Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty Six

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

As it was, Fuji called Oishi first. His phone was ringing as he opened his door.

"Thank you again Fuji-senpai for all your help, the gifts, and the book loan."

"You're welcome. It was fun."

"Fuji-senpai, why did you have my Father drive you around back?"

"I just didn't want him to see that no one was home and worry. My parents are still away and my sister is at her boyfriends tonight. My mother is traveling with my father at the moment."

"So you're all alone? Fuji-senpai, you could have stayed here."

"Ne, Oishi," Fuji said with an amused lilt to his soft velvet voice, "I'm fine. I prefer my own bed. But, thank you. If you need anything call me."

"You too Fuji-senpai, good night."

"See you tomorrow Oishi-senpai."

Oishi laughed and the honorific, "Not yet but hopefully, thank you." Oishi looked at his cell phone, Eiji was texting him wanting to know where he was, but Fuji seemed reluctant to get off the phone.

"Oishi-senpai, may I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Fuji-senpai."

"Ne, even if its, personal?"

Oishi hesitated a heartbeat, and then remembered all Fuji had done for him, and for him and Eiji. "Sure Fuji-senpai, you're my friend, you can ask me anything."

"When did you first know that you had feelings for Eiji?"

Oishi turned red, but thought about the question. He thought back to their first kiss, their movie date, their practicing together. "I think I always had some kind of feelings for Eiji even if they were just strong friendship feelings, I think I've always cared for him, but I guess one thing sort of, lead to another."

"Ah. And now you love him?"


"You're in love with him?"


"He's in love with you." It was said as a statement and not a question.


"So you will not hurt him?"

Oishi thought to himself, So that is why he is asking? "Never. I'd never do anything to hurt him."

"Ah. Thank you for answering my questions so honestly Oishi-senpai. I'm very happy for the two of you, you both look very happy together."

"Thank you again, Fuji-senpai. Is there any reason why you're asking me this?"

Fuji paused as if surprised Oishi dared to ask and then said, "Mn. I was just wondering what it felt like to really love someone and have them really love you back. It must be...very nice."

"I..." Oishi thought about it, "It is." He smiled.

"Ah." Was all Fuji said in reply, sounding very sad.

Oishi had a sense of, deep, overwhelming sadness from Fuji. He couldn't explain it but knew to trust his instinct. "Fuji-senpai, is everything all right? Do you want to talk to me about something? I am your friend, you can talk to me about anything."

"Thank you Oishi-senpai, that is, very kind of you but, no. I'll let you go, as Eiji is probably calling you wondering where you are by now. Thank you, again, for talking with me. I'll see you tomorrow." Fuji was polite as always but rapidly got off the phone. It was only after Oishi hung up and started to dial Eiji, that he realized Fuji never said he was fine or all right, but had lulled Oishi with that soft voice of his.

Oishi relayed the painful car trip home to Eiji and then his strange conversation with Fuji. He mentioned that Fuji never said he was fine and that Oishi thought something was very wrong. Something he could not put his finger on.

Eiji was quiet for a while. Oishi thought he might have even fallen asleep or not heard. Then quietly Eiji said, "Hoi. That's what we'll do for Fujiko. We'll find out why he's so sad."

Oishi thought it was the cutest thing he had ever heard, "That's very sweet, love, but sometimes its not so simple."

"Nya Oishi. Trust."

"We'll see all right?"

"Hoi." Oishi expected Eiji to fight him on it and was prepared to stand his ground but Eiji backed off. Eiji sighed.

"Whats wrong?"

"I miss you." It sounded like Eiji was pouting. "My bed misses you." Definitely pouting.

"Me too, but I'll see you tomorrow, all night, at Fuji's, right?"

"And tomorrow you'll win?"

Oishi was trying not to think about it, to not psyche himself up or down but Eiji again knew what buttons of his to press. "I'll try. I really will try." He expected some argument from Eiji but again got none.

"Are you tired?"

"Nya, Oishi, just thinking. Will you read to me?"

"I will, hang on let me get the book." Oishi reached for it. "Okay."

"Hoi. Do you have my shirt still?"

"The one you left me? Yes," Oishi smiled and reached under his pillow to get it, but it was gone. "No!" He realized that his sheets were changed. "Its gone. And my mom must have washed my sheets for me and washed it. She hasn't done laundry for me in years." Oishi felt crushed.

Eiji laughed, "Hoi, she probably felt sorry for you with your dad and wanted to do something nice. Nya Oishi, look in your bag. Outside pocket."

Oishi got up to look. "I didn't even see you wearing this. How did you switch them?"

"When you showered."

"Didn't everyone see?"

"Nya Oishi, but when you're a regular, it might be a little harder."

Oishi smiled at Eiji planning his tricks well ahead of time. "Thank you."

"Welcome. Go get ready for bed and I will. I'll meet you back."

Oishi did, and as he got ready he noticed, sure enough, there was Eiji's other shirt, now clean, washed, and folded. Oishi smelled it. It smelled like soap but still faintly like Eiji. He missed him. Oishi knew this was all silly. He did. He just was having too much fun to stop being silly. He smiled at the thought and went to get ready for bed.

He climbed into bed and waited for Eiji to get back. While he waited, he scanned through the book, some stories were sweet but a few were terrible. One almost sounded like rape with the one guy being tied up. Oishi decided to never let Eiji see that if he could help it. He never wanted him to be hurt. Certainly not by love.


"Hi. Where are you?"

"Hmm. Against the wall with a pillow being you. You?" Eiji asked.

Oishi smiled, "I'm turning on my side a bit with my pillow being you. Where were we? You were a little ahead. I had no idea that you read so fast. Do you read a lot?"

"Hoi. Don't you?"

"I read but most of the time its books that my dad wants me to read so he can discuss them with me at dinner." Oishi heard by his own tone of voice how much he hated it.

"What kind?"

"Of books? Oh, mostly biographies, world events, wars, that kind of thing."

"You...like that?"

"Not really. Some of its interesting, but with school and that I can't tell you the last time I read a fiction book or something just because I wanted to read it."

"Hoi. I'll lend you one. A good one."

"What kind of books do you like to read?" Oishi was genuinely curious.

"Fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, all that."

"Really? How often do you read?"

"All the time."

Oishi never knew that about him. "What will you lend me?"

Eiji laughed, "Nya. A good one. You'll see. I haven't decided yet." He heard Eiji flopping around getting into an impossible position. "Hoi. Read. From where you were."

"Please." Oishi smiled at being ordered around.

"Hoi. Please, Oishi."

Oishi started to read to him. He put each of them in the two characters roles and was instantly turned on. The guys in the story were both naked and touching each other and kissing. Oishi was soon hard and was even more turned on knowing Eiji was on the other end of the phone listening, thinking about them, and hard too. He heard his desire creeping into his voice making it sound lower, huskier, and his mouth had gone a bit dry. Oishi wasn't touching himself, yet, but wanted to as he read. He found he was, without fully realizing it, grinding himself into the pillow rhythmically as if thrusting into Eiji. That thought made him almost lose his place in the book.

He paused a second, listening, and read on when he heard nothing. He read down to where one guy took the other guy in his mouth and heard Eiji make that so hot little whimpering sound he only made when he was really, really turned on. He stopped reading.

"Are you touching yourself?"

Eiji's voice was a sexy low near whisper, "Nya," Oishi heard how turned on Eiji was by his breathing and knew he sounded the same.

"Are you doing anything?"

"Hmm." Eiji said, "Rubbing against the pillow as you read. You?"

"The same" Oishi smiled, "Should I read more?"

"Yeah..." Eiji breathed into the phone. Oishi read on. The one guy came and then they switched. Oishi could not help but think of Eiji's hot talented mouth on him as the guy in the story came. Oishi gave a little moan, a very tiny one, and Eiji said, "Are you touching yourself?"

"Not yet," Oishi replied, "I just had a thought of me and you this morning in the shower." Eiji made that little whimper purr again, thinking about it too, Oishi closed his eyes feeling the sound turn him on even more if such a thing was possible. "Eiji, I want you to touch yourself while I read. I want you to come."

"You too?" Eiji asked his voice sounding hot with need and want.

"Yes." Oishi replied reaching for the lube in his drawer where he had hid it. He kicked off his pants and put them under him to come on to. He smiled. They were light and hopefully wouldn't stain. Oishi wanted to be on top and wanted to picture Eiji under him. "Where are you?"

Eiji made a little noise and Oishi pictured the cool lube touching his hot swollen skin. "My back. I put a pillow on me so I'm quiet." Eiji sighed. "I want you. On me. Where are you?"

"My stomach, I just put a pillow under me so I'm quiet too."Oishi put the lube in his hand and on himself. He sucked in air when cold wet lube touched hard warm skin, knowing Eiji heard. "Eiji, I want you." Oishi whispered. Eiji gave that little purring whimper. Oishi propped the book up in front of him and reminded himself to be silent in his silent house. He quietly started reading only one sentence when he stopped. "Eiji, will you thrust like you did with me last night, when you come?"

Eiji gave a little moan and sighed, "Yeah..." He paused a second and said hungrily, "Oishi, please, read."

Oishi read. The guys in the story became them when one guy fingered the other, then used two fingers, then his erection, entering his friend. Oishi was somehow by then up on his knees quietly thrusting into his hand with the pillow under him, stroking himself and listening to Eiji quietly whimper and moan his name. "Eiji" he whispered, "Touch yourself like I touch you."

"Oishi..." he breathed, "...so close...talk to me...want you..."

"Eiji I want to be inside you. I want you to come. I want to come inside you." At that thought, Oishi could not hold back anymore. He whispered, "Ah, Eiji...I'm..."

He heard Eiji moan softly, "...Oi-shi." as he came.

Oishi felt himself thrust once more and then came everywhere, and he buried his face into his pillow so no noise would be heard. It was a long orgasm and the thought of him being deep inside Eiji, as he came inside him, stayed with him through each delicious shudder.

Oishi picked the phone back up and they each listened to the other breathe for a while. Oishi took his soaked pants and wiped himself off. He hoped his mom would not do his laundry ever, ever, ever, again. "Hi?" He said shyly into the phone.

"Hmm." Eiji said. Its so cute how sleepy he is after coming, Oishi thought.

"Light things don't stain?" Oishi asked just to make sure.

"Nya. Where did you come?"

Oishi laughed, "On my pants."

"Nya. Where did you really come?" He sounded mischievous.

Oishi suddenly felt a little shy, "Where do you think I did?"

"Nya, tell me. What's wrong?" Eiji paused and when Oishi did not answer right away he said, "Oishi, stay with me. Please?"

"I'm here." Oishi said.

"I wish you were here. Then I could kiss you." Eiji sounded so sad.

"I miss you too." Oishi said and then added shyly still, "I came inside you, Eiji."

"That's what I thought too. It made me come when you said it. I didn't even get to say Shuuichirou." He sounded disappointed. As if Oishi tricked him into coming. It made Oishi smile.

"So where did you come?" Oishi was curious.

"All over."

Oishi laughed, "Where did you really come?"

"Nya, all over both of us."

"Oh." Oishi had never thought about that really happening. He had thought of Eiji enjoying it and coming while he made love to him, but not where it would go when Eiji came, but it did make sense. It just also made him feel like he knew even less than before.

"Hoi. Is your jaw tired?"

"Damn. I forgot all about it. I'm sorry." Oishi was so sad that they could not sleep on the phone together but there was no way he was going to keep Eiji awake.

"Nya." Eiji sounded all exasperated. "In your bag. Inside pocket."

Oishi laughed. "Really?"

"Hoi. Get that and I'm going to clean up while you do." Oishi heard the phone being put down and went to look. There was gum in a pocket that he didn't even know he had. The kind of gum that is hard after about 10 chews. He was tempted to search his bag further to see if he could discover other secret things Eiji may have hidden to delight him. Oishi instead put his dirty pants at the very bottom of his hamper and put a clean pair on. He got back into bed chewing.


"Hoi. How is the gum?"

"Nearly impossible to chew but thank you. Do you want me to finish the story in the book?"

"Nya. Can we finish it another time? You chew and I'll talk."

"Sure. What will you talk about?" Oishi wondered if Eiji had to talk to him about something but instead he talked about gossip from school.

A funny story about an absent minded teacher they both knew who had accidentally splashed water on the front of his pants so it looked like he'd peed on himself. The teacher sat all through class making everyone go to the board, so he didn't have to stand up, but everyone who did could clearly see what was wrong. Oishi was laughing at Eiji's adept telling of the tale.

"Hey?" Oishi asked, "You're chewing gum too?"

Eiji seemed delighted that Oishi noticed, "Hoi. But not hard like yours."

"What flavor?"


"Mmm. I want to kiss you while you're chewing it."

Eiji sounded interested, "Hmm. We've never done that. You ready for tomorrow?"

"Rankings, yeah."

"Good." Eiji yawned. "Your jaw done or do you want another story?"

"Story please." Actually Oishi was really ready to get rid of the lump of gum in his mouth that felt like a chewy hard rock, but he wanted to hear Eiji talk more. Eiji told him about some first years who always went to go fight each other in tennis. He made it sound very funny this rivalry between them, from who could pick up the most tennis balls the fastest, to who could do the most stroke drills, to who could run the most laps, the two went at it all the time.

Oishi remembered something, "Those are the two that you stopped fighting that one day. The one with the bandanna and the other one wore a yellow shirt. You did a flip, and play acted, landing on your butt. You made everyone laugh and stopped them from fighting."

"You remember that?"

"Yeah. You put your arm around Fuji and me when we went outside to play. You asked me to help you with something you wanted to work on after practice." Oishi smiled, "I remember everything."

Eiji paused as if surprised by it. "Hoi. Is your gum done yet?"

"Yes finally." Oishi had put it in its wrapper to toss and shot it towards his trash basket scoring. "Hey, don't sleep with gum in your mouth."

"Nya! I won't choke."

Oishi laughed "Love, you're too far for me to run to if you do. Please? I'll get you more gum tomorrow. We can even share a piece. Okay?"

"Hoi." It came out in a yawn. "Where are you?"

"On my back with you laying on me by the wall. You?"

"Not the wall so wait." Oishi was going to tell Eiji to not worry about it but he already heard Eiji moving around to get into a twisted position and landing in one with a sigh. "Hmm. Good night Oishi."

"Good night Eiji."

Oishi lay smiling for a long while. He smelled Eiji's shirt and noticed that he must not have played tennis or not played hard that day. It was missing its usual rubs from him slamming on the ground and didn't smell like he had played and sweat. It just smelled like him.

Then Oishi thought of the perfume place and him licking Eiji and he laughed a little. "Nya Oishi." Eiji said sounding half awake. "What's funny?"

"Sorry, I was just thinking about the perfume place."

"You licking me?" Eiji sounded like he was about to laugh.

"Yeah." Oishi was laughing.

Eiji started in, "Nya! And then Fujiko walked in..." They were both laughing now. Oishi had put his pillow on his face to keep from making any noise as they both cracked up remembering. "Hoi. That's a good story." Eiji said and then sounded sad, "But I can't tell anyone."

"You can tell me."

"Nya! You were there."

"Doesn't matter, you can still tell me. I like when you tell me stories, even if I was there."

"Hmm." Eiji said and sounded unconvinced. "But I like that you were there."

"Who else is licking your neck and kissing you?" Oishi joked back making Eiji laugh.

"Nya. I never would have thought you would have done something like that." Eiji laughed and when Oishi thought about it, about the whole situation, he laughed too.

"I do a lot of things I would never normally do around you." He agreed "But, I like it. You make me smile and laugh all the time." Oishi paused thinking and realized, "You make me happy."

"Good." Eiji said.

Oishi suddenly had to know. "Eiji, do I make you happy?" Oishi said it without thinking first. In a way he dreaded the answer would be no. Eiji was such a sunny person what could he possibly get from Oishi? Then he thought Eiji would make fun of him and he steeled himself not to be crushed when Eiji called him an idiot or mocked him for being so serious. But Oishi had to know. It wasn't perfect, but it felt good, right to Oishi. Did it to Eiji? Eiji had not said anything. Oishi felt a sinking in the pit of his stomach. He decided to do whatever he could to make Eiji happy. "You can tell me if you're not happy, I mean I know with my Father things are a mess right now, I won't be mad."

"Nya Oishi, I was nodding and thinking."


"Hmm. I thought I was happy before I knew you but I am really happy now. With you." When Oishi did not respond right away, Eiji explained further. "You make me really happy too." Oishi felt his heart give a little flip of joy.

"I love you." Oishi said totally content.

"I love you, too." Oishi heard Eiji rustling around and then sigh, "Sleep." Eiji commanded sounding very tired.

Oishi eventually did.

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