Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter One ~Oishi~

A/N: Learning to Land is the continuation of the story Learning to Fall. As the story picks up exactly where Learning to Fall left off, it is  strongly advised that Learning to Fall be read first for background and history.

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi lay on his bed next to Eiji. "Eiji, I'll give you the exact same test I've given to everyone else. All right?"

"Ho..hoi. That's fair. I'm ready." Eiji was so nervous he was nearly shaking with unspent energy. He nearly hummed with current like a live wire.

"Just relax and be yourself. I'm sure you'll do fine. All right?" Oishi asked.

"Hoi Oishi." Eiji looked like he did when he was determined to beat Tezuka and Fuji at tennis.

So adorable... Oishi thought and then said, "I'm starting."

Oishi was almost overwhelmed with love for him. Eiji was doing all this, taking this crazy kissing test, even though it was completely unnecessary, just to be with him. Oishi lay next to him, a little more on top like always. He touched Eiji's hair and his face softly with his hand.

Eiji was so nervous he was sweating slightly and he bit his bottom lip. Then Eiji noticed he was doing this and he stopped. He went to nervously touch his hair which was all disheveled after their unfinished shower and then stopped. He put his hands at his sides where Eiji put Oishi's when Eiji wanted control. He wiggled his toes for a moment and then stopped when he realized.

Eiji did not do well being still, especially when he was nervous, but he was trying with all his heart.

Oishi put his hand softly on his face, he looked at him, looked in his eyes for a long moment, and then slowly brought their lips together.

Oishi held Eiji's face and kissed him as he did their first time. Back then it was when he was just showing his best friend how to kiss. Oishi then was just showing him and at the same time, he was trying to convince himself that his pounding heart, his not wanting to let Eiji go, his not wanting to stop kissing Eiji meant nothing. Now, Eiji was his boyfriend and Oishi loved him with all his heart.

Their relationship was new. Very new. They had only just made love to each other for the first time over this past very dramatic and emotional weekend. It was Sunday morning, early Sunday morning, and Oishi guessed Eiji was feeling insecure and needed reassurances. So did Oishi, he realized in that moment. Eiji was the first person Oishi had ever loved. Oishi was the first person Eiji loved and the first person he had ever dated.

There were a lot of small and large changes they would have to make. Also a lot to overcome, not only were they young and newly in love but also they were both guys, both new to dating another guy, both best friends, both in junior high together, and both on the tennis team together. All of this was new, unfamiliar, and scary and exciting all at once.

Oishi realized that a little while ago, while they were showering after making love, Eiji had basically picked a fight with him. He had felt upset and insecure and that was what someone in Eiji's family did when they were uncomfortable. His family was large and loud and freely expressed their every emotion from joyous to anger. They fought to clear the air over things that bothered them both big and small, and then after a big passionate fight even over nothing big they made up. They hugged and kissed and loved as fiercely as they fought. After it was over they were closer than ever. Oishi realized that Eiji would have eventually fought with him today no matter what because in a way, Eiji needed to. It would make him and thus them feel better and closer after it was all over.

But Oishi's family was almost the opposite. They barely spoke about their true feelings let alone fought. They were passive-aggressive at best sometimes going weeks without speaking over anything that offended each other. His dominating, over-bearing father ruled his house with an iron fist. His father was stern and closed-minded. More apt to mock or settle an argument with his fist than with his heart. It was just the way things were there.

Oishi wanted to love Eiji the best he could and he wanted Eiji to feel secure in them. Oishi realized he would do and say anything true and necessary to make Eiji feel good and reassured. So he had answered every question Eiji posed to him after they fought. From when Oishi first felt he had feelings of more than a friend for Eiji to telling Eiji each and every girl, Oishi had kissed or done more with. He had told him as embarrassed as he was by it all because he loved him.

Next Eiji wanted to take and pass Oishi's kissing test. Oishi had not even been aware that he had a kissing test. In truth, he didn't. He was totally perplexed when Eiji first mentioned it and insisted Oishi give it to him. Eiji even insisted that he was the only one who could pass it.

Oishi realized that all that happened all those times he supposedly gave a kissing test was just him deeply kissing a girl. Just a nice fun exploratory kiss that was not in any hurry to go anywhere. Oishi loved kissing. Even then. Then he liked it even more than any other fooling around. He enjoyed the beginning of a new crush and the first times kissing a girl even more than he actually liked dating her. Dating for Oishi had been a big let down. He would be high for days or weeks when he first liked someone and then rapidly discover he had little in common with the girl he had been so sure he completely liked and adored.

The girl he had been so into a little while ago would almost instantly lose all her charm as he got to know her as a real person. He wanted the fantasy person and the real person never seemed to live up to his expectations. Oishi would be disappointed and then feel guilty as he again and again found he had to let the girl down and break up with her. He would recover only when he found a new crush and the pattern would repeat itself over and over again. Realizing this now, he felt terrible.

Maybe, because he had not been looking to date Eiji or a guy friend at all, Oishi thought he had been able to come into the relationship with no expectations. Then he realized that was wrong. Eiji had in a short amount of time gotten to really know Oishi better than Oishi really knew himself. Eiji knew the real person Oishi was and Oishi really knew Eiji. Eiji was always himself. There was no pretty facade that hid a very different person once you got to know him. Eiji was exactly as he seemed to be when you first met him, in fact he was even better the closer you got to know him. Only then did you realize how real, how smart, and how loving a person he was. Add to that, Oishi mused, that Eiji really cared about him, loved him, and they shared many of the same interests. They were good together. They just clicked, in most ways, even sexually. Even with something that seemed as small and insignificant as a kiss.

Somehow without realizing it, Oishi had ended up in a way with a kissing test. Though it was nothing he consciously did, it mattered to him. Oishi would in the course of getting to know a girl, in dating her, kiss her slow and long. Oishi loved kissing. He was very good at it and had done it quite often with quite a number of girls. For as cold and unaffectionate as Oishi's family was, he turned out very warm and loving. He craved the physical contact and affection. He enjoyed that you could tell so much about a person from a kiss and could give and receive so much pleasure from such a sweet and simple act. So he explored.

The trouble was, that he found he was not compatible with most of the girls he had kissed. Even ones he really thought he liked. Many girls during a long slow kiss wanted Oishi to hurry up. They tried to set the pace and push him to do much more than kiss him. They tried to take the kiss and their emotions too far too fast. These were the aggressive girls that after one or two dates were telling Oishi that they loved him. That they wanted to sleep with him. They expected him to fall all over them and be their boyfriend. They wanted to basically seduce him into being theirs.

Oishi realized just by kissing them that he was not in love with them, did not want to take things farther, and as soon as possible broke up with the girl. At the other end of the spectrum were the girls who while he kissed them just lay there. They were too scared or too submissive to move. They also would too soon tell him they loved him and yet they were afraid to respond or be themselves. So they froze. Oishi as soon as possible broke up with them too. They barely knew him so how could they say they loved him?

Somehow it became a gossipy tale of Oishi having a kissing test. Ridiculous, but it happened with more than enough girls that even Eiji believed it. Oishi supposed in a way, it was true. He would kiss someone and realize they felt more for him than he felt for them, or that he didn't like them, and he would break up with them.

Eiji also believed he was the only one who could pass the so-called kissing test. Of course he could. Oishi loved him and he loved Oishi. Eiji would respond to the kiss and to Oishi perfectly. Their mouths and bodies fit together so perfectly. Eiji was convinced that Oishi needed to see that Eiji was for him and Oishi had no doubt in his mind they were meant to be together. Now he had to convince Eiji while Eiji tried to needlessly convince him. Oishi had to keep from smiling at how sweet and silly it all was at the same time.

Oishi touched their lips gently together, feeling Eiji's soft, warm lips on his own. Oishi savored the moment.

He took his time and pulled back just the smallest amount, just like when they first kissed. He did back then to further instruct Eiji. Eiji did not need Oishi to teach him anymore. Eiji again moved a just little forward so the contact was not broken. Eiji was hesitant, still nervous, but they each knew by now what the other loved best. Oishi deepened the kiss and slowly touched his tongue to Eiji's lips. He felt Eiji's lips part and he softly touched their tongues together.

Even after everything they had done, Oishi felt an electric charge flow through the both of them as their tongues touched. Oishi found that he gave an involuntary sigh of pleasure and he gently licked in Eiji's mouth as if he was still showing him how to do the same back. Eiji softly, slowly responded, but almost as if he just could not help himself. His arms went gently around Oishi and Oishi's went around him.

It was a slow, soft exploratory kiss. As if Eiji and his mouth was new to Oishi and not a place that felt like home. Eiji responded sweet and strong and Oishi heard Eiji give a little purring moan deep in his chest that cut through Oishi and turned his belly to fire. Even now, even after making love to each other and with each other pretty much all last night and this morning, Oishi wanted him again. He was surprised to find out much he wanted him even now when Oishi was sure he was sated and spent. He didn't think either one of them could physically make love again let alone come.

Eiji's responses were muted, hesitant still. Familiar but afraid. It was so silly and it meant so much to Eiji that Oishi was glad to indulge him. Kissing Eiji was never a bad thing.

Oishi gently ran his hand up the back of Eiji's hair. It was a sensitive spot that made Eiji give another little purring moan in his mouth and relax further into their kiss and Oishi's embrace. Oishi explored his teeth, his tongue, the roof of his mouth and then let Eiji do the same back to him as if they had not done this a hundred and more pleasurable times before this.

Eiji must have realized that he had taken control. Eiji was kissing Oishi and leading. He must have worried because he slowly pulled back and gave control of the kiss back to Oishi. He must have been thinking that the myth the gossip mongers said about the kissing test was, if you respond you fail and if you don't respond you fail. Eiji tensed up again. Oishi knew him. He kissed him a little more until he felt Eiji relax again.

He tried to think of what else Eiji said Oishi did during his kissing test. Oh, Eiji had said that Oishi would touch the girls all over. Oishi ran his hand softly down Eiji's sensitive neck and over to his nipple. He gently started playing with it, feeling it already harden under his fingertips.

Eiji gave a small sigh of pleasure and Oishi knew that by now, Eiji knew to wait and not press himself up into his hand as Oishi touched him. He started teasing Eiji's mouth while trailing his hand down his body. Feeling his soft skin, his muscles, his fine hairs.

He and Eiji were still only dressed in towels, though Eiji had just about lost his when he lay down earlier. Both of them still had some of the stickier waterproof lube on them from their fight interrupted shower earlier. Oishi ran his hand over Eiji's hip, down his strong leg, and his slid his hand softly up his inner leg. Eiji started responding to Oishi's touch. Trying to keep their tongues touching out of habit or pleasure Oishi was not sure. Eiji did not seem as hesitant now though. Oishi was enjoying this and enjoying him. Eiji put his tongue deeper into Oishi's mouth kissing him back. Oishi enjoyed the soft moan Eiji gave when Oishi gently sucked on his tongue.

Oishi smiled. Eiji kissed him back a little more using those light tongue flicks to tease Oishi back. Oishi had wondered where Eiji who had never really kissed before learned those. Oishi before jealously had wondered if their friend and fellow tennis club member Fuji had shown Eiji when Fuji had once kissed him.

Only now did Oishi realize that they were something he himself did. Eiji must have liked them and had adapted them into something of his own. Oishi really enjoyed them and it was a very nice discovery that Eiji had learned from him.

He moved his hand slowly up Eiji's inner thigh, over his testicles, lightly touching and feeling him, then over his hard shaft, to his sensitive and wet tip. Very wet. Oishi realized to his pleasure that during the long kiss, even when Eiji tried to not respond and resist, his body responded. He was completely turned on. A small pool of wetness had dripped onto his belly. Eiji must have not noticed yet and while Oishi was turned on, extremely so and even more turned on by discovering this, he did not want Eiji feeling embarrassed. So he kissed him more and enjoyed his responses.

He kissed him down his neck, and over to his sensitive ear. He played with his ear until he felt Eiji trembling with wanting to be touched more. He closed his hand around Eiji's erection and he heard Eiji sigh. Oishi stroked him once, tightly over his wet tip making him moan, and then Eiji must have remembered that he was taking a test.

He startled out of the kiss. "Ny..." Oishi kissed the rest of what he was going to say away.

"Ei-ji..." Oishi said and removed his towel so that their erections touched. Both of them moaned at the contact. "Kiss me? Touch me? Please?" Oishi nearly begged him.

Eiji went to say something, to remind Oishi that he was taking a test, and then he stopped as Oishi kept kissing him. Eiji pulled back though to look at Oishi, to see how turned on Oishi was just from kissing and touching him. "Oishi?" Eiji asked, still somehow a little worried and needing reassurances.

"Eiji, your boyfriend loves you and wants you to touch him. In all those kissing test rumors you heard, have you ever heard of me being aroused like this?" Eiji shook his head no and looked worried, "That's because you passed, Eiji. You're the only one who ever could." Oishi kissed him softly again, letting Eiji decide what he wanted to do.

Oishi knew they were too sore from making love to do that specifically again, but there were other things. Other things they had done early on that might be nice, if either of them could even come again. Oishi realized that he had never come so much in his life. Earlier he joked to himself that Eiji turned into a sex monster, not that this was a bad thing.

Now Oishi finally understood that Eiji had been so worried about all this that he had purposefully glutted both of them on sex. Probably Oishi realized to keep Oishi happy and hooked on him and also just in case they did breakup, Eiji did it to create memories to soothe his broken heart. As Oishi realized this, he found he loved him so much it almost broke his own heart.

Eiji slowly had started to move his hand down over Oishi, touching his erection lightly, hesitantly, and almost as if checking to make sure his boyfriend was serious and as turned on as he seemed to be. Eiji didn't need to check. Oishi was. He moaned as Eiji's hand closed around him. Eiji gave that slow blink when something turned him on a lot or when something touched his heart. Oishi kissed him again, wanting him, and wanting to be closer to him. Eiji sighed in pleasure and possibly relief as Oishi moved his hand on him again. "Hmm. I love you."

"I love you too, more than anything. Ever Eiji." Oishi reached over for the lube they usually used. It was much smoother than the sticky one for use with water. He spread a generous amount on both of them. He kissed Eiji, touched him with his hand, felt Eiji touching him, and they slid against each other knowing by now a perfect rhythm.

Eiji moaned loudly now as if he had been holding his reaction in for a while. He smiled at his own noise, and kissed Oishi back hungry. He gripped him perfectly and did that tight stroke over Oishi's tip as they kissed making Oishi moan in pleasure. Oishi thrust down as Eiji rocked his hips up to meet him. Eiji made those sweet whimpering noises he made when he was so close.

Oishi did the tight stroke over Eiji's tip making him whimper again. "Like this?" Oishi asked as he had their first time.

Eiji moaned, "Oh...yeah..." He did that tight stroke back to Oishi.



They both came hard, and at the same time, although very little, which made them both laugh as they kissed and caught their breath.

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