Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Fifty

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi woke up listening to the rain outside falling hard. He was not sure what time it was from the dim light coming in the room. He couldn't see the clock from where he was and Eiji was curled up against him so he didn't want to move. Oishi was laying on the left side of his back his left arm was wrapped around Eiji and his hand fell under his stomach.

Eiji was laying mostly on his stomach but his head was facing away on Oishi's shoulder. He had taken off his shirt in the night and his back was to him. Oishi listened to see if he was still asleep. He rolled on his side slowly, not to wake him but to be closer to him, spooning him, kissing into his hair, and inhaling his smell. He smelled like his shampoo and like him; dark purple, red, gold, warm, safe, loved, and home. Oishi rested his hand lightly on his back and then moved it over his soft skin in a gentle light caress. Eiji snuggled closer to him too and Oishi realized happily he was awake. He wrapped his other arm around him making Eiji sigh as he stretched. "Hi." Oishi said smiling into his clean, soft hair and laying pressed up against him.

"Hmmmm." Eiji said in a purr of contented hello stretching a little. Moving closer to him but not stopping what he was doing.

Oishi realized what he was doing. "You shouldn't read in such low light, its bad for your eyes."

"Hmm. You were sleeping."

"Is it good?"

"Hmm. Almost done." Oishi rubbed his hand along his strong back just to hear him purr a little more but not to distract him. Eiji took his wandering hand in his and tucked both under his chin. "Almost done." He repeated.

Oishi realized he read like he watched movies. Completely entranced. He wasn't watching or reading a story, he was there. He lost himself in it. Like when he played tennis. Like when he did anything. Eiji gave a little gasp of surprise and turned the page. Oishi wondered if he had climbed over him to get the book. What he did in the morning before Oishi was awake. If he snuck out of the room and came back to lay with him and wait for him. One day, Oishi would like to wake up early and see what Eiji did while Oishi was asleep. Maybe he could hear the words to his song. Or find his imp's secret stash of toothpaste for the morning. These thoughts made Oishi smile. He snuggled closer to him but did not disturb him further, content to just be with him and breath him in, feel his skin next to him, and wait for him to finish something he loved.

Eiji turned the page. He made a little noise that sounded like an agreeing noise. He was probably smiling. It really was adorable.

He made one more of those noises, a longer one, and closed the book pushing it away. He turned in Oishi's arms to face him. "Hi." Oishi repeated smiling. Eiji kissed him slow and sweet. Somehow tasting like cherry toothpaste. It was a wonderful way to wake up even if Oishi never knew how he did it.

"Hoi." He was smiling very happily.

"The story was good?"

"Very, thank you for waiting." He cocked his head, "And for my book." He grinned.

"You're welcome." Oishi kissed him enjoying the feel of his lips and the touch of his tongue. "How you do feel?" Oishi meant was he hurt at all from last night.

"Happy." Eiji said kissing him and putting his arms around him. Eiji must have seen that wasn't what Oishi meant, although the answer Oishi got was better than anything else he could have said. "Nya. Fine. A little sore but good sore."

"And happy?" Oishi stroked his cheek where the bandage was lightly with a fingertip.

"Hmm. Very." Eiji kissed him and Oishi was really enjoying the kiss when his phone rang. It was still by the bed from when he last used it. Eiji reached for it and handed it to Oishi lightening fast.

"Hello this is Oishi."

"Mn. Oishi, good morning. How are you?" Oishi figured Fuji meant the both of them especially after last night.

"We're good Fuji-senpai, how are you?"

"Good, but practice has been canceled because of the rain. Do you have plans later? Both of you?"

"I'm not sure, I'll let you talk to Eiji. Hold on." Oishi cupped the phone and said, "He wants to know if we have plans for today. You talk to him. Okay?"

"Hoi. Do you want to do anything today?"

"Whatever you want to do or not do is fine." Oishi smiled, kissed him on his unhurt cheek, and then went to use the restroom while he and Fuji talked. He brushed his teeth wondering how on earth Eiji did that, as the toothpaste was still sitting there. He checked the clock in his parents room and saw it was very early. He looked outside, it was pouring, and he could just barely hear the rumble of distant thunder. He walked back to his room never knowing with Eiji what he would find. He hoped he could crawl back to bed and just snuggle with him for a while listening to the rain.

Eiji cupped the phone. "He wants to know if we want to go to see a movie, that new one that just came out, the space one, with him and Tezuka but all the showings are sold out until 10 tonight."

"Do you want to go?" Eiji nodded vigorously. "Then sure, we'll go." Oishi smiled and got back into bed a little chilled from the dampness and the morning. Eiji was excited as he told Fuji that they would go. Oishi listened as Eiji worked out details and as he and Fuji got off the phone. Eiji handed him back his phone.


"Oishi-senpai, I called the people on your lists for you both already, and Eiji knows all the details for tonight. We'll see you later then."

"Sounds good, and thank you for making the calls for us. Goodbye." Eiji took the phone from him and hung it up. Oishi forgot that he was supposed to call people and Eiji too when it rained. Fuji must have thought they would be tired from their ordeal, or maybe something else. You never knew with Fuji. Oishi was glad he now had nothing to do and could care less about the rest of it. A movie later with Eiji would be fun and he could maybe talk to Tezuka as well. "Thank you." He said when Eiji crawled back into bed snuggling after hanging up the phone. "I didn't know you liked movies like that."

It was a scifi movie, actually the second in a series of them. "Hoi! Did you see the first? It was really good!"

"I don't think I did, but I sort of know the story from the news."

"Nya." Eiji said this wonderingly as if Oishi was the only person on earth who had never seen it. Then he must have realized his favorite audience never heard the story. "Can I tell it to you?" His eyes were bright and he was thrilled.

Oishi smiled. "Please."

Eiji did and Oishi was charmed as Eiji told the first movie so well, so passionately, and so animatedly. It had to do with a princess being held hostage and the two men going to save her both in love with her. The two men have to work together despite hating each other because they love her. Something then about an evil enemy of everyone and the evil enemy was holding the princess to trap the men going to save her. Then Eiji talked about the previews for this one. It starts where the two men are both about to be captured and the princess killed if they are. He was very excited. It was, even without monsters, all Eiji.

"Sounds really good."

"Hoi! Its really, really good. I wish you had seen the first one. Maybe we could rent it before we go?" He looked so eager, so enthused, Oishi found it irresistible.

"Sure. We have plenty of time, we could. My sister might have it on DVD. I'll check later. She likes things like that too. In fact, she'll be jealous that I've seen it if she hasn't already." Eiji looked surprised as if he could not believe Oishi was not as excited as him. Oishi stretched and reached to hug him. He pulled him towards him. "Its still very early, love. The video stores don't even open for at least another 3 hours."

Oishi kissed him and kept kissing him until Eiji relaxed and started purring. "I love when you make that noise." he said a little breathlessly.

"Hmm. So what do you want to do until then?" Eiji said it suggestively, with that wicked knowing look in his eyes, and a very naughty grin on his full soft mouth.

"Play." Oishi kissed him. "With you." He kissed him again, "And listen to the rain." He kissed him again and they lay back down together kissing wrapping themselves around each other.

"Hmm. Oishi?"

"Yes, love?"

"What noise?" Oishi laughed and pulled him closer to kiss more.

Oishi really had just intended to kiss him and snuggle figuring Eiji would be sore. But like everything with Eiji, you never knew what was going to happen.

Oishi kissed him deeply and their playful lazy morning kisses soon turned intense, wanton, and hungry. Oishi teased Eiji with his tongue and his hands. Running them both all over his exposed skin, finding spots that had him writhing on the sheets, and moaning Oishi's name. Oishi removed first Eiji's underwear and then his own pajama bottoms then got went back to kissing him.

Oishi kissed down him, taking him in his mouth, enjoying the feel of him and the noises he was able to coax out of him. On impulse, Oishi stroked his erection lightly, teasingly, with his hand, and kissed down him further. He saw Eiji's eyes flash and his chin come up, as if he was a little defensive, or worried that Oishi somehow would reject him. Oishi knew he was sore, but he felt it was important to show him that the after from yesterday was nothing. He was incredible and Oishi desired him and him alone. Eiji always did better when he was confident. Oishi wanted to make sure that in this, as in all things, he was.

Oishi kissed and licked down his testicles, he met Eiji's eyes with his own and never looked away, never looked anything else but wanting and enjoying him. He licked down him until he came to where he was inside him just last night. That thought and those feelings made Oishi moan in pleasure and half close his eyes as he kissed there with his tongue in a long slow soft wet lick. The skin there felt a little swollen but seemed fine. He licked him slowly again and Oishi noticed that it must be extremely sensitive. Eiji closed his eyes in a long slow blink and moaned. Oishi was about to lick him again, enjoying the responses he was getting, when Eiji said in a little breathless voice, "Wait."

Oishi stopped. He waited not knowing if Eiji really meant stop. Eiji said, "Oishi. You too, I want to touch you too...please..." He went to lean over to get the lubrication. Oishi stopped him.

"Then don't move. Stay just like that." Oishi said smiling and got it for him. He put some on his hand first, lay back down, and touched it to the shaft of Eiji's erection as he took his tip back in his mouth. Then with Eiji watching him, he touched himself making his own erection slick with lube. Eiji replaced his hand with his own. Then he took Oishi deep in his mouth, sucking him, this time making Oishi writhe in pleasure. "Ah....Eiji...." Oishi struggled not to come as Eiji smiled wickedly at what he had done.

Oishi slid his hand up over the top of Eiji with that tight quick stroke and Eiji whimpered as he lay back down, watching Oishi and only stroking him now, giving him time so they could come together. Eiji kept stroking him and started to work his index finger into Oishi. He was going slower than he had in times past and Oishi almost lowered himself onto his hand to speed him up. Just before he did, he remembered stopping Eiji from doing the same thing. He forced himself to relax. Wanting to concentrate and to go back to what he was doing before.

Still stroking Eiji he kissed and licked him down again. He then used his tongue in wide wet strokes over the area. Eiji was in place on that spot inside Oishi, he felt it and almost braced himself for the pleasure while licking him again. Eiji removed his finger to Oishi's disappointment. Oishi licked in Eiji a little not wanting to hurt him but wanting to see if he could pleasure him. Eiji moaned as he then started working two well lubricated fingers into Oishi. Oishi felt Eiji go to press down on his next lick, then force himself to resist and then to relax. Oishi the next time licked him gently inside hearing Eiji moan. He looked over at Eiji to make sure he was enjoying it. "Don't stop." Eiji said then added, "Please."

Oishi nodded then went back to gently licking inside him a little more each time he licked. He could feel Eiji was close so he looked again to see. As he did, Eiji lightly touched that spot inside Oishi with his two fingers. Oishi was close before but now he was trying not to buck or thrust and trying not to come. He saw Eiji was at the same place. Oishi put his finger still slick with lube slowly, very slowly, inside Eiji, not wanting to hurt him. "Oishi...." Eiji was whimpering so close right on the edge. Oishi put his mouth back on Eiji's tip and wrapped his arm around his hips putting it just on the bottom of his shaft so he could thrust with Oishi controlling it. Eiji moaned understanding that he could move if he wanted to and letting Oishi know as he couldn't see him. Eiji had put his mouth on Oishi again and took him deep into it. Oishi moaned in response and gently moved his finger a little deeper into him. He felt Eiji force himself to relax and he felt that he was swollen there too. Oishi moved his finger gently in and out and Eiji moaned around him in response.

Oishi was so close, so very close and he tried to just focus on sliding his finger gently into him to keep himself from coming. He was patient even as Eiji tried to move himself down so it went deeper into him sooner. Oishi held him back and took him deeper into his mouth. Eiji lightly pressed in Oishi almost making him come, almost, Oishi fought it off, he needed just a little longer. He heard Eiji whimpering around him, felt how urgent he was, how close, his want, his need to come. And then, Oishi's finger was there, waiting.

He felt Eiji relax a little realizing it too. They pressed inside each other at the same time Eiji giving a long cry as he came thrusting into Oishi's mouth making Oishi moan as he came into his. Oishi swallowed, breathing hard still, and wiped his chin smiling. He went up and met Eiji with a kiss laying down next to him and wrapping him in his arms as he kissed him.

"Sorry." Eiji said when they stopped kissing long enough. "I almost couldn't wait."

"Nothing to be sorry about. I like that you enjoy it. And we don't always have to come together." Oishi paused, thought about it, "Though its really nice." he said with a smile.

"Nya. I wanted you to hurry." Eiji was pouting.

"I didn't want to hurt you love, I felt that you were sore."

"You did?" Eiji was looking confused.

"I did with my tongue, you felt a little swollen." Oishi smiled kissing him, "But very sensitive too."

"Hmm." Eiji said kissing him back. He then stopped and said, "I won't hurry with you. I won't hurt you Oishi."

"I know that, love. I trust you." He kissed him again. "I'm not worried." Eiji looked surprised at Oishi as if he of all people not worrying was something Eiji would worry about. Oishi laughed and heard thunder from far away as he kissed him soundly until he stopped worrying.

They showered together touching and kissing. Oishi changed his bandage and fussed over him. Then they dressed Eiji borrowing a pair of Oishi's jeans, underwear, and a t-shirt. Oishi liked his clothes a little loose. The jeans were a bit big and baggy so they hung a little low on Eiji's trim waist. Eiji asked how they looked, concerned, Oishi had to tell him that he thought they looked better on Eiji than on him. Eiji disagreed with him but kissed him anyway. Especially when Oishi pulled him closer cupping his butt though the pants and kissing him hard until he laughed.

A little while later, Eiji made breakfast hopelessly trying to show Oishi how to flip an egg without cracking the yolk. After breakfast Oishi looked in his sisters room and found a copy of the movie on DVD. Then they curled up in Oishi's room to watch it while the rain continued to fall.

It was a good movie Oishi had to admit although movies like that weren't really what he was into. There were some pretty big plot holes and it was hard for Oishi to buy into the whole thing at first, but the story was very good and the acting compelling. After a while he began to enjoy it. Oishi also liked some of the space travel and futuristic dimensions of the story as well. What he really liked though, is how into it Eiji was. Oishi lay spooned behind him and Eiji took his hand in his own tucking them again under his chin. Eiji knew the story so well that Oishi was aware when a "good" part came up by how he reacted with his hand and his entire body before saying in an excited whisper to Oishi, "Oishi! Watch this part! Watch!"

In response Oishi would just hold him a little closer or kiss his hair.

A little over halfway through the story a favorite character gets killed or possibly only hurt. It was done very well and very sad but even Oishi was surprised when he felt a tear drip from Eiji's face on to his hand. He had seen it probably 30 times and he still was affected. It was so adorable, he was so adorable, that Oishi felt tears in his eyes, especially after almost losing him last night. Eiji turned to look at him and mistook his unshed tears for the movie. He hit the controller on pause, turned so that he lay looking up at Oishi and pulled Oishi down into a kiss. "Nya Oishi, he could be alive still. No one knows yet." He said to comfort him still with tears of his own for a character in a movie.

Oishi smiled, "We'll know tonight." Eiji grinned thrilled. "While its paused can I get you some ice cream?" It was still early morning but why not.

"Hoi, the strawberry one, hurry....." Eiji was somehow out of his arms, up, and down the hall to the bathroom, racing as if the movie wouldn't stay paused. Oishi laughed and went to go get the ice cream and some water. When he came back Eiji was already half settled waiting for him. When Oishi lay back down Eiji curled up to him tightly, and was spooning up ice cream as he hit play. He held the first spoon out to Oishi this time.

A while later he held the last spoonful up. "Last bite." Oishi instead of taking less than half and letting him have the rest, took all of it but held it in his mouth. Eiji went to take the rest and found the spoon empty. He gasped. Gasped!

And turned to look at Oishi with his jaw dropped open in disbelief. Oishi kissed him and shared the last bite with him making him laugh and Oishi too. He kissed him a little more and then said, "Nya Oishi. Almost done." He took the controller, skipped the DVD back to around where they were, took Oishi's hand firmly under his chin tucking it in with his own hand, and then they watched the rest of it.

Oishi saw him smiling his Cheshire cats smile in the reflection of the screen though.

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