Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty Two ~ Fuji

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

The first thing Fuji was noticed was the soft, soothing, white noise of steady rain falling, and then he heard a distant rumble of thunder. It was morning. It was storming.

The second thing the tensai noticed, the even nicer thing, was Tezuka's arms were still wrapped warm and strong around him and that Tezuka must have been awake. Fuji felt him gently press a kiss to Fuji's head as he realized Fuji was waking up.

Fuji stirred from sleep, smiling. He looked at Tezuka who smiled very slightly back, very wryly. The Vice Captain said, "It's raining."

"Mn." Fuji said, still smiling. He leaned up to kiss Tezuka's lips, thrilled at the rain, and even more thrilled that he was still there. Fuji stretched catlike and very contented when the gentle kiss ended. "What time is it?"

"Early." Tezuka smiled back at the tensai sincerely now, admitting without saying it, that he knew Fuji liked to test his gift for always knowing the time. Fuji had to stop himself from laughing as he had casually asked Tezuka the time nearly every day since he had met him. Sometimes, several times a day. Tezuka had always just told him the time, never that he knew it was a test before. It was a wonderful surprise to discover he knew all along what Fuji had been doing. The tensai smiled a little more and inclined his head in acknowledgment of a game well played.

Ah, Tezuka was good.

Then Tezuka's phone buzzed, vibrating on the stand next to the bed where he must have set it last night without Fuji noticing. He absently reached one hand over and answered it. He was still smiling at Fuji in his arms but his voice hid any noticeable trace of a smile. "This is Tezuka. All right. Thank you."

He turned back to Fuji as he hung up and he said perfectly deadpan, "Practice has been canceled due to the storm."

"Ah." Fuji said smiling again a little more. Thrilled to be once again right. "Do you have plans today?"

"Not anymore."

"Would you like to play this afternoon?" Tezuka looked like he needed clarification on exactly what kind of playing Fuji meant. Fuji laughed gently at the delicious implications the word could have, although when he asked at the moment, Fuji meant tennis. "Ah. It will stop raining this afternoon and be cool and clear." He said by way of explanation.

"You have no plans?"

Fuji had to think for a second, "Mn. Eiji wanted to see a movie that is supposed to open today but nothing definite. If we go later, would you like to also?"


Ah. Tezuka liked to have all the details before agreeing to anything Fuji suggested. The tensai decided to change the subject. "Would you hand me my phone and the list, please?" Fuji gestured and knew Tezuka must have noticed Fuji had put it there last night, knowing it would rain.

"I'll call for you too, but may I use your phone as mine hasn't charged?"

Fuji now looked at Tezuka surprised and a little alarmed. "Ne, Tezuka. My name will come up on the caller identification." Fuji explained pointedly, even using his family name to emphasize his point.

Tezuka shrugged apparently not understanding, or maybe even not caring. No, that could not be it. So, Fuji tried again, "This early in the morning?" Another shrug.

Fuji tried again. "Ah. I was going to call for Eiji and Oishi also. Just in case they wanted to, sleep in, after last night."

"Then I'll call for them as well." Tezuka reassured Fuji and kissed his forehead. He got out of bed, made sure Fuji was covered and warm, took the list, and put on his glasses. He sat at Fuji's desk and started calling, using Fuji's phone. Just like he belonged there. As if it was the most natural thing in the world. As if it wasn't a major, deliberate, declaration.

As if Tezuka wasn't announcing where he spent last night and with whom.

Casually staking his claim....of Fuji.

Fuji turned over and smiled into his pillow, smelling Tezuka's scent, deeply inhaling to keep from laughing in pure delight.

Fuji really had to hold it in when he thought of all the people that now would be receiving calls with Fuji's number, then discovering the call was actually from Tezuka, of all people, at this hour of the morning, totally shocking them.

Wake up calls from Tezuka.

On Fuji's phone.

Fuji struggled to not laugh. He did a few calming yoga deep breathing exercises.

Tezuka calling for all four of them would call most of the club.

But then the tensai thought, wickedly, Tezuka was so commanding, even in Fuji's too small pajamas, even after everything they did last night, even so, he could still probably make each person he called run outside and do fifty laps around their houses in the rain, by simply telling them to. People would not even wonder about the caller id from sheer shock of hearing Tezuka's voice until they came back to their senses later today. Then they would talk. Then they all would talk.

Fuji could not remember being so thrilled. Ever.

Especially as he realized Tezuka knew the exact results of his actions. The Vice Captain knew what conclusions everyone would draw, how they would talk, what things they would say about him, about Fuji, about them, and...Tezuka wanted them to.

It was the sweetest thing and yet Fuji had to struggle to keep from laughing.

Tezuka came back to the bed when he was finished and sat down. Fuji still had his face buried in the pillow, struggling, breathing, and smiling. The tensai tried still to calm his breathing so he wouldn't laugh out loud in pure bliss.

Tezuka slid his hand under the sheet, and up Fuji's shirt. Starting at the tensai's neck, he ran his hand softly over Fuji's back, gently following the trail of his spine all the way down in a slow, lingering caress. Fuji felt his entire body relax with the touch of his warm tennis roughened hand. Fuji stopped feeling the need to laugh just then, as a different need completely took hold. Just the touch of his hand had Fuji struggling not to arch his back up to meet his soft touch.

Ah. Tezuka was so good.

Then he lifted Fuji's shirt and started kissing him down his back. Soft wet kisses in a long sensual trail, and instead of laughing, the tensai heard a soft moan that sounded like a purr come out of his own mouth. He shuddered slightly at Tezuka's mouth and his warm wet touch. The tensai felt his insides turn soft and liquid and burning. He half turned, smiling at Tezuka, wondering what he would do next.

Tezuka said softly when he felt Fuji turn slightly, "Oishi is on your list. He's the only one I haven't called. Would you?" He met Fuji's mouth in a kiss. Fuji kissed him back, tasting him, lingering in his mouth, and then Fuji bit his bottom lip, just enough to hurt, but not enough to mark Tezuka back as his. Fuji nearly lost himself in the heat as Tezuka softly moaned in pleasure and surprise into Fuji's mouth.

Fuji had not bit him before and was thrilled at Tezuka's response. Tezuka then kissed him back hard and hungry as if to get Fuji to do it again, perhaps a little more or perhaps a bit harder. As if he wanted Fuji to mark him.

Just before Fuji was lost, he got a grip on himself and responded to Tezuka's moment ago question in his carefully trained voice which sounded completely casual, although the tensai knew Tezuka was not fooled for a moment. "Of course. I just want to check when that movie is playing first."

Fuji somehow dialed. There was a showing open at his favorite theater this afternoon but Fuji really wanted to play with Tezuka. And the movies there were better at night when the balcony was sure to be open. " Mn.There isn't anything not sold out until ten tonight." He calmly lied and wondered if Tezuka had been able to hear the movie info over the phone.

"I'll go if you would like." Fuji suspected he had heard. Though Tezuka seemed distracted and was now running his hand up the front of Fuji's shirt, feeling his skin.

"Mnn. I would like." Fuji meant both, but that would do for now. He dialed Oishi, trying to sound collected and in control. Eiji ended up talking to him while Tezuka to Fuji's utter surprise and pleasure slowly continued to undress Fuji, completely distracting him, touching him everywhere.

Fuji tried to separate his senses so that he could try to both hold a conversation and feel where Tezuka was touching, oh, now kissing him.

Tezuka now lay under the covers beside the tensai and kissed his way down. Fuji hoped Eiji would understand that Fuji was barely paying half attention to him. And even that much was a struggle.

Eiji seemed really happy, yet again, so happy he seemed high. Fuji guessed that last night was their first. Fuji on a whim almost said to him that it was his first too. Their first. It certainly felt like it.

Fuji smiled and had to stop from suddenly laughing in joy.

Tezuka continued to kiss him down, now that he had undressed both of them. He smiled at Fuji wickedly and then disappeared from view, under the covers.

Oishi came back on the line just as Tezuka took Fuji's now insistent and throbbing erection in his hot, wet mouth. Fuji tried not to gasp or cry out in pleasure. Fuji got off the phone as soon as decently possible, had just enough restraint to make sure the call was ended, and threw the covers off Tezuka so Fuji could watch what he was doing. Fuji moaned when he saw. "Ah...Kunimitsu...you too." Fuji insisted making Tezuka position himself so Fuji could take him in his mouth at the same time.

Fuji reached over with the phone while Tezuka moved around, set it down, and while Tezuka was not looking, got out the lube. He wanted to touch Tezuka inside, on that spot again, while he was in his mouth. The spot Tezuka shockingly didn't seem to know about. While he was sore and sensitive, Fuji wanted to touch him softly, and knowingly. Right there. Inside him. Where Fuji was deep inside him last night. Now.

Fuji realized he probably did not look like an angel right now.

He lubricated his finger and touched around his entrance. Fuji felt where he was swollen from last night and the thought of being in there, inside him, so deep, just a few hours ago made the tensai moan loud, in a pitiful hungry whimper, that surprised even Fuji.

Tezuka looked up at him. At this newest noise Fuji made, at Fuji's touch, and to Fuji's surprise he closed his eyes half way and smiled slightly, as if the sound, the thoughts and the touch turned him on too much not to.

With him watching, still with Fuji in his mouth, Fuji slowly entered him with his finger. Tezuka moaned around him, probably both in pleasure and a touch of pain Fuji realized, and the thought of that, coupled with the sound Tezuka now made, burned through Fuji like fire.

Tezuka took Fuji a little deeper and harder in his mouth making Fuji inhale sharply. Fuji kept slowly working his finger inside him. Into that so hot, tight, now swollen space inside him, working until he was at that spot inside him. Fuji felt Tezuka trying to relax and rewarded him by taking him deeper into his mouth with long wet strokes of the tensai's tongue and lips. Fuji's finger reached that spot and Fuji stopped moving. He waited.

He wanted Tezuka's full attention and he waited until he had it. When Fuji stopped moving, stopped pleasuring him, Tezuka looked at him asking him silently why he had stopped.

Then Fuji gently stroked that spot inside him while taking Tezuka again deep in his mouth. Tezuka moaned, almost came, and his hand held Fuji tighter. His back arched in pleasure as Fuji did it again, "Oh.....Syusuke!" he said as a shudder rippled through him.

He almost came, but he fought and controlled it. Fuji smiled, impressed and intrigued by his control, as usual.

Tezuka held out his hand for the lube. "Show me." He simply ordered it in that way he had, making Fuji laugh.

Fuji handed it to him and Tezuka came up to kiss and lick into Fuji's mouth as he trailed his hand along Fuji's body. He pressed a lubricated finger inside Fuji. Fuji was still a little sore but it was not bad. It just made him more sensitive. The little bit of pain only increased the pleasure. Tezuka took his time and Fuji found he had to control himself to not press down wanting to feel him inside him, deeper, sooner, now. Fuji concentrated on kissing him back more to distract himself. He also started stroking his erection again, lightly tracing his contours, feeling his ridge, the veins, and teasing him with his lubricated hand. Just to see his reaction, Fuji also started stroking himself with his other hand.

Tezuka saw and gave a little moan in Fuji's mouth as he kissed him. Ah. All those morning showers and he still liked to watch.

"Where?" Tezuka asked getting impatient. Oh, Tezuka sounded the same as always, but Fuji knew him by now. He was impatient, curious, intrigued, completely turned on, and amusingly annoyed that Fuji knew this when he apparently didn't.

"Mn. A little deeper inside me, you'll feel it, the texture is a little different, and softer is better, to press or stroke, not to push."

"Not here?"

Fuji smiled, "No..."

"Not here?"

"Ne, its...."

"You mean here." He pressed gently but kissed Fuji hard.

"Ah....yes!" Fuji arched his back and thrust a bit as the moan was torn from his mouth. Fuji was still holding back because of how Tezuka used to be. Tezuka must have known because he did it again before Fuji really came down from the last one. "Kunimitsu...Ah!" Fuji could not hold back on that moan, if he had he would have come. And he didn't want to give Tezuka the satisfaction....yet.

Tezuka now looked at Fuji as if impressed with his control but said nothing. He smiled slightly.

"I want you...." Fuji explained as he kissed him harder. His words came out in a low, sultry moan.

Tezuka smiled a little more. Still kissing Fuji, he added more lubrication to his erection with his hand, smiling a little more when the sight of him stroking himself over Fuji made Fuji moan again. He entered Fuji slowly, knowing Fuji was still sore and not wanting to hurt him. He had only used one finger first. He also did it agonizingly slow, too slow, just to get Fuji to respond again. He knew him.

The tensai did respond. He had to. Fuji couldn't wait. He started moving his hips to meet him as Tezuka slowly worked himself inside. Fuji wanted him deeper inside him, now.

Tezuka amazingly let Fuji have control. He let Fuji set their rhythm and took his lubricated hand, using it on Fuji, to match the rhythm Fuji set. When Tezuka was all the way inside him, Fuji then let him have control back and just matched him, arching his back, moving with him, making it better for them both. It was so incredible that Fuji realized he was not only moaning at each of Tezuka's deep thrusts, but to his shock Fuji found he was talking.

Something Fuji never did during sex before, ever.

The tensai knew as he heard himself he would laugh at himself later, but the words kept pouring out of his mouth as if he was watching himself say them. He heard himself say "...Ah...you feel so incredible...you're so deep inside me....ah...don't stop...I want to feel you come inside me...take me harder please...yes...Kunimitsu I want you...don't stop...I love you...." He rambled on and on in utter pleasure.

To finally shut himself up, Fuji kissed him and slid his hands down him, pulling him deeper towards him, loving the feel of him inside him, loving the feel of him on top of him, how they moved so well together, the taste of him in his mouth, the feel of him loving him. Fuji then arched his hips and back a little more, using the yoga he knew well to let Tezuka thrust even deeper into him at a different and new angle. They both moaned at the change and Fuji felt Tezuka shaking. Fuji felt Tezuka start to come inside him, thrusting harder and harder into him, crying Fuji's name into his mouth. Fuji came at the same time, now utterly unable to say anything other than a loud moan, extremely loud, more like a primal scream than a moan, overwhelmed by the pleasure that tore through him.

Tezuka kissed him several more times as he turned them slightly, still partially inside Fuji. When he withdrew, Fuji felt for an irrational moment like a part of himself was missing. It was a new feeling for him. It was a little scary and overwhelming. He wondered if Tezuka had ever felt like that or if he felt it too.

At that moment, Tezuka took Fuji tighter in his arms and kissed him. As if he knew too. As if he felt it too. Fuji let Tezuka love him, hold him close, kiss him, and Fuji loved him back.

Tezuka then sighed.

Fuji smiled knowingly at the exaggerated sigh, "Ne. I didn't say your name when I came because you rendered me speechless."

Fuji kissed him and got little response so he tried again, "Ne, I already said everything during, too much actually. I've never talked like that. Ever. Or made that much noise. Ever."

Fuji kissed him again, feeling a little embarrassed and Tezuka responded, slightly, as if he was trying not to smile at the 'ever' comments. Fuji traced his cheekbone with a finger during the kiss again, as always, marveling at Tezuka's perfect, gorgeous bone structure.

Ah, Tezuka was so good. Fuji kissed him again. "Kunimitsu, I love you."

Tezuka gently kissed the tensai this time. It reminded Fuji of the first time they kissed although, back then, Fuji had kissed him and Tezuka had only responded, eventually. But if they could have ever had a perfect first kiss Fuji mused, this would have been it.

Tezuka then smiled, the kind of smile Fuji had only ever seen given to him and only in the last few days. It gave Tezuka's handsome face a soft beautiful look. One stray lock of his uneven hair fell over his forehead. "Syusuke, I love you too."

Fuji kissed him back, sighing in pleasure and contentment as he did. Fuji kissed him as he had always fantasized about kissing him. Somehow sex and passion always got in the way though. This time, both satisfied, Fuji was able to kiss Tezuka slowly, to explore his mouth, to play with his tongue without his every sense being on fire. Fuji felt his teeth, his lips, his tongue, and explored his mouth with his own.

Tezuka smiled and seemed amused by it all. Fuji felt a space towards his back teeth, a small gap, with his tongue.

He looked at Tezuka surprised. He had kissed him well over a hundred times but somehow had never noticed this before. He checked again to make sure it was there. He pulled back and looked at Tezuka.

Tezuka explained, smiling at him, "When I was little, I had two baby teeth that grew together into one. When the adult teeth came in there was always a small gap."

"Mn. You never had it fixed?" Fuji kissed him again, feeling it with his tongue, which made Tezuka laugh, deep and sexy in his throat, at Fuji exploring his 'imperfection'.

Tezuka kissed him back and explained when the kiss broke, "They said there was no need. It didn't need to be fixed and no one could see it."

"Ah." Fuji kissed him again, marveling how he never knew that, and that there were so many other things the tensai wanted to know. As Fuji kissed him, he touched Tezuka's face and smoothed back the errant lock of hair.

"I liked how you cut it last time." Tezuka said, almost shyly.

Fuji smiled and tried to seem indifferent about it, but he was ecstatic. He twirled the soft, sun kissed, shaggy lock between his fingertips, almost aching to cut it. "Mn. It could use cutting...." the tensai said casually.

"Hmn. How much would you charge?"

"Ten." Fuji said it feeling elated, and tried to sound as nonchalant as Tezuka did.

"Ten?" Tezuka knew and was wary. It only added to Fuji's pleasure of how well he knew him.

"Ten questions." Fuji said as if it was a normal charge.

"Questions about?"

"Just some other, things, regarding you, that I am curious about." Fuji smiled angelically. Tezuka had to know he was in serious trouble.

"Now? Wouldn't you rather take a bath with me first? Or a shower?"

Perfect timing. A flash of lightening and an answering rumble of thunder.

Fuji slowly shook his head no. "Ne. Its not safe to bathe during a thunderstorm." Fuji smiled. Tezuka knew Fuji would say whatever it took to get his way. Fuji was already ordering the questions in his mind and adjusting the phrasing to get the maximum answers in the allotted ten. He really should have asked for twenty.

Fuji reached for the shirt he had slept in, now discarded at the corner of the bed. The tensai wiped the two of them down. He then threw it perfectly, landing it into his empty laundry basket, and turned back to Tezuka with a casual, graceful shrug. As if to say take it or leave it.

Tezuka nodded as if resigned. Or trapped, though Fuji knew he wanted to tell Fuji everything and was secretly delighted that Fuji had asked. In fact, Fuji mused he should not have asked him. Eventually then Tezuka would have sooner or later accused Fuji of never asking him anything. That might have been fun.

Fuji mentally shrugged to himself, this would be fun too.

Tezuka settled down with a sigh and pulled the blanket up over Fuji's naked shoulders as they both cooled down, as if knowing they would be there awhile. It was still very early. The rain sounded lovely Fuji thought.

"May I hear the questions first?" Tezuka attempted.

"Ne, Tezuka, its nothing big. Just a few things about you, your past, your life. Its not a test." Fuji shrugged elegantly again.

Fuji was about to indifferently suggest, slyly, say that they could forget it if he wanted but Tezuka first said, "Hmn. You really want to know." He sounded both serious and charmed.

"Yes. I really do." Fuji leaned in and slowly kissed him to impart how much he wanted to know in a kiss. He then settled back down to wait, smiling. Tezuka held up his hands and ticked one finger off as if determined to keep Fuji at only ten. Fuji smiled and tried to keep his delight from showing. "One. Tell me about first the time you ever made love...."

Tezuka looked grim as if knowing for certain now it was going to be possibly a worst fear realized, Fuji with ten well phrased, probing, no holds barred, answer seeking questions into Tezuka's mind and past. But Tezuka put his arms around Fuji as if to surrender to him, kissed his forehead, and began to answer his questions.

Much later in the day, after the questions, after the answers, after talking, after much kissing, after their shower, one of Tezuka's first in warm water in a long time, after Tezuka's haircut, after they ate, Oishi called. He invited them both to play tennis, doubles. With him and Eiji.

Fuji agreed after checking with Tezuka because it was an unusual request and it was their friends, but was disappointed. He was looking forward to playing alone with Tezuka. To spending an entire day like this with him.

He mentioned this matter of fact to Tezuka after they both had agreed to play.

The Vice Captain also wondered aloud about the unusual request. Fuji told him he thought that maybe Oishi wanted to set things right between Tezuka and himself before school or the movies. Fuji also suggested that maybe Eiji had something he wanted to work on. He had not said in words that he was upset at not being at his best to compete during the last rankings matches but he was. Fuji knew him. Fuji also knew that even as happy as Eiji was for Oishi, it would still bother him, making him work harder for what he wanted. The tensai should probably speak to Oishi about it and warn him. Eiji hated to be left out of anything.

"We'll just go and see." Tezuka said stopping Fuji's speculations over tea, kissing him gently, while they curled up together, listening to the rain outside slowing down.

"Ah." Fuji was still astonished that he felt so disappointed and yet so happy, so pleased, all at once. He could not ever remember being so happy and yet....

"Syusuke, we can play tomorrow, if you're free." Tezuka smiled as he said it. Saying in his own way, he understood and felt the same. But they had tomorrow too. He kissed Fuji and traced the lines on Fuji's palm as if trying to see the future.

"Mn." Fuji kissed him back, agreeing, and laced their fingers together.

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