Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

Eiji kept kissing Oishi with sweet kisses, purring the entire time. He was so affectionate after he came. Affectionate, relaxed, and sleepy-eyed. It was very cute. Eiji was still purring, "Hmm. Felt really good. My turn?" He said with a wicked look in his eyes.

"You don't have to...." Oh god, how Oishi wanted him to, but would never, ever make him.

"Nya, want to. Show me how."

"I just did."

Eiji smiled wickedly at that. "Hoi, but you did this before. Everything else?"

"Eiji, I had it done TO me, I never did it before."

"I'm first?" Eiji looked hopeful.

Oishi laughed. He'd already told him he'd never kissed or touched another guy but Eiji thought he had done, that? But it seemed important to Eiji in a cute way and Oishi thought that if Eiji had said Fuji had done that to him first instead of Oishi, Oishi would be livid. So he smiled and said. "Yes, you are."

"Hmm. Thought you did everything else...." He was daring Oishi to dispute his logic.

Oishi laughed, "With girls!"

"Hoi! My turn. Tell me what to do, what you like."

Oishi thought, "I like it a little gentler than you do, teeth hurt, very badly, and, I don't know, just, whatever you want to do or not do is fine."

"Nya teeth?" Eiji asked wickedly.

"No. No. No teeth. And you don't have to swallow or anything like that."

"You did."

"It was not easy." Oishi made a face both remembering and wanting Eiji to understand how not easy it was.

"Kiss me first." Eiji said like he was leaving. Oishi laughed and complied. This time he tried let Eiji take the lead in kissing. Oishi found it was hard for him to let Eiji be in complete control. Oishi trusted him, and knew it was fine, but he found he had a bad habit of trying to set their pace. Eiji discovered this also and must have been getting frustrated. He said, "Nya. My turn."

"Sorry." Oishi said. Eiji smiled and rolled with Oishi, kissing him, so Oishi was on the bottom. He put Oishi's hands down at either side of him, emphatically meaning for Oishi to keep them there. Then Eiji kissed him deeply, hungry, as he got on to his hands and knees, resting his weight on his uninjured side like before. He gave Oishi these light kisses using his tongue to tease with little flips and flicks on Oishi's lips and tongue and then alternated with kissing him deeply. Eiji moved to kiss Oishi's earlobe as he had learned Oishi liked. As he did, he slid his hand down between Oishi's legs, lightly feeling, touching, stroking with a feather light touch. He worked his way down, kissing and licking Oishi's neck and playing with Oishi's nipples one, then the other, as if in payback for Oishi's earlier teasing. He smiled wickedly when Oishi gave a little involuntary sigh of pleasure. Eiji kissed his way down further then settled between Oishi's legs. Then he licked from base to the tip of Oishi's erection just as Oishi had done to him.

Oishi watched carefully to make sure Eiji was all right, because it would be no fun if Eiji felt he had to do this instead of actually wanting to. Eiji, seemed to be both curious, and enjoying it. He was having fun and his eyes told Oishi so. He took him into his mouth smiling that wicked little smile. He used his hand like Oishi did but also kept Oishi soaking wet with his saliva.

It felt good. Really good. He took Oishi deep into his mouth, deeper than Oishi could have taken him, and he waited for Eiji to choke or gag, but he didn't. When he saw Oishi's look of surprise he laughed around him and he took him even deeper. It felt incredible. Oishi moaned softly. Eiji's mouth felt so tight and so hot and so wet that now Oishi had to fight to keep from arching himself up into his friend's willing mouth. "Eiji..." Oishi whispered feeling so close.

Eiji stopped. Oishi could not believe it. He worried that his friend didn't want him to come in his mouth. Oishi opened his eyes, breathing hard, and went to tell him he would warn him but instead Eiji was smiling wickedly and said, "Not yet, love, okay? Not yet." Oishi gave a half laugh in complete disbelief at his words being mirrored back to him. He then had a feeling he was in deep trouble and was really enjoying every moment of it. This was better than he ever imagined.

Eiji drank a bit of water from the bottle that still had some in it. It must have still been cold because the change in temperature made Oishi gasp in pleasure when Eiji put his mouth back on him. He licked him up and down, then licked his testicles, and then licked down a little further touching his tongue to the tight pucker of Oishi's ass. Oishi gasped again, a little afraid, not sure what Eiji was going to do, not sure what to do or what he felt. Eiji took Oishi's hard erection, still wet from his mouth, in his hand and stroked it but all Eiji did while stroking was lick that area a few more times with his tongue wide. Then he gave one last hard lick right on, into, that spot and then lick his way back up. He replaced his hand with his mouth taking Oishi deeply into his mouth again. When he got to the tip he flicked his tongue over it like he had when he kissed Oishi. Oishi again felt very close again. He had his hand in his friends hair, just to touch him, not to force him, and found he was clutching the blanket in his other one. Eiji licked down Oishi's tip and Oishi must have closed his eyes. He was so close.....

"Oi-shi..." Eiji said softly. Oishi looked at him and saw that while Eiji was using his mouth and his hand on Oishi, he was hard again. He liked it. It was turning him on. Eiji pleasuring Oishi was turning him on. Eiji was stroking himself with his other hand, contorted into a position only Eiji could manage to be comfortable in. He licked Oishi's tip slowly making sure Oishi had his eyes on him pleasing himself while he pleased Oishi. Oh god. It almost drove Oishi over the edge but at the last second, Oishi somehow managed to hang on. Oishi sat up a bit and grabbed Eiji's shoulders to pull him towards him. "Nya, Oishi! Nya!" He whispered furious.

Oishi kissed him and said breathing hard, "I want my mouth on you when your mouth is on me. Same time. okay?" Eiji considered it while Oishi trembled. "Please....Eiji, please? Same time?" Oishi was begging, he knew it, and he didn't care.

Eiji looked at Oishi and must have seen his face full of lust, him shaking with need at what Eiji had done to him, wanting to touch him too, and Eiji smiled. He bargained, "Hoi, but I want to see you, and I want you to see me."

Oishi was nearly sick with want and could only nod yes. He would have agreed to any conditions right then. Anything. He kissed Eiji again then moved himself down while Eiji positioned himself where they could just see each other. Oishi knew that he was seconds or a minute away from coming while Eiji who had already come twice was still further away. Eiji must have known this also, and did not immediately take Oishi into his mouth but watched Oishi take him into his. Oishi licked and sucked Eiji for a few minutes while Eiji every so often just teased him keeping him close to the edge without sending him over.

Eiji stopped and Oishi looked at him. "Oishi," he said it almost shyly, "where I licked you, will you use your finger, in me, gently. Please?" Really? Oishi was surprised. He had done that with girls and of course had heard what men did together but was not sure. But, he would agree to any conditions right then. Anything. As long as Eiji didn't stop and let Oishi touch him too.

Eiji licked his finger as if to remind Oishi where he meant, he touched Oishi there pressing his wet finger down, not in to his tight opening, but almost. Eiji took Oishi back into his mouth, deeper and deeper. He started licking Oishi how he liked. Oishi was about to tell Eiji to wait, he would come, when Eiji pushed the tip of his finger gently into Oishi and with his other hand held Oishi tight, very tight, at his base just licking his tip. Oishi tensed up as Eiji kept both gripping his base as he licked and sucked his erection. It felt good to be licked, really good, but also strange to be touched, in, there.

Eiji looked at him telling him to start, so Oishi did the same to him. He licked his finger and then pressed it slowly, gently, into his tight friend while sucking on his tip. Eiji went to tighten and then visibly forced himself to relax, as if showing Oishi how. Oishi could see how much easier it was when Eiji relaxed so he tried to relax too. Eiji was able to get his finger in a little deeper, and took Oishi's erection harder, deeper, longer into his mouth as a reward. Oishi tried to relax further and also slowly put his finger deeper into Eiji.

After a while, Eiji stopped again, making sure Oishi was looking at him, "Oishi....gently" Eiji said softly and pressed his finger lightly on one spot that was inside Oishi. If they had not been locked together Oishi would have accidentally thrown Eiji off the bed. Oh god it was amazing. It was like nothing Oishi had ever felt before. He almost came without even realizing it. He looked at Eiji in awe, took Eiji's erection into his mouth again, and did the same to his friend. It was luck, pure luck, that Oishi pressed the right spot inside him. He felt a similar jolt tear through Eiji. Oishi knew what Eiji wanted him to do. He took Eiji fully in his mouth and hand and touched that spot in him with his finger until Eiji was trembling and as close as Oishi was. Eiji meantime kept Oishi right there, right on the edge waiting for Oishi to bring him there too.

He knew exactly when that was because that was when Eiji started taking Oishi deeper into his mouth again and pressing that spot inside him. They did not last long shuddering into each other as they came together, each fighting to be as silent at possible. Oishi came so hard he thrusted a little unable to help it, as Eiji did the same into his mouth. He fought himself to be silent, struggled not to thrust or moan, or scream, or cry out his friend's name in pleasure, as a long hard wave of ecstasy washed over both of them.

Oishi felt his entire body was shaking. It was incredible. He looked at Eiji who was smiling slightly but also looked scared or worried. Eiji looked as if he thought Oishi would be upset with him. Or as if he felt he may have gone too far. Oishi saw Eiji was shaking too. He also had a bit of wet spit or come on his chin and mouth. Oishi supposed he probably did too. He went to Eiji and kissed him. He didn't care. Hard. Sweet. Using his whole being. Not caring about the taste or anything but kissing Eiji, wrapping his arms around him, and letting him know how incredible that was. "Good?" Eiji asked still sounding concerned when Oishi let him up for air.

"Amazing." Oishi honestly answered.

"You never did?"

"Never. Ever. How did you know how to do.....that?" Eiji smiled a little. Oishi had to know, "No really, how, when, who....?"

"Nya. Fujiko didn't tell me." Eiji teased correctly guessing that was a new sore spot to Oishi.

"He'd better not have." Oishi said both growling and kissing Eiji again as Eiji laughed but did not answer. "Tell me..." Oishi groaned and Eiji seemed to consider it. "Please?"


"Why? What's wrong? Are you embarrassed?" Eiji pouted and shrugged. Oishi kissed him, not wanting him to be embarrassed, or worried. "It felt really, really good. I just wanted to know." Oishi smiled and kissed him. Oishi held him close and just laid half on him. He put his head on Eiji's shoulder. Oishi's lips were near his neck and he cuddled closer to him, kissing his neck. Oishi felt his pulse in his neck and rested his lips there feeling each beat for a moment. Then he lay his head back down and waited to see if Eiji was ready to answer him or still felt embarrassed.

"Hoi what will I get if I tell you?" Oishi smiled at Eiji's quick recovery.

"What do you want?" He raised himself up to kiss his lips and smiled at him, "You know, you're already one up on me."

Eiji pouted, "Wouldn't have been if you'd let me finish."

Oishi made a little moaning noise remembering, "When I saw you touching yourself I couldn't help it. I wanted to touch you too."

"Was good?" Eiji said with a little knowing smile.

"Was very, very good. But tell me how."

"Hoi." It came out small and a bit embarrassed. "I was home all week alone with nothing to do but homework. I missed you. I...I wanted to kiss you more. I wanted you to touch me." Eiji pouted. Oishi waited knowing Eiji would explain if he let him. Eiji looked shyly away. "I....I looked it up. Online. A spot."

"You looked it up? On...online? A spot?" Oishi asked surprised.

"Nya. A spot. That's the name of it."

"You looked up what men....do?" It sounded so wrong. So different from whatever this....was.

"Nya Oishi, Nya! I looked up what men like and how. Shouldn't I have? It was wrong?" Eiji looked mortified, crushed, and like he might cry. It would have been adorable if Oishi was not so set on making him feel better.

"No. No. No, it was good. It was really good. Really, really good." He said it huskily remembering and Eiji smiled a little again. Oishi kissed him thinking. Then Oishi got why he was embarrassed. "So after you saw what to do, what men like, you tried some things on yourself, things that felt good, thinking of me?"

"Hoi." It was said very, very quietly.

Oishi touched Eiji's chin and held it like the first time he showed him how to kiss. He kissed him like he did then. Softly, gently, lovingly. When the kiss was done he held him and said, "You're amazing Eiji Kikumaru." Eiji looked at him defensively, as if wondering if he was going to be picked on by his best friend when he must have seen in Oishi's face nothing there but adoration and acceptance.

Eiji's face looked naked without its usual smile or any expression at all for a few seconds. Then he must have realized Oishi was being serious and Eiji kissed him, smiling and hugging him tightly after.

"So," Oishi said when Eiji finally let him up for air, "What else did you find out about online...."

"Hoi? Else?" Eiji knew exactly what he meant and was back to being himself. "Thought you did everything else."

Oishi groaned this time in frustration. "Tell me. What other things?"

"Hoi" It came out in a yawn, then Eiji laughed, "I'll show you sometime." He looked at Oishi wickedly and Oishi wondered if he meant he would show him online or in person and then found he would rather the latter. Eiji kissed him again and saw Oishi's expression. "Nya, could not try everything."

"Why?" Oishi caught the yawn.

"No Oishi to play with." Eiji smiled and stretched. He wiggled out from under Oishi and pulled up the covers. Oishi helped fix the bed again. Eiji gave Oishi some water and then drank some too. He kissed Oishi and then settled down in bed laying more on top of Oishi than off of him.

It was late. Oishi reached up and unplugged the now hot night light throwing the room into near darkness. They were on different sides of the bed Oishi noticed, with him closer to the door, and Eiji by the wall. Oishi settled down and waited to see if Eiji wanted to switch sides if he preferred the one he had slept on before. Eiji only reached up his lips to kiss Oishi's cheek and then lips, kissing him sweetly. He said softly, "G'Night Oishi." Then he snuggled up to Oishi, both of them were still naked. Eiji started wrapping them closer together into an impossible knot of limbs. "Oishi Shuuichirou." he said softly.

Oishi smiled. "G'Night Eiji." He kissed Eiji's forehead pressing his lips to him for a long few seconds, smoothing his hair, Oishi closing his own eyes as he did, not caring how dumb it was. "Kikumaru Eiji." He glanced at Eiji in the dim light from the clock wondering if Eiji would say anything else, but heard nothing and only saw the flash of white teeth. Eiji was smiling a Cheshire cat's grin.

Oishi was tired but lay awake wondering almost absently what was going on. That was both amazing and more than a little scary. All of this was like that. Amazing and scary. Oishi well remembered how much he missed Eiji the last few days and was still so happy to be so close to him again.

Then Oishi realized he was exhausted. He needed to sleep and would have to worry about it later.

Or, that what he could do, is for once, not worry and deal with whatever happens.

Oishi then remembered calling Eiji love, love, of all things, and Eiji saying his exact words back to him.

It was just heat of the moment for him, and Eiji was just teasing him, saying it back.

Of course.

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