Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty One

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

They dried each other off first, and went into Yuuta's room. The bed was made but they decided they both felt a little weird sleeping in someone Else's bed--especially if they didn't know the guy. And Eiji added, he was mean to Fuji. There was a futon bed folded into a couch so they undid that. They used the blanket and pillows from the bed, and curled up into their own little nest.

Oishi said as they moved closer together, "I have really missed sleeping with you."

"Hoi." He said coyly, "You have?"

"I really have. I miss you putting all your weight on me, making my arms and legs go numb, stealing all the covers and the pillows, hogging all the space, tickling my nose with your hair, and twisting us into a knot."

Eiji laughed and said, "Nya, you don't!"

Oishi said, "That's the weird thing, I know all that and I still miss it." He kissed him pulling him even closer. "Will you tell me something?"


"Why were you so upset in the bathtub? And about sex today? Did you think I didn't think and feel those things? About you?"

Eiji shrugged and rolled away, his back to him. Just when Oishi thought that was the only answer he was going to get Eiji said quietly, "Nya. Never said."

Oishi turned and spooned Eiji. He had never done that before and he really enjoyed it despite Eiji being upset. Eiji put his hands on Oishi's, wrapping them around him. "You never said either and I still felt it from you. Didn't you feel it from me?"

Eiji shrugged. "Nya. Wasn't sure." Then he added, "And I did say."

Oishi remembered a soft voice sighing "I love you," the other night as he drifted off to sleep, and was not sure who had actually said it. Or if it was really said. It could very well have been Oishi, he knew. He had been after all, calling Eiji, love, for a while not even completely realizing because it felt so right, so natural. "When did you say it?"

"Nya. I sang it." Eiji looked shy and cute and a little scared by what he was admitting.

Oishi sat up on one arm and rolled Eiji onto his back facing him. Oishi thought and he smiled as it it came to him, "The Oishi song?"

Eiji nodded with a half smile.

"You say you love me in the Oishi song?"

Eiji shook his head no, his smile increasing as if he was winning something.

Oishi was confused, "I say I love you?" he asked. Then Oishi realized what he had said, and that he had been totally set up. Eiji laughed gleefully having "made" Oishi say it and say it first. Oishi stammered, "I...Eiji! That doesn't count! You tricked me!" He said annoyed, although he was smiling.

Eiji's chuckle turned into one of his most wicked little laughs, "Nya. You said it Oishi..."

"No, I didn't! You tricked me into saying it. Why would you do that?"

Eiji was somewhere between laughing and pouting, "Nya. I wanted to hear you say it."

Oishi couldn't help himself, he kissed the pout away touching those soft full lips with his own. A thought occurred to him, maybe Eiji hesitated saying it so much because he had said it before to someone, and they rejected him. Oishi burned with a little spark of jealousy and a feeling of wanting to protect his adorable friend overcame him at the same time. "Eiji," Oishi said finishing the kiss, and reluctantly moving his lips away, but, he felt he had to know, "have you ever said that, to anyone before? I mean anyone other than your family?"

"Nya Oishi." Eiji started to turn away again and Oishi knew what was bothering him now.

"You think I've said it to someone else before?" Oishi said before Eiji rolled back away from him totally.

Eiji nodded slowly, solemnly, but would not look Oishi in the eye and Oishi saw Eiji was pouting and trying not to. He watched in awe as big tears formed in Eiji's eyes and slowly fell. Oishi lowered his head and kissed them away. He kissed Eiji on his mouth, tasting the salty tears with his lips and tongue when he kissed him. "You think I've said it to someone else before and I've never said it to you?"

"Ei-ji." He said softly wanting to stop his friend from further breaking his own heart. Oishi felt full of love for his mischievous, amazing friend. "I've never said it to anyone else before. Never. I've never felt it for anyone else before. I've liked people but I've never." Oishi kissed him trying to put into a kiss all he felt for him, "Never. Eiji, I've never felt this way before about anyone, ever." Oishi thought about it for a little bit and then he half laughed, "I can't even tell you the last time I've said it to my family or when the last time was any of them said it to me."

Eiji turned a little more to look at him. Oishi realized that to Eiji with his big, loud, loving family who was openly affectionate, hugged and kissed each other as much as they fought over little daily nothings, who said it to each other all the time as a matter of fact, the thought of even Oishi's quiet, serious family not saying that to Oishi, was foreign and very wrong. "Nya." Eiji said softly wondering and as if sad for his friend, "They don't say it?"

Oishi did not realize there was hurt there until Eiji said it. He didn't know it bothered him until it was right in front of him. "They don't. They aren't like your family." He said his voice tight with emotion, "But I know they do, even if they don't say it." Oishi felt tears welling up in his eyes. Eiji pulled him to him and kissed him putting his arms around him. Oishi let himself sink into the embrace and the kiss and let the emotions wash over him. He felt how Eiji felt about him in the kiss, in his friend's touch, and it helped fill the hole and the hurt Oishi was not aware even existed within him. Eiji loved him. Oishi could feel it. Eiji loved him and it was enough. It would not change one thing about Oishi's family but it helped make that far away. This right here, this kiss and this touch, this person who brought out the good in him, who made him happy, who loved him as he was, this was what mattered, what counted, and Oishi knew, completely, without any doubt, that he loved him back with all his heart.

Oishi smoothed back Eiji's drying hair when he pulled back from the kiss. For once Eiji did not object to his hair being messed with. Oishi knew that if he stopped and over-thought, over-analyzed it would just be running away and that is what he tended to do. To run away to his own thoughts when he was scared or overwhelmed. He didn't want to go, he wanted to stay right where he was. With Eiji. Oishi smiled slightly, and said softly, "I love you."

Eiji paused, and quietly asked, without any teasing or kidding, just naked with his emotions and feelings exposed on his face, "You do?"

Oishi nodded, smiling, "Yes." he said. Then Oishi kissed him gently, pressing his lips on Eiji's, breathing him in.

Eiji kissed him back enthusiastically. "Good." Eiji said when they stopped to catch their breath. Eiji smiled, "Because, I love you too." Oishi's heart gave a little turn. He could not ever remember being so happy and he smiled. "Hmm. Kiss me please?" Eiji asked him smiling too.

Oishi did not have to be asked twice. He kissed him with a sense of both hunger and happiness. He almost ached to touch Eiji and to Oishi's joy he was right here, loving him back. Eiji responded just as hungry and just as happy. Their kissing started off sweet and then moved to playful. It soon turned serious and wanton, each needing to feel and touch each other, to please each other, to be with each other. They came up for air and Oishi noticed that the look in Eiji's eyes was that of love and lust, both feelings for him and him alone. Eiji smiled, kissed him, and said again, as if just because he could or just because he was so filled with emotion he could not hold back, "I love you Oishi."

Oishi then thought that it was just as likely Eiji only said it so Oishi would say it back. He smiled, "I love you Eiji." He felt the words were so right, so true, and that they came easily to him, easier than he would have thought. They both drifted into their own happy thoughts for a couple of minutes. Then Oishi remembered where they were, that they were both naked, young, and apparently in love. There was no reason or time to waste, "So, are you sure now about how I feel, or do I have to make you sure?"

Eiji smiled, "Hmm. Make me." Oishi kissed him slowly, lingering on his lips, and touching him on his face. Eiji turned the rest of his body and his hips to connect more with Oishi. Oishi was kissing him and enjoying Eiji rocking and tilting his hips up in pleasure under him.

"Where do you want me to start?" Oishi said with a smile.

Eiji laughed. "Hmm. You told me this morning you would tell me what you thought of. You could start there..." Oishi must have looked a little lost he realized because Eiji said, "Hoi. Slower. You thought about sex, about making love, with me?"

Oishi nodded, his mouth gone dry.

Eiji kissed him as if delighted in the thought, "Hmm. Tell me the most recent time, when you touched yourself, thinking about making love to me." Eiji kissed Oishi as if he felt Oishi might need more inspiration or maybe the idea just turned Eiji on too.

When Eiji broke the kiss, Oishi said, "This morning in the shower before school." Oishi felt a creep of blush crawling up his face.

"Hmm. Me too. That's why I was so..."

"Embarassed? I'd never seen you blush before. Ever."

"Hoi. Tell...oh," Eiji looked, must have realized in the dim light Oishi was the one now blushing, drifting away embarrassed, and Eiji kissed him. Eiji suddenly smiled, pounced, flipped Oishi on his back, and kissed him hard. He entwined his fingers with Oishi's as he did and brought their joined hands behind his own back. He dipped his tongue into Oishi's mouth tasting him and letting Oishi relax into them. "Better?" Eiji asked huskily when the kiss broke.

"I..." Was about all Oishi could manage after the kiss took his sense of reason away. He laughed because Eiji knew him so well, and knew what he liked. Eiji laughed too and waited for his answer. "Better." Oishi finally said when he found his voice. His head was still reeling from the sensual kiss. "You want to know what I thought of?" Oishi felt a bit more in control now and rolled them both sideways. "What I was thinking about when I came this morning? What I was thinking about us doing?" Oishi saw and liked the effect his words had on Eiji.

Eiji closed his eyes in a long, slow, blink and gave a little whimper as the words went through him. It turned Oishi's blood into fire. He put his hand on Eiji's face and kissed him, teased him with his tongue, pressed their naked bodies together even tighter, and felt the heat and the pleasure from the touching of their skin.

Eiji gave a little growl. "Tell me..." he whispered, "Tell me Oishi..."

Oishi kissed him down his neck and over to his ear. He knew Eiji wanted him to kiss him in just that spot so he kissed everywhere but. "This morning in the shower, I was thinking about you and touching myself." Oishi said it in a whisper and it made Eiji moan softly. "I thought about being inside of you, deep inside of you, with you wrapped around me kissing me, touching me, and you enjoying it. You coming while I was inside you, then when I thought about me coming inside you," Eiji moaned again, "I thought about coming inside you Eiji, and thats when I came." He put his tongue on that spot that Eiji liked so well, his spot, and Eiji moaned again.

"Nya, Oishi stop, stop or I'll come, stop or you're going to make me come..."

"Eiji, do you want to come?" Oishi knew no matter what he would stop if Eiji really wanted him to. But he suspected he didn't.

"Yeah..." Eiji sighed in a moan, "...but I want to wait for you..."

"I want you to come, its okay love, I want you to come." Eiji moaned. "Can I take you in my mouth Eiji?" Eiji opened his shut eyes and nodded telling Oishi to hurry with his eyes, breathing hard, really close, just from talking and thinking about it.

Oishi hurried to put his mouth and hand on his friend's straining hard erection. The feel of Oishi's mouth, his touch, made Eiji moan softly again. Oishi used his hand and mouth watching Eiji's eyes as Eiji watched him, pleasuring him. Oishi felt his friend's hand go into his hair, softly and a shudder went through Eiji as Oishi took him deeper into his mouth. "Oishi I..." was all Eiji got out and then he came hard into Oishi's mouth with another moan. Oishi felt Eiji pushing his hips up and fighting to keep them down so he didn't thrust into Oishi's mouth. Oishi forced himself to swallow, although it was getting easier he noticed.

He came back up towards Eiji's face and kissed him softly on his lips. "Better?" He asked smiling and playing with Eiji's soft curls.

"Hoi." Eiji looked a little embarrassed.

"What, love?" Oishi said still playing with his hair and kissing his lips from time to time.

"Nya Oishi. I wanted to wait for you. That's two now."

"Two you owe me?" Oishi said and Eiji gave a little cute chuckle. "Its fine. Its not tennis. No one is keeping score. And you can make it up to me a little later okay?"

"Hoi." Eiji let his thoughts drift, "Do you want to know?"

Oishi was getting used to these sudden shifts in thought and tried to totally reverse their conversation from before. "What you thought of? What you think of? Yes. Very much."

"Nya. Maybe I shouldn't tell you." He looked embarrassed again, and Oishi got it.

"Oh, you think about being inside me?" It was something Oishi hadn't really thought of, but he was okay with it, he guessed, but it didn't turn him on like the other way around. He started to think about it.

"Nya. Sometimes. Most of the time I think the way you said. You inside me."

"On average, how many times do you think one and how many the other?" Oishi really had to know.

"Hoi? Average? You want a percentage too? How many times one way and how many times the other and variations too?"

Oishi knew Eiji was kidding but he wanted to know. "Variations? Well..."

Oishi had never thought of...switching. This was all very new to him and the shock must have been all over his face. Eiji chuckled. "Oishi, are you stuck here?" Eiji touched the space he wrinkled between his eyes when he was lost in thought.

"No...I don't think so."

"Nya, Oishi. Yes you are. Oishi, seme, uke, top, bottom, they are all words. Just words. Hoi, am I like anyone else you know?"

Oishi was not sure where this was going but he could, at least, answer that. He smiled, "No. You're not."

"Hoi! And there is no other Oishi in the world. So why would we do things their way?" Eiji smiled as if he had just clarified everything to Oishi instead of making him more confused. Eiji laughed to see his expression. Oishi felt really stupid but he was still confused. He logically knew where everything was supposed to go but the actualities, logistics, and basic how tos baffled him. In his fantasies, he already knew, they both just did. "Nya, Oishi, its just love. Making love. There is no right or wrong way." Eiji paused, blushed, and continued, "I want you to make love to me Oishi. I want to be with you. You want that, right?"

Oishi nodded but felt a little down about it, a bit overwhelmed. He did want that but the rest... "You know." He realized looking at Eiji. "You looked it up. You already know how."

Eiji smiled. "Nya. Reading and doing are not the same, but we figured out everything else pretty good."

That was true. "I want to be with you but I am just, not sure, how. It seems like such a big step. And you've never done any of this before."

"Nya. A virgin. And so are you." Eiji hit another spot right on what was really bothering Oishi without Oishi even realizing it, again.

"No," He said quietly, "I told you, about that girl, and what she...did."

"Nya. Doesn't count."

"Doesn't count?"

"Nya. Are you sure that you were, you know, in her? With a condom on? Drunk?"

Oishi shook his head. "I'm not sure, I think I was. I'm not sure."

"Nya. Doesn't count. Look at me. Please?" Oishi turned to him, and Eiji kissed him. He kissed him long and slow like he had on the couch earlier, putting all his feelings into a kiss. Oishi stopped thinking and just responded, it felt so good he didn't want to stop. Eiji broke the kiss and smiled at him. "Oishi? Did you feel like this? Like how you feel about me? Did you worry about pleasing her like I know you're worried about pleasing me? Did you worry about hurting her like I know you're worried about hurting me? Did you want to be inside her like you want to be inside me?"

Oishi said nothing, closed his eyes, and shook his head no.

"Nya. Then it doesn't count. You're a virgin. You haven't done everything else." Eiji smiled. Oishi thought for a long time and Eiji let him. Everything Eiji said Oishi knew was true or he wanted to be true. And there were ways Oishi was a virgin. And he did want to please Eiji and not hurt him.

"But sometimes you'll want to...?"

"Oishi," Eiji laughed a little, "hoi, do you think I want to hurt you? Nya, Oishi, I love you. I want to be with you. I don't care who is on top." Eiji laughed. "We don't have to if you don't want to or aren't ready. We can wait. I can wait."

Oishi thought about waiting and weighed it. It made him feel better but it wasn't that he didn't want to, he just didn't know how. Like how he knew how to kiss."I...I'm sorry."

"Nya. Nothing to say sorry for. You like to be in control. And I like that most of the time. You know I do." Eiji said it in a little growl, "But remember when I put the pillow on your eyes? When you let me be in control? Because you trusted me? Because you knew I would never hurt you?"

Oishi remembered, it was very hot, and very sweet, and he did trust Eiji. He loved him. Really loved him. "Hoi Oishi, I would never hurt you. Never. We can go as fast or as slow as you want. I don't mind you being in control. Just sometimes," Eiji smiled looking cute and at the same time completely devilish, "I'd like to, no, I'll need to. Hoi?"

Oishi kissed him. Just because he loved him. "You'll need to tell me what to do. I...I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to hurt you. Ever." Oishi sighed, "In fact, if you want to go first so you can show me, we can do that." Eiji kissed him and Oishi had a feeling it was to keep from laughing at him. "What?" He said a bit annoyed.

Eiji laughed. "Nya! Go first? Its not like that. Oishi, you won't hurt me because you love me. You'll be gentle. I trust you." Eiji kissed him hard and hungry and so trusting. "Oishi, I want you inside me." Eiji kissed Oishi again while his words made Oishi moan softly. He nibbled on Oishi's earlobe and whispered in his ear, "Oishi, I want you to make love to me. I want you to come inside me. I want you Oishi." he half growled and half purred.

Oishi responded, kissing Eiji back hard, hungry. Eiji wrapped his arms and legs around him, while they kissed, making Oishi again softly moan.

Eiji kissed him again, and then said softly "I want you to make me feel good. I want you to be with me. Love me." Oishi was confused and didn't know where to start. Eiji smiled, "Kiss me Oishi, please?" Eiji lead the way.

Eiji kissed Oishi and lay naked on top of him. It made Oishi's pulse race. It made him stop over thinking. Oishi let Eiji lead not knowing where his friend, his love, would take them and was starting not to care. Eiji used his hands, his mouth, and his tongue to relax Oishi. He kissed him with his whole being, his whole body, enjoying it himself the entire time himself. Eiji was trying to communicate all he felt and all he wanted in a kiss, and Oishi understood exactly what he was saying. Eiji kissed Oishi down and put his mouth on Oishi's hard erection taking him into his mouth. Oishi felt Eiji take him deep into his mouth and he moaned and touched his friends soft hair as Eiji's clever tongue worked on Oishi's sensitive tip. Eiji came back up and met Oishi's mouth with his own. "I don't know what to do..."Oishi whispered.

"Hmm. What do you want to do?" Eiji asked him.

Oishi whispered, "I want to make love to you Eiji, I really do, but not like this."

"Hoi? This?"

"It just doesn't feel, right. We're in a friends house, in a strange place, and it feels so...soon. I know I love you. And I want to be with you. I do. I want you. I just, I just want our first time to be, special. Do you know what I mean?"

Eiji nodded and smiled. "Hoi Oishi. So we'll wait." He shrugged and looked happy.

"But," Oishi said, "I'd still like to play more now if that's okay?"

"Play?" Eiji asked coyly.

Oishi let out a little growl of his own, "I want to touch and kiss you everywhere Eiji."

"Hmm. Then do it." Eiji whispered back. Oishi did, but he took his time. This he knew and was familiar with. This he knew he could make Eiji feel really good with and not hurt him. He slowly kissed him on his mouth, enjoying it. Then he took it to Eiji's ear enjoying Eiji writhing on the futon.

Oishi kissed and played with his nipples and when Eiji was very turned on again and went to touch himself Oishi said "wait, let me get that stuff." He met Eiji's mouth with a kiss. Oishi went to get the lubrication bottle he'd brought and before he could get up Eiji was up getting his. As he did, Oishi saw a box of condoms in Eiji's bag. "Eiji you planned this? Tonight?" Oishi felt terrible. Truly awful. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you planned this."

"Nya planned. Nya. Hoped. I bought them just in case. I didn't know."

"When? When did you get these?"

"While you were playing tennis." He smiled now that Oishi knew where he was during his matches. "We both thought about it in the shower this morning and you're always careful." Eiji reminded him.

"That is very sweet of you. I'm sorry I ruined your plans but when we do this for real, lets both make plans for it. Okay? We'll make it really special and we'll be all alone in a place we know with no one to listen to us anywhere around." Oishi kissed him. "I'm sorry. Are you sad? Can I make it up to you?"

"Hoi!" He kissed Oishi a while curling up with him. "Nya sad Oishi. I didn't know you would tell me you loved me or I would tell you. That's better. I wanted that more." He said quietly.

"It is better." Oishi agreed kissing him. "You're glad you told me right?"

"Hoi. You glad you told me too?"

"Told you what?"

Eiji grinned, "That you love me."

"I do?"

Eiji laughed, "You do!" Eiji kissed him and said in a little needy voice, very seriously, "Tell me again."

"That I love you?" Oishi asked smiling, knowing, Eiji would not feel it was quite exactly right.

"Hoi! Say it!"

"I love you." Oishi said it softly looking at him. Eiji melted into him and kissed him. Oishi wondered at the effect three words could have on someone. "What about me?" He asked knowing it would thrill Eiji to drag this out more.

"I love you." Eiji surprised him instead by saying it sweetly and kissing him once more putting his arms around him, and pushing him back to lie down. "Trust?"

Oishi felt a little better now. "Okay."

"Hoi." Eiji looked at him slyly. "Do I need to put a pillow over your eyes or will you stay put? I want you to watch."

"I'll stay. Eiji, You're really not upset? About waiting? You're sure."

"Hoi. You can just use your fingers though, like last time."

"You liked that?" Oishi smiled.

"Hmm." Eiji purred back remembering, and kissing him.

Eiji kissed his way down Oishi and took him again in his mouth. When he was fully hard again Eiji took him deep into his mouth. Oishi felt Eiji lubricate a finger and slowly slide it into him. Oishi thought maybe Eiji would slide another finger into him, working both into Oishi. He thought about Eiji pushing his hard erection into Oishi. Right now though, with Eiji touching him, kissing him, tasting him, pleasing him, the thought of Eiji being inside him touching him and kissing him more was very pleasurable. It felt good. He wondered how it would feel when his friend came thrusting inside him and found the thought really turned him on. So much so that Oishi almost came.

"Eiji, you have to, Eiji, Ah, wait, or I'm going to come..." Oishi was straining to hold back.

Eiji was watching Oishi's eyes the entire time, he looked at him and said around his erection, "Come." Then he gently pressed his finger in Oishi right on that spot and the orgasm rocked Oishi. He tried not to thrust into Eiji's mouth but knew he did a little. He couldn't help it. It was a long hard orgasm that felt so amazing.

"I...I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

Eiji laughed and kissed him. "Nya..."

"You made me come so hard though."

"Hmm." It was part laugh and part sigh.

"How do you do that?"


Oishi kissed him and then said, "Take me so deep in your mouth I mean?"

"Hmm." He shrugged, "Like swallowing noodles."

"Swallowing...noodles?" Whatever Oishi thought he would say, that was not it.

"Hmm. When I was little." Eiji saw Oishi just did not understand. He smiled at the memory, "I used to swallow noodles and then pull them back out to gross out my sisters when I was little. I'd hold on the end, put it all the way down my throat, and then pull it back out. Its kind of the same." He yawned. "Its easy. I'll show you sometime."

Oishi laughed "So...I'm a noodle?"

Eiji laughed "Nya Oishi!"

"Why are you embarrassed?"

"Nya. Not..." He looked for the word, "sexy."

Well Oishi supposed not but he had to be honest, "It is very sexy when you do it on me." He kissed Eiji making them both forget what they were talking about.

"Hmm." Was all Eiji said in reply after the kiss.

"Hey." Oishi said concerned, "Its still early, why are you so tired? Didn't you sleep good last night?" Oishi brushed his forehead with his lips making sure Eiji didn't have a fever.

"Nya Oishi!" Eiji said when he saw Oishi checking him, mothering him, "Hmm...slept fine but you kept making that noise and waking me up."

"Noise? What noise? I don't think...I snore? Do I?"

Eiji laughed at how concerned Oishi was with just a few words. "Nya. That squeaking noise. You made it once I think when we took the nap on the roof but I don't know where on you it comes from or what it is."

"Squeaking noise?"

"Hoi. Like this..." Eiji made some weird random high noises. "That, sort of. What IS it?"

Oishi was baffled and then it hit him. "Oh god. I was grinding my teeth! I haven't done that since I was little."

"Hmm?" Eiji looked confused now. Oishi made the noise, a little, Oishi felt that entire area was sore and he had not even realized. Eiji gasped! "That! Hoi! That's your teeth?"

"Yeah." Oishi said embarrassed, "When I was little and I wanted to do really good on a test so I was first in my class, or when I was in a play the next day, or I had a big match, or when I had to do a report in front of class, or anything that I was worried about, I used to do that. I used to have to wear this thing in my mouth when I slept. I didn't think I did that anymore. I'm so sorry, but, why didn't you just put the phone away from you?"

Eiji smiled shyly "Nya. I was making sure you slept good." Eiji pouted as if to show Oishi all his "sacrifice".

Oishi kissed the adorable pout away. "Thank you for taking care of me then." He kissed him again, "I only did that when I was really, really stressed. You took such good care of me that I didn't even know I was that upset about all this. Thank you." He kissed Eiji again but Eiji pulled back.

"Hoi. Does it hurt?" He touched Oishi's jaw with his hand softly as if it might hurt him.

"No its a little sore when I did that. But I did have a headache this morning and its not good for my teeth."

"Hmm." Eiji said concerned and pouting.

"Well," Oishi said sighing exaggeratedly, "there's only one thing we can do."


"When I was little and didn't want to wear that thing in my mouth my Mom used to have me chew lots of hard gum before bed to make my jaw too tired." Oishi remembered to Eiji his Mom sneaking into his room and sneaking him the gum when she found he had been crying himself to sleep at night uncomfortable with the mouthpiece his father had ordered him to wear. But then soon after, somehow, his father found out and Oishi was back to wearing the uncomfortable thing night after night. It was not until years later when all his permanent teeth were in and a dentist told his father there was no sign of him grinding his teeth anymore that he was able to be spared it. "But I don't have any gum, do you?"

"N..Nya." Eiji looked crestfallen and then at Oishi, and then confused to see Oishi smiling.

"Good" Oishi said smiling, "then we'll have to think of another way to make my jaw really really tired so I won't make any noise tonight." Eiji was still pouting and then it occurred to him what Oishi meant, and he smiled and met Oishi's mouth in a kiss. "Unless you're too tired?" Oishi said again concerned brushing Eiji's hair back from his friend's forehead.

"Nya Oishi, nya."Eiji grinned that little lusty smile and turned himself on his back so that Oishi would have to be more on top of him to reach him fully. "Kiss me, please" Eiji used that little soft voice and when Oishi nestled up to him, and kissed him, Eiji gave a soft little growl of pleasure.

Oishi kept kissing him and was always amazed at how soft and strong all at once his friend was. He was all guy, all muscle toned and hard from tennis and running and his own kind of acrobatics. He had an incredible body, Oishi had heard the girls talking about how sexy he was. Yet what only Oishi knew was Eiji's skin was so soft, his strong callused hands were gentle, and his kisses were sweet, trusting, and sensual all at the same time. Oishi started to tease him with kisses, playfully knowing his friend really enjoyed being teased even if he acted like he didn't. Somehow it was still early, and Oishi was now knew without a doubt that Eiji could control time at his whim. It was early enough that he could take his time and they would still be able to sleep long and well, curled up together. Oishi would do anything to keep that noise from waking his friend tonight. Even if it meant wearing that dreaded mouth guard again, but first, he wanted to touch him, to please him, to love him as best he knew how.

He felt Eiji's erection growing hard as he kissed him. Oishi put his hand around it, feeling it respond to his touch and Eiji along with it. Eiji breathed a sigh of contentment at being touched. About a minute later, Oishi felt Eiji's hand close around him too, but Eiji somehow had found the lube and put it in his palm first. Oishi gasped as the cold lube touched his hard erection. Eiji grinned at his reaction while kissing him still. It all felt so good, so right, Oishi let out a little moan of pure pleasure making Eiji smile more while kissing him. Oishi kissed down his friend, enjoying touching, tasting, and teasing him while lightly stroking him knowing that light touch made Eiji wild with frustration for more. Oishi was thinking about how Eiji liked a much harder touch while being stroked and the thought of Eiji tight in him, enjoying being inside him, made Oishi moan in lust, surprising himself as his mouth touched the wet tip of Eiji's straining hardness. He licked the wetness away locking his eyes with Eiji's and Eiji writhed in pleasure. Oishi knew it was as much from Eiji watching as it was Oishi's touch. He took Eiji into his mouth slowly, trying to relax his throat and Eiji smiled. He knew they were both thinking about noodles.

He took what he couldn't take in his mouth in his hand making Eiji gasp in pleasure. Eiji involuntarily thrust up, a little, all thought of noodles out of his head completely, he was fighting for control, to not thrust into Oishi's mouth in pleasure. Oishi glanced to where Eiji's hand had been, checking to see if he could reach the lube. Eiji put it with his other hand on his own belly smiling lightly and held two fingers up. It was not for victory. Oishi smiled.

He looked at Eiji to make sure. Eiji nodded and kept stroking Oishi letting him know he wanted him to come too. Oishi nodded. He lubricated his fingers and Eiji well and started slowly, gently working his first finger inside him. Eiji writhed on the bed in pleasure as Oishi kept stroking him with his hand and mouth whenever he relaxed. Eiji unclenched his hand from the blanket and put it on Oishi's head watching him and enjoying him. Oishi used his mouth more as he slowly slid both fingers into Eiji. Eiji fought to not push down on to his fingers or up into his mouth.

Oishi stopped and wrapped his upper arm around Eiji. He put his hand again around his base, just the part Oishi could not fit in his mouth comfortably and not be worried he would gag. Eiji watched confused as Oishi did this but then understood. Oishi nodded telling Eiji he could now thrust, Oishi would control it and not let Eiji gag him. Eiji moaned in response at now being free to move.

Oishi let him thrust up into his mouth. At first he thrust lightly and then more finding a pace, a rhythm, and testing his boundaries. Oishi used his arm to keep it from getting too intense. At the same time Eiji was moaning his name and stroking him in return exactly how Oishi liked it. Between Eiji's touch, what he was doing to Eiji, and the pleasured moans and whimpers Eiji was making Oishi knew he was close, very close. He decided to bring Eiji a little closer and gently with his two fingers pressed very lightly inside him. Eiji thrust into his mouth in response crying "Oishi!" and gripping Oishi a little harder during his stroke.

Oishi was close to coming. He could feel it building up in him so he tried to push Eiji over the edge with his two fingers, lightly pressing, stroking, allowing Eiji to thrust into his mouth and hand. He did it again a little longer. Eiji said, "Ny...Ah...I'm going to...Shuuichirou..." Eiji thrust up, pushing Oishi's fingers out of him, as he came hard into Oishi's mouth. Oishi heard Eiji say his name, and felt his stroke tighten, he suddenly came also thrusting against Eiji's hand, moaning as well.

They were both breathing hard laying on their backs turned around. Oishi did not think he could move just then. Eiji pounced on him, kissing him, and making him laugh. "Hmm. Good. You came." He said happy.

Oishi had put his arms around his friend. "You didn't think that would make me come?" He said with a smile and then thought back, "You said no, just before you came, did I hurt you?"

"Nya no, I was trying to say Nya I wanted to wait for you to come too. Same time."

"Oh, we don't have to come at the same time you know."

"Hmm, but its nice, nicer."

"It is." Oishi agreed snuggling in. "Mmm. You came really hard. I like it when you come hard like that. I hope Fuji is a sound sleeper. You made a lot of noise"

Eiji grinned remembering. "Hmm. You came hard and made a lot of noise too." Eiji kissed him lightly and put his hand softly on Oishi's jaw. "Not hurt?"

"No its fine. I held you with my arm so you could thrust." Eiji smiled and Oishi kissed him. "And I came hard because you came and then you said my name." Oishi still felt turned on by the memory as spent as he was. He kissed Eiji thinking about it.

"Hoi? Shuuichirou? That makes you come hard?" Eiji was amused as if was a trigger he could walk around and push.

Oishi knew he had to put an immediate stop to that thought. "No, its just, you rarely say my name and then when you said it, like that, when you were coming hard, it just...made me come hard too." He kissed him seeing Eiji still considering the things he could do with his name. "So the thrusting part was good? And the fingers?"

"Hmm. Hoi. And the thrusting. Good." He kissed Oishi. Then he sat up and reached over for his shirt he had worn at practice that day. It was hanging from his open bag. Eiji wiped Oishi's belly he had smeared with semen when he pounced on him, and then himself of any left over. Then he checked the futon.

"Wont that stain your shirt?"

"Nya, its light."

Apparently Eiji had made a study of this. "Only dark things it stains?"

"Hoi." Eiji looked at him with his head cocked to the side like didn't you know? He laughed and kissed him throwing his shirt back towards his bag.

"Did we get any on the futon or the blanket?"

"Nya. Just us. Is your mouth tired yet?"

"I think it might be." He said it smiling and kissing him again. They finished rearranging the blanket and pillows getting ready for bed but neither one put on any clothes. "Eiji, will you wake me up if I make that noise?" Eiji went to tell him no, or nya to be more specific but Oishi put his mouth on his friend's and kissed him. "I want you to sleep good. And its not good for me to do that. It will give me a bad headache the whole day tomorrow. Please?"

"Hoi." Eiji didn't like it but he would do it.

"Thank you." Eiji stuck his tongue out at Oishi who laughed and grabbed him pulling him tight, "Don't stick it out unless you intend to use it." He kissed him deeply sucking on his tongue. Eiji laughed and then got into the kiss making a little purr of pleasure. Eiji pushed Oishi gently on his back and kissed him harder.

Then he said softly, "Shuuichirou..."

Oishi looked at Eiji trying to look like he innocently just happened to have said his name, and failing miserably. Oishi laughed, "I told you that wasn't going to work. Nice try."

Eiji laughed wickedly, kissed him again, waiting for Oishi to enjoy it, get into it, and then when he did he heard him say, "Shuuichirou..."

Oishi said as if he was not affected in the least, "Yes?"

Eiji kissed him again now taking his time, waiting for Oishi to get into the kiss and then, of course, when he did, as Oishi was waiting for, Eiji said, "Shuuichirou..."

"What?" Oishi said a little bit annoyed.

Eiji looked at him. His hair was tousled, he was sleepy-eyed, but looking mischievous as hell, he was smiling, biting his lower lip gently in thought and play and then his eyes softened even more and he said, "Shuuichirou...I love you."

It took both Oishi's breath and heart away.

Eiji lowered his mouth and kissed his lips once, twice, three times just pressing his warm soft lips together with Oishi's in long loving kisses. Then he lay down on top of Oishi and curled himself around him holding him tight.

Oishi put his arms around him. He smoothed down Eiji's hair that always tickled his chin when they lay like this. He kissed his friend's hair. "I love you too." He said. Eiji just snuggled even closer if such a thing was possible in response.

After a long time of listening to each other breathe, Eiji said softly, "Good night Oishi."

Oishi smiled, "Good night Eiji."

He kissed his friend's hair again not caring that it tickled. He thought about asking Eiji a few questions. About making love. About fantasies he had. About things he liked to do. If he liked to read books. What shows he liked to watch. What cartoons he liked as a kid. Before he could get one out, again, Eiji said sounding barely awake "Shhh. Sleep."

Oishi smiled, held him a little tighter, tried to will himself to relax his jaw, and sometime later, still smiling, slipped into sleep.

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