Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Sixty

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi thought that Eiji had fallen asleep in the cab. He hoped he wasn't tired again, worried that he might be, and was relieved and happy when he realized Eiji was only doing it to be closer to him. Eiji bit his lip and shook his head no telling Oishi without words that he was fine, and he wanted to kiss him, but was waiting until they could. Oishi felt his stomach do a little flip of thrill as Eiji settled his head back on Oishi's shoulder. Oishi felt Eiji snuggle closer, breathing him in, loving him.

They were both sweaty after dancing and Oishi really enjoyed it. He rarely got to feel Eiji sweaty before they touched each other, at least not this close. It wasn't like he could be this close to him after tennis, although that would be nice if they could figure out ever how.

Oishi had to touch him, to draw him closer. He slid his hand down Eiji's back and under his jacket and shirt. He was slick with sweat on his lower back. It was everything Oishi could do to not lick him there. To taste him, tease him, touch him more.

Oishi found to his pleasure that there was a small gap there where the low riding pants fell on Eiji's hips. Oishi slid his hand down and stroked there with his finger. Eiji in response rewarded Oishi by cuddling closer as if in sleep. Eiji's head was closer to Oishi's chin. His hair was wet from when they danced. Oishi could smell his shampoo. Oishi had to resist kissing his head, putting his nose there and smelling him more, anything else.

The talkative driver asked if he was asleep and Oishi nodded putting a finger to his lips, "Shhh...."

Oishi sat next to him forcing himself to behave for a few moments. He wondered how Eiji was not laughing or smiling. He was a very good actor when he had the right motivation. He was so still though. Oishi had to make sure he really wasn't falling asleep. He wrote with his finger on his back, EIJI I LOVE YOU I WANT YOU

Eiji curled more against him in response. Oishi saw him give a half smile, unable to hide it. Oishi waited to see if Eiji would respond but he didn't. As if he was worried the driver would see them in the dark cab and suspect something. Oishi was amused at Eiji being better than he was. A few moments later, Oishi felt Eiji running his finger back and forth along the outside seam of his pants. Like he did when they were out for ice cream and again in the restaurant. Just to let Oishi know he was there and thinking about him.

Oishi saw Eiji smile slightly again. Oishi lightly ran his finger down there a little more. He was enjoying tracing a finger down him, right above his cheeks. So close and yet far away. Oishi was hard again just thinking about it. They had been touching and teasing each other for basically hours. His wanting him had long passed into needing him. Oishi felt so much love for him right then that he stopped caring what the driver they would never see again thought. He rested his cheek against Eiji's soft damp hair to be closer to him and loved when he felt Eiji moving closer to him as well.

Oishi had closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them again, he smiled. They were on his street. He tapped Eiji with his finger feeling Eiji move a tiny bit closer to him as if silently demanding Oishi put his head back against his. Oishi wickedly ran his finger down more than he had even before making Eiji sit up and look at him shocked.

Then Eiji saw where they were.

He laughed, making Oishi laugh.

Oishi paid the driver and was glad it was so dark outside so she couldn't see him blush as she told the two 'boys' who she thought were sleeping in her cab to go to bed and get some rest. Well, they did intend the first part immediately at least.

He unlocked his door and went to turn on the light as he closed the door behind them. He never got the chance to reach the switch. Eiji pounced on him as if making up for not pouncing on him earlier when he was exhausted. It was only because Oishi was strong that they didn't fall. Oishi laughed and said, "I missed you pouncing on me earlier."

Eiji looked at him in the dim light as if surprised that his leap did not end up with the both of them on the ground.

Oishi laughed. "You forgot I was strong again?" Oishi asked holding him close.

Eiji laughed, delighted at being surprised, and met Oishi's mouth in a kiss.

The kiss was hot and Eiji's tongue was instantly deep in his mouth. Oishi kissed him back just as hard, wanting him just as much. Oishi somehow had backed up into the banister on the stairs and had he not been holding onto that and Eiji not tightly holding onto him, Oishi was aware that his knees would not have held him up. They kept kissing and somehow Oishi ended up being on top of Eiji on the stairs. They were tearing at each other's clothes to get them off fast enough, pulling down each of their pants, not even bothering to remove them. They were less than a moment away when Oishi came to his senses. "Wait, Eiji, wait...."

Eiji kept kissing him and was moaning for Oishi to continue. "Oh...don't stop...." Eiji moaned, panting hard and kissed Oishi more.

"Eiji...." Oishi moaned and had to stop because in a second he wouldn't be able to anymore. There was no way though that he was going to hurt Eiji. "...stop." Eiji froze. Oishi kissed his mouth gentler. "Eiji l love you, I want you, so much, right now, but not like this." Eiji looked at him surprised in the low light. "I don't want to hurt you, I won't even take the chance. Please. Please." Oishi both explained and begged him.

They both looked at each other hard, breathing hard, totally turned on, and Oishi knew that if Eiji didn't stop this time, if he kissed him or said don't stop, Oishi wouldn't, he couldn't stop. He would be totally unable to even though he might hate himself later and would never forgive himself if he hurt Eiji. Eiji miraculously nodded as if he couldn't even speak. One of his hands was in Oishi's hair and he held it tightly in his hand and he said only, "How?"

Oishi thought for a split second. They both needed to cool off and they both needed to come now before they went crazy. Only one place. "Shower." He said. They were both on their feet holding hands and pulling up or off their pants so they could run. Their clothes were left in a trail behind them. Oishi turned on the water and turned it to hit the tiles instead of them as they couldn't wait for it to get warm. Eiji followed him in and they were instantly on each others mouths again. Both of them were moaning, now at the delay. Oishi kissed him hard and sucked on Eiji's tongue. He was holding him close and felt Eiji's knees not able to hold him as Oishi's hadn't a little before. Oishi knew neither one of them should be standing. He pressed Eiji back against the wall and slowly pulled him down until he reached the edge where he could sit.

Oishi kissed him quickly down and got on his knees. He took Eiji in his mouth making Eiji both moan and softly say, "Nya...." Oishi stopped and looked at him. Eiji gave him a long look and then Oishi understood, Eiji was worried because they had been sweating, and he was saying that he wanted to do this, even if they were sweaty, not Oishi.

But Oishi wanted to do this. Now. Oishi said, "I love you. You feel so good, you taste so good, please, please let me?" Oishi begged him. Eiji, his eyes hot with lust nodded. Oishi took Eiji in his hand and his mouth again and he took himself in his other hand. Eiji moved one hand to Oishi's hair and his other to his own erection. He was replacing Oishi's hand with his own so Oishi could use his right hand on himself. Oishi moaned both at Eiji helping him and touching himself while Eiji watched.

He knew neither one of them would last long. At least this first time. Not after all night of this and all day of wanting to be close to him. Eiji moved his hand with Oishi's mouth and he watched Oishi's eyes. Eiji also looked down at where Oishi was touching himself and he moaned, close to coming. Oishi felt Eiji's moan go through his entire body. He was trembling or maybe Oishi was, he couldn't tell them apart anymore. "Oh...Oishi!" Eiji said loudly trying to keep his eyes with Oishi, trying to stay with him, trying to keep watching him, and right about to come. Oishi was so close. Just about to cry out, just about to come as he felt Eiji coming hard into his mouth. Before Oishi came Eiji was pushing Oishi back, pushing the both of them back into the water and licking Oishi, taking him deep into his mouth. Oishi came hard in his mouth moaning loudly. Then Eiji came up and kissed Oishi's mouth hotly, still wanting more. Oishi kissed him back just as turned on. They lay wrapped together kissing and touching each other with the water drenching them both.

When he could finally speak again Oishi said, "I'm sorry, about the stairs, I really, really wanted to, but there was no lube and I didn't want to rush or have you hurt."

Eiji smiled, "Hmm. Its okay, I know, I love you too." He kissed him again. Eiji started to move and help Oishi to his feet. Oishi must have looked a little confused because Eiji said, "The water is too hot for me right now and you're going to get burned."

Oishi smiled. "What water?" He really hadn't noticed.

Eiji laughed and picked up the shampoo rubbed it into his hair, turned the water down, then on them and handed the shampoo to Oishi. He then dipped his head back to rinse it and switched places with Oishi. Oishi handed him the soap. They had done this many times and Oishi noticed they were getting very coordinated. As Eiji soaped himself up he made a face at Oishi, "Nya Oishi, I was all sweaty."

Oishi held him close not caring that he was now all soapy again. In fact he liked how the soap helped them slide against each other. "I don't mind your sweat. Not at all. You tasted really good. You felt really good. I wanted to finish." Oishi kissed him and thought that his knees might go again. "I was thinking in the cab that we don't get to touch a lot when we're all sweaty from tennis. It would be nice sometime." He meant it as a casual suggestion but it came out as a favorite fantasy with his voice sounding husky.

Eiji gave him a slow half blink in reply, "Hmm. I thought the same thing in the cab." Eiji must have seen Oishi look surprised, "Hoi, I did. And you know I've already thought about us in the tennis club shower room." He blinked again slowly at his fantasy and kissed Oishi making a little whimper of pleasure when their tongues touched. It must have been something Eiji really thought about Oishi realized. But now was the wrong time to talk about what Tezuka had asked him.

"I've thought about there too. Anywhere else?" Oishi had to know, this was not only turning him on, but Eiji constantly surprised him.

Eiji smiled and said almost shyly, "Hmm...everywhere." His smile grew a little, "As long as its with you." Oishi smiled and kissed him.

Then Oishi thought of something, despite it being the wrong time, "Do you ever think about anyone else?"

Eiji looked surprised and guarded. "No."

Oishi heard the no and not a nya, he was on thin ice, but he needed to know. "You aren't curious about girls or other guys?"

"No. I mean, I used to think about, before you, girls, but not now." Eiji paused as if thinking of what he was going to say, "I think that most people never feel this way, the way we feel, the way it is with us, either with a guy or a girl. I think this is what most people want and don't ever find." He shrugged but Oishi knew this was important to Eiji, important to both of them, and Oishi was felt so so stupid for asking him, for Oishi feeling insecure and not thinking. "I don't think there is anything better Oishi. Do you?"

Oishi saw he should have never asked and was determined to turn this around. He told him the truth, "No. I don't. I only think of you." Oishi thought about what he had said. "I'm not curious, I know what that is like and what this is like. This is better. I can't even compare that with us because you and I, we're...what we have.....its completely different. Its better than anything." Oishi couldn't find the words, "You are all I want." Oishi paused, "I just thought, that maybe, you might be more, curious, now."

"No." Eiji said and the word from him again made Oishi look at him. "You are all I want. No one touches me but you, no one touches you but me. I swear it." He held Oishi close as if now sensing what Oishi was really asking, "Nya. I don't need to.....experiment, with other people, to know that this is better, Oishi. I already know that. I already know it. I don't want anything else. I don't want anyone else. I want only you. I love only you." Eiji was pouting and Oishi kissed him.

"I'm sorry, I was thinking of the girls and guys at the club who were all watching you and wanting you. You probably didn't really notice."

"Nya, I noticed, but I was only looking at you, Oishi. I only saw you."

Oishi smiled, "You danced for me."

Eiji smiled, "Hoi. I did. Only for you."

Oishi asked before he realized, "Not that way for Fuji?"

"Nya! Oishi!" Oishi saw Eiji's eyes flash annoyed and then realize that Oishi was seriously feeling insecure. "Nya. I'll show you how Fujiko and I danced after we shower. Very different. All right?"

"Sorry, yes, thank you. I'm being an idiot again. I just am happy and...sometimes I worry."

Eiji pouted, "Nya. They were looking more at you, they liked you better. I was jealous, not even of the attention, but they didn't know you, they didn't care about you or your feelings, they were just," He looked for the word, "hungry. It was ugly. Nya sexy. You're too handsome for that." He said sincerely and looked adorable.

"I felt the same way when they were looking at you. I wanted to protect you. To tell them that you're mine." Oishi blushed at the end part. So stupid, and yet he wanted it.

Eiji hugged him a little harder, "Hoi. I am yours. Only yours."

Oishi knew how to respond to that. "And I'm yours. Only yours." Eiji held him and Oishi saw he was pouting a little. He wanted the rest. This time Oishi remotely remembered to memorize it to say it right. "You are all I want. No one touches me but you, no one touches you but me. I swear it. I don't want anything else, I don't want anyone else, I want only you. I love only you." He said it slowly and gently how Eiji wanted to hear him say it. Eiji smiled at Oishi getting it perfect and met Oishi's lips in a kiss. Sealing it again. Oishi rinsed off again and turned them so Eiji could rinse off. Then Eiji stopped the water and they both dried themselves off.

Oishi thought of something. "Eiji? Before me, did you ever have a fantasy of a place or anything? Like outside, or in the rain, or on the beach, or anything?"

Eiji was wrapping a towel around himself and looking a little cold when Oishi opened the door. "Hoi." He smiled, "In a really big bathtub." He winked and ran, cold, into Oishi's room. "Bigger than Fujiko's!" He yelled back before Oishi was jealous of that too.

Oishi laughed, picked up their scattered clothes all over the stairs and hallway, and then went in to warm him up.

Eiji's teeth were chattering. He was still just in a towel and it was both very sexy and adorable. "Hooi..i..i, show you no..o..ow?"

"No. Come here." Oishi said laughing at his chattering, meeting him halfway, and putting his arms around him. "I'm sorry your boyfriend behaves like an idiot sometimes."

"Hoi..i..." Eiji was getting warmer with Oishi holding him. He was chattering less.

"Oh, so there's a difference between your boyfriend calling himself an idiot and your boyfriend behaving like an idiot?"

Oishi felt Eiji smiling against him. "Hoi. Big difference."

Oishi laughed and then kissed Eiji's ear. Eiji slid his hands up around Oishi's neck and pressed himself to him. Oishi kissed his neck and then went back to his ear, "Are you warmer yet?"

"Hmm...." Oishi took his hand and caressed it down Eiji's naked neck, throat, and chest as he had done when they were dancing and sweaty a short time ago. He felt Eiji press up more against him in response.

"Any other fantasies I should know about?"


"Tell me?"

Eiji must have had a very certain one in mind. "Nya." He turned his head and kissed Oishi to stop Oishi's questions.

Oishi was both surprised and intrigued. Oishi was pretty sure they had done 'everything else' now and that Eiji had few surprises for him left. Well as far as things they had never done, not places or variations. So what would Eiji be holding back on? Oishi had a hilarious thought that Eiji would want to make love on the tennis courts in the middle of a crowded practice but not even Eiji would be into that much attention. So, what could it be?

Oishi could only think of two possibilities. One, that it was something that Eiji was afraid to scare or hurt Oishi. Or two, it was something so wild Eiji worried that would make Oishi think Eiji was not sexy. Anything else, Oishi was sure Eiji would have told him. And delighted in telling him detail by detail.

Then he thought about it. It wasn't the not sexy thing. Not after how Eiji reacted Oishi's first time and Oishi had still wanted him. So, what would Eiji be afraid to tell Oishi, or think it would hurt or scare him? Oishi went over all this while kissing Eiji, making sure not to show Eiji he was thinking fast and sure that Eiji probably already knew. Oishi put it aside for a while and kissed him to make Eiji forget.

Eiji apparently was thinking the same thing because he slowly guided them both to the bed. But Oishi saw it still bothered him. After badly communicating all day, Oishi wanted that to stop. "Eiji, please love, tell me? I wont be upset, I wont be bothered, I wont be scared. I'll stay. I'm with you. All right? I love you. If there's something you want to do, whatever it is, just ask. Anything."

Eiji smiled a fake smile, the first only Oishi had ever seen him ever give him. "Its nothing Oishi, kiss me please."

Oishi was upset. "Eiji, please, don't do that." Eiji looked at him surprised and guilty. "Don't lie to me, love. Not ever." Oishi had to be honest, "It hurts me that you did that."

Eiji hugged him hard, now he was upset too. Oishi really was having a great day of being an idiot he thought to himself. "Nya. I'm sorry Oishi, I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. Just don't try to make me tell you. Nya. Its nothing." It certainly didn't sound like nothing.

"Okay, love." Oishi kissed him. "I'm sorry I tried to make you tell me something when you didn't want to. That wasn't fair of me." He kissed him again. "But next time, will you just tell me no or to stop instead of lying to me?"

Eiji nodded pouting, "Hoi. I'm sorry."

"Me too." Oishi said laying them both down. "Are you warmer now?" Eiji nodded. Oishi stood up and turned out the main light leaving the aquarium on glowing softly. "Good, then just kiss me please?" Oishi asked meaning it.

Oishi concentrated on just kissing Eiji back. On just loving him. Letting him feel Oishi had forgotten it. The only way Oishi, who was terrible at lying could do that, was to really forget for a while and just focus on making Eiji feel good.

Oishi realized this was not just a big deal, it was huge. Eiji would not relax. Oishi had removed both their towels. They were naked and touching each other, kissing, and Eiji kept wanting Oishi to be in control. Oishi would just get both of them feeling good and Eiji would tense up again and pout. The fourth time it happened, Oishi stopped and kissed Eiji, gently taking his face in his hand like he first kissed him. "Are you upset?"

Eiji shook his head no and only said "Nya."

Oishi thought about asking Eiji if he just wanted to go to sleep. It was late after all but he knew that might just upset him more. He turned both of them on their sides. He put his hand on Eiji's head and stroked his thumb up his forehead gently. "I miss you Eiji." He said meaning it.

"I love you Oishi." Oishi waited for more but nothing came.

"I love you too. More than anything." Eiji tightened his hold on Oishi and hugged him hard. Oishi had no idea what was wrong. "Hey? Can I give you your kisses for today?" Eiji looked at him, wondering from when. "The movie ended after midnight."

"Hoi." Eiji looked a little pleased. Oishi started kissing him, starting with their swearings, then their trip back to the bathroom, then their cab ride, before and after their entrance to the club, their dancing, their ride home, Eiji's pounce, their shower, everything good until now.

Eiji finally relaxed. Oishi wanted to cheer when he started smiling again. Eiji pushed Oishi back in a kiss and said he wanted to give Oishi his kisses. He told the same tales but from his point of view. Oishi was surprised to hear how they sometimes felt the same way about the situation but saw things so different. In the back of his mind while Eiji took control and kissed him, Oishi still tried to figure out what it was. He had made love to Eiji and Eiji had made love to him. It wasn't that.

He thought of how worried Eiji was a long time ago that Oishi had said love to a girl and not to him. It was all he could think of. It had to be something Oishi had never done with Eiji but that he had done with a girl. Oishi tried to think, he did, but he knew he never really talked about past sexual experiences with anyone. It just wasn't how he was. In fact, looking back, the only time he ever really told about Eiji was Keiko, if you could call that a sexual experience.

Oishi really didn't even think about it or her anymore. He honestly considered his making love to Eiji his first time. He agreed with Eiji that it didn't count, if only because he didn't even think about it. Maybe though, Eiji did. Just like Eiji mistakenly thought today Oishi needed space. Oishi could understand if what had happened still bothered him. If her doing that still upset Oishi then that position, to Eiji, might mean something but to Oishi, it was just a position that they hadn't tried, yet. Oishi trusted him and had no problem with him in control. Not really. He loved him and they worked well together.

But Eiji needed reassurances sometimes too. In fact, Oishi knew he did. And as silly as this seemed to Oishi, it was really Eiji still loving him and wanting him healed. Wanting Oishi to be his and his alone. If it was reversed, and Oishi even had trouble thinking about it. He had trouble ever considering if that had happened to Eiji, if anyone had hurt him, Oishi had to keep from growling at the thought, but if it had, Oishi would crave that position in his heart. He would ache to heal him. He would desire that level of trust and love. He would want to give that back to Eiji and make him only remember them. Nothing else.

Oishi knew exactly what it was then. He was amazed at how much he loved Eiji and how much more it continued to be. Every time with Eiji, Oishi found he loved him more.

Eiji was finished and was in a better mood. But then he kissed Oishi and said, "Nya Oishi, stay." He looked worried again. He touched between his brows where Oishi had gone to figure this out.

"I'm with you. Do you want to know what I was thinking?" Eiji nodded smiling as Oishi held him back close. "I was thinking how amazing it is that I think I can't possibly love you any more and then I find that I do. More and more. Does that make sense?" Eiji nodded now smiling more. Oishi kissed him. "Tell me something?" Eiji smiled less as if worried again, Oishi kissed him and rolled them so he was on top. He also found that he wanted Eiji, more and more too. "When we were in line, and I held you here," Oishi went down and kissed the spot exactly where his fingers had been, he heard Eiji make a little whimper of pleasure remembering, "When whoever it was said that about me, what were you going to do?" He smiled at Eiji while now licking his nipple.

Oishi wet it with his tongue and heard Eiji inhale sharply, then Oishi brought his lips back and forth over it until it was hard from the sensation, when it was dry, Oishi added his tongue and played until he heard Eiji give a moan. Then Oishi sucked on it making him writhe. Oishi smiled again when he noticed Eiji did not press up anymore even though he probably really wanted to. He went to give some attention to his other one while using his fingers still on the first. When Oishi again sucked on that one the same way, Eiji moaned loudly Oishi's name. Oishi kissed and licked his way up his chest, his neck, his ears, and kissed his mouth last, enjoying him.

Oishi pulled back, waiting still for an answer. "Hmm. You really want to know?" Eiji looked wicked, mischievous, and utterly turned on.

"Yeah...." Oishi said smiling.

"Hmm. What you did was better Oishi, you reminded me. Nya. I was really mad. I thought of yelling at him or hitting him. But what I was going to do was this, here put your arm around me and touch me there," Eiji lifted up so they lay with Oishi's hand again there. "Nya. Stand up, I'll show you."

Oishi was intrigued so he let Eiji pull him up. "As you wish. Should we put our pants back on?" Oishi asked smiling.

"Nya, just put your hand back on me there," Eiji looked at him with that same wicked grin, "Please." Eiji thought, "Its hard to do because we're here."

Safe, Oishi realized, not exposed. He could help Eiji get back there. "Not if I close my eyes, I was so turned on after the movies and the cab ride, remember? I had just told you not to stick it out if you weren't going to use it." Oishi held him from behind like how he did when they got out of the cab, very aware they were naked now.

"Hoi, I was really turned on too, I said I will use it later. You know I want to."

"They were all staring at you. I was angry, jealous, I wanted to protect you. Someone said nice like you were a piece of candy or a toy."

"Nya they were looking at you, I didn't want them to look at you like that, he said about you 'Verrrry nice.' " Eiji imitated it perfectly, "Fuji knew you or I would be mad, he tried to play it off, 'Mn. Aren't they?' " another perfect imitation. Oishi realized he could remember better and Eiji was getting into the moment, remembering as well. Oishi had his hand back on Eiji like when he wanted to touch him, claim him, protect him. Eiji stood just as he had then, "Oishi, I was going to do this...." Eiji took a half turn so fast it surprised Oishi, and Eiji kissed him.

Oishi thought back then that Eiji might have kissed him, but he never though like this. It wasn't needy or angry or possessive, like Oishi expected.

Instead it was passionate, wanton, and claiming his mouth, declaring Oishi as his in a way only Eiji, who knew him and loved him, could. It was strong, teasing, and yet exactly all the things Eiji knew Oishi liked. Eiji held Oishi knowing exactly how, he pressed himself against Oishi, their mouths fit together, their bodies perfectly fit together, their erections right up against each other, and he used those maddening tongue flicks that Oishi loved. Eiji put himself, his feelings, everything they had ever felt and done into this kiss.

Oishi realized distantly, it was a very sensual, very private kiss, between two people obviously in love and who knew each other very, very well. It would have shocked people. Anyone witnessing that would probably feel both turned on and a bit of shame for watching something so personal, but would have been unable to look away. Anyone single seeing it with a heart would have felt what they themselves were missing, what they didn't have, from watching two people fortunate enough to have found their soul-mate, that person everyone looked for and few found. Onlookers would have been left feeling turned on, jealous, ashamed for watching, and alone just from seeing how Eiji kissed him.

Oishi's knees were weak from the sensations and emotions he felt and Eiji knew to hold him tight so he didn't fall. Eiji kept kissing him, touching him, pleasing him, loving him, and Oishi heard himself moan, loudly, knowing he would have done it then too in front of everyone if this had happened. He would have been both surprised and unable to stop himself or Eiji. He wouldn't want him to stop. He didn't want him to stop now. Eiji kept kissing him but then went to pull away, "Don't stop Eiji, please...." Oishi said kissing him more.

"Nnn...don't want to." Maybe Eiji was thinking of the stairs, Oishi was at least that turned on again if not more, but this time, they didn't have to stop. Oishi felt a little more in control now after coming earlier and this time, he knew where the lubrication was. Eiji didn't stop but started using those sweet little tongue flicks and he purred a little moan.

"Oh...don't stop...." Oishi kept kissing him and lead them back to bed. Oishi now took control and he felt Eiji's knees get a little weak as he did so. He held him close so he now didn't fall. Oishi ran his hand through the back of Eiji's hair how he liked it and heard him moan again as he did. He kissed Eiji as only Oishi knew Eiji liked to be kissed. Eiji kissed him back moaning again as Oishi reached over and away to get the lube.

Eiji was placated only when Oishi was back kissing him again. Oishi kissed his throat hearing him purr in a moan. "Oishi...I want you."

Oishi kissed him by his sensitive ear, "Eiji...I want you too."

Oishi touched that spot on him, his spot, with his tongue, "Oh...Oishi, make love to me. Please." Eiji was begging now. It was the way he said it more than the words. Oishi wasn't sure anymore who was trembling with desire, with need, Eiji or him.

Oishi found he could only say in response, "I love you."

"Show me...." Eiji half begged and half commanded.

Oishi kissed him in response. He made Eiji moan in surprise and pleasure when Oishi spread some cold lubrication over both of their erections while still kissing him. Oishi rubbed up against him and let him do the same while they kissed. Oishi then took his hand and put it between Eiji's legs. He kissed and stroked him while he slowly worked one finger inside of him. Eiji stroked Oishi at the same time he kissed him back.

Oishi came to that spot inside Eiji and stopped. He looked at Eiji who kissed him hard in response, waiting for Oishi to press, wanting him to. Oishi considered not doing it this time but wanted Eiji to enjoy all of this. He gently pressed as he stroked and kissed him. Eiji moaned in his mouth. Oishi kissed him as he almost came, really close, but he held himself back somehow at the last moment.

He kissed Oishi back hard and smiled. "Nya yet, Oishi." He said it very cute and very haughty, still breathing hard from Oishi's touch. Oishi laughed and kissed him some more as he started working a second finger inside of him. He stroked Eiji better when he relaxed and when he was nearly there, Oishi sucked on his tongue making Eiji make those sweet whimpering pleasure noises. Oishi's fingers were on that spot inside Eiji. He looked at him wanting to watch him, feel him as he moaned, but Eiji said, "Nya Oishi, you."

He was really close Oishi saw, so he removed his fingers, made sure there was more than enough lubrication on himself and slowly entered him. Now that Oishi knew how incredible it felt inside him, he was surprised to find it was even better than he remembered. Tighter, sweeter, hotter, and Eiji now knew how to slowly move with him, helping him. Oishi had to really control himself as he would not last long and he wanted to be all the way inside him before he came, at least the first time. Eiji was not helping him last, taking himself in his own hand, lightly stroking himself, trying to wait for Oishi. The sight of Eiji touching himself alone was enough to send Oishi over. They were both too close. Oishi knew of only one thing to do. He held Eiji's hand stilling it, stopped moving, held Eiji, and kissed him.

Eiji knew immediately what Oishi was doing, and stopped moving except to kiss him back. He smiled at Oishi and they just kissed. Oishi thought about how Eiji had kissed him, claiming him and Oishi now kissed him the same way. Doing everything Eiji enjoyed, pleasing him, making him his. Oishi was not sure how long they just kissed, it felt like a long, long time. At some point he knew Eiji put his arms around him and Oishi did the same to Eiji. He was so concentrating on just kissing, and Eiji was also, that even Eiji looked surprised to give a sigh that turned into a moan. They were both moving again and Oishi had no idea for how long. He moaned when he realized how deep inside Eiji he was. Eiji laughed delighted, realized they were moving, and met Oishi's next thrust with his hips pulling him even deeper inside him. They kept kissing and Oishi found that Eiji's erection was wrapped in his hand and he was stroking him in time with his thrusting. Oishi laughed as Eiji must have realized that at the same time and now he moaned and was laughing as well.

They kissed, and laughed, and moved together until Oishi was all the way inside him. Oishi paused a moment to kiss him and then started doing long, slow, gentle, stroking thrusts finding a tempo that worked for both of them. Eiji started tightening himself inside as he met Oishi at each thrust, making Oishi moan even more.

Eiji kissed him back and smiled. Oishi thrust again and again into Eiji, he was so close, he was only waiting for him. Eiji met each thrust even harder and was moaning now. He heard Eiji talking with each thrust very close, "Soon....Oishi....Oh...there...yeah....S huuichirou...!"

"Eiji....!" Oishi kissed him and came hard inside him at the same time, shuddering into him, hearing Eiji cry out one more moan at his thrust before kissing Oishi back hard.

Oishi stayed inside him and kept kissing him. Eiji smiled wanting a second time also, "Stay Oishi, more." They were both breathless and still not up to talking but kissed more.

"You feel amazing Eiji." Oishi told him when he could speak again. He kissed his lips softly, "I love you."

Eiji gave a slow blink and said, "I love you."

Still staying inside him, Oishi kissed him touching him all over. Eiji did the same to him, including touching Oishi where Eiji was inside him this morning. Oishi was still a little sore but more sensitive than anything. He moaned at his touch and Eiji smiled. "Can I?"

Oishi nodded and handed him the lube. He kissed him while Eiji slowly worked one finger inside him. Oishi felt Eiji getting harder as he did. Oishi felt himself inside Eiji getting hard again also. Eiji didn't seem to be able to move his finger exactly how he wanted to reach that spot inside Oishi. Oishi started lightly stroking Eiji's erection, waiting to see how he would solve this.

Eiji smiled at him and withdrew his finger. Then he started working his thumb into him as if he figured that would have the right angle. Eiji stroked his testicles with his other fingers. Oishi moaned, now fully hard inside him again. It was so hard for Oishi to not move, to just kiss him, to let him reach that spot inside him, but he somehow did it. Eiji was very excited, he was kissing him, probably thinking about being inside him, and making those sweet whimpering noises. Eiji reached that spot and kissing Oishi still, gently pressed. Oishi thrust himself in pleasure deeper into Eiji making them both moan.

"Good?" Eiji asked smiling.

"Very good, love." Oishi kissed him for it. "Can you hold onto me so we can turn over?" Eiji looked confused. "I'll have to do it slowly so you're still inside me and so it doesn't hurt you, okay? I don't want to hurt you so you'll need to help me." Eiji still looked confused. Oishi kissed him. "Eiji, I want you to be on top of me. I want you on top of me in control. Please?"

Eiji froze. "Oishi?" Oishi had guessed right and Eiji hadn't expected it.

"Please? Its all right. Its what you wanted, right?" Eiji kissed him back but looked worried. Oishi told him, "You won't hurt me Eiji. You won't hurt me. You don't have to ever be afraid to tell me anything. I love you. Please? I want you to."

"Nya its...."

"Eiji, its just a position we haven't tried. There are probably a lot of them we haven't tried...yet." Oishi smiled and he saw Eiji smile a little too when he said yet. Eiji bit his bottom lip, worried. "I think we'll both enjoy it but if we don't we can always do something else. Please?" Eiji nodded and kissed Oishi hard. Oishi kissed him back waiting to see if he pouted or was upset but he just seemed both happy and intrigued.

"Show me."

"I think if you just wrap your legs around me...Ah!" Eiji did suddenly, tightly, amazingly flexible, and as he did he also slid Oishi deeper into him. He looked concerned at Oishi's noise, "Just surprised." Oishi explained smiling.

Eiji laughed. "Kiss me." He ordered Oishi, meeting Oishi's mouth in a kiss first and wrapped his arms around Oishi too. "Here." Eiji pushed Oishi slowly back up into a sitting position. Oishi moaned, this was a good position too. Oishi had started to lose his erection a little bit while they were talking before but it was really back now. Eiji moved his legs and stayed with Oishi. He moved with him as Oishi slowly arranged his legs and lay down, on the bottom. So much for turning. Oishi must have looked surprised still because Eiji laughed and kissed him.

Eiji was already starting to manipulate the space to find ways to move. He was still kissing Oishi when he saw where Oishi put his hands. At his sides giving Eiji control. Eiji moaned, feeling good, and from how he acted, feeling a little powerful. Eiji must have fantasized about this often Oishi realized and wished he had told him sooner. Oishi moved his hands only to touch him, not to control, and Eiji responded to his touch by kissing him again.

Eiji rocked and tucked his hips in tight making little thrusts with Oishi deep inside him while he lay up against him kissing him. He was grinding up against Oishi with Oishi inside him. He was moving so Oishi was all the way in him and he was thrusting himself up against where their bodies met. Oishi realized what he was doing and touched Eiji's erection making him moan harder. Oishi increased his grip making Eiji moan more, freeing him to move more.

Eiji smiled and shook his hair back out of his eyes, he looked absolutely handsome Oishi thought and then told him because it was true and to make him smile more. Eiji kissed him again and then lifted himself off Oishi, almost taking Oishi out of himself and slowly slid back down him, hot, tight, and all the way inside him again, making Oishi moan. Eiji started slow, finding how far he could go and how deep, finding what felt best to Oishi, and what felt best to himself. When something felt good to Eiji he would moan now making a raw primal sound unlike any Oishi had heard him make before.

Oishi was completely turned on and completely surprised. He wanted to make sure Eiji was with him and all right, "Eiji?" Eiji smiled and kissed him, moving all the while, "It doesn't hurt?" Oishi wanted to make sure.

Eiji slid back down him moaning, "Nnnnya, feels so good. You feel so good Oishi."

Oishi moaned at the intense contact, at seeing his pleasure, and was intrigued, "Can I move with you?"

"Show me." Oishi did moving himself up when Eiji slid down. They both moaned at the sensation. "Oh...Oishi...don't stop!" Eiji cried in a moan wanting him to keep moving with him, wanting more, now.

They both moved with each other kissing when they weren't moaning. They quickly found a rhythm that felt even better and Oishi stroked Eiji to match it. Oishi was so close and knew Eiji was too but it felt so good neither one of them wanted to stop. Eiji talked as he kept riding him. Oishi thrust up into him, knowing when he hits that spot inside Eiji by his full throated moans of pleasure in between him talking, "Oishi....you feel....so good...Oh!...want you....Oishi....love you....."

Oishi heard himself talk and moan words back to him, "Eiji...you feel so good...you're so amazing...Eiji...I love you...."

With Oishi deep inside him, Oishi feels every muscle in Eiji's body contract and he shudders, moaning, coming hard, crying out loud, almost screaming in pleasure. Oishi feels himself thrusting once more and then he comes inside him hard, very hard, very loudly.

They kissed each other still shuddering. Oishi is still inside Eiji, and now extremely sensitive to the point of almost pain. He worried Eiji must be very sore but Eiji is smiling. Oishi smiles back at him, amazed as usual. "I love you Oishi."

"I love you Eiji." Oishi has to withdraw but he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to feel that separation. "Hold me close?" Eiji nodded and kissed him. He slowly pulled the rest of himself out and they both make a little noise, almost of disappointment. Oishi kissed him, "Eiji, that, was amazing, did you like it?"

Eiji smiled, "Nya, you know I did!" He laughed and then got a serious look on his face, "Thank you." He kisses Oishi, "You knew." He said and smiled.

"I knew, I know you." Oishi kissed him, "I love you. Next time for anything like that or even just anything will you just tell me though?"

"Hoi Oishi, I just didn't want you to be upset."

"Never, never with you. All right?" Eiji nodded smiling, "Eiji? You're going to be really sore tomorrow aren't you?"

Eiji laughed and shrugged. He suddenly pouted as his mood completely shifted in an instant, "Tomorrow night I'll be at my house and you'll be here. We'll have to sleep alone."

"No, not alone." Eiji looked confused, "My boyfriend calls me and we talk for hours and then go to sleep together on the phone." Eiji grinned at both the thought and the term Oishi used.

"Hoi. Friday you want to stay at my house if your parents stay in town?"

"Of course, but," Oishi looks at Eiji seriously, "you make way too much noise to do that with your parents home."

Eiji tossed his head back and laughed, "Nya! Oishi Shuuichirou, you made more noise than I did!"

Oishi laughed, "Not a chance, although you were very sexy, very amazing."

Eiji kissed him sweetly. "Hoi. How was my kiss?" Oishi had to backtrack a long way to figure out where Eiji's mind had jumped to.

"From the club? That you wanted to do but didn't?" Eiji nodded and looked at Oishi as if he was daft to have to even ask. Oishi kissed him, and thought about it. "It was the best kiss I've ever had." Eiji looked at him like he was going to roll his eyes. "No, it was. I promise. You know I'm telling the truth. You put everything you felt into it and it was the best kiss I've ever had. But, I'm glad we did it here, together, instead of in front of people. It was too nice to share with anyone else but us."

Eiji thought about it, all of it. He slowly nodded his ruling of approval. "Hoi." He slid over closer to Oishi, literally and kissed him. They both made a face and laughed.

"Bath?" Oishi asked.


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