Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Twenty

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

As Fuji predicted, the rain stopped before the end of the next class.

Before Oishi went to change and warm up, Tezuka walked up to him. "Oishi, is this what you want?"

Oishi had no idea what Tezuka meant. He knew that Fuji or Eiji or both must have talked to him and he knew his friend often used few words. "Staying at Seigaku?"

"All of it." Oishi was lost but Tezuka wanted an answer.

Oishi thought of one. "I'm happy here. This is where I want to be. This is what I want."

"Then do your best."

"Thank you, Tezuka." Oishi meant for his encouragement, support, his help that morning, and the conversation which Tezuka went out of his way to have. Tezuka nodded and walked away. Oishi immediately thought Eiji would have enjoyed seeing that bare conversation. Eiji would imitate it perfectly, and smiled thinking about Eiji.

Then Oishi went to change. And win.

Fuji was there after he dressed, as if they'd agreed to warm up together. Oishi had no idea where Eiji was and asked Fuji. "Ne, Oishi, focus." was all Fuji said.

They played a little warm up which turned serious fast. Oishi saw that the tensai was still upset about the morning even if he acted calm and was smiling because Fuji was playing to win even while warming up. Every time he thought he knew how Fuji played, he would suddenly change his pace and the whole game would be different. It was like Oishi was playing a different person each serve. Oishi knew enough to know now, that pretty much everything Fuji did, he did for a reason. Especially now that he had decided to help Oishi. Oishi supposed it would put him into practice to play several people in one day if nothing else.

Then before they played everyone was called to listen. The roster had changed. It was explained that several people had dropped out and if you didn't like it, tough. Oishi was facing a regular that day, one of the ones who had been in his face in the locker room. He would then play the other one, the most obnoxious on Thursday. Fuji would play that one today and the one Oishi was playing on Thursday. He was not upset or disappointed. He was ready to face everyone no matter what, but after thinking he had a fairly easy day of players who were on par or below with him, B block was certainly heating up.

Oishi played and won against the two guys who talked to him in the shower. They were good for warming up. Next was the regular. Then Oishi saw what Fuji had been doing. The regular played like that all the time, setting a different pace each time a ball was served. Oishi had no idea how Fuji knew but he did. It was not easy, the guy had experience on his side, but Oishi was better. He won 6-3. When it was over Oishi went to shake his hand and the guy walked away.

Oishi won all the rest of his games and while showering, still wondering where Eiji was, Oishi heard that Fuji won against the other regular. Oishi kept his eyes out for Fuji or Eiji feeling like he might have to physically protect both his friends. As it was, when he walked out to get dressed Eiji and Fuji were both there with Kawamura. Oishi did not know him well but he seemed to be good friends with Fuji. Oishi heard Kawamura was powering his way through D block beating everyone in his path.

He had also heard a strange thing about him changing personalities when he holds a racket. Oishi had no idea if this was true or not but he knew the shy, nice guy must have incredible power to beat some of the people he was beating. It was rumored that Kawamura stood a good chance of making it to regulars if not this time around, then soon. Kawamura's family owned a sushi restaurant nearby. As he had won all his matches, Fuji his, and Oishi his, he invited all of them for dinner at his family's place. Everyone agreed.

As they walked over, Oishi asked Eiji where he had been. Eiji explained that he was too nervous to watch Oishi closely and he did not want to pressure Oishi. He also said those guys were giving Fuji a hard time so Eiji wanted to keep a watch on his friend. Kawamura was also concerned for Fuji which is why he came to watch Fuji play once his games were all won for the day.

Oishi noticed Eiji was looking a bit upset. He wasn't as talkative or laughing as much. Oishi quietly took Eiji aside, walking a few paces behind their friends. "Eiji, it'll be all right. Please don't worry. Fuji, you, and Tezuka helped a lot today." Oishi told him the story about the timing Fuji helped Oishi with before the new roster was posted. Scary smart they again agreed also mentioning him knowing when the rain would stop. Oishi then told Eiji about Tezuka's odd questions. He also told Eiji not to be nervous. He could watch Oishi if he wanted, it made Oishi feel good when Eiji cheered, but he didn't have to. If he wanted to watch someone else play he certainly could.

Oishi then said that although Eiji didn't win, it was only because he went into this injured. He would probably be a regular next rankings. Depending on the placement they decided as Eiji pointed out to Oishi. Then they could celebrate Eiji's win even if Oishi got dropped next time. Most regulars drop out at least once. It makes the players and the team stronger. The only exceptions being Fuji and Tezuka who were never beaten and never dropped. Eiji seemed cheered by this. He seemed happy that Oishi knew him well enough to know it was bothering him, although he'd never said.

They had a great meal of all their favorites once they got used to the overbearing nature of Kawamura's father, and if they just did not even look at what Fuji ate. When dinner was over, they thanked Kawamura's family profusely and the four of them walked over to Fuji's. Fuji explained that he had been working with Kawamura intensely and that they had 'sessions' whenever he felt he needed it. With the rankings going on Kawamura wanted a session almost nightly. Fuji explained that it would only take an hour or so. They were sitting on the couch downstairs drinking tea Fuji had made them while they waited for the session to be over.

They were sitting at a respectful distance apart, just watching and wanting each other. Oishi finally said to Eiji, "I can't wait to kiss you anymore, I've been waiting all day."

He slid down and Eiji said, "Nya." Eiji looked at the stairs, "Fuji-senpai, Kawamura..."

"We'll just keep our eyes on the stairs. Fuji would warn us wouldn't he? Besides who knows what he's doing up there? It could be a study session, a workout, or this, who knows. Kiss me? Please?"

Eiji smiled, "Hmm. I was sitting here trying to think of a way to convince you to let me kiss you and watch for them. You beat me to it!"

"You sound so surprised, what that boring Shuuichirou Oishi wants to kiss you first?" They were moving down on the couch, closer to each other. Finally Oishi was close, very close to Eiji's mouth. He held Eiji's chin and touched those full tempting lips softly, gently, and sweetly with his own.

Eiji started to say something, it sounded like, "Nya O..." but Oishi kept kissing him. He put his arms around him, forgetting to look, forgetting to check, and forgetting everything but his warm, sweet friend in his arms. They sank down into the couch, lying down. Eiji had wrapped his arms around Oishi. Oishi could not resist taking his hand and putting it up Eiji's shirt, touching his soft skin, his muscles, his nipple. Oishi rolled it with his fingertips gently, playfully, enjoying Eiji making that delectable whimpering sound he makes when something pleasurable takes him by surprise.

Oishi kept kissing him, his lips, his neck, his soft cheek, his ear. Oishi's tongue found that spot on Eiji's ear again. Eiji made a noise that was somewhere between a growl and a purr. Oishi said softly, "My spot..." Eiji gave a little moan. Then he looked at Oishi with that wicked grin, and flipped Oishi over so Eiji was on top.

"This is for helping Fujiko." He said kissing him slowly. "This is for winning today." He kissed him again a little longer. "This is for letting your friends help you." He kissed him again. "This is for wanting to kiss me now first." He kissed Oishi deeply making his senses reel. "This is for asking to sleep with me last night." He saw the look on Oishi's face, "It was after midnight so it counts." He kissed Oishi again. "This is for saying the right thing to that girl at school." He kissed Oishi really long and hard, that must have been a very good thing Oishi decided. "This is for learning to fall." Again it must have been a very good thing. "This is for not being mad when I was stupid and said too much." He kissed Oishi gently. "This is for saying you had feelings for me too...after midnight." He kissed Oishi softly, as if he was worried Oishi would say he changed his mind. This is so sweet, Oishi thought. "And this is for me." Eiji stopped and looked at Oishi for a moment, that little shy smile on his face. He lowered his head gently and softly put his lips on Oishi's. He kissed Oishi softly and for a long time, the first few kisses with just his lips. And then Eiji added his tongue gently, tasting, testing. It was as if he was trying to show Oishi how he felt in a kiss. It was sexy yes, seductive, definitely, but so sweet that Oishi didn't want it to end. When Eiji was done he settled himself laying on Oishi, smiling.

"Is it my turn now?" Oishi asked and Eiji nodded.

Oishi gently turned the both of them so they were side by side on the big couch with Eiji on the inside. They just fit. "There is so much, I don't know where to start." He said honestly to Eiji, stroking his soft face with his hand.

All of a sudden they heard loud, booming, rap music in English playing over and over, screaming words, "I'm the greatest, I'm burning, I'm burning up, come on, I'm the best baby, challenge me, You can't stop me, I'm unbeatable, I'm great!" Both of them shot up as if the entire tennis club was watching. Oishi fell off the couch in alarm. When they realized it was just music, they laughed until tears ran down their faces. It was so loud they could barely hear each other speak even if they yelled. Oishi still sitting on the floor and Eiji on the couch leaned on each other and laughed some more.

Then the music stopped and they heard shy quiet Kawamura yelling, screaming, the same things. They laughed, holding on to each other, shaking and trying to keep quiet, both wondering what the hell was going on up there.

Towards the end of the hour, they heard relaxing music and wind chimes. They heard Fuji's door open and Fuji stuck his head around the corner looking for them. When he saw them sitting on the couch, far apart from each other again, Fuji sighed as if annoyed they were still there and still behaving themselves.

Then a very quiet Kawamura walked downstairs and meekly thanked them for coming to dinner and thanked Fuji. He wished Oishi and Fuji good luck in the ranking matches, bowed, and said good night.

Fuji went back upstairs before they could ask him any questions and they heard a bath being drawn. Then Fuji came down in a black silk robe. "Mn. Thank you for waiting." He said in tones of velvet and sapphires. "I've drawn you both a bath and you can sleep in Yuuta's room tonight. Eiji knows where everything is, so make yourselves at home. You can make all the noise you want, I'm going to bed, and am a sound sleeper. Good night." Fuji got about halfway up the stairs and turned to them. They were both staring with their mouths dropped open. Fuji said, "Mn, and Eiji, try to let Oishi get some sleep tonight?" Fuji smiled fully, "Good night, my friends."

They watched Fuji go to his room with their mouths open. They watched the door closed. Then they looked at each other. Oishi did not know what to say.

Finally Oishi shrugged, turned to Eiji and said, "I want you so much that I just don't care anymore. Come take a bath with me?" Eiji nodded smiling and kissed him. When he was let up for air, Oishi said, "Keep kissing me like that and we won't make it to the bathtub."

Eiji ran up the stairs laughing, taking several at a time, daring Oishi to catch him. Fuji had a great big bathtub he had put some bath salts into. There was a candle burning and the lights were dim. The bathtub smelled like mint and like a flower but Oishi was not sure which flower. Oishi closed the door to the bathroom and turned back to Eiji. "Undress me?" Eiji asked him.

They kissed the whole time they undressed each other. Oishi meant to take it slowly but once he took of Eiji's shirt and was kissing his chest, and checking the scrapes on his back from that day, Eiji was removing Oishi's shirt too. Their pants and underwear came off the same way. When they were naked Oishi held Eiji, standing close, just enjoying the feel of their skin against each other. He kissed Eiji and said, "I missed you...missed this." He said kissing him. He felt as if he had not seen or touched him like this in a year instead of just a day before. "...Feels like a long time since I've seen you doesn't it?"

"Hmm." Eiji said kissing him back purring. "Long time."

Oishi got in the bathtub with Eiji soon following. Eiji was so cute in the water once he realized in the really big bathtub he could turn all the way around. He could face Oishi or sit in front of him and flip around in a moments notice. It was as if when Eiji got into a space he had to discover all the ways he could fit himself and manipulate everything around him. Then he discovered that he could sit facing Oishi and wrap his legs around his waist. They both enjoyed that position. They kissed for a while and then ended up just holding each other. After a while Oishi said, "Do you want your kisses now?" Eiji nodded enthusiastically.

Oishi thought about everything. Everything he wanted to kiss him for, everything he was thankful for and took a chance, "Can I just kiss you once really good and say today you've been amazing? From after midnight to breakfast to your plan to being there for me to now? " Eiji considered this, his eyes narrowing not really liking it. "Because if I have to go over every single thing, love, the water will be cold and we'll never make it to bed. Please? This once?"

"Hmm. Good?"

"Really good. You even get to pick which kind."


"The first time kind, or the light kind, or the hard kind, or the couch kind, or the bed kind, or when I haven't seen or kissed you all day kind. Whatever kind you want. Your choice."

Eiji thought. "Hmm. I want...the kind like this morning and the kind like when you say you have feelings for me too."

"This morning, when I was an idiot?"


"When I told you I had thought about having sex with you too?"

"Hoi. And when you said you had feelings for me too you were at your home and I was at home so you couldn't kiss me." Eiji must have felt embarrassed because he put his head down in the crook between Oishi's neck and shoulder. Oishi had an idea what Eiji meant but wanted to be sure, and part of him realized he wanted to hear Eiji say it as much as he wanted to say it but wasn't ready. Was no where near ready. But his heart was pounding faster at the idea of it.

"Hey." Oishi said softly, "You don't mean feelings and sex do you? You mean love and making love, right?" Eiji turned his face the other way and said nothing. "That's how you kissed me on the couch earlier, isn't it?" Eiji said nothing. "Hey." Oishi said softly, "Ei-ji, look at me." Oishi tried to turn Eiji to face him. He wouldn't. "Eiji?"

"No." He said it softly and it shot though Oishi. Not a playful, nya an actual no.

"Please, love, please look at me." Oishi heard himself say it again and realized he had said it often, quite often, but only ever to Eiji. "I'm not teasing you. Please? Have you ever heard me call anyone else 'love'? Ever? Its not something I say or that I've ever said to anyone else but you. Do you think I can't kiss you like that? That I don't have those feelings too?" Oishi hugged Eiji tighter. "Eiji, Eiji, let me kiss you, please? Please, love?" Oishi didn't know what else to do so he started kissing Eiji along his exposed neck up to his hair. "Please, love?"

Eiji turned to look at him with tears in his eyes. Tears Oishi put there. Eiji looked hurt, like he expected Oishi to laugh at him. Oishi put his hands in Eiji's hair and put their foreheads together. Eiji said softly, "I...I..."

"I know, love, I know." Oishi whispered and kissed Eiji. Oishi tried to put every feeling he had ever had about Eiji into the kiss. Oishi's eyes were closed and he just tried to love Eiji in a kiss. To make love to him in a kiss. As he kissed him, Oishi opened his eyes to look at his friend. Eiji had two tears that fell, one from each eye as he kissed Oishi back with his eyes closed. Oishi kissed his tears too and loved him.

They stayed like that for a long time kissing. Oishi had learned to give up keeping track of time with Eiji as it changed constantly around him. When they were done Eiji hugged Oishi tightly and Oishi held him back. "Are you all right now, better?" Oishi asked him. Eiji nodded. "Are you sad?" Eiji shook his head no. "Are you happy?" Eiji shrugged. "Was that kiss good enough?"

Eiji looked at Oishi, a little smile back on his face. "Nya. More."

Oishi smiled and said, "Can we get out of the cold water first?" Eiji laughed a little. Oishi said, "Come to bed with me?" Eiji nodded, smiling again.

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