Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

Oishi woke up a couple of hours later to find Eiji crying in his sleep, having a nightmare. Oishi woke his friend gently shaking him, "Eiji, Eiji, wake up, hey, shhh, its all right, you're safe, shhh. Its okay." Eiji curled up even more into Oishi still half asleep. "It was just a bad dream, love. Everythings okay."

Eiji shuddered remembering and murmured half asleep, "Couldn't find you...." He said by way of explaining his dream.

Oishi bent down and kissed him on his forehead, his lips, "I'm right here, love. Its okay now. Shhh." Eiji kissed him softly back, sleep still showing in his eyes, and a touch of fear. Oishi kissed him a little more both enjoying it and wanting to comfort him. He held his arms around his friend tightly, caressing him lightly with his hands. "You okay now?" he asked concerned.

Eiji kissed Oishi, nodded and said, "Better."

Oishi pushed Eiji's sweat damp hair off his forehead kissing him, checking for a fever, and finding none. Then he remembered what Eiji did when he thought Oishi had a nightmare. "Can I get you some water?"

"Hoi." Eiji nodded. Oishi got up and went to get him some, and then he remembered Eiji had also brought him a warm cloth to wipe his face. So even though he had no idea why, he got one for him as well. He gave Eiji the water, then used the cloth to wipe on his friend's face. Eiji was shivering a little from sweating so Oishi helped him put his shirt back on and then climbed under the covers to warm Eiji up with his body. He kissed him a few more times enjoying a very sleepy Eiji responding enthusiastically even though only half awake. "Time?" Eiji asked in a yawn sounding hopeful but only half awake.

Oishi looked at the clock reflected in the glass of the aquarium and read it back wards by habit. "2:23."

Eiji kissed him deeply and then sighed, settled his head on Oishi's chest, and wrapped his body around him tightly saying only, "Nnnna. Too early." Oishi smoothed his hair, feeling him relax further and further, and listening to Eiji's breathing get deeper and more regular.

Oishi thought Eiji was asleep when Eiji clearly said, "Love...." and looked up half awake at Oishi.

Oishi was not sure what Eiji wanted. He wasn't sure if Eiji was telling him he loved him, asking if Oishi loved him, if he was calling Oishi that, or asking why Oishi called him that before. Eiji was waiting, half asleep, for some response so Oishi kissed him hoping Eiji would maybe explain what he was saying or asking.

Oishi realized he had said it to Eiji, without thinking and now was extremely uncomfortable. It was a response and not something he'd thought about before saying. He also knew this was not the first time he had called Eiji that. It wasn't that he didn't mean it when he said it, or that he didn't care about him or anything, but he was not sure how much he meant it or if he was ready to deal with the consequences or any of it. So he kept kissing Eiji trying to tell all this to Eiji in a kiss and knowing that Eiji was only marginally awake and probably not understanding.

Eiji gave a little purr of pleasure, smiled at Oishi, closed his eyes and hugged Oishi harder burrowing his head just below Oishi's chin, his soft hair tickling lightly, and then entwining them together in a bizarre knot of limbs only comfortable to Eiji. Oishi didn't mind though especially knowing this was the last night they would be laying together for a while. He rubbed his hand in circles over Eiji's back lightly and watched him as he fell into a deep sleep, still smiling.

Oishi joined him soon after.

Oishi woke up some time later, feeling Eiji watching him, and a wet, slick, hand moving on his hard erection. Oishi looked at Eiji in surprise. His response was to give Oishi a wicked grin and little laugh in response. "Hoi. Good morning." he said kissing Oishi, seemingly thrilled that Oishi was finally awake. Oishi smiled and kissed him back but would not open his mouth. He was worried that his breath must taste terrible. "Nya, nya, Nya!" Eiji demanded.

Oishi went to tell him no, Eiji did not want to kiss him yet, but when he opened his mouth to say it, Eiji pressed his tongue into his mouth while still moving his hand. Oishi laughed when he realized that Eiji must have taken some of the cherry toothpaste at some point from the bathroom. He had it in his mouth and was sharing with Oishi. Eiji laughed in sheer delight at having surprised Oishi so much. Oishi squinted and looked at his clock back wards through the reflection of the aquarium, harder to see by day, but saw it was 6:46! There was no way he was going to get back to sleep now. Not when Eiji was so determined like this.

So Oishi stretched, still kissing him and being kissed, he held Eiji and flipped them both over, being mindful not to hurt his injured leg. Eiji now laughed in surprise and seemed thrilled. "What?" Oishi laughed "Why are you laughing?"

"Hoi. You're strong too."

"Did you forget?" Oishi asked laughing which made Eiji nod and laugh even more. Oishi kissed Eiji's laugh away and suddenly they went from kidding around to very serious and very urgent.

"Touch me, Oishi...." Eiji said pleadingly through kisses and moaned loud when Oishi did. Eiji had lubricated both of them and must have been touching both of them until Oishi awakened.

"How long was I asleep while you touched me?" Oishi asked wonderingly. For once not caring if he raced to wash his sheets before his parents came home.

"Three minutes." Eiji said making it sound like an eternity while he touched them both and waited.

"I want to do to you what you did to me last night." Oishi said raspy and hard with need.

"Hoi?" Eiji asked looking unsure.

"I won't hurt you." Oishi meant it and kissed Eiji hard, trying to communicate both his need and his feelings in the kiss and the words, "No matter what I won't ever hurt you." He started teasing Eiji's tongue in the way he'd found drove his friend crazy. "I want to make you feel really, really good like you made me feel." He sucked on Eiji's tongue gently making Eiji thrust his hips up and moan. "Yes?" As much as Oishi wanted this, wanted Eiji, and wanted to make him feel so good, he would not move until Eiji gave him permission.

"Want you Oishi...." Eiji said agreeing in a plea and it made Oishi moan softly in response, kissing Eiji again.

"I'll kiss you when we come okay?" Oishi said and Eiji nodded, turned on and whimpering as exactly what he wanted was promised without him having to say it.

Oishi knew Eiji wanted that. He wanted to kiss Eiji then too.

Oishi kissed his way down his friend tasting the lube on Eiji's straining erection, making Eiji groan in pleasure as Oishi took him fully into his mouth. The lube actually tasted a bit sweet and made it easier to slide into his mouth. He tried to relax his throat as he'd felt Eiji do to him and take more of him into his mouth. He found he was a bit better at it with practice but still not nearly as good as Eiji. He would have to ask him sometime how in the world he did that.

He then kept kissing and licking Eiji down the way Eiji did with him the night before. He felt Eiji touch his hair to get his attention. He wanted Oishi to move around so Eiji could touch Oishi, as Oishi touched him. Oishi moved his legs around to comply not stopping kissing, touching, or licking. Eiji was putting more lube on Oishi and Oishi ran his hand in it on himself, taking a generous amount.

Where Eiji was careful, Oishi was gentle, and patient. Oishi put his tongue up against Eiji's tight pucker as Eiji had done to him the night before. He licked all around and found, not surprisingly, it was the same as on a girl. So he used his tongue as he had before with someone else whose name never occurred to him again. Eiji was whimpering and stroking Oishi. It felt so good Oishi had to focus or he would come too soon. Oishi licked his tongue in wide wet strokes over the area while stroking him, getting Eiji to relax, and slowly he made his tongue harder by pointing it and lapping inside. When Eiji relaxed more, Oishi stroked him harder the way he liked it, and focused his hand on his sensitive tip. Oishi actually felt Eiji's erection throbbing in his hands, he heard him whimpering more as he did when he was about to come. Oishi slowed down, made his touch lighter, went back to licking around, and took his time. By focusing on Eiji, it took Oishi's own urgency away.

When Eiji relaxed a little more, and now able to last a little longer himself, Oishi started licking him inside again. Eiji was making little whimpering noises of pleasure and saying Oishi's name. Oishi slowed down again because just the sounds Eiji made could send Oishi over the edge. He licked him there slow and light then looked back at him. Oishi looked at Eiji asking him if it was okay. If he was ready. Eiji nodded closing his eyes for a second as if from the coming pleasure he anticipated. Oishi went back to stroking Eiji in that light, tantalizing, nearly no grip way, that he knew teased Eiji furiously. He wanted Eiji focused on pleasure and not to worry about pain or discomfort that Oishi was trying to make sure would not happen, as Eiji had done with him. Oishi licked in once more and then took his a well lubricated finger and softly, gently, rubbed around the outside. As if he was in no hurry at all.

Eiji went to hurry him. To press himself down, and press Oishi's finger or fingers into himself, hungry with want. Oishi pulled his hand away, lightened his touch, and waited. Eiji writhed on the bed. "Nya!" He said his eyes dark with lust. "So mean....." He gripped and stroked Oishi hard especially over Oishi's tip making Oishi gasp and softly moan.

Oishi still waited until Eiji settled down. It was hard for him to do, but he waited.

"Can you reach me to kiss me?" Oishi asked and explained, " I want to kiss you while I do this. okay?" For a second he thought Eiji was going to say no. Or tell him to stop in frustration. But then his friend smiled, as if Oishi had done something very right.

Oishi moved up and around and Eiji moved down. It was a good thing that Eiji was so flexible and Oishi was strong but they could just reach. Oishi now lay on his left side stroking Eiji with his left hand and leaning on Eiji's unhurt side. It was not the best grip but it worked. Eiji had his right arm around Oishi holding him and was stroking him with his left. Their lips met in a kiss that was hungry, lusty, each needing to touch and taste the other.

Because Oishi could not get a good full stroke of his friend he concentrated on his grip being hard, how his friend liked it, and on his sensitive tip. He felt Eiji stroking him again the way he knew Oishi liked it. Oishi looked at Eiji for permission. Eiji nodded while still kissing him.

Oishi very gently rubbed his lubricated index finger in right when his stroke got to Eiji's tip. Eiji moaned and Oishi felt him try to force himself to relax, not push down to hurry, and to not come. Oishi kissed him, slowing down his stroking, trying to keep Eiji with him. He felt Eiji focus on the kiss and relax. Oishi slowly did it again, and again, working himself inside that tight, hot, space slowly and gently even though Oishi was more than ready himself. He felt they were too close and he really wanted to do this, especially as they might not get the chance again for a while.

Oishi was getting frustrated. And then he had an idea. "Eiji, can you hold both of us?" Eiji looked a bit confused so Oishi put his erection up against Eiji's. They both trembled a little bit and needed to stop and kiss at the touch, as their sensitive lubricated skin touched. "Then I can do this and kiss you. Can we try? You'd be in control again. Please?" Oishi added with a smile.

Eiji smiled, kissed him again, and said only "How?"

Oishi smiled and lay more on top of Eiji. He slid his hard, now insistent, throbbing erection over Eiji's. The sensitive skin on sensitive skin contact was incredible and they both moaned at the shock of pleasure. Oishi put some more lubrication on both of them and rubbed them both with his right hand making sure it was coated too. He let Eiji close his hands around them both and could not suppress a little groan that came from him as Eiji did so. Oishi leaned forward and on his left side more. Eiji moved his injured leg away giving Oishi more room to reach. Oishi leaned more of his weight on his left arm and elbow while he kissed him. The nice thing about this Oishi found was that he could thrust, even a little bit, up into Eiji's hand and against his erection. Discovering this little advantage after not thrusting into Eiji's mouth before made Oishi moan softly with want.

It was a little awkward but it would work. Oishi rubbed his lubricated fingers again on the outside of Eiji's tight ass. Oishi was kissing Eiji's mouth and feeling Eiji stroke them both as they thrust against each other slightly. Now that Oishi could not force Eiji to relax by stroking him lighter until he did, he had to really feel when Eiji relaxed with his whole body, not just with the tip of his finger. He slowly pushed his finger back inside his friend and waited for his moans to end before continuing. Out a little, and then in a little deeper. Oishi worked his way inside him slowly, gently, up to that sensitive spot.

Eiji knew he was there with one finger, ready, "Oishi..." Eiji whispered wanting. He sounded impatient and close. Oishi did not move his finger at all but kissed him deeply.

"Soon, love, soon, okay?" Eiji moaned in response with want and Oishi kissed the moan of frustration away as he removed his finger slowly. He gently, very slowly and patiently, started working a second finger in. He stopped and went to withdraw them whenever Eiji showed any signs of being taken over the edge, Oishi then waited for his writhing to slow down before he would continue. It was the most intense moment Oishi had ever experienced. He knew that Eiji could have taken himself over any time he wanted to by his own hand. But he didn't, he was waiting for Oishi to. He was waiting for Oishi to please him more.

Eiji moaned, trembling, kissing him, and said over and over again "Oishi....want you...need to...please....Oishi....."

Oishi was talking to Eiji now while kissing him too, and gently thrusting himself into his friends hand, "Eiji...you feel so good....you're so amazing....just a little longer love....wait for me Eiji...please...wait for me....Eiji....."

They both knew, sensed, when Oishi was right on that spot, his fingers poised, and neither one wanted to stop. Neither one wanted it to end. It was like time froze around them. They were enjoying the words, the touches, the noises, the textures, and each other with no end. Oishi found that he also was trembling. Physically shaking with need and lust and emotion. Oishi kissed Eiji gently, tenderly, lovingly. When the kiss ended, they both kept kissing each other but both knew as if they'd agreed, to move just the tiniest bit to send each other over. Eiji gripped both of them a little tighter saying in a moan, "Oi..shi....."

At the same time Oishi took his two fingers and lightly, gently, pressed sending both of them into orgasm. "Eiji...." Oishi cried thrusting himself into Eiji's strong hand. Eiji's intense orgasm actually pushed Oishi's fingers out of him as he thrust up also into his own hand and Oishi. The orgasm ripped through them sending wave after wave of pleasure and lasting longer than Oishi would have thought possible. Oishi's arms ended up being around Eiji. Their lips met and they held onto each other for a long time while little aftershocks made one, the other, or both occasionally shudder.

Eiji finally drew in a shuddering breath and breathed out in a contented sigh. With a kiss Oishi went to roll off him not wanting to crush him. Eiji held him on though saying softly, "Stay."

"I'm right here." Oishi smiled at him kissing him gently. He then just rolled them both a little sideways so his full weight was not on Eiji. "Better?"

Eiji nodded and kissed him. "Hoi. That was......" Even Eiji was at a loss for words.

"...amazing." Oishi finished for him. Oishi smiled as Eiji put a little pout on again. "If you even think about asking if I ever felt anything like that with anyone else, I'll.....I'll bite you."

Eiji laughed and said, "Nya? Never? Have you done that before?"

"Never." Oishi confirmed needlessly.

"Hoi. Where you going to bite me?" He looked interested and not a bit afraid, smiling wickedly. Oishi laughed which made Eiji laugh, knowing he had called Oishi's bluff.

"What am I going to do with you?" Oishi said laughing.

"That. Lots."

Oishi laughed. "More? Now?" He groaned barely able to move. All this and so early.

"Nya. We're all gooey." Eiji said wrinkling his nose in the cutest way and then kissing him, melting into him, and holding him close.

Oishi kissed him for a while and then when the 'gooey' had gotten to him too he said, "Can we go have that shower now?"

Eiji decided to tease him, "What do I get?"

"Me." Oishi said, "And you get to put all kinds of thoughts into my head until we can be like this again."

"Hoi!" Eiji said laughing.

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