Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Thirty

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

They met up after school and the four of them decided to go to the courts over by where Eiji lived. They took the bus on Fuji's suggestion. Fuji stuck and sat next to Eiji. Oishi and Tezuka talked and stood giving up their seats to some women who came on the bus at a later stop. They warmed up that way in pairs and then when it came time to play, Fuji walked over by Eiji leaving Tezuka and Oishi on the other side. It was Eiji who put his foot down.

"Nya Fujiko, I want to play with Oishi-senpai. Please Oishi-senpai come play here?"

"Uh...sure Eiji." Oishi looked at Tezuka and shrugged. He smiled and joked at Fuji as he passed him. "Go easy on us."

"Mn. You too."

They played for a long time, no one officially keeping score but Oishi knew it was 4 games to 2 with them losing when they all took a break for some water. They were playing for fun and not going all out though. Eiji seemed nervous and reserved for some reason. Oishi was not sure why. Maybe it was Tezuka, who was national level, and could be intimidating. As the finished their break Tezuka said, "Kikumaru, will you partner with me this set?"

"H...Hoi Vice-Captain." Eiji did not look happy.

Oishi and Fuji took their usual places having partnered before.

Oishi noticed what was wrong after the first serve. Fuji was hurt more than he let on and was not moving much. Their last 6 games were mostly against Tezuka. Now it was mostly Oishi playing Eiji and Tezuka with Fuji only providing light back up. Oishi felt he was holding their own but they were down. Eiji seemed less nervous and was playing better.

After only two more serves, Fuji asked to take another break. He must have been really hurting Oishi realized. Eiji announced he was hungry and suggested they end playing. Everyone agreed. Oishi noticed Tezuka watching Fuji closely. He must have realized he was hurting too all along.

Eiji suggested a noodle shop he liked around the way from the courts. They all decided to go. They talked about this and that and while it wasn't strained, it was more polite than four friends should be.

Eiji apparently thought so too, and decided to entertain everyone. He had heard the gossip of Oishi and the girl who gave him a full set of notes, then asked him out, only to be told by Oishi that he was interested in someone else. Eiji made the story much more dramatic than the less than five minutes it actually took to happen. Oishi was thoroughly embarrassed.

Fuji, surprisingly, saved Oishi by telling Eiji that he had heard just that morning after Eiji returned to their class, a girl gave him her notes to copy and asked him out too.

Eiji looked caught, and he blushed and tried to joke it away. Then Eiji must have realized he had not told Oishi and couldn't say a word to him about it. Oishi understood though. They had enough going on that day that it just never occurred to Eiji to mention it just as Oishi really never had. If it was something important to Eiji, Oishi knew Eiji would have told him.

They ate a mostly silent meal. Little drifts of conversation came every now and again. It wasn't just the situation, Oishi thought to himself, it was Tezuka. His not being in on everything and not knowing. It made it difficult to talk or relax. Just a day before with Fuji, both he and Eiji had a great time. One new person not knowing and it didn't seem to...work.

This bothered Oishi. He really liked and admired Tezuka. He considered him one of his closest friends. But Oishi guessed they were growing apart and that it was bound to happen as they found different interests and relationships. Oishi looked at Eiji and watched him eat. He was still a little stressed and nervous that Oishi was mad at him. At Eiji! After what happened that day?

Oishi smiled at Eiji and told him he liked the food and the place. Oishi also had a drifting thought of a young Eiji grossing his sisters out. Oishi realized he was lightly blushing thinking about things like that. Eiji saw his blush, knew it was over the noodles, and smiled back at him. Oishi was glad to see him relax and bit and not worry needlessly.

Oishi really could not wait to be alone with him. He also dreaded that Tezuka was going to come back with them to Fuji's. He could stay for hours cutting into "their" time. Fuji would not allow that to happen would he? Oishi was just not sure. He decided to not let it happen and though he was not sure how to go about it, he decided he would find a way. Oishi finished eating and excused himself to wash his hands and clear his head.

About a minute after he went into the washroom Eiji followed him in. There was thankfully no one else in there, but anyone could walk in at any minute. It gave Oishi a little thrill. When Eiji saw him he said, "Hoi! Oishi, I'm so sorry I didn't tell..."

That was all Oishi allowed him to get out before he put his mouth on his friends and kissed the thought away. Oishi pushed him up against the door and covered his mouth with kisses and his body with caresses until Eiji sighed in pleasure. Then just to make Eiji laugh he licked his throat on one side and then the other. Eiji laughed protesting that he was all sweaty and Oishi laughed too. Then Eiji cocked his head to the side and asked, "Hoi? You're really not mad?"

"Do I seem mad to you?"

"Nya! I forgot to tell you."

"I understand. We had a few other things going on today right?"

"Hoi. But I still should have..."

"Eiji, there are girls that like you and there are girls that like me. I guess its going to happen. I trust you though and you trust me. So we're fine." Oishi smiled at him.

"Hmm." Eiji kissed him once more tasting him. "I should have ordered what you had, its one of my favorites."

Oishi laughed, "Why didn't you order it then?"

"Nya. I like both."

"I would have shared with you. Tell you what, next time we come here, we can share both, all right?"

"Hoi!" Eiji thought, "Do we have to bring?" He gestured outside.

"No, just us."

"A date?" He said it cute and hopeful.

Oishi laughed, "Sure."

"Hoi!" He looked utterly delighted about some noodles alone with Oishi. Then he looked not so thrilled and said, "Nya, Oishi, is he coming back with us?"

"No idea, love, don't worry though. If Fuji doesn't handle it, I will."

"Hoi!" Oishi left him checking his hair in the mirror. It was very adorable Oishi thought.

"Ne, Oishi, where's Eiji, fixing his hair?" Fuji asked with a knowing smile.

"Where else?" Oishi laughed with the tensai.

Eiji joined them and they went to leave. Oishi never saw a bill and looked at Fuji as if to ask him. He pointed at Tezuka and smiled. "Thank you for dinner Tezuka. You didn't have to do that." Oishi said.

"It was my pleasure. Thank you for inviting me along."

Eiji and Fuji thanked him as well. They took the bus back to Fuji's house. All of them.

They went in the front of Fuji's house, Oishi noticed but said nothing. Then Fuji surprised them, telling them all to make themselves at home, he was making some tea for everyone and then was going to draw himself a bath afterwards. Fuji apologized but said he was tired.

Oishi and Eiji sat on the couch with Tezuka while Fuji served them all tea not even pouring himself any. Then he excused himself.

Tezuka got up immediately and followed him to his room. His door closed.

Eiji and Oishi looked at each other their eyes and mouths wide. Oishi said, "Love, before anything else happens, before anyone comes out, or anything, let's go?"

He took Eiji's hand and they dashed upstairs into Yuuta's room locking the door. They together threw the futon on the floor and collapsed on it giggling and hugging each other. "Hoi, I missed you." Eiji said kissing Oishi.

"I've been with you all afternoon, silly." Oishi smiled at him when they paused kissing.

"Nya. Not like this." He kissed him again. They heard a door open down the hall and then heard the bathtub filling. "Hoi," Eiji said pouting, "I want to take a bath."

Oishi wrinkled his nose and nodded, joking. Eiji laughed and kissed him, "Me too. We will in a while, love. Fuji was really hurting did you notice?"

"Hoi. That's why there was no way I was playing you and Tezuka."

"Oh, thats why you switched. I thought you just wanted to play with me." Oishi did a fake pout and Eiji laughed.

"Nya Oishi! Its too late to learn it now. Hoi!" Eiji whispered thrilled, "Do you think? Tezuka? Fujiko?"

"I don't think we want to know." Oishi held him close and Eiji laughed. Oishi said, "I am just really happy to see you."

"Almost didn't." Eiji said with a little pout and a far away look.

"Hey. You saved me this morning. Really." Oishi kissed his pout away.

"Hoi. That hasn't happened since you were little?"

"That, my jaw, I'm really stressed, I guess."

"Nya. You don't seem stressed."

"Thats because I'm with you." Eiji laughed a little, "No really, when I'm with you I feel really good so I'm not stressed. But then after practice this morning was..."

"Nya. You thought I was gone." Oishi nodded remembering how terrible it was. Eiji saw the look on his face and kissed him saying, "Nya. You're not getting rid of me that easy, Oishi."

Oishi laughed, "Good, because even thinking about it hurts."

"Your heart?" Oishi nodded and Eiji kissed him, then he kissed his neck, and then his heart through his clothes. Then they heard the bath water stop running. And two people talking in the bathroom. Oishi put his finger to Eiji's mouth to keep him quiet. "Hoi? Should we listen?" Eiji whispered intrigued by the idea.

"No!" Oishi whispered back and was mortified at the thought. "Just kiss me for a while, please? I've been thinking about when I kissed you this morning on our way to school outside all day."

"Nya. You have? It seems like long ago doesn't it?"

"Yes, but thats the first time today I wanted to kiss you longer and couldn't."

Eiji was intrigued. "Hoi. When else?"

"All day. I could tell you or kiss you which would you rather?"

Eiji seemed to consider it. "Kiss me, please." He finally said.

Oishi felt like cheering. He held his friend's face in his hands noticing how adorable he was, his skin was so soft, and smooth, his eyes were like sapphires and every emotion he felt, every thought he had shone in them. His mouth was soft full lips that seemed to specialize in tantalizing Oishi. Oishi put his lips on Eiji's delighting in the shiver that went through them both every time he did.

He kissed him with his lips only at first, enjoying the feel of his soft mouth. Then he deepened their kiss, slowly savoring touching Eiji's tongue with his own. He touched it gently, just the tip and heard Eiji give that little purring whimper noise of pleasure. That noise always seemed to cut right through Oishi, and he heard himself moan quietly in response. Oishi teased Eiji as he knew he enjoyed. Oishi never let Eiji touch his tongue nor would he take Eiji's in his mouth and gently suck on it like Eiji wanted. Oishi made patience and tenderness an exquisite torture that had Eiji whimpering and sighing in excited responses while he ground his erection up against Oishi's through their clothes.

Oishi waited until Eiji was near begging in frustration and then he gently, lovingly kissed him, touched him though his clothes everywhere he wanted to be. When he pulled away slightly, just to see him better a moment, Eiji sighed, held onto Oishi, and with his mouth demanded more. Oishi yielded and let Eiji play.

Now freed, Eiji flipped the both of them over so he lay on top of Oishi. Eiji kissed him fully, deeply, and needy. Oishi let him have full control for a while which Eiji enjoyed, but Oishi had noticed he preferred when Oishi took charge of their lovemaking. Oishi loved when Eiji was like this though. Raw and loving and needy for his touch, his kiss, and him.

Oishi saw Eiji had just about enough of being in control and he wanted to be pleasured. Oishi gently rolled the two of them back over putting himself on top while kissing him. He enjoyed Eiji's little moan when Oishi took control and kissed him once again. "Sorry." Oishi said when Eiji let him up for air.

"Hmm?" Eiji said breathing hard.

"Sorry, I'm so terrible at kissing." Oishi said smiling.

Eiji smiled and pulled Oishi closer wanting to kiss him more. "Nya. Terrible." Eiji said softly, kidding.

Oishi kissed him hard again making him moan softly and writhe against him, under him. Oishi was so aroused by his responses and touching him that he didn't think either of them could stand it much longer. It took a quiet knock at the door to stop them.

Oishi got up and opened the door a crack after checking that Eiji was well concealed. They were fully dressed still, to both their dismay, but Oishi was sure anyone knocking could tell what they had been up to, if not from their soft noises then from the state of their wrinkled clothes, kiss swollen mouths, and tousled hair. It was Fuji in his black silk robe. "Ne, Oishi, the bathroom is free. I'm sorry to be such a bad host, but its been a long day for me. Thank you both again for being so understanding."

"Thank you Fuji, there is nothing to apologize for. Can I get you anything?" Oishi was looking at the area around the tensai's neck and collarbone to see how bad the bruising was but his robe concealed it all.

"Ne, Oishi, I'm just tired. I'm going to get some sleep. Thank you."

"Fuji if you need anything, even just to talk, we're right here. We're your friends. We care about you."

"Thank you Oishi. I appreciate your kindness, more than you know. Good night, to both of you."

"Good night Fuji. Sleep well."

"Mn." Fuji, smiling, closed the door and Eiji was standing there just out of sight.

"Hoi? Tezuka gone?" He whispered.

"I have no idea." It hadn't occurred to Oishi as he was so concerned about Fuji. "Come take a bath with me?"

"Hoi!" Eiji raced to get his stuff. "Oishi, you're worried?"

"About Fuji? I am. Aren't you?"

Eiji thought about it cocking his head to the side. "Nya. I guess I always figured he would be all right. He's very strong in his own way. But he needs to learn how to trust and let people help him. Especially his friends. But you and I will be there for him so he'll be fine." Eiji was done thinking about it. He smiled mercurial as ever, "Nya Oishi, come on! Big bathtub!" Oishi laughed quietly as Eiji took his hand and dragged him down the hall.

Before they closed the door to the bathroom and turned on the bathtub, they heard voices. It could have been a radio or TV but Oishi was pretty sure it was another person. It made him feel a little better that the tensai wasn't alone. A little.

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