Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty One

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

It ended with a cliff hanger as Oishi expected. He found to his surprise he had enjoyed it and it would be good to know what happens so soon. He was going to get up to take the ice cream carton downstairs when Eiji turned in his arms again and pounced on him.

He flipped them both over and kissed Oishi as if he had been holding it in the entire time they watched the movie. Oishi laughed, surprised and enjoying him, but Eiji soon stopped him laughing. He kissed him deeply making his senses reel and he used that little tongue flick to tease Oishi's thoroughly, then he kissed him deeply lapping at his mouth and moaning when Oishi sucked gently on his tongue.

Oishi found that he had thrown his leg over Eiji's and Eiji was laying on top of them kissing him. Oishi ran his one hand through the back of Eiji's hair making him purr and on his back, feeling the muscles there through Oishi's own t-shirt. Eiji felt so nice, his kiss was so insistent, and as they kissed, Oishi felt their erections pressing up against each other.

Eiji must have felt it also because right then he kissed Oishi harder, a little more passionately, a little more urgently. Then he pulled back a little bit, looking at Oishi. He turned his body as he did so that he was still on top, but was more off to the side. The same side and the same way Oishi realized that he often was.

Eiji brushed his hand along Oishi's face in a caress. He was looking at Oishi as if he was the most incredible thing he had ever seen and he wanted to memorize him. He ran his fingertips and his thumb over Oishi's cheek, then softly ran his thumb over Oishi's lips. He was smiling slightly but seemed to be entranced by what he saw, by Oishi. He ran his thumb again and Oishi thought of what Eiji said later about that first night. About those being places on himself he thought would be nice to be kissed and that was why he kissed Oishi in those places.

Oishi took Eiji's thumb as he brushed it again across his lips, into his mouth, like Eiji had done back then. He ran his tongue across it as Eiji had and then sucked on it. Eiji's eyes closed in that slow blink he did when something turned him on, and turned him on a lot. Eiji ran his fingertips slowly and softly across Oishi's mouth one at a time and Oishi took each one into his mouth, the same way, licking and teasing him. On the last finger, as Oishi licked and sucked it, Eiji gave a little purring growl and Oishi was rewarded with another slow blink. He was waiting for something Oishi realized. Words were important to Eiji, he needed to hear things said, and needed reassurances especially said aloud.

Suddenly Oishi knew what he was waiting for, what he wanted Oishi to say more than anything, and Oishi found that he wanted to say it too. Oishi was amazed that so often, with Eiji, he just knew exactly what to say and do. Oishi said it slowly, savoring the words, and he said it quietly, though he was not able to hide the huskiness from his own voice as his own words turned himself on even more, "Make love to me.....please....Eiji.....I want you."

Eiji's eyes closed in another long blink, and he leaned closer to Oishi to kiss him. Oishi turned himself as they kissed so he was flat on his back. He put his hands where Eiji had put them when he was telling Oishi to trust and to let him lead. Eiji saw Oishi move himself and his hands and gave a little moan of pleasure as he turned himself to lay on top of Oishi still kissing him. He looked at Oishi once more as if asking him silently if he was sure.

Oishi leaned up to kiss him, hard, needy, wanting him, until Eiji took control of the kiss from him. As he did, Oishi again lay back down and set his hands aside.

He wasn't sure what he expected Eiji to do but with Eiji it was not often what he thought might happen. Eiji started kissing him gently and slow. He took his time and he teased. He made teasing and play a pleasant torture. Oishi got the feeling that this was Eiji's own way of loving but so often he let Oishi lead. Or Oishi thought, he was just trying to make Oishi enjoy it. Or just trying to torture him.

Whatever Eiji was thinking, Oishi was enjoying it. He played with Oishi's neck, with his ears, his mouth, then he took off his own shirt and then slowly took off Oishi's kissing him everywhere as he did. He slid their skin together knowing Oishi enjoyed the feel of it. Oishi moaned a little as he did and Eiji smiled as he took one of Oishi's nipples into his mouth and the other one in his hand. He kissed and sucked and even used his teeth lightly until they were both hard and sensitive. He then used that maddening flick of his tongue while kissing them, teasing them one at a time.

Then he was back up to kiss and tease Oishi's mouth and slide his skin against him. He rubbed himself against a now very sensitive nipple making Oishi gasp and Eiji smile. He lay on top of Oishi and moved his hand down, putting it resting on Oishi's erection which was actually peeking out the top of his pants and underwear. He seemed thrilled to discover this and kissed his way down Oishi's body.

He lapped at Oishi's belly button and then licked along the fine dark hairs that grew from there in a little path down. He pulled Oishi's pants down a bit and then licked Oishi's wet tip. He seemed to enjoy the noise Oishi made when Eiji teased again with his tongue flickering on such sensitive flesh. He looked at Oishi before unbuttoning his pants as if asking him. Oishi smiled so he proceeded pulling them partway down. He did the same with his underwear, checking first, and then removed them. As if on impulse, Eiji ran his soft hair across Oishi's erection, the silken touch of it made Oishi make a little noise that became a much bigger noise when Eiji took him deep into his mouth right after.

Eiji gave a purring moan as he took Oishi in and out of his mouth. He locked eyes with Oishi wanting him to watch, to see, to feel him. Oishi found his hands at his sides were entwined in the blanket and he held onto it a little harder not to move to touch him, to take control, to thrust into his mouth until he came. Eiji smiled around him watching Oishi enjoy him. Oishi moaned softly and said "Want you Eiji...." but it came out in a moan and the sound made Eiji give another slow blink.

Eiji pulled away, he removed any last bit of clothing on either of them, then he took the lube and put it closer to them. He came and sat on Oishi's chest pressing himself into Oishi's mouth as he did the first time he took control. It made Oishi moan again as he licked Eiji's tip and then took him deeper into his mouth. Oishi wanted to use his hands to hold him, to touch him, to take control and take him in and out at his speed but he fought the temptation though it was so difficult. Especially when he saw Eiji's eyes were closed, enjoying the feel of Oishi's mouth on him, and Oishi didn't want to let go or stop.

Eiji pulled away and kissed his mouth then. It was both sweet and hungry as if he was promising to be back soon. He then crawled down Oishi's body letting their skin slide against each other. Touching their erections slowly as he passed and smiling at Oishi and the effects he was having on him. When he sat between Oishi's legs he took him again in his mouth and moved to Oishi's side. He played with Oishi, pleasured and teased him, until he was close and then knowing he was close he would stop and start teasing him again, and again, and again. Oishi had never been teased like this before, not even by Eiji. Oishi was the one who was usually in control. He found himself pushing up towards Eiji's mouth seeking release. Eiji only gently smiled and his head no. He came up and kissed Oishi again as if to make sure Oishi was all right. "Sorry..." Oishi said.

"Nya," Eiji whispered, "I like that you enjoy it." He kissed him again and then went back to sweetly torture Oishi more. He brought Oishi to the point of trembling. Oishi even for a half second considered using his own hand and then dismissed the thought. It was Eiji's first time and he could do whatever he wanted however he wanted to do it. If he wanted to kill Oishi this way then Oishi was ready for it. Oishi smiled at the thought and then gasped as Eiji took him fully in his mouth again after teasing him for so long.

Then Eiji stopped and kissed his way down. He was taking his time and enjoying the sweet torture his pleasure was causing Oishi. He reached his ass and licked in those wide strokes Oishi had used on him. He started stroking Oishi in a maddeningly light touch with one slick lubricated hand as he licked gently and softly. Oishi moaned wanting more and tried to force himself not to press himself down or rock his hips to meet his touch.

Eiji licked again slowly and then started licking a little harder, licking a little bit inside him, and then a little more. Oishi forced himself to relax and he felt Eiji touch him a little more as a reward with his hand even as he licked deeper into him. Just that touch Oishi knew was nearly enough to make him come and he found he had to resist.

Eiji must have sensed Oishi being close and looked at him. He must have seen how close Oishi was and he used a lighter touch again. Oishi whimpered in disappointment at the change, wanting more, and was surprised at the noise that came out of his own throat. Eiji smiled at him. Oishi smiled back, a little embarrassed but enjoying himself.

Eiji lubricated a finger and was just starting to touch Oishi around that area he was licking. He slowly fingered Oishi, taking his time, going especially slow. He watched Oishi the entire time as if Oishi might change his mind or take control back. Oishi understood he was being careful but he was so close it was almost overwhelming. He had to stop himself from pressing himself down. He exhaled and tried to relax more. Eiji saw and knew. Oishi touched his hair, forgetting he was supposed to keep his hands to his sides and was surprised when Eiji let him. In fact he bit his lower lip like he did when he wanted something and smiled. He wanted the affection Oishi realized just not Oishi to take control. Oishi nodded silently saying both sorry and I will to him hoping Eiji understood. He touched his hair, his shoulder, and his cheek in affection.

Eiji was able to move one finger in and out easily, but was not pressing, Oishi found to his disappointment. He withdrew his one finger and smiled. To Oishi's surprise he then moved his legs around wanting Oishi to touch him. Oishi smiled. He caressed his skin and touched him gently, lovingly, and teasingly because Eiji had driven him near mad. Eiji laughed as Oishi then went to tease him back with a light touch.

But Oishi did not take control. He resisted and let Eiji be in control. He touched Eiji lightly until Eiji handed him the lube. Then he complied touching him with a firmer grip that Eiji preferred and making Eiji do another slow blink as he started to insert two fingers into Oishi still lightly stroking him, keeping him right on the edge without going over. Eiji stopped as if remembering something he'd forgotten. "Towel?" He asked and looked upset as if he was annoyed he had forgotten it. Oishi thought it was very cute and realized Eiji wanted Oishi's first time to be "perfect" as he did Eiji's.

"Foot of the bed." Oishi told him trying not to smile at how cute he was being. Eiji stopped and reached for it. He helped Oishi position himself and them over it. Eiji smiled and went back to where he was again starting with two fingers slowly and touching Oishi firmly and then lighter and lighter as he brought Oishi closer again. Oishi actually felt himself throbbing he had been hard and close for so long.

Oishi stroked him at the same time and made him sigh. Oishi was so intent on making more sounds come out of Eiji that he was surprised when Eiji pressed that spot in him. Oishi moaned and trembled. Eiji almost made him come, again. He withdrew his fingers apparently satisfied with his work and came to meet Oishi's mouth with a kiss. He lay on top of him, kissing him, and he was hesitating Oishi saw. Oishi did want to do this, a lot right now especially, but not if Eiji was not ready.

He waited until Eiji said whatever it was he wanted to say and just kissed him back, loving him with his mouth and enjoying the feel of their bodies together, trying to ignore that his pulse felt like it was racing and his erection was throbbing with need up against Eiji's and neither one of them was moving. "I love you." Eiji finally said and then kissed him.

"I love you." Oishi said waiting but Eiji just kept kissing him. "Eiji, I want you. I really do. I want you to make love to me more than anything right now, but..." He paused and Eiji looked at him as if alarmed, "If you're not ready we can wait. We have forever. It doesn't have to be today."

Eiji was pouting and Oishi knew his guess as to what was wrong was off. "Nya, Oishi, I.....I just don't...I don't want to hurt you."

Oh. Oishi was thrown by that. "Did I....hurt you?"

"Nya. I just don't want to hurt you....."

Oishi thought furiously to figure out what he meant. He took a chance not really knowing, "Because I was hurt before?" Eiji nodded mournfully and Oishi loved him so much he thought his heart might break because it was so full. "Eiji, I love you so much. You would never hurt me. Never. Like you said, before doesn't count."

Eiji looked at him as if testing to see if he was serious. Oishi broke the rules he supposed, he didn't care right then, he took Eiji in his arms and kissed him. "There was no before, love. There is only you and today. Today was my first time and it was beautiful, and loving, and sweet, and I was given an incredible gift by my best friend that I love with all my heart." Oishi kissed him again. "Remember you promised to tell me if it hurts, because if it hurts, if the other person isn't enjoying it, its no good?" Eiji nodded, "Eiji, I promise to tell you. I promise. I love you."

Oishi kissed him again, "Eiji, make love to me, please, I want to be with you."

Oishi kissed him, trying to show him all he felt in a kiss, trying to show him he trusted him, he loved him, he wanted him. As Eiji responded, Oishi again lay back and put his left hand down but kept his right hand around Eiji, lightly touching him but not holding him, giving him control.

Eiji kissed him and got to where he lay more on top of them. He pressed himself against Oishi and kissed him, like they did that first night but now Eiji was on top. Both of their erections that had started to wane were now coming back again. Eiji thrust himself against Oishi, rubbing against him and he moaned softly at the sensation. He kissed Oishi and held on to his shoulders as he rubbed against him.

It was all Oishi could do to not thrust with him, to instead let him decide what he wanted to do. He just gently put his arms around him and let his hands lightly caress his skin enjoying him, kissing him back, trusting him. Oishi slowly spread his legs a little wider so that Eiji's were between his. Then he wrapped his legs around Eiji's as Eiji had his the night before. Eiji rubbed against him tilting his pelvis the same way he had when Oishi was inside him and that and the change of angle made Oishi moan. Eiji still kissed him, but he was now smiling. He'd decided. He kissed Oishi one more time and then moved himself agonizingly slow, down.

He stroked Oishi as he started to finger him again with first one finger and then two. Then he slowly added a third. Very slowly. As if reassuring himself he was ready and Oishi was also. Oishi well remembered worrying the night before how would he ever fit in Eiji without hurting him but he knew he should say nothing and not push himself down on his fingers inside him taking control. Oishi instead touched his hair gently. "I want to touch you, please?" He asked Eiji wanting to make him feel good and reassure him.

"Hmm." Eiji smiled and did, sighing when Oishi stroked him with his hand. Oishi also forced himself to relax. Not that he was tense with Eiji touching him but he felt he could reassure him if he was. He used to do this when he could not fall asleep. Starting with his feet relax, then his lower legs, then his upper legs, and so on and before he knew it he had fallen asleep. He did this without the sleeping part now.

Eiji fingered him slowly in and out touching that spot several times and Oishi wondered if he was doing what Oishi had, trying to memorize it so he could easily find it inside him. Eiji must have decided they were both ready then because he changed positions again. He took Oishi's hand that was on his head, in his hair, and moved it to Oishi's own erection. Wanting him to stroke himself. Oishi did watching him.

Eiji did that slow blink watching him touch himself, he put more lubrication on both Oishi's erection, on himself, and on Oishi. Locked onto Oishi's eyes, Eiji held himself in his hands and slowly, gently, entered Oishi. It was all Oishi could do not to push himself down. Instead he again forced himself to relax and felt Eiji slide a little deeper into him. It didn't really hurt but it felt like pressure there. Oishi again reminded himself to relax and stroked himself a little more. Eiji watching him and entering him gave a little whimper. It hurt a little and Oishi again remembered to relax which took the pain away. He felt Eiji move deeper and he came up to kiss him. Eiji kept working himself slowly, so slowly, inside him until he was right on that spot inside him. Oishi moaned and almost came.

He must have half closed his eyes because then Eiji was up by him, in him, and kissing him. Eiji kissed him and stopped until Oishi's urge to come passed. He took Oishi's erection from him and stroked him in time with him slowly still sliding the rest of himself into him. Oishi thought to tip his hips up but did not want to upset Eiji or hurt himself. As long as he focused on the pleasure, the kissing, and breathing, it didn't hurt.

He tried to relax further and Eiji moaned again as he slid into him deeper. His moans alone could send Oishi over. Oishi wrapped his legs around Eiji's feeling him slide more in as he picked his legs up and then more when he set them back down. Eiji did that tight grip over Oishi's tip and Oishi tightened involuntarily almost coming. Eiji moaned as the pressure and friction around him must have increased. "Oh...Oishi.....Oishi.....!" Oishi knew he was very close as well.

Eiji eyes were half open, he was kissing him, and he looked about to come. Oishi thought he looked beautiful.

Then he stopped moving. Oishi realized he was so very close and was probably all the way inside him. Eiji did not move but to kiss him and Oishi did not move but to kiss him back. Eiji was holding on to one of his shoulders with one hand and in the other he held Oishi's erection, barely moving his hand over his tip. Oishi did not move but so wanted to. Then Eiji started moving within him. Trying to find out how much he could. Oishi to his surprise found it felt good. Very good. He tipped his hips up to let him slide easier into him the next time he gave a small thrust and both of them moaned. Oishi put his hands on Eiji's hips to pull him more towards him and tipped his own hips up again meeting his next thrust. Eiji started moving his hand hard on Oishi especially his sensitive tip.

Oishi felt Eiji trembling. He thrust a little more and both of them tipped their hips up making them moan into each other's mouths as they kissed. Eiji thrust one more time and it was a little longer, a little slower and Oishi could not wait anymore, "Ah....Eiji...!"

Eiji thrust back into him, coming hard at the same time. "Oishi!" He shuddered into him. Oishi felt through even his own orgasm as ever muscle on Eiji locked and then released. Eiji cried out one more time and then stopped, breathing hard.

Oishi was breathing hard too. He kept his hands on Eiji and kept him locked with him. Eiji knew what he was doing instantly. "Stay." Oishi said kissing him, "Stay with me Eiji."

Eiji kissed him needy and hard. Oishi was surprised thinking he would smile or laugh but Eiji looked annoyed if anything. "Oishi, I can't stay with you. It feels too good and I keep getting lost." He sounded frustrated and upset.

"Shh." Oishi said kissing him, "Its all right love, its okay. That's fine."

"No." Eiji said and Oishi paid attention to him because it was not a nya. It was a full out no. It was serious. "I want to stay with you like you stayed with me. It feels too good though. You feel too good. I don't want to get lost. Help me stay with you Oishi. Please." He looked like he might cry.

"Okay love, okay. Kiss me all right? Just kiss me Eiji, please?" Somehow Oishi understood what he meant and knew what to do. He just seemed to most of the time with Eiji. Eiji needed a counterweight, no, Oishi realized, he needed an anchor to keep him so he didn't drift or fly away.

Oishi could do that. He took his right hand, as Eiji kissed him and rested it on his forehead, like Oishi had at the hospital when Eiji had gotten stitches. He rubbed his thumb gently on his forehead just like he did then. "Stay with me Eiji. Stay." He said softly watching to see if Eiji understood. He did. Then Oishi moved his hand to the back of his head, ran it up the back of his hair how he liked, and gently pulled him down into a kiss.

He kissed him with them locked together for a long time. It could have been years Oishi thought as Eiji could so control time. Somehow Oishi kept them together with a kiss Both of them focused on the kiss and the kiss alone. They breathed together, pressed and slid their lips and tongues and just kissed. Oishi forgot that Eiji still held him in his hand and somehow forgot that Eiji was deep inside him. Eiji must have also. Oishi realized that a long time had passed and they were both hard again, he had felt Eiji get hard inside him, as they kissed.

Oishi kept kissing him and Eiji made whimpering purrs as he enjoyed the kiss. Oishi realized he was doing the same. Oishi also realized that they were both hard and both moving gently together. He did not even think Eiji was aware of it yet as he was so focused on Oishi, his eyes, and their kiss. "Stay with me, love." Oishi said keeping Eiji anchored there, with him, in this moment.

Eiji smiled radiantly, he must have just realized they were moving and he wasn't lost, he was right with Oishi still. "I'm with you." he said happily, sounding even a little amazed. "I love you." He kissed Oishi again.

His smile made Oishi smile. "I love you." Oishi said to him in between kisses. This time was very different. It was slow and gentle and almost as if their bodies knew how to move on their own together. Their hands knew were to touch, their legs knew where to go, their hips knew where to move and how to meet each other. They smiled and kissed the entire time, both shaking and dripping sweat, and moving together still. Eiji slid in and out of him thrusting at the right time and the right angle and Oishi was always there to meet him. Eiji moved his hand over Oishi's erection to match their rhythm. Oishi slid his hand down Eiji's back and came to where he was inside him last night. Eiji was still incredibly sensitive there and Oishi ran a finger over the area making Eiji moan loudly and half close his eyes.

But he never got lost again. He opened them to Oishi, kissed him more, stayed with him, and only said, "More...." with his most mischievous smile. Oishi kissed him and he touched him there gently as they kept moving both against each other and together.

Eiji moaned again and Oishi said, "Kiss me love." to keep him with him. Eiji did smiling at him and only then did Oishi notice that he too was right about to come. He had focused so much to keep them there that he ignored the pleasure building up in himself. He had ignored that with each rocking thrust Eiji touched that spot within him. That his hand on Oishi was at the perfect touch and rhythm, and that Eiji's moans and kisses were enough to send Oishi over. "Eiji..." Oishi said noticing that his entire body was shaking.

Eiji leaned in to kiss him and Oishi was not sure anymore if it was his body shaking or Eiji's anymore. "Oishi..." They stopped moving for a second smiling at each other, Oishi could feel Eiji trembling, feel him breathing each breath, and even feel each beat of his heart, beating hard and he knew Eiji was feeling the same on him. He kissed him again smiling and they both started moving again. Their bodies locked as they both came with the other, moaning their pleasure, as they shuddered and trembled. Oishi felt himself come all over the both of them as he felt Eiji coming hard inside him. Eiji half shut his eyes but then stayed with Oishi, opening them again, and even then kissing him before he was even finished.

They kissed and turned on their sides, Oishi only later realized that Eiji must have fallen out of him as they turned, so still focused on still kissing him was he that he never noticed at the time. Eiji smiled his sleepy contented smile he had after being satisfied fully. Oishi kissed him and smoothed back some of his hair that lay sweaty across his cheek. "How was your first time?" Oishi asked him smiling when he finally could.

"Hmm. My first time was good but my second time was very, very good."

Oishi smiled, "Wasn't it all the same time since we didn't stop?"

Eiji pondered this. Oishi awaited his ruling with a smile. Eiji smiled broadly apparently deciding. "Hmm. So my first time was very, very, very good." Then he kissed Oishi delighted.

Oishi laughed, "You know, they say it only gets better with practice."

Eiji looked shocked. "Better? Nya!"

Oishi laughed a little harder. "Really, I promise. Its supposed to get better with practice. Like anything else."

Eiji paused a moment as if to think it over and then laughed with a wicked chuckle, "Yah-hoi! Then we should practice lots!" He threw himself into a tighter hug around Oishi wrapping himself around him and kissed him as they both laughed. Then Eiji made a face, "Nya. We made a big mess." He said it though as if he was impressed and made Oishi laugh again, "Want to take a bath?"

"Sure." Oishi smiled.

Eiji then must have thought he wasn't as considerate as Oishi had been the night before. He gasped and then said, "Oishi? I'm sorry. Are you okay? You're not hurt? I didn't hurt you, nya?"

Oishi laughed at Eiji now mothering him. "I'm fine, love. You didn't hurt me. You were very gentle. It felt good, really good." Oishi kissed him and then looked down. "But a bath would be really nice."

Eiji looked terribly relieved. He insisted on babying Oishi as Oishi had done with him, wrapping him in a towel and walking him down the hallway hugging him. Oishi tried not to laugh, he did, but it was so cute.

Eiji turned on the bathtub, had Oishi show him what mild soap he used for Eiji and then left him telling him to open the door when he was done. Oishi really didn't need to use the toilet but he didn't want Eiji to worry if it happened again with him and not Oishi. Oishi just checked to see how sore he was. It really was not nearly as bad as he had imagined. He had read horror stories about people not "closing" for several hours afterwards and had worried a while about it, more for Eiji than himself. He did check the towel for blood as he had Eiji's last night and was again relieved when he again found none. It was the same way he had learned long ago never to ever look at his Moms emergency medical guide that had pictures or he thought every freckle was a tumor and every bump chickenpox. He worried. That was how he was.

He waited a little bit, then opened the door and got into the filling bathtub because he felt fairly gross. He also realized that he forgot to tell Eiji to use his parents bathroom and he must feel the same. Eiji stuck his head in the door a moment later looking nervous. Oishi laughed and said, "I'm fine. Come take a bath with me."

As Eiji had a while ago, in this same bathtub, when he first slept over. That felt like ages ago. Oishi remembered wanting to wear his underwear for a minute then and almost laughed out loud at himself.

Oishi was surprised. Eiji insisted on getting in the bathtub behind him and holding him. It was very sweet and as if he wanted to care for Oishi as Oishi had last night plus maybe he was repaying him for bathing with him after his stitches. Oishi, remembering him, scooted down, turned around and kept his feet out of the water resting his head on Eiji's chest. Oishi was thinking he never does that with Eiji and he should more because its nice.

Eiji kissed Oishi's forehead and hair as he held him close. The water felt nice too as he was a little sore. The bathtub was just done filling and Eiji reached over them to turn it off. Oishi turned around and lay back against him. Eiji ran his hands over Oishi's arms as if feeling his muscles. He sneakily checked Oishi's upper back and neck and must have liked what he found. Oishi was relieved when he didn't dig in his hands but went back to just running his hands over his arms, chest, and back in a loving way. Oishi started to soap up a washcloth and stopped to listen.

"Hoi?" Eiji said sounding very relaxed.

"Is it still raining? Can you hear?"

"Hoi. I think it stopped. Why?"

Oishi smiled and then said casually, "We should ask Fuji if the rain is over. I've never beat you as a regular."

Eiji made the same gasp he did when he thought Oishi ate the last bite of ice cream. Oishi casually turned to see his face and his expression. He was betting that most likely it would be Eiji grinning and was only slightly worried that he would be pouting. Oishi hoped the grinning was the right one.

He was thrilled to find out he was right. "Hoi." Eiji said grinning with his chin tilted up, "You can try. But if you lose, I get to tell everyone I beat a regular," he paused for dramatic effect, "I get to tell them all I beat you."

"Fair enough. And what do I get if you lose?" Oishi tried to be casual as he said it but he saw he sparked Eiji's very competitive nature.

"Nya. I won't lose."

"Just in case, what do I get?"

"Hoi? What do you want?" Eiji was putting on a very serious bargaining face. Oishi thought about it and suddenly smiled. He rinsed the soap off himself and started washing Eiji with his cloth. Eiji's eyes were flashing dangerously. Oishi soaped his chest and his arms until Eiji took the cloth from him and began to do it himself, annoyed.

"There's only two things that I want." Eiji watched him waiting. "One, is, you."

"Nya. You already have me." Eiji said it annoyed but he did let Oishi give him a quick kiss on his mouth for saying it.

"Good. Then there's only one other thing. I want, you to be a regular too."

"Hoi? I lose and how do I become a regular?"

"I don't know. I hadn't thought of it when I said about playing you, but now I'm serious. You're good. You're really good. I think playing with you is what made me good enough to make it. So I guess you play more with me, maybe with Fuji, maybe even Tezuka and make it next rankings. Helping you when you asked me, helped me. So now I think we should do the same with you."

"Nya, you'll be busy with regulars and matches and training with them." Eiji was pouting. Oishi realized then that last smile, the grin, was bravado. He felt terrible.

"Eiji, I'll never be too busy to play with you or see you. Never. And you can do the same training they do and then extra with me. It will help me too to practice extra. Hey, if you were in my block would you have won?"

Eiji thought. "Nya Fuji. Maybe, but nya against you too." He pouted slightly.

"You could beat me easy."

"Nya, you've gotten much, much more accurate. I don't even think you realize it. Plus you had a reason to win, Saint Rudolph's."

Oishi smiled, "The reason I had to win was to stay at Seigaku, with you. You were my reason. And I got that accurate because I worked so much with you hitting specific shots to you for you to practice. See?"

"Hoi. You really think I can?" His chin was up as if braced for bad news. So adorable Oishi thought.

"I know you can. Honestly. I can't lie to you, you know that. You can do this."

Eiji was quiet a long time, "Nya Oishi? What if its me, you and Fuji in a block? Or me, you, Tezuka?"

"You mean if I lose and get dropped? I'm fine with being dropped. Well, not fine with it, I don't want it to happen but so far the only people who have been regulars since they became one is Tezuka and Fuji. Everyone gets dropped and it makes you stronger for next time. If that happened I would be happy for you." Oishi paused, "But if I was against you the time after, then I might have to beat you."

Eiji smiled, a little. "Nya Oishi!"

"Plus we know who they want or who they think will win by what block they put them in now that you've shown me that. And even then, its games, there are no set winners, anything can happen. You can do this. We can do this. I really want to try. Okay?" Eiji was thinking, Oishi added, "I was just kidding when I said that about beating you as a regular. I'm sorry. I just wanted to play with you. I'm sorry if it hurt your feelings." He paused thinking, "I think because you were injured Tezuka put you in a hard block on purpose giving you the hardest day first. In any other block, even in mine, you might have won. And you did really well even hurt."

"Hoi." Oishi waited for more but didn't get it. Eiji rinsed himself off and went to get out of the bathtub giving Oishi a brief kiss. "You finish up." He said as he had wanted time alone the last night for himself. He threw a towel around himself and closed the door behind him leaving Oishi with his thoughts. Oishi was feeling like a jerk for hurting Eiji's feelings in any way but now was really wanting to do this. Oishi stretched in the lukewarm water making sure he would be able to move without being sore. He smiled as he realized Eiji was right, it was a soreness but almost a good kind of soreness.

He got out of the bathtub and dried off. He went into his room.

Eiji was watching his fish lost in thought. Still wrapped in his towel.

Oishi came up behind him and hugged him. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I love you. I meant it to be kidding, not to hurt. I'm an idiot."

Eiji shrugged like it didn't bother him when it clearly did.

Oishi thought about Eiji with an amazing athletic ability and a fighting spirit. He thought that as a kid Eiji was probably always the fastest, the most daring, the one who in sports always won everything. Not being the best at a sport was something hard for him. He said, "If you kiss me I'll tell you a secret."

Eiji looked at him as if wondering if it was a real secret or not but said nothing.

Oishi kissed him gently, glad when he reciprocated, slightly. "I swear that Kikumaru-senpai will make regulars next rankings. I swear it. Even if Kikumaru-senpai has Fuji, Tezuka, and Oishi in his block. In fact, if you work with me a little today, I can prove it."


"How would you like to beat Fuji and Tezuka today? With me, in doubles?" Oishi smiled.


"Yes, we can. All we need to do first is work on a few combinations and signals. We already know how each other plays very well. Doubles isn't like singles. Tezuka and Fuji rarely play doubles and almost never together. They might take a few games, and the match will last a long time, but we can beat them."

Eiji cocked his head to the side in thought, then he smiled wickedly and said two words that made Oishi feel a little better, "Show me."

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