Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty Four

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

They got off the bus at school and the three went to walk into the locker room together. Fuji was talking to Eiji about something and Oishi was trying to lag behind but make it seem like he wasn't. Tezuka saved him, "Oishi, are you busy on Friday evening?"

"No Tezuka, why?"

"The courts, where we played last time, I'll reserve one at 7 pm. All right?"

"Sure, Tezuka, sounds good. I'll see you then." Oishi was instantly annoyed. He would want to see Eiji then. Well, maybe Eiji would wait for him and they could then go back to his house after. His parents might still go away, if he could straighten things out. Or maybe he could tell them he would be staying at Tezuka's and stay at Eiji's. Oishi felt bad even thinking about lying. He had some things to look up about, well, the whole how to with making love. He wanted to do a little bit of research so he wasn't so lost or overwhelmed.

Oishi knew he wanted to, he just wanted everything to be, well, perfect. Romantic, he even thought to himself smiling. Not like what happened to him. Oishi smiled thinking of Eiji ruling that it just didn't count. Oishi decided to make everything perfect for Eiji's first time, for their first time if he could, and looked forward to replacing a bad memory with a very good one. He thought all this while changing and before he knew it, Fuji was at his side.

He smelled his light cologne before he saw him. Oishi could see why it made Eiji's head feel, funny. It was a heady mix that changed Fuji's own scent into something stronger, more unyielding, more, well, blue. "Oishi-senpai." the tensai said smiling.

"Fuji-senpai. Shall we?" As they began to stretch out Oishi said, "What cologne are you wearing?"

Fuji gave him a strange look. "Its an oil I have made, I didn't think anyone noticed it but me. Why? Is it, strong?"

"No, not strong. And Eiji actually noticed it first." Oishi looked at the tensai who looked a little, embarrassed. "I'm sorry Fuji-senpai, I didn't mean any offense."

"Ne, Oishi, I'm curious. What do you think? What did Eiji say?"

Oishi smiled, "Its silly. Eiji sees smells as colors." Fuji looked confused and surprised. "I'm green, blue, and a little gold. Eiji is dark red and purple with gold. You are green and purple with silver, but your cologne is a little bit, too, yellow."

Fuji seemed to ponder this. "So it changes my own colors making them smell, different? Bad?"

"No, not at all. Just not like, you."


"Please don't be offended, I was just curious. Eiji didn't like my cologne from when we went to the movies and I swear no one else would have known I had it on. He's really sensitive to smells and tastes."

Fuji was quiet for a long time as they stretched. Then he said, "Ne, Oishi, what color is Tezuka? Did Eiji say?"

"Actually he did. Dark purple, blue, and silver."

"Mn." Fuji paused, "He isn't, green?"

Oishi smiled remembering, "No he is just green from enjoying being outside, he wears the outside like his cologne."

Fuji sat there staring at nothing for a while. Then he stood and said, "Ah. Thank you Oishi-senpai." He held out a hand to help Oishi up.

"I really hope I did not offend you Fuji-senpai. Please forgive me if I did in any way."

Fuji smiled, sincerely, "Ne, Oishi-senpai you didn't. You did help me however, so, again, thank you. Shall we?"

Oishi waited for Fuji to say something more about it but he didn't. Oishi figured he should have just kept quiet. He hoped Eiji wasn't mad when he told him later how stupid he was. Then he went to the court to face Fuji.

After they were done warming up Inui-senpai came over. Oishi did not know him well though they were in the same class. Inui kept to himself and his notebooks. Inui had been a regular last time the rankings came up but was out of it this one already. Fuji said, "Ne, Oishi-senpai, I asked Inui-senpai and Kawamura-senpai to play doubles against us. Is that all right?"

"Of course Fuji-senpai. Up or back?"

"Up. Like we did last time?"


Kawamura was shy getting on the court. Oishi had seen him play and was confused still by his two sides. Then Fuji reminded Kawamura to pick up his racket. Suddenly, Kawamura was powerful. He hit every ball hard, so hard it was difficult to return. Oishi understood what the session was that Fuji had given him was now. Some kind of hypnosis he guessed. Then he thought of Fuji, what he had said about his Father and those phrases, and decided it was a very good thing Fuji was his friend, both his and Eiji's. He was spooky smart enough with out being an enemy.

Inui was calculating and seemed to know what Oishi was going to hit before even Oishi was sure. It was frustrating, and caused Oishi to focus and play his best between the two.

Oishi learned that Fuji set up things for a reason, someone, most likely Oishi, had something to learn before his next opponent. He set out to learn it.

It was a good game with lots of people watching. No one was officially keeping score but Oishi knew all 4 of them knew exactly what the score was. He and Fuji were up 2 games when they had to go get changed for school. Oishi had not seen Eiji for a while and he was glad his, lover, as they called themselves that morning, was no where near him when he showered now with the other three guys and some other members of the club. Oishi was finishing up when Fuji and Kawamura left.

Oishi saw Tezuka pass by them, take a far shower, turn the water to ice, and stand under it just as he had the other day. Oishi remembered the tensai's question about Tezuka and wondered, but said nothing. He dressed and went to class.

It was really difficult for Oishi to pay attention in class. His thoughts kept going back to Eiji, back to making love. He was wanted to do some research but he didn't even know where to start. Oishi found himself doodling little swirls and realized he was absently drawing how Eiji's hair curled when he let it air dry. He was sketching his curls. He smiled. It was hours before lunch and during lunch he had a student government meeting for some things that could not wait until next week. More time away from Eiji.

Later, during the dull, dry, mind-numbing meeting while student after student rambled on about trivialities to hear their own voice, Oishi wished that he was on the roof with Eiji in the sun. He had finished eating long ago, it was something amazing Eiji had made for the three of them in the morning. Well Eiji made him and Oishi the same and something totally different for Fuji. Eiji would not tell Oishi what was in it or let him look. Oishi got one whiff of vegetables, strong hot peppers, and some sour sharp spice smell and believed him. Oishi smiled thinking about it now.

A girl walked up to Oishi and said whispering, "Oishi-kun, excuse me but, Kikumaru-kun asked me to give this to you."

"Thank you." Oishi whispered back, wondering what the note was. Oishi wanted to open it later. He tried. He was normally a patient person. But then he thought maybe something was wrong. Maybe Eiji was upset about not seeing him. Or maybe those guys were bothering Fuji. He opened it. The page was completely blank. Oishi knew what it said though and laughed. Out loud. Everyone looked at him. "Excuse me. Well, this looks like a good place to take a break until next week. This issue is not going to get resolved and we will just start where we've left off today. All right? Great. Then we're dismissed. Thank you everyone." He saw everyone in the room sit stunned as he ended things early in a very un-Oishi-like way. He packed his things and left, smiling.

Oishi had to fight to keep from running up the stairs, taking two at a time, but when he got up to the roof, Eiji was not there. Oishi was crushed. He was sure Eiji would be here. There were some other students there though. Oishi looked out and put his hands on the fence. He sighed.

"Hoi! Did you get my note?"

Oishi jumped he was so startled. Eiji laughed and seconds later Oishi laughed too. They couldn't touch, they couldn't kiss, but they were both there, so it felt good. At the same time, they both turned their backs to the fence and sat down. Oishi told Eiji about his conversation with Fuji.

"Hoi! That's why! Fuji-senpai asked me to go with him to this perfume place after tennis."

"Oh." Oishi wanted to see Eiji after tennis.

"Hoi? That's okay isn't it?"

"Oh, of course, its just..."

"Nya Oishi you could come, and I wanted you to, but Fuji-senpai says you should go home right after and study. As if everything is fine."

"Oh. Well, that is probably best." Oishi felt deflated.

"Nya Oishi, I'll call you when I get home."

"Okay." Oishi smiled but he knew it wasn't a full smile. He wanted to see Eiji.

"Hoi," Eiji sounded just as down and then smiled, "I could...tell Fujiko, I need to get my bike, after school, at your house?Eiji smiled a little wider at Oishi.

"Its okay, really, I don't want to make you and Fuji do all that."

"Nya!" Eiji said it quietly, "I want to see you too, alone, even if for a little while. I'll talk to Fujiko, all right?" Eiji pushed himself off Oishi's knee to stand up and held out his hand. It was the most natural thing in the world to do with your friend. Oishi wanted to pull Eiji back down and kiss him soundly. That seemed like the most natural thing in the world too. Oishi let Eiji help him up both of them enjoying the momentary touch of their hands more than they knew they should at school. "Hoi?"

Oishi smiled and nodded, feeling better. Then they went down the stairs together and to their classes.

Oishi warmed up with Fuji, and Eiji was nowhere in sight. Fuji left Oishi no time to miss him.

Oishi wouldn't have an easy day but he was facing much easier, less experienced teammates. He knew he could not get another loss and won all of his matches 6-0. When Oishi went to leave the courts with Fuji, he found both he and the tensai were surrounded by girls wanting to talk to them. Oishi was very embarrassed, but watched Fuji handle it with grace. Oishi realized that it must happen to the slim, elegant, tensai quite often. The girls thought that Oishi was cute because he was blushing, which only made Oishi blush harder and Fuji laugh.

They finally made it to the locker room and were showering when Fuji said, "Ne, Oishi-senpai, I changed my mind. Can you come with us this afternoon?"

"Do you think its okay?" Oishi did want to see Eiji but he did not want to risk everything long term for short term gain.

"Mn. I have an idea." Fuji smiled wider than normal, looking dangerous, and Oishi again thought it was a good thing he was on their side.

As they left the shower area, Oishi saw the regular, the bigger jerk of the two, blowing kisses, making fun of Fuji, while his friend laughed. Oishi was furious. The tensai stopped Oishi by grabbing his wrist, and said softly, still smiling, in his serene voice, "Ne, Oishi, you will only make it worse. I'll tell you everything on the way today."

Fuji focused his azure gaze on Oishi until he finally relaxed and nodded. "Is that the best way to handle this?"

"Mn. I know what I'm doing Oishi-senpai."

Oishi agreed and stopped. They dressed, not hurrying but not taking their time either. When they walked out Eiji was there smiling until he saw the look on their faces. "Hoi? What happened now?"

"This isn't just about him losing his place on the regulars is it Fuji-senpai?" Oishi said.

"Ne. His friends probably don't know but he approached me some time ago and wanted, " Fuji paused and stopped smiling for a second, showing disgust, "me. I refused. He tried last week to get me alone in the locker room to, talk me into...it. I refused. The next time he bothered me Oishi, is when you saw him and his friends. Now he is going to be dropped from the regulars as well so he is angry."

"That bruise, on your back? That was him?"

Fuji nodded looking surprised for an instant that Oishi put the two together. He shrugged slightly and smiled, "It has happened before. People sometimes get..." Fuji didn't seem to be able to find the words.

"Jealous?" Oishi finished for him. The tensai nodded, but seemed surprised Oishi understood. Oishi then relayed the story of how another student was hurt their freshman year just before Eiji joined and before Fuji had transferred. Eiji knew of it but Fuji had not heard it all before. Oishi remembered to them that some of the same people bothering Fuji were the same guys who stood around then, doing nothing.

"Ah. I'd heard a student was bullied, maybe even injured, but never knew what actually happened. What happened to the student?"

"He was going to quit but was convinced to stay when his friend said he would quit if he did." Oishi saw they both wanted to know more details, like who, but Oishi simply could not tell them. "Does Tezuka know this happened Fuji-senpai, because I'm sure if he knew..."

"He does not know and he is not going to know." Oishi winced at the steel that was suddenly in that normally calm, soft voice. "Ne, I'm sorry Oishi-senpai, I understand that you are only trying to help, but that is not the way. Not my way."

"Fuji-senpai, I do understand and I did not mean any offense. If you need any help at any time, I will do whatever I can to help you."

"Hoi!" Eiji cheered as if not wanting to be forgotten. "I've never been in a fight!" The thought of Eiji brawling in a fist fight was so funny, that both Oishi and Fuji laughed, and the tension was instantly lessened. The three friends went along their way with Eiji grinning and occasionally saying, "Hoi? Whats so funny? Tell me!" while the other two laughed until their sides hurt.

Their first stop was a bookstore. Fuji went in and said, "Ne, could you both wait for me? I ordered a book and its just arrived. I won't be a moment." When Fuji came out Eiji wanted to see what he'd bought. Fuji held up a big heavy book on psychology from the bag and Eiji groaned in disappointment making Fuji laugh. "Would you like to stop for ice cream? My favorite place is right around the corner."

They sat at a booth and ordered sundays. Eiji ordered a big concoction, Oishi a small plain one, and Fuji ordered something that when it arrived, caused Eiji to make a horrid face, and quickly switch seats to sit next to Oishi. Oishi noticed the employees all watching a smiling Fuji eat with relish as if they couldn't believe it. Oishi looked puzzled at Fuji's dish to Eiji who had gone back to eating. Eiji only shook his head saying silently, you don't want to know!

As Eiji sat there eating, he gently and almost absently played with the seam on the outside of Oishi's pants. He ran a finger along it and back just a few centimeters. Just that little touch burned Oishi like fire, and Oishi had to try to concentrate on his own ice cream to distract himself. Eiji got to the bottom of his sunday and held the spoon up, the last bite, offering it silently to Oishi. Oishi shook his head no at his kindness, smiling. Then when Eiji was done, Oishi pushed his dish with his last bite over to Eiji. Eiji grinned in glee and ate his too.

Fuji took a little longer, eating with slow, deliberate, delicate licks and nibbles, savoring the dish. Two employees approached them and asked Eiji to take their picture with Fuji as they'd never seen anyone eat that dish before. They thought it was on the menu as a joke. The manager stopped by and said hello to Fuji and his friends saying it was nice to see the tensai again. He apologized that those employees were new. They'd heard about Fuji, but never did believe it. When Fuji finished the employees all applauded. A smiling Fuji paid for them all, remarking how strange it was that they never charge him for his dish when he orders it.

They left and Fuji took them to a little perfumery shop with hundreds and hundreds of oils. You could choose one or any combination of scents and then they would mix it into a perfume, an oil, a cologne, or even a shampoo. When they walked in Oishi saw Eiji looking a little green. His nose must have been on overload. "Eiji!" Oishi said and lead him back outside.

Fuji came out a moment later with coffee beans wrapped in a cloth to clear Eiji's nose. "I'm very sorry Eiji, I had no idea your nose was that sensitive." the tensai said.

"Hoi. I think I'm okay now. I just didn't expect it. Can I keep this with me?" Eiji held up the coffee beans.

"Of course." They went back in and Eiji seemed better now. Fuji talked to Eiji and the manager who seemed to know Fuji well. Oishi just kind of wandered around smelling this or that, waiting a long time for them to finish.

They made up some things and Fuji said, "Ne, I don't know, we'll see. Oishi-senpai? Can you come with us?"

"Sure?" Oishi had no idea where they were going. They went to the back where even more bottles and jars were.

There was a room that Fuji lead them into and said, "Please, let me know." Then Fuji walked out and closed the door.

Eiji turned to him. "Hoi. You're supposed to say which one you like." Eiji put his arms around Oishi. "Its for science."

"No, its for Fuji."

"Nya Oishi. Kiss me, please."

"Here? Now?"

"Hoi. They're going to have some tea while you decide what you like."

"I already know what I like." Oishi put his arms around Eiji and kissed him.

After an entire day of not being able to kiss and taste him, Oishi was more than ready. Eiji went to say, "Nya..." but Eiji's lips still tasted sweet from the ice cream, and his body was warm and responded to Oishi's kiss instantly. Eiji lapped at Oishi's mouth, making that little purring noise that drove Oishi crazy. Oishi buried his hand in the back of Eiji's hair pulling him and his mouth closer. Oishi pushed him up against the door and ravaged his mouth, trying to make up for the day spent mostly apart. With one hand still in Eiji's hair, he took his other hand and slowly caressed down Eiji's body stopping at his nipple through his clothes, the flat planes of his muscular stomach, his hip, and cupping his buttock.

Oishi pulled him even closer to him giving his own little growl of pleasure. "This, is for this morning in the shower, you were amazing and I've been thinking about it all day." Oishi said kissing him. "This is for breakfast." He kissed him harder. "This is for lunch." Kissing him again. "This is for my missing seeing you all day." Again, now teasing him with his tongue. "This is for my note right when I was thinking about you." Teasing him a little more. "This is for meeting me on the rooftop." A little more, Eiji was making that whimpering, purring noise again. "This is for wanting to see me too." Oishi kissed him and wrapped his arms around him. "And this is for me." He kissed him gentler, lighter, softer, and Eiji ran his fingers into Oishi's hair holding him to not break the kiss to make it harder, more, again, more.

"..Oishi..." Eiji sighed and then kissed him again. It was sweet, so sweet. Eiji, though, was starting to come to his senses. "Nya Oishi," he said softly. "We put the oils here and here." He pointed to one side of his throat and then the other "Which one do you like on me better?"

"You don't need to do anything to make me want you more." Eiji smiled and pointed to both sides again. Oishi kissed him again deeply. Then he broke the kiss and smelled one side, then the other. "This side smells like perfume and this side just smells like you."

"Hoi. Which one."

"There is something on the side that just smells like you?"

Eiji was laughing. "Hoi! Which?" Oishi kissed him and decided to make him laugh more.

He kept kissing him and then said in a serious voice, "All right let me smell one more time... this one," He sniffed, "Or that one..." Hmmm. Hard to tell." He licked Eiji's neck on one side making him laugh really hard. "Wait, its for science, Eiji..." Then he licked the other. Then they both laughed at what he had done.

When they stopped laughing for the most part, Eiji kissed him and then stopped laughing when his tongue touched Oishi's, "Nya! It tastes...disgusting!" he said howling with renewed laughter

Oishi nodded laughing too, "It really does!" They laughed until they had tears streaming down their faces. Then they laughed at that too holding onto each other. Laughing so hard that no sound came out of either of them.

There was a knock at the door. Fuji walked in, saw them literally on the floor laughing and crying together and said calmly, "Mn. So, which one?" Causing them to laugh all over again.

When they were finally able to pull themselves together, just breaking off into little giggle fits every now and again, Eiji talked with Fuji. Fuji chose some things and paid for his purchases. They left the store with Eiji telling Fuji what Oishi had done and why they were laughing so hard.

Fuji laughed and then asked, "Ne, Oishi, how did it taste?"

"You don't want to know." Oishi said making a face.

"Really? That bad?" The tensai looked really curious now.

"Nya. Worse!" Eiji insisted chiming in.

"How did you..." The tensai started as if he wondered how Eiji tasted his own neck but then put it all together. "Ah." He said laughing a little more.

"Hoi. Do we have anywhere else we have to go?" Eiji was whining. Oishi looked at him, concerned that he was tired, but he gave him a little smile and a wink back.

"Mn." the tensai said, "Now we go to Oishi's house. Lets take the bus."


"What?" They'd said it at the same time again. Oishi recovered first, "But Fuji-senpai...?"

"Ne, Oishi-senpai, please, don't worry. We'll all do our homework. Your dad will invite us all to dinner. We will protest but he will make us accept. We will have a nice meal and your dad will talk to me most of the time. I will re-enforce those phrases and so will you. Do you remember them now?"

Oishi said them all. "But Fuji-senpai, its a lot to put you through. I mean..."

Fuji smiled as they stepped on the bus and walked to the back. "Ne Oishi, Eiji, lets go. It will be fun."

Oishi looked at Eiji Fun? he thought to him.

Eiji looked back, At your house? Then they went to follow Fuji back to where he was sitting.

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