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Sorry about the downtime!  We suffered the technical difficulties.  *cries*  But anyways, yoshikochan will continue do her best to update ~ it always helps if people submit things!  As always, send your submissions of anything and everything to

For the most up-to-date info on the tenipuri-dsp, check my live journal, user name: yoshikochan.

Doujinshi release log - updates and history for releases only.

Updates 3/17
Whew, got too busy to update, even though there's lots to update with. Thank you Nemeru and dyaoka, for producing at twenty times the rate I've been updating. ^__^;

Presenting: Honest Ones / Present !! Kawaii Hyotei chibis =>.<= Feat. Silver Pair and other Hyotei kamios.

Updates 1/27
Happy Chinese New Year! And Happy regular New Year too! XD Finally, after much much delay, thanks for our wonderful new teammembers, Nemeru and dyaoka, we have doujin! CHEERS!

Presenting: Forwarned is forearmed !! InuKai at their cutest and most... awkward. But only for some people in the room. =^.^= Enjoy~

Thanks to these two wonderful muffins, more doujin to come soon!

Updates 12/24
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Ah, I am such a failure as a webmistress ^__^; nonetheless, I intend to keep this site going, FOREVER. ... I just hope it still has visitors. For those that do come, I have an update (and I do promise, we are still working on doujinshi scanslations...slowly, very very slowly, but surely) ~

Another gorgeous SanaYuki fanart from Barnamtara. And cosplay pictures from yaoi con 2008!! Starring lots of Rikkaidai, Fuji, Shishido, Gakuto, and the one and only Ducky x Sushi pairing ~<3

Updates 10/31
Happy Halloween! ^__^ All chapters of Ghost Hunt by No. 13 are now available.

Updates 10/26
La la la ~ zooming through the climax, and beyond. But not quite to the end yet... up to chapters 18 of Ghost Hunt by No. 13 uploaded. ^__^

Updates 10/15
:D Five new chapters of Ghost Hunt by No. 13. Almost to the Finale!

Updates 10/11
So anyone cosplaying from Tenipuri for Halloween? Send me pics if you are. =^__^= Now on to the update ~ five new chapters of Ghost Hunt by No. 13.

Updates 10/1
Wohoo, Halloween is charging close! In celebration, I present to you, one of my favorite TezuFuji fanfictions: Ghost Hunt by No. 13.

Updates 9/20
No, I'm not dead! ^^; Yuuta x Mizuki fanart ^__^ by psychoxbreaker.

Updates 8/13
Lovely, colorful, wonderful new fanart ~ SanaYuki from Barnamtara, and SanaTezu from Marourin. =>.<= 

Updates 8/6
Today's updated ~ new trading card scans from Lucathia.  Very very cute ~ includes sleeping Ryouma <3

Updates 8/2
Whew, finally done with moving.  No, I really didn't fall off the face of the planet! *cries* Just teleported not-so-instantly to the other side of the county. ^__^; ~Will try to update regularly...

So for today... going back a little, Fanime 2008 cosplay pics!!  We pulled together an All-Rikkaidai group ~ every single member of the team. ^__^ *proud*

Updates 4/17
I updated the Character list :D a great reference for fanfiction and curiosity in general.  If you know of any info/characters that aren't included yet, email me with it at

Updates 4/9
And onward ^__^ ~

Presenting: Song of Sakura !! TezuFuji ~ feat. the Seigaku seniors and a gust of wind<3

Updates 4/1
XD Thanks to the team ~ especially Jamie and Lunatic Seas for getting so many of these done, one after another.

Presenting: Irregular !! by Nanase Aya ~ little Thrill Pair fluff =^.^=

Updates 3/23
Continuing with the doujinshi releases, hurrahs!

Presenting: Rumor !! by Matthew Masaki ~ you shouldn't believe everything you hear...

Updates 3/8
Finally! The Tenipuri-dsp attempts to live up to its name XD meaning ~ doujinshi release time, hurrah!  Special thanks to our newest translator, momoka, and to jamie and lunatic seas for their wonderful and speedy work on this release.

Presenting: Beyond the Heart is the Color of You !! by Kaneshiki Suisu ~<3 gorgeous, hilarious TezuFuji. =^__^=

This means I also put up the cover and insert art for Love Prince 16 ~ ^^

Updates 2/27
A little late, but still going ~ added new cosplay photos~<3 from tamayaki (Fuji, Tezuka, Yuuta) and momoka (Oshitari, Gakuto, Sanada, Yukimura) =^__^=

Updates 2/18
Very special update today ~ for the first time in like, over a year, I've put up music in the downloads section ~ please don't abuse!  

In honor of Fuji Syuusuke's second birthday since 2003, I've uploaded all of his singles and albums in the Music Downloads section. ^__^ Enjoy ~<3

Updates 2/8
Updated the character info complete list ^__^ ~ use Find to hunt out any school or character or just browse through for basic information.  Best reference for simple name guide.

Also, kawaii fanart from redmoonmurder & melly ~<3<3<3

Updates 1/31
GAH sorry for the LONG downtime!  The Tenipuri-dsp is not going anywhere, even if the webhosts all cause tragedy and pain. OTL   So sorry!!  

I will do my best to try to update weekly!  I'm working full time now, so my schedule's gotten... working full time-ish. XD  Nyaa, but of course, I do have something to give all of you ~ *chuus*

First, new cosplay photos, YAY! From yaoi con 2007 ~<3  Fuufuufuu, it was wonderful fun. ^__^

Also, ten new chapters of the Suteishichic's Learning to Land ~<3 for your romance loving enjoyment.

Updates 10/23
^^;; Ehehehe, yaho minna-san, it's been awhile nee?  But here I am updating!  Ehehehe....  for all you fanfiction lovers, the brilliant sequel of Learning to Fall is now available ~ Learning to Land by Suteishichic ~ read and love and beg for more. 

Updates 8/20
Bah, finally an update. OTL  This is a certain someone's fault for getting me addicted to RO. ^^;  Bother me for updates!  Just email me and be like, yochan, I want an update!

Sooo, today's update, meager as my obsessiontime allows, is a new gallery!  Take a peak at the Prince of Tennis YGO card set created by animefan. ^^

Updates 7/19
Oh wow look, I actually managed to update in a week, hurrah! =D

Today's update is a beautiful collection of cosplay photos from Anime Expo 2007. ^__^  Thanks to all the cosplayers who attended!  Let's do it again next year ~<3

Updates 7/12
Argh!  Slow again. -__-;  Okay, I need more to update with. ^^;  Send me things! =D  ... ^^;;;

Today's update include a new link: check out A Tenipuri Dream.  And thanks to aibacchi, we have Aiba Hiroki's photoset scans in the tenimyu galleries!

Updates 6/9
Sorry for the lack of updates, life sent me a rotten apple. ;__;  But I will try to make up for it right now! ^__^  First off, new link!  Check out Wildcard, a Prince of Tennis screenshots gallery.

We also have the gorgeous Fashion Bromides, thanks to leviosa8! =^__^=

School will be out in a week, so hopefully I'll be able to update more then... mengo mengo! >.<

Updates 4/23
Whew, finally an update.  *wipes brow*  Today we have more kawaii cosplay photos, from Southern California Cosplay group. Inui ga ayashii... ^^;;

Updates 4/2
Wow, sorry it's been so long since the last update, I ran out of things to update with!  Okay, well, just to show you I'm alive, I have a small but lovely fanfiction update for you:  Suteishichic's Fission Fusion, a Halloween one-shot (even though it's not Halloween, but it's a great fic to read after L2F). ^__^

Updates 2/25
Thanks to Andromeda Corps, one of our two new lovely translators, today's release is doujinshi!

Presenting: First Snow !! Special treat for all your Golden Pair fans, Warm and Fluffy Feelings abound. ^__^

Updates 2/11
Today's update is all fanfiction.  I finally finished putting up Suteishichic's Learning to Fall!  This is a must-read epic of the tenipuri fandom.  And for something short and fun, read Fun And Games: The True Reason Seigaku Doesn't Eavesdrop...Anymore by Sakaiti and HellRaiserAlchemist.

Updates 2/3
Upped six new gorgeous scans to the doujinshi gallery.  The lovely dream pair one I am working on turning into a wallpaper with my pathetic mad graphic skillz. ^^;;  

Updates 1/26
Hurrah! Special thanks to Sayoko, Rasuberi and Whitelilacs for the first doujinshi release of 2007!

Presenting: Buchou's Agony !! Fuji has a plan for new member recruits...

Updates 1/21
Wohoo! Weekly update. ^.^  Three new chapters of Learning to Fall by Suteishichic.  Expanded Tenimyu gallery with lovely scans of KenKen from the Hyotei Myu and DL3 photosets, thanks to namoony. ^__^

Updates 1/15
ARGH! Sorry for the downtime *wails in frustration*  This happens every year when we renew the website, but this year was especially difficult because of these registrar vs host problems... grrrrr.  But we are finally back! HURRAH!

New lovely fanart from aibacchi in fanart gallery page 2. ^__^ Also, four new chapters of Learning to Fall by Suteishichic.  The fanfiction section is in 'Fanmade'.  And I'm working on reorganizing and updating the Album Info (see 'Music') section from the Pinpoint Smash Version to the new Gyuu Myuu version. ^.^;

Technical updates:  It seem the guestbook is permanently dead. -__-  I took it down for now but I'll try to find a new host.  I'm not really sure what happened to it. ^__^;  Also, I was advised to make a Home button, so, voila!  There's now a home link in the index.  I also updated the link for Just Once, a tenipuri dream novel site.

Updates 11/18
Worked on and updated the Character List. ^__^  Hopefully it'll serve as a complete reference to all tenipuri characters.

Updates 11/7
New fanart from aibacchi in the fanart gallery!  Which is now two pages... the galleries just keep growing and growing. ^__^;;  The Tenipuri-dsp now hosts over 800 images! =D

Updates 10/31
The rest of the cosplay pictures are edited and up in the yaoi con 2006 gallery.  The players are absolutely lovely~ thank you to all those who cosplayed<3<3<3 ^__^

Updates 10/29
Added 20 new cosplay pictures to the yaoi con 2006 gallery. ^__^  Ehem, please excuse the.... eyes. >.>;;

Updates 10/27
Hurrah, finally, cosplay pictures from yaoi con 2006!  Thanks to jen_kat for letting me use some of hers.  Please submit your pictures kudasai! ^__^

Updates 10/25
I'm going to try to update mega regularly to make up for the long period of nothingness. ^^;

6 new cosplay pictures from Anime Expo 2006 thanks to whitelilacs in the Cosplay gallery.

Updates 10/23
Whoa, sorry for the majorly long hiatus... school and many others things have been eating me.  Yaoicon cosplay pics will be added soon!

Updated the Character List - a quick character reference guide designed for fanfiction authors; lists names, faces, nicknames, relationships, school, year, etc.

Updates 8/21
Yay, more cosplay pictures from AX 2006 in the cosplay gallery thanks to nitaspitas.  ^__^

Updates 8/16
Hurrah, the COSPLAY gallery finally exists!  It's in the gallery section, take a look.  So far there's only pics from Anime Expo 2006 ~ submit your photos to! ^__^

Come chat on the message board for news, downloads, and friends!!

Updates 8/3
Added five new pictures to the doujinshi scans gallery.  Many kawaii things. ^__^

Updates 7/27
New link to Just Once ~ take a peak.  I also went through and sorted out all the links that were dead.

Also, added 10 new chapters of Learning To Fall ~ it's getting marvelously dramatic, make sure to read this amazing fanfiction!

Updates 7/23
Yay, thanks to Leiko, we have the final part in the kawaii Mothers/Fathers day arc.

Presenting: Father's Day Present !!  Eiji is so cute and sneaky ~ what will he teach Fuji in the kitchen? fuufuufuu.

Updates 7/18
I created a release log for all of the doujinshi scanslations ~ 36 to date!!  Make sure to read all of them, each and every one is delightful. ^__^ Thank you to all of those who helped scan, clean, translate, and edit these doujinshi over the course of the last four years.  I also updated new scans in the video game gallery thanks to pot_addict.

Updates 7/13
Yay!  Well I was late for mother's day, might as well be late for father's day too.  So, dads and dads-to-be and not-dads-to-be, here's your belated father's day give ~

Presenting: Father's Day!!  Sequal to Mother's Day (make sure to go download this dj in Tennis Kakumei 4 if you haven't yet <3 the artwork is love).  

Now that it's summer I'll try to update at least weekly or even faster than that if I can. ^__^ Check back onegaishimasu!

Updates 7/8
Yoshya!! Summer finally begins!! ... at least, I have a tiny day of boredom to just work on updating. ^__^ Several new screen caps in the video game gallery thanks to pot_addict, take a peak. 

Updates 7/4
Anime Expo finished today, and yesterday we went to the Tenipuri Cosplay gathering!!  For all of you who took pictures, please go to the message board and enter the COSPLAY section.  I'll upload what I took asap. =D 

Updates 6/26
Eh..h Alright, well, I'm trying my best ^__^; hopefully updates will pick up now.  Keep checking in!  Today I have for you new lovely fanart from hunny, added to the fanart gallery section. =D Enjoy!

Updates 6/7
Eh..heheh... school. *sob*  What more can I say?   But finals are just around the corner!  I will try to totally make up for all the lack of updates this summer, really!

So, a super special treat for all of you, that was supposed to be updated on Mother's Day... but well, this and that happened *sniff*.  So here it is ~

Presenting: Mother's Day !!  Featuring the cutest artwork yet, Fuji and Eiji have been... fuufuufuu - baking.  After a little dress-up, and an innocent thank you gift, what more could Oishi want?  Special thanks to Leiko and Mizuka for their swift work on this doujin. 

(and no thanks to yoshikochan, who's had it sitting on her computer for a month ^^;;; and was keeping it all to herself)

Updates 4/10
Sorry for taking so long! Argh, the stress builds exponentially. -__-;;  Anyways, here's a little fluffy doujin to cheer up everyone's day! =D

Presenting: One Word !! Isn't the golden pair cute to watch?  Fuji and Tezuka could use some of that fluff for their own love lives...

Updates 3/25
More screencaps from Dream First Live!! Lots of lovely Kimeru and Nagayan in this set ^__^ including the rest of Inui's 'photoshoot' heeheehee. <3  New fanart from Amiya, a kawaii kitty Eiji <3 <3 <3 And now,

Presenting: Schoolmates !! The golden pair is being fluffy and cute. Ijyou ^__^

Note to scanslators: contact me if the credits are wrong!! ^^; I tried, but I think I might have gotten some things mixed up. Thank you leiko!!! <3 <3 <3

Updates 3/12
Yay, this week's update is new doujinshi scanslations!! At last, the completion of the tenipuri-dsp's longest 49-page project;

Presenting:  Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 of The Kikumaru-san Household's Dinner / The Tezuka Household's Supper !! The newly-weds life is so sweet... and bitter, too. Hang in there, Tezuka!

Also updated with chapters 41-49 of Learning to Fall.  The angst builds!! ^__^

Updates 3/5
W00t, one week update!! ^__^V More screencaps from Dream First Live and ten more chapters (31-40) of Learning to Fall!

Updates 2/25
Yaaay, new layout from Rasuberi, featuring Inui x Kaido!!! ^__^  Welcome to our winter/spring theme.  Well, it's a little later for winter, but hey, it'll be winter soon enough in the southern hemisphere, right? XD heeheehee.

Ten new chapters (21-30) of Suteishichic's wonderful Learning to Fall !! More intense trials, drama, and shm.... well make sure to take a look. ^__^ Also, I ddded in a new gallery section with screencaps from Dream First Live!

School's calmed down a little so I hope to be able to update more.  Maybe once a week?  Well I'll aim for that. ^__^  Come chat on the message board for news, downloads, and friends!!

Updates 2/12
Hey, it's been a while. ^__^; School is tough.  Anyways, updated with a link to Hoi hoi! A Kikumari Eiji shrine, import from France ^_^.  And also.... *drum roll*

Presenting: Juliet's (?) Scream 2 !!!  Finally, presenting the sequel to one of our oldest Doujin stories, Juliet's Scream. ^__^  Heeheehee, poor Eiji is dreaming again... Special thanks to Ansible  and Rasuberi for this release. =D 

Updates 1/29
Sorry for the wait!! I put up the cover scans for three new lovely doujinshi, Staccato, Koi no Lesson 69, and After Hours, thanks to Dyaoka!! ^__^

Updates 1/8
Uploaded five more chapters of Suteishichic's Learning to Fall! ^__^ This is one of the most fantastic and involved and long fanfictions of all time, make sure to read it and love it. =^.^=

Updates 1/3
Presenting!! Not a new doujin scan (gomen) ^.^;; but something just as lovely: the first seven chapters of Purple Jellybean Hoarder's brilliant fanfiction CounterSpin!  Read it all and beg for more. ^__^  

Updates 12/23
Please report broken links!!  I just switched host servers ^__^ there shouldn't be any changes, but let email me if something doesn't work!

~ Merry Christmas ~

I would like to present a special update! ... unfortunately though, I don't have one (gomen) .... finals pushed way too close to Christmas time. -__-;  But, I am updating!  That in itself is special. ^__^;  nee?

Presenting: Part 2 and Part 3 of The Kikumaru-san Household's Dinner / The Tezuka Household's Supper !!  There's still more fun to go when unexpected pregnancies force certain couples into marriage... hang in there Tezuka!  Thank you Lunatic Seas for this lovely release <3

Updates 12/19
Super important!! Visit the lovely lovely message board, it's full of wonderful love <3

^__^; Sorry for the long hiatus.  Finals week drained all my blood.  I'm still recovering.

Just a tiny update, ^__^; Shiraume's lovely fanfiction, Hoshi no Koe.  Read and enjoy <3

Updates 10/30
Yay!! ^__^ Suddenly the typesetters got going again <3 <3 <3 Thank you Lunatic_Seas, thank you Anisble!!! ^__^ Hopefully we'll start producing lots more lovely doujin stories. <3

Presenting: The Sky Coming down on You !!! A lovely FujiRyo doujin by RURU.  I love the art for this one. ^__^  Thanks to Mizuka, Jamie, and Lunatic Seas for making this one possible.

Updates 10/22
Wohoo, ^__^; I'm back to having very little to update with, sorry guys!!  Go visit the message board, it's so fun!! <3 <3 

I've put up a lot more scans from 10.5 ^__^ a lot of cute random doodles and information, including the layout of Seishun Gakuen Junior Highschool! =D  Make sure to look at the different "hats" *snigger*  XD

Updates 10/12
Wohoo, another update! =D I actually updated in a week!! ^__^  I put up more scans from 10.5, but this time is special!  I have put up, da da dun:

Reconstructed!! The Seigaku Regular's bedrooms! XD

hehehe, scandalous. <3

Updates 10/06
Yay!  So I put a link to the message board in the contents for easy access. ^__^  Come say hello! =D  Feel free to start new threads and talk about whatever you want XD there aren't any rules for now, and there won't be so long as no real problems arise. ^__^ Have fun and chat!

I have also added new scans from 10.5 =D ~ some nice black and white sketches by Konomi-sensei and some cosplay pictures.  Take a look. ^__^

Updates 10/03
Whoa, it's been a REALLY long time huh!! ^__^ 

Thanks to VisibleHowl, the Tenipuri DSP now has a message board!  Tenipuri fans, stop by to chat about anything and everything! =D

Updates 9/29
Sorry for the long time of no updates!! I just didn't have anything to update with. ^__^;; So anyways, Ishka sent two lovely fanfiction <3, Homecoming and Sleepless!  ^__^ Make sure ot go and read.

Updates 9/9
Hurrah! New doujin!! =D  Thanks to Zero for typesetting. ^__^ (this one's been sitting around on my computer forever =P)

Presenting: Kotozawa !! Nya, just a little lover's spat. ^__^

I also updated the About, Additives, and Album Info sections.

Updates 9/4
^__^  Yay, I had the Tenipuri-DSP team send in profiles to the About section, take a look to learn more about us <3

New scans from the doujinshi in the gallery section! ^__^ Lots of cute color pictures from all stars 1. 

Updates 8/26
Hey hey!  Thank you everyone <3 for you comments in the guest book, I read everything over and over again even if I don't reply (mengo!) ~.~  <3  It always encourages me to work harder XD .

Lots of new scans from the Prince of Tennis 10.5 in the gallery section!  We also have a new doujin:

Presenting: Out of Character Declarations !! Who will live and who will die? ^__^;; What happens when the truth comes out?!

Updates 8/20
Yay, new doujinshi scanslation!!

Presenting: Multiplication of Love !! Tezuka dreams of his true love, Fuji. ^__^ . . . ~.~;; Poor Tezuka.

I have a month off of school, so hopefully I'll be able to update more. ^__^  Gambarimasu!

Updates 8/12
New scans in the Scans from the Doujinshi section, and a new fanfiction from Chibiryu!

Updates 8/05
New fanart from Dya Otaku in the specialty fanart section <3  Sorry for the small updates! I've scanned in a million things, but now all those things need cleaning. ^^;

Updates 7/29
New scans in the Gallery section for prince of tennis 10.5.  Enjoy.

Updates 7/26
Welcome to the Tenipuri-dsp, Summer edition!! ^__^ New layout created by Rasuberi <3 hugs & love.  Also thanks to Lunatic Seas's wonderful CSS guide that helped me change everything. ^__^; ... well, it still needs a lot of fine tuning.. 

Updates 7/22
I've re-organized the Gallery section and added several new scans to the Scans from the Doujinshi section, make sure to take a look, they are super cute!

Updates 7/19
Three lovely gorgeous charming new winamp skins are in the fanmade section, crafted by Anna. <3 <3 <3  ^^;; I will try to re-organize this section asap... take a look!

Updates 7/15
Yay!! Thanks to Asuki ( donating webspace, we have revitalized the Music Downloads section!  Now in service!  Everyone give huggles and love to Asuki! =D

I have also completely revamped the Doujinshi section!!  There are now high quality scans of the front and back covers, and separate sections for each. ^__^ I hope you like it!  It took all week to scan and edit the images. ^^;;

Now that summer is in bloom, I will try to update at least once a week!  Really! ^__^;;  So check back often and enjoy! ^__^

And please report any broken or messed up links.

Updates 7/8
^__^ New music info. A new gallery section - scans from The Prince of Tennis 10.5 - has been created, enjoy! ^__^

Sorry for taking so long to update!  As an apology, I have uploaded music to the downloads section for the first time in a long time ~ with the first three songs from The Best of Seigaku Players <3    ^__^  Take a peak.

I have heard lately that there are fanarts on this site that do not have the creator's approval ='( but I don't know which ones, because all the fanarts were emailed to me by other people... if you know which fanarts these are, please email me, and please write in English!  I do not know Japanese.  My computer does not read Japanese characters very well either.  My email is ~ please contact me and be specific, rather than leaving vague messages on the guestbook.

Updates 6/1
=D  New doujinshi! ^__^;; Yup, finally the Tenipuri-dsp is doing what it's supposed to ^^;;;

Presenting: Fairytale !  Kawaii TezuRyo that'll make you feel happy. =^__^=  Special thanks to Dyaoka for scanning, Mizuki for translating, and Ansible for editing.

Updates 5/22
^__^ Webspace issues fixed.  Super thanks cool_beans!  It's been a while since I updated. ^__^;;  Sorry!  School is much worse than I imagined.  

New fanction!  Sweet Surrender and Mama's Boy by Trixie.  Updated the album info section.

.... yeah that's it. ^^;; Sorry!!!  I will try to work on more to update with.  Now back to eigenvectors...

Updates 4/1
Waa!!  Sorry for the long period of no updating!! ~.~  This quarter was TOUGH!!  But to make up for it, here's the super special hey-at-least-it's-not-a-one-chapter-fanfiction update!! ^__^

New doujinshi!! Presenting:  Part 1 of The Kikumaru-san Household's Dinner / The Tezuka Household's Supper !   ^__^ Special thanks to NHara for her work, as well as Jamie and Lunatic Seas.   Something's up with Fuji and Oishi!  You'll have to read to find out the truth behind this hilarious doujin ~<3 (the whole doujin is 49 pages, our largest ever, so  we will be releasing it in parts) 

New music info, including cover scans from the Dream Believer / Little Sky single thanks to an8id.  And a new avatar from Ames, plus a new wallpaper from Rasuberi, and Dyaoka's Impossible Fantasy scroll 13!!  ^__^

Updates 3/3
New fanfiction from Ruji! ~<3 Silent Night, Everyone is a Star, and 29 Wishes ^__^ a TezuFuji dedication!  Read and enjoy.

Updates 2/24
Added Dyaoka's marvelous Winter Wonderland to the fanfiction section ~ a special fic dedicated to the Tenipuri-dsp's new layout! ^__^ Very cute, go read!

Sorry for the tiny updates.  School is super duper busy. =(

Updates 2/17
New fanfiction!  Understanding, Winter Without You, and Kite ~<3 go read these lovely fics from ruji! ^__^

Updates 2/10
New avatars made by Ames_909 in the fanmade section. ^__^ Credit and spread the blogging tenipuri luv ~<3  The avatar section is open to all, so feel free to donate! ^__^ Sharing is luv and huggles ~<3

Updates 2/3

Aaa =O I wish I could give a super special update!!  Stupid midterms ~.~ but I will try my hardest!!  The last year's been fun, nee?  Over the summer I think there was a full two months of updates every other day =D ... ^^;; and now it's a struggle to get one up once a week ^^;; but times go up and down. =)  Life is lovely <3

Now onto the update!!

Rasuberi has created this trés kawaii, trés colorful, sugoku lovely ~<3 layout!! ^__^  Thanks to Freyja (who's email I can't find - sorry!) for creating such lovely fanart ~*~

For starters, I updated the album info =D to include the new releases of singles from Script, the Seigaku Regulars, and Oshitari. ^__^

And of course there must be a new doujin!! Presenting: Shiritori Competition !! ^__^ In which Eiji bubbles lots of hearts, Oishi attempts to add hearts of his own, and Fuji is utterly evil.  What can Oishi possibly do to win out against the tensai?!  Read to find out!

... Oooo that was dramatic. =O I think I overdid it. ^^;; A new section has been added to Fanmade!  Go take a peak at the lovely Avatars from Darissan. 

New fanfiction!  More chapters of Learning to Fall from Suteishichic. ^__^ Read and enjoy ~<3

Thanks to Lunatic Seas, tons of new lyrics in said section <3 karaoke is love! 

Please let me know if any links don't work (post in the Guestbook) and I'll fix them right away.

Updates 1/30
New Atobe wallpaper from Chibiynm, as well as two Chibiynm lol drabbles added in the fanfiction section. ^__^ Enjoy!

Updates 1/23
Scroll 12 of Dyaoka's Impossible Fantasy ~ brilliant as always, make sure to read!

Updates 1/20
School is a procrastinating ~ oh I mean, I'm the one procrastinating. *sigh*

Added highquality cd cover scans for Eiji's Come Together and Kiku-chan no Soran Bushi thanks to nickie_ng. ^__^  Sorry for the small update, I will try to do more over the weekend.

Continuation of the special poll! (see below for rules)

Last poll our winner was Fuji!  If you voted for the much beloved Fujiko, plz do not vote again: if you voted for anyone else, plz vote for that same person! =)

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Favorite Tenipuri Character ~<3
Ryouma Tezuka Eiji Oishi Kaido Inui Atobe Oshitari Shishido Other (check next week!)   

The top characters ~may~ be used for a new layout. Please vote! (and follow the rules, onegai!) "~

Updates 1/13
Ya-ho!  ^__^ Would everyone like some cakey?  Rasuberi swirl chocolate crust, onegaishimasu! 

Cakey is love ~<3

New fanfiction, "Ever After" by Nekocin ~<3 and Shiraume's intense "Looking Glass".  New doujinshi!

Presenting: Mini Sports Festival !  Inui's newest training menu @__@; and kawaii art <3 Seigaku is at it again! ^__^

Updates 1/7
Woah!  It's been a long time huh!  Ohisashiburi!! ^__^ How was everyone's holiday break?  Happy New Years!

Sorry for the long delay!  I am finally back in the dorms and back to my beloved pc.  I've been having a lot of trouble with the server, but if this site ever goes down or doesn't seem to update, just keep checking back ~ I'll do my best to get it working again!

For the update: New fanfiction!  Thief Within by Nekocin.   New fanart (go to gallery --> specialty section) by Luma-chan.  New wallpapers from the Tenipuri Musical, made by Ames. 

In sadder news: I have to take down the mp3 downloads for an unknown period of time. ^^;; It turns out I've been exceeding my disk quota by about 300 mb this whole time, but for some reason my webhost never noticed... until this January. -__-;  I may still be able to have up some mp3s, but probably only a few at a time.  I am looking for more webspace!  If you have webspace to donate to the tenipuri-dsp for the sake of mp3 hosting, please email me! ~<3  Sharing is love!

Updates 12/16
Merry Christmas!! ~<3 Due to Christmas break, yoshikochan will probably not get to update for the next three weeks *sniff, so sorry!*  So an apology, and as a present, yoshikochan presents, the giant super huge lots-to-go-through tenipuri-dsp Christmas update SPECIAL!

Presenting: Love Baby !  Eiji impulsively buys something for Oishi. ^__^

Presenting: Always !  More Golden Pair fluff.  We <3 OishiEiji!

New fanfiction!  Wonderful Date and Mellow Candle by Nekocin, kawaii one-shots to read.  Scroll 11 of Dyaoka's Impossible Fantasy ~ excellent and exciting, make sure to read asap!  Lexarose's "All I want for Christmas" ^__^ for our holiday theme ~<3

New tenipuri video game images from Pot_addict!  New tenimyu scans from Shila, now put into two galleries ~ the second one is lovely tenimyu actors. ^__^ (Tezuka is beauty!)

New music rotation!  Updated the music info to include new and future releases! (I use too many exclamation marks ~.~;;)


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Name your favorite tenipuri chara!
Ryouma Fuji Tezuka Eiji Oishi Kaido Inui Atobe Oshitari Other (check next week!)   

~" Rules for the special poll!  Vote for your favorite character!  If your fav isn't there, select OTHER and wait for the poll to change.  Every couple of weeks or so, I will remove the top name and everyone will get to vote again!

Please only vote once for each poll.  Vote for the SAME character every time!  If the character the you picked gets removed (due to his popularity) then don't vote anymore. 

Updates 12/10

Send yoshikochan your tenipuri Christmas artwork and fanfiction!! (think of it as a present ^__^)  Send them to ~ don't be shy!! send all! ^__^

'Tis the season of sharing, nee?

Updates 12/06
New doujin scanslation! And look, I finally know what month it is! ^__^V

Presenting: One Sided Love & other Hyotei stores !  Lots of Hyotei luvey boyness ~<3


What do you want more of? =D
doujinshi scanslations
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Updates 11/30
Finally new mp3s. ^__^ It's Tezuka Kunimitsu madness!  Sorry for small (and slowing) updates, school is getting busy.  Check the News section if you're ever wondering what's going on.

Updates 11/22
New gallery section!  Screencaps from PoT video games provided by Pot_Addict!  Lovely Fuji pics (and some others as well of course) ^__^ go take a peak!  Also, the last of the fairy tale parodies ~

Presenting: Little Red Riding Hood !  More TezuFuji ... and Ryouma's role is...(?)

Updates 11/20
More screenshots in the chibi shots gallery, more doujin. ^^ (anyone see a pattern?)

Presenting: Snow White !  The second in the series of mini fairy tale parodies.  ^__^ Guess who Snow White is!  

Updates 11/18
New screenshots in the Chibi Shots gallery!  New doujinshi scanslations!

Presenting: Urashima Tarou !  The first a series of mini fairy tale parodies.  Do you know the story of Urashima Taro?  Urashima is a fisherman who is going to work when he sees some boys bullying a turtle!  He saves the turtle, who as thanks lets him ride his back and takes him to an underwater palace where Otohime (the Princess) is and they celebrate for three days and three nights.  Then the princess gives him a box and tells him not to open it and sends him home, but when he goes home not three days but rather 60 years have passed.  Depressed, he remembers the box and opens it and all this smoke comes out and he turns into an old man! ^^;; So goes the extremely annotated version of the story.

Updates 11/16
New doujinshi scans thanks to the hard work of Mizuki and Lunatic Seas!  New screenshots in a new gallery, for chibi pics from ep 132!

Presenting: Kiss Iya !  A six-page doujin (is that a record?) in which Ryouma is caught doing his favorite thing - sleeping.  

Updates 11/9
New Pole! Please vote.  This is just to recommend which project you want me to focus on. =)  I will try to update everything of course!!

The next five chapters of Learning to Fall are up.  Also, welcome ficlets from Lexarose!  Her works Falling and A Light in the Darkness are up in the fanfics section.  Read all of it! ^__^

Updates 11/6
Smash Album scans thanks to Katsu added to the Manga & Anime Scans gallery!  New pics from ep 134 in screenshots galleries I, II, and III.  New fanfiction, Time by Yoshikochan and the opening chapters of Suteishichic's Learning To Fall.  Go read!

Looking for a script editor.  All you'll do is double check the doujinshi script after it's been translated and before it goes into graphic editing.  Must be completely fluent in English, have taken at least one course of AP English in high school or college level English courses.  You also must have taken at least one year of College level Japanese (or four years of high school level Japanese) and be able to translate sfx.  Please email me at ~<3 thank you!  And welcome, Jamie!

Updates 10/31
Submit your everything!  Fanart, merchandise scans, cosplay pictures, wallpapers, winamp skins, everything! ^__^

.... ^^;; so yoshikochan has something to update with rather than just fanfiction. (fuufuufuu)

Yes yes, send to .

So! Now for the update:  (what else?) New fanfiction!  Best Friends by yoshikochan, Black Cat Rumors by Trixie, and three one-shot ficlets from Dyaoka.  Go read!

Updates 10/29
Special Halloween Fic!! "Darkness Falls" by Dyaoka, read it just after midnight tonight! ^.^ (fuu fuu fuu)

Updates 10/24
Sorry for the small update.  Do let me know if any files don't work or aren't linked correctly, or if you see typos anywhere and the like.  

New fanfiction, including Governor Atobe, by yoshikochan's selfness, and Bumps on the Road and Nothing by kireira. 

Updates 10/17
New fanfiction (of course ^__~): Empty Playground and Incoherent Logic by anek.  Various drabbles from Kireira.

Updated the music info section with the newest and upcoming releases.  New music downloads.

Updates 10/13
Many new ficlets from Trixie, and as a special October treat, Suke-san's Tennis no Ohjisama Halloween Special!  And new scans in the musical gallery sent by Shila. ^__^

Updates 10/10
New fanfiction!  Read Looking at the World by Nekocin, and the fanfics from anek! ^__^  New wallpaper by Baka.

Presenting: A series of short doujin, Nirvana, Right Stuff, The North Wind and the Sun, and High Pressure.

Updates 10/03
New fanfiction by..... ^^;;; yoshikochan. (yes, I wrote one, bad me!) It's called Eiji the Cat!  No one turns into a cat, though.

One new image added to the musical scans, sent by Shila. Uploaded Dream First Live to music downloads.

Updates 9/27
New wallpaper by Cypher.

Presenting: How about Taka x Kiku? A super cute 4-page (yes, four pages!) doujin: We all know what happens when Taka is given a racket, but what about something else?  Eiji decides to find out!

Updates 9/25
New link to Mada's PoT.  Added lyrics to Stand Up and one new fanart in the specialty fanart gallery.  New music downloads.

Updates 9/20
New screenshots from episode 129 in the galleries.

Presenting: Target! Our newest doujin scanslation. ^__^  Thanks to Mizuka and Lunatic Seas for all their hard work!

Updates 9/16
w00t w00t!!!  yoshikochan has finally figured it out!!  =D  ~html level up~ !  Go click on any of the screenshots or wallpapers and you will see what I mean.

New fanfiction from SIB!  Very beautiful, very angsty.  ^__^ One new pic in the scans from doujinshi gallery, Taka-san makes sushi with all the regulars!  (no, they don't help him make sushi... heeheehee)

Updates 9/12
*sigh* Please stop putting your requests in the guestbook.  You probably haven't noticed, but I'm ignoring them. (But if it's not about requests, then post lots!! ^__^  and emails are happy too)

New lyrics from LS (of course). ^__^ New link to  New album info (go to music --> album info) on upcoming releases.  New kawaii wallpaper from Mizuka!  And a new poll, please go vote once. 

One of these days, the poll will be something practical, like what changes should be made to the website, or something. ^^;;;

New curiosity poll:

What's your gender?
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Updates 9/7
New fanfiction!  "Eat Me" by nagibook, "Shattered" by Regatto, as well as three fics from Suke, "To Whom it May Concern", "The Princes of Rock", and "Studying Together".  Also, new lyrics thanks to Lunatic Seas.  A friend helped me set up a method to prevent hotlinking, so music downloads are back up as well.

Updates 9/5
At last!! It's true!! We really are a doujinshi scanslations project! ^^;; really! ... really... (wonders if anyone is convinced). 

Presenting: Ren Aiyuugi! (translated as Love Amusement) ... a really short pointless but kawaii doujinshi.  

Presenting: Magical Mystery! another short, hilarious, super cute doujin featuring our beloved Mizuki-Yuuta-Fuji trio!

Presenting: Showdown! short, and so pointless even the author has a note at the end about how pointless it is. ^^;;

Go to the doujinshi section to access! 

New poll (out of curiosity!) please vote once.  

Where are you from?
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Updates 9/3
To clear this up!!  My favorite character is not Oshitari, it's Fuji!! ^__^ I luv Fujiko-chan!! (along with everyone else) ^^;;;; Ah, my second is Eiji, my third is Ryouma.  ^^;;;; We're only using Oshitari's pic cause that's the fanart Rasuberi liked when she designed the page.

New winamp skin by Neko cin, go to fanmade and then winamp skins to access. ^__^ It's very cute!!  I slightly reorganized the fanfiction section (I was adding too many fics ^^;;) and categorized some by author (just click on the author's name to access all her fics!).  I added in Dyaoka's Blessed of the Sea.

Updates 8/31
New lyrics thanks to Lunatic Seas!  Also, thanks to Aki, there are many more trading card scans, cover scans of Minna koko ni ita, and scans from the Prince of Tennis Bromide in the Manga & Anime scans gallery!  Tons of new screenshots in screenshots I & III ~ we have passed 200!!  New Tezuka x Fuji pics in Japanese Fanart II sent by Shila.  Also, new pictures from the doujinshi in the gallery.  ^__^ Another super-pictures update!

New fanfiction by Hikaruchi ~ "Nekomaru Eiji?"  It is very cute, go read it! ^__^

Updates 8/27
Added in hq scans of cd covers in the album info section for BoRP VI Sengoku Kiyosumi, BoRP VIII Akutsu Jin, BoRP V Kisarazu & Yanagisawa, Since Last Goodbye, Samurai, and Dreaming on the Radio thanks to Drax and Pikadia.  Trading Card Scans from Aki added to the gallery.  Japanese Fanart II is now all Tezuka x Fuji pics sent by Shila.  ^__^ So I guess this is the pictures update! heheh XD  New lyrics thanks to Lunatic Seas.  (I'm getting good at crediting people huh!! XD still make lots of mistakes though)

In search of a translator to work on doujinshi!  Each doujinshi is usually only a few pages long, with a few exceptions, and if you are fluent it will not take very much time.  ^__^  Please email yoshikochan at ~<3   You must have taken at least three years of university-level Japanese language courses (unless you are a native speaker).  Thanks to those who applied!!

Updates 8/25
New link to Jenny's Youthful Days, go to the links section and go visit!  I rescripted all the fanfiction so it would all be in html (and much easier to read).  Scroll 10 of Impossible Fantasy is now up (it's so good, go read it!).  New lyrics from Pikadia and Shila, thanks to Lunatic Seas for her hard work.  ^__^  New Tenipuri Musical scans sent by Shila in the galleries.  

Updates 8/21 ~ to keep up this every-other-day trend @__@;;
Revamped the links section to include small descriptions of the sites and removed some of the links that never seem to work.  If you would like me to link to you site please email me! I *luv* link exchange. ~<3

Added tons of new fanfiction by Dyaoka and Trixie.  New super Fuji wallpaper by Rasuberi in the Fanmade -> wallpapers section.

Updates 8/19
Fixed Windy Road remix & karaoke files.  Three new Hyoutei character info files added in the experimental Characters section made by Kenn Miyake.  New images in the doujinshi scans gallery! Wow, I really am updating every other day (that was supposed to be a joke ^^;;; ) ~<3

Please submit fanart and fanfiction!!  XD We want more fanart and fanfiction!! YAY for fanart and fanfiction!!! (was that overkill? ^^;;)

Updates 8/17
New fanfiction "Impossible Fantasy" by Dyaoka, really great, really addicting, a definite must-read. ^__^

Updates 8/13
Whoever can make the best angel Fuji wallpaper with the new screenshots I added wins yoshikochan's eternal love and affection. =^__^=
(also uploaded new music) So I re-organized all three screenshots sections and there are additions to all of them, go check them out! ^__^  I can now say this site boasts over a 100 screenshots (162 total) ~ Enjoy!

Updates 8/10
Updated the Album Info section (I changed the title, but it's the same thing) to include all the newest incoming cds!  Also I added a small profile about myself at the bottom of the "About" section.  And, a News & Updates section has finally been created!  I merged Wallpapers, Winamp Skins, and Fanfiction all into a subcontents called "Fanmade", that should make things a little easier for those with smaller resolutions.  Thanks to Shila and all of you for your suggestions!

Updates 8/06
^^ More new lyrics!  We are building the best prince of tennis lyrics section ever!! (don't you think? ^__^)  Thanks Lunatic Seas, Soupychan, and everyone else who submits lyrics.  I added Kiss of Prince in the music info, you can see the cover and lyric scans that were up when the mp3s were available for download.  New winamp skin by Trinity, featuring *the very image of an angel come to earth* =^__^= ~<3

Updates 7/31
Sorry for the lack of updates!! School is more busy than ever, and I have a giant final next week.  Thanks to Lunatic Seas super-hard work, the whole lyrics section has been reformatted, go check it out!  It's very beautiful. =^__^=