Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty Two

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi woke up a long time later. The first thing he was aware of was that he was not sure of where he was. The second thing he was aware of was Eiji laying on him in an impossible for anyone else position. He smiled. Then he heard what had woken him up. Eiji was singing under his breath, so softly Oishi was surprised he'd heard it at all. He tried to listen to the words. All he could make out was something about "...Oi-shi..." and "...the sun has come up..." and then later "...sunny day..." Oishi smiled in a full grin, trying not to laugh, straining to make out the words.

Eiji stopped, looked at him, and smiled like the sun. "Hoi!" he whispered. "You're awake!" He pounced, kissing Oishi, again having somehow put that toothpaste in his mouth. Oishi wished he knew how he did these amazing little things.

Oishi kissed him back, looking around, remembering where he was. He couldn't see a clock from where they were. "What time is it Eiji? Is it early? Couldn't you sleep? Did I wake you?"

"Nya! Its morning. Its early but not too early. I was going to wake you soon." He kissed him again.

"Did you sleep okay? Have you been up long?"

"Hoi and Nya." Eiji said laughing.

"Did I make that noise?"

"Nya. Let's go." Eiji leaned back and took his hand to pull them both up.

"Where are we going?" Oishi's head was still a little fuzzy with sleep. He saw the clock finally and it was early. Then Oishi realized one more thing. Sleeping all night with Eiji on him and next to him, Oishi was fully hard. He tried to cover himself with his hand.

Eiji saw and gave a delighted little laugh, still keeping quiet. "Nya Oishi," He whispered and pushed Oishi's hand away touching him lightly with his own hand, making Oishi moan softly. "Shh! Let's go!" He looked impishly dangerous right then and kissed Oishi after he had pulled him up so they stood together.

Oishi hugged him close and felt that Eiji also was hard. "Good morning" He said kissing him, "Now, where are we going?"

Eiji wrapped something around his waist still smiling. "Shower." He said impishly delighted and explaining in one word. He let go when Oishi took what was around him in his own hands. A towel. Eiji wrapped one around himself too. He made a Shhh gesture and went to open the door.

"Wait! Won't Fuji be up? Won't he hear?" Oishi whispered at him not wanting to walk down the hall in only a towel although he had, without thinking about it, the night before.

Eiji shook his head no, "Nya yet!" He whispered back and then walked out of the room waiting for Oishi to follow him. Oishi felt a strong jealous urge to go to the tensai's room and throttle him, demanding to know how Eiji knew when he woke up, but, there was Eiji at the bathroom door, waiting for him, smiling only at him. Oishi could see he was still hard even with the towel tight around him. Next thing he knew, he was in the bathroom with him. They were kissing each other and waiting impatiently for the shower water to warm up.

Oishi was still a little jealous. "How do you know when Fuji wakes up?" He said in a grumbly whisper.

Eiji smiled. "He's my friend. I slept over. He sleeps later than even you." Eiji kissed him soundly as if to kiss the thought away from him. "He's my friend. Your friend too. But you're my..." Eiji stumbled on the word.

So did Oishi. "...lover?" Oishi finally offered preferring that to the other thing. The thing it seemed like they both didn't want to think of now.

Eiji smiled again, "Hoi!" He whispered getting into the big bathtub which was now a big shower.

Oishi got in after him. He sucked in his breath jumping a little as he felt the sting and the heat from the water.

"Too hot?" Eiji whispered concerned.

Oishi realized what it was, "You've had me taking an awful lot of cold showers lately."

"Hoi? School?"

Oishi nodded. "There is no way I could shower next to you after tennis. Just seeing you walk out with..." Oishi felt another little wave of jealousy "...Fuji. You were wearing just a towel, and you saw, I couldn't even look at you, you looked so good!"

Eiji grinned. "You looked really good too. I wanted to go back in after you and join you." He kissed Oishi and Oishi moaned at the thought. Eiji then turned around and Oishi felt his friend's tight cheeks press up against his erection, taunting him. "Wash my back?" Eiji said grinning over his shoulder knowing he was driving Oishi crazy. Oishi kissed along his back and then lathered it up. He reached around to touch Eiji's hardness as he ground his own against Eiji. Oishi heard himself, he was growling with lust.

Eiji turned dipping his hair back so it was fully wet. He kissed Oishi and let the water run over both of their faces. "Hoi, turn, I'll wash you."

Oishi did grabbing on to the top of the tiles with his palms as Eiji thrust his hardness against him kissing his back hard. Oishi felt his pulse pounding. Eiji then soaped him and grabbed him the same way he had, sliding a soapy hand over his hard shaft as he ground against him. Oishi moaned in pleasure. Eiji took his other soapy hand and ran it around Oishi's ass. Not inserting a finger just teasing, and making Oishi want him to. And Oishi had to admit, he wanted him to. He moaned again. Eiji then suddenly stepped away letting the hot water wash the soap off Oishi's back.

Oishi turned to see why his friend stepped away but as he did, Eiji's mouth met his in a hungry kiss. They pressed their bodies together tightly and Eiji moaned softly at the contact. Eiji kissed down Oishi and took him in his mouth, deep in his mouth like last night. Oishi gripped the tiles trying to keep his balance because his knees felt weak at the contact. But he wanted Eiji to come too. He wanted to make him come. "Eiji..." he whispered in pleasure and to try to get them to switch. He saw Eiji's eyes half shut in pleasure, the water running down him, down both of them. He saw his hard erection sliding in and out of Eiji's mouth and then he saw Eiji touching himself and stroking himself at the same time. Their eyes locked in lust and Oishi moaned watching Eiji touch himself, touch him. "Ah...Eiji I'm going to..."

Oishi saw Eiji's eyes and heard his voice in his head as clearly as if Eiji had said it out loud. "Shuuichirou, come..." Oishi did crying Eiji's name watching his orgasm bring Eiji over the edge too moaning around Oishi's erection and coming by his own hand. Oishi ,with shaking hands, sore from gripping the edges of the tiles so hard, helped Eiji up. "You're shaking," Eiji told him smiling, hugging him. Eiji lifted his chin for a kiss. Oishi gladly complied.

"You said my name, you said my name and told me to come, didn't you? I heard you say it in my head. Eiji, that was amazing." Oishi said laughing and kissed him.

Eiji laughed delighted, "Hmm. You heard me?"

"I heard you. But Eiji..."


Oishi took his face in his hands, "You can not come anywhere near me in the shower at school or...I'll...I'll..."

Eiji laughed, "Nya you near me!" Eiji kissed him hard, "Nya. This was a bad idea." He looked worried.

Oishi kissed him. "Why? It was amazing. Oh, because you thought we would get this out of our system and now, knowing how it is, its worse?"

Eiji nodded gravely. "Hoi."

Oishi kissed him. He hated when Eiji got that serious look on his face. "Its all right love, its fine. And it was...amazing. You're amazing." He kissed him. "I love you." He kissed him a little longer letting Eiji relax into the kiss and his arms.

"I love you." Eiji sighed. Then he smiled and cocked his head, "Hmm. You really heard me in your head?"

"I did. I really did." Oishi smiled back.

Eiji laughed delighted and they finished their shower.

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