Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty Seven

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi actually felt the place before they saw it. The pounding bass was so strong you could feel it thumping in your chest as the cab stopped. Eiji smiled, unfolded himself from Oishi's lap, and got out. He automatically held his hand out to help pull Oishi out of the cab after him.

It had rained again while they were in the movies. As he stepped out, Oishi noticed the temperature had dropped even more after the second rain. There was a chill on the wind that whipped through a very, very long line of well dressed, freezing people. Some people were jumping up and down to stay warm and many were complaining. All were just waiting to get in. Oishi looked at the line in dismay.

Eiji got chilled easily. Oishi really did not want to be here and didn't want Eiji to be cold while they waited outside, seemingly for hours. Had he known he would have lent him a warmer coat.

The tensai looked at Oishi and held out his hand. Oishi helped pull him up out of the cab, from Tezuka's lap. Fuji, to Oishi's surprise, seemed for an instant to be as utterly turned on as Eiji was as he stood, but then the tensai cleared his head, as if by will, and calmly thanked Oishi. The tensai saw the line and smiled a little more as if thrilled, only now in a completely different way.

Fuji held his hand back for Tezuka to get out. Tezuka stood and thanked Oishi for paying for the cab. He then casually put his hand right back on Fuji's lower back as if it belonged only there. Fuji seemed to be waiting for Tezuka to do this.

As soon as Tezuka replaced his hand, the tensai lead them all towards the front of the line. "Ne, come on..." he said softly, happily, as they walked past Oishi and Eiji. The tensai smiled, "...we don't have to wait, we're on the list." He said it as if they should know that already. He and Eiji shared a look confirming that neither of them had any idea what was going on. They both shrugged and then smiled at the same time. Eiji still held Oishi's hand, he looked excited, and they followed after their friends.

Fuji walked around the people standing waiting, he went up to a wall of a guy looming in the front of the line, and smiled a hello. The guy grabbed Fuji on sight, picked him up, and gave him a huge hug. "Hey! Cool. This is so great! I'm so glad you're here!" The huge man said, "Let me tell the boss you're here so he can get the last guy off."

"Ne, you don't have to do....." Fuji protested to the big guy who had hugged him.

Several other people standing around, all in shirts with the club's name also greeted Fuji as enthusiastically.

Tezuka scowled silently, and he looked almost jealous, if you didn't know him better. Oishi had to hold back a smile and held onto Eiji a little harder just to make sure Eiji didn't accidentally laugh. As soon as the tensai was set back down, he leaned a little back into Tezuka who then replaced his hand, still scowling, just slightly more than usual.

Oishi and Eiji had no idea what was going on. Eiji leaned back against Oishi, a little cold despite his borrowed jacket. Oishi put his arms around him and gently pulled Eiji more to him, caring only about Eiji's comfort. Eiji relaxed against Oishi's warmth with a little sigh. Then Oishi felt him also rubbing his butt up against him. Eiji was acting innocent while he actually checked to see if Oishi was still as hard as he had been in the cab. Eiji rubbed against him little more once he discovered he now was.

The bouncer was still talking to Fuji, saying it would be a pleasure to get the guy off and put Fuji on. The guy then talked into his headphone in his ear saying Fuji and some of his friends were there, get the guy off in ten, they were sending them in now.

No one was paying any attention to them, so Oishi decided to tease Eiji back. He pressed his erection right up against him, right between Eiji's cheeks that looked oh so good in those jeans. "Don't stick it out if you aren't going to use it...." he whispered in his ear and kissed him on his spot. He held his arms tighter around Eiji when he felt him unsteady on his feet for a second. Eiji swooned a little and made a little so soft whimpering purr noise. The soft sound cut right through Oishi and made his insides turn warm and liquid with heat. It made Oishi feel amazing. Eiji made him feel amazing.

Eiji recovered quickly though, "Nya. You know I will later. You know I want to." He whispered back in a purr, very softly, so only Oishi could just hear over all the noise. They moved a little more forward to a door and a few of the waiting people in line yelled at them walking right in while they were still waiting. A few of the people who had said hello to Fuji snapped back at the people waiting, instantly restoring order by telling them if they didn't like it they could leave.

Ignoring the people in line, Fuji introduced them to the people who worked there, all of whom Fuji seemed to know. He introduced Tezuka first.

"Kikumaru-kun." Fuji next introduced, and they eyed Eiji up and down like a piece of candy or a toy. It infuriated Oishi even though he knew they were only appreciating him, and he did look amazing, but Oishi couldn't help wanting to protect him from their eyes.

"Niiiice." Someone said loudly.

Oishi couldn't tell if the person was a man or a woman because they had a raspy voice and were standing behind him. He wasn't going to respond to the voice by looking. He had to hold his temper and his tongue. He and Eiji were still standing close together from when he was keeping him warm and they were teasing each other playfully, contentedly, just a moment ago. A few others made appreciative murmurs or remarks. Oishi had hooked his first two fingers down into the front of the tight jeans Eiji wore without really realizing he did it. Oishi could just feel with his fingertips a few of his soft, darker, curly hairs. He held him close so they knew Eiji was his. So Eiji knew.

"And Oishi-kun." Fuji then said a list of names back to them but Oishi was not really planning on remembering any.

"Verrrry nice." That same voice cooed behind them again. Oishi realized, startled, it was at him the voice and the others around them were now admiring. Openly. It was only his anger over them doing that to Eiji that kept him from blushing or responding.

"Mn. Aren't they?" Fuji said softly to the voice. The tensai smiled, his eyes did not miss a thing, and he looked dangerous. Fuji had said it as a warning to leave his friends alone. It had the opposite effect and only heightened the tension however.

Oishi also realized suddenly that Eiji was livid. Furious. He guessed that Eiji in his anger would try to kiss him or do something more to show them Oishi was his. Even more than Oishi had. Or do something worse. This could be bad. Oishi moved his fingers just a little more, ever slightly more to Eiji's front. He figured he was about a millimeter away from where Eiji was hard just a moment ago. His moving stopped whatever Eiji was going to do. Eiji responded instantly to Oishi's touch and instead surprised him. He felt Eiji's entire body relax. Eiji leaned more into Oishi again, and seemed fine suddenly. Too fine with it.

Oishi knew, only from knowing him, from playing tennis with him, that while Eiji's body seemed relaxed, he was actually tensed like a coil and ready to spring. As Eiji had played earlier, he was dangerously, serious now. Eiji turned slightly to the loudest voice behind them, not breaking contact where Oishi held him, and flashed a slow contented smile that could only be called flirty.

Oishi didn't move but was ready to protect him in an instant. He sensed that Eiji knew that too.

"Is he yours?" The harsh voice cooed at Eiji.

Eiji slowly nodded yes, with a knowing, pleased smile.

"Do you share?"

Eiji slowly shook his head no, still somehow smiling.

"Too bad. You look beautiful together."

"Thanks." Eiji said, remarkably sounding pleased and amused. He turned and started to follow Tezuka and Fuji inside with Oishi still linked to him. He never looked back but instead he put his hand over Oishi's as soon as the people outside could not see. Oishi linked their fingers that weren't still in Eiji's pants and held him with his other arm tightly. Maybe they were in a sex club after all. They stopped at a corner where the hallway forked. The main hall continued to the right and there was a step that lead to a door on the left. The door must have been locked, another bouncer lead them to it, pressed a button, spoke into his headset, and they waited for the door to open.

"Nya. Remember." Eiji said to Oishi in a soft whisper over his shoulder. Eiji was rattled, despite looking completely cool and confident a moment ago. He was upset and angry still.

Oishi stopped and turned Eiji around to face him. Eiji did not have to remind him of a thing. "Eiji, you were amazing." Oishi said and looked in his eyes as he realized the level of control Eiji had shown back there. If they had asked Oishi if he would share Eiji, he would be seeing red and probably hitting people. It would have been very bad. Oishi whispered that to Eiji, and held him close. Oishi pulled back a little and kissed him, not caring who saw. Eiji did better when he felt confident. Oishi wanted him to feel good, to be happy, to feel secure.

Eiji broke the kiss, still furious. "Nya. They all looked at you, that way."

Oishi met his eyes, they were still dark with anger. "Were they, love? I didn't see anyone but you. I was only looking at you. I only saw you." As they heard the door buzz open, Oishi took Eiji's face in his hand and kissed him. "I want only you. I love only you." Oishi traced one fingertip lightly up Eiji's forehead. "Stay with me?" Eiji nodded, somewhat pacified, but took and held Oishi's hand tight as they walked through the door.

Oishi was tempted to just suggest they leave at that point but Eiji seemed determined to stay a while. Or maybe Eiji just didn't want them to go back out past everyone there now.

With Fuji leading, they all checked their coats, except for Tezuka who didn't have one. Then the tensai turned, "VIP room." Fuji said walking in a little further in with a smile, like a tour guide explaining the sights. The entire room was looking back at them with interest. Fuji waved hello to someone who was trying to get his attention. "Only get drinks from the bar here. They'll get you whatever you want. The bouncers now know you both..." Fuji looked at them meaningfully as if surprised at the impression his friends had just made, "...so you can come and go from the main room and bring one guest each if you want." Fuji looked at them as if he just realized they probably wouldn't want.

"Ah. Well, if we don't see you, we'll talk to you tomorrow. Try to come say goodbye before you go. Have fun." Fuji smiled at both of them and turned to the new people that approached them. He introduced everyone to the owner and appeared surprised for an instant when the owner already knew Tezuka. And said a warm hello to him. Asked Tezuka how he had been. That he had not seen him in some time. They exchanged pleasantries and the owner turned his attention back to Fuji.

Oishi saw the tensai hadn't expected that at all, but he recovered lightening fast. Probably only someone looking at Fuji and who knew him well would have noticed his momentary surprise, as his constantly smiling mask slipped for a split second.

Oishi looked around the room as their friends left them to their own devises. There were only thirty or so people spread around in a room that looked like it could hold two hundred. Couples and people of all kinds it seemed. Now that Fuji, Tezuka, the owner, and the people with the owner walked away, everyone was done staring at the newcomers, and they were mostly ignored. Oishi heard the music louder in here but you could still talk without needing to yell. As the door opened to let their friends and the owner pass through, the volume increased drastically until the door slammed shut again.

Oishi turned to ask Eiji what he wanted to do first. Eiji surprisingly seemed unsure and he looked a little lost. Overwhelmed. The room had flashing lights and light patterns wiggled on the walls and floors. A projected light show danced along one wall. Too much movement for Eiji, and too much new at once Oishi figured. He knew that if he was the one vacillating, Eiji would be bold as could be, doing whatever it took to make Oishi comfortable and have fun. Oishi figured it was his turn. He wasn't nervous at all so he turned to Eiji and smiled. "Come on. Let's go dance."

Eiji looked surprised back at him. Oishi squeezed his hand as they walked across the room and pushed open the door their friends had walked through a few moments before.

Through the door, it was chaos.

Oishi realized then there was such an enormous line outside the door, and so much security in the front, because the huge place was packed. There was barely room to walk without bumping into people.

They crossed through the center of the room, passed areas of tables and many people standing around, talking at a yell, laughing loudly, while they watched the other people dancing. He and Eiji stood around there too, they watched the crowd move. Looked around the place.

Eiji still held his hand tightly, then walked them over towards a less crowded, slightly darker area. Eiji turned back to watch the huge dance floor now from another angle. It had many levels and several raised platforms where one or more people were wildly dancing or grinding up against each other. There were video screens of flashing images in time to the booming music. Tons more of the light shows from the VIP room were moving everywhere, projected on any solid surface and even some moving ones. Smoke blasted out at regular intervals from the dance floor. It was lit up by lights to look first green and then blue. It wafted out over the crowd, like a big colored fog, washing over everyone. It settled slowly and until it did, you could only see detached arms or legs moving in the crowd clear the smoke as the lights pulsed in time with the rhythm.

Oishi heard the music change. The beat never did but the melody swelled like a wave. Happier now with a heady intoxicating sound. The beat slowly increased to a much more primal one and a new song came on, slowly, just one line repeated from a song that was very popular at the moment. The crowd started to look even more into it, they were anticipating more of the song everyone wanted to hear. A lot of people started to walk towards the dance floor, pulling friends with them, and more people started to move.

Eiji leaned up against a pole watching everything. He still tightly held Oishi's hand and held the pole behind him with his other. As if to steady himself. His body posture looked casual and relaxed but Oishi knew from the grip he had on his hand, Eiji was not. Lights flashed, bodies pulsed, strobe lights flicked, and more smoke was released in the middle of the colored lights, it blurred the bodies moving on the floor even more.

Oishi then understood what Eiji was trying to do, and realized there was no possible way he could do it. Eiji was trying to see everything around him moving and it was too hard for him to process all the movements with the noise and the flashing lights. But he was trying. Oishi smiled and stood in front of Eiji, blocking his view. It made him blink and rub his eyes.

"Hi." Oishi mouthed.

Eiji blinked again and smiled slightly back at him.

"Don't look." Oishi said and hoped he understood even though he probably could not hear what he said.

Eiji cocked his head, asking silently, then what he should look at?

Oishi smiled more and ran his fingertip lightly up his forehead asking him to stay with him.

Eiji smiled and gave Oishi a long look, as if he wanted to kiss him at that moment for understanding, for not being mad, for staying with him.

Oishi kissed him because he could. He had seen several other couples of all kinds and variations. No one seemed to care what they did. Eiji responded, but he was surprised at first when Oishi kissed him in a public place. But as Oishi kept kissing him, Eiji relaxed. He put his arms around him, and kissed him back. For maybe only the second or third time since Oishi first kissed him, he noticed Eiji had his eyes closed.

After what felt like forever in the short cab ride, unable to kiss and touch how they really wanted with their friends right there, and after the scene at the door, Eiji seemed very pleased to really kiss him now. He kissed Oishi back very hard and held him very close.

The song slipped perfectly into another popular one, a little faster and happier, still with a driving, raw beat. This wasn't Oishi's type of music but his sister liked this kind of thing. He thought to himself his sister and her friends would like whoever was now DJing. Then he knew where Fuji was. He thought back to the tensai tapping his feet while reading in his room and understood.

Eiji kissed him through the song and Oishi listened to the next so subtle song change. Fuji was very good. Not that this surprised him when he thought about it, Fuji was very good at whatever he did. Scary smart.

He looked at Eiji, who was again holding his hand. He had wrapped Oishi's hand around his back wrapped with his while they kissed. Eiji's other arm was around him. Before he had been almost clinging to him, but now he was relaxed and away from the pole he had been before leaning on. Oishi broke the kiss and silently asked him, Better?

Eiji bit his bottom lip and nodded. Not the good turned on bite though, Eiji was worried, and still a little stressed. The lights and the noise were overwhelming to him. Oishi did not want him worried. He kissed his biting away. Then he ran his finger up Eiji's forehead telling him silently he would make sure he was all right. He asked Eiji silently, All right, trust me?

Eiji nodded a little more and looked around a little. His eyes seemed to have somewhat adjusted to the dark with the flashing lights, and as long as he didn't try to take it all in at once, he seemed better. He cocked his head to the side and he looked around as if asking where Fuji and Tezuka were. Oishi pointed to the DJ booth. Surprise registered on Eiji's face and then he smiled. It seemed to make sense to him too. Oishi kissed him again and held him close, enjoying the feel of him, because he could. Eiji melted into the kiss, but during this kiss, Oishi noticed Eiji kept his eyes open.

Eiji, as he felt more comfortable, more confident, would soon want to move and explore this space as he did every other one. It was just how he was.

After the kiss, Oishi took him by their still joined hands. He walked him onto the now packed dance floor to a darker area that wasn't as crowded or that had so many moving lights flashing. "Show me." He mouthed, hoping Eiji would understand.

Eiji smiled now and even with the flashing lights, the people moving all around them, and the noise, he looked only at Oishi. His eyes met Oishi's and locked. He smiled more, as if very pleased, and gave Oishi a long look, up and down as if just the sight of him turned him on. He paused when he got to just below Oishi's waist and gave that long, slow blink, making Oishi smile and laugh. Eiji bit his lower lip, this time in a very good, very sexy way. Eiji smiled again and started to move, dancing only for Oishi.

Eiji took his breath away. He was a raw combination of love, lust, sex, and danger mixed with his amazing athletic ability, flexibility, and sheer beauty. He had no inhibitions, no fears, and no shame. Right at this moment he felt very sexy, very happy, and very turned on. It showed in his every movement. He danced his way back over to Oishi and Oishi noticed without taking his eyes off him, without breaking their connection, that many people were now watching Eiji move. It was hard not to. Eiji either hadn't noticed or didn't care. Oishi hoped it was the latter. Eiji pressed himself up against Oishi, and gave him a kiss. It was a long, slow kiss, a very sensual thank you.

While still kissing him, Eiji started making Oishi move with him. His hands went from Oishi's shoulders down his arms, to his waist, and then to his hips. He pressed his erection knowingly up against Oishi's and held him close. Eiji slid their erections together again and smiled as he basically held Oishi up. The contact after watching him, touching him, kissing him, made Oishi's knees a little weak for a moment.

For an instant, Oishi was embarrassed, but then he saw how Eiji was thrilled at his reaction. As if it was the best thing Eiji could have hoped for. The look on Eiji face was one of mischief, love, and lust. He was daring Oishi to do it back to him. To take control back. To move with him more. Oishi went from feeling embarrassed to laughing in pure delight of him which made Eiji laugh. Oishi held him closer and moved a little more with him, starting to gently nudge him back. He focused on just Eiji, just on moving with him. Oishi kissed him as he found that his body already knew how to move with Eiji's, just like Eiji's always seemed to with his.

Eiji noticed that Oishi was effortlessly moving with him and he laughed out loud. Not that Oishi could hear it, but Eiji flipped his head back and laughed as he saw Oishi was dancing with him and enjoying it. And Eiji must have noticed that Oishi, feeling a little more daring, was starting to play and tease him back. Taking Eiji up on his dare.

Oishi felt a twinge of jealousy wondering if the tensai moved against Eiji like this and then decided he may want to know later. But right now, it didn't matter. Now Oishi was happy just to keep moving with him.

Eiji shook his head no, and at first Oishi wondered if Eiji was responding to his Fuji thought. But Eiji had decided that he wanted to be in control for a little longer. Oishi let him have it.

Eiji seemed very pleased about this and he teased Oishi while they moved. He ground up against him and then backed off in a perfect tease so it never got too intense or hot. He felt Oishi everywhere, smiling wickedly. He kissed him with those teasing tongue flicks and then he turned around and wanted Oishi to grind up against him and feel him back.

Not that Oishi could hear himself, but he knew he growled a soft moan when he did. He was extremely hard and extremely turned on. He saw other people around them dancing like they were. Other people looking as turned on also all around them, and was surprised people just didn't have sex right on the floor. It probably happened. He even thought for a heated instant maybe they should check out the bathrooms here but then thought no, this was for fun. They would have fun and then go home and have more fun. Eiji was driving him crazy though.

Eiji then turned back around as if he had heard Oishi's thoughts. He smiled and pressed up against him again, showing Oishi how hard he was too, grinding their erections together. He gave Oishi a long slow blink after seeing and feeling how turned on Oishi was. Eiji slowly undid the buttons of Oishi's shirt as Oishi moved with him. He ran his tennis callused hands over Oishi's now sweat slicked chest and back and felt him everywhere.

Oishi kissed him again. Eiji let Oishi be in control of the kiss this time, and he wanted Oishi to take control back now. Oishi did and he felt Eiji's moan in his mouth more than he heard him as Eiji got what he wanted. Oishi undid the buttons of the shirt Eiji wore and felt him back. Eiji moaned as their sweat drenched skin and muscles touched and Oishi only knew it by the vibration he felt in Eiji's chest and the look on his face.

Oishi teased him with his mouth and grazed his sensitive nipples with his fingers, pinching lightly, enjoying how turned on Eiji was, only pulling back when one of them seemed too turned on. Oishi turned around and let Eiji move against him, grind up against him, feel his chest, touch him, tease him back, and hold him close. Oishi was enjoying this, enjoying him, and then he noticed in a mirror on the side of them, that Eiji was slyly watching Oishi's face, enjoying his reactions right back, even when Oishi was turned away.

Eiji saw Oishi had finally noticed him sneakily watching in the mirror, and he smiled and stuck out his tongue. He knew Oishi would turn around and kiss him, and he laughed when he did. Their kiss turned from laughing to raw and intense in a few seconds. Oishi knew he moaned during it as Eiji touched him all over and he touched him back. Still moving with the music and each other, they touched and kissed more.

Oishi had no idea how long they had been there. He lost track of time and the number of songs they danced to. Other people over time had tried to cut in but neither one of them would let them. Either he or Eiji would shake their head no and they would move closer to each other. A few people tried to grind up against one or both of them from behind but Oishi would always move both of them away to protect Eiji when it happened. Oishi had to move himself away several times too and Eiji with an angry flash of his eyes would move Oishi even further. They both looked at each other at one point, agreeing that they were kind of grossed out that strangers, both guys and girls, would try to touch them like that, and they laughed a little at it.

People also tried to talk to them, a few asked one of both of them their names, where they went to school, if they wanted a drink, but they didn't hear them or never responded. They only really saw each other and only moved for each other.

Eiji constantly brushed his erection up against Oishi as they moved as if to remind him teasingly that it was there. Oishi teased him back and enjoyed the slow blinks Eiji gave him in response. Eiji turned again to face away from him and Oishi pressed himself up against him, touching him all over. Oishi felt Eiji moan in his chest where Oishi was holding him but never heard it over the music. He watched his face in the mirror. Oishi kissed and licked the sensitive nape of Eiji's neck. His hair was sweat soaked, both of theirs was. Eiji tasted like salt and his shampoo and he gave a little shudder as Oishi touched him there with his lips and his tongue. Oishi held Eiji up this time as it seemed his knees were now a little unsteady.

Eiji turned back to him and kissed him. As if wanting to taste himself on Oishi. Then he laughed, brushed their erections again together, and they kept moving. A little later, Eiji even had Oishi hold him, dance with him like Oishi showed him in his room a while ago. He had Oishi spin him out and back to him. Oishi was surprised Eiji remembered so well.

The song playing then hit a bridge of slower, more ethereal music for a few beats. Eiji in response pressed closer to Oishi kissing him again. Oishi took his hand and ran it along Eiji's neck, over his throat, and down his chest, feeling him purr at his touch. He was sweaty and gorgeous and so sexy Oishi could barely stand it anymore. Oishi held him closer and kissed him, hard and wanton, holding him close, until he felt Eiji moaning in his mouth.

They stood locked against each other, just feeling the heat radiating off them. The music picked up again but they stayed not moving. Oishi felt every inch of Eiji against him from his hands to his lips to his legs to his erection to his heartbeat. They just held that look for a few beats, both breathing hard, and then said at the same time, smiling, "Brother...."

Then they laughed.

They walked off the dance floor together. Several people tried to grab or get the attention of one or the other of them as they passed, but neither paid anyone else any mind. Oishi had a feeling when they got to a busier part of the dance floor that Eiji was not even watching where he was going. Instead he must have closed his eyes and was letting Oishi lead, trusting him to guide him, even though Eiji was in front walking. Oishi had no problem seeing through the flashing lights and moving bodies and kept his arms firmly around him.

He lead Eiji through and over to the DJ booth.

There was Fuji, Tezuka, and Inui, of all people. Eiji blinked as he opened his eyes, confused for an instant, probably thinking they were headed to the door to leave. He recovered instantly with a big laugh. "Yah-hoi!" Eiji yelled when he saw everyone. Fuji smiled and put his finger up to say give me a minute.

Eiji said hello to Inui who seemed engrossed in conversation with Tezuka but came over to talk to them for a moment, collecting more data Oishi figured.

Tezuka's eyes seemed glued to Fuji, even if his hand no longer was. Tezuka watched Fuji even while Inui went back to talk to him non-stop. Tezuka only occasionally glanced at whatever computer screen a strangely excited, and oddly grinning Inui held lovingly in his hands.

Fuji came over and talked to Eiji. Oishi couldn't really hear what they said over the noise so he didn't try. Oishi told Fuji when he got a chance how much he enjoyed his music. Very much. It was beautiful and everyone loved it. Fuji seemed extremely pleased, told them he saw them moving together, they looked beautiful dancing. The tensai then quickly said he would talk to them tomorrow but almost as if he was inspired by something suddenly. He went back to work, smiling as usual.

Oishi waved goodbye to Inui and Tezuka as Eiji dragged him away by his hand. He had enough and wanted to go. Now. Once crossing through, they got to a place with a lot of lights and people moving. Only then Eiji slowed down and again let Oishi wrap his arms around him, to lead them away. As they passed back through the VIP bar, Oishi asked Eiji if he wanted anything to drink, even water. Eiji shook his head no and pulled Oishi over to get their coats. He was smiling seductively, biting his lower lip, and looked like he might pounce on Oishi any second. Eiji wanted to go. He didn't want to wait anymore. Home. Please. Now.

Who was Oishi to argue?

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