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~ In honor of Fuji Syuusuke's 2nd birthday~


The Best of Seigaku Players V: Fuji Syusuke
1. Hitomi wo Tojite
2. Hitomi wo Tojite (remix)
3. Hitomi wo Tojite (karaoke)
4. Voice Message


Breath (February 29, 2004)
1. Amazing Grace
2. Peaceful Time
3. Carry On
4. Grand Slam


Right by your side (August 25, 2004)
1. Right by your side
2. Right by your side (karaoke)
3. Talk Time Fuji Syusuke on the Radio


Billy's Target (February 27, 2008)
1. Billy's Target
2. Billy's Target (karaoke)
3. Talk Time ~Uzee no Kaiko~


Eyes (August 2, 2003)
1. Shutter Chance wa ichido dake
2. Sempre com irmao -itsumo issho-
3. Treasue ~madogiwa ni aru fuukei~
4. My Time
5. The ache of my heart
6. Hitomi o Togite ~instrumental~
7. Black Rain
8. feel my soul ~tatakai no naka de~
9. Walk On (zzz version)
10. Daisuki na kimochi
11. Days of Moments
 SPECIAL DISC: White Line arrange D

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