Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty Five

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Right then, Oishi almost had a heart attack when someone banged on the stall door. "Excuse me? Hello? Gentlemen, are you all right in there?"

Eiji looked at Oishi, who went from feeling completely content to, well, he figured he must have looked suddenly sick, stunned, and mortified. Oishi was completely in shock. He had forgotten where they were.

"Yes, sir." Eiji said not missing a beat. "My best friend had some of your popcorn and felt ill. He got sick. I hope the popcorn isn't bad. He's just about done getting sick and we'll be out in a minute."

Oishi really thought he was going to be sick. Very sick. In front of Eiji. Oh god. His heart was pounding. All he could think was they were going to get in trouble. They were caught. What if they called their parents? What were they going to do?

Eiji winked at Oishi and asked the guy to wait outside for them.

Eiji waited a moment as the guy walked out, held Oishi's hand tightly, spun half way around, and kicked the toilet they hadn't used flushed with a high step. Eiji kissed Oishi's lips, his cheek, and then his hand before letting it go. He silently told Oishi with just a long look that he would take care of this, of him. It would be all right.

He and Oishi washed their hands. The bathroom was empty and Eiji looked at him, cocked his head, and made Oishi wash his face. Oishi saw his reflection in the mirror after he did. He was pale and shaking and certainly looked ill, but it was from being caught and extremely embarrassed. Oishi really had never been in trouble before. What were they going to do?

Eiji looked at him, as if completely understanding, and took care of him. Oishi half thought he would be mad, like he was when Oishi blushed after touching his hand on the tennis courts, but he wasn't. Eiji smiled, touched him, and whispered to him, reassuring him that it would be fine. To not worry. They would not get in trouble.

He held Oishi's gaze for a long moment until Oishi nodded that he would be all right. That he trusted Eiji to handle this.

Eiji winked and pushed the door open, not afraid of a thing. The manager who knocked was waiting for them with another employee standing there. Eiji, looking like a handsome, innocent, but very worried teenager, told the manager he hoped the popcorn or the butter wasn't bad. That everyone who ate popcorn wouldn't be sick. He complained he was upset they had missed half the movie already. The manager gave them a large bucket of new, freshly made popcorn, a big soda when Eiji suggested casually it might settle his poor, sick friend's stomach, and eventually he gave them several free passes to the movies by the time Eiji was done with him.

Oishi just stood there watching Eiji manipulate things and get them out of this in astonishment. He realized, Eiji wasn't mad because Oishi was scared of getting in trouble, not embarrassed to be with him. In fact, if anything, Eiji seemed happy that Oishi let him handle everything, and only concerned that Oishi was all right.

They went back into the theater. The movie was more than half over. Fuji asked if they were okay and Eiji whispered back fine, smiling. He refilled Fuji's popcorn from his bucket, letting the tensai mix it in with his other condiments and made a face of horror at Oishi to show how gross he felt about whatever Fuji was eating.

He laughed when his look made Oishi smile.

Eiji seemed thrilled with his haul. And with Oishi again.

Oishi, now that they weren't going to get into any trouble, calmed down. Eiji held his hand under the armrest, watching him, making sure he was all right. Mothering him.

Oishi watched Eiji eat popcorn like he ate ice cream. One handful after the next. He held Oishi's hand under the arm rest with one hand as he lost himself in the movie. He would squeeze Oishi's fingers and rub his thumb across Oishi's palm and his tennis callouses as if absently enjoying the feel of his hand against his skin. Enjoying touching him.

Once in a while, Eiji would hold his other hand out to feed Oishi some popcorn. Oishi, after around his third 'feeding' by Eiji, started licking his fingers as he took the pieces. Oishi really didn't want popcorn, he wanted Eiji. Oishi noticed that the fourth feeding had only two pieces of popcorn. Oishi dutifully took them from Eiji's salt covered fingers but in a long, slow lick. The fifth came soon after and had only one piece.

Oishi turned a little to face him, wanting to watch his reaction as he took the piece from his fingers. Oishi then licked at Eiji's finger as if at first it was Eiji's tongue, taking it deep in his mouth and sucking gently on it, and then he licked it as if it was his erection in Oishi's mouth.

Eiji turned to Oishi and gave him that long slow blink, watching as Oishi sucked and licked his finger. When Oishi released his finger, Eiji put it, still wet, into his own mouth as if wanting to taste Oishi back. He smiled and half closed his eyes.

Eiji then fed him another piece, turning back to face the screen, although Oishi knew he was no longer watching the movie. Oishi watched Eiji's eyes close as he sucked on his finger, as Eiji enjoyed how it felt. Still facing the screen Eiji smiled and put his wet finger back in his own mouth, enjoying being teased, enjoying this.

Oishi waited and wondered what Eiji would do next. Eiji brought Oishi's hand, still wrapped in his own, over to his lap, under his shirt to show Oishi how hard he had made him. Oishi gently traced his outline, feeling him through those damn jeans. Touching him how he knew Eiji would like to be touched. He saw Eiji open his mouth in a silent moan as he felt Oishi touching him. He looked at Oishi and bit his bottom lip knowing Oishi would want to kiss him to make it stop.

Eiji slid their joined hands away, just onto the middle of his leg, and held Oishi's tightly as if telling him to not move it, to wait. He turned to Oishi as if to see if Oishi understood. Then he pouted, on purpose, knowing it would make Oishi want to kiss him even more. Oishi smiled and wrote on his leg with his finger, NOT FAIR !

Eiji looked surprised and thrilled to discover this new secret form of communication. Even better than blank notes Oishi supposed. He left Oishi's hand on his leg, giving him a look, telling him not to move it. It was not allowed. Eiji was trusting him. Oishi almost laughed out loud at his silent commands. Then Eiji went to Oishi's leg and traced with his finger, LATER!!

Oishi asked him back, AFTER MOVIE?

Eiji smiled, shook his head no, and answered NOT YET LOVE... Eiji's grin became wider as Oishi looked at him surprised.

Oishi wrote him, ? WHY ? He was totally perplexed.

Eiji gestured to his side and wrote FUJI

Oishi had not expected that answer in a million years. He was suddenly confused and a little jealous. Eiji saw his reaction and he laughed. He rubbed his hand over Oishi's pants as if to erase Fuji's name. Eiji must have not known what exactly to write. He leaned closer to Oishi and whispered in his ear. "Hoi, we're going with Fuji and Tezuka after, remember?"

Oh. "Oh. I forgot. Where are we going?" After midnight too, Oishi wanted to say but held that part back.

Eiji though took a moment before he answered, he nibbled and licked Oishi's sensitive earlobe, making Oishi inhale sharply. Eiji laughed in his ear softly, thrilled at his reaction. "Hmm. I'm not supposed to tell you, nya." Eiji said it in a teasing way.

Oishi put his hand not still on Eiji's leg out to say 'What!?' He thought for a moment and then whispered to Eiji, "Okay you're not supposed to tell me where, right?" Eiji nodded, "Then can you tell me why you can't tell me?"

Eiji cocked his head thinking again. This seemed to be all right. He leaned closer to Oishi and whispered again, "Hoi. Fujiko thinks if you and Tezuka know where you're going, then you both won't go."

"But you know where we're going?" Oishi whispered, trying to find a way around this. Eiji nodded. "And you want to go?"

Eiji nodded a lot more and whispered to him, "Hoi. I want to go. With you." He paused, "I want to go with you very much."

Oishi smiled and whispered soft and low, knowing Eiji would like it, "Then if my boyfriend wants to go somewhere with me, I'll go."

"Nya! Really? You will!? Anywhere?" Eiji seemed ecstatic.

Oishi paused for a second, because anywhere, with Eiji, really could be anywhere. For some reason, maybe it was because both he and Eiji were turned on, he thought of a sex club. Or what Oishi imagined a sex club would be like. He was pretty sure it wouldn't be where they were going, the thought of Tezuka in one was both funny and scary at the same time.

And they were all underage for well, nearly everything. But just to be sure, remembering Fuji looking Eiji over, Oishi whispered in a low growl, "Anywhere you want to go, I'll go, but no one touches you but me, Eiji. All right?"

Eiji, for some reason, seemed even more thrilled by this. Then he looked at Oishi and must have had the same Fuji thoughts, "Hoi. And no one touches you but me, Oishi. Ever."

"Ever?" Oishi meant it as a tease, but Eiji was serious.

"Ever Oishi, do you promise?" He was completely serious.

Oishi felt his heart pounding for some reason. 'Ever' is a long time, and Oishi really can't lie. Or break a promise. He was both amazed and elated that Eiji feels this strongly. Oishi felt lucky to be loved by him and to love him back. He thought of what Eiji said about marriage. A house with a lot of bathrooms. How he had no doubts about it. About them.

Eiji's hand was now holding his on his leg, letting him leave to think it over, but he was waiting for his answer. Oishi answered from his heart, "I swear it Eiji, ever, do you?"

"I swear it Oishi. Ever." Eiji never even paused. He was that certain. That positive. Oishi forgot they were in a packed movie theater. Oishi forgot that they were both guys and not supposed to be like this, certainly not in public. He forgot Fuji and Tezuka were right next to them. It all fell away and all that was there was Eiji and him swearing to each other. Ever. Forever. Meaning it with their hearts and souls.

Oishi kissed him and found Eiji met his lips halfway, as if needing to kiss him too, needing to seal it. Oishi closed his eyes for a second at the emotions he felt and when he opened them, he saw Eiji had surprisingly closed his too, as if feeling the same way.

Oishi put his hand to Eiji's face as they kissed, and Eiji opened his eyes to look at him. "I love you." Eiji said.

"I love you." Oishi answered and kissed him again.

Just then there was a loud explosion on screen. They stopped kissing and smiled at each other, still holding hands. Eiji turned to look at the recurring explosions on the screen and Oishi did too. There were words coming up on screen as the lights brightened and people around them started moving. "Its over?" Eiji asked, surprised.

Oishi couldn't resist, he whispered in his ear, "No love, its just beginning."

Eiji looked at him understanding, seemed charmed by it, happy to think of it that way, and he smiled wide.

Then they both laughed at once. The more they tried to stop the more they couldn't. People walking out glanced at them, pretending they didn't see them falling all over each other laughing. Which only made them laugh even harder.

Fuji stood and looked down at them as he went to walk past them. The tensai turned to Tezuka, who had his hand on Fuji's lower back, guiding him past their two hysterical friends, and shrugged.

Tezuka seemed to pretend they weren't even there, let alone that he knew them.

"Mn. We'll meet you outside." Fuji said to them amused as he gracefully glided past. Tezuka said something in Fuji's ear and Fuji smiled. "Ne, Tezuka, they just, do that sometimes, they're fine."

They laughed so hard at that they cried.


When they finally got themselves together, only breaking into little giggling fits now and again, they went back to the bathroom before leaving. Oishi insisted not knowing where they were going still. Then they were delayed as Eiji pulled Oishi back into 'their' stall and kissed him until his senses reeled. "Better?" He asked coyly, but still looked concerned as if Oishi might still be scared or upset from before.

"No, not yet." Oishi said surprising him. Eiji laughed as Oishi kissed him again. Oishi took control of the kiss this time. He teased Eiji, trying to get him to tell him where they were going but Eiji wouldn't tell him.

No matter what.

Which was even better.

It was more fun that way.

Oishi thanked Eiji for before, for taking care of him, and Eiji shrugged it off but seemed pleased with the movie passes and with Oishi trusting him to handle it.

He asked Eiji if he wanted to come back the next few days to see the movie again, if they could sit in the balcony, if he could hold his hand, and maybe this time they could actually watch the movie. But Oishi wanted to make it clear, so there was no confusion again, if Eiji would like, Oishi wanted this to be a date. If Eiji wanted, Oishi added, feeling a little shy about asking him, even now.

Eiji was apparently very happy about this because he pounced on Oishi. He knocked him back against the wall and kissed him soundly. They both laughed for a moment and then stopped laughing as their kissing turned suddenly serious. They kissed hard, very hard, running their hands along each other's skin, wherever they could touch, now suddenly needing to feel each other. They were grinding up against each other, almost lost in each other. They were both breathing hard, their hearts were racing, and they had nearly forgotten where they were.

Oishi suddenly knew he had to take control, or Eiji would have made him come fully dressed. They both would have come, in a public place, with their friends waiting. They were that turned on, that close, and that lost. He also remembered the manager from before and that they were not in a safe place to be lost like this. He focused on just kissing Eiji and started to tease him, fighting his own desires to get in control of himself at the same time. He regretfully, gently, pulled their bodies away from each other, kissing Eiji to quiet him as he moaned in frustration in Oishi's mouth. "Not yet, love. Not yet."

"Oishi...." Eiji was demanding more with just his name. They both were almost sick with want. With lust.

"I know love, soon. We will soon. I want to too. Kiss me, please?" He tried to focus on just kissing him and to get Eiji to stay with him until they got control of themselves back. He teased him, smiling to let him know it was all right, and played with him. As he watched, the raw need, the urgency to come, but not the heat or the desire, slowly dissolved from Eiji's eyes as he came back.

"Better?" Oishi asked concerned, and Eiji blinked slowly, holding his eyes closed for a second and then he nodded.

"Soon?" Eiji asked still nodding and Oishi could see the raw heat still smoldering in him. Oishi also saw Eiji needed to be reassured. He remembered Eiji had never done any of this before with anyone. He had never felt like this before. This was all new to him and must have been a little overwhelming.

Oishi knew it had to be because he had done things like this before and still had never felt like this. He was a bit overwhelmed by all this and the very strong emotions, by the almost overpowering lust. But when one of them was a little weak the other always seemed to be strong.

Oishi could count on that. He held him close but kept their more sensitive areas apart from each other. "Very soon, love. I love you, Eiji. I want you. You know I do. We're just going to wait a little while, just until we get back to my house, and we can be together. We can do this. We're just going to have a little fun with our friends and then we'll go home. All right?" Eiji nodded and smiled slightly, "Then kiss me again, please?" Oishi smiled and he saw it register on Eiji's face that waiting like this was difficult for Oishi too. That Oishi wanted him just as much.

Eiji smiled more and kissed Oishi, now teasing him until Oishi took control of the kiss back. But Eiji would not let him. They kissed and wrestled for control laughing as they did before in Eiji's bed a long time ago. It was just what they needed. Then Eiji suddenly gave Oishi control of the kiss and melted into Oishi. As if saying thank you.

In the middle of the kiss, Tezuka called Oishi and Fuji called Eiji making both of their phones vibrate at the same time. They both stammered to their friends they were in the bathroom, no, no, they were fine, they would be out in a minute, sorry, sorry, see you in a minute.

They laughed, looking at each other as they hung up their phones, at the state they had gotten each other in, at how high they felt, how turned on they were, how silly this all was, and how fun.

They walked out, still laughing slightly and Eiji turned to Oishi looking alarmed. "Nya Oishi, I'm going to laugh, and then Fujiko will be really mad."

"No, you won't, Tezuka is there and he is already really mad." Oishi was aware he was blushing furiously.

"Oh." Eiji stopped walking, looking grim at the thought of Tezuka being angry as they came upon the exit, "Nya. Protect me?"

"Always." Oishi put his arm around him to make him feel better, and lead him outside. It earned Oishi a small grin but it was better than nothing. To Oishi's surprise their friends had a cab waiting but didn't seem angry. At all.

Almost as if they had expected them to be even longer, or to come out half dressed. Oishi tried to lamely cover for them, protecting Eiji, "Sorry again, Tezuka, Fuji, its my fault we....."

"Ne, Oishi, its all right." Fuji interrupted with a knowing smile that made Oishi's fading blush return, even though, really, they hadn't done what Fuji apparently thought they did. Well at least not in the theater restroom a moment ago. "We have to take a cab because...this place isn't on the bus routes." Fuji explained.

"Oh." Oishi said, not understanding at all. All four of them crowded into the back of the small cab, Eiji sat mostly on Oishi's lap and Fuji, even though there was now enough room, slid onto Tezuka's like it was the most natural thing in the world. Oishi had to admit while all this was interesting, he still had not fully adapted. He did not want his mind to go wandering into places his stoic friend and the tensai may have been.

Eiji kept him grounded though simply by scooting more onto his lap and then he acted like he was whispering in his ear. Instead he took the opportunity to lick and play with Oishi's earlobe. "Hmm, Oishi?" Oishi looked at him as if to say what. "Oi-shi?" He said it soft and low knowing no one else could hear. Eiji nibbled and licked a little exactly how Oishi liked, while Oishi basically froze. Their friends were right there and Oishi was still so turned on and hard, it hurt. Eiji kept playing with his ear and his neck, nuzzling against him, enjoying himself while he gave Oishi time to go away. He said "Oishi." softly several times but never anything more. As if waiting for Oishi to come back to him.

Oishi relaxed into him eventually, he put his arms around Eiji and cuddled closer to him. Eiji made that little purring whimper as he played, and Oishi melted into his touch. He started enjoying Eiji trying to both tease him on and soothe him, eventually though, Eiji whispered husky and low, "Shuuichirou...."

Oishi looked at Eiji then, smiling now because he couldn't help himself. Oishi shook his head no, it hadn't worked. He had a feeling Eiji would do that, just to make him smile, or maybe to test him, but Oishi knew he could trust him.

"Nya?" Oishi shook his head no again, and Eiji purred with a smile in his voice, "Hmm. Had to try." Eiji being Eiji, he did.

Oishi was very aware, and Eiji must have been also, that had Eiji said his name in that way in that very heated moment back in the bathroom, he might have had very different results.

Eiji cocked his head to the side and said a little louder, "Fujiko? Since we're on the way can I tell him now?"

Fuji smiled from where he lay curled up in Tezuka's lap, "Mn. If you think he won't want to jump out of the cab while its moving...."

"Nya. Oishi won't." He smiled confidently at Fuji and went back to whispering in Oishi's ear, "Your boyfriend really, really wants to go dancing with you. All right?"

Oishi whispered back, taking the opportunity to nuzzle near but not on that spot that they both were so fond of, "Same place we didn't go with those girls?" Eiji nodded biting his lower lip.

Oishi thought of how to phrase his next question. "Thats fine, but do you know if its all right, for us to...be, like this there?" Because Oishi really wanted to be like this more right now, in fact he didn't think he would be capable of being any other way at this moment. If they went somewhere and had to pretend to just be friends, Oishi was sure he would fail miserably right now.

Eiji looked at him and nodded, like he understood what Oishi meant and he couldn't be different now either. "Fuji said it was more than all right." He explained.

Oishi looked surprised. Was it for gay men? Oishi didn't think he was ready for that. Or for the attention Eiji might get. Or that he might get. Or that his friends might get. It seemed a little much. A little overwhelming suddenly.

Eiji must have seen the look on his face. He waited for Oishi to come back from his thoughts and look at him. Oishi did after a long minute. "Nya Oishi, its for everyone. It doesn't matter. We'll just have fun. Everyone just goes and has a good time. It will be all right. If you hate it, we can leave. Hoi? I promise. Its no good if you aren't enjoying it."

Oishi smiled slightly at the reference but was still in a bit of a panic. It just felt a bit too much too soon. He had no idea who would be there, people they knew from school even? He was having trouble with just Fuji and Tezuka as it was.

Eiji brought him back, "Nya Oishi, stay with me? Please?" He bit his lower lip and looked at Oishi. "Nya, this might be a bad idea. We can go home. Or maybe go some other time. Nya. I just thought it would be fun. But we don't have to...."

Oishi, seeing Eiji get stressed, leaned into his ear and whispered softly, "I'm sorry. Its all right. I'm with you, Eiji. I'll stay. I'm back now. Its fine. Your boyfriend will go with you wherever you want him to. Anywhere." Oishi realized Eiji wanted to tell him before they got there so he was warned, so he would have time to deal with it, and in case he wanted to leave. Eiji loved him. He was still taking care of Oishi. The least that Oishi could do was to trust him and love him back.

Eiji looked at him, apparently not buying his quickly getting over this. He must have figured he would have more of a fight. Oishi acted like he was going to whisper something and instead nuzzled his ear. He licked and kissed around his spot on him until Eiji relaxed. Then he licked on the spot and enjoyed the sigh Eiji made and the smoldering heat which flared up in his eyes. "You haven't been there before?" Oishi thought out loud, a little jealous already, even though it was totally irrational.

Eiji shook his head no, and looked at him with wide, excited eyes about going.

Eiji feared nearly nothing.

Oishi thought of a contingency plan, just if they needed it though. He worried, it was his nature. "Tell you what, just in case, I'll tell you if I want to go and you can tell me if you want to go, okay? No more bad communicating." Eiji nodded solemnly. Oishi remembered something from a spy novel his father had him read, "In fact, if you want to go and you don't feel you can tell me in front of people, or I don't feel I can tell you, I'll ask how your brother is feeling or you can ask me how my brother is feeling. Then we'll know."

Oishi watched as Eiji first tried to figure out what he was saying, and then got that it was a secret code. No one else would understand it but them. He smiled wide, making Oishi smile. He whispered in Oishi's ear, "Hoi. My boyfriend is very clever."

Oishi whispered back, "My boyfriend is very sexy."

Eiji thought a second and said, "My boyfriend is very sexy too and I loved when he made love to me today."

Oishi smiled and said, "I loved when my boyfriend made love to me this morning." Oishi saw Eiji get a little more turned on, remembering.

Eiji always upped the ante, he nuzzled closer to Oishi, pressed himself against Oishi's erection and said very soft and low, "I loved when my boyfriend came inside me."

Oishi had to stop himself from moaning out loud at that thought, at his touch, at the image of them that flashed through Oishi's mind, at what Eiji said when he was sitting on his lap, when Eiji was so physically close, and they were both still so turned on. It was only because Oishi lived in such a quiet house his entire life that he was able to not make any sound. He never thought that would be so useful. He whispered back, "I loved when my boyfriend came inside me and I love coming inside him." He teased and licked that spot on Eiji's ear, and said, unable to stop himself, "I want you Eiji." It came out in a growl of want. Eiji smiled, completely turned on, only wanting Oishi, and he looked amazing. So utterly handsome and completely his.

"Hmm. I want you too. Soon. We won't stay long. Nya. Oishi, I'm so sorry your brother isn't feeling well."

Oishi lightly licked around that spot he loved on Eiji's ear instead of answering him right away. He teased him, whispered to him, touched and licked him. He felt the heat build up between them again in a dizzying rush. Eiji held and moved Oishi's hand, covered by his shirt and jacket from view, but showed Oishi how hard he was. Oishi felt a shudder go through Eiji as he touched him lightly and played with his ear, licking right on his spot. Eiji sighed. If they were alone, he knew the sigh would have been a moan. He whispered, "Shhh, not yet, love. Soon, all right?"

Eiji gave him a long slow blink in reply, and bit his bottom lip.

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