Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty Five

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi was not surprised that the evening went more or less according to Fuji's plans. Oishi's Mother looked worried, maybe that there might not be enough food when his Father invited them, but as usual said nothing.

It was Eiji that smoothed things over with her to Oishi's surprise and happiness. Eiji mentioned, while Fuji and Oishi's father talked, that he loved one of the side dishes Oishi's mom had made last time. Could he have the recipe for his mother? Eiji followed her into the kitchen and in a sweet, subtle, complementary way, mentioned how his mother always cooked for such a large family nightly. They talked of food and about some of the dishes Eiji's mom made and Oishi saw his mom respond to the attention and complements. She glowed because of them. When Oishi looked at his mom next, she went from being nearly in a panic, to smiling and humming as she cooked.

It was a little gesture, a small kindness, nothing Eiji meant for Oishi or anyone else to see, but it was so sweet and generous, it made Oishi adore Eiji all the more for it. They both went into Oishi's room to finish up any homework they had left. Fuji soon joined them from talking with Oishi's father and when he walked in the room, he shut and locked the door. Oishi and Eiji looked alarmed but Fuji said smiling, "Ne, its fine, we won't be disturbed."

Eiji and Oishi were sitting close to each other but not touching, Fuji asked if he could sit at Oishi's desk even though his back would be towards them. Oishi said "Of course, Fuji-senpai."

Fuji sat, took out headphones, his new book and then turned to them. "Mn. I have a few things for you." He said to both of them reaching into his bag. He took out two small, wrapped, oil bottles and handed one to each of them. "For your help today, each one is for each of you only. You saw what happened when a person uses the wrong scent. Eiji helped pick them out based on your, experiment."

"Fuji-senpai," Oishi protested, "you really did not have to do this, you're helping us more than enough."

Fuji smiled deeper "Ne, Oishi-senpai, I wanted to. I like giving gifts to my friends. Oh and this isn't a gift, its a loan. Read it together if you want, and give it back to me whenever you're done." Fuji handed them a book that was wrapped in a brown paper cover. "I have quite a bit of reading to do so there is no rush for you to return it." Fuji gestured at his thick psychology book and smiled. "Ne, one last thing, I tend to, drift off, when I read and listen to music, so you'll have to tap me when its time for dinner. All right?"

"Hoi Fujiko."

"Of course Fuji-senpai."

Fuji gave a little laugh at them again answering at the same time, put his headphones on, and turned around. They could hear music, beats, base, from the headphones and see Fuji tapping his foot.

Oishi looked at Eiji who was looking at him. They both shrugged at each other. Then looked at the book in Eiji's hands. Under the cover it was called, My First Time. It was a collection of short stories of men's first times with other men. Both of them blushed, though Eiji much less than Oishi.

Oishi kissed Eiji to his surprise and then slid his arms around him. "Thank you for being nice to my Mom."

"Hoi?" Eiji kissed him back although confused.

"About the food? I saw you, it was very kind of you."

Eiji looked confused. "Nya? I'm always nice."

"Yes, you are, but thank you anyway." Oishi smiled.

Eiji shrugged and looked at the book as if to ask what should we do. They both looked up at Fuji who was still tapping his foot, highlighting a page he had probably already memorized, and then turning to the next page.

"Pick one and we'll read it." Oishi said to Eiji leaving his arm around him. "If your homework's done."

"Nya Oishi, I'll finish it later."

Oishi laughed lightly, "No you won't because we'll be on the phone later. Finish? Please?" Eiji looked at the book, "I'll wait for you before I read anything."

Eiji gave a little grumble of protest and went back to what they were doing before. Something about a book being in brown paper making him move a bit faster to get done. Oishi read a little ahead in his schoolwork and tried to resist distracting Eiji by touching him or kissing him, though Oishi wanted to. When Oishi didn't touch him, Eiji kept squirming closer to touch more of his body against Oishi's and not seeming to be able to get close enough. It was driving Oishi crazy. "Finish." Oishi whispered in his ear, tempted to tease him but holding back, "Do you want me to sit somewhere else so you don't get distracted?"

Eiji looked caught, pouted and said, "Nya." It was all Oishi could do not to kiss that sweet little pout away. Some 20 minutes later Eiji closed his books and said grumbling, "Done."

"Are you really done?"

"Hoi." Eiji said annoyed at him for asking and pouting again.

"Good," Oishi said kissing him. Eiji looked both annoyed and confused. "It just really hard for me to resist you when you pout like that, love." Oishi explained kissing him properly with a little growl in his throat. They kissed for a little while just because they wanted to and could. Oishi saw though, Eiji kept looking at the book, as if unable to resist looking at anything wrapped without opening it. "Do you want to pick out a story for us to read?"

"Hoi, short one?"

"Mm. Good idea, we should be eating dinner soon. Your choice."

Eiji picked the shortest story, only 9 pages long and they curled up together with the book between them, reading it quietly. Eiji must have noticed that Oishi read slower than him. He would put his finger on the second page at the top when he'd gotten there and wait for Oishi to catch up. It was a sweet but graphic story of a guy around their age who'd slept with his best friend the day before he moved away, and everything that the two guys had done to please each other. Oishi started to feel turned on once he projected the two guys as him and Eiji. "Hoi. Oishi," Eiji barely whispered his eyes wide at the top of the third page already, "which one are you?"

Oishi smiled, and he pointed at the name of the guy who was being left behind. Eiji shook his head. "Nya, Oishi. Thats me. You're the other one."

"The other one? The one who's leaving? No."

Eiji looked at him and nodded. "Hoi. Where are you?"

Oishi pointed half way down the second page. "Here."

'I'll wait." Eiji said in an exaggerated sigh.

Oishi smiled and read on. As he did, he guessed why Eiji put him in the role of the guy who was leaving, he was more dominant in the sexual adventure. When Oishi had caught up with Eiji he had switched the roles in his mind to keep up with him. He lightly touched Eiji's finger with his to let him know he was caught up reading. "See?" Eiji said convinced that his interpretation was the right one.

Oishi smiled, "As you wish." Eiji beamed and they read on, snuggled together, both getting more and more turned on thinking about each other in the roles. They had just gotten to the part where both guys were naked in the story and there was a knock at Oishi's door.

For the second time that day Oishi was startled and jumped. He stood and went to the door. He was glad he still had his school jacket on because it would help to hide the fact that he was hard. Eiji jumped up to touch Fuji lightly, startling him when he moved so fast.

"Yes?" Oishi said to the closed door.

"Wash up for dinner." Oishi's sister said.

"Thank you, we'll be right down." Oishi replied sighing and willing his racing pulse to calm down, but then Oishi realized it wasn't just dinner with his friends, or what he had been reading with Eiji, although that didn't help. His nerves were taught with stress from the looming dinner with his Father.

Eiji read this in Oishi immediately. He went to hug him, kissing his cheek and neck, and wisely keeping his hips away from Oishi so they were not as obviously turned on. "Nya Oishi, its okay." Eiji said quietly.

Fuji stretched cat-like. "Shall we?" He said smiling.

"Sure." Oishi said smiling back. Though he knew he was tense and saw Eiji give Fuji a worried look. Fuji smiled as usual. Oishi tried to relax the tension furrow in his brow that Eiji said was there when he was stressed. He uncurled his fists. And what else did Eiji say? Oh. Oishi tried to relax his mouth and unclench his jaw too.

Dinner apparently went according to Fuji's plans. Oishi's Father kept Fuji busy asking him lot of questions about everything from how he got started in tennis, why he isn't in university when he clearly could be, and why he decided to go to Seigaku. His Father seemed his usual confident self, only stumbling when Fuji asked if they had any horseradish or hot sauce and then put both in heaping amounts on things it was never intended for. Oishi's Father asked Fuji if he liked spicy food. Fuji smiled and said, "Not really."

Oishi's Father then asked Eiji some questions about tennis, his injury, and his schoolwork. Eiji to Oishi's surprise, answered perfectly. Oishi could even see his Father was surprised when Eiji mentioned a paper Oishi had just finished that was not due for another two weeks. Eiji had not only started working on it, but had picked a topic that sounded so interesting, even Fuji asked Eiji if he could read it when Eiji was done. Oishi was really proud of how well Eiji was holding up through all of this, especially considering the food was not as good as he was used to, the conversation was dry at best, and tense most of the time, and it was the complete opposite of dinner at Eiji's house. There everyone was happy, talking, joking, eating, and caring about each other. Here, Oishi's Father liked to control everything and everyone around him.

Oishi's Father asked Oishi about Yuuta and Oishi repeated exactly what Fuji told him, exactly how he told him to. Oishi knew he was a terrible liar, but Fuji had drilled it all into his head along with the important difference between not telling the exact whole truth and lying. Oishi knew it was just semantics, but seeing his two friends work so hard for his benefit, he was not going to let them down. He was very grateful and really touched by their help.

Eiji, as if he saw Oishi thinking that smiled at him. It lightened Oishi's heavy heart considerably.

Fuji then mentioned that his brother Yuuta would be home again tomorrow evening, if Oishi wanted to stay over again he was more than welcome. Oishi's Father thought it was a good idea. Oishi could not look at Eiji, or Fuji, but was thrilled, knowing it meant they could spend another night together. He tried to keep his face completely impartial though.

After dinner, the three friends asked to help clean but this time Oishi's mother insisted they not help, thanking them nicely. They returned to Oishi's room. Fuji said he had about an hours worth of work left. When they got in the room and the door was once more locked, Oishi told Fuji that he really appreciated all of his friends help but Fuji didn't have to give up anymore of his time.

"Ne, Oishi, there's no one at my house tonight. I'll just read for about another hour and then Eiji and I will go. All right?" Fuji smiled.

"Thank you Fuji-senpai, really."

"Its nothing my friends." Fuji turned to sit at the desk, put his headphones back on and resumed tapping his foot and reading.

"Hoi Oishi." Eiji said settling back down to where they were sitting before. Eiji seemed exhausted by the tension in Oishi's house. "Was I, okay?"

Oishi took him in his arms and kissed him. "You were amazing. You are amazing. Thank you, love."

Eiji kissed him back for a long time. Then he remembered and said slyly, "Hoi. Do you want to read some more?"

Oishi smiled, "Would you rather read or do this?" Oishi kissed him slowly and tenderly thinking how sweet he is.

"This." Then he made a cute little pout, "but will you read it to me later, on the phone?"

That sounded fun. "As you wish..." Oishi said kissing that pout away.

They kissed for a long time. Oishi was not sure if Fuji let them have extra time or it was Eiji's ability to stop time but either way, it was very nice. Eiji was wrapped in Oishi's arms and Oishi in his, and they just explored each others mouths while looking into each others eyes. Oishi touched Eiji's soft skin on his cheek while looking into his beautiful eyes that told so much of how he felt moment to moment, mercurial as he was. They talked softly from time to time and sighed as they kissed. Oishi looked at Eiji, stroked his face and mouthed to him "I love you." Eiji smiled almost shyly, gave that adorable long, slow, blink, and answered Oishi, mouthing back the same. They kissed a little longer wishing the time was more, and that the touches were more, but looking forward to the next night.

"Hoi. We should do something really nice for Fuji-senpai when this is all over." Eiji whispered just in case the tensai could hear them over the loud music in his ears.

Oishi nodded, smiling, thinking how wonderful, when this was all over, sounded. It didn't seem so far, or so impossible now. "We should. You know him better, let me know if you have any ideas." Eiji nodded kissing Oishi again.

And then all too soon it was over. Fuji stood, stretched, and asked if Eiji was ready to go. They had one more kiss before Oishi unlocked the door and led them out.

Oishi's mom was standing right there. "Oh, I was just going to ask everyone if you would like some tea?"

Oishi jumped, startled a third time that day and froze. He was sure he had not said or done anything to or with Eiji that would cause any suspicion but he had no idea what to say. It was Eiji that saved him, "Thank you very much but we just finished, and Fuji and I need to get home."

Oishi's Father was suddenly there. "I'll drive you boys home. Son, why don't you take a ride with us?"

Fuji protested saying he would just take the bus and Eiji said he had his bike still there from a few days ago...but Oishi's Father, nicely, insisted, saying it was getting late. They all piled into his Father's immaculate car and headed out. Oishi was mortified. He had no idea why his Father had to be so controlling but sat quietly listening to the three having a stilted conversation. Fuji and Eiji sat in the back and Oishi let his Father figure out the drop off order. He decided Eiji first. Oishi was relieved and sad because Eiji would be free first but then home a while before he got to talk to him.

Then they dropped off Fuji who had Oishi's Father drive down an alley and drop him off behind his house. Fuji explained saying his family tends to use the back entrance more. He thanked Oishi's Father again and Oishi and got out of the car.

Oishi thought his Father would sit quietly on the trip home as usual, but was sadly mistaken when his Father asked, "So, have you given any more thought to Saint Rudolph's after talking with Yuuta-kun?" Oishi knew it was going to be a long ride home.

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