Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty Seven

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi woke aware that it was very early, but the sun was up, very bright, and he could not see the time from the reflection in his fish tank. He stretched and looked at his clock. It was early. He didn't think he would be able to fall back asleep though. An idea occurred to him.

"Eiji?" he said softly into the phone in case he was still sleeping.

"Hoi! Oishi! You're up? You can go back to sleep for a while. I'll wake you."

"What are you doing?"

"Reading." Eiji said it like Oishi should know he reads early every morning.

"You read early every morning?" Oishi had to know.

"Hoi. Can't sleep?"

"I slept fine, good with you. Did you sleep okay?"

"Hmm." Oishi figured he must have gone back to reading.

"Good book?"


"What's it about?"

"Monsters. He's just about to rescue them." Oishi paused a moment not sure how to take that. He was about to tell Eiji he would jump in the shower when he heard Eiji close the book and say "Hoi!"

"You finished the chapter?"


Oishi laughed. "Do you want to play tennis with me? Its early and I haven't played with you in a while."


"Yeah but it will be good for me to play and warm up with you before. You don't have to if..."

Eiji cut him off. "Okay! Oishi, go shower!" Eiji must have held the phone up close to him. He said softly, "...think about me." He must have then pulled the phone away, "I'll meet you! Hoi Oishi? Nya your breakfast! I'll bring!" Then he hung up the phone leaving, Oishi lying there laughing on the other end.

Oishi showered and it was not hard for him to think of a fantasy involving Eiji. At first he thought he wasn't going to but then the water hit him and he pictured himself and Eiji in the locker room alone. It was quite a fantasy to think of them going at it and pleasing each other in the big space they both knew so well. Then he recalled Eiji in the shower at Fuji's and that Oishi could be in there again with him tonight with Eiji's hot mouth taking him all the way in, telling him to come, saying his name... Oishi whispered "Eiji..." as he came, surprised to find he was alone when he opened his eyes again. Oishi finished his shower quickly, remembering to bring his toothbrush with him and that toothpaste Eiji gave him for later at Fuji's.

Oishi quickly dressed and left. It was early, even the birds seemed just up. Oishi felt exhilarated, especially as he had no idea when or where Eiji would pop out and surprise him. He tried to walk slowly keeping in mind that even with Eiji's apparent time transport abilities, Oishi might be first today. Oishi reached the corner of the next block and saw Eiji walking up towards him, smiling.






"Amazing. Do you want a bite?"

"Nya. I had one on the way."

"I don't mind if you have a bite."

"Hoi!" Eiji carefully chose a place where Oishi's teeth just were and bit in. That was so adorable! Oishi thought.

"Wait, you have something..." Oishi stopped him and faced him. He brushed a tiny crumb from the corner of Eiji's mouth with his thumb. Oishi's heart was racing. "...just, there." He brushed Eiji's full, sweet, lips softly again with his thumb. Eiji's eyes closed in a slow blink, and then he smiled. "Hi." Oishi said again, smiling back at him. Oishi couldn't help it, he brushed his lips softly against Eiji's in a soft, slow, loving kiss. Then he smiled at him again.

"Hoi Oishi!" Eiji whispered at him. They were in the middle of the sidewalk near school, even if it was still early morning.

"Sorry Eiji." Oishi smiled but he wasn't sorry at all. Not one bit. Eiji knew it too. He smiled, thrilled, like he didn't want Oishi to stop, and bit his lower lip. Oishi smiled and took a half step back, when it was the last thing in the world he wanted to do.

Eiji smiled back at him and as they started on their way again he said happy and quietly, "Hoi, I like it when you wake up early, Oishi."

"Me too." Oishi smiled back at him, then had a thought. "Hey? Were they rescued?" Eiji looked confused. "From the dragon?"

"Nya, monster. Next chapter. But they're always rescued, Oishi." He smiled and winked as if sharing a secret.

"No one ever...dies?"

"Nya. Sometimes, its very sad." Eiji pouted remembering. "I won't read anymore after it happens."

"So, you don't know how it ends? Ever?" This was totally foreign to Oishi.

Eiji shook his head no with a very resolved, serious face. "Nya. They should always be rescued." He insisted. Then he smiled. "Hoi. You would always rescue me from a monster right, Oishi?"

Oishi smiled and decided to learn a little more information before answering, "Exactly, how big a monster?"

"Nya. Doesn't matter. You would, right?" Eiji was serious in asking.

"I really can't see a monster hurting you. I mean, you could just stop time like you do with me, or joke it to death, or tell it funny stories so it laughs until it cries, or cook it breakfast, or do acrobatics and get away, right? You would charm a monster in no time."

Eiji seemed to be very seriously considering this, and it made Oishi have to stop himself from laughing. "Nya. What if I couldn't? You would right? Always?"

Oishi remembered his promise to himself to make Eiji happy and now he seriously thought about it. Well, maybe not a monster, but yes, he would always love Eiji, and because of that, he would always rescue him. Not that Oishi could ever see him needing rescuing or saving. "I would."

"Hoi? Always?"

"Always." Oishi meant it too. Eiji was thrilled with his answer and went running ahead a few steps doing some kind of cartwheel flip, despite carrying his tennis bag, that took Oishi's breath away. Oishi could not have done it in a million years.

Eiji saw Oishi had stopped and was staring after his acrobatic celebration. He laughed, "Come on Oishi!" Eiji urged, "Tennis!"

They changed in the dressing room, going to opposite ends, and dressing fast without thinking about it or needing to talk about it. Oishi found he really wanted to play Eiji again. Without an audience. It had been a while. They were the first ones there. They stretched out and warmed up. Oishi enjoyed that they could touch during this. It was comfortable, safe, familiar, and yet it meant more to both of them now. They started with a light rally for a while, neither wanting to pull anything.

But slowly, it turned into serious playing. Oishi was amazed. Eiji, somehow, at some time had been working hard on his playing. Not only did he seem to be recovered from his leg fully, he had been planning on beating Oishi. He was hitting hard, tumbling freely, and laughing even when Oishi scored. For the first time, maybe ever, Oishi stopped keeping track of the score. They just played for the pure joy of playing and the challenge of beating each other. Oishi heard other balls being hit around him, he was aware that other people had arrived and were practicing, but Oishi was just focused on Eiji and Eiji on him. Oishi knew they should stop, find Fuji and get on with their day but neither seemed to want to. Fuji came over eventually and asked if he could join Eiji again. They agreed.

Eiji was on the top of his game and Oishi was losing. Then a little later, Inui, having watched them for a long time, joined them and asked to play as well. Fuji asked to switch sides. Oishi thought Fuji would play with him like they had last time or with Eiji, but Fuji went to play with Inui leaving Oishi and Eiji as a team. Oishi and Eiji just, clicked. They knew each other so well that Oishi knew when Eiji would need space to flip or dive and Oishi could cover if they had a chance to return it. They usually didn't. Both Fuji and Inui played more structural tennis. Eiji playing and returning things based on how he felt was very hard for either of them to figure out. When something did get past Eiji, and not much did, or when Fuji and Inui focused on Eiji and forgot Oishi, Oishi was right there to score the point. It was magic. Oishi heard people cheering for them. Eiji did too and did a flip in mid-air on his next return for the few team mates and onlookers who gathered in the early morning and stopped to watch them. It was the most fun Oishi's had playing tennis in a long time.

Not only were they having fun, they were winning against the human computer and the tensai. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Fuji suggested that Oishi keep playing against Inui and that he and Eiji shower. Oishi really appreciated the gesture and agreed gratefully. Plus Oishi realized there was probably something from Inui that Oishi was supposed to learn to beat everyone today. Fuji worked like that.

After about 15 or so minutes he and Inui went their separate ways. Because he and Eiji were there so early, he was done when everyone else was on the courts or watching already. Oishi went to shower and change. He was looking to make sure Fuji and Eiji were done. He saw no sign of them or anyone, although the water was running in the shower room. Oishi grabbed his things and went in, looking around.

There, in the corner, the regular senpai he was going to face that afternoon was holding a wet and naked Fuji up against the wall by his throat. He was hard, and his intentions were quite clear. This bully was hurting his friend, and wanted to hurt him a lot more.

"Hey! Get away from him!" Oishi shouted and shot over. He was aware, distantly, that the three of them were wet and naked.

"This, does not concern you Oishi. I suggest you leave. Everything's fine isn't it tensai?" He'd twisted the word to make it sound ugly, and pressed his thumb into the skin near Fuji's collarbone harder, making an awful sound of pain force its way out of Fuji. "You're mine tensai. Aren't you? You want me tensai. Don't you?" He ran his free hand down the tensai's frozen face and neck, trailing it down his body, and smiled sickeningly. Oishi looked at the senpai's eyes and they were mad, his sense of right and reason was gone, he was crazed with lust and power.

"I said let him go!" Oishi was not even aware that he was growling. He pushed the guy back to break his grip on Fuji. Oishi could not understand why the tensai just stood there frozen. Shock? Fear? Why?

"Who is going to make me, Oishi? You?" He laughed. "After I beat you today you'll be shipped out and the tensai will be all mine again. Leave, this is none of your business!"

Oishi shoved him again, harder, and was distantly aware that he was angry, coldly furious, he was nearly seeing red, nearly out of control.

"Leave him alone!" Oishi snarled standing between them and pushing the guy again harder, knocking him back further away, and then again, slamming him to the floor. Oishi knew he had to try to get control of himself if he was going to help his friend.

He turned to Fuji who was staring blankly at the senpai Oishi had pushed, who was now getting up from the floor. "Fuji, you all right?" Oishi fought the surge of adrenaline. He was going to try to get Fuji out of there, just get him somewhere safe, he had put his arm around his hurt friend and was trying to move him. It was like trying to push a boulder up a hill. The tensai would not budge.

In a low, steely voice, tinged with disgust and pain, Fuji finally spoke. "Don't make me laugh. You will never have me. And after Oishi beats you today, when he beats you today, I've already promised myself, to him."

Oishi was staring at Fuji with his mouth open. Fuji grabbed on to Oishi and kissed him, hard, demanding, clinging to him, melting into him. Oishi now froze. Fuji was kissing Oishi as if his life depended on it. It was a needy, hungry, wanton kiss, he was looking for Oishi's tongue, and pressing his body against him.

"This is not over!" the senpai said to them in an angry yell, "You hear me? This is NOT OVER!" and he stormed away.

Oishi was still trying to gently push Fuji off him, not wanting to hurt his friend any more, but wanting to stop him, needing to get away. Fuji for his small stature, was all steel and muscle, and was locked, sealed, onto Oishi. Oishi finally had to grab Fuji by his shoulders and forcibly pry, peel, the soaking wet tensai back, off of him.

"Fuji!" Oishi yelled to try to bring him back to his senses.

Then Oishi heard a sound that was somewhere between a yelp and a sob, and Oishi's heart broke with it.

Eiji was standing there, half dressed in his school clothes, with his hands to his mouth.

Oishi had no idea how much he had seen.

"Eiji!" Oishi yelled but it was too late.

Eiji was gone.

And Fuji sank into Oishi's arms, crying without making any sound.

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