Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Thirty Two

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi woke next to find the morning sun streaming into the room. He opened his eyes and found Eiji on the pillow next to him watching him and smiling. He smiled back and turned so they faced each other.

He slid his arms around his friend at the same time Eiji put his arms around Oishi. Oishi was gentle knowing that even though Eiji lay on his left side he was still bruised along it from yesterday. Eiji knew what he was doing and smiled wider as if knowing that Oishi would mother him no matter what he protested.

Oishi in response rubbed his fingers and then his hand along Eiji's soft right cheek, tracing his cheekbone, seeing the now non-existent smile lines Eiji would later have when he was an adult. Oishi could clearly see what Eiji would look like in 5, 10, even 20 years. He would be devastatingly handsome, even with the laugh and smile lines he would have earned one happy moment at a time. He was looking at Oishi as if Oishi was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. I really love him, Oishi thought.

As if he'd heard Oishi, Eiji leaned in and kissed him. Loving him back. Oishi smiled further as they kissed, somehow, Eiji had toothpaste again. Oishi was always astounded by Eiji's little tricks.

Eiji smiled wider and held him closer as Oishi discovered his trick.

They didn't speak.

They didn't need to.

Eventually Oishi knew that they would have to get up and start their day. But it was early enough and that he put his worries aside and just kissed and loved him. Oishi let himself be kissed and loved back. If you could make love with just kisses, that was what they were doing. There was no rush, no heat, although both were incredibly turned on, but there was no goal of either climaxing. The only point of now was to please and be pleased. To touch and be touched.

Oishi was enjoying the moment and then, all at once, he knew. He just knew. He wouldn't even think about his past anymore from that point on. It seemed a distant memory and the new memories, all of Eiji, erased anything from that time. Any guilt, shame, or pain of what happened was just gone. They were complete together. They were happy. What Oishi had been waiting for he realized was really for the time to be right within himself. Whenever they were together it was special. Better than Oishi could ever plan. Oishi knew that their next time alone would be their first together. It was right.

Their kissing paused a moment as they both looked at each other knowing. "Hi." Oishi said smiling.

"Hmm." Eiji purred back looking both turned on and completely content.

"Did you sleep good?"

"Hmm...good." Eiji said and stretched catlike. Oishi decided not to tell him about his bad dream or Eiji's own and when he saw how happy Eiji was, he knew it was the right thing to do. Eiji looked at Oishi asking him back.

"I slept good too. Thank you." Oishi kissed him again. "Want to go shower? Its early and we can play tennis before everyone else gets there."

"Hmm?" Eiji looked asking what should they do in a hum to Oishi.

"Of course Fuji will come too." Then Oishi understood what he was asking. Oishi remembered last night and Tezuka, who still might be there. "Oh, thats right." Oishi thought a moment and then smiled. "Let's not worry right now. We'll just deal with it all as it happens." Eiji looked surprised that Oishi of all people would suggest this. Oishi was surprised as well but with Eiji, it felt fine. If Tezuka was there then good, if not then better. Which reminded Oishi. "Have any plans for tonight?" He asked Eiji with a kiss.

Eiji smiled and shook his head no. "After you win...?" Eiji started for him.

Oishi waited for him to say something more but then realized he wanted Oishi to say the words. They mattered to Eiji. Oishi thought that was adorable and kissed him again. Then Oishi made a face realizing what he said was not going to be what Eiji wanted to hear. "Oh, no. After I win, I told Tezuka I would play him later."

Oishi saw Eiji start to pout and look away. Those were not the words he wanted to hear. "I know, I know, love, please hear me out?" Oishi kissed his pout trying to placate and relax him. It took a while before Eiji was softly sighing in his arms again. Oishi did not mind taking the time to kiss and touch him. Eiji relaxed finally into him again and Oishi went on, "I told him days ago, I forgot to tell you with everything else going on. I'm sorry."

He waited for Eiji to process the information. He did, pouting, driving Oishi crazy. "You only make me want to kiss you more when you're pouting, love." Oishi kissed him again making Eiji smile. Not laugh, but smile. "I have an idea and you tell me if this sounds good."

Eiji waited.

"After I win, I told Tezuka I would play him later, a few days ago. It seemed like he wanted to talk so I'll go. You can stay with Fuji and make sure he's fine. Maybe Kawamura can stay with you both too. We'll have to see, but I want both of you safe. After I win, I'll tell my family that I made regulars. Eiji, I have no idea if they'll go away this weekend or not with all thats happened. If they do, do you want to stay the night with me?"

Eiji cocked his head a little. "If they don't..." He wanted all the information before he agreed to anything Oishi realized.

Oishi smiled and knew he was blushing a little, "If they don't then I'll spend the night with you at your house and we'll plan for the next time my parents are away. But I want to be with you, Eiji. Really be with you. I love you. I want to make love. The next time we're all alone. Is that all right?"

Eiji pounced on Oishi laughing, knocking the air out of him and kissing him hard. Oishi laughed as he kissed him back and tried to catch his breath. "I take it thats a yes, then?"


"So after I play Tezuka, I'll come get you here, if its okay with Fuji, and we'll go wherever works. Good?"

"Good." Eiji kissed him again for a long time melting into the kiss, "Oishi?" Eiji said sounding very breathless, "Shower, please."

"As you wish." Oishi replied, getting kissed again for it.

They threw on their clothes on Oishi's insistence, Eiji grumbling until Oishi quietly reminded him that Tezuka might still be there. Then they went down the hall to the bathroom. If they weren't trying to be stealthy, Oishi realized, Eiji was so happy he would have done a flip or skipped. It made Oishi very happy too. It just felt, right.

In the bathroom, Eiji locked the door while Oishi turned on the water and waited for it to be the right temperature. When he turned around, Eiji was sitting on the counter by the sink wetting his toothbrush to brush his teeth. Oishi went and kissed his neck while Eiji wrapped his legs around him. When Eiji was done he handed his toothbrush to Oishi with paste on it and hopped off the counter landing silently like a cat. He pushed Oishi so Oishi was leaning on the sink and he kissed him on his neck, his chest, and started teasing a nipple with his tongue. Then he untied Oishi's pants string with his teeth making sure Oishi watched as he did it. Oishi sucked in his breath with a shudder of pleasure as Eiji kissed him down further gently teasing him and watching Oishi react the entire time to his touch and his mouth.

Eiji suddenly stopped and then smiled. He kissed Oishi by his mouth and then pointed at the sink. Oishi laughed quietly when he realized he was so turned on he'd forgotten he had a toothbrush in his mouth. He spit and rinsed only to turn around and find a now naked Eiji pouncing on him, and kissing him passionately.

As their skin touched down their bodies Oishi gave a little sigh of pleasure at the contact of their skin and their mouths. Oishi wanted Eiji as turned on as he was so he kept kissing him and let his hand wander down Eiji's body to where his hard erection pressed against Oishi's skin. He took him in his hand, rubbing the tip gently with his thumb and feeling a little drop of moisture there. His rough skin from when they first rubbed against each other was gone and now it was just smooth, soft, sensitive skin. Oishi gripped him hard, how Eiji liked it, and it was Eiji's turn to suck in his breath in pleasure of the contact. Eiji let it out in a sigh whispering "Oishi..." as he did. His whisper drove Oishi crazy, and he kissed him deeply, hard, wanting him right then and there.

Eiji, somehow, stepped back, smiling. Oishi ached at the sudden break in their contact. They were both breathing hard and smiling at each other. Daring each other to keep going and not wanting to stop. Eiji took Oishi's hand, turned to feel the water temperature, adjusted it, and then stepped in bringing Oishi with him. Oishi realized that if Eiji had not gotten in they might have never ended up showering. Oishi wanted him that bad.

It was hot. Oishi forgot Eiji liked to take near scalding showers and he jumped a little in surprise as the water stung him with its spray. But before Oishi could re-adjust it, Eiji was on his mouth kissing him and turning them both so it was his back in the hot water. "Not too hot?" Oishi was concerned, it was way too hot for him.

Eiji smiled and shook his head no and then went back to kissing Oishi. Eiji was sucking on Oishi's tongue and nibbling at his lips with his teeth wanting more. Oishi again took Eiji's hard erection in his hand and touched Eiji exactly how he liked it. Oishi was enjoying Eiji's little whimper of pleasure as Oishi touched him. Oishi teased him with his hand on him and his tongue and he felt Eiji shudder in pleasure as Oishi touched him lightly, just enough yet not enough. Eiji whispered, "Oishi...want you..." and he moaned as Oishi kissed him fully again. Eiji was trying to thrust up against Oishi's hand to be touched harder, more, urgently wanting him now.

Oishi started to kiss down him and Eiji shook his head no, pulling Oishi back, still kissing him. Oishi understood, Eiji wanted them to come together, but he wanted how it was the other day in the shower. Oishi kissed and asked him, "Just a little bit, I just want you in my mouth while you watch love, okay?" Eiji nodded wanting Oishi to touch him, now, more, urgent in his need. Oishi kissed his mouth again and then kissed down him not stopping until Eiji was in his mouth. Oishi licked and played with him and ran his tongue over Eiji's sensitive tip and his ridge. He felt Eiji shudder in pleasure, Oishi thought he might come, but somehow Eiji held back, although his eyes were half closed, and he was watching, touching Oishi on his hair and his face, and making those sweet whimpering sounds. Very, very close.

Oishi kissed him back up giving him some time to let him cool so they could be caught up together. Eiji was still trembling in his arms when Oishi held him again and met his mouth. Eiji kissed him passionately back and wrapped his hand tight around Oishi's throbbing hardness making him whisper "Eiji...". Oishi in turn brushed his hand gently against Eiji's erection feeling him shiver and still so close. He moaned Oishi's name his breath coming in pants. "Is that how you want to come?" Oishi asked him.

"Yes..." Eiji whispered. Oishi kissed him and touched his hardness once more longingly. His kiss and his touch making Eiji whisper needing his release unable to stand it any longer, "Oh...Oishi...please..." he begged.

Oishi nodded and Eiji sank to his knees taking Oishi in his mouth, making Oishi shudder at his lip's touch. He took Oishi deep into his mouth watching him with his eyes and Oishi watched as Eiji touched himself lightly just like Oishi had been doing. Teasing himself with his own touch as if it was Oishi. Oishi moaned and had to hold back from coming at Eiji's touch and the sight of him. Eiji seeing how close Oishi was also took him deeper into his mouth and gripped himself hard as he liked to be touched, wanting, needing to bring them both to orgasm. Oishi watching him moaned again and gripped the tiles again to keep himself from thrusting, from falling down. He gently touched Eiji's face and hair and as their eyes met he knew he was lost. Oishi moaned once more as if to let Eiji know, "Ah...Eiji..." and at the same time he felt, heard, and saw Eiji shudder his own release as he came with him, moaning in pleasure around Oishi.

They were still breathing hard as Oishi held on to Eiji and helped to stand. He kissed him as he wasn't able to when they came. It turned into a long gentle kiss, much longer than Oishi had intended but he didn't want it to end either. When the kiss ended Eiji put his arms around him and hugged him for a long time. He seemed a little upset and Oishi was instantly concerned.

Oishi wondered what could possibly be wrong and then he knew. Eiji could be in a room of fifty people who adored him but it wasn't enough if the fifty-first didn't adore him too. He could be told a hundred times a day he was loved and it wasn't enough if he didn't hear it the hundred and first time. Oishi could tell him he wanted him twenty times and if he didn't hear it the twenty first he got a bit upset. How Eiji, afraid of nothing, could ever doubt or feel insecure Oishi had no idea but he knew he did, it was just how he was, and Oishi loved him all the more for it.

"Eiji?" Eiji looked at him a little guarded as if he felt he wouldn't get what he wanted or needed. "I want you. I want to be with you." Oishi said and kissed him. "I love you. You're amazing." Eiji smiled and held Oishi tighter kissing him.

"Hmm. I love you too." Eiji said now feeling content. Then he must have realized that somehow they had turned around. Oishi was standing in the hot water and he was not. "Nya! Isn't that too hot for you!"

"Yes." Oishi said in a tight voice, "Hot. Burning. How can you stand water this hot?" Eiji laughed realizing that Oishi stayed like that, burning himself for him. He hurriedly turned the both of them around and turned to turn the hot water down, a little.

"Sorry Oishi." He said kissing him. Then he said shyly, "Hoi. I don't know why I get that way sometimes..."

Oishi smiled kissing him back. "Its okay, love. I don't mind."

Eiji smiled and kissed him again. "You knew?" He said very happily.

"I knew." Oishi said smiling. They started washing themselves and each other when Oishi had a thought. "Are you afraid of anything?"

Eiji shook his head no smiling, then his face went serious, "Needles." he said with a shudder. "Hoi? What are you afraid of?"

"Before you or after you?"

Eiji smiled, "Before."

Oishi thought and smiled, "Everything."

Eiji laughed "After?"

"Not much." Oishi smiled and kissed Eiji. Oishi realized as he did that losing Eiji was the only thing that really scared him, and he smiled knowing that wasn't going to happen.

They finished their shower and went to dress. Eiji wanted to start cooking and Oishi liked to watch him. They both figured a plan that Eiji would cook enough for four and they'd wait to set the table, just in case. Eiji talked while he cooked, explaining things to Oishi like how to sift flour and crack eggs with one hand while Oishi just watched in confusion. After a while they heard the shower upstairs running. A little while later a smiling Fuji came downstairs.

"Hoi! Fujiko!" Eiji hugged the tensai and Oishi saw Fuji wince in pain. Oishi wondered if Eiji did it to make Oishi react or if it just happened.

"Good morning Fuji-senpai, how are you?"

"Mn. I'm feeling much better thank you Oishi. What are we having for breakfast today?" Eiji shot Oishi a look. He had done it on purpose and wanted Oishi to react.

Oishi ignored Fuji's question. "Let me see, Fuji-senpai."

"Ne, Oishi?" Fuji smiled but the smile never reached his eyes.

"Fuji," Oishi said gently, walking across the room to his friend, "please, let me see." Fuji looked trapped, cornered and Oishi took half a step back. He did not want to scare his friend but he felt he had to see how bad it was. "Fuji, I am your friend, I would never hurt you, but I am playing him today and I want to know, I need to know how bad it is before I do that. All right?"

Fuji shot a look at Eiji as if Eiji would save him. "Fujiko-chan, please, let Oishi look. He just wants to help. Let us see. Please." Eiji held Fuji's hand but Eiji's voice was determined.

"I'm fine." Fuji said almost stepping back his velvet voice nearly a whisper. Eiji hugged him suddenly. Not hard, but as if he was made of glass and Oishi felt a little flicker of jealousy, although he understood that Eiji was reading the room and acting as best to make the audience love him.

It was a natural ability Eiji had. He just knew what to do and did it. "Fujiko, please..." Eiji said it in a little voice, like he might cry, and Oishi knew Fuji would not be able to resist Eiji's plea. He certainly couldn't have.

Fuji lowered his eyes and unbuttoned his shirt. Oishi had to stifle a gasp when he saw the bruises around the tensai's neck and collarbone. How Fuji played the day before Oishi had no idea. How he would play today was out of the question.

Oishi thought he would have to comfort both Fuji and Eiji but just as he thought that, Eiji was there helping Fuji take his shirt off and sitting the tensai down. Eiji was making soothing noises and told Oishi to take Fuji's hand. Oishi understood. Eiji was checking Fuji like he did him the night before. Eiji was making soothing noises and murmurs. "Fujiko, please lay your head on Oishi's shoulder like this, and face me."

Fuji did and Oishi felt him tense up with pain. "Breathe slow, Fujiko. Relax. Its okay. Good. Now press towards my hand." Oishi felt and heard a hard pop go through Fuji and the tensai groaned in pain. "Its okay," Eiji said, "Its all right now. Lean back." Eiji met Oishi's eyes telling Oishi to help him sit back.

Eiji's voice was soothing but his eyes were furious. "Turn your head this way." Another snap and a groan. "Now this way." Again. Oishi saw that Eiji let Fuji do the actual movement Eiji just held him in the right place. "Roll your shoulders once back." Another snap and a grunt. "Breathe out. Okay you're done. Relax. Feel better?"

Fuji rolled his neck as if seeing if he needed to call an ambulance. He seemed surprised as Oishi could well understand, and seemed to be able to move a little better. "Yes. It...does. How...?" Eiji winked and laughed giving Fuji a thumbs up and then he went back to the stove and breakfast. Fuji looked at Oishi for explanation.

Oishi smiled. "His grandmother did that and I guess showed him a little when he was young. Are you really better?"

"Ah. Yes, actually, whatever Eiji did, it seems to be helping. Thank you Eiji, Oishi." The tensai was already putting his shirt back on. It was going on easier, less strained than it came off.

Eiji was setting the table and asked Fuji point blank, "Hoi. Is Tezuka still here?"

"Ne, he left last night. I...I'm not sure when, I...I must have fallen asleep." the tensai's eyes were drifting away thinking of other things. His smile slipped away for an instant and then flashed across his face again.

Eiji interrupted his thoughts, "Good, more for us. Hoi. Come, sit, eat." Then Eiji served the three of them a feast.

"Ne, Eiji, you really shouldn't do adjustments on people without being properly trained. You could hurt someone. But thank you."

"Nya. Not on people. Just my friends." Eiji indicated the both of them smiling. "Hoi? Secret." He put one finger to his lips to tell them not to tell. Then he turned back to Fuji giving him his full attention. "Hoi? Food not good, Fujiko?"

"Ah, sorry, Eiji, its excellent. Thank you." Fuji started to eat and apparently was actually hungry. Eiji looked at Oishi while Fuji ate and smiled as if to say see how good I did?

Oishi watched Fuji eating, smiling, and making small movements as if testing to see if he really was moving better. He saw him glance at Eiji, at him, smiling a bit more when he saw Oishi watching him, and then he went back to eating.

Oishi smiled. What else could he do with the two of them?

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