Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Eight ~Momoshiro~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Momoshiro later saw Kikumaru-senpai at lunch that day. He was with some other older tennis club members and he was making everyone laugh. The sun shone through the window and lit his red hair up like fire as he tossed back his head laughing at someone else's joke. He turned to his friend Fuji-senpai and whispered in his ear with his hand cupped around his mouth. He had a mischievous look in his eyes as he did. When he finished he pulled back and he and Fuji-senpai shared a smile. Then Fuji-senpai whispered something back making him laugh. It was just a normal, everyday thing and Momoshiro could not figure out why in the world it was so hot. Why his senpai suddenly was. Why Momoshiro wanted him to whisper into his ear just like that.

Kikumaru-senpai spotted Momoshiro. He smiled happy and waved him over, "Hoi, Momo-chan!"

Momoshiro approached the table with a feeling of dread. His heart was beating hard and he vowed to himself again this would never happen again.

He said hello to everyone and listened as Kikumaru-senpai told a hilarious story about love letters their Vice Captain Tezuka received from a girl via Fuji-senpai every morning for the last few days. What was funny is the girl kept sending him love letters every day and Fuji-senpai was the one she made deliver them. Only Fuji-senpai knew who they were from and had promised the girl to not tell Vice Captain Tezuka unless he asked. Because Fuji-senpai wouldn't give any hints or tell unless asked specifically, Vice Captain Tezuka was now refusing to ask, so the situation was going on and on. It was really funny.

Or it would have been if Momoshiro was not completely distracted by his senpai's lips and mouth while he told it. His full lips and his white teeth. Then he stuck his tongue out at Fuji-senpai when the tensai made a joke about Kikumaru-senpai's freshman who kept sending him love notes through tennis club members.

Momoshiro was seriously scared now. It was like someone turned on a switch and he couldn't shut it off. He needed space and time away. Maybe some sleep would help. Maybe a cold shower. He knew he should not be anywhere with his senpai alone or he would act like an idiot.

He waited until he had a chance to talk to Kikumaru-senpai alone. This could take some time as he was surrounded by people as usual. Finally his senpai went to brush his teeth before they had to go back to class and literally dragged Momoshiro with him into the bathroom. "Hoi?" He said around a mouthful of toothpaste looking at him reflected in the mirror, "You're better now?"

"Yeah, much better. Thanks Kikumaru-senpai." His senpai smiled a little wider at him in the mirror as he kept brushing, "Senpai? I'm sorry but I can't go with you after practice. I forgot I promised my Mom I would come straight home and do the yard work today that I didn't do over the weekend. If I don't I'll be in trouble. Can we go some other time?" This was true but Momoshiro promised his Mom this everyday. He just knew he needed some time to sort out these weird feelings away from his senpai. Far away.

Now Kikumaru-senpai turned to look at him. It was like he was making sure Momoshiro was all right. He shrugged, "Hoi." He spit and rinsed. "Whenever." He put his things away and said, "Nya, remember, if you ever want to talk, just come to your big brother Momo-chan!" He winked and made a "V" with his fingers and the two walked out and on their separate ways to their classes. Momoshiro could not stop thinking of his white teeth, his lips wet from the water, and the rush of mint smell from the toothpaste as he said his nickname. This was bad.

He just wanted to get through the rest of the day and the practice. It was not easy. He had to stay a few moments after his last class to help a teacher carry some heavy books so he was late getting to practice and changed. As he walked into the tennis club room he passed some girls who were there to watch the practice. This was nothing new but what was new was one of them was Naomi. Momoshiro looked everywhere for his ex-girlfriend too but she didn't seem to be there. Only Naomi was with some other Hyoutei girls. They saw Momoshiro, put their heads together whispered and talked low, and he heard them laughing loudly at him as he walked by. They knew. They knew and were making fun of him. They had come there to make fun of him.

He was upset as he started to change. Angry at that Naomi girl for being such a jerk. Angry at his now ex-girlfriend Shiori for being friends with such a jerk and being a jerk to him with the note. It wasn't fair that she made him worry. It wasn't fair that he would probably have to run laps for being late in front of the girls who were laughing at him. This was not his fault. It wasn't fair. He didn't understand why any of this was happening. He was very tired, angry, upset, and felt like crying. He threw his shirt down to the floor in anger when he had unbuttoned it. "Momo-chan?"

Momoshiro turned and blushed as he saw Kikumaru-senpai and Fuji-senpai were standing behind him. They must have seen him upset. "Ne, Momoshiro, what's wrong?" Fuji senpai asked and looked concerned.

Momoshiro looked at Kikumaru-senpai, "Its nothing." Neither of his senpais moved. "My ex-girlfriend's friend, Naomi, that girl? She's here with a bunch of her friends. They're all laughing at me. I'm late. I had to help a teacher. I'll probably have to run laps and they're all going to laugh at me." He tried to shrug it off but couldn't. He blushed more and felt like crying. He did not want to walk out of the club room.

Kikumaru-senpai sat down. "Nya. I'll wait for you. You run, I run." He shrugged.

Fuji-senpai sat down also. "Ne, we'll all walk out together. You won't have to run, but if you do, I will too."

"Senpais you don't..." Momoshiro started but he saw they would no matter how he protested. He was completely grateful. So he hurried, throwing on his clothes. "Thanks. I'm ready."

Kikumaru-senpai looked him up and down. "Nya yet. Fujiko, can I borrow a marker?"

Fuji-senpai looked in his bag "Sure, any particular color?"

"Hoi. Red." Fuji handed him the marker. Kikumaru-senpai smiled wide. He walked up to Momoshiro and took his right arm. He turned it over so the inside of his arm was up. He smiled evilly and drew a huge heart on the inside of Momoshiro's wrist. He colored it in. Momoshiro watched his face. His senpai bit his lip in concentration as he colored the heart in. The sight of his even white teeth cutting into his soft full bottom lip disoriented Momoshiro for a moment. Then his senpai started writing large numbers down his arm. A phone number. He made another heart at the other end at his elbow joint and colored it in. His senpai held Momoshiro's arm up to his mouth and blew on it. He concentrated blowing on the last heart to dry it. Momoshiro sucked in his breath at the feel of his senpai's breath on his skin. "Hoi. There. What do you think Fujiko?"

"Ne, Eiji, I hope that marker isn't toxic..." Fuji started saying.

"Nya! Its fine. Momo-chan, its my cell phone number if you ever want to call me change the last two numbers around. I switched them." Momoshiro looked at his arm and the hearts and his senpai and was utterly confused. His senpai laughed. "Nya! We know its my number switched, but those girls and the rest of the tennis club don't! Now you're ready! Let's go! Practice!"

They only had to do ten laps for being late and all three ran together. Momoshiro flushed scarlet as several tennis club members remarked loudly about the blazingly obvious girl's phone number on that freshman's arm. It was on the arm Momoshiro used to play and the number blazed with his every movement. Everyone talked. Momoshiro? Didn't he just have a girlfriend? And didn't he leave the other day with two girls? Arai must have told them about the girls they both fooled around with and their party on Friday. Momoshiro didn't hear what he said, but saw a crowd gathered around Arai and everyone turned to look at Momoshiro.

Then on their second lap, the Hyoutei girls noticed the phone number too. Naomi gasped as she saw it and the hearts. She pointed it out to her friends who all remarked loudly about it. Momoshiro noticed that Naomi then gathered her things and left. His instinct had been right. For some reason, she had only gone there to make trouble for him. To make fun of him. He had no idea why or what he had ever done to her.

As for the rest of the Hyoutei girls, they no longer made fun of him or laughed but instead they screamed at him. They called him a dog, a cad, and worse, much worse. Even though it was Naomi who had started everything and Shiori who broke up with him they yelled at him. Momoshiro knew this was not his fault and the girls were making idiots of themselves yelling at him as he and his two senpais ran past. At first he was really embarrassed until he saw both senpais shaking with laughter over Kikumaru-senpai's number on his arm creating such havoc as they ran. He soon started laughing with them. It was pretty funny if he thought about it. By the next lap with the girls rabidly screaming at him, the entire tennis practice ground to a halt as the girls yelled on and on about him. Vice Captain Tezuka walked up to the girls and must have informed them that they would have to leave.

Kikumaru-senpai said softly so only the two of them could hear, "Hoi, think he'll make them run laps?" Vice Captain Tezuka was commanding enough to order them and expect his orders followed. All three of them laughed harder thinking of the rabid angry girls running.

The remaining Hyoutei girls gathered their things and left and Momoshiro felt better for the first time in days as he ran and laughed along with his senpais. After practice as he went to go straight home, he passed the tennis courts. He saw Kikumaru-senpai and Oishi-senpai playing. He had seen Kikumaru-senpai do some acrobatic plays before but nothing like this. The guy was incredible throwing himself through the air and landing hard, laughing, and then getting back up and playing more. He knew from this morning that Kikumaru-senpai was solid but right then he looked like he weighed nothing. He looked like he was flying. Momoshiro was aware that in his awe of watching him play he had crossed to the fence and was standing there staring. He was not the only person watching.

"Mn. They're good aren't they?" Momoshiro felt rather than saw Fuji-senpai speaking in a soft voice right by his ear. Fuji-senpai had a habit of standing uncomfortably close when he talked to you sometimes.

Momoshiro kept his eyes fixated on Kikumaru-senpai and said softly, "Incredible."

"Ah." Fuji-senpai said as if he had just solved a problem. He took a half step even closer which Momoshiro did not even think was possible. Momoshiro casually backed a little away from the fence. "Are you going home now, Momoshiro?" The tensai said softly in his ear. It was like Fuji-senpai was purring to him.

"Y...yes Fuji-senpai, I have to get the yard work done today or my Mom will be really mad." Momoshiro took another step back now focusing only on Fuji-senpai who again stepped forward and stood too close still. The tensai was smiling but Momoshiro knew enough to know that he always had a purpose and could be dangerous if things did not go his way. He was one guy you did not want to get on the bad side of.

"Mn. Then I'll walk with you a while." Fuji-senpai took another half step forward and he and Momoshiro walked away.

So Momoshiro went home. To his parents shock he did the yard work. He worked hard and thought harder while he did it.

Interestingly enough, his now ex-girlfriend Shiori called him that night. She said she was sorry. She had told Momoshiro early on that most of the Hyoutei cheerleaders were assigned a tennis club member as a 'boyfriend'. At the time she said it really meant nothing. Because the club was so large, only the better guys were assigned a girl. The girls were called the guy's girlfriends. It was a big status thing to be assigned a guy who made regulars. The girls were more like a sister than a real girlfriend most of the time however. Shiori had even giggled when she told him and said some of the guys were even dating each other and no one was supposed to know but everyone did. It was a big secret. If the school had a dance or a function, the guys always took their assigned "girlfriend".

His girlfriend now told him that she was assigned a freshman guy. He was good, a very nice guy, and a strong player with a really fast serve. But she explained she was not really dating him. She lied in her note because she said she was mad. In fact, she told him she had only barely ever spoken to him and he told her flat out he was not interested in dating her or anyone else.

Shiori said he had a good chance of being made a regular next year, his junior year and her senior. It would be a huge boost in her popularity. Her friend Naomi was assigned to Atobe who was their team's Vice Captain this year and would be their Captain next year. Naomi and Atobe explained to her that Hyoutei should only date within Hyoutei at least during the school year.

Shiori had gone to tell Momoshiro the last time she saw him alone but couldn't because she loved him. She even said she forgave him for having sex with her friend Naomi. They had all been drinking and she knew how Naomi could be. Shiori said she was not supposed to be dating Momoshiro but she missed him. Maybe there was a way? Maybe Momoshiro wanted to keep dating in secret? Maybe he would agree to meet her and they could talk? As long as no one ever found out they could keep dating each other but Shiori warned that if anyone found out, it could be bad.

She sounded hopeful and said she missed him. She told him she loved him again and again.

Momoshiro was shocked.

Then he told her flat out no. Shiori had really hurt his feelings, her friend Naomi was a jerk to Momoshiro, and he wouldn't date anyone in secret. Someone who loved you wouldn't treat you as bad as she had treated him. Shiori cried which upset Momoshiro but he would not change his mind. Shiori even asked him if there was someone new because her friends told her about the girl's phone number on his arm.

He thought for a moment about his senpai and his scary urge to kiss him. He took a deep breath, "No. It doesn't matter anymore. You were right. Hyoutei should date Hyoutei and Seigaku should date Seigaku."

"Momo-kun, are we still friends, can we at least still be friends?" She cried a little after she asked.

Momoshiro thought a moment about that and about how badly she had treated him. How terrible all this had been. He suspected that if her friends had not told her about the phone number on his arm, he might never have heard from her again. "I think we're the kind of friends that say hello if we bump into each other somewhere, but that's all. Friends don't treat each other as bad as you treated me. I'm sorry for what happened with your friend and if that hurt you but we are still over."

Momoshiro knew this call only came because of that phone number on his arm. Shiori was jealous, not in love, and her friend was trouble. Without that number, Naomi and her friends would have shredded Momoshiro in front of the entire tennis club. In front of Kikumaru-senpai.

That really made Momoshiro angry and he was surprised about how angry he felt. He wished her good luck and got off the phone as soon as possible.

He stayed up late that night thinking even though he was exhausted. In the morning he scrubbed his arm and even tried to wash the last of the marker off with rubbing alcohol. A red stain still remained and he would hear about it from the guys until it was gone but it made him smile. He came hard in the shower thinking about soft full smiling lips, straight white teeth, strawberry gum, and his senpai blowing softly on his skin.

For the next several weeks, he tried to just watch Kikumaru-senpai and sort out how he felt. He tried to avoid him. It was not easy. Kikumaru-senpai would appear out of nowhere and joke with him and Momoshiro had to act as if nothing had changed because he knew for his senpai nothing had. Only for him.

Even avoiding him was difficult because when he didn't see him, he missed him. Kikumaru-senpai was hurt and out of school for a week and Momoshiro found he really missed him. The rumor was that Oishi-senpai hit him on purpose. Momoshiro knew Oishi-senpai would never do anything like that. The day Kikumaru-senpai returned he showed up at Saturday practice with Oishi-senpai and everything seemed fine again. Momoshiro knew rumors always got out of hand.

There were a lot more rumors surrounding Kikumaru-senpai, Fuji-senpai, and Oishi-senpai over the next week. It was confusing as every time Momoshiro saw them at practice or at school they seemed to be together and laughing even though they rumors said Fuji-senpai was being beat up by seniors and Oishi-senpai saved him. Kikumaru-senpai and Oishi-senpai were in trouble for a girl breaking into the school to see them. Oishi-senpai was supposed to be sent off to another school if he didn't make regulars. Momoshiro listened and watched from a distance and tried to sort out how he felt.

Momoshiro was popular with the girls in his freshman class. He was everyone's big brother and several girls came to him with crushes on Kikumaru-senpai. They described their feelings and Momoshiro wondered if that was all this was. Just a crush. Not a big deal. But then Ayase came to him crying.

She really liked Kikumaru-senpai. It was much more than a crush. Ayase was pretty and popular. Momoshiro always liked talking to her and could always find her near Kikumaru-senpai in the mornings before school talking to him. She even changed the ribbon in her hair to red to match his hair. She cried on Momoshiro's shoulder soaking his shirt in a wash of tears as she told him Kikumaru-senpai told her he had feelings for someone else. He was interested in someone. He liked someone.

Momoshiro burned with jealousy. For the first time in his life, he was truly jealous. For days he tried to find out which girl Kikumaru-senpai was seeing. No one apparently, because Momoshiro never saw him with a girl in that way. So either his senpai lied to Ayase or maybe Kikumaru-senpai had not told the girl he liked his feelings. He was an attractive guy and any girl in school would love to be dating him. Momoshiro watched him closely and tried to find out which girl his senpai liked by who he talked to. Most of the time though he talked to Oishi-senpai or Fuji-senpai. Momoshiro worried in despair that his senpai liked a girl who went to another school but no one showed up to watch him play tennis other than the usual girls. No one new. For all his watching Momoshiro found himself jealous and with no answers. It was then he realized he had to face facts.

He liked Kikumaru-senpai. He just didn't know how he liked him. Momoshiro knew what men who dated men did together but he wasn't thinking anything like that. What he thought while he watched him play tennis, or even when he watched his senpai shower is how much he would like to kiss him. To touch his skin. To make him laugh and smile. He watched as Kikumaru-senpai called out in the hallway to Oishi-senpai or Fuji-senpai and he found he wanted to be the one he called out to. The one he waited for and smiled at. He watched him warm up with Oishi-senpai or Fuji-senpai and he wanted to touch him like his friends did and have him touch him back. Momoshiro most of all wanted to kiss him. He liked kissing. Momoshiro knew he was good at kissing. He missed it. At night in his bed alone he came hard thinking about just kissing Kikumaru-senpai.

It bothered Momoshiro but he found the more he tried to not think about it, about him, the more he did. He even had wet dreams of kissing Kikumaru-senpai or about him blowing on his arm, holding him close, feeling his skin. Momoshiro figured he had better try to get this out of his system rather than ignore it. Ignoring it and hoping it went away was just making this worse. Momoshiro even considered getting kissing him over with. Maybe the kiss would be terrible or Kikumaru would push Momoshiro away and never talk to him again. That might be easier than this not knowing and fantasizing all the time about kissing him.

So that weekend after Saturday practice had been canceled and Momoshiro had basically had two days without Kikumaru-senpai around to think about him. He missed him. Momoshiro decided he had to act. He had to stupidly find a way to kiss him. Maybe in a way that it seemed like a joke just so he could know for sure and put an end to this worrying. Sunday afternoon, resolved and determined, he tried to come up with a plan to kiss him in a way that could be taken as a joke or a laugh. He was still trying to figure something out when his phone rang.

It was surprisingly Inui-senpai. Momoshiro had never really spoken to him before. He asked Momoshiro to meet with him and said he had something very urgent to discuss with him. Something that would help him with the tennis club.

Inui was his senpai so Momoshiro agreed.

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