Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Sixty Six

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

"Nya. If I had to say only one thing Oishi, just one thing, and its the only thing and its a little thing that you could easily fix, all right? Well, its just, Oishi? Nya, its just...your hair...it does need some....help...."

Oishi laughed out loud, actually startling Eiji. Eiji looked confused, mad, and then went back to confused as Oishi laughed.

When Oishi stopped laughing as much, he said, "I'm not laughing at you, Eiji. I promise you, I'm not. You thought telling me that would upset me? That I would be hurt or mad but you still loved me enough to say it? That is very sweet." He kissed Eiji.

"I'm so sorry though. There is nothing I can really do about my hair. At least not now. My father makes me go to his barber who he has been going to since he was a kid. We go every month together. The guy is around 80 years old and only knows how to cut maybe four hairstyles. This one, the one I had freshman year which is the one you see all the time, straight to here with here short shaved,"

"Mushroom." Eiji said with a face of disgust. Few guys ever looked good with it. It was a cut for kids.

Oishi smiled, "Yeah, that bowl one, the third is even shorter everywhere, shaved in the back, with just a little in the front long, and then the fourth like my Father, shaved everywhere short. I've tried all four and none of them look good on me. Those are the only four I think he knows. My entire freshman year my father hated the mushroom one because he can't stand any long hair that moves on a guy. He thinks it looks..." Oishi paused and realized he went to say gay. That is what his Father always said. It made Oishi stop for a moment and look for a better word. "...stupid. He gave me a hard time every day until I just had it cut like this to keep the peace." Oishi shrugged. "Why do you think I love your hair so much?"

Oishi kissed him, running his hand through the back of Eiji's soft hair. "One summer when I was at my grandparents, they let me grow my hair the entire summer. I loved it. When its longer, its just shiny, black and hangs straight. Not a good color like yours but I'd like to have it long, maybe even to my shoulders. Someday." Oishi smiled and shrugged.

Eiji just blinked several times in a row as if in total shock. "Nya. What did your Dad do when he saw it?"

Oishi realized at some point, maybe when he laughed earlier, he must have fallen out of Eiji. He sighed and he moved over to lay with Eiji but not so he didn't feel crushed. He took his hand and held it, wrapping their fingers together. Oishi shrugged and smiled remembering how terrible it was then and how silly it seemed now, "The day I came home, he took me immediately over to his barber's house because it was so late his shop was closed. He said I looked...like a girl and they shaved my hair all off, short like my Father's, even shorter than his, but it was fun while I had it."

Eiji looked like he might cry. He was horrified. Oishi realized that Eiji's parents were so supportive of their children expressing themselves in style and personality that it was foreign to him and probably felt very wrong. Eiji then hugged Oishi very tight. "Eiji, its okay, its just hair, love. It grows back. Someday I'll grow it long and see how I like it then. All right?" Eiji nodded against him, "And maybe that barber will retire some day soon and move far, far away. Eiji? I'll even change it to a different one if you want. You can pick which of the four. Any of them. I don't care."

"Nya Oishi." Eiji sounded like he would cry, "You don't need long hair to be handsome, you already are."

Oishi kissed him, he didn't want him upset or worried, and when the kiss broke Oishi smiled, "So are you love, so are you. Very handsome. Do you believe me now? That I want you as much as you want me? That I find you attractive and sexy? That you're beautiful?" Eiji nodded again. "More attractive than me?" Oishi threw in expecting Eiji to laugh.

Eiji pulled back and kissed Oishi hard, just pressing his lips to his, as if he could kiss something that hurt away. "Nya Oishi, nya. Not more. Remember? We're Niiiice, Verrrry nice and we look beautiful together." Eiji again imitated that voice perfectly. Then he kissed Oishi much like he had before when he was showing him how he had wanted to kiss him then. Claiming him, making Oishi his and his alone, and Oishi was happy to be the object of his affection. Eiji kept kissing him, and Oishi felt Eiji getting hard again. He smiled while kissing him, now sure he was in love with a sex monster, although he felt very happy about it. Then he noticed that even now, even after last night and this morning, he wanted Eiji again too.

Eiji suddenly looked down himself and Oishi. They were still covered. Eiji looked like had forgotten. When he saw, he smiled, and adorably wrinkled his nose. "Nya. Shower with me?"

"Shower, not a bath?"

"Nya Oishi, shower." Eiji was already pulling Oishi up, then he ran ahead into the bathroom stuck one finger out the door, pulled it back in and shut the door. Oishi guessed he wanted him to wait. Oishi heard the water turn on and run for about a minute or two, then Eiji opened the door and told Oishi to get in adding a please over his shoulder. He ran back towards Oishi's room completely naked, leaving Oishi alone.

Oishi had no idea what he was up to but was laughing as Eiji clearly had something in mind. He got into the still cool water and washed himself quickly before Eiji came back in. He wondered if Eiji just decided to give him a moment alone also. Eiji then pushed the curtain aside, peeked in as if making sure it was all right, and got in. Eiji poured soap in his hand and soaped his front up. Then he sighed, leaning his back against Oishi, standing completely in the spray of the now very hot water. "Feels good?" Oishi asked still wondering what he was doing.

"Hmm." Eiji said leaning back on him and smiling. He reached his arms back around Oishi and then leaned back to kiss him. He turned himself around as they kissed so that he now faced him. Eiji's kisses started out sweet and gentle but soon turned teasing and hungry, surprising Oishi. It was very soon after the last time after all. Eiji ran his hands up and down Oishi's back as he kissed him, holding him close.

Eiji broke the kiss and smiled that wicked I want you now smile. "Hmm. Turn. Please." Eiji said. Oishi felt turned on again. He felt Eiji's last little purring moan go right through him and Oishi was not sure for a second if he was supposed to turn or Eiji. Eiji laughed and turned Oishi around. Oishi thought maybe Eiji wanted to wash himself without being watched but he was still not sure what Eiji was up to.

A moment later, Eiji was soaping Oishi's back and running his soapy hands all over him. He stepped aside, letting the spray from the water rinse Oishi's back. Then he stepped into the water again and must have put more soap on his hands. He ran his hands up and down Oishi's front, while hugging him from behind and holding him close. He lingered over Oishi's nipples, his belly button, and the fine dark hairs that ran down Oishi's lower stomach. It was as if he was memorizing him from behind where he couldn't see him, seeing with his hands. Then Eiji's soapy hands ran lower with a soft, knowing touch, making Oishi give a little sigh of pleasure. Oishi smiled feeling Eiji press his own erection up against Oishi's cheeks.

Then Oishi understood. Eiji started kissing the back of Oishi's neck and started kissing his way down Oishi's back. It was very much like Oishi had done to him earlier. Apparently, Oishi had given him a few ideas. Eiji kept lightly stroking and playing with Oishi's erection as he kept kissing down Oishi. Oishi tried to reach around to touch Eiji's as well but he stopped kissing Oishi and moved away. Oishi guessed he wanted to be in complete control and was fine with that. To show him, Oishi just touched Eiji's arm lightly, letting him know he just wanted to touch him, not take control. Eiji came back and started kissing him again in response.

Then he stopped at about Oishi's shoulder blades. He let go of Oishi completely. Oishi felt strange not being able to really ask him what he was going to do and not being able to see. He didn't want to turn around or ask him because it felt like he would be breaking the 'rules' and he didn't want Eiji to be mad. It was almost, impersonal though, and Oishi didn't really like it. Then he put the thought out of his head, as it was just Eiji. Oishi loved him and he loved Oishi. If Eiji wanted to experiment, then Oishi was willing to let him. Plus Eiji seemed to have a plan of some kind even if he had not shared it with Oishi yet.

Oishi gasped in surprise as Eiji unexpectedly put his mouth up to Oishi's lower back and started kissing and licking him down. He cupped Oishi's testicles in one hand and licked him with wide wet strokes of his tongue. Then he started licking on his entrance and into him, Oishi moaned as Eiji tongue dipped inside him. Oishi was still a little sore but it was more sensitive than anything, and this felt so good. Oishi wasn't sure if it was in the rules to touch himself or not, although at that moment, he wanted to, but he held back, waiting to see, or actually to feel what Eiji did next.

What he did was again unexpected. Oishi heard Eiji get up from where he was kneeling down. Then he must have turned down the water temperature and grabbed the sprayer from the shower. He reached it over Oishi's shoulder and let the water run down him. He rinsed the soap off his front and he kissed Oishi's back as he did. Then he moved again to put the sprayer back.

Oishi waited for what was next. Eiji reached around him again and started stroking him, he had lube on his hand but it was different from what they had used before. This was thicker and Oishi guessed it was mean for use in water. That was probably what Eiji ran to get Oishi realized again, still surprised by his tricks. Oishi also thought that Eiji might have been using his other hand on himself. Oishi had to keep himself from reaching around , looking, or pressing himself back to see. Then Eiji put his other hand, lubed up and started rubbing it around the outside of Oishi. When Oishi realized that Eiji was probably going to take him in the shower, right now, Oishi moaned. Before Eiji put his finger inside Oishi, he said softly, "Oishi?" asking permission. His finger was just outside and he was running it softly, gently around. Oishi heard the lust, the heat that was in his voice and realized that Eiji was extremely turned on.

This was something each of them had fantasized and masturbated to, even talked about, each picturing this in one way or another. "Yeah...." Oishi could barely say, hearing his own voice sounding the same as Eiji's. Eiji stroked him as he entered him with his fingers, first one and then a second one, gently, slowly stretching Oishi, rewarding him with his hand stroking him better when Oishi relaxed into it. Oishi found he had to keep himself from pressing down to hurry Eiji up. Oishi was a little taller than Eiji and he wondered what Eiji had in mind for that. Just as Oishi was thinking of asking Eiji, he pressed that spot inside Oishi, making Oishi moan loud.

Oishi's arms went up to hold himself up, he braced on the back of the shower wall. Eiji held him close to keep him from falling. Eiji pulled him back a bit towards him. Oishi kept his arms on the wall and stepped a little back. Eiji started to enter him slowly, still stroking Oishi.

Oishi wasn't thrilled about this position because he couldn't see him and couldn't kiss him. It felt good and he heard Eiji making whimpering pleasure noises as Oishi tried to relax against him. Oishi moved a little, slowly taking more of Eiji inside him, and Eiji apparently allowed that. A little bit more and Oishi saw the appeal of this position, Eiji hit him on that spot every time he moved. He was right on it. Oishi moaned. Eiji was kissing his back, stroking him, but when he heard Oishi moan on each thrust, he stopped moving. Then he held Oishi close.

Oishi did not like that he couldn't see him at all to know what was going on. He broke the rules not caring at that moment. He said, "You thought about this when I was teasing you earlier, you thought I would make love to you this way."

"Hoi." Eiji said and Oishi was immediately concerned. Eiji's hoys became hmms when he was very turned on. "Feels good?" Eiji asked sounding disappointed.

"You feel very good love, because you're right on that spot inside me, so every time you move you touch there. But I don't really like that I can't see you."

"Or kiss." Eiji said and Oishi heard the pout in his voice. Oishi turned and Eiji could just barely reach him to kiss him as they found out because Eiji did.

"Can we try something else?" Oishi said. Eiji nodded and withdrew himself. He seemed a little embarrassed by it as Oishi turned. Oishi leaned against the side wall and kissed him, drawing him towards him. "Kiss me, please?" Oishi asked kissing his pout away. He kissed him, embracing him, until Eiji finally relaxed and melted into the kiss and his arms. Oishi held him, kissing him for a long time making sure he was not upset. "We've both thought about this, in the shower, for a long time. Can we try it another way? Please?"

"How?" Eiji asked guarded as if he just wanted to say forget it. He was still embarrassed and shouldn't have been. It wasn't as if either one of them had done any of this before.

"Can I show you what I thought of, that day, when I kissed you in the apartment building before school?" This, Eiji looked a little interested in. It was not entirely true, Oishi had not really thought of the logistics of what went where, and he had actually been thinking of himself being the top, but he thought this could work. Even better they could see each other and kiss. Eiji nodded interested but still wary.

Oishi kissed him. He kept his back on the side of the shower and braced his feet on the opposite side. He lowered himself a few inches and as he kissed Eiji, and he pulled him close. Not only would Eiji be able to reach him now and they could kiss, but also, Oishi could use his legs and move much easier now.

Eiji stopped kissing Oishi and looked at him slyly, as if knowing Oishi might not be telling the truth. "We hadn't done this yet, I didn't really know how or figure that you're a little shorter than me, but I usually stand where you are when I touch myself in the shower. I pictured you here, kissing me, both of us naked." Oishi kissed him remembering, "I thought about you using your mouth on me, how good it feels, how good you make me feel, and then about you kissing me and me being inside you. Deep inside you." Oishi kissed him again remembering and turning himself on.

He felt Eiji starting to respond to the same thoughts and respond even more to Oishi getting turned on again. Oishi kissed him hard and Eiji met his kiss. "Oishi...?" Eiji said softly breaking their kiss to look at him, asking Oishi if he wanted to try again. He could feel Eiji's heartbeat racing as his own was.

Oishi kissed him gently and said, "I want you Eiji. I want you inside me. I want you to come inside me. Make love to me, Eiji. Please?"

Eiji did that long slow blink. Then Eiji kissed him hard, moaning softly as Oishi took his tongue into his mouth and gently sucked on it. Eiji sighed in pleasure when he felt Oishi's hand close around his erection and start tightly stroking him as he liked. Oishi kept kissing him, enjoying the sensations, the feel of him, the noises he was making.

Oishi took himself in his other hand and stroked himself as well. Eiji moaned Oishi's name when he saw Oishi was touching himself at the same time, and that Oishi was aroused, hungry for him, wanted him. He kissed Oishi again as he took himself from Oishi's hand. He checked as if worried there would not be enough lube on him and on Oishi. He used one finger and then two as if making certain he would not hurt him. He looked like he was hesitating.

Oishi, not having to worry about hurting Eiji, wanted him. He wanted this and at the same time, realized this, not worried or inhibited, was how Eiji wanted him to be like with him. Oishi kissed him, he touched him, and tried to get Eiji to relax by teasing him. It only turned Oishi on more. Finally, Oishi said, "Eiji, please...." Oishi was begging him, wanting him, not caring how needy he sounded, how much he wanted him. Eiji met his mouth in a kiss, he smiled, and slowly entered him again.

Very slowly. Oishi had to force himself not to press down. Eiji was going slow to not hurt him and the only way Oishi could respect that was not to hurt himself in this sudden burning need to have him deeper inside him. Oishi distantly mused that being the one usually in control occasionally meant being in control of yourself and allowing the person you loved to love you back. It was very sweet of Eiji to be the one able to wait at the moment because Oishi was freed from his worry and he was now nearly lost with want. He was trying to focus on pleasing Eiji, kissing him, loving him, and trying to keep from getting lost, but Oishi was also frustrated because the intense pleasure mixed with the want was taking him away.

Oishi kept reminding himself that you're not being a good anchor if you keep drifting away with every wave, yet each time a wave of pleasure came, Oishi drifted a little more. Oishi realized for a fraction of a second that somehow he forgot where he stopped and where Eiji started or maybe it was he wasn't sure where Eiji stopped and Oishi started. At the same time, he had a sense that they had always been like this, always in love, always loving each other, always together, in lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. Then a wave of sensation and pleasure would crash over him and he would struggle to find his way back to the surface, back to Eiji.

Eiji must have sensed it even in his caution, his care, even in his own pleasure. When Eiji was finally fully, deeply inside Oishi, he stopped moving. He kissed Oishi gently and pulled back to look at him. Eiji was trembling and Oishi saw it was with both the physical pleasure he was experiencing and the heartfelt emotions he was feeling. He smiled looking at Oishi as if he was the most amazing thing Eiji had ever seen. As if Oishi, and not Eiji, was the miracle. He looks so beautiful Oishi thought and felt terrible for disappointing him, for getting lost, for not being able to stay.

Eiji kissed him gently again, "I love you." Eiji said, still smiling at him, meaning each word with all his heart and soul.

Oishi felt his words go through him. They wrapped themselves completely around him. Oishi wondered again at the effects three words could have on a person, but this time, it was on himself. Eiji kissed him slowly and lovingly, as if Oishi still needed to be brought back to him. As if he still needed help finding his way home. He didn't. Eiji had already brought Oishi back, when Oishi himself wasn't even able to, with just three words.

Oishi smiled back at him, amazed by him, loving him, feeling how much with his entire being. "I love you." Oishi said, able to say and mean the words back to Eiji as completely as Eiji had said and meant them to him. Oishi said everything without needing to actually say it and knew Eiji would completely understand.

Eiji gave a slow blink in response and smiled a little wider, happy Oishi was back. Oishi kissed him and Eiji let him have control of the kiss. Oishi was awed as Eiji, who was still inside Oishi was able to still melt into Oishi's kiss. Oishi kept kissing him, teasing his lips and tongue a little. They moved together. When Eiji started to relax into the kiss a little too much, on his next gentle thrust, Oishi tipped his pelvis up, and met him. Eiji moaned in response and then laughed, happy with Oishi surprising him.

They quickly found an easy rhythm with both of them moving. Eiji kept kissing Oishi as if to make sure he didn't get lost again but Oishi was staying with him now. As good as it felt, it felt better shared. Eiji stroked Oishi, matching their pace. Oishi soon heard Eiji making those sweet whimpering noises and knew he was close. Oishi kissed him and then gently brought his still lubricated hand around, touching Eiji where Oishi was deep inside him just a short time ago. Oishi knew he was sore so he just gently touched him outside where he would be sensitive. Eiji's whimpers became a long full, moan of pleasure surprising Oishi and thrilling him at the same time. "You almost came." Oishi said smiling.

"Oishi....oh...don't stop...more...please..." Eiji was begging him now. Oishi did not want to hurt him so he gently touched him again getting another moan from Eiji who was smiling at the same time. Oishi gently inserted just the tip of his finger and Eiji moaned and increased his thrusting into Oishi. He kissed him, right on the edge and begged him, "Oishi, tell me...tell me what we did.....you thought.....making love to me....apartment.....tell me."

Oishi touched him and kissed him in between telling him, "We were just like this....I thought about you taking me in your mouth....." Eiji moaned a little as Oishi gently entered him again with his fingertip, "then I thought about being inside you....really deep inside you....how good you would feel...so tight and so hot inside of you...." Eiji moaned again feeling how it felt inside Oishi. Oishi was already close but his own words were going to take him over too.

Eiji thrust up inside Oishi touching that spot in him, again and again. Oishi moaned, so close. "Then what Oishi...tell me...."

"I was deep inside you...and it felt good to you...you liked it....you liked it a lot...." Oishi moaned a little, liking it a lot himself at the moment. Eiji made another whimpering pleasure sound in response, so very close, only waiting for Oishi to finish, "And when I came inside you Eiji....you came."

Oishi came then, he felt every muscle on him tighten as he started to come, "Eiji!" he cried still kissing him. Eiji gave a long hard shudder and a moan tore from him as he started to come inside Oishi. Oishi tightening around Eiji as he came made Eiji cry in the middle of his moan, "...Shuuichirou...!" He felt Eiji come so hard that Oishi held him close, concerned that he wouldn't be able to stand up. Oishi kissed him during and after, feeling the little aftershocks go through them both.

Oishi wasn't sure if Eiji would feel shy. He sometimes did for a moment or two afterwards when he came hard like that. As if Oishi would make fun of him or reject him. Oishi was always amazed at how his ego could be so fragile from one moment to the next. Oishi kept kissing him, Eiji was still inside him, and Oishi didn't want that wrenching feeling he felt when they separated to happen as silly as it seemed. "Hmm." Eiji said and it sounded like a sleepy contented affectionate hoi turned into a purr.

"You brought me back when I got lost." Oishi kissed him making him smile more.

"Hmm. You got lost." Eiji said sounding surprised and pleased.

"Sorry, I wanted to stay with you but you made me feel too good."

"I brought you back." Eiji seemed very happy about this.

"You did, thank you." Oishi kissed him and leaned a little into him. Oishi must have winced slightly as the muscles in his legs were burning from basically doing a series of hard squats the entire time. Eiji looked concerned and then took in the angle he was in. He went to pull out but Oishi held him close a moment longer, kissing him just one more time. He still felt the separation when Eiji pulled out but was very glad to be able to move again. His legs were stiff and Eiji laughed as Oishi made a face.

Eiji turned into the water making it warmer and must have found there was no hot water left. He turned it all the way to the hottest setting and stood there as if it didn't phase him. "Hmm. Easy to clean when you're in the shower."

"My father will kill me when he gets the water bill." Oishi said absently.

Eiji switched places with him laughing. Oishi gingerly moved backing into the spray wondering if Eiji was going to get him with superheated water again. It was only lukewarm so he relaxed and washed facing Eiji. Eiji cocked his head at him and kept eye contact with Oishi as if Oishi might be embarrassed.

Oddly enough, he wasn't. "Nya Oishi, you have a sister. Just buy good conditioner."

Eiji lost him. He saw Oishi's expression and laughed. "Nya. When I first, touched myself, I had to do it in the shower. I used to use lotion, like you did, but my sisters would always steal it saying what did a guy need it for. So I ended up using conditioner. Not as good but when there's nothing else...." He made a face making Oishi smile but still wonder what he meant. "I would do it when no one was around..." Eiji paused and Oishi remembered there was always someone at Eiji's house. "...and I would use up all the hot water. I put conditioner in the bathroom the kind a girl has to keep on her hair for thirty minutes or more. My Dad always blamed them." He shrugged and then smiled at his brilliant scheme.

Oishi smiled and then laughed, "So, did you ever use the conditioner on your hair?"

Eiji blushed, slightly, but still blushed, "Nya Oishi!" He turned away soaping himself up again, "Sometimes." He admitted it softly, not looking at Oishi until he heard Oishi laughing. Eiji looked at him surprised and annoyed like he was going to yell at him.

Oishi had already grabbed him, put his arms around him, pulled him close, and was kissing him. "You are so adorable," He kissed him again feeling Eiji still annoyed, resisting, "And very handsome," He kissed him again feeling him still wanting to argue, "And very sexy." Oishi heard the growl in his own voice even after a morning spent making love. Oishi kissed him for a moment more and then looked at him, smiling, adoring him.

Oishi was sure Eiji wanted to argue with him, was annoyed that Oishi laughed at his confession, and he wanted to tell Oishi how mean he was, and pout. But, Eiji knew Oishi couldn't lie very well and when he looked at Oishi's face, all he could have seen was that Oishi loved him. Oishi kissed him again and Eiji kissed him back starting out a little and then melting into him a little more.

"Nya Oishi, I have to rinse." Eiji said pulling away a bit. He was smiling, Oishi noticed but one eyebrow was a bit cocked. Eiji wasn't quite done yet and he had thought of something really good to get to Oishi. Oishi braced for it.

"Nya, this lube is hard to wash away even with lots of soap." Eiji paused for dramatic effect, his back was to Oishi and he said over his shoulder casually, "Fuji never mentioned that when he used it."

Even braced, Oishi felt his jaw drop. Oishi knew it was a joke. He knew it meant nothing. He knew Eiji loved him and that nothing happened with him and Fuji.

But it still hurt. Eiji had said it meaning it to hurt him and to make him angry.

Oishi was surprised at how much Eiji trying to hurt him actually hurt.

At first, he was going to get out of the shower even though he was not done and he still had the sticky lube on himself as well but he didn't trust his legs at that moment.

Eiji had already turned, he saw that he went too far. He went to hug him but Oishi couldn't right now.

He just couldn't.

He turned away from him and heard Eiji gasp as he did.

Eiji went to grab him and make him turn around. Oishi was suddenly angry at him and knew he couldn't stand there a second longer. He shoved the curtain aside and grabbed a towel. He stormed down the hall and into his room, dripping wet, throwing the towel around himself. He almost slammed the door shut and then thought how stupid all this was. All he wanted to do was to hug and kiss Eiji. He had only wanted to spend the day with him. How did this happen? Why had Eiji hurt him?

Oishi sat on his bed and put his elbows on his knees and his hands over his eyes. He was not crying but felt frustrated and upset. He was trying to calm down. Eiji was there trying to pull his hands away and make him look at him. "Nya, Oishi! No, Oishi! I'm sorry. I was mad. I'm sorry. Oishi! I was stupid! I didn't mean it! Please!" Eiji sounded in tears but Oishi couldn't even look at him right now. "Please! I'm so sorry! Please! Look at me!"

In fact, Oishi found to his surprise that he was getting even angrier. At Eiji. Eiji kept saying he was sorry, trying to pry his hands away, and Oishi kept getting angrier.

"Eiji!" Oishi heard how cold and furious his voice was but he knew if Eiji kept this up, Oishi would lose his temper and he never wanted that to happen. Never in front of Eiji and never at him. "Eiji. Stop it. I can't right now. I need a minute."

Eiji stopped but said nothing.

Oishi heard him moving. Making noises. He realized Eiji was getting his things together. He was going to walk out. Oishi didn't want that either.

So Oishi took a shuddering breath and heard Eiji stop moving as he did. Oishi looked at him. He was wearing only a towel and had been tossing things in his bag. He had two tear streaks on either side of his face, one running into his bandage on his right side. His hair was wet and all messed up. His lower lip and chin were trembling. Oishi knew they were two idiots who deserved each other. "Eiji....?" Oishi started to say softly.

"Oishi, I'm sorry!" Eiji said loudly at the same time. Oishi wasn't sure if he got up to move to Eiji first or if Eiji moved to him first. All he knew is their arms were around each other. Eiji was crying hard. "Nya, I'm so sorry...."

Oishi was crying too. "Shh, I know, it was just a joke. I'm sorry I got so upset. Its okay, love. Please don't cry. Its all right. Shh...."

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