Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Two ~Oishi~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Oishi moved a little to his side that he didn't crush Eiji with his weight. "Better? Not worried?" He asked. Eiji shook his head no and smiled a little. He gave Oishi a series of little light kisses and Oishi kissed him back. Oishi loved how affectionate and sleepy Eiji was after he came.

Oishi smoothed back Eiji's hair which was the messiest he had ever seen it. He was surprised Eiji let him. Eiji looked down their bodies as if trying to figure out what happened. Oishi had to keep himself from laughing. "Too much making love." He explained. Eiji looked at him alarmed. "It's a good thing, yes?" Eiji bit his bottom lip and nodded, but still looked worried. "I don't think I've ever come this much in my life, have you?"

Eiji shook his head no and Oishi realized he had not spoken in a while.

"Are you okay?" Eiji shook his head yes. "Nothing hurts?" He shook his head no. "You were really worried about this weren't you?" Eiji shrugged and nodded but wouldn't meet Oishi's eyes as if saying how huge a deal this had been for him without the words. "Please, love, if anything like this ever come up or there is something that worries you, please talk to me? Eiji, I love you. You never have to worry or doubt how I feel about you. Even if we fight, I love you and we'll be together. All right?"

Eiji nodded and Oishi worried that he was no longer talking to him. Then finally Eiji did. "Hoi. Me too. I love you too...but my bed misses you already Oishi, nya." He pouted and held Oishi close.

"It'll be all right love." Oishi made a decision and hoped it was the right thing to do. "Can I tell you something? A secret? Some good news?" Eiji pulled back a little still pouting and with tears in his eyes to listen. "You're the first person I'm telling. The first one who knows this. I might have some good news. I was going to wait to tell you until I checked with my father to make sure I can but I think he'll agree. Yesterday after we played, Tezuka took me aside to talk to me while you talked to Fuji. Tezuka asked me to be Vice Captain next year. He wants me to start slowly now. This way even if I get dropped from regulars, my Father will probably let me still stay at Seigaku. It means that three days a week, Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I'll need to be at tennis even earlier than we get there. I'll have to unlock the club door and do some other things. But also, if you'd like on those days we can meet early and shower together in the morning even if we don't sleep next to each other the night before?"

Eiji went from sad, to startled, to annoyed, to excited, and then to smiling. "Nya, he did? You should have told me! Hoi! You think you're father will say yes? Why did Tezuka ask you? Why a Junior, nya? Isn't it supposed to be a Freshman who gets picked so there's a Senior and a Junior in charge next year? What will happen next year when they need to pick a new Captain and Vice Captain? Why didn't he pick Fujiko? Do you think Fujiko will be mad? Do you think I know before Fujiko? Is this what you want to do? Was this Tezuka's idea?"

Oishi laughed as Eiji peppered him with questions until Eiji laughed too. Oishi tried to take his questions on. "I think he asked me because our freshman year, we made a pact to go to nationals together. And I think he did it to keep me in Seigaku with my father. I also think it might be to help you and I see each other more because he feels bad still for Friday. He also said I am better at talking to people than he is and that my strengths and his are a good match for the team." Oishi looked at Eiji because he still wasn't totally sure about that part.

"Hoi. They are. You are much better at talking to people and taking care of everyone. Everyone likes you Oishi. Even me." Eiji said and kissed him. Then he laughed, "Hoi! My boyfriend is the Vice Captain of the tennis club!"

Oishi blushed at Eiji making fun of him. "Eiji! Don't make me make you run laps!"

Eiji laughed harder. "Nya! You're no Tezuka, Oishi!"

Oishi laughed, "You should be happy I'm not!"

Eiji met his mouth in a kiss, surprising Oishi who thought he would want to joke around more. He said very sweetly but very seriously, "Hoi, I am happy Oishi. I'm sorry, I was sad for a minute, my bed missed you, but really, I'm happy. Thanks for telling me."

"You're welcome. I'm happy too." Oishi smiled completely understanding and touched Eiji's face. He found his bandage was wet. "We need to change this, love." He said absently.

Eiji cocked his head to the side as if just now realizing the state they were in. "Oishi?" He said smiling, about to laugh, "I wasn't done showering."

Oishi laughed, "Neither was I. Come finish with me?"

"Hoi!" Eiji sprang up from the bed, pulled Oishi up, and kissed him when he was standing.

Oishi was glad Eiji remembered to turn off the water when he came chasing after him. Oishi in his haste totally had forgotten. This time, their shower was very perfunctory. Oishi noticed they had fallen into a habit of moving and handing each other what they would need without needing to ask or talk.

"Eiji?" Oishi asked while they were in the middle of this, "When did you figure out I didn't hate you?"

"Hoi? Oh, when Fujiko told me." Eiji dipped his hair back into the water. He must have decided it was a complete failure and to start over. He saw Oishi looking at him. "He talked about you and told me you didn't hate anyone. That you were really deep and worth getting to know."

"When was this?"

"Hoi. The morning after I spent the night at Fujiko's house, we were walking to practice. Nya, it was awkward. I didn't know what to say. I like Fuji as a friend and only a friend. I was trying to think of what to say when Fuji said, "Ne, Eiji, thank you for being such a good friend to me last night. I'm...I'm sorry if I offended you in any way and hope that you will still be my friend. Just my friend." Eiji had imitated the tensai's voice nearly perfectly. "Oishi! Nya, I didn't know what to say!"

"Nya I told Fuji of course I would be his friend. Then he asked me if I had ever kissed anyone before, like that. I told him sort of the truth, that girls had kissed me before but that I really wasn't good at it. Like I told you. Then Oishi I thought, nya! What if he thinks I want him to do it again! I was worried when he said, "Mn. Then you should practice Eiji, it can be a lot of fun." I thought he was going to suggest something and I was going to say no but before I could he said, "Ne, Eiji, I am sorry I kissed you last night. I shouldn't have. I hope you can forgive me and be my friend. I was, upset, and I took advantage of our friendship. I'm...sorry. Eiji, there is someone else that I have feelings for, but this person doesn't have feelings like that for me." Oishi, I thought he was going to cry. He looked...broken."

"I said to him, Fuji, Fujiko, I am your friend. You deserve to be happy. I am not upset, it was a very nice kiss, just nya to the right person, nya. If that person doesn't have feelings for you then you should let them go and be with someone else who will. Fujiko, everyone needs to be hugged sometimes, everyone. And sometimes it's only your friend there to hug you. You didn't take advantage of me and there is nothing to be sorry for. You're my friend Fujiko, I care about you, I was glad that I could be there for you."

"Then Oishi he hugged me like he hugged you that one day, fast, he said thank you, and then we walked to school. He didn't say anything for a long time. Then he started talking about tennis. Rankings. Who he thought would make it next time, who was getting better, normal things. He mentioned you and said you would make it this time or the next. It was just before two times ago. Oishi," Eiji looked down and guilty, "I must have made a face when he said your name."

Oishi listened and didn't respond so Eiji continued. "He laughed and said, "Ne, Eiji, don't you like Oishi?"

"I said, "Nya, he hates me."

"Fuji said, "Oishi doesn't hate anyone Eiji, he isn't like that at all. Why do you think he hates you?"

Eiji looked down and wouldn't meet Oishi's eye. "Nya, I told Fuji that you were mean. That your friend Vice Captain Tezuka hated me and you did too. That you never talked to me. I never saw you laugh when I made a joke. That you were nice but that you didn't like me. I didn't know Oishi, I didn't. I was wrong."

Oishi kissed him until he stopped pouting and could continue. Oishi had no idea Eiji used to think he hated him. They were in tennis together but not the same class. Eiji was always surrounded by throngs of admirers so it wasn't like Oishi would have had much of a chance to talk to him even if he wanted to. "We did warm up together and we played tennis before. I even asked you to play doubles. You said no."

"Nya, I thought you hated me and you were being mean. I thought you just liked to follow Tezuka around. You never talked to me outside tennis." He pouted again.

"I did talk to you outside of tennis. At least twice. I had to give you love letters from two girls, remember? It was hard to get you alone each time to give them to you."

"Hoi. Once before tennis in the dressing room and once on the way to lunch. You were nice, embarrassed, and polite. Always nice, but nya, you didn't talk to me."

"I didn't know you but, I wanted to. You didn't really talk to me either."

Eiji shrugged, "Nya." Then Eiji thought, "Oh, one other time, you asked me if I was okay, when I swung wrong while landing and twisted my back. You asked if I needed any help. That was nice of you, but other people came up and helped me before I could really answer." Eiji shrugged again, "Nya. I was wrong. I'm sorry. Oishi, can I tell you the rest?"

"Sure." Oishi found that Eiji was holding him tight as if he wanted to erase back then, when they didn't really know each other. He kissed his unhurt cheek and smiled at him waiting for him to go on. They traded places in the shower so Oishi could rinse off.

"Hoi. That's when Fuji-senpai said that you were different from Tezuka. He said he thought the rumors of you kissing and dating all those girls was true. He said you were a mystery. And he thought you would be really good at kissing." Eiji kissed him as if testing the theory. When he saw he had Oishi flustered again, he smiled and went to rinse off one last time as Oishi stepped out of the shower.

Eiji turned off the water and Oishi handed him a towel. "Is that why you asked me to help you learn?"

"Nya!" Eiji blushed slightly as he stepped out. "Hoi, maybe a little. But I was thinking of the date with those girls. I didn't really think about kissing you before then. Did you think about it with me?"

"No, I didn't." Oishi went to brush his teeth as Eiji started working on his hair. "But once I did, I didn't want to stop." He smiled at Eiji who kissed him despite him having a mouthful of toothpaste. Or maybe because he did.

Eiji cocked his head to the side watching Oishi, "Nya. So your sister says something mean and you don't talk to her for months? Or she to you?"

Oishi smiled at Eiji jumping conversations and then shrugged, "Usually like my Mom after a short time I'll forget and talk to her again. Or I won't forget and will talk to her again first. Maybe because she will be upset over something else, or she needs help studying, something like that. You know I don't like putting things off."

"Nya, I'm sorry Oishi. I got embarrassed before because you knew me so well and you laughed."

Oishi was used to the fast subject changes now. "Eiji, you know me, I wasn't laughing at you. I would never laugh at you. I laughed because I knew you so well and it was cute. But I wasn't making fun of you. I swear."

"Nya, I know. I'm sorry." Eiji paused, "Fuji did tell me about that lube but I asked him, before we ever had sex. I bought it for that night at his house with the condoms because I didn't know. We both thought about sex in the shower. I know you like to be cautious and I didn't want you to worry. I read that you're supposed to use different stuff for water but didn't know what kind was good." He shrugged, "I figured Fuji would know because he's so..."

Eiji looked for the word and Oishi almost said experienced, but Eiji added, "you know, you've seen him in the shower." Oishi thought back to when Fuji kissed him and felt bad again even though it wasn't his fault. But he also knew that wasn't what Eiji meant. Eiji made a face making his eyes really huge over how well endowed Fuji was. Oishi laughed. "Hoi, Oishi, who do you think is seme with them?"

"Eiji! No! I don't want to think about it!" Oishi laughed as he said it. He handed Eiji his toothbrush rinsed with new toothpaste and Eiji started brushing.

"Nya Oishi! You've never wondered?"

"For, maybe a second, but I really don't want to think about it."

"Because Fuji is so lar..."

"For a lot of reasons!"

"Nya. Fuji asked me who was with us."

"He...he did?" Eiji nodded smiling as if he knew a juicy secret. "What did you tell him?" Oishi felt horrified, not over what they did but that other people knew and wondered. Did Tezuka ever wonder as well? Oishi quickly squelched the thought. If Fuji asked Eiji it must mean that he was curious too. If Fuji couldn't figure it out then anyone who knew might be baffled. Oishi was there and occasionally was. He had mistakenly thought that one person was always one way and the other the other. That for some reason was what he had heard. But with Eiji, he liked how things were even if they weren't traditional or how other men might be. Oishi had no idea really how other guys might be. As if Eiji would ever be accused of being too traditional. Eiji was done brushing and was back to fussing with his hair.

Eiji was watching Oishi in the mirror as if waiting for him to get back from where his mind wandered. "Sorry," Oishi said, "I'm back, thanks, what did you tell him?"

"Nya, the same thing I told you. That I didn't care who was on top, that I loved you and wanted to be with you." Eiji kissed him quickly, as if embarrassed to admit it to Oishi and then shrugged.

"That is very sweet, and even sweeter for you to ask Fuji to take precautions." Oishi kissed him back and held him close a moment. "I'm sorry I got mad and I'm sorry I hurt your feelings Eiji."

"Hoi, me too, I'm sorry, but this was good?"

Oishi was lost, "This morning or talking now?"

"Both?" Eiji suggested and smiled.

Oishi kissed him, "Yes thank you, both were very good. I've never fought with someone and then made up like this. Its nice. It feels better. Is there anything else I should know or do now?" Oishi smiled at him, holding him close to him in his arms.

"Hoi! You have to kiss me very good and then tell me you love me."

"What kind of kiss would you like?"

Eiji bit his own bottom lip smiling in anticipation, "The first time kind. Please." He added sweetly assuming a kissing position.

Oishi held his face with his hand in a soft caress and brought their lips together. Even now he felt his pulse race before kissing him and for an instant he thought Eiji might laugh again like that first time. But then he didn't, his eyes went softer and he was again looking at Oishi as if he adored and loved him and only him. Oishi touched his lips with his own and pressed them together as he put his arm around Eiji feeling Eiji relax into the kiss and the embrace. He relaxed his lips parting them slightly and Oishi touched them with his tongue. He gently licked into Eiji's mouth feeling a little jolt of electricity when Eiji's tongue touched his own. He kept kissing him and Eiji gave a sigh. They kissed for a long time, much longer than Oishi intended, both wearing only towels, and standing in the bathroom locked together, kissing.

Oishi pulled back a little bit and said, knowing it was what Eiji wanted, "I love you Eiji."

Eiji gave a little, "Hmm." in a purr after hearing Oishi say it and kissed him back some more. "I love you Shuuichirou." He said sweetly then, surprising Oishi by saying his name.

Oishi felt Eiji pressed up and hard against him. Oishi was just as hard, but he felt totally satisfied too. He was content to just kiss him. Oishi then felt how tired he was. They really hadn't slept much. He had a ton of things to do before his parents were home. He also felt like he was starving, he was so hungry. He kissed him one more time. "Can I change your bandage now?"

"Hmm. Then what?" Eiji looked suggestively at him.

Oishi smiled, hoped for the best, and had to be honest. "Love, please don't be mad...but...I don't think I can. Not for a while. Can you?"

Eiji smiled, he looked relieved too. "Nya!" he laughed, making Oishi laugh. "I'm so hungry though Oishi, nya!"

"Me too. I'm starving!" This seemed to make them both laugh even harder.

They finally stopped long enough for Oishi to change his bandage. Eiji had called and told his Mom about the stitches already but was still worried she would kill him when he got home. Oishi offered to walk him home later and Eiji seemed grateful. It was the least Oishi felt he could do.

They got dressed and Eiji volunteered to cook. Oishi started all the laundry they had made. He cleaned the bathroom and his bedroom. Eiji would come and help or supervise from time to time, surprised at all Oishi had to do. Eiji had so many in his family that chores were a few things here and there. Oishi had a lot more to do. Oishi was just finished with the bathroom and his room when Eiji found him and said to come eat.

Oishi did and was charmed. Eiji had not only cooked an incredible meal for them, but he had cleaned the entire kitchen as well. He told Oishi it was no big deal when Oishi hugged him and thanked him but he did let Oishi kiss him several times for it, and he seemed pleased.

It was a wonderful day. They ate, did homework, kissed, talked, and laughed. It was soon early afternoon and Eiji had finished his homework.

He threw himself into Oishi's arms, making Oishi laugh as Eiji pushed the student government things Oishi had been working on aside. Eiji pouted again about not sleeping with Oishi tonight. Oishi kissed him and would miss him too. A little later, Oishi was able to coax Eiji out of pouting with lots of kisses and by suggesting they play tennis, stop to eat again on the way to Eiji's house, and then Oishi could see him home.

Still at the door to his house Oishi hesitated before walking out. He missed him with an ache and they hadn't even left yet. Oishi felt there were so many changes in front of them that he wanted to keep this moment and this day without going forward. But just then, Eiji pounced on him. He gave Oishi one really sweet long last kiss and then Eiji turned.

Eiji walked out into the sunny day. He was laughing, anxious to play, yelled at Oishi to hurry, and left Oishi's head reeling in the nicest way.

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