Learning to Fall. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Thirty-nine ~ Kiko

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Kiko did a victory dance as Kikumaru slumped and fell to the ground unconscious. Then she grabbed him by his clothes and hauled his dead weight over to the trees. He was heavier than she thought he would be and it was slow going.

His face was dragging across the ground but oh well. She finally dragged him over to the spot she had chosen. A dark area over by some trees where the light from the street lamps didn't reach. It was perfect. Easy for her beloved to find and difficult to see from the path. She didn't need any more problems from someone passing by while she was busy. She checked to see if he was breathing, he was. He was also bleeding it looked like from his head. She shrugged and made a face at how disgusting he was. She thought of killing him right then and there but decided to wait a little longer.

She picked up her phone and called her beloved Oishi again. She told him where she was and that if he didn't get here in time, meaning right away, she would kill his friend. She explained again, of course, that it was for their own good and she was only doing this because she loved him.

Then she tied together Kikumaru's ankles and wrists tight. She thought of gagging him but she had questions she wanted to ask him if he woke up. She could always use more stuff to knock him out again if he was trouble. A lot more if he was too much trouble. She had her stun gun with her also. This time she wouldn't fail. He was disgusting. A dead guy in a park on a Friday night, who cared?

He didn't matter.

He wasn't her Oishi. Her Shuuichirou. Kiko's real name was Keiko but she met her Oishi the first day of their freshman year, he said he didn't like that name. So she changed it. Just enough. She knew they were meant to be together when she first met him.

Kiko back then was a little pudgy with short hair. Her Oishi was nice to her, polite. He didn't make fun of her like some of the guys in their class and the prettier girls did. She asked her Oishi out on a date to study and he'd agreed. She kissed him after wards and he'd let her. She daringly put his hand on her breast and he let her. She was so thrilled that she boldly even gave him oral sex but before she was done, he stopped her saying it was too soon. Too fast. He just wanted to be friends. He let her kiss him a few more times and it wasn't until later that she understood. Her Oishi loved her.

She called her Oishi a lot and he said he was too busy to date her. It wasn't her. He was too busy. She asked tearfully if there was someone else and he said no, he was just busy. He also said he didn't want to date someone who went to their school.

Meanwhile, Kiko started watching what she ate and biking everywhere. She lost weight, had her teeth fixed, started dressing better, started taking care of her skin, and had extensions put into her hair until it grew long. She even changed schools to one nearby by tearfully telling her Daddy she needed to.

Her Daddy loved her. Until her Oishi it was just Kiko and her Daddy. Her Daddy is a veterinarian which Kiko hates. His animal hospital is on the end of her house and she hates the noises and the smells from all the diseased and wretched creatures. Her Daddy makes her work there and she earns money for clothes and makeup. That is where she started playing with drugs to make the animals sleep. Putting any diseased, squirming thing who made too much noise to sleep and if they kept making noise or bothering her then they just never woke up.

She completely transformed herself for her beloved Oishi. She made friends at her new school like Kiku. Kiku looked like Kiko used to before she changed for her Oishi. Kiko befriended her and then took Kiku over to Seigaku to watch the men play tennis, including her beloved. Kiku liked how some of the boys looked and Kiko helped her friend look pretty too. The boys soon noticed. Kiko also helped teach Kiku how to kiss so she would be popular with the boys too.

Kiko told her best friend Kiku that her Oishi was in love with her and was going to marry her. It was true. He was.

Kiko followed her Oishi all the time always making sure he never noticed her. She knew everything he did and everywhere he went. She exercised by biking around following him every day. She watched over him. She got up early and watched him go to school, and she got home late every night after his bedroom light went out.

She followed him that day to the pet store and made sure he saw her. She asked him a question and was thrilled when he took her number when she offered it. She took his too. She called him the next day and they talked for nine minutes before he said he had to get off the phone and study. She watched his room as they talked and later saw when he turned his light out that night. She knew he was thinking about her. She called the next night watching, and they talked for eight minutes. She said she had to go this time first and was very proud of herself. Kiko kept careful records of every time they talked, what they talked about, and how long they talked.

Around that time, following him, she noticed he had become good friends with the red haired guy. She told Kiku that he and she would look very nice together. Then she and her Shuuichirou and Kiku and Kikumaru would live next door to each other, married neighbors and all good friends.

She called her beloved next and invited him to the movies. The two girls were watching the boys from down the street with her binoculars as she called. She knew Kikumaru was with her Shuuichirou and Kiku wanted to date him. She asked her Oishi to bring a friend and the girls had to hold themselves from squealing in joy watching her Shuuichirou invite Kikumaru nearly right in front of them. It was all going to work out exactly as they had planned!

The girls planned well. Kiko insisted that they have alcohol for the boys so they had Kiku's older brother buy them strong proof grain alcohol. The girls would ask to sip their date's drinks and then would instead sneak the alcohol from their mouths down the straws. A strong mint would cover up any bad taste. The girls practiced kissing for hours to make sure they had it just right. They were ready.

Kiko blamed Eve for the disruption in their plans. Kiko barely knew her cousin who was basically thrown out of her home and school for staying out too late, partying, and being easy. Kiko at first thought she could learn new things from her wayward cousin. Then she thought that maybe Eve could keep an eye on her beloved as she was going to be attending Seigaku. Then Kiko got a look at her cousin.

The girl looked both pretty and so easy Kiko worried.

Kiko's father insisted that Kiko invite Eve, his niece, to the movies with the girls. Her Daddy did not realize it was a very important date. All Kiko's pleadings did not work for the first time in her life. So she had to ask the boys when they showed up if they had another friend. Kiko's beloved came through for her to her great joy. A quiet, smaller guy, attractive in a strange way, turned up smiling. When the girls were together Eve said Fuji, her date, was not her type but maybe she would give him a thrill and let him kiss her once. Then Eve laughed making Kiko feel better that Eve was not after her beloved.

Kiko knew Eve was attractive in an easy girl way and she was determined to show her beloved that she was not like her at all. Eve dressed too provocatively and wore too much makeup. Kiko toned hers down and instructed Kiku to do the same. There was no comparison for her beloved. Kiko was sure she looked her best. Kiko even asked her beloved if she looked nice and he agreed saying she did.

Kiko decided that she did not like Fuji. She felt him watching her. As if he maybe wanted her or suspected something about her but he would never win her from her beloved. He watched Kiko as if he thought she was doing something wrong. Always smiling. Like he knew. He snuck her out.

Kiko wanted her Oishi to kiss her first but stupid Kiku had already asked Kikumaru to before her Oishi got his chance. Her Oishi seemed nervous so Kiko spit some alcohol in her beloved's drink but he didn't touch it. Then when she saw even Eve kissing Fuji, Kiko went and asked her beloved to kiss her. Her beloved was very shy she remembered. Last time she had to ask him if she could do everything. He did kiss her after she asked him to and her heart soared. Kiko used all the things with him she used to teach Kiku.

Kiko did not like that her Oishi's warm hands were rough. From tennis he said. Also he talked about tennis with his friends in front of her as if she cared about the stupid game. Her beloved was going to have to give up tennis and spend more of his time with her she decided right then and there.

As Kiko thought that, her beloved stopped kissing her and said he wanted to watch the movie. Kiko knew she had chosen the right film. Maybe when they were married they would watch it on DVD on their anniversary of their first real date. Kiko had already decided that her beloved would never know they had a first date before, unless he needed to. She would blank out the memory of who she was, fat, ugly Keiko and he would love only who she became for him.

She smiled at the thought and went to touch him, feel him in the movie. She wanted to see how turned on she had made him. But he was so shy. He took his arm from around her and held her hand instead gently.

She was going to ask her Oishi to kiss her again, she would buy him this DVD when it came out and he could see it then but he suddenly stood and said he had to go to use the men's room. Kiko was both confused and furious at her beloved. But then she thought that maybe the alcohol had gotten to him, maybe he had some to drink while she didn't see, and she smiled. She tried to convince him to stay until the end but he said he really couldn't. He left.

Eve switched seats to talk to Kiko while her Oishi was gone. Fuji was gone too. Eve said Fuji was incredible, he was incredibly sexy, and really good at kissing. She now was interested in him. Eve said she wanted to make Fuji fall in love with her. Kiko thought how nice, now Eve can be in on our plans too! Kiko was elated!

Kiku whispered to Kiko that Kikumaru went to the mens room just before her Oishi. Maybe the boys were drinking too? They shared a knowing smile.

Kiko waited for her Oishi to return but he didn't. Too shy she figured. He and Fuji were waiting for them when they exited. She was mad but he told her there was nothing wrong. She was going to suggest they all go to eat but Fuji said the guys had to go, they had to be up early for stupid tennis, before she got a chance. Outside she was elated as Eve made plans for everyone to go dancing the next weekend. Kiko went to kiss her beloved goodbye really good again and she flew into his arms, but her Oishi was polite with her. Shy.

Oh, she realized, he is shy because his friends can see. She even saw Kikumaru watching her and her beloved as she tried to kiss him.

The boys left and the girls went on their way talking about their dates and the wonderful time they had. They all couldn't wait until they went dancing together!

Kiko continued to follow her Oishi the next week. Her choice of exercise was biking around after her Oishi making sure he never saw her watching. The entire week he seemed depressed. He missed her! Kikumaru was no where to be found so she watched her beloved practicing with Fuji. Kiku was concerned about Kikumaru but Kiko was sure he was fine. It was a day or so later that Eve told her that while playing her Oishi had hit Kikumaru in the leg. Kikumaru was too hurt to go to school.

Kiku was upset and mad at her beloved but Eve said that everyone was saying it was an accident. Kiko told Kiku she would watch closely and let her know what was going on. Kikumaru was not returning any of Kiku's calls or answering his phone. Kiko even called a few times for her.

Kiko biked after her Oishi each day as he made a stop or two on his way over to a Kikumaru's house. He was probably bringing his homework. Her beloved did not stay long and looked sad when he left. He must really miss her.

She called him nightly and he didn't seem to want to talk. Kiko considered talking to him about Kikumaru but she decided it was best if her beloved did not know she was always around him yet. Her Oishi's angel watching over him.

The next Friday night, the day before their date she watched him playing tennis, again, with Fuji. Then he and Fuji together went to see Kikumaru. Kiko knew the way well by now. A short time later Fuji came out alone. Her beloved never did. She was going to call her Daddy and say she was staying at Kiku's to watch a movie when she first decided to call her beloved and ask him what he would wear when they went dancing the next night. She wanted to match him.

Instead he informed her that his friend was hurt and he could not go. Kiko was enraged. How dare her darling do this to her! She had waited all week to see him! Kiko did not know what was going on, but she did know it had something to do with Kikumaru or Fuji. And she was not happy. She demanded that her beloved tell her if he was seeing someone else. He reassured her that there was no one else but he was too busy to date anyone right now.

Kiko understood. One of his friends was keeping them apart. Either Kikumaru or that Fuji probably. Or her beloved had another woman on the side. Kiko decided she needed a new plan and to start it immediately. She went home devastated when her beloved had not come out by midnight. Perhaps one of Kikumaru's older sisters were trying to woo her beloved. This needed watching.

She watched the boys bike Kikumaru over to practice in the morning and saw her beloved play. He still was not returning her phone calls and she had no idea why. She followed the boys to the hospital. She worried but guessed it was for Kikumaru. Then she saw them go by a few stores and back to her beloved's house. They never came out until Sunday morning. Kiko watched his house all night saying she was at Kiku's.

When they finally came out, they went back to Kikumaru's. She followed them while they ate some hours later and then when they played tennis here. They had a fight and she was excited. She thought they were going to stop being friends. Her beloved she felt by then was spending too much time with Kikumaru.

Apparently their fight was solved though, they went back to playing and even played some other people. Then they went back to Kikumaru's again. Her beloved came out later, around dinnertime, and biked home. It wasn't cold but he was wearing his jacket. Maybe he was ill. She took a different way on her bike and beat him to his house. She watched his light on for a long time and then went home when it looked like he was staying in.

She decided she had to see him to find out what was going on. The next day early she watched as Kikumaru biked to her beloveds house and the two walked to school. They were definitely spending too much time together.

Kiko had kept her Seigaku uniform and actually had been in school to see her beloved several times. She would just hang around everyone blending in and watch him. She would often sit near him while he ate lunch but wore her old glasses and her hair in a ponytail so he would never notice her. Even her cousin Eve didn't recognize her when they were in the same room. She decided that on that Monday she would go talk to him. He wasn't returning her calls and Kiko was upset. She went to her school in the morning and then left around lunch with a fake note saying she had a doctors appointment.

She did it all the time so she was used to it.

She changed clothes after leaving her school and biked over to Seigaku. Her heart was pounding with anticipation. Finally she would see him. He was not at lunch. She thought at first he had a stupid student government meeting. That had happened before or that maybe he was playing stupid tennis. He had done that occasionally, but he wasn't. It was by chance she heard some freshmen girls talking about her Oishi-kun and Kikumaru-kun on the roof while they helped keep people away. She asked what was going on and thats when she heard about Masumi the little girl who liked her beloved. Was this why he had not seen her?

She told the girls to get out of her way but they refused to let her by. So she waited until she heard their voices and then came out. To find her beloved telling Masumi that there is no one else, he is just busy. Kiko was livid. How dare he not tell Masumi about her?

She decided to have a little talk with her beloved. He looked terrible. Very tired and pale when he stopped blushing from talking to that little girl. She guessed he must be missing her. She had forgotten how shy her beloved was though and she made him angry when she embarrassed him like that in school. When she stopped being angry she felt sorry for what she did.

She didn't follow her Oishi the rest of the day because she was angry and in trouble. Kiko was very unhappy. The police came to her house and talked to her Daddy. He was very upset especially when he found out that Kiko had been cutting school with faked doctors notes. Kiko was grounded. She had to help at her Daddy's work every day after school. Not only that but Kiku's parents were contacted as well and Kiku was not allowed to be her friend anymore.

Kiko was in a rage. She took out her anger at her dads work on anything that annoyed her, being careful not to put too many to sleep so people didn't think her Daddy was a bad vet. On impulse she took one bottle of the drug she liked best to make them sleep with her as a bonus. She wasn't sure why, just that she might need it.

Kiko had also heard from Eve who had actually fallen hard for Fuji. Fuji though clearly told her he wanted nothing more than to be friends. This is the night she and Fuji went out dancing. Eve said everything was fine and she was naked on Fuji's bed begging for him after he turned her on like crazy. She said they were fooling around, and very close to having sex. His phone rang, he talked for about a minute into it, and then he asked her if she needed help getting home. He would not touch her again after that, no matter how she tried. He dressed and walked her to her door saying only that she should go home and make up with her father. He kissed her on her forehead and left her crying on their grandmothers door. And the amazing thing was, she did exactly what he told her to do. She was leaving! Giving up! Going home to America. But she asked Kiko to watch Fuji for her as she really loved him.

All Kiko could think was what a loser Eve is! And Kiku too. She was not going to give up!

She pleaded with her Daddy to let her bike early to school and then bike once in the afternoon or evening for exercise. He knew she loved to bike and agreed. But she was forbidden to go anywhere near Seigaku even after Kiko explained it was all a big mistake. A misunderstanding. She even coolly lied and said her Oishi told her to go there to meet him and then lied because he didn't want to get into trouble. He had set her up. She did not mention that she had done this before or the uniform. She worked herself into a big crying fit and her Daddy finally agreed. School, helping at work, and then exercise only right now her Daddy said and she agreed.

So the next day she watched as her beloved met Kikumaru on his way to school. She guessed this was their new routine. But then her Oishi grabbed Kikumaru and half dragged him into an apartment complex. The two stayed in there for about 10 minutes. Kiko thought they would be picking up another friend on their way but the two walked out alone, laughing hard and having a great time.

Kiko was confused. Did they see her following them and were they trying to confuse her? She would not be made a fool of! It was a good thing her Daddy let her bike again or she would have missed this.

She watched them at practice and then she had to get to school. She went to their afternoon tennis thing and watched her beloved. He really had to get rid of all this stupid tennis. It was so boring! It was just a dumb game. Who on earth would allow their hands to look like that? All rough. Things were going to change when he and she were finally together forever.

She watched as her beloved, Kikumaru, Fuji, and another one of them went to a sushi place. She followed them after they must have eaten and the four of them went to a different house. It was sort of in between her Oishi's and Kikumaru's but closer to Kikumaru's. It was a big house and they went inside. About an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes later the one guy she didn't know came out. Her beloved never did.

Kiko was miserable. Her beloved a few months ago had a very set routine. He went to school at the same time everyday. He came home at the same time everyday. She could depend on him. Now he was staying over friends houses and out all the time. She never knew where he was and he wasn't answering his cell phone. Not at all.

This was not making her happy. Someone was making her beloved act weird. Most likely Fuji but maybe it could be that Kikumaru. All Kiko knew was she was not happy and this had to stop. She had to get her beloved back. She needed to talk to him. She decided the next time she got one of them alone she would have a little talk with them.

She started carrying the drug from her father's animal hospital and waited for her chance.

She watched the three of them leave for school in the morning. She watched them later after afternoon practice go to some shops. A bookstore, an ice cream place, and one was a perfume place. It was very strange. Fuji, her Oishi, and Kikumaru walked in and then a few seconds later Kikumaru and her beloved walk out. Kikumaru looked green. Then Fuji came out and handed him something. The three went back in side and were gone for a very long time. Then they got on a bus.

Kiko had to fly on her bike down side streets to try to beat the bus which she was fairly sure would be going by her beloved's house. It was the same number bus she had seen her beloved take around the holidays after shopping. She just barely beat them back and waited. She even called her Daddy to tell him she would be late because she was biking and had a flat. She would be home soon. She slashed her own tire and waited.

A long while later, she saw all three boys get into her beloved's fathers car and leave. Was he driving them home? Why was everything so crazy? Why couldn't things be like how they used to be? She was furious!

Why couldn't she get one of them alone?! Or any answers?!

She walked up a street and called her Daddy to pick her up. It was getting late. She needed answers. She also needed her tire repaired to get them before morning.

The next morning, very, very early, with a new tire, she waited wondering if her beloved was even at his house. He was! She watched him walk to school and she saw as she watched from down the street. As usual lately, Kikumaru met him along the way. They were eating something. Sharing it. She had her binoculars and watched.

Her beloved brushed something off Kikumaru's face.

And then he kissed him.

Kiko's heart froze in her chest. She could not believe what she had just seen. She even tried to dismiss it, explain it, throw the idea away. No way. This was just wrong. This was sick! This could not be happening! He lied. Her beloved lied to her! There was someone else! The problem was, it just was not even a girl!

All their problems she realized started because of Kikumaru. Once her beloved started hanging around him, doing who knows what, her beloved changed. This was all his doing. Kikumaru! No way was her beloved--gay! No chance. She knew. She knew her Oishi liked women. She had followed him on many, many dates and they were never with a man. Never!

This was all Kikumaru's doing. Kiko had to save her beloved from him.

She watched in horror as Kikumaru did some kind of gymnastics on the sidewalk and then they continued on their way to school laughing and smiling as if nothing was wrong. As if this was normal and they were happy. She followed them and watched them play, hiding so they wouldn't see her, until school started. She forgot that she would be late.

She was livid! Furious! Visions of killing Kikumaru and then her Oishi came into her head but she resisted, knowing that the only way to make her beloved see how wrong it was, was to make him choose between them. He would never pick a guy over her! He would never pick anyone over her! They were meant to be together forever! They were!

Kiko came up with a plan. She needed to be out of school and wait for her chance. She purposefully messed with her bike tire as if the shop that replaced it for her did a bad job. She rode herself in anger down a hill into a parked car and then again into a tree when she and the bike were not banged up enough the first time. When she was good and bloody, she called her Daddy saying she was in an accident with another cyclist who rode off. She was crying real tears but it had nothing to do with the blood.

She was very bruised, had quite a few cuts, but needed no stitches. They said she may even have a mild concussion and sent her home. She cried so much that even though her Daddy was late getting back to work and very behind, he went and bought her a new bike swearing he would sue the other shop. He made sure she was in bed resting when he walked to the other end of the house. She knew he was hours behind work with appointments on a Thursday when many surgeries were scheduled all backed up. She was supposed to help him and now conveniently couldn't.

When she knew he was good and busy and school was let out, she asked him if she could just go ride around the block on her new bike. Not anywhere far, she would have her phone, she just didn't want to be afraid to ride next time. At first he said no but when she got very upset he relented. She found and followed the boys just leaving school as they got on the bus. She rode behind it seeing where they went. There was a fourth guy with them again. A different one.

She followed them to the tennis courts where Kikumaru and her beloved had played before. She watched them play for a while. Doubles. When they started Kikumaru insisted that Oishi, her Oishi play with him. Like he was his...his boyfriend!

She had seen enough and it was getting late. She had to go but vowed that this was not over.

Not by a long shot.

The next day her Daddy was limiting her movements. She didn't see them leave for school, she had no idea where her beloved slept, she had no idea where he was. She couldn't go out until later when she snuck out. It was part of the price for staying home from school again. As if school even mattered when there was a crisis like this!

She knew what she needed to do. She needed to get Kikumaru alone so she could make her beloved choose her. That afternoon she got the things she needed the cloth, the rope, the drug from her Daddy's practice, the stun gun, a knife, and even planned an outfit all in black. She was not sure if this was the night or not but she wanted to be ready. She knew that most Friday nights for some reason her beloved slept at Kikumaru's house. She got their number and called asking for him. It was just before dinner time, so they should have been there. She said she a girl from his class, she had notes for him, homework. Her name, it was Keiko. It was a common enough name. Kikumaru's sister or mother said he was sleeping at a friend's house tonight. She got on her bike and left.

She arrived just in time to see her Oishi come home with lots of bags. Grocery and other type of bags. He was alone and she was very tempted to run up to him and tell him he was making a huge mistake, but she needed to wait. Last time when she went to his school, she was too impatient and her beloved got mad. This time would be perfect. This time she would do it right and she was ready.

She was rewarded when he sprinted out of the house with his bag and ran to get his bike. He took off like a shot. She followed soon after.

He lead her to another tennis court where that other guy from yesterday was there. They played for a long while and then sat down to talk. She was glad she had her binoculars. After a long while her beloved put his head in his hands, covering his eyes, and it looked like he might have even been crying. The other one put his hand on his shoulder.

How she wanted to go to him! But maybe the other guy was telling him what Kikumaru wanted him to do was wrong. Or maybe they were all dating each other and he was breaking up with her beloved. She had no idea and hated not knowing.

Kiko was not sure. What she did know is after the other guy talked for a long time, eventually, her beloved walked away. He got onto his bike looking very upset, and rode away slowly leaving the other guy sitting there. She watched the other guy for a moment before riding hard to catch up with her beloved.

All he did was sit there staring at nothing.

These tennis guys were all weird she decided. Her beloved would be well rid of them all!

Then she rode after her beloved, keeping very far behind. It was dark and she could just see him by the street lamps. She knew where he was going by the path he took, to other one's house, Fuji. She wanted to know what was going on. She waited hidden in the shadows across the street. Her beloved was walking in the door. Kikumaru was at the door and went to hug her beloved, who seemed to moved away from his hug. The door closed.

She almost ran in and screamed at them both but she remembered her promise to wait. To be patient this time.

She was rewarded. She heard yelling. A several minutes later Kikumaru walked out shutting the door behind him. He looked extremely upset and just stood there. In shock. Kiko thought that maybe someone they knew had died but if that was the case then why was he not still in there? She heard more yelling from inside and then Kikumaru started running away. By himself. Alone.

She smiled knowing that tonight was the night.

She followed him.

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