Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Nine ~Inui~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

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Inui Sadaharu left the club Saturday night feeling utterly devastated. He allowed himself time to dwell on his feelings of depression, sorrow, loss, and misfortune. He allowed this for exactly 18 minutes. Then he began to plan his next move. Clearly, the data he had meticulously gathered on Tezuka and Fuji was incomplete. His calculations based on the facts were correct therefore if the results deviated from his predictions even slightly, then he had missed some vital information somewhere along the line.

Inui had been in love with Tezuka Kunimitsu since he first saw him play. At first Inui simply wanted to beat him. As time progressed he realized that what he wanted was to own him and be owned by him. He wanted Tezuka to look at him the way he looked when he played tennis. With all his focus and concentration turned towards Inui.

The way Tezuka had looked at Fuji tonight...

This end result of Tezuka, his Tezuka, and Fuji being together, like that, in public, meant that Inui had missed some very vital information indeed. He clearly had underestimated several variables during his calculations.

He allowed himself two minutes to berate himself after he concluded this. Any longer was a waste of time and any less and his distraught emotions would have possibly clouded his decision making process. He needed his head clear and his emotions left far behind.

Inui reached his home and turned on his computer. He would not be sleeping this evening as there was entirely too much work to be done and too many calculations to be run to even rest for a while. He started programming in the new data and adding it to his notes. No matter how many time he ran the numbers, he kept coming up with the wrong solution. He did not end up with Tezuka.

The data did not lie. He just needed a new perspective because he was not able to come up with any solution where he and not Fuji ended up with Tezuka.

He went to wash the smell of the club off him. He knew negative ions released in the shower statistically have been shown in studies to help improve thinking, mood, and logic processing of information. He turned the spray from the small tight intense blast he efficiently usually used into the full rainshower effect to maximize the ion output even though it utilized much more water in a wasteful manner. He was normally so conservative he concluded he could afford this slight indulgence especially if it helped to expand his focus and come up with a viable solution or even an option at this point because he saw no other way...

...expand his focus...

Inui jumped out of the shower not even half finished with shampoo still in his hair bubbling down him. He just remembered to grab a towel as his mother did not like it when he ran down the hall naked and dripping wet when an idea struck him in the past, even if, she insisted, it was after 6 am in the morning. He ran to his room, took the towel from around his waist, and wiped his arms down with it so he did not short out the computer or the keyboard--again.

He had to expand his focus.

He then went outside the parameters of the original problem to attempt to devise an acceptable new outcome. He made a new list. It would involve several other parties, however, logically it was the best solution for everyone now involved. It was a complected plan but it could work with a generous allowance of a 2 percent flux and a 92 percent degree of certainty...in his favor!

It meant a lot of changes in the Seigaku tennis club and there were many variables that had to be nailed down or else they could potentially botch up his plans. He worked now, no longer tired, to isolate those variables from having any effects in the long run. Kikumaru Eiji was a potential problem by the nature of his sheer erratic and often seemingly unpredictable behavior. Inui knew he just had to work a little harder and he would be able to see even Kikumaru's patterns emerge. Everyone had patterns, people who were supposedly unpredictable could be very predictable once you gathered enough information on them.

Next there was Fuji. The tensai could be a potential and dangerous problem as he was probably the only one who could not only figure out Inui's scheme, but put a stop to it. Fuji also had a vested interest as he was the one who currently seemed to hold Tezuka in his hand. Inui swore that it would not last. Inui knew though that he would have to work very hard to keep Fuji busy so that his behind the scenes plans did not go noticed by the tensai.

Oishi Shuuichirou was less of a problem. He was very predictable but was also potentially unstable if more than he could handle came his way. He would have to be gently prodded in the direction Inui needed him to go.

Kawamura Takashi was reserved but obedient. Inui was certain he could work with him.

Momoshiro Takeshi was highly emotional and like Kikumaru could act rashly. Inui would have to account for that into his plan also.

Most important of all was Kaidoh Kaoru. He had to be perfect. The perfect temptation at the perfect time.

Then everyone would fall into place like dominoes. Dominoes who changed partners to line up according to Inui's plans. Even if after everything was over, Fuji or someone else happened to figure it out, Inui determined that on one hand they would look like an insane conspiracy theorist spinning webs that did not exist. And on the other hand, they would be so much happier in their new relationships that they would probably come to Inui and thank him. Inui mused that he should start a computer dating service if this works out well. Logically, he could be a very wealthy man in a very short amount of time and all his clients would be logically happy.

Data does not lie.

Inui spent the next several hours outlining everything he would need to progress and implement his plan into action. It all had to be started immediately. Inui noticed the time. It was early afternoon. He called Kawamura, Momoshiro, and then Kaidoh and set up meetings for them. Separate of course as Momoshiro and Kaidoh were so volatile when put near each other. Inui made up a plan a and a plan B in case they all needed a little more convincing.

Inui went to finish his shower leaving enough time to make the "special tea" before Kawamura arrived.

Kawamura arrived precisely on time. It was ten in the morning. Inui noted this. He lead Kawamura into his room and went to bring in the tea he had made specially for each of them. He made very certain to give the right glass to each of them. Inui noted that Kawamura seemed nervous but politely accepted the tea.

"Inui...ano...what was it you needed to speak to me about?" Kawamura sipped some of his tea. He made a face and Inui noted that he would need to adjust the taste for the next time.

"Do you like the tea? Is it too bitter?"

"Ano...its fine...a little bitter...I guess...but nice...thank you..."

"Ah." Inui said and noted Kawamura's reaction. "Kawamura, I need to speak to you about the tennis club if I may?" Inui adjusted his glasses.

"Tennis club?"

"Yes, I notice that you are particularly close to Fuji. I was wondering if you perhaps have feelings for Fuji?" Inui sat back to wait for Kawamura's response.

He was shocked by what happened next. Kawamura rose to his feet in a single motion. "Fuji is my friend!" He said loudly. "I do not have feelings for Fuji! I am not attracted to Fuji!"

He then sat down as if nothing happened and blinked. "Tennis club?"

Inui's mouth hung open. No sound could come out. He was not even sure how to record Kawamura's response in his logs. He closed his mouth. "Erm..." Inui started to say and then stopped. He had no idea what the hell that just was but had suspicions. He decided to try once more although he physically backed away from Kawamura a little after asking again. "Kawamura, do you have feelings for Fuji?"

Again, Kawamura jumped to his feet and yelled. Although this time was even louder, "Fuji is my friend! I do not have feelings for Fuji! I am not attracted to Fuji!"

He then sat down and blinked. "Tennis club?"

Inui was intrigued. It was as if someone put a password on a computer page. He thought of a possible way to hack in, "Kawamura what are your feelings about playing doubles with Fuji? Your feelings about playing with Fuji? Your feelings about Fuji?"

Kawamura even louder jumped up and yelled, "Fuji is my friend! I do not have feelings for Fuji! I am not attracted to Fuji!" This time he did not sit back down. Louder and louder and over and over he yelled "Reset! Reset! Speed dial number three! Reset! Reset! Speed dial number three!"

Inui picked up Kawamura's cell phone dreading what speed dialed number three would bring him. He was correct in his theory he noted as a very sleepy sounding Fuji answered on the second ring. "Yes, this is Fuji..." Clearly the tensai could hear Kawamura's noise in the background. "Who is this?"

"Fuji...this is Inui."

"Inui? What did you say to Taka-san?" The tensai sounded amused. Inui was annoyed. Kawamura's yells were getting louder and louder. "Ah, first Inui, hand him the phone." Inui did.

Kawamura listened to the phone. He instantly stopped yelling. He stood there mute and unblinking for a moment and then robotically handed the phone back to Inui. He stood there like a statue. Inui was tempted to check to see what Kawamura's pulse rate was in this state. He just barely resisted the urge to collect data on this phenomenon and instead spoke into the phone. "Yes?"

Immediately after he spoke, Kawamura started counting slowly, "One...two...three..."

"Inui, Taka-san is on standby mode, when he gets to one hundred it will be even worse than before. Much, much worse. Now you must tell me what exactly did you say to Kawamura and why?"

"I..." Inui had a sense of being in imminent danger so he went with the safest sounding answer, "I asked him about how he felt about playing doubles with you, Fuji." Inui tried to say it as if stressed out. Fuji he had noticed, enjoyed placing people in stressful situations. It was not hard to sound upset as Kawamura had counted to thirty nine already by the time Fuji answered.

"Ah." Fuji said and waited a moment. "Why?"

"I am speaking to several tennis club members this week. I feel the two of you would make good doubles partners. Even though I am not a regular at the moment I am making several suggestions to the Coach and the Captain regarding training." This was true, at least most of it was. Inui carefully monitored the stress in his own voice. Kawamura was on seventy eight.

"Ah. All right. Inui, please do not ask Kawamura anything about me ever again. For your own sake. Do you understand me? Because next time might go even...worse."

"I understand Fuji." Eighty nine.

"Thank you Inui. I do appreciate it." Ninety one.

"F...Fuji!" Ninety-four.

"Yes? Was there something else you needed Inui?" Ninety seven. "Oh, I am sorry. I'd forgot. Then please hand Kawamura the phone and have a pleasant morning." Ninety nine...

Inui handed him the phone quickly and did not bother to say good bye. Kawamura took a big breath in just as the phone reached his ear. He blinked twice and hung up the phone. He sat back down as if nothing had ever happened. "Inui...ano...what was it you needed to speak to me about?"

Inui felt sweat breaking out on his forehead and his hands shook. He knew he would have to reconfigure the data and leave Kawamura out. And find a way to distract Fuji completely. "H...how is your tea?" Inui asked lamely. He realized his hands were still shaking slightly. Kawamura took another sip and made a face. The same one he made before.

"Here Kawamura, try mine, please. Sorry, I gave you mine by accident."

Kawamura obediently took a sip. "Oh this is much better. Thanks. So..."

Kawamura blinked at him. Inui struggled to think of something to talk about. Something. Anything. Oh no. Anything but that. Inui regretfully said the only thing he could possibly think of that would make Kawamura talk and feel comfortable. "Kawamura, I...I've noticed we don't get to talk much in school or...or tennis. You started to say something interesting about your parents being demanding. I...I was hoping we could talk about it. As...as friends."

"Oh? Really? Are your parents demanding too?"

"Y...yes." Inui mentally kicked himself and braced as the inevitable conversation happened. Sometimes Inui wished data did lie.

"Well, my Dad is really demanding and my Mom is really strict..."

Inui half listened for the next hour and a half. He finally got Kawamura to leave just in time for Momoshiro to arrive. He went to make more tea and decided that this time he would be much more careful.

Fifteen minutes after arriving, Momoshiro was storming out of Inui's room. "Keh! Forget it Inui-senpai. This is wrong! Just...wrong! I'm very sorry but I will not help you with this! There is no way...!"

"Ah. Even if I threaten to tell the rest of the tennis club your feelings for Kikumaru?" Inui watched Momoshiro's reaction. He went from being red in the face from blushing to furious a few seconds sooner than Inui had anticipated. Inui half braced for the possible fist that would come with a 97 percent probability towards his left cheek by the corner of his lip. He had only figured there was a one in seven chance that this would happen. He increased the possibility to one in four seeing Momoshiro's agitated response.

Momoshiro turned his back on Inui instead just inside the door. He said very quietly and cold with his hands bunched into fists, "Inui-senpai, I should warn you that you are getting me angry. Do not threaten me. I could just as easily go to them and tell them what you're planning. In fact, its probably what I should do."

"Ah. But you won't. If you intended to do that Momoshiro, you would have already left by now. My plan has a 92 percent chance of success. The small amount of heartbreak at first will be forgotten as the inevitable shifting of partners occurs. Shifting that will result in stronger, happier relationships. I invite you to think it over and let me know your answer tomorrow."

"My answer, Inui-senpai, will still be no. It's wrong. I care about the guy, I'm not going to..."

"There is more thing I haven't yet told you Momoshiro."

"I don't want to hear any..."

"Kikumaru has been dating Oishi. They're lovers, Momoshiro."

Inui watched as Momoshiro turned to look at him in shock. "Wh...what!" Momoshiro stared at Inui. "No. No! You're wrong! You're mistaken! You're just saying this because you want me to go along with your crazy plans! I don't know how you knew what I was thinking or how I feel but there is no way..."

"Its the truth Momoshiro. I am sorry that I have to be the one to tell you this. I saw them last night dancing, holding hands, and kissing. They went home together and spent the weekend together alone at Oishi's. According to my data, Oishi's family is away most weekends. They are lovers, Momoshiro. They haven't been together for very long, their relationship is new, but they are dating. They are a couple."

Momoshiro turned a little away and looked down. He looked dizzy and sick.

And heartbroken.

Momoshiro said very quietly, "Why are you doing this Inui-senpai? What's in it for you? What are you after?" Inui-senpai felt surprised by the questions. Good questions still posed even after a major emotional upset. Momoshiro did not seem as smart as he perhaps was. Inui would have to add this into his data later.

"Simple." Inui-senpai said and adjusted his glasses. "I win the person I love and you win the person you have feelings for. Everyone ends up happy."

Inui knew Momoshiro probably noticed Inui did not say love for Momoshiro's feelings. Momoshiro was not up to admitting the full extent of his feelings at this point. However, Inui knew he was one hundred percent dead on about how Momoshiro truly felt.

Momoshiro turned away, and he swayed slightly. The tea had finally hit his system and he had not had the countering an-tea-dote tea yet. Momoshiro's voice sounded thick like he was drunk and he slurred, "S...sorry, no, s'no way...I won't..."

Inui caught him as he slumped down. He lay Momoshiro out on his floor and sighed. He had two huge problems. No Momoshiro and no Kawamura. The plan without Momoshiro and Kawamura had only a 86 percent chance of success and a 4 percent variation either way. Not as good odds but still fairly certain.

Inui would have to see what Kaidoh said before deciding to proceed. The plan could not work at all without Kaidoh. It never could. He decided Kaidoh also might require a more personal touch. Inui did not have complete data on him yet but would get it soon enough.

Inui sat at his computer to figure out the exact percentages now that he had more data and to input the data he had gathered from Momoshiro and Kawamura into each of their files cross referenced with Fuji's and Kikumaru's. The timer went off by his desk. He got out his written plan B, disposed of the now useless plan A, and sat at the table exactly one minute before Momoshiro woke up. "Momoshiro?" Inui asked as he saw him stir.

Momoshiro groaned and shook his head. "Wha...?" He sat up too fast and fell back.

"Momoshiro!" Inui caught his head before it hit his floor with a thud. He helped him sit up slower. "Momoshiro? Are you all right? When is the last time you ate?"

"W...what happened? Where am I?" Momoshiro looked confused. "Inui-senpai! How did I...?" His dose may have been too strong. Momoshiro might not even remember coming over. This was good and bad, for Inui certainly did not want him remembering anything they discussed.

"Its all right Momoshiro. Tell me, what's the last thing you remember?"

"I...you...tea?" Momoshiro came up with lamely and shook his head. He then said quietly, "...And I wanted to hit you for some reason?"

Oh? Inui was impressed. There was more to Momoshiro than he seemed. "I was talking to you on ways to increase your strength and stamina in tennis and you slumped over. Perhaps you had a dream because we were talking about strength? When is the last time you ate?"

"Strength? Stamina? Tennis?" Clearly Momoshiro was still in a fog.

"Of course. Why else would I want to talk to you?" Inui adjusted his glasses and reminded the freshman, "The last time you ate? Did you sleep well last night?"

"O...oh. I...I'm not sure when I ate. A while ago, I guess, and...no, I haven't been sleeping much lately..."

"Ah. Those combined could do that to you." It could also explain why the dosage seemed strong if Momoshiro hadn't slept or eaten in a while. "We can continue our discussion later. I will walk you home and perhaps we stop off to get you something to eat? My treat. Burgers?" Inui inwardly shuddered thinking of the processed food, chemicals, and additives he would have to ingest now.

It was unfortunate that Inui had no data showing that Momoshiro was so noble when it came to love. He seemed a very emotional, illogical person and yet, he was fair to a fault even in matters of the heart. It was an interesting addition to his data. Also the fact that Momoshiro had asked pertinent questions and under the influence of Inui's special tea. He was an interesting guy. He complicated Inui's plans but he was still interesting.

"Really? Thanks Inui-senpai!"

While watching Momoshiro ingest large amounts of chemically-laden and processed foods practically devoid of any nutritional value, Inui rethought his plans. He also ate. He consumed the bare minimum he could get away with and still seem sociable. Inui ate at that time also because it had been a while since he had last eaten and it was more efficient to not have to pause to eat later.

He considered seriously that it was entirely possible that Kaidoh, also being young and naive when it came to love, might lean towards the better part of noble as Momoshiro did. With Momoshiro out of the plans, Kaidoh was essential. In fact, even without his notes to refer to, Inui knew Kaidoh responded well to respect and social niceties no matter how gruff the guy's exterior seemed. Manners and propriety mattered to Kaidoh. Inui would have to work with that, and so perhaps a completely different approach would work better with Kaidoh.

Inui had underestimated Momoshiro but he also admittedly did not have a lot of data on the freshman. He had for some strange reason gathered meticulous data on Kaidoh. True, Kaidoh was good at tennis and would make regulars next year, but Inui's data on him went deeper than most of Kaidoh's fellow freshmen tennis club rivals. Inui felt, though the statistics and data were not yet there, that Kaidoh was someone to watch. Someone worth closely watching.

Had anyone asked, and no one would, Inui found he could not say specifically why he had so closely watched him, just that he felt it was important that he did. Inui found this fascinating and often wondered if this was the first intuition he had ever had springing from an emotional assumption based on watching Kaidoh play or if the future data would bear his watching Kaidoh out. Then it could be that Inui was even more in tune with his data and able to make leaps in hypotheses without doing the calculations beforehand than he realized. It would be a nice change of pace as so often lately it seemed no matter how much information he gathered, it never seemed to be enough. Especially when the data gathered was on Tezuka.

The Vice Captain was always one step ahead.

Inui walked Momoshiro home making sure he was all right and listening to the first year babble on about his troubles with Kaidoh. Inui listened patiently and sifted through the volumes of information freely given by Momoshiro out of friendship for his senpai. Inui had a twinge of guilt until a new option presented itself. Perhaps there was still a way to indoctrinate Momoshiro into his plans as an accessory. Perhaps he could be a supporting member instead of having a lead role. Inui changed subjects and asked, "So, since your last girlfriend, you really haven't dated anyone? Isn't there anyone you're interested in? Anyone special Momoshiro?"

Momoshiro blushed as they passed under a street lamp. Inui would have to hurry home to meet Kaidoh in time for their appointment. Momoshiro stammered out, "I...well...there's..."

"Perhaps," Inui suggested just to make sure and test his newest theory, "your situation is like mine? There is someone I am interested in but I am not sure if they are interested in me?"

Momoshiro looked surprised, "O...oh. Well...something, sort of like that...I guess..."

Inui pressed further figuring he had exactly 4 minutes left to wrap this up and leave either way it went, "Its very difficult seeing the person I like everyday and not being able to say anything."

Momoshiro looked at his feet, "It...it is..." He said quietly after a moment.

Inui mirrored Momoshiro's earlier comments back to him. "I haven't said anything because I'm not sure about my feelings and also, it never seems to be the right time."

Momoshiro dropped his jaw and nodded, "Yeah..." He said it in a breathy sigh of astonishment as if Inui could see into his heart. Inui felt a second twinge of guilt and shut it down. Guilt was illogical. Guilt did not truly exist. All was fair in love and war.

Inui sighed. "I really wish some opportunity or perfect time came up." Inui adjusted his glasses. "It would be a relief to share my feelings with the person I have feelings for." Momoshiro nodded again, "If only there was a way I could be certain I could win their heart."

Inui watched surprised again as Momoshiro's face clouded over suddenly. "Inui-senpai, if things are meant to be, then they are meant to be. You can't force feelings. Things just have to take their own natural path."

Momoshiro gave a lopsided, boyish grin. "You can't logically fall in love Inui-senpai. There are no guarantees. Sometimes you have to take a chance. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you lose. That's why it's so much fun." He turned towards his house and Inui struggled to dispute Momoshiro's emotional and irrational statements even if only to himself. He did not have time to argue with the freshman.

But he found to his amazement he could not resist asking, "So Momoshiro, that is what you will do? Take a chance knowing you can lose?"

He turned back to Inui and smiled as if realizing something wonderful, "You know, I think I will. Thanks Inui-senpai for the food and for the talk. Good night!"

He went inside and never looked back.

Inui stood there thirty seven seconds longer than necessary wondering after him.

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