Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty Six ~ Fuji

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Fuji really enjoyed watching his two friends in the cab tease and play with each other. Fuji couldn't hear what they whispered back and forth but saw both their reactions. He was rather amazed at the transformation in Oishi. From repressed, shy scholar to adoring, loving boyfriend in one easy makeover.

Eiji did well.

Fuji actually couldn't wait to see them dancing. Eiji had said Oishi told him he did not know how to dance, but somehow, Fuji knew that would not be a problem. Even with Oishi being shy. They would move very well together. Ne, their only problem would be to keep all the other guys and girls off each other.

If they ever did notice they were not alone.

Although, they must have, because Fuji, since that morning at his house, had not seen them kiss in that oh so sweet, romantic way again. Not even in the theater where they could have.

Not that Fuji had watched very closely.

Fuji smiled a little more, watching Eiji close his eyes in a long slow blink and bite his bottom lip after Oishi whispered something to him.

Eiji looked beautiful and dangerous when he was turned on. Even better than Fuji had guessed. He wondered if they did have full on sex in the bathroom earlier and if so, who was seme or maybe if it was just oral sex. They were gone for over half the movie after all. Oishi was blushing crimson when they came to the cab and even Eiji looked nervous.

They both had lovely mouths, Eiji was still biting his lower lip, Oishi was looking at Eiji as if he wanted to ravage his mouth, ravage him, and take him right there. Fuji mused that maybe they had not done anything but tease each other earlier. Neither one looked sated at all, but who knew Eiji would allow himself to be teased that much? Fuji would have thought that Eiji would demand to come and not be able to wait for pleasure, but Eiji always surprised the tensai. He got what he wanted and had more reserves and patience than even possibly Fuji did. Looking at them now, they practically burned with how much they wanted each other, and it was very sexy, very tempting. A very nice fantasy.

Especially with that little knowing look in Eiji's eyes. Eyes that were fixated on Oishi. Only on Oishi. And how Oishi looked at Eiji the same way back. Trusting each other completely. Adoring each other totally. Fuji felt a little pang of jealousy.

And then, right then, as if Tezuka read his mind, or knew his thoughts, one long, slow finger again found Fuji's attention wavering, and brought it back to who Fuji was actually with.

Fuji was still having trouble believing it he guessed, and he was using his friends passion and enjoyment of each other to distract himself at the moment. Fuji was actually nervous. For the first time about anything in a very long time. It felt nice. Really nice. When the tensai was not having an attack of nerves.

Not that Tezuka was giving him much time to be nervous.

Tezuka, of course, as they were not alone, had allowed Fuji to sit on his lap when Fuji basically gave him no choice and sat down, but no more. Ne, actually, he did have one hand on the skin of Fuji's lower back where no one but Fuji knew. Fuji enjoyed that as much as he enjoyed Tezuka's completely passive face as if he wasn't running one finger gently down along the line of Fuji's tail bone every so often, sliding down further, stopping just a short distance away, a few centimeters away, from where Fuji was still feeling Tezuka from being inside him earlier.

Tezuka ran his finger down, just stopping short of there in a perfect tease whenever he would want Fuji to stop looking at their friends so much. When he would want Fuji's attention back to him. To them.

"Ne, Tezuka, you have me so hard." Fuji breathed in his ear, teasing him back, not saying his name in a little bit of defiance, "I want you so much." He saw the smile in Tezuka's eyes, even if it didn't register on his lips.

Fuji didn't see a minute of the movie and was relieved Eiji didn't ask any questions after he and Oishi returned from wherever they went to fool around for so long. In the balcony of Fuji's favorite theater, no one cared who kissed who or whether they were guys or girls. Everyone went there just because of that. They could have just kissed in the theater like everyone else so Fuji figured they had gone somewhere to do more, although they looked even more turned on now.

Fuji and Tezuka had not kissed either though. Fuji had hoped that they would. That Tezuka would. That Tezuka would, in front of their friends, kiss Fuji for some reason. Silly Fuji knew, especially after him calling almost the entire tennis club with Fuji's phone this morning.

Maybe Fuji had wanted it, to compete with how Fuji had seen Oishi kiss Eiji. But actually, this was even better. What Tezuka had done was even more incredible.

Tezuka instead had slowly and deftly seduced and teased Fuji the entire time, the entire evening.

Even Fuji who was a master, was impressed. The person sitting on the other side of Tezuka probably had no idea that Fuji was trembling, actually shaking, from Tezuka's attentions only a seat away. Eiji probably had not even noticed either, not that Eiji was noticing much besides Oishi at the moment, but still, Fuji was sure Eiji would not have known or seen a thing.

Fuji knew Tezuka was good, very good, and knew he had both command and control, but had never known it was to this extent.

Tezuka knew every area on Fuji to touch, tease, and tempt. Even a few places the tensai surprisingly didn't know about. Fuji supposed it was payback for showing Tezuka where his A spot was earlier. Fuji smiled remembering. Or payback for all those morning showers, all the tortures and teasings Fuji had done to Tezuka for so long now. It was as if everything Tezuka had ever fantasized about doing to the tensai he was now making deliciously happen. Every way he had thought to touch and tease Fuji he was now using to please, seduce, and torture Fuji in a delightfully masterful way.

Fuji smiled and leaned against him a little more affectionately. Adoring him. And knowing now that Tezuka liked when Fuji did.

Tezuka had started with his fingertips and his breath. He had started with Fuji's hand. He then slowly and deliciously, teased Fuji for the entire movie. He hadn't tied the tensai up, he hadn't commanded him, ordered him, or said a single word, he hadn't needed to. He was that damn good. Fuji had been so hard for so long he ached and knew there was only one person who could release him later. Who would release him later. And how good it would be.

The promise of then and the thrill of it all made Fuji swoon a little. His insides fluttered at the thoughts and the possibilities. Fuji was so turned on he was nearly sick with lust. With wanting him. It was a better burn inside than a hundred of the hottest habanero peppers.

Fuji hoped Tezuka liked where they were going, and that even if he didn't like the music, he could appreciate it, and could appreciate Fuji's ability. If Fuji had a childish little dream, it was this. That someone Fuji loved, loved him back and understood what it was like to see through Fuji's eyes. After Fuji's questions this morning, Tezuka had during his haircut, simply asked the tensai to tell him what it was like to be him. To explain it to him.

As if Tezuka somehow got that Fuji saw everything a little different from everyone else. That he could see and maybe understand the levels Fuji saw that most people never could.

Fuji was shocked. No one had ever asked him that before. No one had understood. Not even his brother. It was incredible that someone might know him this well. Pleased, he bravely told Tezuka without really thinking about it, that if Tezuka went tonight somewhere with him after the movie, Fuji would do one better than tell him, he would show him.

Tezuka agreed, and seemed intrigued.

After Eiji and Oishi surprisingly beat them in tennis, they had gone to Tezuka's house. Fuji had never been there before. No one was home. They showered there together. They were both turned on still, and even more so after watching each other play. Fuji mused it may have had something to do with their losing, but on the other hand, Oishi and especially Eiji were on fire today.

Fuji let Tezuka wash him and then washed him back. Fuji enjoyed touching him all over, feeling him everywhere, turning him on, and then took him in his mouth, touching his A spot, still surprising him, and enjoying him crying out Fuji's name as he came hard in his mouth.

After their shower, Tezuka dried Fuji, then himself, and then lead him still naked to his bed. Fuji had pictured his bed many times but never seen it. It was awash with Tezuka's intoxicating smell, and Fuji remembered what Oishi, quoting Eiji had said about his smell. They curled up together and kissed, talked, and touched for a long time. Fuji at first was chilled from the shower and Tezuka insisted on getting under the covers with him even though the tensai protested they would mess up the made bed.

Tezuka surprised Fuji by saying he had fantasized about him and Fuji messing up his bed for a very long time. He said it shyly, smiling, but serious. Fuji had laughed but was touched and ecstatic. Especially after Tezuka said softly he would sleep better later if his pillow and sheets smelled like Fuji. That his bed should always smell like Fuji. It came out in a wanton growl. Fuji kissed him for that one. Hard, needy, and wanting that just as much.

Tezuka had even asked Fuji why he stopped wearing his cologne. The wrong one. The one Fuji had never known Tezuka had even noticed because he seemed completely impervious to it. Fuji had said so and Tezuka surprised him again by telling Fuji sometimes when he came home he would notice his clothes or his skin would smell like Fuji, and it would make him hot with wanting him. That the tensai's cologne was good, but Fuji's own smell drove him crazy.

Then he kissed Fuji hard, passionately to show how crazy until Fuji believed him.

Fuji marveled at his control again. The tensai had no idea most or any of his teasings had any effect on Tezuka. If Tezuka had not sat through almost all the showers, watching Fuji every morning, Fuji at times would have thought Tezuka was not even remotely interested. It was just that Tezuka almost always watched that kept Fuji doing it and hoping. The few times Tezuka didn't watch, Fuji would catch him later looking at him. In that way. And then Tezuka would come over soon after. So Fuji was never sure if it was better that he did watch, or when he didn't.

But what Fuji had always wanted though was for Tezuka to join him.

Fuji surprised himself by telling Tezuka all this, amused when Tezuka praised Fuji for being very good at being very bad. Tezuka then asked Fuji if it was his turn to tease. He would join Fuji, gladly, if Fuji was ready. He said it in a challenging, intriguing way.

Fuji smiled and agreed and Tezuka teased Fuji with his hands, mouth, and naked body. He brought Fuji to orgasm quickly with his mouth and hands. It amazed Fuji that he did it so fast and yet seemed to enjoy it. It was nice, but it was rather...hurried.

Fuji looked at him and must have looked slightly worried. Disappointed. Confused. As if Tezuka might be reverting back to how he was before or not nearly as skilled as Fuji suspected.

"Syusuke, its just so you can wait until later." Tezuka had explained smiling wryly and simply, lovingly, kissed Fuji when he was done. Fuji was confused then by what he meant.

Now he knew. Several times, if Fuji had not come earlier, he might have, he probably would have. Embarrassingly in his pants, in public. He was that turned on and that teased by Tezuka. Over and over again Tezuka brought Fuji to the point of orgasm and then pulled back, not releasing him. The tensai loved Tezuka a little harder for his control and for him taking care of Fuji. Seeing to his needs as he teased him, even before. Planning this the entire time and knowing he had Fuji to play with now. Knowing that Fuji would love this as much as Tezuka did. It felt so good. It was incredible.

Tezuka wore whatever Fuji pointed out from his closet without a second thought. He put on the dark jeans and shirt with no underclothes, making Fuji shudder slightly now, remembering Tezuka was wearing not much at this moment.

Tezuka now saw the desire ripple and run suddenly through Fuji, and pulled Fuji closer towards him. Still taking care of him as he dipped his finger down again touching right at the edge of Fuji's entrance with one fingertip. It was all Fuji could do to not move, to not push that finger into himself, or take control in any way. Fuji closed his eyes and smiled to cover the fact that he had to shut his eyes in pleasure and want.

The tensai let his thoughts wander again to regain control of his mind at least until the delirious urges passed. He trusted Tezuka to take care of his body.

Tezuka had even let Fuji fix his hair that was mussed after his bed. Knowing this would be a pleasure to Fuji. Then they went back to Fuji's and Tezuka made Fuji dinner. He let him put whatever he wanted on his food and half fed most of it to him. Fuji let Tezuka pick out what he wanted him to wear. He gave him choices and Tezuka somehow picked Fuji's favorites after seeing how they looked on the tensai. He also checked to see all the places he could touch Fuji. Fuji's velvet jeans had a lot of stretch to them.

Now Fuji knew the entire night, from when he asked, was all a prelude and the beginning to the seduction. To the scene. The right clothes were only to see what places he would touch Fuji in the theater and now. Then Fuji thought Tezuka was playing around, acting casual, that it was sweet but no big deal. Fuji did not realize the entire thing was one long, seductive, teasing, perfect scene.

Tezuka had levels too.

Fuji was back a little bit in control now and played with Tezuka's ear affectionately. He said, "Ne, Kunimitsu, I had no idea you were this good."

Tezuka looked at Fuji warily, as if it was some trick or a defiant tease, but this time, it wasn't. Fuji just wanted to admire and praise him a little. Tezuka did not do well with complements, Fuji found today. He had never learned to it seemed. Fuji watched his eyes look hard and maybe a little defensive at first and then soften as he looked at Fuji and understood Fuji was only telling him his feelings and meant it as praise. As heartfelt affection.

"It helps when you have a beautiful partner...." He said softly back. Ah. He was so good. He must have noticed that in his long list of complements that the beautiful thing had most touched Fuji. The tensai felt himself melting into the praise, as he saw Tezuka meant beautiful again also, and that he meant to use the word partner.

"Ah. Yes, it does." Fuji said to him, enjoying him, loving him, and still seeing Tezuka again not do well with complements, even ones said back. "Thank you."

"For what?" Tezuka seemed not sure.

Fuji meant for the night, for their day, for him, for him loving him, for the complements, for the challenge, for the inspiration, for making Fuji feel, for taking care of him, for being so good, for being so incredible, for...everything, and decided to just say it. "For everything." Fuji smiled.

Tezuka again looked to see if Fuji was somehow making fun of him or joking around. When he saw the tensai was sincere, he flashed that smile he only gave to Fuji again, and then dipped his head slightly in acknowledgment. Then he moved his finger down again, right over Fuji's entrance, making every nerve ending on Fuji stand at attention and burn. Fuji leaned to Tezuka's ear, where Oishi and Eiji could not see the tensai's face, not that they were looking at anything but each other, and gave a soft gasp. He exhaled, near trembling again, as Tezuka did it again.

Fuji felt Tezuka's pulse quicken in response to what he was doing, probably what he was thinking, maybe what he was feeling, and positively from Fuji's reactions to his attentions.

Fuji could not totally let go yet. He was still a little afraid. This was all still overwhelming. It would take time for them to learn to completely trust. Time for both him and Tezuka. They both had a lot of damage before each other and then more from how they started that they would need to unlearn and overcome.

Right now Fuji felt he needed to distract himself so he focused on being nervous, he focused on trying to still his nerves. On what Fuji would do. On how he would start. On his hopes. On what he wanted to accomplish here. He could do this. He would. Hopefully Tezuka would get it. Would get him. Tezuka understood so much about Fuji that he would this too, surely.

Fuji fervently wished so. Like a prayer.

Fuji was so nervous about it all, that he told Eiji not to tell Oishi where they were going just in case it trickled down to Tezuka. Or in case Tezuka backed out. Or in case Tezuka refused to go.

Fuji was again nervous and titillated now as Tezuka mistook Fuji thinking about how nervous he was instead for Fuji watching their friends. He took the opportunity to slide his finger down again, feather light, so close this time but not close enough. Pausing for a moment and then sliding away. He had Fuji so turned on that it was like Fuji was having an adrenaline rush. Every place on Fuji's body was aware of exactly where they were touching and where they weren't. Fuji burned for him. His hands were trembling slightly and his heart was racing.

Fuji had to pull himself together, really, he had work to do, so as Oishi once told him, you have to breathe through it and use it until it goes away.

Fuji, however only wanted it stilled, only paused for a moment while he worked some magic and hoped it was understood, that Fuji was understood, then after, he never wanted it to stop. He never wanted this to stop. He wanted to let go completely. And to have Tezuka let go to him. Fuji took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. To clear his mind a little, he pressed his bruises against Tezuka, enjoying the flash of pain and the clarity that came with it for a moment, until Tezuka saw and shifted away. Casually. Never changing facial expressions.

Fuji almost growled in frustration and want. He suppressed it and sighed instead, as if he was bored instead of half mad with love and lust. He settled back down and Tezuka slowly, very slowly, moved himself back. As if just getting comfortable, but he was really daring Fuji to try again, and just knowing Fuji wouldn't now.

Damn, he was so good.

Fuji decided to play a little. To test his boundaries. Tezuka didn't like a completely passive, submissive Fuji any more than Fuji did.

The tensai moved his lips millimeters from Tezuka's ear and started whispering in his carefully crafted voice, all the things he wanted Tezuka to do to him. Here. Now. He used speed seduction, NLP, complements, promises, suggestive words, everything and anything else the tensai could think of. He tickled the little hairs there, the so sensitive skin on his ear, and teased him with his voice full of need, want, love, and hunger.

Fuji described everything he wanted Tezuka to do to him in slow, precise detail, every position, every touch, every lick, every bite, everything down to the very last inch. He told him his fantasies. Fantasy after fantasy about Tezuka taking him, how, where, how hard, how gentle, and what exactly he did to Fuji.

Then, he told him what Fuji would do to him. How he would do it to Tezuka. How they both would enjoy it. Fuji knew it was working because he was turning himself on even more as well. Tezuka waited, looking impassive, nonplussed, until Fuji finished. Tezuka looked as if Fuji was merely reciting the weather report or reading him droll statistics.

Fuji was certain he would be the only one to know his whispers, his talking, his explicit fantasies, they all increased the tempo of Tezuka's downward sliding finger, as well as his pulse. Tezuka's heart was racing, his breathing was a little heavier, and his eyes were cloudy with lust. Tezuka was turned on, extremely turned on. The hours of teasing and torturing Fuji had whet his appetite, but Fuji's talking had been an appetizer unlike any he expected. Just enough to tempt, not anything to sate. Fuji was excited to see what Tezuka next would do.

When Fuji was done and feeling rather proud of his accomplishment, Tezuka took a deep breath like he felt nothing, as if he was bored. Then he calmly answered, as if his blood wasn't on fire and his mind wasn't racing, as if his heart was not pounding in anticipation and want, knowing that only Fuji knew the opposite was true. He released the breath softly, and said in a low, quiet, teasing, growl in the tensai's ear, "Syusuke, was that your first time all the way inside someone?"

Ah. It drove Fuji wild. If their friends were not in the cab, Fuji would have demanded Tezuka take him right then and there. It was all Fuji could do to not lose control. The tensai was thrilled, beyond thrilled, while he worked to control his own breathing and his own pulse rate, knowing he would fail, and knowing Tezuka would be the only one to know.

Ah. Tezuka was so good.

Fuji carefully phrased what he wanted to say. He then said it carefully measured back to Tezuka, but savored the words and the effects they would have, "Ne, Tezuka, it was my first time nearly all the way inside of you though."

Fuji knew him. He clearly saw the jealousy that burned there and knew it would be his first reaction. And the wrong one. Tezuka furiously wondered who was before him, and who it was Fuji had been more inside.

Then he saw the disbelief that Fuji still had more to go register in his eyes. Tezuka knew Fuji too, so the tensai hoped he would know, Fuji wasn't kidding. True, it was the most Fuji had ever been inside anyone, it was close, very close, but he truly did have more to go and with all the yoga Fuji did, he really could go even farther. He just never thought he would be able to.

It was his most intense sexual fantasy. One he held back from even Tezuka who must have known it all along. Somehow he just knew it. Tezuka Kunimitsu was good. He was so, so good. Fuji loved and wanted him a little more just then for how very good he was.

Tezuka for a moment seemed at a loss for words. Then he gave that small half smile as if recognizing a true challenge and enjoying it to its fullest. He looked intrigued and very, very turned on. He looked completely, perfectly, gorgeous, Fuji thought.

Still half smiling, somehow knowing it was something Fuji had wanted forever and never thought he would have, and probably realizing then that he was the first, or was going to be, "Then, Syusuke, we'll have to put that, at the very top of our list." He kissed and toyed with Fuji's ear then to punctuate his point. As if it turned him on, very much on. As if he couldn't wait to get started. As if he would have taken Fuji in the back of the cab, or had Fuji take him, right then, if their friends weren't there.

Fuji laughed slightly at this, excited, overjoyed, surprised, so completely turned on, so lost to Tezuka, again, and so completely happy to still be playing with him. Kunimitsu was so good and they were good together. They were a good match. When Tezuka stopped playing with Fuji's ear, when he stopped cradling Fuji after the shaking shivers of his seduction that raced through Fuji's body started to subside, he pulled back a little as if to see what Fuji would do next.

Fuji nuzzled Tezuka's ear back a little, just out of affection for him knowing Fuji's fondest fantasy and tantalizing him with it so deliciously, so perfectly. Fuji mused what it would be like to never have to hold back, not with his mind, his heart, or his body. He glanced over at his friends and wondered at how incredible that must be for them. Before Fuji felt any jealously, Tezuka, seeing the shift in Fuji's attention, again dipped his finger down, now right over, nearly into, so close to where Fuji wanted him inside him.

The tensai realized with more clarity than even pain could give him, he might never have to hold back again. He might be able to let go this time for real. He might be able to fall.

Fuji smiled, as the cab rounded the last corner, and went to find out if Tezuka could possibly know Fuji as Fuji only wished he could.

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