Learning to Fall
by Suteishichic

Eiji snuggled up to Oishi after they came, kissing him softly. It was nice and so sweet, but Oishi remembered what happened the last time, so he nudged Eiji. Eiji sighed contentedly and stretched out, nuzzling even closer to Oishi. He was so cute and soft when he was like this. Oishi kissed his forehead and said in a little singing voice, "Ei-ji." Eiji sighed again with a little murmur in it. "Come on Eiji," Oishi said softly "lets go get cleaned up."

"Nnna tired." Eiji murmured back. Oishi gently rolled Eiji over onto his back and started to get out of bed, being careful not to jostle his friend's still hurt leg. "Nnnnna....going?" Eiji tried to keep Oishi in bed but Oishi was already mostly up.

Oishi brushed his lips across his friend's creased brow and then his soft lips. "I'll go clean up and get something to wash you with, okay?" Eiji reached for him to pull him back to bed with a little soft moan of no. "Yes, Eiji, we don't want to be stuck together again, right? I'll be right back." He pressed his lips again to Eiji's soft mouth. When Eiji kissed back, sweetly and deep for how sleepy he sounded, Oishi felt himself stirring again, even if he did just come, and knew he had to pull away because in a minute he would not be able to resist. It was too tempting.

Oishi wiped as much as he could of the drying semen off his chest and belly with his dirty shirt and on impulse wiped Eiji off too. He covered Eiji with the sheet, just in case anyone walked in, and smoothed back his friend's hair. Oishi put his pants back on not liking how it felt to put school clothes on when he felt so, grungy. He threw on Eiji's shirt in case someone saw him. He smiled when he noticed that at some time earlier, Eiji had locked his door. Even injured, he never ceased to amaze with his speed. Oishi made his way to the bathroom. He heard a TV on downstairs, some noises from Eiji's sister's rooms, music, talking, laughter. It was so different from Oishi's quiet house.

Oishi washed up and was bringing a damp washcloth with him to Eiji's room. Eiji's mom was coming up the stairs with a tray of stuff for them. Two bottles of cold flavored water, a cold pack, and a carton of ice cream with bowls and spoons. She noted the wet cloth in Oishi's hand, and smiled, laughing a little. She said, "Does he have a fever or is he just being a baby and wanting more sympathy and attention from you?"

Oishi was stunned that she was there. Completely. Mortified. "He....he doesn't have a fever....." He just managed to stammer out. He was blushing furiously.

"That's my son." She said with a smile. "Oishi-kun, will you bring this in, please?" Oishi nodded, muttered a thank you, and took the tray from her. "Oishi-kun," she said still smiling, "I'm glad you both made up. I only wouldn't let you see him because Eiji asked me not to, but he really appreciated and liked the things you brought him. You're a nice boy, and a good friend. Thank you for taking care of him."

"Its...you're welcome....its nothing......."

"Good night Oishi-kun, sleep well." Oishi thought she was going to kiss him on the cheek but she just affectionately patted one of Oishi's hands, now holding the tray. Oishi called goodnight after her down the stairs somehow feeling both warm and utterly, completely embarrassed all at once.

Oishi went to struggle to open Eiji's door while holding the tray when Eiji on the other side opened it. His eyes were comically wide with alarm, the lights were all on, and he had put on clothes, it looked like in big a hurry. The sight of him so rattled eased Oishi's stress.

"Do you always wear your shirts like that?" Oishi asked him quietly and teasingly as he went into the room. Eiji closed and locked the door, then looked at Oishi totally confused, "Your shirt is on inside out." Oishi explained as he set down the tray and Eiji checked what he had on in the mirror.

Eiji started laughing when he saw. Oishi laughed too. They laughed even harder when they saw that Oishi also had Eiji's t-shirt on inside out with his school pants.

When they finally stopped laughing, and Oishi finally stopped blushing, Oishi straightened the bed and they put together some things for Oishi to wear the next day. Actually, Eiji pointed and Oishi got them. Then Oishi packed for Eiji and the next night letting Eiji point to what he wanted, while Eiji sat at his desk and ate ice cream. Eiji held up a spoonful now and then for Oishi to lick off while he packed for them. They only used one spoon and no bowls.

Oishi borrowed some sleep clothes from Eiji. He liked to sleep with just pajama bottoms on and he found Eiji liked to wear only a soft T-shirt and underwear to sleep in.

Eiji explained why he did not like pajamas or pants to sleep in, around a mouthful of ice cream, "Nya. Tangled." With the unique contortions he slept in it was easy for Oishi to see why. Eiji pointed to a drawer and Oishi pulled out a second pair of pajama and handed them to him. He tossed them over to by the nightstand, "Washroom, later." he explained. Oishi understood, and enjoyed seeing his routine.

He helped Eiji clean up and dress, letting his friend lean his weight on him when he needed to. Then Oishi took the ace bandage off so they could put the cold pack on Eiji's bruise for a while. The ice cream finished, Eiji offered Oishi the last bite, to Oishi's surprise. Oishi would never do that though, eat the last bite someone else wanted, so he had less than half of the offering and gave the rest of it to Eiji. He enjoyed Eiji's thrill and smile at having a reward for his kindness as he licked the spoon clean.

Eiji set the alarm and they lay in bed with only the night light on. Oishi helped Eiji arrange himself so his hurt leg was propped up higher. Eiji was cold from all the ice cream, the cold pack, and the cold water so they snuggled under the covers, kissing now and then, smiling the whole time, but not really talking.

"Hoi. Rankings next week." Eiji said and sounded kind of down about it. There was no way he could participate.

Oishi frowned, "If you want, because you're hurt, I could sit out this time, it would be only fair....."

"Nya Oishi!" He flicked at Oishi's frown line between his eyes and turned towards him. They'd started off laying on their backs and now were again side by side. "Nya. Fuji-senpai said you would be a regular. You have to win for both of us because I can't. Hoi? Promise!"

"I can't promise that. You know what its like. You have no idea who you're up against until its posted. I could have Tezuka and Fuji in my block! No chance."

"Nya! You beat Fuji to see me. You can do it Oishi." Eiji put his arm around Oishi and got a little closer to him, "Oishi, you almost won last time but you had both Vice-Captain Tezuka and Captain in your block. Hoi? They do that on purpose to make you stronger for the next time."

Oishi realized that Eiji was probably right. He'd never thought about it like that though. There were two other blocks where Oishi now thinking about it was pretty sure had he been in them, he would have won the coveted spot. And while he didn't win, it did make him stronger for this time. "You really think I can?"

"Nya think, know. Promise me."

"Can I promise to try my best?"

"Nya. Do your best, your usual, because that means you will win." Eiji looked so earnest trying to convince him that Oishi smiled.

"Okay, okay. You win." Oishi said laughing.

"Hoi hoi!" Eiji said and kissed him. "Mmm, you taste like ice cream....." They were long lazy kisses, not in a hurry to go anywhere, and very enjoyable. Eiji put his hand under the covers and removed the cold pack putting it on top of the blanket. "Too cold."

"You're too cold or the ice pack is too cold on you?" said Oishi, concerned.

"Nya, I'm warm now. See?" And he kissed him a little more. Then he stopped, sat up and said, "Hoi. Washroom."

"Do you need help?"

"Nya, but you come too. Brush teeth." So they got up, Eiji leaning again on Oishi to put on his pajama pants.

"Eiji, I don't have a toothbrush, do you have a spare?"

"Nya! Use mine. Mine's gooood."

Oishi remembered something, "Eiji, what toothpaste did you use when you slept over my house? It tasted sweet, like...honey and...cherry...?"

"Hoi! You liked?" Oishi nodded. Eiji seemed very pleased.

They went down the hall and after he helped Eiji to the washroom, Oishi took the empty carton and the tray with dishes downstairs to the kitchen. He tried to put everything in its place as best he could, and as quietly as he could. The TV was off now, and it seemed like there was less noise, although it was louder still than when everyone in Oishi's house was awake. He figured everyone was settling in for the night. He went back upstairs and met Eiji in the bathroom.

Eiji was already brushing his teeth. Oishi watched him and Eiji winked and put one finger up to say he remembered. He held out a tube for Oishi to smell, it smelled nice but not like the other one. Oishi shook his head no, not that one. Eiji cocked his head to the side and selected another from the several tubes he had in a glass. Oishi sniffed, and shook his head no again. Eiji hit himself lightly and comically on his head with his hand. Then he picked out a third one. It was smaller, and the words were in Spanish or Italian. Oishi smelled. That was the right one. Oishi smiled and nodded.

Eiji beamed with a mouth so full of toothpaste it was dripping out of his mouth. Oishi almost kissed him it was so cute, and he was very tempted. But the door was open. Eiji looked at Oishi and knew he wanted to kiss him. Oishi knew Eiji knew. Though they'd never said a word to each other. They both grinned at the other to be communicating and understanding without talking. Oishi had been able to communicate without speaking before, like with his friend Tezuka, but that was while playing tennis, not on something like, brushing your teeth, and wanting to kiss someone.

Eiji spit and rinsed, handed the tube and the brush to Oishi, and stepped back. Oishi tried it; it was really good. It tasted sweet but not too sweet, it had a tiny taste of mint to it too that he hadn't noticed before, and a little bit of grit so your mouth and teeth felt really clean. Somehow Oishi told all that to Eiji by looking, and Eiji nodded and smiled saying he was thrilled that Oishi liked it too.

They went back to Eiji's room. Oishi watched as Eiji locked the door again, and when Eiji saw him notice, he grinned wickedly. Eiji took off his pajama pants and let Oishi put the arnica and the ace bandage on him again. Oishi noticed that from the ice or the arnica, Eiji was moving better, less stiffly, and told Eiji.

"Nya. Because of Oishi." Eiji smiled.

Oishi blushed.

"Cute!" Eiji exclaimed, thrilled at making Oishi blush, which only made the blushing increase. Eiji went to kiss him lightly, but Oishi, still embarrassed, decided to take a bit of control back. Eiji would not let him. They wrestled around on the bed kissing each other how they each found the other liked best. Eiji was trying to get and stay in control. So was Oishi. Both of them were laughing. It was a fun game. Eiji upped the ante by pinching Oishi's nipple while kissing him lightly making him suck in his breath. Oishi then put his hand on the front of Eiji's underwear, cupping him gently, and finding him hard. Eiji gave a gasp and one of his little sighs that was a tiny moan. He sank down and let Oishi have control, smiling, kissing him still.

Oishi kept his hand there moving lightly, while concentrating on the kiss. He was kissing Eiji deeply as he now knew they both liked. When Eiji tried to press himself up harder into Oishi's hand, Oishi kissed him lighter, and lifted his hand, saying not yet without saying anything. Eiji relaxed, and Oishi put his hand in his underwear, enjoying the sigh Eiji made.

Oishi once again deepened their kiss and lightly sucked on Eiji's tongue while tracing the contours of his hard erection. He started moving his thumb around in circles on the tip which had strained past the elastic of Eiji's underwear. The tip had a drop of wetness, and on impulse, without even really thinking, Oishi touched it and tasted it. It tasted like nothing and Oishi took his wet thumb and put it back on Eiji's tip. Eiji gave a little mewing sound at the now wet touch on that so sensitive skin.

"Hoi. What does it taste like?" Eiji whispered curious his voice sounding thick with lust.

"Nothing." Oishi replied.

"Let me try." He said and kissed Oishi searching to taste something and not able to find anything. "Nothing."

"Have you ever tasted yourself, you know, after?"

"Hoi. You?"

"Yeah. It tastes.....salty."

"Nya. Like......salty glue." Eiji said and made a face.

Oishi smiled at his grimace, "It does taste like that paste from nursery school....with salt."

"Hoi." Oishi could see Eiji was thinking about something else and he wanted his attention back. He slipped his hand down further into his underwear and put his hand completely around Eiji's still very hard erection. "O...Oishi...." Eiji gasped and rocked his body up at the touch. Oishi kissed Eiji again because he really was not sure what he was going to do. He had something in mind but was hesitating.

It was a line that he had not crossed, even though technically everything they had done had been crossing the line, this, to Oishi, was definitively over it. Very far over it. He was deliberating. He had thought about doing this all week, every night. Well, he had been thinking about having it done to him, not him doing it. He wasn't sure if he would be able to. There was a little battle going on in Oishi. He sucked again on Eiji's tongue and stroked him, enjoying making his friend feel good. He knew Eiji would not think it was weird, he would not make fun of him, he would enjoy it, and he would probably reciprocate. Mmm. That was almost enough to convince Oishi, especially as he felt Eiji put his hand down the pajamas Oishi was wearing, going to touch him too. Eiji kept stroking him, broke the kiss and pulled his face back a bit to look up at Oishi smiling. "Nya." he said softly. "Nya, Oishi. Stay with me."

Oishi looked at Eiji. He was smiling, and he looked happy and very turned on. He was looking at Oishi, waiting for him, and his eyes were filled with mischief, happiness, complete trust, and....and, love Oishi realized, startled. He was looking at him with love. Oishi had seen that exact look from girls before. That was the same way a girl looked at him when she told him she loved him. Oishi though had never seen that look from his friend who really did care about him, who knew him, who liked to make him laugh, who liked to talk to him, who he could tell anything to, who liked to cuddle and kiss him, who liked to make him feel good. Eiji kissed him again and said softly, almost sadly, "Nya, Oishi, stay."

Oishi felt his heart give another little turn.

Oishi smiled. "I'm right here." he said and kissed Eiji gently. Oishi realized with another start as he said it, that what he said in his head and very nearly out loud was actually almost, 'I'm right here, love.' and it felt very good, very right, and at the same time overwhelmingly scary, and very confusing.

Oishi had never said anything like that, or that word, even to a girl before, even when they had said it to him. Never. He had never used any terms of endearment with anyone, and that one was a serious one. He worried about it. He worried if Eiji probably knew what he thought without him saying the word. If Eiji had heard it too, like how they talked in the bathroom without saying anything.

Eiji was watching Oishi as he thought it all over and Oishi realized how he had drifted away again. "I'm right here, with you." Oishi repeated, fixing the phrase out loud, coming back again, and deciding to stay this time.

Eiji smiled. Not one of his adorable, wicked smiles, but that little, almost shy smile, Oishi had only seen given when it was about Eiji's real feelings. "Good...." Eiji said and then Oishi kissed whatever else it was Eiji was going to say away. Oishi had decided. He was going to stop worrying and thinking, at least for right now.

He lay on top of Eiji so that Eiji felt his weight and he kissed him. It kind of felt like that first night when they both rubbed. Before Eiji got the wrong idea or worried that he was going to be rubbed raw again Oishi gently lifted himself off holding himself up with his left side leaving just enough distance for the heat between them to stay, but not the actual contact. It also left his right hand free. He deepened his kiss, slowed the pace, and kissed over to Eiji's ear where he found his friend liked to be softly kissed and licked. When he heard Eiji whisper his name he brought his hand up through the back of Eiji's hair, enjoying the little shudder of pleasure that ran through him.

Oishi kissed him down his neck, stopping once to linger at Eiji's mouth where Eiji kissed him back hungry, wanting. Oishi checked silently to make sure Eiji was okay. More...., Eiji seemed to say silently.

Oishi worked his way with his lips and tongue down Eiji's sensitive neck, down his chest where he stopped to play and suck on Eiji's nipple. When the nipple was hard and he felt Eiji writhing to meet his mouth he pulled back, until Eiji settled down a little. Eiji met his eyes and whispered by way of apology, " Oishi, want you to touch me...." Oishi gave him a little smile to let him know it was all right, and Eiji smiled back, wanting and waiting for more.

Oishi kissed the hard nipple again and used his hand to play with it while he kissed his way over to the other one. If one nipple licked and played with was good on sensitive Eiji, two were intense. He made another little whimpering moan, and gave a little involuntary spasm of pleasure. Eiji went to touch himself and Oishi had to take his hand away. Eiji moaned his name softly in a frustrated way in Oishi's mouth and went to touch himself again. Oishi again took his hand away again and held it tightly locking their fingers and kissing him until he relaxed. "Not yet, love, okay? Not yet." He kissed Eiji again making sure he was all right with waiting a little while longer.

"Oishi." Eiji was demanding, asking him why not, with just his name.

Oishi kissed him again and said, "Soon. Please?" What he said silently in his head and wished Eiji could hear was, Soon, I promise, you'll understand, just be patient, it will be worth it, I'm working my way up to it, so please, trust me. Please?

Eiji pouted, actually pouted, and it was one of the cutest things Oishi had ever seen. "Thank you." Oishi said, kissing the pout away, and went back to kissing down his body. He paused grazing a sensitive nipple with his lips and tongue and kept going. He licked at Eiji's belly button and then moved so that he sat between his legs. Before he removed Eiji's underwear, Oishi looked into Eiji's eyes asking if it was all right. Eiji was biting his bottom lip and nodded, not sure of what Oishi was going to do, but trusting him completely.

A few girls had done this to Oishi. Three were memorable. One was that girl Keiko and she did it quite early on and often. Oishi at the time, having nothing to compare it to, thought it was the most extraordinary thing ever. Another girl later had basically been a nightmare. She used her teeth and choked until Oishi made her stop from the pain. He remembered it as just exactly what never to do. The third was an older girl he dated a few weeks right before his sophomore year started. She enjoyed doing it and was really, well, talented. Oishi followed her around like a puppy dog for a couple of weeks because it was so amazing even though she was a very spoiled jerk of a person. But he knew what he liked, he knew what felt good, and he now was wanting to find out what his friend liked. Oishi's heart was pounding, both thrilled and scared at what he was considering doing.

Eiji was waiting, trusting, and wanting. Oishi looked at him once more and then knew he was going to do it, or at least try. He stopped hesitating.

He removed the in the way underwear and settled himself down between Eiji's legs. He kissed his friend's sensitive inner thigh that was not hurt, and licked where his leg and hip met. Then Oishi gently licked and kissed his way up his shaft to where Eiji's swollen tip was. Feeling it slowly with his tongue in a wide, wet, long lick. Oishi's heart was racing. Watching Eiji's reaction to make sure he was all right with this, Oishi licked a spot of wetness away on the tip with his tongue, and took just the end into his mouth. Eiji made a little whimper of pleasure and Oishi knew he was fighting to keep from thrusting into Oishi's mouth, wanting more. If they had been alone, the quiet whimper would have been a full out moan. Oishi thought that he would really like to hear that sometime.

Oishi licked the tip again and then took the head into his mouth. He felt where his skin was rough with his tongue and felt the ridge with his lips. He then licked and gently sucked, taking as much into his mouth as he could without using his teeth and without choking. He found it was not an easy thing to do. He used his hand to stroke the part that was too much for his mouth to take, and to play with Eiji's testicles which Oishi knew from it being done to him, felt really good. He found if he relaxed his throat he could take more in his mouth and so he played, being careful not to touch his teeth, and not to gag himself. Using his hand and his mouth he experimented with different pressures and strokes not rushing, just learning, and enjoying the whimpers and reactions he was causing.

Eiji liked a harder grip and his head was extremely sensitive, he remembered from the last time, so he increased his pressure and gave a little more attention to the ridge and the swollen end where the skin was still rough from their rubbing the first time. Eiji bucked a little bit but Oishi knew he was holding back as hard as he could not to thrust. Eiji held his hands away, as if afraid to touch or stop Oishi. He was making more little tiny whimpering noises, enjoying it. Oishi took him deeper into his mouth and used his hand again and Eiji's hand reached down to touch Oishi's hair. Oishi could tell when Eiji really liked something because his eyes, when it felt really, really good, nearly closed. They did that slow long blink each time Oishi got to his sensitive tip and flicked his tongue over it.

Oishi lingered on his tip, enjoying the responses he was wringing out of Eiji. Eiji was breathing hard, writhing on the bed, and trying to be as quiet as he could. Oishi licked and sucked a little more using his hand more also. He flicked his tongue over the sensitive tip feeling it actually start to throb as Eiji whimpered again. Oishi took him again deeper into his mouth. Eiji's eyes went from being nearly closed to fully open, as Eiji came closer to coming.

He gasped. "Oishi, I'm going to........." he whispered, then he went to gently push Oishi away but Oishi took and held his hand instead. Eiji's eyes widened as he understood to come into Oishi's mouth and the sensations, plus this, sent him into an intense orgasm. Oishi felt Eiji's hard erection get even bigger, his body tense up, he saw Eiji's eyes shut and open, his mouth opened in a low moan, and he felt him ripple with pleasure. Eiji was holding onto Oishi's hand and his hair both as if for dear life, fighting to not thrust up into Oishi's mouth as he came. Oishi felt hot salty come flood his mouth and he felt Eiji keep coming as he shuddered.

When Eiji finished, and relaxed completely, Oishi took his mouth off of him. Oishi hadn't planned this part at all. He then tried to swallow but found at first he could not, even though he knew it was not very much, it felt like a lot. It was terrible. He had to stop himself from gagging or laughing or both at the same time. He finally forced himself to relax his throat and swallow, as if it was terrible medicine, and made a face of disgust which Eiji laughed at. Oishi went and laid back down next to Eiji who surprised him by going to kiss him. "Hoi, I wanna taste me too....."

Oishi went to stop him and made a face, he felt a little ill about it, and was trying not to think about it, "Sorry. No, you don't."

Eiji smiled, "Nya, kiss me anyway." So he did. "Nya. Not as bad as those girls."

Oishi laughed and agreed with him. "Nothing is as bad as that."

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