Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Sixty Four

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi woke a few hours later feeling surprisingly well rested despite the short time. He attributed it to Eiji magically stopping time for them again. Oishi smiled. He felt really happy and then noticed to his amazement that Eiji was laying on him, still fast asleep.

Oishi grinned, thrilled, and had to keep himself from laughing. He tried to match his breathing and stay relaxed to see what Eiji did when he woke up. Oishi was determined to watch him and wait all morning long if he had to. Though he had to remind himself over and over again not to kiss him, or touch him, or rub his back, or else he might wake him.

After a while, he saw Eiji doing the most adorable thing. He was twitching like a puppy Oishi had once seen fast asleep at the pet store, dreaming. His hands and feet moved slightly with little tiny movements and he made a cute little noise. Oishi wondered what he was dreaming about. He then noticed the movement of Eiji's wrist. His hand was resting on Oishi's upper arm and his wrist was moving. He was swinging in his sleep. Either a tennis racket or a sword against a monster but he was swinging. He made another little noise though, and this one sounded a little distressed.

Oishi could not resist not touching him anymore especially after thinking maybe Eiji could be having a bad dream. He moved his hand that was on Eiji's back just a little bit, as if in his own sleep, into a soft caress, just to relax him out of the moving dream. The moment Oishi's hand moved, Eiji gasped softly, he made a little noise, stretched, and then relaxed again. Oishi waited for his breathing to relax and deepen again and kept his own breathing regular to match Eiji's. Eiji stirred again, slightly, he moved into a more comfortable position that only he could ever be comfortable in, and lay his head softly back down, now on the middle of Oishi's chest. He twined his limbs around Oishi's again and then half asleep, he kissed Oishi's chest a few times.

Then all the tension went out of Eiji's body in one rush and he relaxed completely, making a little sigh of contentment.

Oishi was very pleased.

He kept his breathing matched to Eiji's and concentrated on keeping his own body relaxed. Oishi thought he was doing rather well and was ready to wait longer, as long as it took, to see what Eiji did next. Right then, right after he thought that, Eiji turned to look up at Oishi. He was half awake and smiling as if he knew Oishi was awake the entire time. He then moved himself up so his head was beside Oishi's. He shared his pillow and curled up with him, still smiling and sleepy-eyed.

Oishi, was caught but smiled anyway, "Hi." He pressed his lips to Eiji's. Oishi made a little noise. It was half turn on and half disappointment when he tasted cherry toothpaste. "How?" He said to Eiji who was already laughing silently, "How do you do that?" Oishi kissed him again, and then put his index finger lightly on Eiji's mouth when he went to answer him. "No, don't tell me, just keep surprising me, love."

Eiji smiled, looked very happy, and kissed Oishi. He held him so tight and kissed him so hard, he made Oishi laugh. Oishi kissed him back, enjoying the moment fully. "I know we didn't sleep long but did you sleep all right?" Eiji nodded. "No bad dreams?" Eiji shook his head no. Oishi kissed him again, happy that he could. He suggested that the reason Oishi slept so good was Eiji again manipulated time around them, which made Eiji laugh again silently. "You're not talking?" Eiji was smiling, he bit his bottom lip and shook his head no. Oishi kissed his mouth to keep him from biting his lip.

"So how can I get you to talk?" Oishi asked, feeling a little concerned. Eiji smiled his Cheshire cat's smile now. "Do you feel all right?" Eiji shook his head yes, but was not smiling as wide. "Are you still sore?" Eiji shook his head no, and made a face as if to say better. "Are you happy?" Eiji shook his head yes, very strongly, and smiled a little wider. "So, I just need to make you make some noise?" Oishi held him in his arms a little more.

Eiji bit his bottom lip and smiled, he nodded slowly, as if pleased that Oishi finally got it. He looked at Oishi as if he was daring him.

Oishi kissed him and made a little moan as their tongues touched. Eiji was warm and strong and so sweet. He had his arms around Oishi as they kissed and Oishi rolled them so he was more on top. Eiji stopped kissing him and put his arms where he put Oishi's when he wanted Oishi to let him be in control. Oishi smiled at his quite clear message and challenge.

He kissed him for a long time, and when Eiji got very into kissing him, even placing his tongue into Oishi's mouth, daring him, waiting for Oishi to gently suck on it, Oishi pulled back to tease him instead. Oishi was thrilled that Eiji could not make a sound because it certainly would have earned him a loud 'Nya!' any other time. Oishi kissed him lightly and ran his hands over where Eiji's arms and hands lay. "As you wish." he said letting Eiji know he was the one now in 'trouble'.

Eiji went to pout at getting his way, and then not getting his way, but Oishi wouldn't let him. He kissed him deep and played with his mouth. He nibbled at his full lips and tongue and teased him. He used some of Eiji's little tongue flicks back on him, having learned well from Eiji. He smiled after he did and Eiji looked at him surprised and then pleased. Oishi laughed because he could, even if Eiji couldn't. Then Oishi went back to his mouth, kissing him deeply again, letting Eiji relax into the kiss, feel good, and forget his own challenge.

Oishi took it even longer than Eiji must have thought he would, because he seemed to let his guard down. Oishi thought about pulling back and teasing him more. It was what he had planned on doing, but when Eiji relaxed into it, when he was truly enjoying it, when he so trusted and loved him, Oishi found he truly didn't have the heart to tease him that hard. He only wanted to pleasure him. To make him happy.

So Oishi just kept kissing him, touching him all over just how Eiji enjoyed. Still, he heard Eiji give an involuntary sigh of pleasure although, technically, he still said nothing yet. Oishi looked at him smiling and Eiji looked surprised and annoyed as he realized he made even that little noise, that Oishi was able to coax anything out of him. Then his brow wrinkled as he asked Oishi why he hadn't teased him more.

Understanding a little more, Oishi saw that Eiji had prepared himself for Oishi to tease him hard, just not for him to be so loving. In a way, not teasing him had been more of a tease to Eiji. Oishi smiled. He kissed him once more gently. "I couldn't, when it felt good to you, when you enjoyed it, I just couldn't. I love you." Oishi explained, kissing him again.

Eiji smiled then and his expression was that one he used when his true feelings came out, raw and vulnerable, completely trusting and loving. A smile Oishi had only seen Eiji give to him. He gave that long slow blink Oishi was starting to understand he used both when very turned on and when something touched his heart. Oishi kissed him again. Eiji explored Oishi's mouth and put his tongue gently in, waiting, daring him again, Oishi gently sucked on it now as Eiji liked.

Eiji's breath quickened in enjoyment but he made no noise. Oishi did it again to see, but he gave the same little gasp making no real sound. He looked at Oishi and smiled, as if to say continue. Eiji wanted to keep doing this.

Oishi now did too, but he warned him first, smiling, "Okay, but remember, you asked for this, all right?" Oishi felt it was only fair.

Eiji rolled his eyes in response making him laugh. Oishi almost told him he was starting, like he was going to serve, and he laughed at himself. Oishi kissed him again instead, just like before but when Eiji wanted him to respond and do things he liked this time, Oishi didn't. He was back to teasing him. He knew Eiji wouldn't relax into the kiss now and would expect more teasing so Oishi first just kissed him. Then he went to Eiji's shirt to remove it. He slid it up slowly up his stomach, kissing his muscles, and licking his belly button. He continued moving it up and just brushed each of his nipples once lightly with his lips. He kissed his heart and the the hollow at the bottom of his throat. Eiji sat partially up and helped as Oishi removed his shirt. Oishi gently turned Eiji onto his stomach, ignoring his look that was a mixture of confused and surprised.

He placed Eiji's hands out, his elbows folded and palms down. Where Eiji put his hands when Oishi was not allowed to move. He sat over him and gently touched his skin. He left Eiji's underwear on him, he ignored them and anything below for now.

Oishi started at that sensitive place by Eiji's hair on the back of his neck, then he kissed and licked Eiji's back. Everyone has certain spots that were more sensitive than others. Eiji was sensitive nearly everywhere. By the time Oishi reached the middle of his back, Eiji had goose bumps over his skin. It felt good to him and he couldn't move or say a thing. Oishi smiled and continued his way down him. He used his hands to caress Eiji's back, knowing he felt the rough callouses on Oishi's hands against his smooth skin. When it felt good Eiji would almost involuntarily go to press himself up to the touch of Oishi's mouth or hand. Eiji's hands would tighten on the sheet below him. Oishi would use a lighter touch until he stopped and then make him writhe again and again.

Oishi kissed his way down to his underwear and then stopped. He went back to kissing his spot on his ear. He lay for a moment on top of Eiji, reminding them both of another position they had not tried yet, although Oishi had a feeling they wouldn't like it as much, as they couldn't really kiss. He kissed his neck again and went back over to his sensitive ear, still laying on him so Eiji could feel his skin, his weight, and the heat from his body. Oishi teased his ear feeling Eiji respond. He knew it would frustrate him that Oishi couldn't see him and that he wasn't able to kiss or use his hands on Oishi.

He licked around 'his' spot on Eiji's ear and then touched it lightly, but he didn't linger as he was sure Eiji expected him to. Oishi kissed him down again a little faster now, following all the places Eiji most liked. He then stood up and took off his own pajama pants while Eiji tried to figure out what he was doing behind him. Oishi saw him crook his head, like a cat, trying to hear what was going on behind him as Oishi nearly silently moved. Oishi settled himself back behind him and gently stroked Eiji's inner leg. The same stroke he used with the arnica gel that turned him on back then. Oishi gently put his other hand, as if just resting, on the edge of the in the way underwear and ran his finger along the elastic there in a soft caress. He saw Eiji move a little in frustration and spread his legs to get Oishi to touch him more. Oishi smiled and continued, not giving in this time. Oishi put both his hands on the sides of the in the way underwear and he felt Eiji lift himself up to help Oishi remove them.

Oishi gently pushed him back down thinking to him, not yet, love. He again kissed him down his lower back using slow wet strokes of his tongue. He went agonizingly slow, even for him. He saw Eiji tense up his feet in frustration, and when he kissed down further, he saw him curl his toes in pleasure and anticipation. He was just at where his finger tapped Eiji last night in the cab to tell them they were home. Oishi ran his hand up his back and stopped for a moment. He was enjoying Eiji not knowing what he would do next. He pulled his underwear down a little further but not off and not exposing anything. He kissed and licked down him a little further, where his finger dipped last night. He pulled them down a little further, and kissed a little more, licking wetly as he went. He stroked the inside of Eiji's thigh with his hand at the same time.

He felt Eiji wiggling slightly. He went to start moving either up or down to increase Oishi's touch or to grind against the bed. He stopped until Eiji stopped moving and enjoyed that he could not make any noise.

Eiji, caught, stopped, and Oishi started again. He very gently, lightly moved his hand up along the underwear where his leg and hip met. Eiji did not move. Oishi then licked him down a little further just above where he was inside Eiji just a few hours ago. Oishi had to stifle a moan of his own at that thought right now. He moved the underwear down a little further. He spread Eiji's cheeks gently with his hand and started kissing and licking him everywhere but where Eiji wanted him to. He heard Eiji inhale loudly as he felt Oishi using his tongue in wide wet strokes. Eiji kept himself from moving. Oishi looked at him and saw his hands were wrapped in the sheets trying to hold himself back. His head was also a little bit turned as if he might have wanted to look but was trying not to either.

Oishi kept licking around and then licked him, once, slowly, with his tongue right over his entrance in a wide light stroke. Eiji writhed and tried to stop himself. Oishi could feel he was swollen, like he had been before, but was not hurt. Just extremely sensitive. Oishi licked him again softly with his tongue and as he did, he brought his hand up closer so Eiji could feel the heat from his hand, very close to touching him, cupping him. Eiji made a tiny, very tiny, whimpering noise and froze as if waiting for Oishi to notice or not. Oishi pretended like he hadn't heard it and licked his sensitive skin just below and then licked his way up slowly again. Eiji writhed and tried not to. Oishi did it again, several times, licking lightly and not nearly enough. He brought his hand up and cupped his testicles letting him feel the warmth and his touch. Oishi stopped licking him until he stopped moving and then continued again. Oishi gently licked into him this time, feeling the tender skin and hearing Eiji, finally, make a little noise, unable to stop himself.

But it was still a very little noise Oishi thought and smiled.

Oishi licked into him with a slow rhythmic pace feeling Eiji start to move with him as if unable to stop himself. Oishi gently touched his testicles with his hand through his underwear as he kept licking into him. He heard him sigh and felt him relax, wanting Oishi to be deeper in him, wanting the touch to be more. Oishi ran his hand over his erection in a soft caress and then stopped. He removed his hand. Eiji was so surprised that he looked at him, forgetting for a moment according to his rules, he wasn't supposed to. Oishi came up to his mouth along Eiji's back. Eiji turned under him so that he could reach Oishi's mouth and kissed him. Oishi made sure his erection was right between Eiji's legs. Right there where Eiji could feel it on his now wet, sensitive, swollen skin.

He kissed Eiji back. Eiji turned in his arms still kissing him. His kiss was hungry and him being freed from his own restriction of not moving, made him react even more. Eiji wiggled himself around as they kissed so that Oishi's erection was between his legs. His underwear was still pulled down in the back but not off. He pressed Oishi's tip against his entrance with his hand, asking him to, please to, please, without saying a word.

He caressed Eiji's face with his hand as he kissed him. "You know I want to love, but I won't hurt you. We shouldn't right now. We'll do other things." Oishi kissed him again and had Eiji been making noise, he would have loudly voiced his disappointment. He looks so adorable.... Oishi thought; Eiji's eyes looked so blue they were nearly black with lust and want.

Eiji pressed down again making Oishi close his eyes for a second with wanting him too. Oishi kissed him. "Soon, I promise." Eiji looked at him. He was now annoyed, demanding to know when did Oishi mean soon was, especially as they wouldn't be alone like this possibly for a week or more. Oishi kissed him, he wanted him so much. "Soon, we'll find a way, okay?" Oishi thought Eiji was going to argue with him, had he been talking he would have. He kissed Oishi instead and wrapped his legs around him. Oishi was feeling a moment of weakness, and he found he was mentally arguing with himself but logically he figured waiting was the better thing to do. He kept kissing Eiji and thankful he didn't press down a third time, insisting again, because just at that moment, Oishi would not have been able to wait.

Eiji didn't. As if he could see that Oishi wanted him too, very much, and he was struggling for a moment with it also. Eiji instead kissed Oishi, he pouted, and put his arms around him, holding him close. "Thank you." Oishi whispered sincerely meaning it. He would have felt terrible if he hurt Eiji. "But Eiji?" He heard the lust he felt in his voice, and knowing Eiji would hear it too, he smiled, "I wasn't finished yet."

Eiji looked at him, he smiled again, slightly, and when he saw how Oishi was looking at him, he bit his bottom lip. Oishi took Eiji's hands from around him gently and ran them across his own chest before kissing and laying Eiji back down, this time facing up. He set his hands again at his sides.

Oishi kissed him until Eiji stopped biting his lip. Eiji enthusiastically kissed him back. Oishi kissed him for a long time until they both melted into the kiss. It made the maddening want, the urgency to come, the overwhelming feelings of lust ease up, just enough to stand it. Oishi took the kiss to Eiji's neck, his chest, and his ear playing with his favorite and most sensitive places. He found that while he was kissing him, he was lightly moving with Eiji, they were almost thrusting up against each other in rhythm. His erection was still between Eiji's legs and cheeks and Eiji was locked onto him, holding him there. Eiji smiled when he saw Oishi now noticing.

Oishi moved further down to stop the too tempting movement and kissed his nipple teasing it with his tongue and lips until it was erect and wet in his mouth. Eiji bucked his hips and made a silent moan as Oishi sucked gently on it. He used his hand on that one and went to his other one. Oishi had found that for some reason this one was more sensitive on Eiji so he touched it second, teasing him, and enjoying it when Eiji writhed from the sensations.

He kissed his mouth again and Eiji hotly kissed him back. He looked drunk with lust again but Oishi was more in control of his own desire now. He kissed down to where Eiji's erection was still straining in his half off underwear and Oishi slowly removed them. Eiji even went to use his hands to help make it faster before he forgot he couldn't. He touched Oishi's hair instead running his fingers through it. Oishi watched as he gave that long slow blink as Oishi went to lick the spot of wetness off his tip with his tongue before gently taking him in his mouth. He used Eiji's own light tongue flicks on him and Eiji gave a silent moan, wanting more.

Oishi had to admit, the entire no noise thing, which was fun at first, was now really getting to him. Especially when Oishi thought to himself that they might not have a chance to make noise for a while. Oishi wanted him to enjoy it and he wanted to hear him. He also distantly realized that up until recently, he had been much more quiet than Eiji and while it must have bothered Eiji, he never said. Eiji was always very pleased though when Oishi made noise. His jokes to Oishi that he had been louder were just because he was pleased and wanted him to do it more.

Now, Oishi wanted to hear Eiji and he wanted him to come. He got up and Eiji looked surprised until he saw Oishi getting the lube. Then when Oishi lay down next to him, he looked confused again. Oishi kissed him. "Just one finger, and if it hurts you will tell me?" Eiji nodded, smiled, happy, and held up two fingers, always pushing. "We'll see, lets start with one? Promise me." Eiji nodded, mimicking Oishi's serious face, but still not making a sound. Oishi kissed him again to seal it and then went back down. Eiji tapped him wanting him to move himself around so Eiji could do the same to him. "No." Oishi said making Eiji's jaw drop. "Not until I make you make some noise." Oishi smiled. Eiji looked surprised and then shrugged, giving a half smile at the challenge. He made a face at Oishi and would have probably stuck his tongue out at anyone else.

That did make Oishi smile more as he took him again in his mouth as deep as he could. Then he gently started to tease him again. Using Eiji's own little tongue flicks on him while he gently stroked around where Oishi was inside Eiji just a few hours ago, now with a well lubricated finger. He entered him very slowly, betting he was sore. Oishi had a feeling Eiji would try to push against him, try to do too much, so he withdrew his finger. He then wrapped his arm around Eiji, his hand around his base so he could thrust, and Oishi could control him moving. "Yes?" Oishi asked and got a yes nod in response. He entered him again with his finger feeling that it was easier this time, Eiji was relaxing instantly, wanting more, wanting him inside him. Oishi heard himself moan around Eiji in his mouth at the thought and Eiji's responses. Oishi then took Eiji deeper into his mouth and heard him make a tiny whimper as he did. Eiji touched Oishi's skin and his hair as if needing to touch him.

Eiji relaxed himself completely after and Oishi reached that spot inside him. He took him again deeper into his mouth and gently pressed. Eiji made a little wail of a moan as if he was trying not to and could not help himself. Oishi knew he almost came but was holding back. Oishi withdrew his finger and slowly worked a second one into him. Eiji writhed on the bed but only in pleasure, only wanting more, he seemed to be in no pain. Oishi watched him carefully but all he did was relax or writhe in pleasure whenever Oishi took him deeper into his mouth or went deeper inside him.

He was inside him over that spot, about to press again when Eiji touched him and pulled him towards him, shaking his head no. He gently pulled Oishi up to face him. Oishi was going to tell Eiji no, and then remembered that not so long ago he did the same thing to Eiji, beg Eiji to let Oishi touch him. Oishi thought Eiji was going to do that again now. He pulled Oishi up to him and when Oishi reached his mouth Eiji kissed him sweet and hard. When the kiss was finished he whispered, "Oishi...." then Eiji kissed him again. "I love you." Eiji said softly breaking the kiss.

Now Oishi understood the no noise. "I love you too. You weren't going to make any noise until it was over and you could tell me you loved me?" Eiji nodded pouting and Oishi wasn't sure if it was just because he had lost. Oishi kissed him again, "That's very sweet and it was very fun. But it wasn't making no noise it was just on talking. I want to hear you. I love hearing you." Oishi kissed him again and felt Eiji respond hotly.

Eiji broke the kiss suddenly, "Oishi, please." Oishi looked at him confused, not sure what Eiji meant by that sudden needy plea. "Please Oishi, please make love to me, please, even just a little, I want you. I want you to come inside me. You won't hurt me Oishi, nya. Please."

Oishi hesitated, not sure, wanting him terribly, but not wanting to hurt him even more. He was thinking of Eiji giving too much all the time until he exhausted himself. Oishi didn't want him to do the same and have him hurt.

Eiji gently rubbed the crease between Oishi's brows. "Nya Oishi. Stay with me. I would never let you hurt me because it would hurt you too much. Nya Oishi, look at me." Oishi hadn't even realized he had looked away in his hesitation, in his worry. Eiji kissed him before Oishi could look at him. Then when Eiji pulled back after the kiss, Oishi saw him. Eiji looked adorable and sexy but his eyes were clear, he didn't look taken away in the moment in lust. It seemed to be more than that to him right now. He looked just like he loved Oishi and he wanted Oishi to understand what he was really saying and wanting, terribly. "Please, make love to me, Oishi?"

He wanted him but he wasn't sure. Oishi was going to say to Eiji after all the time touching and teasing him he wouldn't even last very long, but then he realized of course Eiji knew that too. He knew Oishi well. Eiji knew himself well too. He knew how to fall. He was asking Oishi to trust him and saying it was important to Eiji that Oishi did. Maybe after yesterday and how tired he was. Especially as they might not have the chance to be together this way for some time. Oishi almost asked Eiji if this was really what he wanted but stopped himself. Oishi could clearly see it was, and it was what he wanted also. He kissed him instead, enjoying the feel of Eiji responding to his touch and his kiss, and appreciating that Eiji gave him time to think.

Oishi smiled, "Do you want to be on top again?" He thought at least that way Eiji could control it. Eiji blinked once, he looked surprised and very happy.

He smiled and shook his head no, "Nya, you Oishi. I want you. Please?" He wrapped his arms and legs around Oishi's, pulling him closer to him, as if showing him what he wanted while he kissed Oishi. It was a playful kiss, with a little bit of teasing in it, and a lot of affection. He wiggled as he kissed him until Oishi's erection was right up against him, between his legs, again.

Oishi laughed, surrendering to him completely, "Wait, wait, let me at least get some stuff on me first." Eiji laughed, delighted and happy again. Oishi paused a moment, he caressed his smiling face and said, "What am I going to do with you Kikumaru?"

Eiji laughed, he was very happy again and suggested, "Love me?"

Oishi remembered what Eiji said about the two old men and answered to please him, "Completely."

Eiji smiled, elated and bright like the morning sun at Oishi's response. He kissed him soundly for it, making that little purring noise as he did. It turned Oishi's blood to fire, just that little noise. He missed it terribly in just the time he was silent. Somehow, Eiji during their kiss, had found the lube and was reaching down to put it on Oishi. Oishi went to help, "Nya, I want to, I want to touch you, you wouldn't let me touch you." Eiji explained. Oishi seriously worried that Eiji would hold him too hard and make him come but he didn't. He used a feathery light touch, a tease, and gently stroked Oishi and then both Oishi and himself. Oishi kissed him as he did, only looking down to see Eiji touching himself when Oishi felt him moving.

Oishi moaned, "Keep doing that with me watching you and I'll come."

Eiji smiled at his reaction, "Nya yet, love. Nya yet."

Oishi kissed him laughing, and felt himself with his hand, making sure there was more than enough lubrication. There was. Eiji kissed Oishi hard and wanton as Oishi slowly entered him with little, gentle, rocking thrusts, still worried about hurting him. Eiji stopped kissing Oishi for a moment to turn Oishi's name into a moan, "Oi...shi!"

Oishi looked at him at first worried and then bit astonished. Eiji's face was flushed, and he smiled almost shy about the noise he made. "That," Oishi assured him, "was a very good noise."

Eiji smiled and seemed to be thinking about it. Oishi thrust again gently, getting his attention back. Eiji in response moaned Oishi's name again.

Oishi smiled, Eiji was extremely sensitive and Oishi wasn't even at that spot inside him yet. Eiji must have had enough of sitting still, he pushed himself down further onto Oishi and Oishi felt him relax himself to slide Oishi further into him. Oishi moaned in response to the sensation of Eiji tight and hot and wanting more. "You're all right?" Oishi checked, stopping for a moment and giving himself time to last longer.

Eiji was lost to the pleasure, and moaned his reply, "Yes, Oishi, please, don't stop, more...." Oishi slid a little more into him and Eiji cried his name again "Oi...shi!" Oishi moved a little more and Eiji lifted his hips to meet him, sliding Oishi further, faster into him than Oishi intended and making both of them moan. Oishi made a raw noise and Eiji cried, "Oi...shi! Don't stop!" Oishi pulled a little out of him and thrust into him again, meaning to be gentle and slow but Eiji met his thrust with one of his own taking Oishi deeper inside him. Eiji cried "Yeah...Oi...shi! More!"

Oishi felt Eiji stroking himself with one hand and with his other trying to pull Oishi into him faster, harder, deeper. Oishi pulled a little out again and thrust into him, he was almost all the way inside him and amazed. He felt so good, so tight, so hot inside, and his moaning Oishi's name at each thrust was driving Oishi crazy. Oishi kept thrusting gently in and out of him, using long slow strokes, hearing Eiji moan Oishi's name each time, over and over again. Oishi paused a moment, just a moment because he wasn't sure if he was going to come and was trying to last.

When Oishi paused Eiji immediately took over and thrust himself down, tilting his hips up to receive him, wrapping his legs tightly around him, pressing Oishi all the way, deep inside himself. Eiji again cried Oishi's name and started to move much faster than Oishi had been. Waiting for Oishi to match his pace, his rhythm, "Oi..shi...there...oh harder...right there...oh don't stop...yeah...please!" he said with each of his thrusts onto Oishi. He kept moving on Oishi. Waiting for him and wanting more.

Oishi took Eiji's erection in his hand and matched the hard, fast rhythm Eiji set, thrusting himself into Eiji the way Eiji wanted at the same time. Eiji met every one of his thrusts writhing in pleasure and saying his name, "Oi..shi, Oi..shi, Oi..shi, Oi..shi, Oi..shi...!"

Oishi was trying to last, trying to hold on, waiting for Eiji. He knew neither of them really wanted it to end but he was so hot, so deep, and Eiji kept wanting more. Finally just when Oishi thought he couldn't last another second, he felt every muscle in Eiji's body contract, felt him tighten up so tight around Oishi deep inside him. "Eiji!" Oishi cried as he came hard, thrusting, shuddering inside him, hearing Eiji call out his name again as he came at the same time.

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