Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty Nine ~ Eiji

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi opened the door to the cab for Eiji to get in first. The little ways Oishi took care of him made Eiji smile. The driver was a woman which surprised Eiji and he supposed Oishi also. After Oishi gave her his address and quick directions, he made a face to Eiji like he was surprised.

Eiji was really happy, really turned on, and couldn't wait to get back to Oishi's. He had wanted them to leave a long time ago, before they even walked in the door after Oishi teased him in the cab. Really, he didn't want to go after Oishi teased him in the movies. Eiji was so turned on then, he only wanted to leave. But he had told Fuji they would go and he'd made a big deal of it, so Eiji sort of was forced to make Oishi go dancing after all.

Oishi surprised him. He danced so well and felt so good moving with him, that Eiji stayed and forgot about the time. He stayed and enjoyed it. Oishi had no idea how incredible he looked. How incredible he was. Eiji found this very charming, and very, very sexy. If Oishi ever had the ego to match his looks, even with his hair, Eiji knew he would be a monster. Eiji loved that somehow Oishi only seemed to feel really sexy, and attractive around him.

Eiji loved that he made Oishi happy.

Eiji smiled at him. He knew he shouldn't touch him in the cab but he wanted him so much, even more after hours of teasing. Oishi was making polite conversation back with their driver who turned out to be chatty. Eiji was ignoring the entire talk and was just watching Oishi. He knew he shouldn't but he put his head on Oishi's shoulder and closed his eyes just to be closer to him.

He felt Oishi look at him. "You okay?" he whispered. Eiji nodded and bit his bottom lip to keep from kissing him. "Tired?" Oishi asked softly and Eiji heard a little tiny bit of disappointment in his voice, as if he thought Eiji would be as exhausted as he was earlier. Eiji met his eyes, still biting his own lip, so Oishi knew that wasn't it. That wasn't it at all.

Still biting, Eiji slowly shook his head no. Oishi gave him back a really hot, really turned on look, telling Eiji he felt the same way and wanted to kiss where Eiji was biting without saying a single word. It made Eiji want him even more and he smiled as he still bit his lip.

Eiji lay his head back down on his shoulder to be closer to him. He felt Oishi slide his arm around him and tuck his hand in the back of Oishi's tight jeans that Eiji was wearing. Kind of like Tezuka did with Fuji. Eiji was surprised by this, as Oishi is often so shy, so cautious, but he has been very bold lately to Eiji's thrill. Because of them. Because of Eiji. Eiji smiled a little bit more and snuggled closer to him.

Eiji tried to drop his smile so that the gabby cab driver would think he was sleeping. Meanwhile he just felt the warmth of Oishi and inhaled his smell. He smelled so good. Clean sweat and soap and Oishi's own smell. They both had been sweating while dancing and there was still a fine sheen on Oishi. He loved when Oishi was like this and rarely got the chance to be close to him after they played tennis. Oishi knew exactly what Eiji was doing. He rubbed his fingers gently along Eiji's hot, sweat slicked skin on his back, feeling him and breathing him in too.

The cab driver asked Oishi if he was asleep. Eiji felt Oishi nod and heard him say "Shhh...." At least it would be quiet now.

Eiji thought of being really bad and curling all the way up with Oishi. It was so tempting but he resisted. He often thought of bad things to do but he had found with Oishi, when he resisted many of his impulses, one of three things would usually happen, one when Eiji did get to touch or kiss him how he wanted, it was usually better for him having waited. Two, when Eiji did get to, Oishi would respond even more as if he had the same thoughts and temptations and liked the teasing that came with waiting also. Or best of all, three, Oishi would more and more lately, surprise Eiji and come up with better things than Eiji had even thought of. That was the best.

Eiji still felt bad about earlier today. It had been his first time, and in a way was Oishi's, well at least for that. Eiji had to keep himself from smiling because he was sure now Oishi thought he had done everything else and Eiji couldn't wait to show him that there are still things they haven't done, yet. Just what they had done was amazing. Eiji had really enjoyed it, he had really enjoyed all of it. Even better was Oishi really enjoyed it all too. Even both ways.

"Hmm...." Eiji made a little sound without thinking and realized he had to stop thinking about that right now or he would kiss and pounce on Oishi in the cab and he would not be able to stop. Eiji needed to be good right now and think about other things.

So, after earlier, Eiji got wrapped up in tennis and sort of, forgot, to kiss Oishi. To touch him. Eiji felt terrible. If he had a choice he would kiss Oishi all day every day. Oishi needed kisses and needed to hear Eiji tell him he loved him. Just like Eiji needed him to do the same. Oishi would never have forgotten to kiss Eiji.

Now Oishi seemed past that, after that big fight they had on the tennis courts by his house after Oishi touched his hand, turned red, and walked away. Eiji had been furious and very hurt. It was only because he loved Oishi that he stayed when Oishi said sorry. It was only because he didn't want to go through another week of missing him that he didn't storm away or make a huge scene. He wanted him to make regulars and to stay at Seigaku so Eiji stayed and let Oishi make it up to him.

But now, Oishi seemed past that. Sure, he still blushed in the cutest ways, but he was seeming more comfortable all the time. More normal. That was even better. Even better was that Oishi trusted Eiji enough to get them out of trouble at the movies. Eiji knew Oishi was more worried about getting in trouble than he was embarrassed about getting caught with Eiji. Eiji knew in an instant that if the manager had said anything stupid about them that could possibly have hurt Eiji's feelings, Oishi would have gone from pale and shocked to angry and protective in a heartbeat.

It was nice that way. Oishi took care of him and he took care of Oishi.

Although Eiji hoped Oishi would forget their entrance into the club. Eiji was still upset and shocked to find guys and girls that aggressive in admiring Oishi. He wanted to protect Oishi from them. Oishi was his. Oishi had felt the same about their attention to Eiji. He had put his fingers possessively down the front of these jeans, right down them, and held Eiji even closer. Oishi had been holding him close because Eiji brushed his ass against Oishi's erection to feel if it was still there. Shy Oishi had moved closer to him to keep him warm, somehow forgetting that all those people could see, only caring lovingly that Eiji was cold.

Oishi had shocked Eiji by pushing his erection up against him hard after Eiji brushed him. All right, after Eiji checked, he did brush him a few more times as a little tease because it was fun, but Oishi still surprised him. He whispered in Eiji's ear and licked his tongue on that spot that made Eiji weak. "Don't stick it out if you aren't going to use it." Oishi, being forceful like that turned Eiji on so much he felt his knees shake. If Oishi had not been holding him so strong and close, Eiji would have fallen.

Eiji was only able to just whisper back quietly, "Nya. You know I will later. You know I want to." He saw Oishi's eyes full of want and love for him as he half turned. Oishi made him feel so good.

Eiji at the door felt Oishi touching his hair down there lightly and was instantly, completely hard again at his touch. Despite the situation, despite the cold. He felt Oishi's erection pressed still up against him. Then when he heard they were talking about Oishi, like that, somehow, Oishi must have known Eiji felt the same jealous feelings. Eiji wasn't sure what he was going to do but he was very angry. He was about to turn and kiss Oishi when Oishi moved his hand just slightly closer to Eiji's erection. Oishi knew exactly where it was.

It wasn't a threat to expose or embarrass Eiji but a gentle reminder that only Eiji mattered to him. That they were this close and no one could come between them. That they were each other's boyfriends. That they had sworn to not let anyone else touch them. Eiji found he went from furious to a wary state of relaxed and happy in less than half a second. So he was able to smile at the loudest of the guys and just shake his head no smiling when the bastard asked if he shared Oishi. Eiji was even able to sincerely say thanks when the idiot said how beautiful they looked together, because Eiji knew it was true.

Eiji loved Oishi so much right then. He put his hand over Oishi's to keep it that close to him. It was very sexy right there, just almost touching him.

Oishi in response linked their fingers. Eiji whispered to him, "Nya. Remember."

Oishi stopped to reassure him. Eiji was so enthralled with him, that he let him. "Eiji, you were amazing." Oishi kissed him. Eiji's heart was beating fast. They were right next to Tezuka who saw and Oishi still kissed him. Oishi had done the same in front of Fuji. He always put Eiji's feelings before any embarrassment he might have felt.

Eiji felt a surge of anger and wanted to protect Oishi, to explain to him that how dare anyone look at Oishi as if he was a piece of meat and not something beloved, "Nya. They all looked at you, that way."

Oishi only smiled and looked right at him. "Were they, love? I didn't see anyone but you. I was only looking at you. I only saw you." Oishi kissed him again, making Eiji feel dizzy. "I want only you. I love only you." Oishi said meaning every word. Oishi traced one fingertip lightly up Eiji's forehead, reminding Eiji now. "Stay with me?" Eiji nodded and took Oishi's hand, adoring him, and not wanting to let him go. Oishi held his back just as much. Eiji loved when Oishi called him love.

Eiji was not prepared for inside. The noise was distracting and the visual sights were overwhelming. Like when he walked into the perfume shop with too many smells, it was too much. Eiji's eyes tried to track everything and once and all he felt was woozy. He barely heard what Fuji said when he left with Tezuka. Even the floor had a crazy pattern on it and the lights moving in the room and on the floor made everything seem to swirl and weave. Eiji fought to focus on one thing and couldn't. His eyes felt like they were bouncing everywhere. He hesitated not knowing what to do. If this room was like this he might not be able to handle what was beyond if it was more.

Somehow Oishi knew. He might have taken Eiji's hesitation for fear of a new place. Eiji was aware that on his own, without Oishi there, sometimes, he felt shy until he had been at a new place for a while. That was why he could understand when Oishi felt shy sometimes too. Eiji expected Oishi to be shy or hate the noise but Oishi surprised him. When he was not strong, Oishi was.

Oishi brought them to the main room. Eiji leaned on a pole trying to get his eyes to focus and then to just listen to the music. Then he tried to not see the waving lights and people all around them moving. Nothing was working. Oishi knew what was wrong. He kissed him, surprising him, forcing Eiji to gladly concentrate on just him. Eiji at first was nervous kissing Oishi in such a public place but if Oishi was going to, then Eiji was happy to kiss him back. Eiji could do this if he just focused on Oishi. That was all he wanted to see anyway.

He loved him a little more for not being upset or demanding that they leave. For taking care of him. For loving him.

Then Oishi lead them onto the dance floor and asked Eiji to show him how to dance. Eiji danced just for him. He forgot there was anyone else there but his boyfriend. Oishi looked at him and him alone. When Eiji came to Oishi, pressing up against him, kissing him, starting to show Oishi how to move, Oishi surprised Eiji again by already knowing. Eiji understood then. Their bodies already knew how to move together. They already moved in rhythm. Here was just a louder beat that other people could hear but they already knew how to move together. And move well.

Oishi kissed and teased Eiji and Eiji did it back to him. It was loud there, and hot. They were both moving and sweating. He felt Oishi make noise rather than really heard him when something he did turned him on.

Eiji noticed people moving around them, watching, wanting, trying to talk to one or both of them, wanting to cut in, to touch them. Almost as if they wanted to be a part of them. They simply couldn't. This was theirs and theirs only. They were each others only. Eiji was high off Oishi, high off moving with him, high off his emotions, high off their arousal, and high off the attention they were getting. It was better than Eiji had imagined it would be. It was perfect. Better than perfect.

Things were good. They had a lot of love and things were very good.

There were a few things they needed to work on though. For starters, Oishi was going to have to learn how to fight. Eiji remembered what he said about his family and Eiji knew he could not change this about himself. He didn't want to hurt Oishi's feelings but sometimes, Eiji knew, people fought. Even people who loved each other more than anything. Then after a fight, problems were solved and you got to make up. After a fight, things were better. Eiji was terrified he would be in a bad mood one day and pick a fight with Oishi, and that Oishi would not talk to him, or walk away, or leave him. Oishi had a very tender heart. Even more than Eiji's. Sometimes in a fight, even if you loved the person, or sometimes even when not in a fight, you could say something that hurt their feelings.

Eiji did not want to hurt Oishi or make him walk away, but needed him to understand that even if Eiji said something mean, in a fight or by accident, he still loved him. Eiji still wanted to be with him, still loved him, and still needed him. They were going to fight and hurt each others feelings but they would be fine after the fight was over. Better actually. Oishi needed to learn this not only with Eiji but in life as well.

Then there was the kiss test. Eiji had heard about it a long time ago. Several times from some girls in his class. It was still sort of a rumor though and Eiji had to know if it was true. The girls all called it 'Oishi's kissing test'. Whenever Oishi was 'serious' with someone, when he was their boyfriend, he gave them the kiss test. No one ever passed. Eiji had comforted a girl who went out a few times with Oishi their freshman year. She said, crying, that Oishi gave her the kiss test and no one ever passed. If you responded to his kiss, you didn't pass. If you didn't respond you didn't pass. And when you didn't pass, Oishi dumped you.

The entire thing seemed stupid to Eiji now that he knew Oishi. Like a dumb rumor. Oishi would never be malicious like that. Probably it was just a coincidence or him kissing a girl he was no longer interested in goodbye. And yet, there were SO many girls who insisted the kiss test was really real, that Eiji really worried about it. He was afraid that just like everyone else, he wouldn't pass it. If he didn't pass, Eiji would be devastated if Oishi no longer wanted to see him. It would break his heart completely. But on the other hand, Eiji was sure of how Oishi felt about him, so he was confused and while he wanted to talk to Oishi about it, he held back. Eiji was so worried about it that he never even talked to Fuji about it.

Eiji often found with tests, that sometimes it was just better to take them than worry about them. He wasn't the kind of guy to worry about things like this usually. Especially not when almost everything else was so good, so he knew he would have to find out and take the kiss test. If it really existed. If he could find a way to mention it to Oishi. If Oishi wouldn't leave him if he failed it like everyone else.

And then there was that one other thing that Eiji had to show Oishi. It was a really big thing. Huge. That Oishi could trust Eiji never to hurt him in that way. That one way which they had not done yet, although it was nearly an obsession with Eiji. Eiji would wait until Oishi was ready and just hoped it was soon. Eiji wanted it very much, wanted to make Oishi feel good that way very much. To erase any bad things and have everything be good.

It was so difficult though to keep any secrets from Oishi and hold things back for later. Eiji wanted to tell him everything and do everything always right away even if they had all the time in the world. But sometimes, waiting, was a good thing.

Eiji felt Oishi's finger on the skin of his lower back. Oishi was now writing again like he did in the theater. Eiji was delighted with Oishi doing that earlier. It was a new secret way to talk. Eiji spelled it out as Oishi wrote, EIJI I LOVE YOU I WANT YOU

Eiji smiled slightly in response and snuggled a little closer to him. Oishi would understand that Eiji felt the same but nya yet, love. Eiji was tempted to write him back but sometimes waiting to see what Oishi did next was even nicer.

Eiji relaxed against him a little more and pretended to be asleep. He felt bad still for how tired he was earlier. It was all one big jumble how they got back to Oishi's house from after tennis. Eiji was always like that. He went all out, never remembering to save anything or hold anything back for later. He did that with money, time, and even his energy. Eiji's mom used to have to watch him whenever he went swimming, his entire life, or he would forget to save some energy for the way back, and he would be pulled choking, and drowning from the water. He would ride his bike too far and be too tired to ride all the way home. He would go running and forget that he had to come back.

Eiji sort of remembered following Oishi around in a store before they went to his house. He only barely remembers Oishi on his stairs asking Eiji to stay with him, touching his forehead as he did when Eiji was getting stitches and when Eiji was inside him. Being inside him.

"Hmm...." Oh. Eiji said that softly out loud. Oishi moved a little closer to him as if in answer.

Eiji sort of remembers hugging Oishi in the bathroom and the shower but it seems more like a dream than something that really happened. He doesn't remember getting into bed. Or saying anything. Or sleeping with Oishi. He next remembers that he woke up for a moment in Oishi's bed and he had no idea where Oishi was. Eiji felt for his warmth with his arm and was surprised to find Oishi not there. Eiji missed him. He went back to sleep sad and expecting to feel Oishi get back into bed with him, but then Oishi woke him up a while later. Eiji missed him. He liked to wake up before Oishi and feel Oishi still holding him. He felt like Oishi hadn't slept next to him for the first time since they were together. Later, Oishi told him he did sleep with him and had a bad dream but Eiji can't remember him sleeping with him.

After Oishi woke him, Eiji felt really embarrassed about feeling so tired. He hates the exhausted wave that hits, rendering him completely out of it in. And in front of Oishi, it made Eiji cringe in shame. Oishi seemed a little distant so Eiji just got ready so they were on time. He ate alone, showered alone, and missed Oishi who was right there but seemed far away. He hoped that Oishi would join him in the shower and was waiting for him to knock but he didn't. Eiji figured they must not have a lot of time to get ready, so he hurried in the shower and decided that if Oishi joined him in the shower, then Eiji would be the same as always. If Oishi didn't then Eiji would give him some time to go away and wait for Oishi to come back to him.

Eiji remembered what Oishi said about girls he had dated that they always want to take up all of your time, do everything with you, and they talked all the time. He thought that maybe Oishi needed space. Eiji could give him that. No kiss test required.

He would give him space if Oishi didn't come into the shower. But Eiji's feelings were still hurt. He couldn't help it. He didn't like when Oishi went away even if he was right there. Even Fujiko said nicer things about how well he played and they played tennis today.

Well, actually, Eiji remembers Oishi saying something about that but he couldn't remember what. It was while he was exhausted. But his feelings were still hurt. With that in mind, Eiji finished showering, turned off the water, and dried himself quickly off. He resolved that he would be good until Oishi came back. He would not treat this like a date even though Eiji wanted it to be. He just hoped Oishi came back very soon. He was pouting without realizing it.

He put on a towel and wondered if Oishi would even notice he was half wet and near naked. He noticed that he was pouting now and kept it because Oishi liked to kiss him when he was. Plus he knew he wouldn't be completely hard while pouting. He wasn't sure why that always happened but it did. Only Oishi ever noticed that about him. Not that other people would, but it was something else only Oishi knew.

Eiji was rewarded somewhat when he stepped into the room and Oishi said, "You make me not want to go anywhere but back to bed with you wearing that." But, Oishi made no move to step towards him. Eiji looked at what Oishi was wearing, he looked nice, he always did, but he was still wearing something casual, as if he was going to the movies with a friend. He was more dressed up for their double date with those girls.

Eiji wanted Oishi to sort of feel this was their date, their double date with Fuji and Tezuka. He got a little annoyed even though he was supposed to be acting good. He saw all the clothes Oishi had piled on his bed for him and maybe Oishi to change into. Eiji thought, and then saw something, "Pants from our double date?" Oishi nodded. "Let me see. Please." He knew Oishi didn't like when he was bossy. He had to be really, really good now. Maybe he could tease him a little. Maybe that would make Oishi come back to him sooner.

Oishi started changing and it turned Eiji on. He wanted Oishi to come to him, hold him, kiss him. He was hard thinking about it. When Oishi handed him a pair of his old black jeans, Eiji put them on without underwear to try to hide his erection and then dropped the towel.

Eiji was both a little pleased and a little embarrassed when Oishi dropped his jaw and made a little noise. He thought he might have done something wrong but the way Oishi was staring at him made him realize he did something very right. Oishi said, "You look...."

Eiji felt a little confident seeing Oishi's reaction, "Sexy?" Eiji smiled and he waited for Oishi to come to him but, he didn't.

"Extremely sexy." Oishi said. "Do you want a pair of underwear?"

Eiji had his bag with his things now, he had his own. So he worried that Oishi asked that way because he looked stupid. "Does it look...bad without?"

Oishi had paused and said it soft and like he did when he really, really wanted Eiji, "No. Maybe too good, but not bad."

Eiji smiled and then waited for Oishi to touch him but he didn't.

Eiji had meant to be good but he couldn't help it. He was watching Oishi get dressed and he liked how he looked, "Nya. You don't wear any either."

"All right." Oishi said pulling his pants back down yet again and then his underwear. Eiji saw him completely hard and waited for him to come to him but he didn't. "Its from looking at you." Oishi explained.

Eiji then thought that they must be late. Maybe that was why Oishi didn't come to him. He checked the clock, felt disappointed that they had to hurry, and then they got dressed and went. Although when he finished putting on Oishi's shirt, Oishi did tell him he looked, "Very sexy."

Eiji then thought that even though Oishi looked really good and Eiji wanted this to be a date, that maybe Oishi really didn't. So he would act like Oishi's best friend only until Oishi came back. He even bought himself and Oishi snacks although Oishi only wanted water. Eiji bought what he wanted in small sizes so Oishi didn't feel they had to share. Just like only friends would. Even though Eiji wanted it to be more than friends. And more than lovers. The one word they had not used with each other until then was boyfriend.

Eiji knew it was a stupid word and used mostly by girls in school but he wanted it. He wanted it a lot. That was how he thought of Oishi and wanted Oishi to think of him. Boyfriends. It meant a lot to Eiji. Eiji worried that Oishi would meet another girl and leave him or that even now, after this, he could meet another guy and be curious. Eiji thought it interesting how he didn't feel curious when normally he was inquisitive about everything. It was like somehow Eiji just knew that what he and Oishi had now was better than any other thing he would look for or anything with any other person. They just fit. Oishi was all Eiji wanted and he wished there was some way Oishi could reassure him, promise him, or show him that he felt the same. Even without the kiss test. It would certainly make Eiji feel better. Eiji knew how attractive Oishi was even if Oishi didn't realize.

Eiji knew he was cute. He knew he was naturally cut and fit, but Oishi, Oishi was gorgeous. Oishi had worked hard to look how he did. Besides his face, which Eiji thought was perfect, very handsome, and besides Oishi's beautiful green eyes, and his soft, full mouth when he kissed Eiji, Oishi had carefully sculpted his body. He had worked hard to be as handsome as he was now, even if he didn't realize it. Eiji never had the time or the patience to work out, he preferred to play and let what happens naturally, happen. But, looking at Oishi, Eiji found for the first time he wanted to look better, be physically stronger, and play better, for Oishi. For Oishi to notice him even more.

Eiji smiled remembering how Oishi had looked at him in these jeans and realized maybe Oishi already did. Maybe he did feel the same after all. Eiji moved a little closer to Oishi in the cab now and ran one finger along the outer seam of his pants. Just up and down a few centimeters back and forth. He was thinking about how good Oishi looked dressed in the outfit Eiji had picked. His shirt was so soft and it showed off Oishi's shoulders and arms well, and his pants, well, especially now that Eiji knew he was not wearing underwear, he just looked really, really good. Eiji wished the cab would hurry.

Eiji had been so jealous when they walked into that club and everyone noticed Oishi. Oh, they had noticed Eiji, but even they knew that Eiji was cute, but Oishi was handsome. Oishi looked a little older than him and something about him looking innocent made everyone want to, well, corrupt him. Eiji had never really felt jealous like that before. It wasn't that Eiji wanted more attention than everyone else as he sometimes felt. Instead he felt angry and possessive. Oishi was his.

Oishi had acted that way before, with Eiji. When he saw a girl liked Eiji or with Fujiko. And Eiji had felt it a little for a moment here or there when a girl at school with a crush would talk about Oishi not knowing about them. He felt it earlier a little even when Fujiko admired Oishi, complementing Eiji and calling Oishi Eiji's boyfriend before the movie started. Eiji had reveled in it. It was the first time anyone had said it in regards to them. Fuji had said, "Eiji, I never noticed how gorgeous your boyfriend was until he walked in with you tonight." It was a complement to both of them and Eiji knew it, but still he felt a little jealous. But not like how much he had felt at the club.

Eiji was thrilled about what happened in the movie bathroom. He wasn't thrilled that it had been him, not Oishi who was negligent, and forgot to kiss. That his forgetting made Oishi push him away. Eiji felt bad about that but, in his being upset, the boyfriend thing had slipped out. To Eiji's surprise Oishi had agreed with it. Even using the term later in the cab to love and tease him.

Eiji hated that he always had to push, he always took things too far. He had barely finished with the boyfriend thing he had wanted for days when the marriage question he had wondered about popped out of Eiji's stupid mouth before he could stop it. Oishi had been startled but had answered his questions nicely. Even when Eiji tried to explain that he meant much later, when they were old. Surprisingly, it seemed to please Oishi a lot too.

In the theater later, Oishi had even sworn to him to be only his. Ever. And Oishi never swore or promised things lightly. He meant them when he said them. He meant it, and wanted Eiji to say it back. As if Oishi had to ask and needed to hear it too, as if Eiji was the most amazing thing and not Oishi. He had kissed him in the crowded theater then. And in front of Tezuka. And in the dance club. While they moved together he had kissed him and touched him everywhere. He enjoyed it. They both did. And soon they would be together, alone, and they could touch and kiss all they wanted.

Eiji smiled. Oishi noticed and stroked a finger down, going a little further in a teasing way. He lay his head on Eiji's getting closer to him. Eiji wondered if Oishi was thinking the same things. He hoped so.

Eiji felt Oishi tapping him as if to wake him up on his lower back. Oishi then slid a finger down even farther, making Eiji in surprise sit up and look at Oishi. Oishi was smiling. Eiji looked outside, they were a few doors down from Oishi's and Oishi was getting his money out to pay the driver.

Eiji was so happy, he laughed.

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