Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Forty Three

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi should have known by now that whatever he thought was going to happen with Eiji, however he usually envisioned things, they always turned out completely different than anything he imagined or fantasized. They usually were a million times better than the sweetest dream he ever had.

They kissed for a long time and Oishi caressed Eiji's body without even really being aware of it. He felt his skin, every crease, every muscle, every inch of him as if committing him to memory. Then he kissed down all his more sensitive parts and again took him in his mouth. He wanted, needed, Eiji to be really, really turned on. He seemed to be but Oishi wanted him to be even more than he usually was. He wanted him trembling, panting, and completely wanting him.

Oishi used his hand and his mouth to kiss and caress his erection in a teasing way while he lubricated him with his fingers. He was so very tight, Oishi had another second of anxiety about hurting him and again forced himself to put it aside. It would take as long as it would take and if it hurt, they would try it another time, another day, another way. Oishi would rather Eiji hurt him, than ever hurt Eiji again.

Oishi felt Eiji relax as he pleasured him, and Oishi gently, slowly, started to work a lubricated finger into him as he worked on pleasing him more at the same time. Eiji was whimpering at the feel of his mouth and hand on him and relaxed even further. Oishi was soon able to move his finger fairly easily in and out of him. He concentrated on that spot that felt so good inside him memorizing where it was so he could find it when he was inside him. The thought of that, of being inside him, turned Oishi on so much that he had to pause for a second.

"Oishi...?" Eiji asked softly. He wanted Oishi to move himself around so that Eiji could touch him at the same time. He had perfect timing, Oishi smiled at how well Eiji knew him and complied.

Oishi gasped as Eiji put the cold lube on him with his hand sliding over him with the perfect grip the perfect speed for him. Eiji had memorized him too. Oishi gave a little moan around Eiji's erection and Eiji slowed down, watching him, enjoying him, enjoying his touch, and waiting.

When Oishi had two slick fingers moving well inside him he lightly, very lightly, touched that spot inside Eiji, enjoying the moan that tore from his throat, feeling how he tightened when it felt good, testing to see. He took him deep in his mouth and did it again again hearing a moan of pleasure and feeling his reaction. Oishi, just to be safe, slowly, gently, added a third finger. He took his time watching Eiji's reactions and pleasuring him as he relaxed and moaned. Oishi touched him inside again and Eiji bucked up a little with his hips, thrusting slightly into Oishi's mouth, and moaning Oishi's name. Eiji was trembling and smiling. Waiting and wanting more.

They looked at each other. They both asked the other silently if he was ready, telling the other he was fine with waiting, but wanted to, please, now. They agreed.

Oishi took him deep in his mouth one more time just because he enjoyed pleasing him. Oishi made sure there was a towel he had brought in with him under them, enough lubrication on each of them to drown in, and then Oishi came up and kissed him. Eiji met his kiss eagerly.

Oishi was not sure if Eiji or himself was really as turned on as he seemed or if they were both just really nervous by this point. Either way, Oishi kissed Eiji in the way that always seemed to make him melt into them. Slow deep kisses, teasing him lightly, lapping their tongues against each other, sucking on his tongue lightly. Oishi started to stroke Eiji's well lubricated erection as he kissed him, matched his stroke with how they kissed in pace, and gripped him how he enjoyed most. He even did that tight stroke over the tip that made Eiji almost come. Eiji moaned in Oishi's mouth, still kissing him, and they smiled at each other, understanding, thrilled, happy, and nervous all at the same time.

They were ready.

Oishi started slowly, gently, patiently, entering him, working himself inside him, rewarding Eiji with his hand each time he relaxed more. He kissed him the entire time and listened to his breathing, his whispers, his sighs, his whimpers, and his moans. He kissed away any tears Eiji had until he smiled again. Oishi knew him by now. He knew when it felt good and when it felt like too much. When it felt good Oishi moved more and when its too much he waited, patiently, loving him until the moment passed. Oishi ignored when Eiji got impatient and he ignored how being inside Eiji was the most amazing thing Oishi had ever felt in his life. Eiji is hot and tight, soft and strong, love and home, electric and enthusiastic, and while it physically feels amazing inside him, it also stirs every emotion Oishi has ever had and washes it all in a feeling of complete and total love Oishi feels for him.

Oishi even knew that him being inside Eiji feels good to Eiji too by the way he responds, lusty and impatient, wanting more. Oishi knew just when to hold Eiji back so that Eiji didn't push himself down too fast, too soon, or hurt himself trying to hurry ever patient Oishi up because he wants more sooner. "Not yet, love, okay? Not yet." He kissed Eiji more until the urgency to take control passed and then they continue. Oishi knew when he was right on that spot inside of him that feels so good by Eiji's intense reaction, by his moaning, by his trembling in anticipation of more pleasure. Oishi waited until it subsided, he kissed him as he slowly went deeper inside him, loving him the entire time.

Oishi was nearly all the way inside him when Eiji surprised him again. Eiji tipped his hips up, relaxed somehow, and as Oishi made a little half thrust deeper into him, he found he suddenly slid in the rest of the way inside with a shudder of pleasure and a loud groan.

Eiji kissed him and helped Oishi to stroke himself. He lets Oishi be in control, he just has one hand clasped to pull Oishi deeper inside him and the other on Oishi's hand around him. Oishi goes to ask Eiji if he is all right, if he hurt him, and he sees Eiji smiling with his eyes shining happily. Thrilled to surprise him yet again. Eiji's legs are wrapped around his. Oishi kisses him and realizes that he cannot move at all, despite coming earlier, any slight movement and he will come. He feels that incredible.

Eiji somehow knows. He kissed Oishi, slows his hand on himself and thus Oishi's. Oishi just holds onto Eiji and kisses him back, tries to stay with him, inside him, and not get lost. "Oishi, you're shaking." Eiji says in a voice filled with wonder and love.

Eiji kisses him, he puts everything he feels into the kiss and even softly moans during it. He keeps kissing Oishi, keeping Oishi with him, and not letting him get lost. "Nya Oishi, stay with me." Eiji smiles.

It is exactly what Oishi needs to hear so he doesn't get lost in the pleasure, lost inside his emotions, lost inside Eiji. "I'm right here love, I'm with you."

Oishi kissed him back smiling at him, and finds he can move now. He starts to move, slowly at first, long, slow, gentle, half thrusts, feeling Eiji's reactions. Listening, kissing, loving him, unwilling to hurt him for his own pleasure. Oishi discovers to his pleasure that he can move even more and that Eiji is really enjoying it too.

Eiji is moaning. Eiji is so close to coming he is trembling. Oishi is thrusting a little more, now knowing when he hits that spot inside Eiji by his full throated moans of pleasure in between him talking and moaning words, "Oishi....feels.....so good....want you...need inside me...Oishi....love you....."

Oishi is distantly aware that he is moaning now and talking in between as well, "Ah Eiji, you feel so good....you're so amazing....just a little longer love...going to make you feel so good...wait for me Eiji...please...wait for me....Eiji...I love you....."

Oishi feels Eiji start to come. As Eiji does, he tips his hips up right when Oishi is thrusting into him. Oishi slides deep, amazingly so deep inside him. Oishi can only say, "Eiji..." as every muscle inside and outside Eiji tightens a split second before he comes. He clamps down on Oishi deep inside him throwing Oishi into a shuddering orgasm. Oishi feels himself coming hard inside him. A loud moan of sheer pleasure tears out of Oishi's throat and he feels Eiji coming all over the two of them hearing him cry out Oishi's first name.

Oishi's first thought before he even wonders at what just happened is if Eiji is all right. Eiji is already kissing him again. He sees Oishi go to move and says simply, "Don't move." Oishi freezes. Not wanting to hurt him. Worried.

Eiji smiles and keeps kissing him. Oishi responds, not moving, just kissing him back, not wanting to hurt him, still inside him although mostly soft, and not wanting to crush him. He goes to move his arm a little. "Nya! Don't move Oishi. Stay." He keeps kissing Oishi and says, "Stay with me Oishi, stay. Stay in me. Kiss me, please."

Oishi tries then to listen to him, and just concentrate on the kiss. Eiji smiles more and kisses him deeper leading him into it. He then lets Oishi know he wants Oishi to lead, to kiss him more, to tease him. Oishi does and starts to enjoy the kissing. Its familiar and still such a turn on. It doesn't happen right away, or maybe Oishi doesn't notice it right away because he is so intent on kissing Eiji, so focusing on kissing him, but Oishi is still inside him, some time has gone by, and Oishi is becoming fully hard again.

Oishi is a little embarrassed at first, and he feels a bit foolish about what he said during before and his loud moan, louder he is fairly sure than any other noise he ever made in his life. "Eiji....?" he says in between kisses a bit breathless.

Then he sees Eiji's face, his wicked smile, the lusty one, as Oishi responds inside him just as Eiji wanted him too. He wants more. Now. Oishi moves his hand a tiny bit and finds to his pleasure Eiji is again hard as well. Eiji now seeing Oishi knows, that he had discovered his latest trick, smiles and moans softly again, wanting to come again too. Wanting Oishi to move inside him again.

Oishi smiles and kisses him harder, longer, deeper, still buried inside him, and feeling every sensation as he becomes fully erect. "You're amazing." he whispers to Eiji in awe of him, of them, of his feelings for him. Oishi kisses him again deeply, loving the feel of him.

Eiji says in a growl, very low and very excited after the deep long kiss, "Hmm...Oishi, make that noise again when you come. I liked it."

Oishi felt shy for a moment and then instantly felt stupid for feeling at all shy, especially, well, now. "You liked it?" He says hearing how turned on he is in his own voice.

Eiji nods, smiling, looking excited, hungry, "I loved it Oishi...don't stop...." Eiji's eyes were half closed in pleasure as Oishi started to move his hand over Eiji's lubricated sensitive tip again. Eiji whimpered a moan in response and kissed him teasing him with little flicks of his tongue.

He kissed Eiji back before he starts to move again inside him. "As you wish...." Oishi says making Eiji smile more and moan with the stroke of his hand. Oishi starts to move a little more, sliding in him slow and gentle, a little cautious at first.

Oishi finds he can move a little easier, a little longer, a little deeper. His come from before and the lube enable Oishi to slide into that tight hot space inside of Eiji with increasingly long, slow, strokes more than thrusts. He searches to find a tempo for them and kisses Eiji as he does.

Then Oishi realizes that Eiji, always searching to make the most of any space, to claim it and find new ways to move and control himself within it, a bathtub, a tennis court, Oishi's bed, himself around Oishi, Eiji is starting to move with him. He is raising his hips up to meet each stroke and Oishi realizes, as he is moaning in pleasure, Eiji is contracting his muscles inside himself, and giving Oishi more to move against, more friction, more of him, making it deeper, closer, tighter if possible than even before.

Eiji is smiling and moaning those little whimpering sounds as he does when he is so close, and at the same time he is kissing Oishi back feverishly. Oishi realizes he can also tip his hips in as he thrusts, deeper into him, as Eiji did, and he does so slightly, still unwilling to hurt him, finding he has a deeper angle, that it feels like even more. Eiji moans loudly at the pleasurable change, and puts his arms around Oishi, his hands onto Oishi's hips pulling him ever closer, drawing him deeper into himself.

Oishi keeps stroking Eiji's erection, matching his hand to their thrusting, feeling how close Eiji is by just knowing how Eiji feels, how Eiji sounds, how Eiji moves under him, with him, against him, around him. Oishi tips his pelvis again, fully this time, and they both moan loudly as he thrusts, feeling he is even deeper inside Eiji, all the way if possible to be any closer to him. Oishi knows he is lost to Eiji then, to the pleasure, to his feelings, and to him. He sees Eiji watching him, talking to him with his eyes, his kiss, his body, and Oishi realizes Eiji is lost too. Oishi is unable to stop, and knows Eiji is also. If the room were on fire they would burn unable to stop or react to anything but each other. As Oishi thrusts in deeper, Eiji moves both with him and against him crying out, "Shuuichirou...." as he is an instant away from coming.

So is Oishi, but he doesn't want to, not yet. He wants to stay like this with him forever. He looks at Eiji and sees he feels the same way. Oishi pauses for an instant, he stops in the moment, and has a feeling that this is only possible because Eiji can completely control time around him. They are both on the edge, on their way over and as if they agreed to it, they both stop moving. They freeze in the moment, both only reach out, moving only the tiniest millimeter, only their lips, and they press them together in a kiss.

Oishi isn't sure if he closed his eyes because opened or closed he only sees Eiji now. His only thought is how much he loves him and his only feeling is that Eiji is telling him he feels the same without either of them needing to say the words. Oishi has time in that instant to record every place they are touching, every color of Eiji from his hair, to his eyes, to his skin, the color of every smell, every taste, every line, every breath, every emotion. The kiss lasts both half a second and forever for them and then they are dragged back to the sweet now.

Thrown back to every intense sensation of their bodies entwined loving each other. A ragged moan of pleasure tears itself from Eiji's throat, "....Oishi!" Every muscle on his entire being contracts in Ecstasy. His eyes are still looking at Oishi but Oishi knows he is only seeing colors, feelings, emotions, and sensations. Eiji is beautiful and is completely his.

As Oishi watches him, he also is aware that he is crying out "Eiji...!" as if a wave broke upon him crashing him into an explosive sensation of love and beauty. His body also is locked and he is coming inside Eiji. Lost inside him as he senses Eiji lost around him, locked on to Oishi as he drowns as well.

When its finally over Oishi is dimly aware that they both are gasping for breath as if coming back up to the surface and into the air again. They are kissing each other automatically, before they are even aware of breathing again or in control again. Oishi kisses him again when their eyes can focus and says, "I love you."

Eiji smiles that sated smile, understanding, "I love you." He says simply. Oishi pulls slowly out of him and feels a strange sense of loss. Like half of him is missing. He snuggles up close to Eiji in case he feels the same and sees he does. Eiji responds to Oishi's touch, his kiss, and seems happier then.

"Are you okay, love?"

"Hmm." He says but he is pouting just slightly.

"Can I just kiss and hold you for a while then?" He sees Eiji looking at him as if wondering how Oishi could possibly understand, "I miss you." Oishi explains completely understanding.

Eiji smiles, "Hmm." He kisses Oishi both lovingly and enthusiastically. Seeming happy to be both understood and loved.

Oishi holds his face and kisses him like he did the first time. He doesn't need to tell Eiji how that was the most amazing thing Oishi has ever experienced in his life or how much, how very, amazingly much he loves him, but he knows if Eiji still needs to hear it he will. Oishi is pleased that he doesn't seem to need to hear it right now. Eiji seems sated, content, and is a bit sleepy again as he always is after being satisfied, in such an adorable way, snuggling close, kissing Oishi, enjoying him.

They lay entwined enjoying each other for what feels like very enjoyable hours but was probably only minutes. They kissed and held each other close.

Then Eiji suddenly made a shocked and surprised face, not a good one, more like he feels something very unpleasant, and then sat halfway up looking alarmed. Oishi read this might happen and was ready in case it did. "Its okay love, you have lots and lots of me inside you thats all. Come on. Are you okay to walk?"

"Oishi...." Eiji whines and makes a face, embarrassed, looking like he feels he has somehow ruined the moment. As if that were even possible.

Oishi carefully smiles, understanding only, and never laughs at him. He kisses his forehead and holds him close a moment. "Its okay, come on, I'll help you up." Eiji looks guarded, vulnerable, and it breaks Oishi's heart to think Eiji would ever think he would make fun of him. Oishi kisses him after he helps him up.

"Nya." He says softly but lets Oishi help him, wrapping the towel around him, and leading him down the hall, still seeming mortified. Oishi holds and kisses him on the way, for once not caring that he is naked and walking around his house. He doesn't even recall that he has walked around naked until later. All that matters is making Eiji feel comfortable, safe, and loved. Oishi walks into the bathroom first, turns on the bathtub, puts some unscented baby wash that he read about in the water and then kisses Eiji who is standing there, still looking upset.

"Eiji, its okay." Eiji looks at him again as if he really doesn't believe him. "I love you." Oishi explains.

"You read this?" Eiji asks starting to understand. "You knew?" He asks it cute and a little annoyed as if Oishi should have warned him first.

"I read it can happen, but didn't know. I just prepared in case it did. You know me." Oishi kisses him and Eiji responds a little more. "I'll go outside and wash up. Open the door if you want me to come back in all right?" He kissed him, hugged him, and worried, as was his nature. Oishi went to his parents bathroom, which he rarely used and washed himself. He felt incredibly good and wanted Eiji to feel the same. He got a towel for himself and wrapped it around him. He went past the bathroom door, heard nothing but the bathtub still running, and didn't want to bother him. He went to his room and cleaned up the room a little, laying out his clothes for tomorrow in case it really didn't rain.

Oishi thought to himself as he walked back down the hall he had no idea what he was going to say to Tezuka but they needed to have a talk. Oishi hated putting things off and wanted to save the friendship if he could. He knew what Tezuka did, wrong as it had been, was only done because Tezuka was his friend. He cared enough to risk hurting their friendship to help Oishi. Oishi just wish Tezuka had confided in him, trusted him a little more. He wondered briefly if maybe he had not been a good enough friend and dismissed the thought. This problem seemed to be Tezuka's alone. Maybe Oishi could help him.

Eiji must have heard him. He opened the door at his approach. "Oishi, take a bath with me, please?" He said it still shy and embarrassed.

Oishi hugged him. "I'd love to." He kissed him and then turned to shut off the water. He stepped in and took Eiji's hand. Oishi sat first and Eiji, gingerly, sat too. "Sore?" Oishi asked concerned.

"A little," Eiji paused sinking back and laying on Oishi, "hmm...the water feels good." Eiji was pouting a little but trying not to let Oishi see.

"Whats the matter, love?"

Eiji flipped around, slowly this time Oishi noticed, and he realized he must be sore. He saw Eiji kept his feet out of the water so his butt stayed down in it. It was very cute. He hugged Oishi's chest and pouted. Oishi touched him, rubbed his back, and waited for him to speak. He finally did, "Nya sexy."

"Taking a bath with you is always sexy." He kissed his hair, "Did it feel good?" Oishi knew that during he had enjoyed it by his reactions and he knew Eiji had come but Oishi now needed a little reassurance. Eiji nodded. "Very good?" Eiji nodded. "The kind of good you might like to do again someday?"

Eiji curled up closer to him as if he just realized that Oishi needed comforting too. "Hoi. Really very good." He smiled against him, "Want to do it with you more lots, Oishi." He paused, "But the after...." He made a face.

"Hurts?" Eiji shook his head no and Oishi was surprised. "Oh is a bit....not sexy?"

Eiji nodded vigorously. While they were guys, and guys tended to crude humor Oishi knew that Eiji really didn't. He grew up in a house of nearly all girls and it just wasn't....done. Swallowing noodles was one thing, bathroom habits, and body needs were another. Oishi was the same way, maybe even more so, he knew it might have just as easily been him feeling like this if Eiji made love to him first and he would have probably been mortified.

"I don't know why a lot of books never talk about the after part, maybe because the books are fantasies and not really real." Oishi shrugged thinking about it. He smiled, "Can I tell you how I feel?"

Eiji looked at him to see if it was a trick or if he was going to be laughed at. He saw he was probably not going to be by Oishi. He then started to move, slowly, as if testing himself, and seeing if anything hurt, until he sat with his legs wrapped around Oishi like how they did in Fuji's big bathtub but in Oishi's he was mostly out of the water. He sat up on him and settled his head on Oishi's neck hugging him but looking away as if braced for bad news. He nodded when he was settled and wanted Oishi to continue.

Oishi reached over, grabbed a towel and covered his back, not caring if the towel got wet but not wanting Eiji to get cold as he often did. Oishi hugged him back. "I love you." He paused watching for a reaction and getting none. "That was the most incredible experience I've ever had in my life. Truly. You are the most incredible experience I've ever had in my life." He added when Eiji stiffened up a tiny bit. "You are the most important thing in the world to me. I love you so much that....." Oishi paused thinking about how to say it, "if you asked me to, I'll be open about us. I'll even tell my father."

Now Eiji looked at him. In shock. His jaw open for a change. Oishi just smiled and said "What? I would. I will if you want. I love you. I want to be with you. I'd do whatever it takes to make you happy. Anything. Just ask."

"Oishi...." Eiji barely breathed it. Then he kissed him, hard on the mouth, inhaling as he did. Eiji kissed him several more times. He looked like he might cry and was smiling, but then he looked, well, horrified as he thought about it. "Nya Oishi. I don't want that. Not now. Not for a long, long time away anyway."

"What would you like?"

"Anything?" He looked to see if the word scared Oishi.

It didn't. Oishi didn't even hesitate. "Anything."

"Nya. Its no good if you don't want it too."

"Tell me what you want and we'll see okay?"

"H...hoi. I want," he paused, "I want it to be normal." Oishi now looked surprised. Maybe he had hurt him and now Eiji didn't want to be with him anymore. Eiji saw, knew Oishi was worried, like always, and smiled, "Nya, like how you said before, normal, we have this, us, and our feelings, and nothing is changed, and we have school, and our friends, and tennis too. Normal. Like it is now."

Oishi smiled, relieved that Eiji wants the same thing. "That sounds....perfect. Better than perfect. Is that really what you want?"

"Hoi. Really what I want." Eiji kissed him again. "You."


"You are really what I want."

"Good. Because you've got me."

Eiji laughed and kissed him. "Nya, you would really have told your dad?"

"Yeah, why? I still will if you want me to."

"Nya! Not for a long time, not until after high school, after maybe even university, later, much, much later!" Oishi smiled as Eiji planned their future.

"Sounds perfect. You just tell me when you want me to and what you want." He kissed him. It was sweet, so sweet, so comfortable, Oishi felt a sense of peace and home and then he had a thought, "Eiji, how did you know, to do, that.....you know, the second time?"

"Hmm. You liked?" He looked happy and then his eyes flashed a bit of concern and a little uncertainty.

"I loved. Incredible. Better than I ever imagined for my first time." Eiji smiled at the first time mention, and Oishi continued, "But how did you know how?"

"I read it. In a book." Eiji's brow wrinkled, "It was a guy and a girl, their first time, after he saved her from a dragon monster." He shrugged as if it didn't matter to him but then looked vulnerable again. "I just always remembered it because I liked it." He tilted his chin a little as if daring Oishi to laugh at him or call him stupid, or maybe figuring that Oishi just wouldn't understand.

Oishi instead understood immediately and held him closer. "Eiji, was that your fantasy, for your first time, and you did it with me?"

Eiji blushed. Blushed! "H...hoi." He said it quietly. Oishi thought Eiji was the most amazing loving person to ever exist.

"But you thought you would be the guy.....?" Oishi asked it carefully, patiently, as if he just wanted to understand and not make fun of him in any way. Eiji smiled shyly and would not meet his eyes, he gave a little shrug as if it didn't matter.

It took Oishi's breath away as he realized what Eiji had done. "It was beautiful love. Really, really beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for my present." Eiji looked confused or as if he didn't think Oishi really got it.

But Oishi understood. "You gave me the most incredible present I've ever been given, you gave me your fantasy for my first time." Oishi explained and felt tears stinging his eyes at the sheer fantastical, lovingly simple gift, given out of love by the person he loved, who loved him back with his entire being. It really was the most amazing and loving thing anyone could ever have given anyone.

Anything that ever happened before Eiji no longer mattered to Oishi. Eiji was right, it didn't even count. In fact, if anyone ever asked Oishi when his first time was, for the rest of his life it was tonight, today. There was no other time, not even in Oishi's own mind. And Oishi thought, the miracle of it all was Eiji gave Oishi his fantasy, his dream, without ever expecting a thing back. He just gave from his heart because he loved him, never truly expecting anyone, not even Oishi who he completely loved, to really understand. Oishi watched as it dawned on Eiji's face that Oishi did understand.

He understood completely and loved him even more, if that was even possible, for it. "Thank you, Eiji, thank you. It couldn't have been a better first time. It was beautiful. You make me very happy."

Eiji kissed him when he saw Oishi get tears in his eyes and he smiled it seemed at being so understood. He held onto Oishi for a while tightly. Oishi was just thinking what a miracle Eiji was. Eiji seemed happy with his own thoughts and stayed still and smiling against him content for a moment.

Then Oishi had another thought, "Hey, is there anything else you want?" He wasn't sure what Eiji would say. It could be sexual, it could be out of life, it could be anything. Oishi really wanted to know.

"Hoi. I want to be famous."

Oishi smiled, "Anything before then?"

"Hoi, anything? Oishi nodded and Eiji thought. "I want.....Fujiko to be loved and happy, I want you to make love to me more," he smiled his wicked smile, "I want my Mom to not be mad that I got stitches, I want you to not be upset if I have a scar," his smile turned into a pout, "I want to be with you. I want...you to tell me you think I'm handsome more if you do." He paused as if daring Oishi to interrupt but he didn't, "I want to teach you how to dance, I want to make regulars, I want us both to be regulars, and......" He looked at Oishi and shrugged as if he had run out of things. He set his chin on Oishi's shoulder and held him close.

But Oishi knew he hadn't. Oishi smiled, "My turn?" Eiji shrugged and stayed where he was as if he was upset Oishi had not picked up on his hint. "All right, I want all that....and I want you to make love to me." Eiji shot his head up looking to see if Oishi was kidding him, making fun of him. Daring him to make fun of him. Oishi met his eyes with a gentle smile. "It doesn't have to be now, it can be whenever you're ready, but I want you to. I want you."

Eiji looked at Oishi waiting to see his reaction and then cocked his head to the side as if to ask, after all this embarrassment you would still want to do that?

"Yes. I do. I want you to feel what I felt and I want to feel what you felt. I want you Eiji. Whenever you're ready." Eiji paused as if letting this sink in. Oishi thought for half a second he would pull him by the hand and lead him back to Oishi's bedroom. Then Oishi thought he knew what else was bothering him. "Its my choice. I choose you." He smoothed back his hair and gently brushed his fingertips across the white bandage on his cheek. "I didn't hurt you did I?" Eiji shook his head no. "You enjoyed it? It felt good?"


Oishi kissed the rest of what he was going to say away. Then he said, "You won't hurt me. You won't. You won't hurt me just like I didn't hurt you because you love me just like I love you." He kissed him again. "You have no idea how much I want you do you? Its not just that you're very handsome Eiji, you have a beautiful face, your eyes are gorgeous, and your lips and mouth, " Oishi stopped to kiss him, "are irresistible." He had to stop to kiss him again he liked it so much.

He continued a moment later, "Its not just that you have an incredible body. You do." Oishi continued after Eiji looked doubtfully at him "You are so strong, you're all muscle and flexibility and agility and lightening fast, and then you have the softest skin, the gentlest touch, and a wicked quick mind." Eiji laughed at the wicked or the quick part, Oishi was not sure which but enjoyed that he laughed a little.

"Its that its you, Eiji. Its your heart, your spirit, your soul, you that I love more than anything. I love you. I want you to get lost inside me like I was lost inside you. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel and I want you to make me feel as good as I made you feel."

Oishi found the thought of it, the rightness of it all, was making him hard again. It didn't help that his erection had risen to fall between Eiji's cheeks where Eiji straddled him. Oishi felt it was out of the water and probably sticking out behind Eiji looking like an odd tail. Oishi shook his head at the thoughts and the heat that rose from Eiji being naked and that close to him. That even though sore, Oishi suddenly couldn't shake the thought that Eiji was capable of just shifting slightly and taking Oishi inside him, riding him. He put that new fantasy aside for the moment in a hurry. "I want you." Even though he was thinking of the other way around the moment he said it, it was still true enough that it came out of Oishi in a growl of want.

Whether it was Oishi's erection insistently sitting behind Eiji or Oishi's words, Oishi noticed Eiji was hard too. Eiji kissed him and made that little purring growl of want that made Oishi's stomach do a little flip and turned his knees into rubber. "Eiji...I love when you make that noise...." Oishi whispered kissing him back.

Eiji pulled back and tilted his head, he smiled perfectly, and whispered back innocently while his eyes looked mischievous as hell, "What noise?"

They both laughed as Oishi kissed him again holding him close and running his fingers up through the back of Eiji's hair making him purr again. "So," Oishi struggled to clear the thoughts from his head and finish their conversation eliminating the jump back out of nowhere Eiji might make later on, ".....is that the other thing you want and left out? Is that what you want?"

Eiji smiled and kissed him again until Oishi nearly forgot what they were talking about or why they were sitting half in a cooling bathtub of water. Eiji let him up for air and laughed when he saw the state of lust he had aroused in Oishi. He smiled and said, "You knew." He kissed him again. "Hmm. I want. Sometime." He kissed him again a little deeper melting into the kiss and the embrace. "Soon."

Oishi kissed him back deeply, teasing him. Eiji responded instantly with his mouth, his hands, and his eyes. He let out a little whimper of frustration and want. "Hmm. Oishi? Are you clean yet?"

Oishi forgot they were still in the bathtub. He laughed a little. "Yes."

"Good, go get dressed for bed so I can finish. Please."

Oishi must have looked a bit confused but then figured Eiji might want a little time alone. He could do that. "You're okay?" He asked just checking.

"Better. Thank you."

"Good." He smiled and kissed him once more. Oishi meant it to be a short kiss but Eiji kissed him a little longer and deeply, then he looked at Oishi as if he was the most incredible thing Eiji had ever seen. He kissed Oishi one more time, made what sounded to be a little frustrated growling purr and let Oishi go.

Oishi regretfully got out of the bathtub, he set out a new towel for him and threw one around himself. He walked back to his room hoping Eiji was all right and never once thought about the laundry all those towels would make. He finished with his towel and was going to throw it in his hamper and then thought to keep it out, just in case they needed a new one, for him. Oishi knew he was testing out the thought and found it didn't bother him as it would have oh, say six months ago when it would have horrified him. In fact he found it didn't bother him at all.

Oishi thought about how Eiji had made him different, happier, more open, and more complete in a way he felt he could probably never verbalize. He hoped and was pretty sure Eiji felt the same way. While he was at it, Oishi set out the other presents. The book and the box with the bear in it that reminded him of the one Eiji told in the story from his childhood.

Then he felt stupid. So he put the book on his nightstand casually, like it just happened to be there, and the box with the bear just behind his tennis bag. Just peeking out. He smiled as that felt more, right, somehow. He checked his poor fish who might not live through Eiji's over feeding out of mis-intentioned kindness and then he set out some clothes for Eiji to wear in case it wasn't raining. The sky still looked clear. He was covering up his window when Eiji came in. He seemed fine, happy actually.

Oishi had no idea what Eiji would want to do, play, sleep, make love, kiss, eat, cuddle, talk, no idea, but Oishi felt up for anything. He almost laughed thinking of how appropriate that was with Eiji. Eiji refused to wear his own underwear and shirt that Oishi had washed, as if leaving pieces of himself there, he wore Oishi's things instead. He got into bed, and then noticed the book. "Hoi? For you?"

"No. For you. When you're here. I hope you haven't read it." It was a book of short stories all with monsters. Some the monsters were good and some they were bad.

"Hoi!" He seemed very happy about it and flipped through it. He started looking to see the endings of every story.

Oh. Oishi asked, "Are you seeing if they are all happy endings?"


"I already looked in the bookstore for you."

"Nya! You did?"

"Yeah. I checked. They all are. They always get saved." Oishi said smiling and sat down on the bed next to him, " This way if you wake up very early and are letting me sleep you can read here too."

Eiji hugged and kissed him, surprising Oishi as if this was the best thing ever. "Thank you Oishi!" Eiji set the book down almost reluctantly.

He must really like to read. "You can read for a while if you want....." Oishi started.

"Nya. Morning. Come curl up with me." He looked at Oishi as if Oishi would begrudge him this, "Please?"

"Of course." Oishi turned out his light leaving only the aquarium glow. "Did your bandage get wet?"

"Nya. I was careful. Will you change it for me tomorrow?"

"I would be glad to." Oishi realized only now that he was very tired. It had been a long day and a long night. Oishi thought of something, "Eiji, what will you tell everyone who asks you what happened?"

Eiji yawned feeling tired again. "Hmm. The truth."

"Truth?" Oishi had no idea how he was going to do that and then thought he knew, "Oh that we were playing tennis and you fell. People are going to think I beat you up." Oishi smiled.

"Nya Oishi! The truth." Oishi looked at him curled up next to him. He smoothed some of Eiji's hair off his face and lightly ran his finger along the bandage he wished was not there. "That I was attacked by a monster and you saved me." Eiji leaned close to him, he laughed softly, and kissed Oishi lightly, softly.

"Are you tired, love?" Oishi was simply not sure what Eiji wanted to do.

Eiji looked at him. "Nya Oishi, soon, not yet! Not now!" He laughed, "And you're tired too, you just don't know it yet. We have practice tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Your first day as a regular!" He yawned again but his eyes were bright and happy for Oishi.

"Fuji-senpai said it will rain...." Oishi said suggestively making Eiji laugh and then kissing him when he did. "Oh, you just reminded me, you won't believe it. Tezuka gave me my first regulars jacket. He had it done with my name and everything. I must have left it when....."

"Hoi. Then Fujiko will bring it too tomorrow, if it doesn't rain." Eiji thought, "I want to see you in your regulars jacket. That was a nice gift, he must have ordered it a while ago too. See? He knew." Eiji paused, "He was wrong but he was still trying to be a good friend."

Oishi smiled, "He was. I'll have a talk with him. It was a very nice gift, but yours, was much, much better."

Eiji smiled and kissed him. He touched his face, "Hmm. Is your jaw tired?"

"Oh, I forgot." Oishi stretched as if tired and going to slowly get up. "Do you want some too?" Eiji was already up and moving to get them gum from Oishi's bag where he had hidden it last time. Oishi hoped he would see it, he really, really did, and then he instantly felt nervous.

"Hoi." Eiji went into his bag, moving it slightly, and he saw the box. "Mine?" He asked smiling wide.

Oishi suddenly felt stupid. He knew it was an impulse gift. "Yours, but before you open it, its really not a big deal, I was just thinking about you today all day and I saw this while I was thinking about you so I bought it. The girl at the store who wrapped it said it was nice. But if you hate it, or think its stupid, its fine, its silly......"

Eiji waited until Oishi ran out of steam verbalizing his every worried thought. Eiji got up, crossed the room, and turned on the light. "Now?" He said bringing the box over and sitting on the bed.

Oishi smiled realizing Eiji was giving him time to get over it. "Sure."

Oishi completely expected Eiji to tear into it, but he didn't. He carefully untied the ribbon and then neatly slid the paper off. He opened the box and set the tissue aside. "Oishi...." He breathed. The bear was really nice, even Oishi forgot how nice. He was mohair and ridiculously expensive. He was also luxuriously soft, and fully jointed, with auburn fur and green glass eyes. He was around fifteen centimeters tall and when you flipped him upside down he had a mooing growler in him. Eiji put him to his unhurt cheek and then smelled him. Eiji smelled the bear a second time and then the back of him. Before he was wrapped, on impulse, Oishi put a tiny touch of the oil Fuji had given him on his finger and touched it to the bear's heart. He never said a word to the girl wrapping him, far too embarrassed.

In fact, Oishi again was beet red now. Eiji saw and for the first time, ignored it. He didn't make fun of Oishi feeling totally mortified or say anything. He just kissed Oishi and then hugged him keeping the bear in between them. "He's beautiful." He leaned back and looked at him with a big smile. He laughed saying, "He has my hair and your eyes."

Oishi laughed because he really just noticed the fur, not the eye color. "I just saw him and thought of you." He touched Eiji's hair. "When you were little, your bear in the airport. And I've never given you a birthday present or a holiday present before so...."

"Thank you." He was rewarded with another hug and a kiss. "Hmm. When did you put your smell on him?" Eiji asked slyly smelling the bear again.

"The oil? I snuck a little bit on him before I had him wrapped, hoping no one saw me or asked what I was doing." Oishi made a face to show how stupid he felt and how embarrassed and Eiji laughed at it.

"Hoi? Can he sleep here tonight?" Eiji set him by the book on the nightstand carefully bending the bear's legs into a sitting position.

"Sure. He can sleep wherever you want." Eiji further surprised him by taking the wrappings and boxing them carefully up cleaning. Then he got the gum out, turned out the light, and handed each of them a piece before climbing back in bed. "Are you sore, from before?"

"Nya. A little but it doesn't hurt. Its a good sore." He then laughed lightly.

"What?" Oishi said to him laughing at Eiji laughing.

"You'll see." Eiji said it ominously. Oishi dropped his jaw at Eiji's audacity. Eiji laughed, put his hand on Oishi's chin and made to close it saying "Chew." and then kissed him on his lips. He snuggled down with Oishi. "I love my bear. And my book. And today so far. And you."

"I'm glad. I love you too." Oishi paused, "Thank you."

"Hmm. For what?"

"For a perfect first time. For giving me your fantasy. For loving me."

"Nya Oishi, you said to never thank you for that."

"I know but just this once, after...." Oishi almost said earlier, "yesterday night, after I was an idiot, after today, after your present, after my first time, after yours, can I thank you anyway?"

Eiji kissed him closing his eyes and pressing his mouth hard on Oishi's. "Nya. You never have to thank me just like I never have to thank you. I love you. I just do. I always will. Hoi?" Oishi smiled as his words were repeated back to him.

"Yes." Oishi wrapped him up in his arms and they lay together chewing and thinking.

"Hoi? Your jaw tired yet?"

"Yes, and this gum is gross. Can I have cherry kisses to take the taste away?"

"Hoi." Eiji kissed him laughing before Oishi had a chance to spit out his gum. He pushed his piece of cherry gum into Oishi's mouth kissing him and let Oishi throw them both out that way. Oishi laughed a little too as he wrapped the two pieces into one wrapper and thought how appropriate. One sweet, bright red, and super flavored and the other one hard, bland, gray, and dull. He didn't want Eiji to get upset at the analogy though so he kept it to himself. He shot the wrapped pieces into his garbage can and made it. Eiji smiled at his "score" as guys do and then kissed him sweetly with long slow kisses in no hurry to go anywhere.

Oishi could not believe he was hard again but he was just from a few kisses. He suspected that Eiji was too and Oishi was tempted to slide his hand over him to see, but Eiji seemed content to just kiss. Oishi looked at the clock reflected backwards in his aquarium and realized it was late. Or early if you wanted to look at it that way. Just in case they had practice they should sleep. The skies were clear. Maybe Eiji had realized too.

Plus they had all day, all the rest of the weekend, and apparently according to Eiji all through high school and university and maybe then some. Oishi smiled as Eiji kissed him slower and slower, winding down. Oishi was suddenly very tired and he did not go through half of what Eiji had.

Oishi had to put that thought behind him or he wouldn't fall asleep. He hoped problems were slowing down, not up. He had to deal with Tezuka and maybe Fuji and then that was all, for now at least. Normal was very appealing to him. Eiji was starting to climb on him, wrapping legs, feet, hands, arms around him. Oishi kissed his forehead and tried not to think about the scar forming under the white bandage on his beautiful cheek. "Good night Eiji, I love you."

Eiji was really tired, he smiled and mumbled a barely coherent, "Nnnn...Oishi.....love...nnn..." It made Oishi smile and hold him a little tighter to protect him from any monsters.

Oishi listened to his soft rhythmic breathing and contented sighs until Oishi soon joined him in sleep.

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