing ang teasing touch.

Eiji licked down Oishi's testicles and kept licking until he reached the tight pucker of his ass. He licked around it for a while then licked right on it. Then he put his tongue in a tiny bit. He kept stroking him and waited for Oishi to relax a bit more. He licked around again and then again licked in. Oishi moaned softly at the unfamiliar pleasure as Eiji increased his stroke in response to Oishi forcing himself to relax.

Eiji licked in one more time and when he moved his tongue out he rubbed a seemingly well lubricated finger around the area and then slowly in. He replaced his hand stroking Oishi with his mouth and took him deeper into his mouth as Oishi relaxed more. When Oishi tightened up Eiji went back to that agonizing feather light touch on him, whisper light, until Oishi forced himself to relax more. Oishi was anticipating a touch on that spot and Eiji was easily moving one finger in and out of him both gentle, and it felt deep. Then Eiji withdrew his finger leaving Oishi again confused and not knowing what came next.

Eiji surprised him again when he added a second finger. Very slowly. As if Oishi was not already on the edge a long time ago. As if he was not already moaning and writhing in pleasure. He again forced Oishi to relax by rewarding him deeply with his mouth when he did. Eiji took his time and Oishi knew it was both that he did not want to hurt him and also that he was turned on by the teasing, the control, and the pleasure he was able to wring out of Oishi. He was enjoying himself, and so was Oishi although the two fingers felt very strange. Even though Oishi knew it was not that much and not that deep, but it felt like a lot, it felt really deep, and he had to admit, it felt very good, especially as he anticipated that spot being pressed. Oishi relaxed even more, wanting Eiji to finish him, release him, please, and in response Eiji took his swollen erection even further into his mouth and throat. Oishi moaned very, very close to coming.

Eiji must have seen and sensed it because he took Oishi's hand and put it on himself. Oishi realized that much of the time he was pleasing Oishi, he had been stroking himself with his other hand turned on by what he was doing. "Touch me, Oishi, touch me." He said it needy, wanting, and in a moan.

"Eiji let me look, I want to see you. Please....."

"Yeah...." Eiji moaned.

Oishi pulled the pillow off of his eyes and the sight of Eiji touching himself was incredibly hot. Oishi moaned. He was so close. Eiji looked close too and was watching Oishi try to hold back while taking Oishi in and out of his mouth and touching himself. Oishi touched Eiji's hair with his free hand just wanting to touch him, feel him, be with him more.

"Oishi....?" he asked around a mouth full of him.

Oishi nodded unable to speak. Eiji pressed his fingers inside Oishi right on that spot. "Ah...Eiji...." was all Oishi was able to cry and then Oishi felt himself coming hard in sheer pleasure. It took every ounce of strength of will not to thrust himself into Eiji's mouth as he came and came and came. He was just remotely aware of Eiji bucking and thrusting into their hands, up against him as he came moaning also, his mouth still around Oishi.

When Oishi stopped panting and opened his eyes, he smiled over at Eiji, who smiled back and made a face to announce what he had done. "You swallowed all of that?" Oishi was amazed. It felt as if Oishi come more than he ever had in his life. "Kiss me."

"Nya, tired."

"Come, I'll meet you halfway, okay?" They were right next to each other but Oishi felt like he was a million miles away. He wanted to be closer to him. Needed to be.

Eiji nodded wiggled a bit closer, must have realized that was going to take too long, and suddenly threw himself at Oishi. Oishi laughed and said "You pounced again." Eiji laughed and Oishi kissed him, still not believing he swallowed all that. Remembering to say before he was asked this time Oishi said, "Eiji, that was really, really good. Amazing. You'll have to lead more often."

"Hmm." Eiji said with a little smile. He'd enjoyed it. That made Oishi really happy. "Anyone else?" Eiji suddenly asked.

Oishi felt his mind racing to make sense of that. Oh. "Lead? Or do the other thing?" Oishi well remembered the two fingers too.

"Either." Eiji really wanted to know.

"Neither." Eiji smiled fully. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Eiji was still smiling and said, "Hoi." Then smiled less and crushed Oishi when he then said, "Nya," He must have seen something in Oishi's expression because he added, "I like better when we get to kiss."

"When we come?"


"Mmm I like that too. Kiss me now because we couldn't then okay?" Oishi guessed it was the exact right thing to say because Eiji enthusiastically kissed him.

Eiji gave Oishi long, slow, sloppy kisses. No teasing, no one in control, just pleasure sought and given in kissing one's lover. They kissed and held each other for a long time. Eiji pursed his lips in a little pout. "I'll be home and you'll be here tomorrow night."

Oishi found that he was trying to avoid thinking about that too. He tried to kiss the pout away. When that didn't work he said, "I know, my bed will miss you." Eiji gave a half smile. "But there is the phone and we'll see each other at school, tennis, we can study together, do other things, and then there are the weekends. Yes?"

"Nya. Not the same."

"I know." Oishi was sad about that too.

"Hoi. I can't kiss you at school like other people do. I can't pass you notes. I can't grab you in the hallway and have my way with you." He grinned only half kidding.

"I know, but you can tell me all the wicked things you thought about doing to me that day on the phone or you can show me when we're alone. Please, don't be sad. This feels good doesn't it?"

Eiji nodded. "Hoi."

"People always have things like this. Sometimes one person lives far away. Sometimes one person has strict parents. Or they need enough money to be together. You hear about things like that all the time. Right?" He pet Eiji's hair and worried.

Oishi was concerned. Very concerned. He had thought about all this and surprised himself to hear himself speak his thoughts out loud to Eiji. It wasn't like they were dating, but whatever this was, it felt too good to stop. Oishi also worried because was never one for public displays of affection, even with, well, girls. There was something about Eiji though that made Oishi want to touch him. All the time too. It would even be hard for Oishi to not touch him. Oishi was amazed as he was never affectionate or touchy like this before. Eiji, he knew, thrived on both attention and affection. It worried Oishi, enough that he was trying not to think about all of this, trying not to worry about what it meant, but it seemed whenever he had something he didn't want to talk about, Eiji had a way of dragging it up. He had already gotten Oishi to talk about things he swore he would never tell to anyone, let alone talk about things he was trying to avoid.

"Hoi. We need a signal. Like "As you wish...." Eiji looked a bit thrilled to have a 'signal'.

Oishi was intrigued by this. "What will our signal be?" He asked smiling.

"Nya. I don't know. But if I want to kiss you in school, I'll hand you a blank note."

"Blank note?"

"Hoi. I'll think write on a piece of paper, Oishi, I really want to kiss you right now. Love your best friend, Eiji. Then, I'll fold it up, and pass it to you. You'll be the only one who can read it. Then you can think write what you want and pass it back to me later." Eiji looked happy about this.

"So I'll think it, but not write on it?" Oishi was a bit worried about that part.

"Hoi. Of course. Think write. Then its blank if anyone finds it. No one but you and I can read it. What will you think write back?"

Oishi smiled, a little charmed, and said "Eiji you're amazing, I really want to kiss you right now too. Love your best friend, Oishi. Good?"


"We should get to sleep and get up extra early in the morning."


"So we can play longer before my parents come back and you have to go home."


"Play, kiss, this, all right?" Oishi smiled checking.

"Hoi." Eiji said liking the term.

They snuggled into bed kissing for a long time neither one wanting to stop not knowing when, after tomorrow, they could do it so freely again. Eventually Eiji was yawning and started his nightly curling himself onto and around Oishi, relaxing into him, half asleep.

"G' night Eiji. Eiji Kikumaru."

"G' night Oishi. Shuuichirou Oishi."

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