Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Six ~Kikumaru~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Eiji could not believe Oishi tonight. After tennis and after they went to eat, Oishi walked Eiji home and basically formally apologized to Eiji's Mom for his stitches. Oishi groveled and blamed himself without even squirming. Eiji could never ever have done that! No way!

Eiji was so embarrassed his boyfriend did this, that he even felt himself blush as he saw his Mom's jaw drop. Of course she stammeringly told Oishi it was no big deal and she was glad everything was all right. Eiji's Mom seemed at a loss for words for the first time Eiji had ever known her, she was as in shock as Eiji was at Oishi. Eiji knew he still might get into a little trouble but Oishi more than took the edge off.

Eiji was both annoyed at him and thrilled at the same time. Oishi could have at least warned Eiji he was going to do that! Then Eiji realized that Oishi wanted Eiji to honestly react because it would help his case with his mother and at the same time, Oishi still felt responsible even though Eiji told him over and over again that he could have done it when he fell running away. That Oishi would embarrass himself without a second thought for Eiji's sake and to still atone for his earlier wrong doing was sweet enough that Eiji decided to forgive him. It really touched Eiji's heart. Although he might have to yell at him first.

Eiji's Mom asked to talk to Eiji and so Eiji asked Oishi to go up and wait in his room. Eiji figured he was going to get yelled at even after all that, but still wanted to kiss Oishi goodnight before he left. And Eiji wanted to talk to him. He really needed to. There were still things Oishi, as his boyfriend, didn't know and needed to. Eiji didn't want him to worry or be upset so he wanted to explain these things to him in person. They were no big deal, certainly not as big as the kiss test, but Eiji never told anyone these things if he could help it. In fact, no one at school knew. None of his friends. No one but his family knew. No one. Unless they looked at his file or records.

Oishi being Vice Captain might have access to his records. Or at least their coach did. Eiji couldn't risk Oishi finding out another way. He had planned on telling him casually a while ago but it was hard to say. He wanted him to know, but didn't want him to worry. After Oishi told him the good news about Vice Captain, after their fight, Eiji had wanted to tell him then, but Eiji wanted the rest of the day not to be maybe ruined. So he waited and worried until now. Eiji was good at putting things out of his head as long as he was busy but now it was staring him in the face and he was again nervous. This would be difficult but even harder would be if Oishi was at all upset at him for not telling him sooner. Or if he worried. Or thought that Eiji was too big a risk to give everything up for. Eiji hoped he didn't think this. There really was no reason to.

Eiji went in to where his Mom waited after he handed his things off to Oishi. He had surprised Eiji by offering to take them up for him in a sweet automatic way. It made Eiji smile as did all the little ways Oishi did nice things for him. When he followed his Mom into the kitchen she surprised Eiji by hugging him hard. He laughed because it was sort of something he would do to Oishi. Usually Eiji would tell his Mom to let go of him but this seemed important to her so Eiji let her hug him until she was laughing too at how silly she was.

She let him go and looked like she might cry for some reason. "Are you all right?" She asked smiling.

Eiji rolled his eyes and said exasperated, "Hoi, Mom, I'm fine." She kept looking at him so Eiji added, "Oishi took good care of me, nya." He flushed a little remembering their weekend and a little more when he thought of the double meaning that could be applied to that phrase.

His Mom touched his hair and Eiji let her although he really didn't like it. It seemed important to her and he figured it didn't matter because he had sweat when they played tennis so it was probably messed up anyway. "Eiji, are you happy?" His Mom was still smiling.

Eiji knew what she meant but he really didn't want to talk to his Mom about...this! For an instant he was annoyed but then he softened. His Mom had helped him a lot that terrible week when he and Oishi weren't talking and he was her baby. Her joyful child. Eiji thought about Oishi and smiled, he felt warm as he thought about him, about them. He also felt for an instant bad that Oishi would never have moments like this, as annoying as they were, but also loving like this with his own parents. Eiji smiled a little more thinking that Oishi was going to eventually have to get used to Eiji's family and parents always being like this. They would adopt his boyfriend as they did all their kids loves and take Oishi in as one of their own. Oishi had no idea what he was in for. It would be a big adjustment for Oishi but in the end, Eiji realized his big loud family who would love the hell out of Oishi was exactly what Oishi would need. Oishi was just lucky they came along with Eiji who would love him even more. It only took a second for Eiji to think this but it was an unusual pause for him and his Mom was looking worried at him although he was still smiling.

"Yeah. I'm really happy Mom." He hugged her because he was so happy and because he could.

His Mom laughed a little and said, "He really loves you, you know?"

Eiji laughed back with her, "Hoi, I know! I love him too, but, nya Mom, could you believe he did that?" Eiji whined how he said to let his Mom know how embarrassed he was and laughed a little harder. At the same time he hoped his Mom would not remember to be mad at him and would laugh at so serious Oishi.

He was rewarded as his Mom laughed harder as only Eiji could make her laugh. "No. Eiji as funny as that was the look on your face..." Eiji laughed with her. After a few moments though they stopped laughing and she let him go from their hug. "Eiji? Does Oishi know yet? Have you told him? About our family and about you...?" His Mom let the rest of what she wanted fade away not needing to say the words. His family was honest to a fault but they never talked about that anymore. It was over and things like that were over were best put behind you.

Eiji felt the smile fall away from his face. "Nya. I will tell him. I know he should know Mom, but its never been the right time...I...I don't want him upset or mad. I'll tell him. I will." Eiji half asked for reassurance and half said as statement. "He'll be okay with it, won't he, nya?"

"He will Eiji, he loves you very much. He'll be all right with it. And you're fine now, right? Everything is okay. But you should still tell Oishi. That way he will hear it from you and never by accident from someone else. You have to communicate and think of the other person's feelings. Because you love him very much too and don't want him to be hurt. Right?"

"Hoi. Thanks Mom. I'll tell him." Eiji considered charging upstairs and getting it over with right now. He also considered it a very good sign how much his Mom wanted Oishi to know. Eiji smiled because his Mom thought Oishi was now family too. His Mom grabbed and hugged him again though before he could get away. Eiji knew where he got his speed from. He sighed. Since she was so emotional and loving right now he decided to try with nothing to lose. "Hoi Mom? Can I get my own phone in my room?"

His Mom let him go and was back to being his mother again, "Of course Eiji, as long as you pay for it, and you're not off the hook about the stitches yet. You need to be more careful and not make me worry so much. Is your homework done? Does Oishi want to stay for dinner? You've been making him wait upstairs for you a long time."

Eiji got away as soon as he was able to but he was annoyed that he couldn't wheedle the phone out of her. He would have to keep working on it. He climbed the stairs happy that Oishi was waiting for him. He was determined to talk to him and he opened his door.

Oishi lay on his bed and had fallen asleep. His feet were on the floor and he must have leaned back and gone out like a light. It made Eiji's heart melt to see him like that. He smiled and carefully climbed on his bed on top of Oishi but as if he had been there for a long time. He curled up with him and was delighted as he remembered that now his pillow would smell a little bit at least like Oishi. He softly kissed Oishi's cheek and smiled more as he felt Oishi's arms go automatically around him. Oishi looked embarrassed about having fallen asleep but he was smiling as he looked at Eiji. "I'm sorry, love. I didn't mean to fall asleep. I just sat down and the next thing I knew you were here..." Oishi made a face as if he was mad at himself again, "...oh, and after we played tennis..." Eiji kissed whatever else he was going to say away.

Oishi being on his bed was never a bad thing even if they had played tennis earlier. Eiji would not let Oishi talk until he laughed again and knew Eiji was not mad at him. Not at all. Eiji finally let him up for air, "Hoi? You want to stay for dinner?" They had eaten earlier but Eiji found he could eat again.

"I want to but I should go home to see my parents. What time is it?" Eiji looked at his clock and told him. Oishi groaned. "So soon?" Oishi smiled as if he also just realized that they had spent nearly ever moment of the weekend together and it was not enough time. Not nearly enough.

Eiji laughed a little although he didn't want Oishi to go either. Oishi held his face and kissed him. He kissed him really deep and hard to show Eiji how he felt. Eiji loved when he did this. It was a long kiss and when Oishi finally broke it he made a little moaning noise. He said in a turned on voice, "I love when you make that noise."

Eiji laughed and said because Oishi expected him to, "Hmm. What noise?" Oishi laughed and Eiji laughed harder because Oishi never told him what he meant when he said that. Eiji knew he never made any noise. If Eiji did he would know it wouldn't he? If Eiji did and knew what it was he would do it all the time because Oishi said he loved it. There were a few things about his boyfriend that were strange and Eiji was okay with that because he loved him. Things were so good.

Eiji decided to take a chance. He could tell him if they lay like this. He kissed Oishi again and then asked him, "Hmm, can you stay with me a little longer?"

Oishi took his finger and gently touched along Eiji's forehead. "I'm with you, but I should go soon. I need to tell my Father about the Vice Captain thing and all."

Eiji nodded and was disappointed but realized there would be other times to talk to Oishi. Oishi looked at him and smiled and then he asked, "Are you all right, love? Your Mom wasn't mad? Did you want to talk about anything?"

Eiji was surprised for a moment that Oishi knew him so well. It made him smile. This talk though would have to wait. It was not something you said quickly and then Oishi could go home and be all right about. Eiji needed more time to make sure he was all right. He just hoped that nothing would happen before he got the chance to tell him. "Nya Oishi! Fine. Not in trouble. Happy." He held him close a moment, breathing in his smell, and told him part of the truth, "My bed was just missing you."

Eiji must have been pouting after he said it because Oishi kissed him the way he did when he said he kissed a pout away. "I miss you too." He kissed Eiji again and sat them up holding Eiji close. He was so strong and warm Eiji held him back tighter. "I'll call you before I go to sleep all right?"

"Nya, when you get home so I know you're home safe. I'll call you before I go to sleep." Oishi stood them both up and held him close a moment then he started gathering his things.

"Okay, call my cell phone and then I'll call you back so my house line doesn't ring. You're okay?" He kissed Eiji again.

"Hoi." Eiji rolled his eyes a little annoyed because Oishi kept asking him. The truth was, it hurt that Oishi was leaving. It hurt that they would both be sleeping alone. It was a little scary that so much had changed and now they had to go back to how things were normally, even though that was what Eiji wanted. For now. Eiji wondered if Oishi wasn't annoying him on purpose so that it hurt less. He figured out that he was and kissed him, smiling again because Oishi was probably feeling the very same way and was being brave and annoying because he wanted Eiji happy.

"Okay, I'll call you when I'm home safe." He held Eiji close and looked like he was trying to say something about how much he felt again. Eiji loved when he did this. He got the cutest silly look on his face and said nothing but looked at Eiji in this melty gooey way.

"Hoi Oishi?" Eiji said, getting his full attention and deciding once again to save Oishi from his own thoughts and confessions. "Me too. I love you too, Oishi. More than anything."

Oishi looked shocked and then smiled. "You knew?"

Eiji laughed a little at surprising him again. "Hoi. I didn't hear you say it in my head, I just know you."

Oishi laughed a little bit, "I'll try to say it in your head next time then." He kissed Eiji nicely, "I love you Kikumaru Eiji. More than anything. Oh, and I brought this, you forgot it at my house, but if you want me to bring it back there I will." Oishi went into his bag and brought out the little red teddy bear he had given him.

Eiji was thrilled. He had forgotten sort of, he was really trying not to think about it so he had forgotten it, but on purpose. Eiji wanted it at home but was not sure if the really nice bear was something he was supposed to leave at Oishi's house. Eiji thought maybe Oishi's father would be mad if he saw it so he should take it. But maybe if he didn't take it then Oishi wouldn't think Eiji really liked it as much as he did. But maybe it was supposed to be something for both of them there. Eiji wasn't sure what he was supposed to do so he forgot it on purpose and hoped Oishi would let him know.

This was even better than asking or Oishi telling him. Eiji held both Oishi and the bear close and smelled the place on the bear's heart where Oishi had put a drop of his cologne. Eiji closed his eyes as he smelled a second and smiled. When he opened his eyes Oishi was smiling at him in that way that he did when Eiji did something Oishi felt good about. Like whenever Eiji told him he loved him. "Thank you." Eiji said meaning for the smile and the bear. "Nya, I'm sorry I forgot him."

Oishi smiled a little more, "Did you leave him there because you thought I might want to keep him at my house?"

Eiji felt his mouth open in awe as Oishi guessed right. He flushed slightly at him knowing him so well. Nearly everything. Eiji tried to play it off with a shrug and a muttered, "Wasn't sure."

"He's yours, love. You can keep him wherever you want. You can even bring him over to visit when you stay over. Whatever you want." Oishi kissed him as if to seal a promise.

When the kiss broke Eiji felt a little bold. "Hmm. What about you?"

Eiji expected Oishi to either be confused by Eiji's odd way of changing subjects. Everyone else usually was, although Oishi was getting much better at knowing Eiji. Better than anyone else, even Fujiko. If Oishi did follow him then Eiji expected Oishi to blush in a nice way if he understood what Eiji was asking. What Oishi did was even better though. He must have felt a little bold too. Eiji loved when Oishi was confident and in control like this. It turned him on and made his insides feel all warm and tingly with wanting him. Oishi kissed Eiji softly and teasingly. He kissed his cheek and then around that spot on Eiji's ear that made Eiji's knees get a little weak. Oishi knew this and held Eiji a little tighter in his arms, keeping him safe. "What about me, love?" Oishi whispered in his ear soft and low. He teased with his lips and his breath and his tongue.

Even now, even sore, even spent, Eiji felt his body responding to Oishi's words, to his kiss, to his touch. Eiji made a little noise as he felt himself getting very hard, very fast. Eiji smiled at the thrill he felt rush through him.

"Ei-ji..." Oishi said in that soft singing way Eiji loved. He whispered, "Do you want to know if I'm yours, Eiji?"

Oishi kissed and teased that spot making Eiji give another little noise in response. "Hmm...yeah..." Eiji was determined to not let Oishi get the last word in, this time. He struggled not to drown in the pleasurable sensations and keep control of himself. He pulled back a little bit and kissed Oishi hot and hungry, teasing him as he knew Oishi liked. "Hmm. Tell me Oishi..." Eiji dared him in between kissing him. He ran his hands along Oishi's body feeling him respond now and enjoying how turned on Oishi was too. Eiji decided to up the dare. "Tell me." Eiji kissed him hard again and then pulled a little back. He knew Oishi would see how turned on Eiji was and how much he wanted him. Eiji knew that Oishi, like him, was a very visual guy. It would be a nice moment for Oishi to go home with and until they could be together again. Eiji smiled and said wanting him and seriously, "Because Oishi...I'm yours."

Oishi must have liked what Eiji said and how he said it. He must have liked it a lot. He made a soft little moan and kissed Eiji hard, pressing himself up against him, and touching Eiji all over. He turned Eiji on so much that Eiji trembled now in his arms. Oishi held Eiji's face in his hands as he kissed him. He pulled back so that Eiji could see him and know what Oishi was saying was the truth. Not that Oishi could lie but so Eiji would know it wasn't just something that Oishi said in the heat of the moment. "Eiji, I'm yours. Only yours."

Oishi looked at him in that adoring him way until Eiji smiled, thrilled. His heart felt full and he was so happy. Only then did Oishi smile back at him as they silently agreed to follow up with this sometime in the near future, when they had more time. Oishi kissed Eiji softly as if just realizing it was getting later now. Oishi sighed and Eiji looked at him to ask silently what was wrong. Eiji liked that he didn't need to ask it out loud. Oishi smiled as if put upon and said, "Ei-ji, I have to walk past your family again all turned on again like this." They both laughed at the state they had gotten themselves into.

Eiji walked Oishi to the front door and kissed him softly more saying goodbye again and again. They kissed and held hands for a long moment at the door with neither one wanting to be the first to step away or close the door. Eiji knew his Mom must have been keeping his sisters away because they would have loved the chance to totally embarrass Eiji when he was all dopey with Oishi like this. Eiji at this moment just didn't care. It felt too good. Although he knew he would be teased terribly during dinner unless he figured out a way around it. Eiji sighed.

Oishi mouthed to Eiji that he loved him and Eiji mouthed back that he loved him too. Oishi touched Eiji's forehead with his finger as if saying he was staying with him even if they were apart. Then they both stepped back at the same time. Eiji inside and Oishi outside. Eiji closed the door and leaned on it a moment. He put his hand on the door where he shut it. He was smiling at the door in what he knew was a goofy way and needed to gather himself. He didn't hear the screen door shut yet and he just felt Oishi was doing the same thing on the other side of the door. Eiji could almost feel the heat from Oishi's hand on the other side of the door touching his. He smiled a little more. He stepped away from the door and as he did he heard Oishi's footsteps walking away and the door close.

It hurt for a second and then Eiji shrugged it off. At least he didn't have to walk home. He turned, horrified to see his sisters lined up and grinning evilly, all waiting to harass him. On second thought Eiji believed he would rather the long walk. He needed to do something--fast!

"Nya! If you're mean to me, I won't tell you what happened, and I won't show you what he gave me..." Eiji said slyly to them all, instantly catching their interest, and stopping any teasing right then and there. Having averted the torture, Eiji went thrilled to show off his new handsome teddy bear and see which one of his nosy sister's phones he could steal for the night.

Even though they ate on the way back to Eiji's, he found he was hungry enough to eat with his family. Oishi had texted him when he got in saying home...safe...dinner now...miss x love you... Then he must have worried as only Oishi could because Eiji said to call not to text. Oishi sent him an Ok?

Eiji at first went to make him sweat it out but he decided to be nice because Oishi had made today so nice. good...dinner now...miss x love you too...talk later...

Eiji smiled thinking that he could almost see Oishi smile as he read Eiji's text. He knew he would. Eiji waited a minute to see if Oishi responded but didn't. He worried a little that his boyfriend was enduring another silent still stiff dinner in his silent still house with his silent still family. A shudder passed through Eiji thinking of Oishi being in that house like that everyday. Eiji felt a rush of grateful love for his family and a little pang of sympathy for Oishi. Someday, Eiji vowed to Oishi and to himself with tears in his eyes, our house is going to be happy like my house and you'll never sit through anything like that again. I'm going to make you so happy Oishi.

Eiji then laughed a little at himself and brushed away the tears. Maybe some of Oishi's seriousness was rubbing off on him. This was not a bad thing because it meant that maybe some of Eiji's own silliness would rub off on Oishi. He felt a little better and joined his loud family for dinner.

Eiji was going to wait a while before calling Oishi. He meant to, he tried to, but the minute he had eaten dinner and was full, he felt how tired he was. Eiji could barely keep up with the fast conversations that always took place after dinner and turned down the invitations to talk or to watch a favorite show in one of his sisters rooms.

Eiji had finagled one of his sisters out of her phone for the night by agreeing to do the dishes in her place. She was strangely nice and helped by drying. Halfway through she told Eiji to wash up and go to bed. She said he looked tired and he could still use her phone. He figured she was so nice maybe he would make her favorite breakfast in the morning. She loved omelets.

Eiji did as his sister told him to. He washed up, brushed his teeth, and set his alarm for bed. He was tired. And sore, but like Fujiko had said it was a good kind of sore. It made you remember in a nice way. Eiji smiled and considered if he should call Fuji. He wanted to know what happened after he had last seen him and tell Fuji what they did. Although, Eiji wasn't sure how much he would actually say or how much he was supposed to say. But it was Fuji, and he always was easy to talk to. Then Eiji yawned and figured that he was too tired to talk to two people and he really just wanted to talk to Oishi before he fell asleep. He still felt a little embarrassed about being so exhausted in front of Oishi. Especially as Eiji hadn't told him yet. Eiji really didn't want to make him worry and felt even more worried about upsetting Oishi after that happened.

He called Oishi's cell phone and was worried as it rang several times and then went to his voice mail. Eiji waited and worried that Oishi would call his house phone back. He didn't though, about three minutes later, just before Eiji went to call him again, Oishi called his cell phone. "Hoi."

"Hi. Sorry, I was brushing my teeth."

Eiji felt relief flood through him hearing Oishi's voice and realized he must be really tired because he was getting worried too easily. "My toothpaste, nya?" Eiji asked with a smile and thought about kissing him.

"Of course." Oishi sounded like he was smiling too. Maybe he was thinking about kissing too.

"Nya Oishi, you have to call me right back." He gave him his sister's number. "Hoi?"

"Okay. You don't need a minute or anything?"

"Nya, you?"

"Nope, right back."

Eiji picked it up before the first ring finished. "Hoi, thanks." He set his cell phone to charge.

"No problem. Are you tired?"

Eiji sighed, "Yeah, you?"

"Very. Are you in bed yet?"

"Nya, I'm looking at my bear." Eiji picked him up and smelled him. He closed his eyes, Oishi...

"I'm glad you like him. Are you all ready for bed?"

"Hoi." Eiji stood there with his eyes closed. Then something occurred to him, "Are you in bed?"

"No, I'm waiting for you." Eiji heard a strange beeping and before he could ask what it was Oishi said, "I got out my old alarm clock to be sure I always get up on time." Oishi paused, "So I'll always be there early...to unlock the door."

Eiji smiled wide and realized what Oishi was saying. Eiji was happy for him, for his boyfriend, the new Seigaku Vice Captain. He laughed in delight. They could stay at Seigaku. "Hoi! Your father agreed? He said yes?"

Oishi sounded warm and happy, it must have gone well, "He did."

"Hoi! Good." Eiji smiled and then asked, "What time?"

Oishi told him and Eiji reset his alarm. He didn't think he would have enough time to read in the morning. That was all right, Oishi's book that he gave him was better. It was at his house for when Eiji stayed there so Eiji wouldn't get to read it until he slept there again. Not until the weekend.

Eiji heard Oishi moving around. He was probably setting everything out in his little way he did at night. He was really sleepy in the mornings, it was cute how tired he was. Oishi asked him, "Is your light out, love?"

"Nya yet." Eiji had not moved after setting the alarm and still held his bear. "Yours?"

"Not yet, will you come to bed with me, Eiji? Please?"

Eiji felt his breath catch in his throat. His chest felt a little tight. He knew Oishi understood and felt the same. "Oishi..." He said softly because it was so stupid, he felt stupid, but it hurt to sleep apart. Even if they were this close and would see each other in the morning, he missed him.

"I know, love. Same time, okay?" Eiji nodded, finding his throat was a little too choked up to speak. Oishi knew him so well. He knew Oishi couldn't see him nod but he hoped he would understand he was nodding. "Turn down your bed how I do." Oishi instructed. He must have known Eiji was nodding. Eiji just realized he had noticed that Oishi in his so serious way turned down his bed where Eiji was more apt to throw the covers back and dive in. He turned down the corner of his bed now just so, like Oishi did. It made him smile a little and wonder if Oishi wanted Eiji to always do it that way, if he preferred it. Oishi asked, "You're wearing just underwear and a t-shirt?"

"Hoi." Eiji said softly. "You're wearing just bottoms? Which ones, nya?" Eiji felt a little upset that he didn't know and couldn't see them.

"The light blue ones with the gray tie." Oishi said it with a smile in his voice, instantly letting Eiji know exactly which ones.

"Nya! Those?" Eiji now laughed. Oishi had worn them to rub up against Eiji the first time they came together.

Oishi laughed with him, "Yeah, should I change?"

Eiji laughed a little harder. "Nya, Oishi. Nya. Those are good. Now what's next?"

"Turn out the light." Eiji heard a click at about the same time he switched off his light. "Get into bed." Even before Eiji could react or really feel upset Oishi said, "Same time."

Eiji laughed at being known so well and threw himself over and into his bed. He missed him but Oishi was right there. In those light blue pants. Trying his hardest to make it easier for both of them. Eiji laughed a little harder after he landed.

"A flip?" Oishi asked and sounded like he was smiling.

"Hoi! Only a small somersault one. I'm tired." Eiji moved to arrange the pillows to make an Oishi to sleep on top of out of them. He figured Oishi was doing the same but putting his pillows under him. "My bear saved me earlier." Eiji told Oishi about his sisters and how his bear had saved him from their teasings. Then he thought that maybe Oishi didn't want to know that Eiji's family knew or talked about things like that. About them being together. "Nya Oishi? Too weird?"

"No. It must be nice. I was thinking its nice that you have that."

Eiji knew Oishi would still be blushing thinking of Eiji talking about them. "Nya Oishi, I didn't tell them everything. Nya! No details or anything like that. Just that I'm happy and that I love you. Is that okay?"

Oishi was quiet a moment and Eiji figured maybe he needed to go away again to deal with it. But he was wrong, "Its fine, love. I'm glad you're happy and I love you too." Oishi hesitated, "I'm sorry I fell asleep before, at your house. What did you want to talk to me about?"

Oh. That was why he was quiet. Eiji considered telling him right then and there. Saying all of it. But it would be better if Oishi was in person. Eiji thought maybe he would have to convince and persuade Oishi a little that things were all right. He needed to see his reaction even if it was a bad one. Eiji was a little afraid. He wanted to hold him and be held when he told him. Usually he plunged in when he was afraid but usually, any fear was never over something as important to him as Oishi was. "Nya, can I tell you tomorrow? When we're together?"

"It's that bad?" Oishi sounded worried and Eiji tried to think of a way to put him at ease.

"Nya! Nya bad. Nothings wrong. It's okay." Eiji thought about how to explain it, "Its just...nya if I tell you like this, then after...I'll feel really far away from you." Eiji knew it was true. If he told him now, it would probably keep him up all night worrying if Oishi could sleep and be a mess. In person would be better. Closer. "Nya. It's nothing bad. I should have told you before but it's hard for me to say and it never seemed to be the right time. Nya. No one knows but my family and so you should know..." Eiji took a breath and thought about it. "Nya, I should have told you when you were just my best friend but now you're more. Now you're my boyfriend." Eiji said softly, feeling stupid and hoping Oishi understood what he was trying to say.

"No one knows but your family and now your boyfriend should know? Because I'm family to you too?"

Sometimes Eiji wondered if Oishi made him repeat things because he really didn't understand or because he wanted to make Eiji say things he didn't know exactly how to say. "Hoi." Eiji said softly and felt annoyed.

"Eiji, I love you." Oishi said it like it meant a lot to him. Like he was thanking Eiji for feeling that way. "You know I feel the same way about you, don't you?"

"Y...you do?" Oishi had never said that although he had said a lot of other things about his feelings and how much he felt. They both had said a lot and meant it all. But family to the Kikumarus was a big thing. Being family was not something they took casually. They had been through a lot together and it was hard for them to let newcomers in fully. They adopted many, many friends easily but you had to love and be loved by a Kikumaru to really be family. Oishi would understand more about that after Eiji talked to him. He hoped.

"Yeah. I do. I even feel closer to you than to any of my own family. Closer to you than anyone." Oishi seemed to be thinking a moment and Eiji let him go away. "I can even show you tomorrow if you want?"

"Hoi." Eiji was a little intrigued. He wasn't sure Oishi would want to talk to him let alone show him anything after they talked but it would be interesting to "see".

"Eiji? I don't need to worry?" Oishi sounded worried. Again.

Eiji laughed a little bit and turned closer to his pillow set up like Oishi. He held it close. "Nya, you will anyway!"

Eiji expected Oishi to laugh with him. He didn't. Oishi asked seriously, "If my boyfriend promises me I shouldn't worry, I won't."

He thought a moment. It meant a lot to Eiji that Oishi didn't worry. Eiji was worried that he would and didn't want him to. He promised him from his heart, "I swear you have nothing to worry about. I swear it Oishi." He needed Oishi to believe him. That was why it was so hard to talk about. That was why no one knew. Eiji never wanted anyone to ever treat him any different than anyone else. He was different, special, because of who he was, not because of something like that. Something like that just happened and you dealt with it. Something like that wasn't who he was, something that people treated you differently for wasn't fair. It happened a long time ago. It was over but Oishi now was family and Eiji needed to tell him. He had to hear it from Eiji first. Eiji noticed that he had been thinking his thoughts for a couple of minutes with Oishi saying nothing.

At first Eiji was annoyed thinking maybe Oishi fell asleep and then he was worried that Oishi didn't believe him and had gone away worried. "Oishi?"

"What, love? Are you back now? You're all right?"

Eiji could not believe it. Oishi had given him time to go away and get his thoughts together. Eiji loved him with an ache and he smiled. "Hoi. I'm good. I'm back. I'm with you."

"Good." Oishi sounded like he was smiling again. He went quiet for a moment and then said, "Eiji, I'm not worried because you told me I have nothing to worry about, but I want you to know, you can tell me whatever it is whenever you're ready. It doesn't have to be tomorrow when I see you. You can tell me when you're ready, whenever you want. All right?"

"Hoi. I'm ready though, Oishi. Nya, I just want to tell you in person, alone, when we have time to talk." Eiji added in.

"All right. Do you have plans after we practice in the afternoon?"

"We?" Eiji said yawning.

"Yeah, our regulars training, remember? If you still want?"

"Hoi, I want, and I don't have plans. Why?"

"Well if its early, I thought I would ask my boyfriend if he wanted to go to the movies with me, he has these free passes and this movie he really wants to see." Oishi caught Eiji's yawn.

"Nya Oishi, I thought you were going to show me." Eiji wondered if Oishi would follow his thoughts. He did say he would show him though.

"There's plenty of time to do that too. If you want?"

Eiji yawned and was pleased Oishi knew what he meant. Eiji felt too tired to explain it all if he didn't follow. "Hmm. I want. Please."

"Good. Where's your head, my chest, my shoulder, or under my chin?"

Eiji smiled. He had earlier even moved a pillow up so it lay on the top of his head just so. "Hmm...your chin." Oishi made a little noise of contentment and Eiji smiled. Oishi must have put a pillow just where Eiji was already laying on him. Eiji smelled the pillow his head lay on that still smelled like Oishi. He wondered if Oishi also ever smelled his pillows and if they smelled like him. Eiji suspected he did. "Hmm. I love you Shuuichirou."

"I love you too Eiji."

Eiji was just about to sleepily remind Oishi he hadn't chewed any gum. When Oishi was stressed he ground his teeth without the gum before bed. It hurt him the next day he said and his jaw might make a noise that woke Eiji. He was also going to ask him if he should go early with Oishi in the morning or meet him a little later. Eiji liked meeting him and walking to school even though it was out of the way. He wasn't sure what Oishi had to do for Tezuka right now and wanted to ask him that too, when Oishi this time said, "Shh. Its okay love, go to sleep."

Eiji smiled into his pillow that was Oishi, loving that Oishi said it this time.

Eiji closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and wrapped himself around his pillows. He listened to Oishi breathe for as long as he could.

He wished they were together as sleep softly embraced them both.

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