Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Thirty One

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

They filled the bathtub and stripped, glad to be out of their clothes after playing tennis that afternoon. Oishi had brought the last of the orange bubble bath Eiji seemed to enjoy. Eiji was thrilled and got into the bathtub before it finished filling, unable to wait, making Oishi laugh. He washed his hair and made ridiculous hair styles with soap to make Oishi laugh more and then washed Oishi's for him as well. Oishi was glad for once he had short hair, not wanting to even know what he would look like with a mohawk of soap. Really.

Eiji turned to shut off the water and Oishi saw his left side was all bruised. He must have landed hard either that morning or that afternoon and never said. Oishi traced around the outside of the bruise with his finger wishing the hurt away. Eiji who usually adored attention, squirmed whenever it related to any injuries, and did so now. As if he could not tolerate them or any reminder of them. Oishi asked, "Does anything hurt? Anything sore?"

Eiji cocked his head to the side and wanted his neck and shoulders rubbed to Oishi's shock. He rubbed against Oishi's touch like a cat wanting to be pet more. When he was done, Oishi could not resist kissing the back of his neck just to hear him purr in contentment. "Now you." Eiji insisted.

"I'm not sore there though."

"Nya. You are, you just don't know it yet." Eiji had that wicked look on his face.

He gently rubbed Oishi's neck and shoulders for a while and then somehow dug his strong fingertips into his neck. Oishi almost shot out of the bathtub and had to stifle a yelp of pain. "Eiji!" He whispered, "That hurts!"

"Trust. It will feel better when I'm done." He kept digging.

"Eiji it will feel better when you stop!" Eiji instantly dropped his hands into the water like they were on fire. Oishi turned to him.

"Nya? You said stop." He explained looking guilty.

Oishi felt guilty now. "Its okay, just not so hard. Please?"

"Hoi." Again he dug his fingers in. Oishi had to suppress a scream. "Oishi, put your shoulders down. Thank you. Relax." Oh sure Oishi thought just relax while he is scraping my muscles raw and rubbing my skin off me! Oishi, regardless, tried to relax reasoning that Eiji would not do something that hurt him, not without reason. He hoped. "Hoi. Now lean forward a little. Thank you." Oishi's upper back or neck, he was not sure which gave a wicked pop, "Now turn your head slowly this way," Eiji guided him but let Oishi crack it himself. It sounded like firecrackers over broken glass. "And the other way." Again it sounded violent. Oishi hoped he would not be in traction after this. "Okay, you're done."

Eiji helped Oishi turn around and then kissed him. "Better?" He asked with a smile. Oishi was sore and could tell he would be sore as hell for a while, but it felt better, less tense, somehow, easier to move. His jaw which had been sore felt a little better too.

"How?" He blinked at Eiji astonished.

Eiji laughed, "My grandmother did that for a living. I used to watch her. Hoi. Is it better?" Eiji was looking at him concerned. Oishi realized his real reason for it was the panic attack must have scared him as much as it scared Oishi.

"It is better. Thank you, love. If I can move tomorrow I'll be able to win for sure."

Eiji laughed. "Hmm. We'll just need to think of something to relax you. Completely."

"Any ideas?" Oishi said taking him into his arms and kissing him. He liked this big bathtub where they could comfortably face each other.

Eiji laughed as he wrapped his strong legs around Oishi. He kissed Oishi and wiggled himself up into a position so that Oishi's hard erection was just between his cheeks. Oishi gasped as he made the surprise contact in the water. Eiji's face was flushed from the warm bath water, and their kissing. He looked the perfect mischievous devil. "A few." he said as innocently as an angel.

"What am I going to do with you Kikumaru?" Oishi asked kissing him and laughing.

"Love me?" Eiji suggested laughing back.

They kissed and touched and petted and sighed and teased each other until the water was cold and their hands were pruned. They got out, dried each other, brushed their teeth and changed for bed. Well, really, it was to walk down the hall to bed in case Tezuka was still there or Fuji walked out although they were all naked nearly twice daily in the locker room. How things change, Oishi thought with a smile. Eiji held Oishi's hand down the hall to Yuuta's room. Oishi noticed that Eiji was absently checking the healing over blister from when his grip had come loose and rubbed him wrong. As if assuring himself that Oishi was fine.

If Oishi was not already smiling, it would have made him.

They made the futon bed together and Eiji lay down on it. Oishi turned on the closet light and closed the closet door over so they could see but it wasn't bright in the room. Eiji snuggled into bed, a little cold, and watched Oishi do his little ritual of laying his things out the night before. Eiji just observed, smiling. "Did you have any homework?" Oishi asked while thinking about school.

"Nya. Did it."


"Nya. You would have made me so I did it."

"Thanks." Oishi smiled hearing Eiji mutter something about mothering but knowing Eiji mothered him right back.

Oishi climbed into bed and Eiji to his delight was already naked. Eiji stopped Oishi before climbed under the cover saying, "Off!" to Oishi's pants.

"Please." Oishi knew he could only let Eiji order him around so much.

"Hoi, please."

"As you wish." Eiji smiled despite himself. He was cold from the bathtub and was shivering up against Oishi when Oishi lay back down and covered them both. Eiji's teeth were chattering lightly. "We have to warm you up, love." Oishi said kissing him. Eiji rolled them over pulling Oishi on top of him. He ran his strong fingers and tennis calloused hands along Oishi's naked back giving Oishi the shivers of a different kind.

Eiji kissed him and sighed, "Hmm. You're so warm..."

Oishi kissed him on his mouth, and his neck, enjoying the touch, the taste, and the smell of him, not to mention those little whimpering purr noises Oishi adored. They turned his blood into fire nearly instantly. Oishi sighed and said quietly, "We have to be quiet..."

"Hmm." A little quieter than before was Eiji's only reply. Oishi kissed him over his tight stomach, down over his hips, and took him in his mouth enjoying the feel as he got fully hard in his mouth. "Nya." Eiji whispered when he saw that Oishi had put himself out of Eiji's reach. "I want to touch you. Same time Oishi." Oishi knew that it was still fairly early, and they did have all night. He thought a minute and Eiji again reached for him pouting and saying, "Please, Oishi."

Oishi could not resist his pout. He moved himself around and thought that Eiji would take him in his hand. Instead he moved around further and took Oishi in his mouth. Oishi moved a little more and turned Eiji mostly on his side so they could reach better. Eiji took him all the way in his mouth shaking his head no and turning so his hips were flat. Oishi moaned and then understood. Eiji liked thrusting and wanted to do it again. Oishi held him that way again taking him into his mouth, folding his arm around him so Eiji could thrust. It was not Oishi's favorite position because he couldn't see Eiji's face but it felt amazing and the things Eiji's mouth was doing to Oishi were incredible. Then Eiji placed the little bottle of lubrication on his own stomach again. Oishi looked at him and he nodded. He was still waiting and Oishi nodded.

Before Oishi had the lube on his fingers Eiji had started on him. Oishi had to stop and say, "Wait, love wait, I need to get you caught up okay? You have me so close already, Eiji." Eiji slowed his mouth to a long, slow, tantalizing lick in response. Oishi almost shuddered and went to thrust to feel him deep in his mouth again but he caught himself just in time. "Eiji?" He whispered, "I really can't see you and I know we can't make a lot of noise but will you make some noise for me, so I know you like it?"

Eiji said nothing but took him deep in his mouth making Oishi groan softly in response. He took that as a yes.

Oishi then took him into his mouth, as deep as he could, holding him with his hand tight how Eiji liked it. He slowly slid a finger inside him. Oishi heard Eiji moan quietly in response. Oishi slowly and gently slipped one finger into him and then a second learning how good Eiji was feeling by the movements of his body and the quiet sounds he made. He increased using his mouth by how much Eiji relaxed.

Oishi knew Eiji was close so he slowed down and let Eiji pleasure him and again bring him right to the edge with his mouth and hand. Oishi felt Eiji add a second slick finger sliding into him and Oishi found himself giving a little whimper of pleasure reminding himself to keep it down. One at a time they pleasured each other to the point where they both were shaking and trembling for release. Eventually they caught up with each other so they were both on the brink of coming.

Oishi thought he just could not take it anymore and had no idea how Eiji was able to stand it a second longer either. He first slowly, gently pressed onto that spot in Eiji while increasing licking and stroking Eiji's throbbing erection in his mouth. Eiji was right along with him doing the same to him not half a second later. Oishi thought Eiji would come right away but they both lasted a while intensifying the orgasm until they both came. It was like a tidal wave of pleasure drowning both of them. Eiji thrust and came into his mouth as Oishi did the same shaking and gasping around Eiji's erection.

When it was over, they both lay side by side panting. When Eiji didn't move right away, Oishi used every last bit of energy he had ever had, and struggled to go to him. He caressed Eiji's hair off his face and kissed him. They held each other a long time. Some time later Eiji said softly, "Couldn't see you."

Oishi kissed him, "It was incredible, you made me feel really good, but, I didn't like that I couldn't see you or kiss you either."

Eiji nodded against him and lay quietly for a long time. "I love you, Oishi." He said softly.

Oishi kissed him again, "I love you too." Eiji was too still, "Are you okay? Not hurt?"

"Nya hurt Oishi. Good."

Oishi held his face and kissed him then for a long time. "Better?" he asked when they came up for air.

"Better." Eiji said with a laugh. "Hmm, how was two?"

"Surprising." Oishi said knowing it would make Eiji laugh and glad when it did, "But, good. You?"

"Hmm. Good." Eiji said kissing him, "More."

Oishi laughed, "More?"

Eiji laughed too, "Please."

"Eiji, is there anything you want to do?"

"Hmm? Besides...that?"

"Yes, besides...that." Oishi said laughing. "Its still all right if we wait a little while for, that?"

"Hoi. I thought we were waiting. Special, right?"

"Yes. And some place where we're alone. Where we can make all the noise we want." Oishi said kissing him.

Eiji smiled, "But you still want to?" He sounded a bit unsure of it.

"Do you?" Oishi asked not sure of the tone of his voice.

"Yes." Eiji paused, "A lot." He was pouting.

"Oh." Oishi said understanding, "Do you want me to say it to you?" Eiji nodded pouting. It made Oishi's heart give a little turn with the love he felt for him. "Eiji," He said softly his voice nearly a whisper, "I want to make love to you. I want to make love with Eiji. I think about it all the time. Do you?"

"Yes." Eiji whispered back. His whisper sounding hungry and needy. Oishi kissed him and Eiji met his mouth, kissing Oishi hard as if trying to show Oishi how he felt. Oishi responded instantly kissing him back just as hard and making Eiji moan softly.

"I just want to wait a little longer, love. I want our first time to be special. Okay?"

"Yes." Eiji whispered again, "Kiss me."

"Gladly." Oishi turned them so he was on top. He kissed Eiji feeling the searing heat building up in them both again. Oishi wanted to make love to Eiji without yet having sex. He had a feeling of what Eiji might enjoy and the confidence in them that if Eiji wanted something different, he would ask for it. Oishi kissed him and teased him until Eiji was grinding his hardness up against Oishi's moaning softly. Oishi was in awe of no matter how much they touched each other and pleased each other it only seemed to make them want each other more. Oishi loved him slowly as if he didn't feel the pressure of their passion building up in him too. He wanted Eiji shaking with lust again, and slowly, lovingly set about bringing both of them there using just his lips, his hands, and his tongue to love his friend.

He kissed Eiji, deeply teasing him with his tongue, and playing with him. Eiji smiled as much as he sighed in pleasure. When Eiji was whispering his name and trembling, Oishi took both of them in his hands. Eiji moaned watching him.

Eiji replaced Oishi's hands a few seconds later and his hands were wet with the lubrication. Oishi took Eiji's shoulders in his hands as he had that first night and kissed him. Eiji moaned in pleasure and smiled thrilled, as Oishi did exactly what he had wanted without him having to say. Eiji kissed him feverishly as if he couldn't get enough. They thrust against each other kissing and looking into each others eyes. Each one getting closer to orgasm brought the other with him until Eiji thrust his hips softly crying, "Oishi...!" Into Oishi's mouth at the same time Oishi thrust against him quietly moaning "...Eiji!" into his. Just an instant before they came together Eiji said softly in a whisper at the height of his climax "Shuuichirou..." Oishi came so hard he actually saw colors and stars.

As their orgasms ended they kept kissing and smiling at each other. Oishi went to roll more on his side to take his weight off Eiji. Eiji said, "Nya Oishi. Stay." and kissed him again.

"I'm just going to get something to clean us up with okay?" He said kissing him.

"Hoi." Eiji made a cute face looking down and wrinkling his nose at the mess on them. Oishi laughed at it and brought over his light colored shirt from that day. He wiped both of them, Eiji first.

"Did we get any anywhere?"

Eiji looked around "Nya, just us." Oishi found he had a bottle of water in his bag still mostly full. He took it out and offered it to Eiji first. Eiji drank and handed it back to him. Oishi drank, finding he was very thirsty. He put it down and turned off the closet light. They never closed the curtain in the room so the moon shone bright through the window. Oishi went to close it and Eiji said, "Oishi? Leave it a little, so I can see you?"

Oishi complied and went back to bed. He was still hot from before so he didn't throw the cover over them. "Are you cold?" He asked Eiji.

"Nya, hot. Hoi? Is your jaw tired?"

Oishi smiled, "Not yet, here's yours by the way." He put a piece of the terrible gum in his mouth and handed Eiji a piece of cherry gum.

Eiji was delighted that Oishi remembered. "Hoi, I want to taste yours and you can taste mine." He said kissing Oishi.

"I thought about kissing you with that cherry gum since last night."

"All day?" Eiji sounded intrigued.

"All damn day." Oishi said smiling and glad he could see Eiji too. Eiji kissed him again laughing when Oishi said damn, which was so very un-Oishi. At least before Eiji.



"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Nine things."


"Hoi. I counted."

"Can I know what they are?"

"Some. Strawberry gum, kissing me this morning, rubbing my neck, and a date."

"Can I guess the other five?"


Oishi thought, it could be anything. "Playing tennis this morning, you played really well all day by the way, worrying about your bruises, trusting you to fix my neck that didn't even hurt before, taking care of Fuji and worrying about him, being upset when I thought you would never talk to me again, wanting to make love to you and saying it, and making love to you without having sex?"

"Hoi. That's more than five."

"Am I right?"

"Nya. I just...forgot some. But you missed one."

"Making love to you the way you wanted me to without having to ask?"

"Nya, I forgot that one too." He sighed, "There's one more."



"Okay." Oishi knew that would really bother Eiji. "Do you want to know what my thank yous to you is for?"

"Hoi." Eiji said it in a yawn.

"Everything." Oishi said smiling pulling the blanket over them as they cooled down. He lay mostly on his back and Eiji snuggled up to his chest. Eiji must have still been warm though because he had only thrown one arm and one leg on him without wrapping them, yet.

"Nya Oishi!" Oishi smiled and kissed his hair. He knew that would bug Eiji too.

"Okay, let me think," He thought, yawned, counted, recounted, "twenty-two things."

"Too many!" He said smiling.

"I told you." Oishi said. Eiji rolled away and Oishi spooned him. It felt nice when Eiji further snuggled into Oishi's arms. Oishi could not torture him any longer though, "And Eiji", he kissed his hair again, "You never have to thank me for loving you. Ever. I just do. I always will. You don't ever need to thank me for it. Okay?"

Eiji turned and smiled, "You guessed?"

"I know you. I knew." Oishi discarded his gum into the wrapper and held out his hand. "Gum." Eiji complied but pouted still wanting to chew gum as he slept. Oishi thought he might even argue that if he choked Oishi was right there but he didn't. Eiji gave it over, gave Oishi some last cherry pouting kisses, and turned to lay on Oishi wrapping his limbs around him in an impossible configuration, pinning Oishi to bed for the next several hours. Oishi thought he could not have been happier.

But then Eiji said in a whisper full of wonder, "You knew." and Oishi was.

"Good night, Eiji. I love you."

"I love you, Oishi, good night."

Oishi woke up once during the night from a bad dream. He didn't remember what it was about, only that things were getting worse and worse. He woke up with a little gasp and found his heart racing and himself breaking into a cold sweat.

Eiji had moved during the night and was laying with his head on Oishi's shoulder, his arm and leg wrapped tight around Oishi. Oishi snuggled closer to Eiji and kissed his forehead. Oishi tried to relax to fall back asleep but before he could fall asleep again, he found that Eiji, having a dream himself, was twitching. His limbs were making little jerking movements and he whimpered something softly. Oishi kissed his forehead again and gently woke him saying his name softly, "Eiji, Eiji? Shhh. Its okay."

Eiji woke with a start and a gasp but lay back down realizing where he was and who he was with. He snuggled closer, shivering, whispering, "...find you."

"Shhh. I'm right here, love, its okay, go back to sleep." He kissed Eiji's forehead finding it damp with sweat from his nightmare. "I love you."

Eiji murmured, "...love you, Oishi." and drifted back to sleep curling around Oishi again, smiling, and making a soft sigh of contentment. Oishi lay awake with him for a while making sure Eiji slept with no more bad dreams. No more monsters for Oishi to save him from. He watched Eiji's face while he was sleeping looking so young, happy, and relaxed.

Eiji was smiling now even while asleep. Oishi realized that Eiji had tucked one loving and trusting hand into Oishi's as he nestled up with him. Oishi smiled and matched his breathing to Eiji's.

He soon joined him, falling into a deep sleep.

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