AX 2006 pictures taken by yoshikochan

Notes: I edited all of the pictures (obviously ^^; re-sized and the like) so if you want the original version, feel free to email me!  I also have some pics that weren't put up on the site, so if you are a cosplayer in these pics ask and I may have a few more of you. ^__^ Also, the thumbnail is just the main part of the pic, not the whole pic, so be relieved. ^^;;



Golden Pair (a special request):


Other Rivals:


. . . and the Epic Battle!!

1) Eiji is being trampled by Hyotei - Oishi reaches in to save him.


2) Oishi fails to save Eiji!!


3) Ryouma jumps in to help!


4) The great battle ensues.


5) Because what greater weapon is there than a tennis racket?! A fight over the weapon of choice.


6) At long last, the Golden Pair is reunited. 


7) Later that day. . . Seigaku retaliates!!


8) An appropriate punishment is decided.