Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

Fuji and Oishi walked over to Eiji's. Oishi's phone rang and he looked to see who it was. Kiko, again. He didn't answer it and explained to Fuji that she called him constantly. He told Fuji he would have to cancel his date. He said Eiji would probably have to cancel his own date tomorrow as Eiji could probably not go, being hurt. He told Fuji who was still going with Eve.

"But you could go Oishi-kun." Fuji smiled at him, looking dangerous.

Kiko had called him every night of the week always more than once. He was not interested in her but was not sure what Eiji was going to do or wanted to do until he talked to him. He was sure though that Eiji liked Kiku. He mentioned this to Fuji. Fuji had seen Eiji everyday and knew better than Oishi what Eiji was thinking and feeling.

Fuji only said in his own Fuji-like way, "Ah."

When they got to the house, Fuji said after he rang the bell, "Mn, its like playing doubles, I distract, you score."

Before Oishi could ask what Fuji meant, the tensai went in hugging Eiji's Mom, steering her towards the kitchen and saying "Hello! Its so nice to see you too. I brought Oishi too, oh and I brought...." Fuji turned and glanced at Oishi and the stairs. Oishi did not have to be told twice.

Oishi practically ran up the stairs, and knocked softly on the door. His heart was pounding, and Oishi was feeling terrible that he brought nothing with him in his haste to see him. He was hoping he wasn't going to wake Eiji, if he was sleeping. But he heard an answer to his knock, "Yah-Hoi! Fuji-ko! Come in!"

Oh, he really missed that happy sound.

He turned the knob, went in and closed the door behind him. "Eiji, I'm sorry, its me, not Fuji, Fuji is downstairs, and...." he turned to look at Eiji for the first time in days. He was sitting up in his bed, and looking surprised back at Oishi. Eiji's mouth dropped open and he shut it. Eiji then tilted his chin up defiantly, as if braced for bad news, or expecting Oishi to yell at him. He was sitting there with books and papers all around him. Scattered also on the piles were the pictures Oishi had taken and brought him from the pet store too. The bubble bath, now half empty, was sitting on his nightstand.

Eiji didn't say a word and Oishi wanted to get his apology in before Eiji threw him out and never spoke to him again. "Eiji, I am so sorry. I wish it was me that was hurt and not you. I...I miss you in school and at practice. I miss talking and laughing with you. I miss you. You're my best friend. I...I hope I am still yours. Please forgive me."

Eiji's face softened. He moved some things aside and patted his bed next to him. Oishi obeyed and sat. Oishi couldn't look him in the eye and waited for him to say something, anything, even if was just that he never wanted to speak to Oishi again.

"Hoi. Oishi is worried. His lips are pressed together and his forehead is creased right here." Eiji flicked his forehead and then reached over and hugged Oishi, hard. "I'm sorry too. Fuji-senpai told me that you've been playing terrible, worried you would hurt someone, and that you haven't laughed once all week."

Oishi was surprised as Eiji hugged him hard. He found he had tears stinging his eyes as he hugged Eiji back. He realized it was true. "I haven't laughed once. I don't even think I smiled all week except when I beat Fuji so that he would bring me to see you."

Eiji pushed him back to look at him. "Hoi! Oishi! YOU beat Fuji!?"

"Well I really wanted to see you and he said it was the only way......"

"Hoi hoi! Oishi! You beat FUJI!?" He laughed, throwing back his head, utterly delighted.

"Yeah," Oishi said shyly, "do you want to hear about it?"

"Hoi!" Eiji smiled, thrilled.

They talked and laughed for a while catching up. Oishi told Eiji he was going to cancel his date for tomorrow and asked Eiji what he wanted to do. He felt silly asking him but he wanted to know anyway. Eiji said he didn't want to see Kiku again, she had called him all week, leaving him messages even though she didn't even know him. Eiji said he hadn't answered any of her calls but she still had left him message after message. He said he didn't like her. Oishi felt strangely relieved.

While Eiji was talking about Kiku and her many calls, Kiko called Oishi, again. Oishi answered her call this time and told her that they couldn't make it because Eiji was hurt. Oishi then told her nicely that he was too busy with school and tennis to really date her right now. He wished her well and said he hoped she understood. Oishi felt bad but she was calling him all the time, and he wasn't interested in her. She was angry, very, very angry, then she got upset on the phone. It made it easier in a way for Oishi. He was nice but firm repeating twice that no, he really didn't want to see her anymore when she asked. Eiji listened and encouraged him.

Then when Oishi was off the phone they went back to catching up. Eiji enjoyed hearing the rumors that were flying about Oishi breaking his arm or his face with the tennis ball. He thought they were funny.

Fuji, kindly, never even came up to see Eiji.

Eiji's Mom brought both of them dinner upstairs a little later. She then told them Fuji had gone and said he would see Oishi tomorrow at practice. They both felt bad that they had kind of, forgot, about Fuji, and laughed a little at it. Eiji even called Fuji to apologize and Oishi got on after him and thanked the tensai once again.

After they got off the phone, Eiji asked Oishi to stay overnight. Even though he would have to borrow some of Eiji's clothes, Oishi agreed. His family was away again for the weekend and there was no way he was going to leave Eiji after finally getting to see him.

If Eiji felt up to watching the morning practice Oishi said he could probably even ride him there on the back of Eiji's bike. Eiji liked that idea and said he had been bored sitting around for a week. If he wasn't up to riding then his Mom could drive them, but the bike sounded more fun.

After eating, Oishi helped Eiji hobble down the hall and get ready for bed. They lay talking next to each other in Eiji's bed though it was still early. Oishi was trying to work his way up to apologize about what a jerk he had been, and was having trouble trying to find a way to start.

Eiji, having no fear, jumped right in before Oishi had the chance. "Hoi Oishi? Did you, see me looking at you when you were kissing Kiko?"

"Yes, why were you?" Oishi was well aware that he had to be looking at Eiji too for him to have noticed Eiji looking.

"Nya! I was trying to warn you away from the bad smell!" They both laughed at this and then Eiji said, "Nya, Oishi I felt...mad...I was jealous, I guess...nya...I mean the night before we...and then you had your arm around her." Eiji pouted a bit at this.

"Eiji she asked me to put my arm around her because she said she was cold. I think I only kissed her because I was a little jealous when I saw you already kissing Kiku who you'd just met."

"Nya! I did not kiss her! She kissed me! And it was bad! Not just the taste or the smell.........."

"..........or the burning?"

"Nya! The burning! It was terrible! Let me show you........."

Before Oishi could think or react, Eiji had his mouth on him and was licking his chin like he was trying to paint a house with it. Then he stuck his tongue in Oishi's mouth and wagged his tongue left and right a few times and then around in a wet circle over and over again. They both laughed as Eiji did this.

Oishi gasped surprised and still laughing. "Eiji, Kiko did the same thing!"

"Nya! Show me!" Oishi did. And they laughed more.

"Eiji do you know what this means?"


They said it at the same time, "They practiced!" Then they fell against each other laughing.

When they finally stopped laughing, Eiji said "I missed you, Oishi."

"Then why wouldn't you let me see you or at least call me back? I was really upset."

"I'm sorry. I would have called you probably tomorrow. And...nya...I thought you were mad at me because of.....your house."

"The kissing?"

Eiji nodded. "And I've never told Fuji-senpai even thought he asked me right out what happened...with us."

"He did?"

"Hoi. Like he knew something. Fuji-senpai can be spooky like that, he sometimes just knows things. But I never told him anything. I promised you I wouldn't."

Oishi told Eiji about Fuji asking him to teach him the moon volley in the movies. Then he told him about Fuji in the bathroom at the movies almost kissing him. Eiji told him almost the same thing happened to him too. Also orange candy on Fuji who liked every flavor but normal ones? Eiji pointed out the bubble bath was orange too. Same flavor, same smell. Spooky, they agreed.

"Eiji, I wasn't mad about the kissing, or any of it, and I would never hurt you on purpose."

"Nya. I know that now. I was being stupid."

"Why did you get so upset? You wouldn't even let me look. You yelled at me not to touch you like I did it on purpose."

Quietly Eiji said, "You were looking at me, touching me." Oishi must have looked confused. "Nya, you were holding me and people could see."

"So what? You were hurt."

Eiji sat up a bit. "Nya Oishi. After we kissed, after.....that, you wouldn't look at me. After you kissed that girl you wouldn't look at me. You were different. It was like you weren't the same or there anymore. Like before you were my best friend and then after you weren't. I.....I didn't know what to say to you! You were being mean! Do you know why I got hurt?" Oishi saw Eiji getting very upset and felt terrible.

"No, please, tell me."

"Nya! Its so stupid.....and its a thing I can only tell you!"

"Tell me, please."

Eiji was angry and Oishi saw he was close to crying. "I got hurt because I was mad at you for being so mean. For ignoring me and even though you said you weren't, you were! I was going to beat you because I was so mad at you. So I played too hard when I was sore from us and mad at you." Eiji paused and looked away, "And I was jealous because you liked that girl better than me. You talked to her after you kissed her! I saw her laughing at whatever you were saying! I'm your best friend and you wouldn't even look at me!" Oishi did not know what to say so he reached out and pulled his friend down to him, hugging him. Eiji continued, his voice tight with tears, "And then when I got hurt was the first time you looked at me since we kissed. It was the first time you touched me and didn't worry."

Oishi tightened his hug. Eiji lay in his arms pouting for a long time until Eiji must have realized that Oishi was crying. Eiji knew Oishi never cried. Everyone knew that. Never. Oishi was the guy everyone cried to. "Oishi?" he gasped.

"Eiji, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have been such a jerk. Its not your fault you got hurt its mine. But I really didn't mean to hurt you, or ignore you. I...really haven't been a very good friend. I am so sorry." His voice was tight with tears.

"Oishi, nya. Don't cry. Please? Its okay." Eiji moved closer and started to tenderly kiss Oishi. Just light kisses, sweetly placed on his lips and cheeks, with his arms around him while silent tears rolled down Oishi's face. "Oishi." Eiji wiped the last of Oishi's tears away and kept his hands gently on either side of his friend's face watching him.

Oishi lay there thinking about what an idiot he had been. He could have handled things a hundred different, better ways but instead he was an idiot ignoring Eiji instead of at least talking with him, or laughing with him, or doing something, anything, other than backing away from him. Oishi realized he did that whenever he got scared or too close to someone. He backed away. He ignored them until they went away. No wonder he was the guy watching the crowd on the outside looking in all the time. He wondered how he had learned it so well at home and still hated it so much.

Eiji reached up and touched the place on Oishi's brow where he creased it when he was worried or lost to his thoughts. "Hoi. Where do you go when you go here? What are you thinking?"

Oishi was yet again amazed by Eiji. Under his happy go lucky surface was a person who really knew how to read people. He had carefully gotten to know and watched Oishi. Oishi realized right then that Eiji knew him better in a pretty short time than anyone else in his life ever had. Maybe even better than he knew himself. Oishi had a lot of good friends but no one really knew him, not like Eiji. Oishi realized he was probably very hard to actually get to know and yet Eiji had found a way as if it was easy. Eiji was smart enough to adapt to each person to be the best friend he could for them. Just like Eiji adapted to be a better friend to Fuji he did the same with Oishi. Almost by instinct. With Oishi, he made him laugh all the time, and think and talk about things he never would have talked about otherwise. Eiji was a very giving friend, and he seemed to really care about Oishi.

"Yah-hoi? You're there again. What are you thinking?"

"Do you really want to know?" Oishi smiled slightly.

"Hoi. Everything."

"Eiji you might be the smartest person I've ever known and I'm lucky to have you for a friend."

"Nya! Fuji-senpai is so smart he....."

"Fuji-senpai we agreed is spooky smart. But you are really people smart. While you are laughing and joking around making everyone else happy you learn things about everyone. You care about everyone too. You and Fuji-senpai are a lot alike in that way and I can see why you're good friends. You're brave, you don't care if people think you're silly, or crazy or loud....."

"...or stupid...." Eiji added quietly.

"...or stupid, but you aren't stupid. Not at all. I've wondered what its like to be you. Did you know that?" Oishi smiled and Eiji looked at him like he was crazy. "No, I have. Everyone likes you. Everyone wants to be your friend. You can get distracted sometimes but you see everything around you moving so fast, better than anyone else, and try to take it all in, so how could you not be distracted sometimes? Even with that you do well. You're smart. You think fast. You learn fast. You get good grades easy when its something you like to learn about even if its something other people would find hard."

Oishi paused a moment thinking about it and then continued, "And you're not afraid. You take risks, you fly through the air knowing you know how to fall. You don't worry about things.You hug and kiss people, happy to see them, never worried about if its awkward. You make them feel good. You never get embarrassed. You are never afraid. I am. I am always afraid. Always worried. Worried I won't do well, or that something bad will happen, or I'll hurt someone, or that I'll do or say the wrong thing, so I never take a chance. So I try to play everything so safe that I'm boring." Oishi shrugged.

"Before you were my friend I never laughed and now I laugh with you all the time. When you weren't talking to me I worried that you would never be my friend again. That you would never talk to me again. I wasn't mad about the kissing, Eiji. I was afraid about it but I wasn't mad. I'm sorry I was afraid. I'm sorry I ignored you. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry you got hurt. Eiji, I liked kissing you. I keep thinking about it. It was fun, it felt good. It feels good being with you like this and being able to talk to you like this. But then I get afraid. I get worried that someone will think this is weird. Or that you won't want to be my friend anymore. Or that you will meet some girl and I'll be jealous or that I will and you will be jealous, again, or even worse. I worry that someone will find out and I worry.....I worry most of all that you won't want to be my friend anymore."

Eiji paused a moment as if to see if Oishi was done. "Hoi! Finally!" He grinned at him.

"What do you mean?" Oishi felt annoyed to that reaction of him pouring out his heart for once.

"Now that you told me, your line is almost gone!" Eiji smiled at him until Oishi smiled back. "Now I can talk?" Oishi nodded still smiling.

"Hoi hoi! Everyone likes Oishi. Tons of girls have crushes on Oishi not just because he is good at kissing but because Oishi cares about everyone else but himself. Oishi is the best friend you can ever have. He will beat even Fuji-senpai to see a friend. He says he is afraid but he takes chances with his best friend Eiji. He dates girls and isn't nervous or afraid. He can speak in front of the whole school and not be afraid. Nya, I would never have been able to go on a date without you going, I would have been too nervous. Oishi is a good teacher. He is patient even with me. Anyone with any problem can go talk to Oishi who really listens to them. He is good at sports and school because he works hard. Harder than most people. So hard he forgets to laugh sometimes. He is strong enough to let me be the center of attention in a crowd and is happy for me having fun. Nya. Most people Oishi, don't do that, they try to compete with me for attention."

Eiji seemed to drift thinking about it for a moment, "Also, Oishi is friends with everyone, even people that its hard to be friends with. Even Vice-captain Tezuka says you're one of his closest friends and he doesn't like anyone. He hates me. Oishi can listen to me tell him the same stories over and over again and still act like he has never heard them before and laugh when I'm done. He doesn't laugh at people because he is kind hearted. He doesn't make fun of me like some people do. Nya. He doesn't make fun of anyone. He sees how I really am when most people don't. He thinks I am smart."

Eiji laughed at this and then continued, "Nya. I was mad at Oishi because I thought Oishi didn't want to be my best friend anymore and I missed him. I never had a best friend before, not a real forever friend like Oishi. Oishi is also a lot of fun to be with and makes me laugh all the time too. You aren't boring. You brought me really good presents when I was hurt and mad. Its not your fault that I got hurt Oishi, it was an accident and we were both being stupid."

Eiji paused as if to let this sink into Oishi's head, "I like kissing you too. Oishi, I may get mad at you sometimes. Or even jealous. I may do that, but I am your best friend forever. Even if you get afraid and I get jealous we will always be best friends. Hoi? And if those girls can practice very bad kissing then we can practice good kissing. Hoi? No one ever talks about it and I would never tell anyone, but I think most people would do it if they had a good enough friend. I will always want to be your best friend." Eiji kissed him once, chastely, on his lips and then hugged him.

"Thank you Eiji" Oishi said as he hugged his best friend tightly feeling better than he had in a long time.

Eiji pulled back and cocked his head, "Nya. Oishi. You still have a little line left. Why? What are you thinking?"

Oishi gave a little laugh, "I was just wondering why don't you ever call me by my name, Eiji?" Oishi said as if to punctuate his point.

"Hoi? Because Eiji and Oishi sounds cuter than Eiji and Shuuichirou."

"Oh." In Eiji's world this made perfect sense, of course. Oishi smiled.

"Shuuichirou, Shuuichirou, Shuuichirou, Shuuichirou, Shuuichirou. Better?

Oishi laughed. "I missed you, Eiji."

Eiji smiled, "Me too. Nya." Eiji paused a moment and stuck his bottom lip out. "Oishi, you could still go dancing with Fuji. He and Eve are still going. You can still have your date. You can still see her. You don't have to not go because I'm hurt." Eiji pouted at the thought Oishi guessed of being left behind and he seemed to still be feeling jealous.

"Well, I really don't want to see her again. She's been calling me all the time and I'm not interested in her. You heard me tell her that. I'm not interested. So, instead what I would like to do, tomorrow, I thought that after practice, if you felt up to going, maybe I could take you over to see my uncle. He's a doctor and really good. He can maybe tell you some things to do to get better sooner. Then if you want, you can stay over at my house tomorrow night. My family is at my grandparents for the weekend again. We can watch a video or something."

"Hoi hoi! What video?"

"You're hurt so you get to choose. Even something scary. Okay?"

"Hoi! But nothing scary! I don't like scary movies!"

"You don't? I thought you did." Eiji was shaking his head emphatically no, "But I saw you telling jokes about one in school."

"Nya! Fuji-senpai was mean and tricked me! He said it was a funny movie but it was scary! I watched it the whole time like this....!" Eiji put his hands over his eyes leaving one little slit peeking through and opened his mouth in a silent scream. Oishi laughed as Eiji mimicked peeking and covering his eyes. It was really funny. His laughing made Eiji laugh too.

"Hoi! Oishi do you like to dance? Maybe when I am better we can go dancing with Fuji-senpai to that place another time. Without the smelly girls! I really like to dance."

Oishi laughed at the smelly girls reference and said honestly, "I'm not good at fast dancing, but I know how to dance slow pretty well and like that."

"Like couples dancing? I don't like to couples dance." Eiji made a face.

"Yeah, but not just when you see two people standing there, looking stupid, like a school dance. More the kind of where you do spins with the girl. That kind, I like that, but I don't know how to fast dance. I feel stupid when I try. Maybe you can show me how?"

"Hoi! You teach me and I'll teach you. Fujiko-senpai said I'm very good."

"You went dancing with Fuji? When?"

"Nya! Fuji-senpai showed me how but I already knew. He helped a little. We practiced."

Oishi felt his heart stop at that word. Oishi said again quieter, "When?"

"When I slept over his house."

"When Eiji? When was that?" Eiji cocked his head to the side confused as how Oishi was acting.

"Nya, Oishi, are you mad? Why? It was before we were best friends. It was before we were even friends."

Oishi could not help it. He felt for the first time in his life, completely jealous. He had been trying not to think of Eiji and Fuji all week. It was ridiculous he knew but he had to ask, "Was this the night you saw the scary movie at his house?"

Eiji knew something was wrong from Oishi's tone so he proceeded cautiously, "Hoi Oishi....?"

Oishi felt like an idiot and he knew he was being stupid but he asked anyway. "Eiji did you kiss Fuji? You said you never kissed a girl but you never said you never kissed a guy. Did you?" Oishi went to take his arms from around Eiji and pull away. He wasn't sure why he was being such an idiot or why he felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. Did Eiji know to kiss so well because he kissed Fuji the same way? Did he do what they did with Fuji? Before him?

"Nya Oishi! Wait! Nya!" Eiji would not let Oishi go. Oishi was very angry and felt crushed. He was close to crying again for some reason. "Never Oishi, nya! I never kissed Fuji! Fuji kissed me but I never kissed him! I only kissed you Oishi. Hoi, Oishi, listen!" Oishi was looking away because Eiji would not let him go. He knew he could push Eiji away and because his friend was injured Oishi could easily get away but he didn't want to hurt him. But he just couldn't understand.

Eiji started kissing his neck and his face, saying his name after each kiss. "Nya....Oishi....Oishi....Oishi....Oishi Shuuichirou...." After that Eiji kissed Oishi softly on his lips. Oishi finally looked at him. "Oishi, I've only kissed you, ever. Oh and that smelly girl because I was jealous in the movie, but that also was kissing her back so, really, only you. You're the first person I ever kissed. Do you want me to tell you what happened at Fuji's? Hoi?" Oishi did not say a word but still was looking so Eiji continued, "Hoi. I went to his house and had dinner with his family. We watched the scary movie on his couch. He leaned on me and seemed really sad but told me nothing was wrong."

"Leaned on you?"

"Hoi, his shoulder on mine like this." Eiji showed him, "Do you know his brother Yuuta?"

Oishi shook his head no.

"Fuji-senpai's sister is really nice but his brother Yuuta is really mean to him. He used to go to our school when Fuji first came. He's a freshman. I saw him push Fuji as we walked by. Fuji just took a hard step forward to not fall, kept smiling, and acted like it never happened. We listened to some music in Fuji's room and he asked if I knew how to dance. He showed me then. He has a lot of music. We danced for a while, then he showed me some things he collected, and we got ready for bed. When he was coming back from the bathroom, I was in his room and heard Yuuta say some mean things to him and heard him hit, punch, Fuji-senpai." Eiji paused to let that information sink in.

"Fuji-senpai came back into his room though smiling like nothing had happened. Nya! I made him show me where Yuuta had punched him. He hit him in his chest, hard. When he showed me he was all bruised like me, all over, but Oishi, Fuji does not do acrobatics. I hugged him Oishi, he was so sad."

As he said this Eiji started to get tears in his eyes. Oishi sat there, stunned, listening. Fuji always seemed happy and in control, like he didn't have a care in the world. Oishi for some reason though could easily picture Fuji being hurt and still smiling, and then could see Eiji hugging him. Though he still felt jealous about what he was envisioning, he did want to know what happened next.

"He thanked me Oishi and I thought he would be crying but he was smiling like always. Then he kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth. Hoi Oishi! I was surprised so I just stayed there kind of, letting him, nya. He kissed me once more and we lay down to go to sleep. He kissed me like this......" Eiji kissed Oishi like Fuji kissed him. Softly and then getting more sensuous as the kiss progressed, slipping his tongue into Oishi's mouth almost hesitantly, gently.

It was different than the soft kisses Eiji had given him before. Without a thought, Oishi went to respond with his own mouth and tongue but Eiji pulled back, "Nya Oishi! Let me show you what Fuji did."

Eiji started from the beginning again and to keep the thrill that Oishi felt from getting to him as Eiji kissed him he was trying to picture the scene and put himself in Eiji's place. Picturing for some reason his friend Tezuka kissing him. How strange that would be. He held himself from responding when Eiji got to the point in the kiss where he let it be a little deeper and when he hesitantly put his tongue gently into Oishi's mouth again, Oishi reeled from the sensation but did not respond with his mouth or his tongue. Other places on his body definitely responded. Eiji then pulled back like Fuji must have when Eiji did not respond, gave Oishi a little soft kiss and pulled away. "Like that. Then we lay down to go to sleep like it never happened."

"In the same bed?"

"Hoi, was it wrong for me to do that? Sleep in his bed? We did." Meaning him and Eiji. Oishi thought about how best to explain it and how he felt to Eiji.

"Eiji, well no, its not wrong, I mean, its a little different with us though, isn't it?" Oishi felt utterly jealous.

Eiji considered and nodded smiling. He then said, "Hoi. Oishi, can I tell you the rest?"

"There's more?"

"Hoi, We were both laying on our backs in his bed. Fuji was quiet for a long time and I thought he might be asleep but he lifted his hand to the moonlight in the room and I saw his hand was all wet. I looked at his face and he must have been crying without making any sound. Like you did before. I hugged him Oishi, I didn't know what else to do. I hugged him like I would hug one of my sisters if she had a bad dream. I went to go use his washroom and get a glass of water for him but he told me not to. That I shouldn't. Nya! I had to go! So Fuji told me to knock like this,"

Eiji did a series of knocks softly on one of the muscles on Oishi's arm,

"so he would let me back in the room. When I went out, Oishi, he locked the door to his room. Nya! Like he was afraid something would get him if I wasn't there! When I came out of the bathroom, Yuuta was standing there. Nya Oishi, I was scared! Yuuta looked surprised to see me. Like he thought I might be someone else, so I went fast around him before he could catch me, and went to Fuji's room before Yuuta did anything. I did the knock and Fuji locked the door again behind me. We lay back down and Fuji asked if anything happened when I went out. I told him no but I was scared, my heart was beating fast. He kissed me once like this," Eiji kissed Oishi softly but without his tongue, "and then he moved back so that I hugged him, like my sister after a nightmare. But Oishi......" Eiji whispered this with his eyes wide.

"...yeah.." Oishi was totally caught up in the story.

"Right before I was going to fall asleep, a long time later, someone came to Fuji's door, and knocked." Eiji did the knock on Oishi's arm again.

"Eiji! You're making this up!"

"NYA! Really, someone did!"

"What did Fuji do?"

"He did just this," Eiji stiffened in Oishi's arms as if with fear and then hugged Oishi closer, "and then we went to sleep."

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