Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Eleven ~Tezuka~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

"Problem?" Tezuka asked.

The tensai smiled as he hung up the phone. "Mn. I'm not sure yet. Inui is up to something."

Tezuka took the phone from the tensai and put it on the stand by his bed. He then wrapped his arms around Fuji again and snuggled closer. Tezuka loved the touch and feel of him. Even rude awakenings were nice with Fuji. "Inui is always up to something." He answered.

"Ah, but I didn't think he would move this swiftly. I may have underestimated him."

"You? Underestimated someone?" Tezuka teased. He said it in his normal tone of voice but knew Fuji would understand what he meant.

Fuji smiled a little more. The tensai must have felt warm under the blanket. He took off the shirt he was wearing and Tezuka felt him slide their naked chests together beneath the blanket as if Fuji too enjoyed the feel of Tezuka's skin on his own. "Ne, I have been rather distracted lately."

Tezuka arched an eyebrow at him. "Is that such a bad thing?" He watched the tensai stretch and then saw him wince as if he was sore. Tezuka wondered if Fuji was sore in unusual places from being bound and their lovemaking the night before so he asked, "Sore?"

"Mn. But a good sore." The tensai said snuggling against him more.

Tezuka moved the blanket back to kiss Fuji's shoulder and saw how sore he must have been. He inhaled sharply as he noted the bruises all over the tensai's body.

Fuji smiled. "Ne, I'm fine. I just bruise easily."

Tezuka's mouth dropped open. He was horrified. He felt incredibly guilty. Somehow, he did not take care of him like he should have. "I...Syusuke...I..."

Fuji smiled and kissed his open mouth. "Kunimitsu, I'm fine. I bruise easily. I have thin skin. I always have. I bruise easily but I heal rapidly. It doesn't hurt, at least, not in a bad way." The tensai smiled at him. He sat partly up and kissed him again. He stretched up with his arms and cracked his back and neck and sighed rather contentedly. "There. Now nothing hurts. All right?" Fuji looked down at the almost geometric pattern of bruises and red marks the ropes left all over his arms and torso. He looked as if he liked them. "Ne, actually, its rather pretty, don't you think?"

Tezuka had no idea how to answer him. He was still in shock at what he had done to him. He felt terrible and he remembered how his own skin had looked so similar many times after he was hurt and abused.

"Kunimitsu, look at me." Tezuka did. Fuji threw the blanket off both of them completely and shivered though the tensai seemed to now be ignoring the chill. "I'm here and I'm safe and I'm with you and I love you." Fuji took his hands. The tensai held them to his face. He ran Tezuka's hands over his face slowly and then down his neck. He kept his eyes closed and continued moving his hands down slowly over his chest, his nipples, his stomach, around his hips, and up his back. "Touch me..." Fuji softly asked him and let go of his hands.

"Syusuke...I..." He whispered and felt afraid to speak. He had hurt him. He had never meant to so hurt him. Fuji opened his eyes and smiled slightly.

"Ne...Shh..." Fuji put a finger to his lips. "Just touch me." Tezuka hesitatingly did. He moved his hands very lightly and very slowly just as Fuji had done. Starting with his face, then lower, feeling the tensai's skin. Wishing he could take the bruises away, he felt his skin slowly and hesitantly. Fuji closed his eyes again as if in pleasure and a gave a sigh at being touched. Tezuka had reached the tensai's stomach and circled around to his back. Fuji leaned into his hands to make the so soft touching more.

The tensai leaned down and kissed Tezuka softly until Tezuka responded by kissing him and touching Fuji more as the tensai wanted. Tezuka eventually forgot and made a soft moan as they kissed.

"I want you." Fuji whispered softly. Tezuka could not believe him. He still wanted him after he had hurt him. He wasn't sure how. Fuji kissed him again and Tezuka could not help slowly responding. "I want to be with you." Fuji said and held Tezuka's face in his hands and kissed him. "Kunimitsu, I love you. Let me love you. Let me make love to you." The tensai moaned softly when he felt Tezuka respond passionately as he normally did.

Tezuka thought of all the times he had roughly taken the tensai in the past and felt another surge of guilt. He must have bruised Fuji badly then too. "I love you. I'm so sorry. For all the times I've ever hurt you, I'm so sorry..." he tried to say but Fuji would not let him. He kept putting his lips on Tezuka's and his tongue in his mouth until Tezuka stopped trying to talk and instead kissed him back. Then the tensai pulled back a little and smiled wickedly.

He undid the waistband tie on Tezuka's pajama bottoms and then pulled it slowly out from where it circled low on his hips. "May I try?" Fuji asked with a smile.

Tezuka hesitated for only a moment. His sense of fear overwhelmed by his wanting this and his curiosity at what Fuji would do if given free reign. "Yes, but..." he was not sure how to express that he was worried that he this time might be the one to panic.

"Ne, I'll be gentle. Do you trust me?" Fuji asked as he now undid the tie around his own waistband and pulled that silken cord free as well.

Tezuka did a quick search of his heart. "I trust you, Syusuke." He did. He knew Fuji loved him and would not hurt him. He looked again at the tensai's bruises and felt terrible once more. He moved his hands along Fuji's body one more time. His skin always was so warm. He ran them over the tensai's slender hips and down where the loose untied fabric now gaped open. Fuji's large erection that had been just barely covered by the thin fabric sprang free. He lightly touched the soft sensitive skin with a gentle caress.

"Now see what you've done?" Fuji said and smiled at him. "I think I'll need to tie up your hands. They feel too good on me and keep distracting me." Tezuka offered his hands out and together with a smile. Fuji slowly shook his head no and made a soft noise of disapproval. The tensai stood up and let the pants he had on fall to the floor. Then he pulled Tezuka's pants off him as well allowing Tezuka to lift his own hips up off the bed to assist.

Fuji sat back down straddling him just above his knees. He took Tezuka's erection lightly between his lips after licking his tip lightly. Very lightly. Too lightly. The tensai gently took him deep in and out of his mouth whisper soft. Then with no warning, just when Tezuka was getting used to the so light barely there touch, he stopped. Tezuka made a small noise of frustration. He wanted more.

The tensai took one of the cords and tied it around his erection just under the ridge and tied it off with a big bow. Tezuka looked at Fuji surprised and amused by the bow. "Ah. I keep getting distracted lately, I need to tie a string around to remind me of things I have to finish. I don't want to forget." the tensai somehow said it with a straight face and Tezuka laughed lightly.

"You could of course finish each thing before starting on the next." Tezuka suggested and tried to keep the amusement out of his voice even if he could not keep the smile off his lips.

Fuji cocked his head to the side slightly, "Mn. I could do that. However, this way I'll mark the places I want to come back to so I don't forget anywhere should you distract me again." The tensai said it very seriously and then leaned his lips down to kiss Tezuka. Tezuka felt him moving up along his body as they kissed. Fuji took one of his hands, and then the other above Tezuka's head. He lightly made another bow once he tied Tezuka's wrists together. Tezuka understood that Fuji tied these loosely just in case he did panic, then he could get out. He would have to relax and surrender to stay tied because too much struggling, the cord would be loose, and he would come free.

The tensai looked around his room. Tezuka was about to point out that the rope he had used was right in his bag or there was some other ropes in a drawer when the tensai must have seen what he wanted. He stood and walked over to his drawers. He pulled one and then another one open until he found a drawer where Tezuka happened to keep his meditation robes. The tensai pulled two robes out, removed the sashes, and then folded them neatly back away in the drawers. He returned to the bed and tied one black sash around Tezuka's eyes. He could just see the daylight through the cloth but nothing else. "But I would like to watch." Was the only protest Tezuka made. He did want to watch Fuji. He was captivated by him. He loved watching him, especially now.

Fuji kissed him and as he did, Tezuka felt another sash going around his neck. He froze for a moment even in the middle of the kiss. No one knew this. He had hoped that possibly one day he could show Fuji this but he felt a little overwhelmed and a little afraid. It was a weakness he had. A fondness. A shame. All at once.

Fuji must have noticed that he froze. The tensai gave a low sexy laugh. "Ah...a little sensitive here...?" Then he pulled the knot tight making Tezuka gasp in his breath, start to move away, and try to draw air and hold it until it was inevitably cut off. But it wasn't cut off. It was Fuji. No one else. He was safe. Tezuka exhaled a shuddering breath. He realized he was trembling slightly. He also realized that he could free himself at any time if he wanted to. He didn't want to. The tensai must have realized this then also.

Fuji kissed him a little more and made shushing and comforting noises. He kissed his mouth, face, and neck, and seemed to enjoy Tezuka's shuddering responses when the tensai ran his hands, his lips, his tongue, his hair, or even a length of the sash wrapped around his throat along the so sensitive skin. Tezuka felt Fuji tie the sash off, he figured probably in a bow similar to the bow that bound his hands and erection. In his motion to get away, Tezuka had turned partially on his side.

He felt Fuji moving on the bed and the tensai's erection was pressed to his lips. Again for a moment he hesitated, remembered other things he didn't want to, and then again he was reassured by feeling Fuji's hands on his skin. He smelled Fuji's unmistakable scent. He always smelled lightly like honey and apples and a man and he recognized the soft feel of Fuji's hot, swollen, sensitive skin on his lips. Tezuka licked a drop of wetness away from Fuji's tip and then took him into his mouth. He tried to show the tensai how much he loved him by pleasing him now. He was annoyed that he could not use his hands so he used his tongue and mouth well. He heard a moan coaxed out of Fuji's mouth and kept licking and kissing his now throbbing erection although he worried that Fuji would pull away and not come. He wanted him to come. He wanted him to feel good. He had a need to make him feel very good.

He took him deeper and a little harder in his mouth feeling him swell a little more. "Kunimitsu...!" Fuji whispered after a gasp. Tezuka kept his mouth there to let Fuji know he wanted him to come in his mouth. Fuji made one more moan and then did, shuddering and thrusting into his mouth. Tezuka swallowed, well aware of the tight sash around his neck. He gasped for air after feeling the sash so tight as his throat moved and he knew Fuji watched him struggle. Struggle and enjoy this. A very guilty pleasure Tezuka had that came surprisingly from lessons in pain.

Fuji kissed him as in in thanks and licked at his chin where his face felt wet. "Turn over." Fuji said in a low purr.

Tezuka complied and felt the tensai turn the sash around his throat. He felt it moving on his neck and had to fight the panic and the turn on that both tried to involuntarily force his body to move. He felt the sash loosen and then tighten as it was tied again. He figured Fuji must have re-tied the bow at the back of his neck. Then he felt the tensai sit astride his lower back and he waited to feel what was next.

Surprisingly, Fuji started softly moving his hands on his back. In a gentle, loving, caress he felt his skin and then lightly rubbed his muscles that were always sore after tennis. Tezuka breathed and realized that he must have been tensed up even though he was enjoying it, there were things from his past he had not yet been able to let go. He tried to relax and surrender. To trust.

The tensai must have been watching for him to relax. He started kissing Tezuka down his back as he often kissed Fuji down. He noticed that Fuji moved much more sensuously than he probably did. The tensai added his mouth and tongue as soon as he saw Tezuka responding to his touch and soon had Tezuka writhing in pleasure just from his touch and the feel of him. Fuji moved down and soon ran a warm wet tongue over Tezuka's entrance and Tezuka moaned.

As he did, the sash around his neck tightened making him gasp. He bucked and he shuddered. He almost came. He could practically feel Fuji's smile as the tensai watched him respond. The tensai resumed licking him even pulling Tezuka's hips up off the bed so he could lick him better and stroke him with his hand. Any time Tezuka responded, a sigh, a noise, or a sharp breath, the sash was tightened. Tezuka found instead of trying to hold himself still as he would have done with anyone else, he was unable to hold himself back with Fuji. He was shaking with want and need to be released. His heart pounded while he trembled with a heady mix of fear and lust pulsing through him.

Fuji slowly started entering him with a well lubricated finger. So slow it was agony and he burned with wanting more beneath the tensai's skillful touch. It burned like the jealous thoughts he had wondering when the tensai did this before and with whom. He wondered if Fuji ever felt jealous.

Then he stopped wondering as Fuji added a second finger, expertly stretching him, softly pleasuring him, and teasing him all at once. Tezuka found he could not hold back. He was pressing himself into Fuji's touch and grip to make it more, stronger, anything but these slow light touchings. Fuji came up by his ear and Tezuka thought with a thrill that Fuji was going to take him from behind right then. Instead Fuji kissed his ear and whispered in a soft breathy voice, "Shh..." He held Tezuka until he calmed down and the urgency passed.

Then the tensai agonizingly slowly added a third finger. Tezuka thought right then of freeing his hands. It would probably make Fuji angry but then he would have some release. He was right on the verge of taking control and he turned his head to warn the tensai before he did. "Fuji I can't wait..." he started to say but Fuji tightened the sash around his throat and then kissed him.

The kiss took Tezuka's breath away. Literally as the sash was tightened. Fuji kissed him hot and passionately. The tensai was extremely turned on. He was enjoying this and Tezuka at that moment realized that he was enjoying it too. It was his urges and his fears that tried to make him take control. To steal it away. Fuji continued kissing him and the tensai pressed his body to Tezuka's as if showing him because his eyes were bound how much the tensai felt for him. Reminding him. Bringing him back. He was safe. He was loved. He could yield. For once he really could let go.

Tezuka found then he really wanted to. He kissed Fuji back, trying to say in a kiss that he was sorry, he understood, and that he wanted this. More than anything and only with Fuji, he wanted this. Fuji stroked that place inside him that felt so good so softly and Tezuka whimpered while still kissing Fuji. He was shocked by the whining noise he made in Fuji's mouth and he realized if he was surprised then the tensai must have been also.

Surprised and pleased. He felt Fuji smiling again as he kissed him back.

Then Fuji broke the long and loving kiss. He felt Fuji move a little away from him and he felt Fuji hard and hot against his entrance. The tensai held him tightly with one arm in an embrace. Tezuka's hips were still up from earlier. "Yes?" Fuji asked.

At that moment it was so good, so right, and so hot that Tezuka said yes but it came out in another whimper. "Yes..." he said again just to make certain Fuji heard him.

Any other man he figured would have taken him hard after hearing his moans and seeing his want. His entire body was trembling and he whimpered at every touch Fuji made. Even the tensai's breath across his skin had him shuddering. Anyone else would have filled him and pleasured him while they pleased themselves. Not Fuji. The tensai took his time. He heard and felt every breath Fuji took as well as his own. Fuji entered him slowly as if still afraid to hurt him. After a while, the tensai untied his hands in a single motion and then wrapped his other arm around him. Tezuka took one of Fuji's hands in his own. He tried to move with Fuji, to relax himself to take him all in, not to speed him up but to make sure Fuji enjoyed this as much as he was. He had wanted this, wanted Fuji, for such a very long time.

Then Fuji stopped moving. He was still inside him but was no longer moving. He took Tezuka's hand and slid it down his own body. He thought the tensai was going to have him stroke himself during but Fuji moved their joined hands lower. To where Fuji was inside him. He made another moan as he felt with his hand. Fuji placed it there to show him that Fuji was all the way inside him. There was nothing between them. Fuji made a little laugh at his moan that sounded all at once happy and turned on and a little surprised.

He felt Fuji withdraw though not all the way and then he felt him moving. He still couldn't see so he had no idea what the tensai was up to. He had turned partially on his side though still mostly on his stomach. Fuji helped move them both so he was on his back. Tezuka moved to accommodate him and Fuji slowly slid himself deep inside him again. Very slowly. Almost, Tezuka mused, as if Fuji was being certain it was real but he could not see to be sure.

Instead of moving though Fuji stayed still for a moment. He was waiting for something. Tezuka wondered what the tensai was waiting for and then he had an idea. He moved his hands up to the tensai's face. He felt Fuji's skin slowly feeling the smile that spread over the tensai's full lips in response to his touch. He trailed his hands down Fuji's skin. Over his neck, his chest, his taught stomach, and his hips. When he had brought his hands around and up Fuji's back the tensai leaned towards him and kissed his mouth. He was, Tezuka noticed during the kiss, still smiling. Fuji asked in a low purr, "Would you like to watch?"

"Yes...please." Tezuka said in a moan of want and the tensai pushed the sash that covered his eyes up to his forehead. Fuji then leaned to kiss him more. The need for release was a throbbing ache. "Syusuke?"

"Mn." Fuji said delicately nibbling on his lip near where he had bit him the night before.

"Please?" Tezuka begged now. Fuji looked like he had all the time in the world and that Tezuka's need surprised him. Tezuka was trying not to take control and trying not to hurry him but this was agony, and at the same time ecstasy.

"Ah. Would you like to be on top then?" Fuji asked as if he was asking which type of tea Tezuka would like but he looked for an instant disappointed until he flashed his small smile again. Tezuka seriously for an instant considered the question and the change in position only because he could then be in control. He didn't want that though. He wanted Fuji to be this time and he realized in that instant that Fuji driving him crazy and making him whimper was how Fuji enjoyed being in control. He shook his head no and tried to tell his shaking body and racing pulse to calm down. This would take as long as Syusuke wanted it to. Fuji grinned maliciously and tugged gently at the sash still around his throat, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. I want you." Tezuka meant it. And he meant he wanted him completely and all that came with him. Including how he loved. Fuji's smile turned sincere as he heard everything Tezuka didn't say in what he did say. Finally, he started to move inside him. Very slowly at first still as if Fuji was afraid to hurt him. He was only aware of where Fuji was because the tensai's skin even inside him was so warm. Tezuka moved with him, enjoying him, and Fuji moved his hand along Tezuka's erection to match his slow long thrusts inside him. Fuji tightened the sash around his throat. Not enough to really hurt him or cut off his air but enough to make him moan at the sensitive skin was teased and lovingly threatened. He felt himself swell under Fuji's touch and then he remembered that he still had a cord tied around his erection. He had no idea if it would keep him from coming. He was so close to coming very hard and he wasn't sure what would happen if the tie was tight but not tight enough he could maybe come around it.

He was close, "Ah...Syusuke..." Fuji was a little behind him. He felt the tensai's hand moving over him but not moving to untie him. He moved more with Fuji to bring him along with him. Fuji kissed him and then moved to kiss his throat. Tezuka said in a soft voice, "You feel so good inside me...you're so hot inside me...you're all the way inside me...come inside me...Syusuke..." His own words brought him right there. He tried to hold back, tried to wait for Fuji, and moved one of his hands gripping Fuji's hips to pull the tensai into him around to touch Fuji's entrance. The tensai moaned and he felt Fuji's hand stop moving on him for a moment as the cord on his erection was finally untied and pulled off. Fuji barely wrapped his hand around him again when Tezuka writhed at being released. Then Fuji pulled on the sash on his neck cutting off his air and he screamed soundlessly as his entire body tensed up and he came hard.

As he came he was distantly he heard Fuji moan loudly, through the pounding of the blood in his ears from him being strangled and coming so hard. Tezuka felt the tensai come with a hard thrust and a shudder into him. He heard him whisper his name from far away. Fuji let go of the sash and Tezuka gasped for air but didn't choke. It never truly cut his air off as hard as it did in his imagination.

They were still connected and lay next to each other. Both of them gasping for air and trying to catch their breaths. He saw in Fuji's look that Fuji was assessing him. The tensai was smiling but was actually warily watching him to make sure he was all right with how intense that just was. With what Fuji just did.

Tezuka smiled and reached out to kiss him. He kissed him soft and gentle as if they were not still entwined. Then as they kissed, Tezuka tightened himself up inside. Fuji gasped in surprise and then smiled for real. "Fun-pain?" He asked very amused. "Ne, you're using fun-pain on me?"

Tezuka tightened himself up again and Fuji tried not to make any sound. The tensai failed. "If I have to, yes." Tezuka said with a smile.

Fuji laughed. "You're all right then?"

Tezuka smoothed back the tensai's hair and kissed him lightly. "I'm fine."

Fuji looked very serious and very lovingly at him. "I love you, I would never..."

Tezuka this time silenced him with another kiss. "I know. I love you too. Are you okay?" He traced a bruise along Fuji's shoulder, wishing it away, and he kissed him again.

Fuji kissed him back. He lingered on his lips and then curled up closer to him. "Mn. I'm good." Fuji said and then smiled. He seemed to look past him while thinking for a moment. "Ne, I didn't know that you enjoyed...that. Not in all this time or how I teased you. Have you always...since?" Since you were hurt that way was what Fuji was too polite to ask.

"I'm not sure. A few times I tried it while I masturbated, but it was scary and intense so I stopped. I've never done it with anyone obviously."

"Mn. But you wanted to?"

"I admit I was curious and thought possibly perhaps with you but that really is all." I only trust you. Tezuka thought "And you?"

"That? No, I haven't before, but I liked it. I liked that you liked it. Very interesting as far as fetishes go." Tezuka looked at Fuji and the tensai must have seen that Tezuka did not believe him. "Ne. I've read about it but that's all." Fuji ran his hand softly down Tezuka's cheek in a caress. The tensai's deep blue eyes looked long and adoringly at him. Tezuka found himself lost in them. In him.

They shared a smile after the look. "And you enjoyed being in control?" Tezuka asked as the two of them started to move and separated slowly. He figured Fuji must have been uncomfortable with how they were laying. The moment they were apart the tensai snuggled back affectionately with him and kissed him lightly again. Tezuka had until recently never seen this side of Fuji. For a long time he didn't think he was capable of these kinds of emotions. He had been almost frozen inside and it still warmed his heart when Fuji was so openly loving and giving with him. He understood this more than anything was all new for his boyfriend and in a way that feeling safe and being affectionate was scarier than anything they could do sexually. He understood because he felt exactly the same. Tezuka moved closer to him and wrapped his arms around him to keep him warm. The tensai's skin was always warmer than other peoples but he grew chilly so easily with his thin frame.

Fuji slid the sash that had been over his eyes off his forehead and then slowly pulled the other sash from around his neck watching to see Tezuka's reaction. He shuddered slightly at its touch. "Ah." The tensai sounded pleased. "It didn't leave any marks." Tezuka kissed him when he was "freed" and ran one hand down the side of Syusuke's lithe strong body until it rested on his hip. He saw the tensai was thinking of how to best answer his question. "I do like being in control. However," Fuji paused and again sought the right words, "I enjoy that I can give up control with you. I've found its even nicer when I do. I'm in control enough of the time. Isn't it nice to let go a little?"

Tezuka understood and nodded that he did. "It was hard for me to." He explained. "I only could even as much as I did because it was you. Because I was with you."

Fuji reached up from where his head lay to kiss him. He kissed him at first as if agreeing with him and then kissed him a little longer as if he just enjoyed it. Tezuka could see Fuji was thinking. He thought the tensai would have more questions or want to talk more about his past but it seemed like the tensai was back onto different subjects. "Inui is up to something."

Tezuka smiled. He should thank Inui for waking them so early and would if it would not be unkind. "Inui is always up to something."

"Ah, but again, I didn't expect him to move so fast."

"What do you think he is up to?" Tezuka pulled the blanket back over Fuji. He was still warm but he felt Fuji's skin get chill bumps all over him. Fuji moved ever closer to him both in warmth and affection.

"Mn." Fuji thought and Tezuka could almost see gears working, "The end result is him with you." Tezuka rolled his eyes and Fuji smiled, "But as we know his conclusion, his projected outcome, then we can through inductive reasoning, work backwards to uncover his plan. Also it will have to be something big. Big enough to distract me from noticing it."

"Syusuke, please don't involve me. I'm with you. I love you. It doesn't matter what Inui does, thinks, plots, or says."

"Mn." The tensai said but as if he hadn't heard him. "Well he did try to involve Taka-san and that didn't work. He was really surprised but I am sure he has another plan or two up his sleeve. He will know now that I know that he is up to something so it would have to be something even bigger to keep me preoccupied. We'll just have to watch him." Tezuka saw that Fuji was completely involved in this supposed Inui-conspiracy-to-win-Tezuka-plot. "Ah. I should give Eiji an inductive hypothetical and see what he comes up with."

"Kikumaru?" Of all people.

"Yes, he's actually quite brilliant in his own way of thinking. He can see things no one else can." Tezuka found he had to bite back a sarcastic reply. Then he realized he was a little jealous of his boyfriend's best friend. Even if Kikumaru did have a boyfriend. He had not been aware of it until now and he wondered if he had perhaps been unwittingly unfair to the guy because Kikumaru was so close to Fuji when Tezuka wasn't. He would have to watch out for that in the future. It was not fair to Kikumaru or even to his friend Oishi. He wondered for an instant if Oishi was ever jealous of Fuji and dismissed the thought. Oishi was so fair-minded he couldn't see him being jealous of anyone.

Tezuka had a thought to distract Fuji from his conspiracy theories, "What are you doing this summer?"

Fuji now focused on him from wherever it was his mind had gone to work black magic and solve diabolical plots, "Hm? I...I have no idea. Why?"

"I'm not really looking forward to going to tennis camp or invitationals. I'm fairly certain we both will be invited but instead, do you want to go away with me?"

"Away with you...?"

"As in on a trip. Away. With me. It doesn't matter where. We can go through Europe. Or America. Wherever you'd like to go."

"We would just...go?"

"I have friends all over and my father knows people from his own travels everywhere. I've been through both but haven't ever with you. We'd just connect the dots between people and places we want to visit and stay in hotels or camp out in between. It would be fun. Have you ever been?"

"No." Fuji was looking at him like he was insane. Tezuka smiled. "Ne, how would we pay for this trip?"

"I'll pay for it. I have money." Tezuka shrugged. Fuji looked at him as if waiting for the punchline. "I have money. I have a trust fund." He explained.

"What about last summer when you were giving tennis lessons for food money?" Fuji asked as if sure he had caught him.

Tezuka smiled and said wryly, "I tried. Unfortunately, my parents and or legal guardians were far away and I was worried that if I tried too hard to get to it, someone would notice, ask questions, and then they would send me back to my uncle. I couldn't let anyone know. I couldn't take the chance. I had no way to access it. Fortunately for me, my uncle never had access either." His uncle had always been furious that his mother's family money was held in trust for Tezuka and nothing had been left to him. The bastard was completely written out of the family wills and Tezuka completely understood why.

"Ne? Exactly how much money are we talking about?" Fuji looked very, very curious. Tezuka was not sure why. His family was not exactly poor.

"Enough so that you'll always have nice birthday presents." Tezuka started. He saw Fuji was serious though his smile widened. "Honestly? I'm not sure of the exact number. Some of it is tied up in investments. I can say that right now, if I was to liquidate everything, we could go anywhere and do anything we wanted to for the rest of our lives." He decided to settle down any wild ideas Fuji might have had. He wasn't even sure why he told him in the first place. No one else knew and he had kept it that way knowing that money could do strange things to people. "Provided we live carefully." He added. Then he had the thought that perhaps the reason he had told him is because living with him for the rest of their lives sounded wonderful.

Fuji kissed him and he wondered how much Fuji had heard of what he felt but did not say. Syusuke always seemed to hear what he meant, better than anyone else he had ever been close to. He never had to find the words with him or explain things so he was sure the tensai understood exactly what he meant. He just always seemed to know. "Kunimitsu, you are full of surprises today."

Tezuka laughed a little at that, "So are you." They smiled at each other, "So...you'll think about this summer?"

"Mn. Perhaps. If you're very good." The tensai kissed him laughing and wrapped his arms and legs around him. He absently played with a errant lock of hair that fell in Tezuka's eyes that seemed to be a favorite for Fuji to twirl through his fingers.

Tezuka ran his hands along his boyfriend's skin while kissing him and felt him stirring in response to the kiss and his touch. He smiled and said softly, "Syusuke, I'm always very good."

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