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We are in need of script editors and translators!  Script editing just means that you know some Japanese, and are fluent in English, and review the script after it's translated.  Please email yoshikochan at kawaii_yochan@hotmail.com if you're interested.

Updates 9/29
:D More kawaii doujin shorts for you! We do have some long ones coming up too, promise. ^__^;

Presenting: To Pair Up in Doubles / The Spirit of Doubles !! The chibi cover comics from Tennis 1000%. So kawaii ~

Redmoon & Melly have also made another kawaii Sengoku x Kirihara fanart~ so colorful darou? =^.^=

Updates 9/18
W00t, again this new doujin is thanks to dyaoka, who's more capable than the webmistress typing up the updates. ^^;

Presenting: A Day in the Life of the Idiot Couple !! Silver Pair. Well, the title says it all. ^__^; We're routing for you two, hang in there!

Updates 9/8
Yay, more new doujinshi ~ special thanks to dyaoka who's really churning these out ^.^ and doing a lovely job.

Presenting: What do you want to eat for dinner? !! Even as children, Fuji Syuusuke displayed his special type of affection for his younger brother. (Poor Yuuta. .__.)

Plus beautiful fanart by thallien. ^__^

Updates 7/22
New doujinshi! Thank you to the whole team ~

Presenting: After School Lovers !! Golden Pair, Perfect Pair... those four are the best of friends.... =>.>=;

I've also put up the inserts for Love Prince 2 and for Love Prince 11 =^__^= and new chapters of Learning to Land by suteishichic. The cliffhangers continue... x.x

Updates 7/11
Tragic news... my scanner is not compatible with my new computer. ^__^; So new scans will be stalled... but there's always plenty of new things to release. For instance! New links to Dear Prince of Tennis. ^__^ Check them out!

Also updated, the Character List - your number one resource for writing fanfiction! New screencaps as well, old and new memories, and of course additions to the Fuji-only gallery. ^__^;

Updates 5/19
Wah, another long time before an update, I'm so sorry! But I am updating, promise!! ^__^; And more new doujins are coming!!

So, first off (yes this update actually has multiple parts! XD), I have wonderfully new fanart from sirene wanderer~<3 Thank you for sharing such lovely works!

And second off, I have, jya jyan!

Presenting: One Day !! by the talented Maho Hozaki, featuring Yamabuki<3 and all their blushy cheek cuteness =^.^=