Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

After eating, Oishi took Eiji by his favorite pet store where he bought his fish and supplies. He thought Eiji would like to see it. Oishi turned out to be the one surprised when everyone already knew Eiji. He apparently stopped by all the time. He knew all the employees and 'named' all the animals there. Eiji introduced Oishi to all his favorites from the turtles to the puppies.

Oishi bought a bit more food for his fish as he was there. He watched Eiji play with the animals, and had a great time.

They walked outside a little later. The sun was setting and Oishi was going to turn to say goodbye to Eiji.

Before Oishi had a chance to say goodbye, Eiji said, "Hoi, Oishi? Can I sleep over at your house tonight?" He was standing with his hands crossed behind him on the back of his neck and his elbows up in the air. Oishi had learned, usually, that stance meant trouble.

"Why Eiji? I just slept over your house yesterday."

Eiji looked surprised that Oishi did not immediately agree. He took a deep breath and seemed to say his reasoning in a big burst, "Hoi..I...Nya...My sister is having her friend over and she is SO annoying. She is always trying to kiss me. Please!? The last time she stayed over she crept into my room while I was sleeping and scared me!" Eiji, ever the comic, had gotten down on his knees on the sidewalk and was begging. "Nya! Please!? Please!? She's scary!"

"Eiji! Please get up! Eiji!" Oishi was beet red and people were looking.

Eiji saw him embarrassed and was instantly angry, "Nya! Oishi, you're so mean!" He got up and turned his back to Oishi. "Forget it! Go home!"

Oishi walked around him to face him and tried to calm him down, "Eiji, its not that I don't want you to, its just...my parents...are away, and they wouldn't know, and...."

Oishi thought about some of the girls who he had gone on dates with. Girls who he had kissed or done more with. Girls who then followed him around even after he stopped dating them. Girls who weeks or months later still called him, still left him notes, still asked him out, or still tried to corner him to talk to him, and more. He imagined if that kind of girl was in his house with his sister overnight, sneaking into his room, and the thought made him shudder in disgust. "Eiji, I'm sorry. I'm...sure...it will be all right. If its okay with your parents. I'll just think of something to tell my parents, all right?" He was rewarded with a swift hug that almost knocked him off his feet.

"Nya, Oishi, you won't get into trouble because of me will you? You can just tell your parents we were studying or something, right?" Eiji was still hugging him and turned to face him looking concerned.

"Sure, Eiji." Oishi took a breath when Eiji let him go from his gripping hug. "We should go by your house first to ask your parents and get your things for our double date with those girls tomorrow. Maybe we can play some tennis in the morning if you want and then go after?"

Eiji gladly agreed and then skipped along the entire way home, seemingly thrilled to get out of his sister's friend's devised tortures.

Oishi along the way started to suspect that there was no sister's friend but when they got there, he was shocked to find Eiji was more than telling the truth. When Eiji opened the door to his room, a girl a bit older than them, was sitting on his bed, apparently waiting for him. Eiji dashed out of the room, past a stunned Oishi, yelling at his sister. He demanded that his sister remove her friend. Now! Somehow in the ensuing chaos, Eiji crammed some things into his bag including his clothes for the next day. He told his sister to tell their mom that he was staying at Oishi's. They left while his sister was still trying to reason with her friend to get out of his room and leave him alone.

Eiji said nothing on the way over to Oishi's. When Oishi would ask him questions or try to start a conversation, he would answer with a grunt or a shrug so Oishi backed off and gave him some space. Once there, Eiji followed Oishi into the house and into the kitchen. Oishi asked him if he was hungry and got a shrug in response. Oishi started getting out the food his Mom had left while Eiji leaned up against a counter watching. Oishi was thinking frantically of what to do or say, when Eiji asked if he could help with the cooking. Oishi agreed, feeling a little relieved.

Eiji eventually started a running dialog while taking over all the cooking, saying what he would make and how to make this better or that better. There was plenty for two to begin with but Eiji transformed a bland dinner into a near feast. Oishi, who was used to only reheating things, was really impressed and told Eiji so. Eiji smiled for the first time in a while. Oishi set the table while Eiji finished. Oishi told Eiji how good everything was and he again smiled but still seemed distracted.

After eating, Oishi decided to try to talk to Eiji about whatever was bothering him. Before he had a chance, Eiji asked Oishi if he could take a bath and get ready for bed. It was very early, but Oishi helped show him where everything was. Oishi was very worried about what was upsetting Eiji. He wondered too if he should get out the spare futon or if Eiji would want to share his bed like they did the night before at his house. He was still wondering what to do when he heard Eiji calling him from the bathroom.

Oishi's first thought was that something was wrong. Maybe Eiji was sick or fell so Oishi ran into the room. There were slopped bubbles and water all over the floor. Eiji must have found his sister's bubble bath and poured a ton of it in. "Hoi Oishi! I need some more towels for the floor!" he laughed at the mess he had made. Oishi relaxed and laughed. He threw down some towels, figuring he would have to wash them all before his parents came home.

"Hoi, Oishi, get into the bath with me!"

"Eiji theres no room for two people in the bathtub."

"Yes there is, come on! If you do I'll tell you a secret!"

"What secret?"

"Nya! Have to get into the bath first! And I have two secrets! Please Oishi!?" Oishi sighed knowing he would lose, he started to undress, and then felt like maybe he should wear his underwear. In the bath. Which felt silly. So he hesitated with his arms crossed, halfway between pulling off his shirt. Eiji stuck his head around the curtain to look at what was taking him so long. He was covered in suds and looked like a western Santa Claus with a beard of bubbles. Oishi couldn't help but laugh and then stripped.

It took some doing for them both to fit in the bathtub after all and not lay on top of each other. Then it took a bit more for the water not to go everywhere, but eventually they were both in, facing each other with Eiji's legs having to rest on top of Oishi's a little. The bubbles smelled like oranges and some spice. The warm water did feel good to Oishi after such a hard practice, and also from sleeping last night in Eiji's cramped, unfamiliar bed with Eiji throwing his limbs everywhere. Oishi noticed Eiji had even more scrapes and bruises after practice so he must have really gone all out. Knowing if he said anything Eiji would be annoyed, and not wanting to upset him more, Oishi let it go for now. He sighed and leaned back as much as he could in the water and the bubbles, trying to unwind.

Eiji must have been watching for Oishi to relax. "Hoi. First secret is about Oishi."

"What about me?"

"Fuji-senpai says Oishi will make regulars next rankings." Rankings matches were held once a month. All the juniors and senior tennis club members played in groups against each other. If you beat everyone in your group with no or only one loss, you would win a coveted regular position and compete for the team in tournaments. Everyone tried but few ever made it to the top eight positions.

"How would Fuji know?"

Eiji was solemn as he said, "Fuji-senpai knows."

Oishi did not even want to get into that so he asked, "Second secret?"

The humor was gone from his friend's eyes suddenly and he stopped smiling. He looked upset. It was such an odd look on his usually happy, smiling friend that Oishi was alarmed at the transformation.

"Is Oishi my best friend?" Eiji said quietly.


"Am I Oishi's best friend?"

"Yes. Now what is it? Tell me what's wrong? Please."

"I....I....you won't ever tell anyone? No matter what? Do you promise?"

"Of course. I promise. So tell me...."

A long pause followed. Eiji looked down and would not meet Oishi's eyes. Oishi was about to ask him again to please tell him but then in a little voice Kikumaru said, "I don't think I can go on the double date tomorrow."

"Why? Why not? Eiji?"

Eiji stood up, grabbed a dry towel, and said only, "I'm cold, you finish your bath."

"Eiji! That's not fair--you told me you'd tell me if I got in the bathtub! Eiji!" But Eiji was gone and Oishi heard the door to his room close.

Oishi sat in the bathtub for a few minutes annoyed and frustrated until his worries started to get the best of him. Maybe Eiji was hurt or scared. Maybe it was something worse. Something Eiji was too afraid to tell, even to him, maybe he was in trouble.

Oishi got out of the bathtub and dried off, unable to relax anymore. He went to his room, with a towel wrapped around him, knocking first, only to find Eiji staring at his glowing aquarium. Eiji stood there with his hands in fists, pouting in the dark, with just a towel still around him. Oishi turned on the room light and Eiji did not move. Oishi put on his sleep clothes, a pair of soft pajamas, and told Eiji he would go clean the towels they had used. He figured he would give Eiji some time to settle his thoughts and then Oishi would talk to him.

Oishi cleaned the bathroom floor of any water, cleaned the bathtub, started the wash, and went back to his room. Eiji had put on his pajamas and was sitting on the bed, but he looked as if he had been sitting with his thoughts for a long while, staring out at nothing.

Oishi sat down next to him. "Eiji, please tell me. Whatever it is.....is it something I did?"

Eiji would not look at him. He took a big breath and said quietly, "Nya. Oishi, I can't go on a date because I've....I've never....I've never kissed a girl."

Oishi nearly laughed picturing all the horrific scenes he has seen in his mind and it turns out to be something...so...silly, but he stopped himself in time. This was obviously a big deal to Eiji, so he sat next to him and said gently, "Eiji, I see you kiss and hug people all the time in school."

"Nya! That is friends! That is hello! That is......different! And I asked Fuji-senpai what to do and he told me to ask you. He said that you are my best friend and you are the best at kissing in our school."

"ME?!" It was a good thing Oishi was sitting down. "What? So Fuji knows about this too?"

"No!" Wailed Eiji miserably, turning and throwing himself face down on the bed, "Nya! I told Fuji-senpai I wasn't good at it, I never told him I never did it!" Came the muffled reply.

"Why did Fuji say I was the best at kissing?" Oishi was still stuck on that.

"Nya! Oishi everyone knows that! All the girls say it too!"

Oishi was blushing crimson and very glad Eiji was not looking at him.

"Oishi," Eiji suddenly looked up at him, "you're a good teacher and everyone says you are the best at kissing. Please teach me how to kiss! I want to go on the date! Please?"

"I...I...Eiji, I don't think I can teach that."

"Why not?! If you're good at something you should be able to teach it!"

"I'm good at kissing because I enjoy kissing, it happens naturally, but its not something like tennis that you learn how to do!"

Eiji was quiet for a moment, he looked at Oishi. "Hoi? Were you good at kissing your first time or is it something you are better at now? With practice?" Eiji said it slyly with his chin tilted up, and his eyes flashing, daring Oishi to dispute his logic.

Oishi thought back to his first kissing attempt and inwardly cringed. He was not good the first time. The girl was older, patient, and showed him how to kiss. Over time he got better. Eiji was right. Practice.

Oishi sighed.

The first time Oishi tried to show him he gave them each a pillow. He had Eiji mirror his body with the pillow but it was not working well because Eiji kept protesting he could not see what Oishi's lips and mouth were doing.

Eiji sitting next to him, threw himself on to Oishi's lap and put his arms around him. "Show me how?"


"Please Oishi, show me?"

"All right. I......I'll show you one time so pay attention. And you'd better not tell anyone, ever."

"Not even Fuji-senpai?"

"Especially not Fuji! This is something that is just...just...just between best friends. No one...ever...agreed?"

"Yes Sensei." He said it meaning teacher, or expert. Eiji said with a straight face although Oishi knew he was kidding.

"Don't do that! Now you," Oishi sighed and thought about where to start, "you are going to be the girl, and I.....I'll be the guy and be kissing you. Turn to face me."

Eiji moved to face him and Oishi wondered why this was making his heart pound. Eiji kissed people hello and goodbye all the time. Well not Oishi, but others all the time. This was nothing. It meant nothing. He was just going to show him how. It was nothing.

"All right, its best if you take her face in your hand like this the first time." Oishi gently rested his right hand on the side of Eiji's face just below his jaw with his thumb on his cheek. Oishi could not believe he was doing this. Eiji went to move his hand to Oishi's face and Oishi said, "No, you be the girl and just learn, all right?"

"Why do you hold her face?" Eiji cocked his head a little to the side pondering this.

"Because it keeps you from bumping noses or chins or teeth." Oishi said dismissively. Eiji looked horrified at this. "Its okay, its easy, its fun." Oishi placated him, trying not to laugh at his expression. "So, you hold her face like this and move in to kiss her, like a hello kiss, only softer." Oishi leaned in to kiss Eiji when Eiji suddenly exploded in peals of laughter.

"Well fine! If you don't want to learn....!"

"Oishi! Nya, sorry, I'm sorry, I....I just got nervous. I want to learn. Really. Please. Nya. I'm sorry. Isn't it better if I get nervous and laugh now than on the date?" Eiji stilled his laughter, picked up Oishi's hand and put it back on his face with a serious look. "I'm ready."

Which made Oishi for some reason crack up laughing. "Oishi! Stop it! Nya! Don't laugh at me! You're being mean!"

It took both of them a couple of minutes to calm down and not laugh but they finally did.

Oishi put his hand again on Eiji's face. He felt his heart beating a little harder again.

"All right, now you gently press your lips like this....." Oishi closed his eyes and pressed his lips onto Eiji's soft, warm mouth. He could feel how tense his friend was and thought to himself what he does when a girl is this tense is put his other arm around her like this, and did so. Eiji started to relax into the embrace and the kiss. Oishi pulled a little back so he could further instruct Eiji but his friend moved in more so the contact was not broken.

They both moved closer into the kiss and Oishi felt Eiji's lips relax and part. Oishi gently put his tongue onto Eiji's lips and then a little further into Eiji's mouth until their tongues were touching. He gently started touching and licking Eiji's tongue with his own until his friend understood to do the same. He started exploring Eiji's mouth while Eiji started exploring his. Oishi heard his friends breathing beginning to get heavier as he noticed his own was also. As their tongues gently slid against each other and their lips pressed, Eiji moaned a little purr in his throat and Oishi noticed at some point Eiji's strong arms had locked around him as his had wrapped around Eiji.

Oishi thought he should pull away but he didn't want to. He couldn't even find his voice and if they had not started off sitting, now somehow lying down, Oishi was aware that his knees would not have held him up. As it was, Eiji broke the kiss. "That's kissing?" His friend's voice had an unfamiliar gruffness to it.

"Pretty much." Oishi's voice was rough too. They were still entwined, neither one wanting to move just yet.

"Oishi, let me kiss you this time so I know how." Eiji said quietly, smiling. Before Oishi could get control of his senses back, his friend was softly on his lips again. Eiji's tongue dipped into Oishi's mouth like honey. His taste, Oishi now noticed, was sweet, and he must have used a kid's flavored toothpaste. They lay on their sides kissing for a long time. Neither one wanting to end the moment or break the kiss.

"Eiji," Oishi said gently, "you don't want to go in one circle all the time or kiss so hard. Its more like this....." Oishi rolled them both over so Oishi lay on top where he had more control. He lowered his head down and his mouth met Eiji's ready one. With their lips touching, he put his tongue lightly into Eiji's mouth and started teasing him with its touch, really playing with him, really kissing him.

Eiji kept putting his tongue further into Oishi's mouth trying to keep their tongues touching. Oishi would just barely touch Eiji's tongue and then pull away. Finally he gave Eiji his tongue and Eiji sighed in pleasure. He let Eiji explore his mouth for a while and then started to tease him again. He nibbled and licked at Eiji's lips. He slid his tongue over Eiji's teeth, touched his full soft lips, tasted his mouth. When Eiji really responded, he lightly would touch his tongue to Eiji's and then would pull away, making Eiji dip his tongue further into Oishi's mouth. When Eiji put his tongue deeper into Oishi's mouth trying to keep their tongues touching, Oishi sucked on Eiji's tongue gently and Eiji moaned in response.

The moan went through Oishi unlike anything he had felt with another person before, and he smiled. Eiji smiled back and said softly, "Let me try...." He rolled Oishi back onto their sides. Eiji started to tease Oishi just like he was teased while rubbing Oishi's back with his strong, tennis callused hands that he had slid up Oishi's shirt. Touching his bare skin. Oishi found he had also lifted Eiji's shirt to feel his soft skin pulled tight over his muscled back while they kissed. Oishi heard Eiji give another moan as Oishi again gently sucked on his tongue. Eiji lifted both their shirts so that the skin on their chests and muscled stomachs were touching, and now it was Oishi's turn to moan softly at the skin on skin contact as they kissed.

Eiji had wrapped his strong legs around Oishi's. They had moved while kissing so that Oishi was on top again. He took control of the kiss back by moving his hand up along Eiji's back and into his hair that was still damp from their bath. Now when Eiji tried to tease him, he couldn't move away as well. Oishi's hand running through Eiji's hair seemed to give Eiji a shiver of pleasure that Oishi felt go right through him too. Oishi was fully erect now. He was so hard. He couldn't remember ever being this hard. He tried to move a bit over so his obvious erection was not pressing into Eiji. That little bit of moving is when he discovered that Eiji was fully hard also. Fully hard and pressing now right up against Oishi's erection. It was all Oishi could do to not grind up against Eiji and his hard erection until he came.

So Oishi stopped. He let go of Eiji gently and turned away. He sat up to clear his head and get away from the temptation warmly facing him.

"Oishi? Did I do something wrong?"

Oishi didn't trust his voice. He shook his head no.

"Oishi?" Eiji half sat up.

"No Eiji. I'm just....." I just don't want to stop and I really think we should. "I'm just a bit, tired. Its been a long day." It sounded like a lie even to Oishi.

"Oishi? Do I kiss all right?" He sounded worried.

Oishi turned to face him. He was positive that Eiji's head cocked to the side looking cute and vulnerable was an act but it was familiar ground for them both, so Oishi clung to it. "You kiss..." amazing, I am so turned on I can barely speak, "good Eiji, though........."

"Hoi! What? What? Tell me!"

"You probably should not go that far with your date tomorrow. Maybe just the first part where you hold her face, all right?" Oishi smiled at him.

Eiji seemed to think about it for a few seconds and then winked at Oishi making a "V" with his fingers.

"Oishi, can I sleep next to you again tonight?" At this Eiji truly looked vulnerable. As if he was afraid that what Oishi was really doing was rejecting him.

"Of course. " Oishi said and moved to ruffle Eiji's hair.

"Nya! Oishi, not the hair!"

Oishi was so turned on he thought of going to the bathroom to relieve the pressure, but he could think of no way to explain his absence to Eiji. So he tried to put it out of his head. Oishi turned out the main light but left the aquarium low light on. Both he and Eiji put the pillows back onto the bed and climbed under the comforter. Oishi lay on his side facing away from Eiji and Eiji lay on his back. Oishi was glad his bed was a little bigger than Eiji's but was still very aware of his friend lying right there, still amazing at kissing, and still, most likely, just as turned on and as hard as Oishi was. This kind of hard Oishi discovered came with an ache.

Oishi wasn't lying entirely when he said he was tired. He was exhausted between little sleep the night before and the practice today. Too tired for him to even worry about any implications over what just happened. He listened to Eiji's soft rhythmic breathing and tried to match it to relax and sleep. Eiji rolled onto his side so now they were back to back. Oishi waited a few minutes and then rolled onto his back, his favorite sleeping position.

He must have fallen asleep. He woke to find Eiji was on his side facing him with his head on Oishi's shoulder. Eiji had thrown his leg and arm over Oishi and Oishi found his arm around Eiji. His shoulder and arm felt dead asleep so he rolled a little onto his side, slowly facing Eiji to relieve the numbness, only to be rewarded with pins and needles of pain.

Eiji at some point in the night had taken off his shirt and Oishi's hand now lay across the naked skin of his friend's back. Oishi had an absurd impulse to run his hand over the soft skin. To feel the muscles of his back. To feel him. The only noises were their breathing, his aquarium filter, and the pounding of Oishi's heart. The aquarium light was giving off a soft, peaceful glow that made Eiji's skin look surreal. Eiji snuggled in his sleep closer to him and Oishi had to resist a daft impulse to brush his lips across his sleeping friend's forehead. Across his lips.

Oishi then slowly rolled Eiji all the way over onto his back. He waited a moment to make sure Eiji did not wake up and then gently pulled out his arm. He rolled onto his side facing away from Eiji so he would not be tempted any more.

He woke up a little later, sweating, with Eiji shaking him awake. "Oishi? Hoi Oishi? You're having a bad dream. Oishi?" Oishi startled awake. Then was instantly frustrated because he wasn't having a bad dream, he was having a good dream, a very good dream, one in which he almost came. He could clearly remember every sensuous detail and he was fully erect, again. To the point of throbbing, again. Now he was completely embarrassed as well.

Eiji was still soothing him, "Nya. Its all right Oishi, it was just a dream. I'm going to get some water, do you want some?"

Oishi nodded and looked at his clock reflected backwards in his aquarium. It was 1:46 am. There were hours to go before dawn. Oishi took a deep breath and tried to slow his heartbeat which was racing.

Eiji came back and sat on the side of the bed. Eiji had put his shirt back on Oishi noticed, as Oishi tossed his off himself, still feeling too warm. "Hoi. Water." Eiji said holding out a glass. Oishi sat up a bit more and drank obediently. "Hot towel for your face." Oishi allowed Eiji to wipe his face. "Better?" Eiji looked concerned.

"Yes, thank you. I'm sorry I woke you." Oishi said and lay down on his back.

"What were you dreaming?" Eiji put the cloth and the glass down on the nightstand and lay on his side looking at Oishi.

"I don't remember." There was a long silence after Oishi lied.

Eiji was quiet a long time facing him. Several minutes ticked by. Oishi looked up at his ceiling not knowing what to say. He had a feeling Eiji was watching him but didn't want to turn to see. "Oishi?"

"Mn?" I just won't look at him and then I won't be tempted or find myself stupidly looking at Eiji's mouth.

"Nya. I....I can't sleep." Eiji paused, "I....can't stop wanting to kiss you more. Are you thinking about it too?"

"Yes." Oishi heard himself say. He had said it without thinking and his voice sounded hoarse, husky. He half turned still not meeting Eiji's eyes, determined not to look at his mouth.

"Oishi...kiss me...a little more...please...and then we both can go to sleep." Eiji said it softly, but he said it.

What? Was Eiji asking him to do what he thought he was? No way. Not possible. Oishi's heart started to pound again and he swore his erection was throbbing in response. "Eiji, I....I don't think we should."

"Oishi," Eiji sounded as frustrated as Oishi felt, "we're best friends. I won't tell. Please."

"Eiji, I....."

"Nya. If you don't want to...then...then will you kiss me so I can? Please?" His last word came out in nearly a whimper. Something about Eiji asking that, asking permission, nearly begging, wanting Oishi to kiss him again that much nearly made Oishi agree. Very nearly.

"Please?" Eiji licked Oishi's strong shoulder, long and slow, and their eyes finally met. Oishi never knew a shoulder being licked could be that much of a turn on.

"Please?" He whispered kissing just below Oishi's ear.

"Please?" He licked Oishi's earlobe with his tongue, and nibbled softly.

"Please?" He said quietly kissing his way down Oishi's neck.

"Please?" He kissed and licked at Oishi's collarbone and lay back down watching him.

"Please?" He said softly and picked up Oishi's right hand from where it lay folded on the blanket over his stomach. Eiji brought it over to his mouth. He kissed and nibbled on each of Oishi's fingertips starting with his littlest finger. He took each one in turn further and further into his warm, wet mouth and across his soft, full lips. Then Eiji took Oishi's thumb all the way into his mouth sucking gently, running his tongue over it like it was Oishi's tongue, and then he positioned Oishi's now wet hand back on his face just as Oishi had started off hours before.

"Please?" Eiji's words sounded husky and raw with need and want as he lay inches away from Oishi, watching and waiting. Oishi's heart was pounding so hard that he was sure Eiji must be able to hear it clearly too.

"Please, what?" Oishi rolled on his side so they were facing each other. They looked at each other, their eyes locked, daring each other.

"Please kiss me, Oishi. Kiss me."

Oishi softly moaned at the sound, at his words. He rolled on top of Eiji as Eiji rolled onto his back to accommodate him. Oishi kissed Eiji's soft lips. Eiji's kiss was now hungry and there were no more gentle teasings. Oishi kissed him back just as hard, with just as much want. His tongue claimed Eiji's mouth. Eiji pulled up at his own shirt which was soon off, thrown across the room. When Oishi felt the skin on his chest and stomach touch Eiji's he moaned softly again. Eiji then wrapped his legs around Oishi's. It was all instinct and it all felt very natural, very right, and so very good.

Oishi kept kissing Eiji deep and hard as he moved to press his erection again against Eiji's. He slid his hips slowly so that his hard length, through their pants, slid against his friend's. The unbelievable friction made them both moan into each other's mouths.

He felt Eiji's strong hands slide down his back, to Oishi's hips, his fingers digging in, demanding more. Oishi raised himself up onto his forearms, wrapping his hands around Eiji's shoulders. Oishi started slowly, rhythmically, rubbing them against each other, concentrating on rubbing as much as he could of their hard insistent erections together through their thin clothes while covering Eiji's hot greedy mouth with kisses.

"Like this?" Oishi asked kissing Eiji's mouth, his neck, his face, waiting for him to answer as he moved against him.

"Yeah......Oishi....Oh.....Don't stop...." Eiji sought Oishi's mouth and when he found it he moaned again in a hot demanding kiss while the rhythm of their grinding increased. Eiji started moving with him, rocking his hips up while Oishi pressed and thrust down making it even more intense.

Oishi could feel his friend was so close to coming, he could hear the sounds of his pleasure, his little whimpering moans, the touch of his skin, his mouth, his hands, taste him, feel him, and was then deliciously lost.



They both bucked and thrust, Eiji up and Oishi down, against the other, coming at the same time, coming together, moaning into each others mouth, shuddering at the pleasure that ripped through them both.

They lay locked together for a long time, still breathing hard. Sticky, sweaty, spent, Oishi could feel both his and Eiji's hearts still pounding and they were both trembling slightly with little aftershocks. Oishi gently gave Eiji a soft kiss on his lips and turned his head to hug him. He brought his arms around Eiji's back. Eiji at the same time embraced Oishi back.

Oishi, not wanting to crush Eiji, rolled the both of them more on their sides, not breaking the embrace. They moved a little apart but kept their arms and legs around each other. They were each lost in their own thoughts and looking towards each other but not at anything. Oishi noticed in the soft light that Eiji was smiling slightly. Oishi realized he probably had the same expression on his face.

"Eiji?" Oishi said softly after a while. Eiji met his eyes. "Are you okay?" Oishi smiled a little more at him. He wanted to let his best friend know it was all right even if he was no longer quite so certain of it anymore.

Eiji smiled a little more back and gave a little purr. "Hmm. You?"

"Mmm." Oishi smiled back. Then Oishi noticed that both of them were soaked in their semen that was rapidly growing cold. "Oh....do you want to go, clean up?"

"Nnnn. Tired." Eiji leaned in closer to give Oishi a series of soft, light, sweet kisses while still smiling. He held him a little tighter.

Oishi returned the kisses without thinking, enjoying them, and he realized then he was also terribly exhausted.

"G' night Oishi." Eiji said giving him one more kiss.

"G' night Eiji." Oishi returned the kiss.

Some hours later, the morning sun is streaming into the room, Eiji is shaking Oishi awake out of a dead, deep sleep. Eiji is laughing hysterically.

They are still laying together, wrapped in each other's arms.

"Oishi!.....Wake up!.....Hoi Oishi!.....Wake up!.....Hurry Oishi!....Nya!.....We're stuck!"

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