Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Forty Two

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

They finally made it back to Oishi's house. Oishi was exhausted as all the adrenaline he had surging through him finally ran out.

"Can we go wash you up, love? You're still covered in blood...." Oishi led him into the house and before he finished talking he was rewarded with a pounce and a kiss knocking him both back senseless and breathless.

"Nya! I want.....Oishi!" Oishi hadn't meant to but before the kiss ended, he was crying. He cried very hard and somehow Eiji lead him over to the stairs and made him sit down next to him. He held Oishi in his arms while wrapping himself around Oishi. "Shh. Nya Oishi, I'm fine. You saved me. Its all right. Nya. I'm right here with you." He gave Oishi a series of kisses on his mouth, his face, and his neck while Oishi tried to stop crying.

"I'm sorry Eiji...its just...she said that...that...she was going to kill you...I thought I was going to lose you...."

"You were scared? Nya Oishi. I'm fine. See? Nya, we're fine." He hugged him hard as if to show Oishi it was all right. "Nya. Oishi, you're not getting rid of me that easily."

He looked so funny with his head cocked to the side, one eye shut, and a big half grin because half of his face was still numb that Oishi laughed through tears. Which made Eiji laugh. Eiji held and kissed him until Oishi felt a little better.

"Hoi? Are you okay now? I'm starving!"

"You are?" Oishi remembered Eiji ate when stressed. Or maybe it was just several hours since he had sushi for dinner. Which reminded Oishi, "I haven't eaten dinner yet either."

"Nya? Nothing since lunch? Oishi! Come on!" He grabbed him by the hand going to mother him but then Oishi remembered.

"How about I make it?" Eiji looked suspicious. "You see, its one of your presents. I went and bought some things you said you liked and thought if we didn't have it today we could have it tomorrow." He took the bag out of the fridge with the noodle place's name on it. "We can share both your favorites. I can't cook but I am really good at reheating things."

"Hoi?" Eiji looked suspicious.

Oishi understood. "Oh. Our date? We can still go there sometime, anytime you want, I just thought we could eat in tonight. Is that okay?"

By the kiss he got, it must have been. They shared the dishes, Eiji insisting they use two big bowls and trading when he felt like switching instead of four little ones.

He even showed Oishi his noodle trick. "Nya, sexy." Eiji said when he finished showing him wrinkling his nose adorably.

"I think you are." Oishi said and kissed him hard, surprising Eiji with how passionately he kissed him, until he made him laugh and then melt into the kiss. "Now can we get you out of your bloody clothes and cleaned up?" Eiji looked down. He was a dirty, muddy, bloody mess. He laughed again as if realizing only now that it must have been painful for Oishi to see him like that in Oishi's parents spotless white kitchen. Eiji started checking to see if he got anything anywhere making Oishi laugh. It was a little too late for that, they had been in the kitchen for a while.

Oishi cleaned up the dishes and the mess while Eiji watched him. Then they went upstairs to the bathroom. Oishi poured some of the bubble bath he had bought in, the one Eiji liked, another present. Eiji brushed his teeth with Oishi's brush and then Oishi used it while the bathtub filled. He had almost bought Eiji his own brush but now liked that Eiji always used his.

Eiji watched him and waited until he was done. "Undress me?" He asked almost shyly when Oishi was done.

Oishi was surprised. "I'm sorry love, am I not kissing you enough?" Eiji shook his head no. "I was just very worried about you. I was really scared Eiji, that's all. May I kiss you now?"

"Please." Eiji said purring and went into his arms. Oishi held him tight and kissed his forehead. It was the first time he had ever seen Eiji's hair so messy. He looked like a wild thing especially when you took the blood into account. He kissed his unhurt cheek and then his hurt one lightly as if to kiss it better.

"Still numb?" He asked.

Eiji felt it with his hand and his tongue, poking it from inside his mouth. "Hoi. Still, but better."

Oishi kissed it again and then went to kiss his lips. He felt nervous for some reason. A little shy suddenly. And more than a little in awe of Eiji and he was not sure why. He gave him one gentle kiss and said, " I love you."

Then he kissed him like he did that morning after brushing away the crumb. It felt important to him. Eiji responded with a sigh of pleasure and leaned into him more. Oishi deepened the kiss touching their tongues together and hearing a low moan come from his throat at the contact. He slid his hands up the sides of Eiji's shirt and felt his skin. He held him close just because he could and kept kissing him because he needed to. He stretched the neck of Eiji's shirt so it wouldn't rub on his cheek or head and Eiji helped him remove it.

Oishi found he was checking him like after a hard practice for any sign of new scrapes, bruises, or damage.

Eiji held Oishi's face in his hands and kissed him. "Nya. I'm fine. I'm with you. Stay with me, Oishi. I love you."

Oishi smiled, "I'm with you, love." He took him in his arms and kissed him again. Eiji pulled up Oishi's shirt and he gave another purring sigh of pleasure when it came off and their skin touched while they kissed. Oishi slowly undid Eiji's pants and pulled them down low on his hips. He was enjoying the feel of his soft skin. Eiji was one of those rare redheads with creamy white skin and few freckles. He tanned dark from the sun instead of burning leaving distinct tan lines from tennis. Oishi kissed down his neck and over to his ear making him purr a little more as he teased around 'his' spot on Eiji. Eiji was purring and Oishi was just about to kiss and touch his tongue to his spot, when they heard Oishi's phone ring down the hall.

They both froze as reality crashed against them pulling them out of the moment.


"Fuji." They'd said it at the same time, looked at each other, and Eiji moved in a flash to grab his phone while Oishi turned off the water. Oishi then met him in his bedroom to see what was going on.

Oishi never got to talk to Fuji. Fuji apparently did all the talking with Eiji only making little faces or saying "Hoi." now and again. Oishi realized Eiji must do that when he is on the phone with him too. He watched closely, enraptured, and at the same time tried to get a clue as to what Fuji was saying.

Eiji noticed his favorite audience watching him closely, and he pulled his own pants off slowly. Then his underwear. He was hard. He touched himself knowing Oishi was watching and would enjoy it. Then he came over, not breaking his conversation on the phone, and kissed Oishi lightly on his mouth, making no sound. He kissed down his neck, over his throat, over his chest, he played with his nipples, and kept going. On his knees he unzipped Oishi's pants and pulled them down. He slid his underwear down and licked Oishi's tip taking him slowly into his mouth while Oishi watched, totally turned on and completely unable to make a sound. Oishi, partially to salvage a shred of his dignity while Eiji talked to their friend, and partially because he was not done being upset, sank down beside Eiji. Eiji's eyes flashed angrily.

Oishi though wrapped him in his arms and his legs holding him tight. He needed to hold him close after tonight. After Eiji was in danger. It was still too close to him. He felt tears stinging his eyes and his throat grew tight with emotion at the thought of losing him. Really losing him.

Eiji went from angry to affectionate in less than a second. He held Oishi back melting into the embrace as if sensing Oishi needed this. He wrapped himself around Oishi and stayed like that, holding him and being held for the duration of the call. Then he said, "Hoi Fujiko. Thank you, for everything." There was a pause. "All right. I will. We love you. Bye." He hit the disconnect button and put the phone down wrapping himself closer to Oishi and kissing him lightly.

"We love him?"

"Hoi. We do. He loves us too. And I love you." Eiji smiled at him, held him closer, and kissed him again. "Nya Oishi. I didn't want to stop, but this is nice too."

"It is, though that felt really good too. Want to tell me what Fuji said in the bathtub?" Oishi said kissing any exposed skin on Eiji he could reach.

"Hmm, but you don't mind taking a bath with me when I'm all bloody?" He wrinkled his nose as if expecting Oishi to be grossed out.

Oh, that was the shyness. "Nope. Its your blood." Oishi shrugged and then pulled him closer kissing his unhurt cheek, "I'll even wash your hair for you carefully like they said so it doesn't bother the glue."

"You will?" He looked surprised.

He kissed him softly, "Of course, if you'd like, and I have something there for you too."

"What?" Eiji just realized there were more presents he had not opened. He smiled. "What else?"

"I'll show you. Come on." He held his hand, helped him up, and kept holding it as they walked. They went back to the bathroom and kissed while they ran some hot water to make sure it was warm enough for Eiji and not scalding for Oishi. Eiji was restless for some reason and Oishi figured he wanted his presents. Oishi stepped in sucking in his breath at the heat a little bit. Eiji did like much hotter water than he was used to.

He helped Eiji in and hugged him. "Sorry the bathtub isn't as big as the other one." Eiji smiled. "But I got you the soap you use at home, and your shampoo because you said yours were better. Is that okay?"

"Hoi!" Eiji said. He looked as if to make sure they were the right ones, but Oishi had checked closely to make sure. Eiji smiled thrilled and kissed him delighted. They were still standing holding each other. "Wash me?" Eiji said shyly but looked mischievous. He again turned around and pressed his cheeks up against Oishi's erection like he did in the shower. Oishi again sucked in his breath at the sudden increase in heat, this time between them.

"Sit, please." Oishi said after holding him close a moment. There was no way he could do this standing now. His knees felt like rubber. Eiji sank into the bubbles and Oishi did right after him. They arranged limbs gently so that the water did not spill over the sides. He washed the caked blood and mud away and washed him all over. As if convincing himself that Eiji was here, he was safe, he was all right.

Eiji just let him love him. For once, he did not protest, seeming to know that Oishi needed to do this and that while it was some measure of atonement, it was also a pleasure for Oishi as well. Oishi washed his hair gently while Eiji lay against him until it ran clean instead of bloody. Eiji purred as his hair was touched and softly washed. Oishi had to let the water drain several times and refilled it with hot water for Eiji each time. He rinsed him carefully so that his bandage did not get wet, although Eiji ruined that by quickly flipping around to face Oishi and dunking his head back, then letting the water run down his face and laughing while he kissed Oishi. Apparently his capacity for stillness was overextended and he was done.

"You." Eiji said wanting to wash him back. Oishi went to protest he wasn't the one who was a bloody mess but Eiji insisted with a simple. "Nya, you." He stood and then pulled the curtain over, he turned on the shower, and let the bathtub drain. He helped pull Oishi to his feet. He turned Oishi around and pressed his hardness in between Oishi's cheeks. He kissed his back and ground into him a little making a little moan. He slid his hands over Oishi's body and then began to soap him up from head to foot. He even gave Oishi a shampoo mohawk despite his short hair and laughed as he had Oishi rinse. When it was done he sweetly kissed Oishi and then stepped away from him a little with his arms still around him.

Eiji was smiling but said seriously, "Now its all washed off, its all gone Oishi, all right?"

Oishi looked at him surprised and understood what he meant. Then he smiled and nodded, coming to kiss him.

Eiji met his kiss, hungry for him. "Want you Oishi...." he purred softly as he kissed Oishi deeply and then he moaned when Oishi sucked gently on his tongue. Oishi ran his hands along his beautiful strong body as they kissed. He wanted him too.

"Hmm. Want to finish...." Eiji said with a wicked smile and then sank to his knees taking Oishi in his mouth again. Oishi thought of a thousand other ways to please him but he knew if he stopped him a second time, Eiji would be furious. It was almost like he needed to do this for some reason Oishi the same way Oishi needed to hold him close to him, for reassurance, comfort, love. Oishi mused that sometimes letting go was a way to give pleasure too and so he relaxed, let Eiji take control, and watched him pleasure both of them.

The sight of Eiji on his knees touching himself, his eyes half closed in lust and locked with Oishi's eyes, and the incredible sensation of his mouth deep around Oishi had Oishi soon moaning in pleasure. He was very close and would not last long. He said softly, "Eiji..." as he came. Oishi was not sure if it was his responses, his enjoyment of what Eiji was doing, or Eiji's own touch that soon brought him shuddering in climax along with him, but as Oishi pulled Eiji up to kiss him, he looked very pleased with himself. The smile on his face was irresistible, it just needed to be kissed.

Eiji was getting cold, they must have used up nearly all of the hot water and the shower was lukewarm at best. Oishi finished kissing him and turned it off. He held a towel out to dry him first, wrapping Eiji in it before he shivered.

They dried off and Oishi went to change his bandage. He slowly peeled the old one off and Eiji inspected his face in a full mirror for the first time. "What does it stand for?" Oishi must have given him a confused look. "Seven. Seven words."

"Oh? Every scar on you, each stitch is a word?"


"Give me an example."

Eiji pointed to a faint scar on his arm, held up 8 fingers, and said a phrase quiet and fast like 'Your Mom loves you very, very much Eiji'. Then immediately he seemed embarrassed about it and like he was about to say forget it.

"This needs to be a special one because its on your face."

"Hoi." A bit shy still but serious. And seeming very happy that Oishi was both not making fun of him and would be in this with him. Its very cute Oishi thought charmed.

Oishi recalled what girls at school sometimes wrote on their notebooks. "How about 'Oishi loves Eiji loves Oishi loves Eiji'?" Eiji looked to make sure Oishi was not making fun of him. When he saw he wasn't, he pondered this and Oishi awaited his ruling. Eiji counted his fingers saying it to himself a few times and then smiled.

"Hoi!" He seemed very pleased and kissed Oishi. Oishi got rid of the bulky bandage that had four huge strips of tape that the hospital used covering nearly the whole side of his face, and used only some antibiotic cream that said less scarring and a small bandage with a thin strip of tape. It made it look less like a huge war wound.

Eiji watched and inspected it from both sides. "Better." He said smiling while looking to see, as if checking that his smile was unchanged.

"Handsome." Oishi said, hugging Eiji from behind, both of them wrapped in towels, just to make him smile more. He did.

They both put on their bedclothes. Oishi was not sure what Eiji would want to do after such a long, difficult evening. He wanted him, yes, terribly actually, but he was more than happy to wait. There would be other nights that were perfect. He was still amazed Eiji was here and still loved him to be honest. "Would you like some ice cream now?"

"Hoi which?"

"How about I bring both and we have some of each?"

"Hoi!" Oishi laughed at his thrilled and surprised reaction.

Oishi brought up one spoon, two cartons, and one bottle of water. Eiji loved getting to go back and forth once he found that Oishi didn't care at all if one mixed with the other. And he loved having two last bites to offer Oishi who gave him over half of each back. Oishi put the rest of the ice cream away.

When he came back he was happy to curl up and spoon Eiji who as usual felt cold after eating it. Oishi was totally content to just hold him close and never let him go.

Oishi thought about this as he stroked his drying hair, Eiji for once letting him. "What else?" Eiji slyly asked knowing there was more.

"First, love, why don't you tell me what Fuji said?"

"Hoi, sorry, forgot." He smiled and turned in Oishi's arms laying on his back with Oishi still wrapped around him. He gave a little yawn and Oishi knew that since Eiji was tired, he guessed that was it for tonight, and he was disappointed. He didn't feel pressured or want Eiji to, he just wished it was both earlier and that the stress of tonight had never happened. It was his own fault. "Hoi. Lot to tell. They took that girl away. Said she was crazy so even if anyone does ask us we had nothing to do with it."

"Its probably for her own good."

"Hoi." Eiji sounded quieter. "Tezuka was still there talking to Fuji. I wont know more until tomorrow. Fuji says it will still rain." He yawned again. "Hoi, Oishi, is it tomorrow?"

Oishi was not sure what he meant and figured he wanted to know if it was after midnight. "No, its still today for about another half hour."

"Hmm." He snuggled, turned to face Oishi and lay on him. He wrapped himself around Oishi as he did when he went to sleep. Oishi understood after his ordeal that he was tired but still ached with disappointment at not even pleasuring him a little. "Oishi?"

"What, love?"

"I knew you would find me." He smiled with his eyes close and Oishi kissed his lips and then his forehead. Eiji then tucked his head under Oishi's chin. "Oishi?"

"What, love?"

"Do you know how your grandparents met?"

"The ones my family is at or my other ones?"

"Nya. The ones with the better story of how they met. Do you know? Will you tell me?"



Oishi talked for a little while, sure Eiji had no idea what he was saying. He remembered the story well as they told it on every anniversary talking over each other and remembering details the other forgot for them. He told him. How his grandparents were each dating other people and each had very strict families. Their dates were friends and they were friends. One day somehow they realized to their surprise they loved each other. While they were trying to figure out a way to tell the people they were dating, the people came to them and told them they had also fallen in love with each other. Both couples in essence switched and while the other couple broke up, his grandparents loved each other deeply to this day, even though his grandmother had been sick for a long time. He realized his grandparents must feel about each other like they did.

As he talked he watched Eiji's breathing get deeper and felt him relax totally. Oishi stopped talking about halfway through the story and just watched Eiji. Oishi knew that things could have gone a very different way tonight, very bad. Little pleasures and moments like this would have been forever gone and his heart along with them. Even though his light was on, Oishi held him close and started drifting into sleep himself.

At 12:01, Eiji shocked him. He sounded wide awake and said in a clear voice, "Hoi? So what did they do?"

"Wh...what? I thought you were sleeping?"

"Nya. Recharging. What did they do when they found out they loved each other but were dating other people?" Oishi told him. He sat up and smiled at the story. His eyes were sleepy still and he rubbed them forgetting about the bandage. He touched it as if just remembering. "Is it tomorrow?"

"Just." Oishi smiled a little amazed.

"Kiss me, please?" Eiji asked. Oishi leaned in to kiss him holding his face in his hand like the first time. It was a sweet slow kiss as if each of them tried to show the other how much they felt in a kiss. They lay side by side wrapping themselves around each other. The kiss was so tender that Oishi found he had closed his eyes for a moment during it and then opened them again to see Eiji.

He realized too that before Eiji his eyes were always closed when he kissed, with Eiji, he usually kept them open. It was a combination of not wanting to miss a second of being with him and never knowing what he might do next. It made Oishi smile and he deepened their kiss, their tongues touched with that amazing spark of electric sensuality he always felt in both him and he felt it shimmer through Eiji as well. Eiji made a little whimpering purr of pleasure, the little noise which always drove Oishi crazy. Oishi heard himself respond with a little growl of his own.

Eiji broke the kiss and sat up a little. He had questions, "Oishi, do you love me?"

"I love you Eiji."

"Do you want me?"

"I want you."

"Do you need me?" He looked slyly at Oishi as if this was one Oishi had not thought of.

"I need you." He smiled when Oishi answered so easily because it was true.

"Do you want to be with me?"

Oishi said it from his heart. He was content to let Eiji question him all night if need be, but thought Eiji might like it better as he usually seemed to when Oishi said things first. "Yes, I want to be with you. I want to make love to you. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine. More than anything. Is that what you want, love?"

Eiji smiled as if he was no longer sleepy. It was an unguarded smile, the one where he was just raw emotion and complete trust, and his eyes could not have been brighter if the sun shone from them. "Yes." He lay down in Oishi's arms and kissed him smiling as if he could not be happier. Oishi would have been happy just to hold and kiss him back all night to see that smile, that joy radiate from him.

Eiji was more on top and seemed thrilled with it. He took control of the kiss as if daring Oishi to try to get it back. Eiji held Oishi's hands on either side as he did the last time he ordered him to "Trust." He didn't say it this time. Oishi kept his hands where Eiji had put them. Eiji kissed his mouth sweetly for a long time and then seemed to want to go exploring. He kissed Oishi's face, his neck, and his ears as if searching for places on Oishi that made him react like Eiji did to Oishi's touch. He played with Oishi's nipples even using his teeth a little and smiled whenever he made Oishi suck in his breath or give a soft moan. Eiji was gave his wicked smile as he played, utterly enjoying himself. Then he suddenly snuggled up to Oishi.

Oishi was going to ask Eiji what was wrong when he said softly, "I love you Oishi. I want you. I need you. I want to be with you. I want you to make love to me. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine. More than anything." He said each phrase slowly and paused in between them. Like he was vowing them.

Oishi felt his heart give a turn. He found he was kissing Eiji and laughing in pure happiness and Eiji was kissing him back, doing the same. They were kissing playful and laughing one minute and then the next moment, it changed.

Their eyes met and they were still smiling but they both knew, the playful part was over. They started kissing each other a little longer, a little more hungry, a little more passionately. Oishi noticed they both had rolled while kissing so that Oishi was on top. Both of them pulled off Eiji's shirt and Oishi was kissing him all over. Enjoying the touch, the taste, the smell of him.

Oishi kissed his chest, his neck, and his nipples making him whimper deliciously. Then he went over to his ear licking and kissing "his spot" making Eiji sigh and smile. While kissing him there, Oishi was pulling down Eiji's underwear touching him, loving him, teasing him. Oishi then took Eiji firmly in his hand and he gasped, "Oi-shi!" making his name sound like a sigh and a moan at the same time.

Eiji was then pulling Oishi's pants down, touching him, caressing him, as if needing to be closer to him than the thin pajama bottoms would allow him to be. Wanting nothing in between them. Oishi kissed his way down him, making sure to please him along his way. He kissed over his chest, stopping at his heart as he kissed it and smiled at him, then his sensitive nipples, then he continued down his stomach, licking his belly button. He took him in his hand and licked over his now wet tip. He felt him with his lips and tongue, licking him, touching him, tasting him, playing with him, before taking him in his mouth as deep as he could.

Eiji thrust his hips as he felt Oishi start to take him in his mouth. Oishi was ready though in case he did, he hoped he would, and he was thrilled when he did. He let Eiji thrust into his mouth keeping it from getting to be too much with his hand. When Eiji realized he could thrust, he moaned loudly and did several times as if unable to hold back from this incredible pleasure. Oishi did not want him to come yet so he slowed them down, he started to tease him more, he lightly played with his sensitive tip, and he licked him lightly with his tongue.

When Eiji adjusted to the slower pace, Oishi continued licking down him. He licked his testicles with his tongue in wide wet strokes while stroking his erection with his hand. Eiji moaned again. Oishi kept licking his way down until he reached the tight pucker of his ass. He licked it with the same wide, wet strokes of his tongue and the same strong grip he knew Eiji liked on his hard erection.

Eiji for once was not trying to speed them up or use his hands on himself as Oishi licked and petted and teased. He was content to just enjoy and gripped the blanket with one hand and lightly touched Oishi's hair when he could reach it with the other. He watched Oishi the entire time. Oishi started using his tongue a little harder to lick into him softly, gently, feeling Eiji try to relax himself as he whimpered in pleasure.

Oishi had one split seconds hesitation where he wondered how he was ever going to fit in this tight little space and not hurt him and then he put it aside. He knew it would be fine somehow. He would be careful and patient and just love him. He needed to stop worrying and love him. Oishi stood. He shut off the main light leaving the peaceful glow from his aquarium to light the room. He got out the lube he had bought and brought it over. He kissed Eiji. They really hadn't talked about this much. Eiji picked up the bottle and said smiling, surprised, "Its full?"

Oishi smiled, "I bought it today."

"Hoi! You did!?" He laughed thinking of shy Oishi doing this and looked as if he both adored him more for it and wished he had seen it to laugh.

"I did." Oishi paused to let Eiji know how traumatic the ordeal of that was and Eiji laughed lightly in response. "I bought condoms too. I didn't know...." He started.

"Nya. Don't need to, don't want to, but I didn't know if you wanted to. I just want you."

"I just want to be sure because you've read more about this than I have."

"You read too?"

"Yes, today." Oishi felt embarrassed.

Eiji now knew why he didn't go for sushi. "Hoi. You were busy while I was at dinner." He looked charmed and then kissed Oishi. "Thank you. Nya. We're both virgins and I don't know anyone more careful than you." He smiled wide knowing how Oishi was until Oishi smiled a little.

"And you'll tell me if it....." Hurts is the word Oishi wanted to use and couldn't. "Promise me?" He had this sense that Eiji would try to hide it from him because he loved him. "It's no good if you don't enjoy it. Just like it would be no good if you did and I didn't enjoy it. Please, promise me. All right?"

"I promise you." Eiji paused, smiling again as if Oishi had again done something very right, and he kissed him hard, "Hmm, I love you."

"I love you too." He said and Eiji met his mouth for a kiss before the last vowel was out of it. Oishi had a silly thought that this was the last time he would be kissing him as a virgin and he took his time with the kiss. He knew it was silly and he did it anyway, enjoying it, enjoying him.

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