Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Seven ~Momoshiro~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Momoshiro Takeshi could not sleep lately. He nightly lay in bed thrashing around. He was annoyed with himself. Disgusted with himself for not being able to get these ideas out of his head no matter how he tried. He had to take action.

Momoshiro was a freshman and played on Seigaku's tennis team. He was by nature a fairly confident guy who got along well with everyone. (Well, everyone except for that stupid snake Kaidoh who seemed to prefer to be alone. But that stupid snake was not his problem right now.)

His senpai and fellow tennis club member Kikumaru Eiji was.

Momoshiro started his Freshman year at Seigaku Junior High with a girlfriend. Her name was Shiori and she was a Junior at Hyoutei Junior High School. They had met and started dating a few weeks just before school started. Momoshiro was very happy. Shiori was a cheerleader. She was bubbly and cute and Momoshiro found himself falling hard for her. Shiori cut some of her cheerleading practices to come and watch Momoshiro practice. Not that he played much as a freshman. Mostly (he and that idiot viper Kaidoh were assigned laps to run after fighting), they did some stroke practices, running, warming up, played a little, and then it was time to collect the balls everyone else had used and clean the club room. As freshmen on the team, all the work fell to them but next year it would be a new freshman class who had to do it.

It was great those times when Shiori came to watch him. It was sweet and romantic. He showed her off to all the guys who said how pretty she was and were in awe of her being a grade higher than Momoshiro. Then he took her to get something to eat, and then they went back to his house to kiss and fool around until his parents came home from work. Momoshiro was happy and felt on top of the world. He was in serious like and found himself wondering if he was in love for the first time ever. Things in his life were perfect (except for that stupid snake who was a minor problem at most).

His girlfriend showed up on a Friday to watch him with a fellow cheerleader. It was strange because she usually came alone. Momoshiro tried to accept it because it meant he and his girlfriend would probably not be fooling around like they had planned. Still, Momoshiro figured he looked pretty cool with two pretty girls with him. The guys would be jealous. His girlfriend's friend in fact was gorgeous. Shiori-chan was pretty and cute but this girl, Naomi, was perfect. She could be a model. His girlfriend excused herself for a moment after practice right after she introduced the two of them. She went into the school to use the ladies room. Naomi, the minute Shiori left, started asking Momoshiro questions about Oishi-senpai. Another tennis club member.

Momoshiro really didn't know Oishi-senpai well. He was nice, well liked, and played well, but they had never really hung out or talked. Oishi-senpai was a pretty busy guy between being a reserve player for the regulars practices in the tennis club and being junior class president.

Momoshiro offered to introduce Naomi to Oishi-senpai and the girl coldly informed Momoshiro that she knew him. She said she was Oishi-senpai's ex-girlfriend. She then seemed angry at Momoshiro for some reason. Momoshiro tried hard to be everyone's friend. He didn't know what he did or said to make Naomi so mad and cold to him but he knew it would be a problem for him and his girlfriend if her friend hated him. So Momoshiro offered to look for Oishi-senpai and the girl agreed, finally smiling again.

He ran around everywhere trying to find Oishi-senpai, only to learn he had already left. Momoshiro rejoined his girlfriend and her friend. He told them Oishi-senpai left but he would be glad to give him a message. The gorgeous girl seemed angry with Momoshiro again. The three left and Momoshiro bought them something to eat. While out to eat, they ran into Arai, who was in his class and the tennis club too. They all went back to Arai's house because he said his parents weren't home. Naomi now seemed all thrilled and said that they could have a party.

Arai had a big room and found some alcohol his parents had for them to all drink. He had a karaoke machine and they played with that for a while and then tried to play strip poker. No one really knew how to play poker so they ended up playing strip go fish. It turned out to be really fun. After a while everyone was pretty much in his or her underwear. Naomi suggested they all play spin the bottle. Momoshiro was not even jealous when Arai got to kiss his girlfriend because Momoshiro had just gotten to kiss Naomi. That was pretty hot. Then the bottle landed between the two girls and he and Arai watched the two of them kiss.

Naomi next said she wanted to play a new game. One they did all the time at Hyoutei. Ten minutes in the closet. She explained the rules and they drew cards that Naomi held in her hand. Arai got his girlfriend first and walked in the closet with her. Momoshiro never had a chance to feel jealous. A few seconds later, Naomi was all over him. She kissed and touched him and put his hands all over her. She took his erection in her mouth until he came.

Momoshiro could not believe it. Things had just happened so fast. He suspected that Arai could be doing something like that with his girlfriend but Naomi kept touching him and had already made him hard again. At the moment, Momoshiro really didn't care. He felt warm from drinking and good from where she was touching him.

Naomi must have been watching the clock because she suddenly pulled away. She walked over to the closet and knocked. "Time's up." She told them. Arai came out of the closet looking embarrassed. He had obviously come in his underwear by the big stain. He excused himself to use his washroom and Naomi announced it was Momoshiro and Shiori's turn. Momoshiro eagerly went with his girlfriend expecting to play with her too.

But Shiori was upset and she seemed very drunk. She said she missed Momoshiro. He kissed and cuddled with her only their entire time. She kept trying to get Momoshiro to tell her he loved her. Then their time was up. They all had another drink and Naomi said it was now his and her turn in the closet. Momoshiro looked at his girlfriend and she was laughing with Arai on one of his couches. She seemed drunk and happy and not to care. Her eyes were closed as Arai talked to her.

So Momoshiro and Naomi went. She kissed him fast and pulled down his underwear. "Come on. We only have ten minutes so hurry up." Momoshiro was confused. Naomi got on her knees and took him in her mouth again. The only light was a small thin beam that came under the door from the outside room. She felt so good on him that Momoshiro moaned until she grabbed him hard with her hand and told him to be quiet. She pulled Momoshiro down to the ground to lay next to her. She took him in her mouth again and then he felt something cold and wet on his erection.

He asked what it was and she told him again to be quiet. She had taken off her bra and put his hands on her perfect breasts. Momoshiro was completely distracted. They felt so good. She lowered one to his mouth to kiss. He felt so good even though he felt sort of funny and warm and the room seemed to be moving a little. Then he felt Naomi move on top of him. She eased him inside of her.

Momoshiro was completely in shock. He had no idea he was going to have sex. She moved hard on him and he went from feeling confused to feeling amazing in a matter of seconds. She moved more and kissed him and then they both turned over so Momoshiro was on the top. She told Momoshiro again and again to move harder into her. "Do it hard, move, harder, come on!" She kept whispering. He was slamming himself into her. It was the most amazing thing he ever felt and she would then moan quietly as he moved really hard and fast as if she felt so good too. She whispered a name and then he felt her tighten up inside even more and he knew she was coming. Momoshiro moved more into her. He tried to be quiet, he really did. She covered his mouth with hers to try to keep him quiet but he knew he still made a loud noise, unable to help himself as he shuddered and came so hard inside her.

He went to hug her but she turned away and moved so he was no longer insider her.

"Nice." Naomi said and Momoshiro was not sure if she meant it or not.

She was already putting back on her bra and panties. "You...you're all right?" He asked her, stunned still.

"Fine...oh...sorry...was that your first time?" Momoshiro knew that a few minutes ago he had been pretty drunk. Right then he was completely sober. He felt horrible. His girlfriend was just outside and he had no idea how in the hell this just happened. "Hey, that was really good for your first time." She kissed him chastely on his mouth and then patted his naked shoulder.

He sat there stupidly. "Don't worry Momo-kun. I won't tell." That was what Shiori called him and it made him feel terrible to hear Naomi say it. "Hurry, get dressed, our time is almost up. Oh and go use the washroom to throw away the condom. Wrap it up first so no one notices it. Come on!"

He wasn't even fully aware he had a condom on. It had happened that fast. He followed her instructions and put his underwear and t-shirt back on. He washed up in the bathroom and hid the used condom in the garbage after looking at it for a moment. Then he put his head in his hands to think for a moment. As he sat there he again felt the room spin as he thought about what just happened. He didn't feel good. He ended up throwing up. He was very ill, throwing up all the alcohol and some of what he had eaten. After he was sick, he rinsed his mouth with mouthwash and tried to put on a smile so no one knew what had just happened and how terrible he felt.

They all listened to music for a very short time before Naomi said she and Shiori had to leave. It was late. Arai wanted Momoshiro to spend the night but he wanted to help his girlfriend. She was so drunk she couldn't walk. Naomi refused to let Momoshiro see them home though. Naomi called a cab and he and Arai carried Shiori to it. Momoshiro barely got to kiss Shiori goodbye before they were out the door and gone.

He wanted to go home to his own place and his own things. He thanked Arai and left. He called and talked to his girlfriend for only a moment before he went to bed. He was worried that she was all right and he felt terrible. She drunkenly explained Naomi was spending the night at her dorm and she couldn't really talk or call him back. She said she missed him, and missed seeing him as they usually did. She agreed to cut practice and come alone the next day to see him. He decided to tell her everything even though he felt terrible. They had been friends first and he owed it to her to know the truth.

Shiori never showed up. Or answered her phone when he called her. Not her dorm phone or her cell phone. He left several messages and was worried.

That was the first time Kikumaru-senpai really talked to him. He liked Kikumaru-senpai. Everyone did. He was a great guy. He was funny as hell and always in a crowd of people. Momoshiro just had never talked to him one on one before other than to say hello as they passed each other.

Kikumaru-senpai was changing after their practice with his close friend and their teammate Fuji-senpai. He must have seen Momoshiro calling and calling his girlfriend worried. He asked Momoshiro what was wrong and listened. He even offered to go with Momoshiro to her school to see if she was all right. Momoshiro was grateful but declined. He said he would wait for her in case she showed up late. He didn't want to be over there and have her show up here alone.

Momoshiro grew increasingly upset. Kikumaru-senpai asked him what was wrong and really listened as Momoshiro told him. His senpai instantly decided he would stay with him. His senpai kept him company and they talked. Momoshiro talked about his girlfriend, his feelings for her, and his terrible night before with his girlfriend's beautiful friend. He even ended up telling him and only him that he had sex with her. Kikumaru-senpai told Momoshiro he knew exactly who Naomi was when he saw her. She was beautiful and she had in fact modeled. Kikumaru-senpai knew because the year before, he'd had a crush on her. The rumor was no one ever got to date her. She was gorgeous but supposedly cold. His senpai said he could not believe Momoshiro had sex with her, but he said this in a nice, funny, guy way that made Momoshiro feel a little better.

Momoshiro told him about Naomi saying she was Oishi-senpai's ex girlfriend. They talked about the rumors of shy quiet Oishi-senpai for a moment and the many girls he had supposedly dated. There were as many rumors as there seemed to be girls.

Momoshiro while they talked, and waited for hours called his girlfriend several times. He was very worried. It was getting later and Kikumaru senpai stayed with him until Momoshiro's stomach was growling loud. He had been sick from drinking all day and had not eaten much. They went to a burger place to eat and Kikumaru-senpai bought for him saying he had to take care of his little brother, his kouhai. Momoshiro barely ate half of what he normally did in his stress over the situation though Kikumaru-senpai made him smile and even laugh with funny jokes and stories.

After they ate Momoshiro went home. Kikumaru-senpai even offered to go with him if he wanted and he said to call him if he needed anything. Momoshiro appreciated it but went home alone. He was thinking maybe Shiori just couldn't get away and would call when she could. He was hoping she was all right. Momoshiro got home late. His family had already had dinner.

His girlfriend had shockingly dropped off a note early in the day. In it, she said Naomi told her about them having sex. Shiori wrote said was sorry but she could not forgive him. She could no longer see him. She had a new boyfriend at school and to please never contact her again.

Momoshiro was devastated. Although she said not to contact her, he tried to call her several times that night and even considered seeing her the next day. Even if he lost her as a girlfriend, he couldn't stand the thought that he had hurt her. He wanted to at least be friends with her and try to make her understand how fast everything had happened. He wanted her to at least feel better. But then Naomi answered Shiori's phone that night and told him in no uncertain terms that they were over. His now ex-girlfriend was moving on and Momoshiro should respect that.

He didn't even cry that night because he was in shock. He just lay in bed and thought a very long time. He tried to figure out what it was that happened and where he went so wrong. He must have fallen asleep at some point. He woke up and was happy for a second before he remembered everything that had happened. It didn't even seem real so he re-read the note she left for him. He must have read it a thousand times before school on Monday. He almost took it to school but was worried the stupid viper would use it against him if it happened to fall into his hands.

Momoshiro dressed for school on Monday and went to tennis club morning practice. He knew he was exhausted, on the verge of getting upset, but mostly he felt nothing. He felt only numb and all he wanted to do was pull the sheets over his head and sleep for a month until the pain went away.

Of all days and moments to pick a fight with him, stupid Kaidoh picked that one. They were changing and Kaidoh said the space they shared was his that day because he had gotten there first. He did not! Momoshiro was seriously going to knock the bastard into next week when Kikumaru-senpai walked in between them. He started making jokes about how they looked just like these two guys in a popular teen horror movie that was out now. In a few moments he had even Momoshiro smiling a little bit from a complete rage after he did a standing flip over to land on his ass and then keeled over just like the guy did in the movie. Everyone laughed and Momoshiro was able to avoid the fight. He got through practice somehow by just going through the motions. Keeping busy felt better than sitting around thinking about it. About what happened. So Momoshiro kept moving until it was over.

He took his time showering though because he didn't want to talk to anyone before class. He didn't think he could. He realized he had probably not said ten words all day so far and all ten of those were to stupid Kaidoh. Momoshiro was seriously worried that the first person to say hello and ask him how he was would probably make him blurt out his heartbreak, guilt, and confusion like an idiot. Momoshiro tried to not think about it but it just kept making it worse.

He went to dress figuring everyone had left for class and chatting in the hallways by now. He was still early and decided he would dress very slowly. It would be better to be late than to have to talk to anyone.

He went to his clothes and there Kikumaru-senpai was. He was alone. He was dressed and seemed to be waiting for him. "Hoi! Momo-chan!" Kikumaru-senpai had started calling him this when he started calling him his little brother. His kouhai. Momoshiro who normally hated nicknames really didn't mind for some reason. Probably because Kikumaru-senpai was so funny and fun to be around. He was a really well liked guy and had so many friends. "Nya Momo-chan! Tell me! What happened? Is your girlfriend all right?"

Momoshiro was not prepared for 'hello' or 'how are you' let alone someone who had cared enough to wait for him and outright ask him. Momoshiro was still only wearing his towel. He turned his back on his senpai to gather his thoughts and put on his pants. He had put them on and just closed them when he found he had tears in his eyes. He brushed them away with trembling hands and drew a shaking breath. Kikumaru-senpai stood next to him and had put his hand on his naked shoulder. "Hoi? Momo-chan?" He asked softly.

Momoshiro slowly turned but couldn't look him in the eye. Kikumaru-senpai took him in his arms in a big hug and held him close. Momoshiro broke and finally cried as it hit him that his girlfriend was gone.

He cried hard for a while. He sobbed out the details to his senpai. He sobbed out that she left him a note. He sobbed out that she wouldn't even talk to him. He sobbed out about her friend. He sobbed that he didn't even know how it had happened. Kikumaru-senpai listened and reacted as a good friend or brother would. Momoshiro had a lot of friends but no one that he was really close to. He had gotten really close to his girlfriend and now she was gone. He cried a little harder at the thought while Kikumaru-senpai made shushing noises and told him it would be all right.

"Nya, she's really stupid if she lets you go Momo-chan. She could just be mad after her friend told you. It will be all right. She said she loves you. It will be all right. You know how girls are."

"She...she said in the note...she had a new boyfriend..." Momoshiro said it between sobs.

Kikumaru-senpai was quiet a moment. "Nya. Well then she's an idiot. You're a great guy. Tons of girls in our school like you. And she was a jerk how she made you worry and then left you a note when you weren't home. She should have at least talked to you on the phone, nya? She was still talking to her friend, nya?" Momoshiro nodded at that. Kikumaru-senpai had a good point. She should have been a better friend to him even if she no longer wanted to be his girlfriend. She was a better friend to her friend than to him.

Momoshiro was still thinking about it when his senpai asked, "Hoi? Wanna get something to eat with me after practice?" Kikumaru-senpai pulled back a little to look at him. "You don't have plans, nya?"

And right there was Momoshiro's problem. In that moment, in that instant, he had wanted to kiss Kikumaru-senpai.

He had no idea why he wanted to. He had no idea why he felt like that but he did. He was instantly aware of Kikumaru-senpai's hands on the naked skin of his back and his arms where he held him. He was aware of the strawberry smell of his gum and the citrus orange smell of his hair. Momoshiro could feel the muscles of his senpai's arms underneath his clothes where Momoshiro held him back. He could feel the warmth of his body wherever they touched from their hug. His senpai's lips looked soft and full and tempting. His eyes were bright and he was smiling to reassure Momoshiro, "Nya," he said softly, "don't worry. It will be all right Momo-chan. I'll take good care of my shatei." His little brother.

Momoshiro nodded stupidly while his heart thumped in his chest and his body responded in a rush of wanting more. It was all Momoshiro could do not to pull him close and kiss him soundly.

Kikumaru-senpai smiled more when he saw Momoshiro nod. He let go and stepped away leaving Momoshiro's body tingling where they had touched and his brain reeling in a fog of lust. He felt drunk again. "Nya! Hurry so you're not late to class. I'll see you later at practice!"

His senpai was gone in a flash leaving the area feeling empty and cold as if he took all the light and warmth in the room along with him.

Momoshiro stood there dazed for a long moment. He was so turned on he was dizzy and so confused he wondered what the hell had just happened. He was scared that he felt like this from just a hug from a friend. Yeah, he had been turned on like that before but only when he and his girlfriend had been fooling around. They would pet and tease each other until they were trembling with lust. Hell, he hadn't even felt like that when he had sex!

Momoshiro was shaking now from just a hug. What the hell? He had never wanted to do that before. No. Not to Kikumaru-senpai or any other guy. He tried to tell himself as he dressed in a hurry that maybe it was just because he hadn't fooled around with his girlfriend since Friday that he was having some kind of physical withdrawal symptoms. He was just tired and horny. It just happened to be his senpai who touched him and was nice to him. He was just emotional. That was all it was. It would never happen again. Never.

But then he thought to himself that he would never talk to or touch his girlfriend again just to see if the ache was still there.

It barely was. It was like suddenly he would miss her as a friend but that was it.

He was scared as he realized all he felt now was wonder at what would have happened if he kissed his senpai. What would have happened if he had tasted his full lips, his strawberry gum, pulled him and his warmth closer to him and kissed him as he wanted to in that moment? Momoshiro shook his head to clear it and finished buttoning his shirt fast.

He threw his things together and ran to class. He made it there just in time and took his seat. His mind was still racing and would not stop. Even though his fit body was over the sprint he took to class, his heart kept pounding for a long time as he thought things over.

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