Poems 011-016 are new.  All can be found on my lj.  I really like the ones with <3 s.

Just a little on poetry: not all poems have titles, so for the ones that do the title
is usually extremely significant. None of my poems are too deep or anything, but try to pay
attention to that. Poems that aren't given a title are referred to by the first line. (That's
why so many of Shakespeare's poems seem to have such lengthy titles; you'll notice that
the title is really just the first line.) I followed that system for my poetry too. =P (where
the title is in brackets).

Poem 1 ~ On Thanksgiving, 100 Things

Poem 3 ~ Love and Why I Hate It

Poem 4 ~ Sometimes

Poem 5 ~ [It's just imitation.]

Poem 6 ~ Robyn, After The Aziola <3

Poem 8 ~ Love Poem

Poem 9 ~ People Are A Social God or Something

Poem 11 ~ [Watashi tachi wa doko ikuno?]

Poem 13 ~ I Just Wanted to Write Something

Poem 14 ~ [I realized when I met you] <3

Poem 15 ~ The Meaning of Dreams <3

Poem 16 ~ This is what I've Found

Poem 18 ~ And as My Tears

Poem 20 ~ Lately I Want <3

Poem 21 ~ Dual Poems <3

Poem 22 ~ And Again

Poem 23 ~ Adolescence <3

Poem 24 ~ Haiku