Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

Oishi woke from a deep, restful sleep, to pleasantly find that Eiji was still wrapped, warm in his arms. Before he even opened his eyes, Oishi stretched a little and gave Eiji a tiny little hug so as not to wake him. Eiji squirmed a little bit though and when Oishi opened his eyes, he found him wide awake and looking at him. "Hi," Oishi said smiling," what are you doing?" Eiji shrugged smiling back at him. "You're watching me sleep?" Eiji nodded. "Why didn't you get up? Did we beat the alarm?" Eiji looked at the clock and nodded. "What's wrong? Why didn't you get up? Why aren't you talking?"

Eiji smiled wider laughing a little, "Nya. I'm stuck." He said softly. Oishi looked down their bodies making Eiji laugh a little. "Nya! Not like that again. My leg, fell asleep, couldn't get up, watched you sleep." He shrugged.

"Were you watching long? You should have woke me up. I'm sorry." Eiji just shook his head no at Oishi. Oishi asked him, "Do you want to come to practice today and then see my uncle? Do you think you're up to it?"

Eiji nodded. "Hoi. Do you want to go shower?" Eiji laughed at Oishi's expression. "Separate bathrooms Oishi!" Eiji's family was so large having more than once was a necessity, not a luxury. Oishi was laughing now too, although a shower together sometime might be.....nice. Oishi shook off the thought. They had to see their friends and team mates for the first time since he and Eiji and last night and...oh god last night what Oishi did oh god and he and they oh god and...no.

No, Oishi decided, he was going to be okay with this. With any and all of it. He told Eiji he would stay and he would. So he gave Eiji a quick kiss on his lips as they got up and said, "Although a shower with you sometime might be....nice. Very nice."

Eiji gave a little laugh sounding surprised. He then gave Oishi his wicked smile.

Oishi helped him up and out of his ace bandage. Eiji cocked his head as if in thought as Oishi helped him. "Hmm. This is better." Eiji said smiling still.

"What is?"

"When you stay Oishi, its better."

Oishi smiled.

Oishi showered and he knew, knew, that he took less time than Eiji getting ready. He knew he did, especially when Eiji started on his hair which always took him a while, especially also as he was injured. There was no way Eiji would or could be ready before him. Yet, when Oishi went back to Eiji's room his clothes for Oishi to wear were out but all the rest of their stuff was gone. The bed was made. He considered that Eiji must hit little pockets of time here and there or have a hidden ability to work some kind of magic. He went downstairs and Eiji again on one leg was cooking up a storm. He was completely dressed and ready, and had the ball of the foot of his hurt leg resting on the floor and was using the other to pivot and hop doing eight things at once. Time pockets, it had to be.

Oishi told him his theory and Eiji laughed. "Eiji can I help? You didn't have to do all this, really."

"Nya! Like to." He said with a shrug. Oishi helped where he could but was really out of his league in the kitchen.

They ate a great breakfast, cleaned up together, that at least Oishi did most of the work with Eiji helping direct him, and then they went to get Eiji's bike. Oishi thought he would have to ride Eiji on the back or handlebars but Eiji had other ideas. He wanted to ride while Oishi walked but needed help getting on, off, and stopping. It was slow going at first, but they found if Oishi jogged slowly along side, it was easier. There were few cars and fewer people out that early and it was going to be a beautiful day.

Oishi was enjoying the day and wondering where he would be in the ranking groups either a, b, c, or d, thinking about what Eiji had said about the groups. Oishi realized, that if that was true that they put three good people together sometimes knowing that one or another would lose, then they had a lot more control over who was and was not a regular than Oishi thought. It was power that could be abused in the wrong hands although he knew that their Captain and Vice-Captain would not abuse it, but it was a poor system. A better system, one that was more fair, would be one that....

"Oishi, hoi, Oishi?" Oishi was startled out of his thoughts by Eiji looking concerned at him. "Stop?" He asked Oishi to help stop him which Oishi did and then helped him hold the bike up. It was too hard for him to balance the bike and stand with his hurt leg. "Nya, Oishi, don't worry, we will just be like we always are at school and at tennis. Hoi?"

Oishi smiled and said, "Its not always about you, you know." He laughed as Eiji stuck out his tongue at him. He told Eiji he was thinking about the rankings only and a more fair way to do the system based, he pointed out, on what Eiji mentioned that Oishi and many others, nearly everyone, never noticed.

They continued on their way with Eiji saying, "Nya Oishi! Don't tell Captain or Vice-Captain Tezuka I said anything! Nya! Just keep it to yourself!" Oishi laughed which made Eiji make a face of terror and imitate Tezuka in voice and tone perfectly. He mimicked him forcing Eiji to run a hundred, no, five hundred, no a thousand laps because Eiji had figured out the system was a bit unfair after all.

At the next light while they waited to cross, when Oishi had caught his breath a little from running, but mostly from laughing so hard he said, "But you know, Eiji, that is a really good idea. To just be like we always are. Our usual."

"Hoi." Eiji seemed pleased that Oishi recognized what he said as sound. He held up his palm for Oishi to high five. They high fived and held it for a little longer than two guys usually would smiling at each other until the light turned green.

When they got to school they were later than Eiji's usual first one there time. A lot of people were there already. Everyone gave Eiji lots of attention and others helped Eiji off his bike. Oishi went to put his stuff away smiling. He got a bit of attention too as the one who now was bringing Eiji back. So much for the rumors.

When he came out of the locker room to go warm up properly he saw among the crowd around Eiji, right next to him, was Fuji. Oishi felt a pang of jealousy, irrational as it was, and then remembered all Eiji told him about his brother. He also remembered that Fuji said nice things about him to Eiji and they might not even be friends if he hadn't. Oishi still felt jealous but he made up his mind to be a better friend to the tensai if he could.

Tezuka was there and asked Oishi to warm up with him. Oishi had not seen or spent much time with his friend and gladly agreed. Tezuka was not talkative as always though he did say in his matter of fact way, "Fuji said you beat him."

Oishi replied, "Fuji-senpai is very kind."

Tezuka looked right at Oishi with that penetrating gaze that made so many wither, but not usually Oishi, his friend, "You think Fuji lost on purpose." A statement, not a question, not really.

"Tezuka, it was very important to me that I win, so I did." Oishi replied knowing Tezuka would fill in all blanks and draw his own conclusions anyway. Oishi made no excuses for his win or the tensai's loss.

A little while later Tezuka said "Fuji said something about going dancing."

"Oh, Eiji and I were supposed to go with some girls too but he's hurt so he and I canceled. We're going to watch a movie at my house later." Tezuka seemed to be expecting more so Oishi said, "I guess Fuji-senpai is going still but you're welcome to join us, if you want?" Oishi really, really wanted to be alone with Eiji. At his house, with no parents, and no one else there. That was what he wanted, but Tezuka this morning seemed, well, a bit odd. So Oishi invited him because it seemed to be the right thing to do even though he was thinking as he asked, please say no.

"Where is this dancing place where Fuji and that girl are going?" That girl? Tezuka saying that girl is like him making a declaration of war. Why?

"I...I don't know. Its a place Fuji-senpai knows."

Tezuka dipped his head a millimeter in acknowledgment and they went back to warming up.

Then practice started.

At the end of practice when everyone was totally worn out from running, the coach announced some games would be played. They named off a bunch of third and second years to play doubles on the other courts. On A court would be two second year non regulars against two third year regulars and A's other court, Oishi and a third year regular against Fuji and another third year regular.

That match more than many of the others sparked interest especially because the two third year regulars were often partnered with each other in doubles. Now the partners were on opposite sides. Three regulars playing against each other was something to see. Oishi had a sense that this was some kind of a test to see how certain people partnered with others. Oishi's new partner for this game, the regular, asked him to play up so he did. Fuji played up opposing him. Many people were cheering but he clearly heard Eiji first cheering for him and then cheering for Fuji. It made him smile. Fuji also heard and smiled back at him. Then the game started.

They were pretty evenly matched and the score was tied. The coach came over, halted the game, then she put the two third years back together against Oishi and Fuji. "Mn. Oishi? Up or back?" Fuji asked in his velvet voice.

"Back if its okay." Oishi said.

"What do you think?" Fuji asked him.

Oishi knew that even with the tensai on his side, everyone would bet against him and Fuji. Well, everyone but Eiji. Something about that kind of challenge brought out Oishi's competitive nature. He also knew the experienced tensai was not as used to doubles but should be the one telling Oishi what to do. He really was being kind letting Oishi choose or even voice an opinion. "You distract them and I'll score. Draw them out, let them forget about me, and then leave it to me. They won't be expecting me."

"Mm. Evil. Painful. I like it." Fuji said nearly in a purr, his smile deepening.

They won the first game all on Fuji with Oishi supporting but not doing much. He wanted them to forget about him, to focus on Fuji, and they did. Then Oishi was there, everywhere they thought there were holes, and they were up three games when the coach called an end to practice ignoring the disappointed groans of everyone watching. He and Fuji shook their teammates hands.

When they walked out of the court Eiji was hopping on one leg enthusiastically cheering and hitting them both on the back. Oishi noticed Fuji wincing as Eiji hit him.

It was a little later in the shower when Oishi caught sight of Fuji's back. The tensai caught the farthest shower and was trying to not show anyone but soap ran into his eyes and he quickly turned to wash it away and then turned immediately back. Had Oishi not been looking he would have missed it. His entire upper back between his shoulder blades was one huge bruise. How he played like that Oishi never knew. After they showered and dressed, Oishi approached the tensai not knowing what to say but always wanting to help. "Fuji-senpai, I noticed you wincing when Eiji patted you on the back...."

"Ne, beating is more like it. He does get enthusiastic." Fuji smiled.

"Fuji-senpai," He said it quietly and put his eyes down so as not to offend the tensai, "please forgive me for intruding, but I saw the bruise, on your back, is there anything I can do?"

"Ne, Oishi, its fine, its much better. Thank you. I fell down the stairs at home, that's all. I'm clumsy sometimes."

Oishi had seen the tensai on the courts too long to know that was anything but true. Graceful, elegant, calculating, and sleek, yes. Clumsy? Never.

"Fuji-senpai, I have something, that may help it to heal faster, if you would like." Oishi looked around in his bag for it but could not find it.

"The arnica gel? Mn. Eiji told me all about it."

Oishi tried to keep the blush from his face as a flash of putting the cool gel on Eiji's inner thigh snapped through his head. "I...I must have left it at Eiji's. I....I can bring you some and give it to you when I next see you....?"

Fuji, quick as lightning and cool as water, swiftly hugged Oishi hard, and then pulled back as if it never happened. "Thank you Oishi, that is very kind of you." Oishi blinked and wondered if it did just happen. The tensai walked away, noticed Eiji there watching, and said a warm goodbye to him.

Eiji was looking surprised at Oishi but neither knew what to say or who was around to hear. "Ready to go?" Oishi asked. Eiji nodded slowly still looking confused.

They stopped by to see Oishi's uncle at the hospital who said Eiji was mending rapidly. He suggested arnica and some stretching exercises. Eiji was happy to know that he would soon be playing again and he seemed really excited about Oishi and Fuji's game.

They walked out into the bright day from the hospital and Oishi helped Eiji on to his bike. They stopped at a few places along the way to buy a few things before going to Oishi's house. Oishi bought three tubes of arnica, one for Eiji, one for himself, and one for Fuji. Eiji, placid as could be, bought more cherry toothpaste from Italy and the same type of lubrication for Oishi.

Oishi, just being in front of him in the store as they checked out, thought he would die of embarrassment. Eiji gave him a little evil chuckle, just letting Oishi know that at any time, Eiji could mortify him, but was holding back--just barely.

They stopped by a store near Oishi's house where he frequently bought groceries if he needed them while his parents were out of town. Eiji said he liked the store, it smelled nice. They bought some things for dinner directed by Eiji on what he said was best, some ice cream for dessert, and got a movie, The Princess Bride which Eiji had never seen, but Oishi was pretty sure he would like.

As they walked and rode to Oishi's house, Oishi told Eiji the part of the conversation between him and Fuji that Eiji did not hear. He told Eiji about the horrible bruise on the tensai's back, even worse than Eiji's. Eiji felt terrible having patted him on the back.

Oishi showed him where and how large the bruise was by holding his hands to Eiji's back. Eiji's eyes were open wide and he said, "Fuji-senpai said Yuuta was home last night. Hoi! You don't think.....? Nya!" But they both did.

Oishi mentioned Fuji hugging him saying he thought he imagined it maybe. Eiji said no, he saw it, and was a little jealous. It made Oishi smile for some reason. Then they rounded a corner and were at Oishi's house. He put Eiji's bike away and they went inside.

Whatever Oishi expected when he was with Eiji, it was never quite like he thought things would be. Usually it was better. Oishi locked the door behind them, took off his shoes, and turned to put his things and the shopping down when Eiji sprang on him.

He kissed him hard, knocking Oishi, surprised and laughing back against the wall behind him. With each kiss Eiji gave him a list of things the kisses were for. "Hoi. That's for winning." He kissed him deep and sweet. "That's for being nice to Fujiko, although you're always nice." Another kiss. "That's for taking care of me and taking me to see your uncle." Another really sweet kiss. "That's for letting me get to pick what's for dinner." One more. "That's for getting a non-scary movie even though you've seen it because I'll like it." Now he was teasing him too with his kisses, using those little tongue flicks. "That's for getting one of my favorite ice creams." Another sweet, teasing kiss, "And this is for me." He kissed him hard and deep and Oishi felt a thrill surge though him even as he was pinned up against the wall with his hands full.

"Eiji," he said laughing when he could think again, "I have to put this stuff down!" He laughed harder as Eiji would not let him go, "Eiji! You don't want me to drop the ice cream do you?"

"Nya!" Eiji said laughing but helped Oishi carry it all inside. Oishi noticed Eiji was moving even better now and figured him getting out and moving around was helping too.

They had a great early dinner as they had skipped lunch, made mostly by Eiji. They kissed now and again, before, during, and after, and laughed a lot. When the dishes and all done they went to watch the movie in Oishi's room. Curled up in a big pile of blankets and pillows together. During the previews, Oishi noticed Eiji was pouting.

Oishi hit pause. "What?" He asked smoothing back Eiji's hair and kissing him on his forehead.

"Nya. You didn't give me my kisses."

"Oh, like when you pounced on me, when we came in the door?"

Eiji gave a little smile, "Pounced?"

"Definitely. Like a cat pouncing on its prey." Eiji was grinning now, liking the analogy, "I'm sorry, do you want your kisses now?" Eiji nodded and wiggled into a better kiss receiving position. Oishi smiled at how adorable it was. "Okay, This is for last night...." Oishi started to kiss him, but felt Eiji pull back and guessed that apparently it was only supposed to be about that day. Eiji had a 'nya' on the tip of his tongue when Oishi stopped him with a quick kiss, "but it was after midnight so it counts as today, right?"

Eiji thought about his 'ruling' on this condition and apparently decided to let it pass. "Hoi." He said and then waited for the rest.

"This is for this morning when you let me sleep and watched me." I love kissing him Oishi thought to himself as he kissed his friend deeply. He pulled back a little and said, "This is for making me think about you and me in the shower together this morning. You know that thought has been stuck in my head all day?" Eiji gave a wicked little laugh as Oishi kissed him again. "This is for breakfast." He kissed him again. "This is for cheering for me and Fuji when we were on separate sides." And again. Each kiss lasting a little longer. This was turning out to be quite a fun thing. "This is for being the only one to cheer for us and believe in us when we were together." Again, a little longer. Oishi's hands started moving over his friend's warm, willing body. "This is for knowing you could torture me in the store and not doing it." Eiji chuckled thrilled at the thought as Oishi kissed him again even deeper. "This is for dinner." Again. Eiji started moving his hands too. "And this is for me....."

Oishi felt his stomach give a little flutter of arousal. He paused a moment, looking at him, and then kissed Eiji slowly, gently pressing his lips on to his friend's without using his tongue and lingering there. Eiji knowing how to meet his kisses by now, met each slow, sensual one with his own soft, full lips, his hands touching Oishi's back. As if on cue they both touched their tongues out, and when they touched, a shiver of pleasure went through both of them. Oishi actually felt it go through Eiji too.

"I can make noise now?" Eiji sighed softly.

"Please, yes." Oishi confirmed, the thought of them making as much noise as they wanted making Oishi give his own little moan as the next kiss started. They kissed for a long time. Oishi was on top, kissing him, and they both felt each other through their clothes.

Eiji put his hand up the back of Oishi's shirt pulling on it, "Touch you...." Eiji murmured.

Oishi threw his shirt off and said, "You too." He helped Eiji take his shirt off, wanting, needing to feel Eiji's skin and his skin on Eiji's. The feel of them together, touching, made Oishi softly moan again. He kissed Eiji's neck and chest starting to work his way down.

"Nya..." Eiji stopped him, breathing hard. "Kiss me...."

Oishi knew exactly what he meant "When we come..?" Eiji nodded.

Oishi kissed his mouth. He was breathing hard too and said, "I want to kiss you too.....clothes off.....okay?" Eiji nodded completely understanding. They were both panting and hurrying with passion, kissing each other as they took off their clothes, touching each other everywhere. Oishi thought to himself it was like they had not touched each other in weeks or months instead of in hours. He quickly kissed his way down Eiji, needing to hurry, but wanting Eiji to enjoy it too, and wanting to touch Eiji, to please him, everywhere.

He helped Eiji pull his pants and underwear off. Oishi briefly took Eiji's hard erection into his mouth just to hear the sound Eiji would make, the one that he missed out on the night before. The moan was better than Oishi had thought it would be. At the end of the moan, Eiji said, "Oishi...want you...."

Oishi looked at Eiji writhing on his bed and the sight took Oishi's breath away. Eiji's eyes were half closed with lust, his mouth was wet from him licking his own lips when Oishi went down on him, his erection was hard and waiting, his body strong and smooth, and he was reaching for Oishi telling him he wanted him. Now.

Oishi took off his pants and underwear, slowly, though it was almost painful to go slowly. He then crossed the room to turn out the light leaving only the glow from his aquarium again. He took the bottle of lube from where he'd put it earlier and put a generous amount in his hand. "Nya! Oishi is so mean!" Eiji said. Oishi realized his eyes must not have adjusted to the low light yet and he must think I walked away....

Then Oishi was there, surprising him, kissing and touching Eiji where he wanted so much to be touched. Eiji gasped in surprise and pleasure. Oishi held him in his arms and turned them both so they were on their sides but their hands were free. Oishi, of course, was a bit more on top. He kissed Eiji softly, letting Eiji take control of the kiss, knowing he would enjoy it. When Eiji thought he had the upper hand, even though the kiss was amazing, Oishi again surprised him by coating Eiji's throbbing hard erection with the lube hidden in Oishi's palm. Eiji moaned loudly and thrust his hips up involuntarily at the intense sensation as Oishi's slick strong hand stroked him at just the right pressure, just the right touch.

Oishi put some lubrication on his index finger on his other hand and ran it down to his ass. Oishi made sure there was enough on him that he would not hurt Eiji and slowly put it around and then inside him. "Who is mean?" Oishi asked wickedly kissing Eiji.

"Ah....Oishi!" Eiji cried. Oishi actually felt his own erection throbbing with want to be touched after hearing his moan. "Me too." Eiji said wanting lube now as if he knew Oishi wanted him to touch him right then.

Oishi took his hand off Eiji's erection and touched himself, making himself slick as well for Eiji to touch. Eiji gave a little low purr, now that he could see in the low light, as he watched Oishi touch himself. Eiji took Oishi in his hands and stroked him while they kissed. Oishi moved his slick finger deeper into Eiji as he relaxed a bit more.

Oishi pressed his finger, very gently, and asked, "Here?"

"Nya. Show you." Eiji took one of his lube slicked hands off Oishi and slowly, gently rubbed a finger over him then gently edged it inside him. Eiji stroked him hard and kissed him reminding Oishi to relax. When he did relax, with the lube, it went into him much easier it seemed than it did with saliva. "Hmm," Eiji gave a little wicked laugh, "Its here."

A low groan of pleasure tore out of Oishi's mouth and just when it stopped, Eiji did it gently again causing another moan. "You can feel it." he said. Oishi felt in a little deeper remembering a slightly harder area. Oishi found it again and gently pressed.

Eiji cried aloud at the sudden pleasure and Oishi kissed him through the end of it. "You almost came." Oishi said knowing by now.

"Waiting." Eiji explained panting and trembling.

Oishi nodded and they continued. Eiji brought him right to the brink or orgasm and then waited while Oishi got him caught up. It felt so good, so amazing, that neither wanted to be the first to come and both of them were trying to wait for the other. "Eiji," Oishi panted, unable to wait any longer, "Don't stop this time, make me come." And Oishi kissed him trying to bring Eiji as Eiji tried to bring him to the edge and over. Oishi felt Eiji go to come and touched his finger as he felt Eiji do the same to him. They never stopped kissing. They moaned into each others mouths as they came.

They were still kissing a minute later, semen had splashed all over them, and they were looking at each other while they kissed and smiling. They both started to laugh at the same time and put their arms around each other laughing and kissing.

"Good?" Eiji asked finally.

"You have to ask?" Oishi said astonished, Eiji laughed.

"Hoi. Is it always like this?"

"What do you mean, playing? Fooling around?"

"Nya." Eiji said quietly. He went from laughing to upset in less than three seconds.

Oishi thought frantically to figure out what he meant. "Do you mean, me, with other people? Is it always like this for me?" Eiji looked away nodding. Oishi waited until Eiji looked at him again, but he wouldn't.

Oishi thought about it and answered honestly, "Never." Oishi said and meant it. Eiji looked at him. "Never like this. Only with you."

"Nya? Girls?"

Oishi smiled, "I've only ever been with girls and it feels good, really good, yes, but.....no, not like this. Not with anyone."

"Why?" Eiji asked.

"I don't know." Oishi said honestly. He was sort of avoiding thinking about it at all.

"Hoi. Is it because we're both...."

"Guys?" Oishi said and Eiji nodded. Oishi, for a guy trying to avoid thinking about this, had given it a lot of thought. "I don't think so. Did you ever before like a guy, or want to touch a guy, or kiss him?" Eiji shook his head no and looked at Oishi. Oishi said to him, "Really? I wont be upset or anything if you have." It was important to Oishi that Eiji tell him the truth about this.

"Nya, Oishi, never. Really. I only liked girls before. You?"

"No, never, only girls before."

"Hoi? Do you want to now? Other guys?"


"Girls?" Eiji looked very worried at this one.

"No. Just you. You?"

"Nya. Just you."

"So what do you think this is?" Oishi was genuinely curious.

Eiji thought about it for a long time. He was still which did not seem to be a natural state for him. Oishi watched him as he thought it over, and found he really needed to hear Eiji's answer as this was weighing on him heavily. Then Eiji bit his bottom lip and smiled. He said softly, "Hoi. I don't know, but it makes me feel good."

Oishi smiled, "Me too." They smiled at each other. Then Oishi looked down at the mess they'd made all over each other, visible even in the soft glow of the aquarium. "Do you want to take that shower with me now?"

"Nya. Bath. With bubbles." Oishi laughed knowing it would probably be an incredible mess and lots of fun.

Eiji laughed at having made Oishi laugh again.

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