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*New* Dear Prince of Tennis, a gallery, downloads, fanfiction, and much more fan site.

A tenipuri dream ^__^ another dream novel site.

Wildcard, a Prince of Tennis Screenshots Gallery.

Enter your name to enter the novel of dreams ~

F-R-E-T, a long time affiliate, focuses on Echizen, Fuji, Eiji, and Tezuka.  The biodatas are really good and there are lots of screenshots and images.

Pretty angel fanart    


One of the oldest Tenipuri fansites on the net! Even older than the Tenipuri-DSP! Specializes in screencaps, but also has wallpapers and fanart.

Fanart, lyrics, and links to lots of other good sites.

Yaoi fanfiction, thorough links directory.  

Hoi hoi! A French shrine to Kikumaru Eiji