Author's Note:  *sigh* I was totally disappointed with this chapter. It didn't come out at all the way I wanted it to, so it'll probably change quite a bit by the time I draw it out.  The only part that I liked was the part where Seira finds the stuffed cat doll. ^__^ Well, read it and see!  I've though a lot about this story, and I really like it.

Note on the pictures: I originally wrote this script out by hand, so when I did I added in small stick-figure pictures of what I had in my mind (I picture everything I write).  More pictures will be added in as I draw them or find them (wherever I doodled them ^^;;).

To Each Her Own World

[Scene: Alley in slums]

[men getting beat up by a long, black haired girl]

Seira: HA!  Trying to mug a member of the Ryuguukan, what stupidity!  DIE! (slams a guy) DIE! (punches a guy into a wall) DIE! (kicks a guy into his friends, who run away)

Man: So strong!  So this is the power of Ryuguukan's Seila!

Seira: You think you have time to admire me, mooner!! (sends him flying) 

Seira: (standing victoriously a top the pile of bodies)  Hahahahaha!  Seila, queen of the slums world, is undefeatable! 

Seira: (suddenly refined) Now to get ready for school.

Man: (lying bloody and beaten on the ground) Don't change moods so quickly!!


Place 1:  Me, the Street Girl;  I, in High Class

tehow 000.jpg (63509 bytes)<click to see full picture


[frame: image of a girl in a school uniform, with black hair tied in two looped braids, holding her brief case two-handed in front of her skirt and walking in a polite manner, greeting the other students.]

Seira:  Ohayou gozaimasu!  Ohayou gozaimasu!

[two school girls approach her.]

A-chan: Ohayou, Student Council Member Sarah Morimoto!

(*note: an obviously made up name)

Seira: Good morning Miss Ah..... eheheh, your hair looks so cute today!

A-chan: Ashigo. ^__^ I just switched to this new herbal shampoo that was imported from China blah blah blah

Seira: Ahehehehe. (polite laughter)  I like your earings, Beeshigo.

B-chan: (blushing) That's Buritani.  blah blah blah blah blah

Seira: (frame on the side for explanation) Sarah is my name at school.  Here I'm a well-mannered, normal, private school girl.  That other life is se*cr*et.

--[scene: homeroom; bells chime, marking the lunch period]

Teacher:  Alright, please read sections 8.2-3 in your texts, and have assignment #19 to turn in next Thursday.

Students: Hai! [they exit]

Teacher: Sarah, a moment.

Seira: Yes, ma'am?

Teacher: I talked to one of the assistant principles, and she said there wouldn't be a problem with your working as an assistant here at school, with your grades and achievements.  Of course, if your status drops, then we may have to reconsider...

Seira: Of course, I understand.

Teacher: But really, with your father being the owner of a European business venture--

Seira:  Please don't think I'm taking this job for his sake, ma'am.  I don't want to be caught in his shadow; I want to prove that I can make my way up on my own.  Everything I do is for myself, to help make myself stronger.

(thinking to herself: This is crap!  I don't really have any parents in Europe, that's just a convenient excuse for why they never come to parent-teacher meetings.)

[she looks at the teacher who is looking particularly pleased]

 (Heh, she looks like she wants me for a daughter.  What a pushover!)

A-chan: (waiting outside with B-chan) Sarah!  Are you coming to lunch?

Seira: (bows) Well, if you'll excuse me. (walks politely away)


---[scene: outside under cherry trees overflowing with blossoms -- a bench can be seen under some of the trees, and students are sitting around talking and eating lunch]

B-chan: [frame: B-chan looking excited] Ah!  How cute! [frame: a giant cat doll sits on the bench]

A-chan: Did someone leave it here?  Should we turn it in?

[frame: Seira looking puzzled]

[frame: the Doll with a glaring expression on its face (see pic)]

[frame: close up of Seira, expression of annoyance, eyebrows shaking]

[frame: close up of the doll's face, glaring]

<art not quite there yet

Seira: (Is it glaring at me?) [looking disgusted]

B-chan:  But it's so cute!  I did want to add another stuffed animal to the decor on my bed-

Seira: I'll take it to the lost and found. ^__^

A-chan: Ah, Ok. I was gonna keep it for myself.
B-chan: yeah, Seira's such a goody-goody.

Seira: [frame: smiles and waves as they leave] [frame: mischievous glare as soon as they turn away] (thinking to herself) Actually, since you guys want it, I've decided to keep it for myself.

----[scene:  Seira's room; she's let out her hair and has undone the tie on her uniform]

Seira: [lying on her back, holding the doll over her head]  But now that I have it, what am I supposed to do with it?  I'm not really into dolls. . .

[Suddenly the doll poufs into a guy with cat ears; he sits Indian style as he speaks]

Kale: Well, you could order me to do something.

[Seira runs out of the room w/ a smoke trail and slams the sliding doors behind her]

[She pauses, slowly turns, peaks in the door]

[inside, she sees the cat-doll sitting normally against the wall]

[she walks over to it, cautiously picks it up, then dashes out of the room]

[she runs to the side of the house, shoves the doll in a trash can, slamming the lid closed.]

Kale: [pops out of the trash can as she's turning around]  Could you tell me where the toilet is?  I've been in that form all day and its really hard to move around so-

Seira: Gaaa!

---[scene: inside the house but in a different room; view of a woman typing on a computer; she's wearing a lab coat, glasses, and has her brown hair tied back] [clouds of an approaching stampede] [approach]

Seira:  [bursts in]  Emelia-san!  That cat doll talks!!

Emelia:  Is that so? [she continues to type without looking up]

Seira: DONT JUST IGNORE IT!!! Look!  [the doll transforms into Kale]

Kale: Yo! 

Emelia: Oh.  It really does.

Seira: Kya!  Mononoke!  [she throws punches at him, but Kale blocks or avoids everyone]

Kale:  I don't know what your so panicked about.  You signed the contrast asking for a tabernacle, and here I am.  See? 

[he snaps, and a piece of paper materializes in a puff of smoke]

[Seira grabs the paper, and skims over it to the bottom, where she sees the name Tohi Rameshiisen on the signature line.]


Kale: Oh. . . . Really? [he glances at the paper, snaps, and the letters rearrange themselves to read Seira Shintohime.]  There, all better.

Seira:  Don't just change around the letters!!  Hey, how did you even find out my real name?

Kale: [looks more closely at the paper]  Hm... this isn't the same name you used at school, huh.

Seira: [horrified, speechless]

Kale:  [raises both arms into the air excitedly]  Yay! Now that I'm in this world, let's go exploring!

Seira: NO WAY!!!


end chpt 1


Notes for revision:  This is the second version of the script, but it's barely changed from the first.  As I was writing it I came up with several ideas to make it much much better.  For one, I'm going to start the story at the point where Seira finds the cat doll, except that she'll be the first one to notice it, then A-chan and B-chan will crowd around it and want to take it home, then Seira will offer to take it to the lost and found.  This scene will take place after school, so they're just going home anyways.  After Seira offers to take it, the scene will immediately switch to her at home, where an arrow will point to her reading (<<she kept it for herself).  After that, all the parts with Kale will happen, excluding the part about "how did you ... real name" etc. etc..  Then as they go out, Seira runs into the thugs who attack her, but she fends them off without Kale's help, though he offers. (or something like that)

Well, see, this relates to the second idea I had.  I was thinking I should continue the chapter, so she runs into the thugs, goes to school, and there she uses her fake name, and as she's doing so explains to Kale that its a fake name and that she's a part of a group of con-artists.  Then after school she runs into the thugs again, who threaten to expose her "wild life" to the school, since they don't know she's just doing an act and want to ruin what they think is her "day life".  . . . They have a system ready so that even if she beats them up, one of their guys will turn in the info.  Then Kale steps in and uses a special truth spell so they can track the guy down, and Seira beats everyone up, etc. etc., see, it still sucks! ... -__-  please email me with your comments and ideas.  Thank you.