Learning to Land. 
by Suteishichic

Chapter Four ~Atobe~

Warnings: Yaoi, Love, Angst, Fluff, and Lots of Sex. Some kink. You've been warned ;)

Disclaimer: Nope not mine. Still in my dreams. ;)

Atobe Keigo woke up and stretched catlike and contented wrapped in his luxurious sheets. He wondered if he should go back to sleep, wake the warm body next to him for more sex, or if he should let him sleep and start his own day. Perhaps he should just have a bath drawn for them and his favorite foods prepared. It was still early and Sunday. They would have to return to school later today but after such a nice evening of pampering and civilization, a little more would not hurt.

He wrapped his perfect and naked body in a spoon-like manner up around his lover. He buried his nose in his hair and smelled his scent. Jiroh always smelled so nice. Atobe wasn't sure what kind of shampoo or conditioner he used but he always smelled like clean laundry and sex. Jiroh always felt safe and warm and clean. Plus the guy loved to stay in bed all day, and always cuddled after he came. This was not a bad thing.

Atobe tried to gently wake him with a few well placed kisses and caresses. Jiroh moaned softly in his sleep and pulled Atobe closer to him, "Keigo...nnn...early..." He yawned, snuggled even closer, and then instantly fell back asleep.

Jiroh was not a morning person. Or even a day person. Try to talk to Jiroh during daylight hours and you got a mumbled reply at best. People even thought he was narcoleptic, or even a bit daft, but he wasn't. Jiroh himself would explain patiently when anyone asked him, when it wasn't light outside that is, that he just had his circadian rhythms completely backwards. He was wide awake when the sun set and barely functioned during the day. He had always been like this. During the day he looked like a sleepy little boy unless something woke him and riled him up.

At night, he was a completely different guy. He was charming, eager, curious, warm, funny, and got into all kinds of devious, delightful mischief. He was great at practical jokes, pranks, and making the most out of any situation. He loved to have a good time, laugh, and party. He was caring, sensitive, and great in bed. Really great in bed. He loved to give and receive pleasure like few Atobe had ever known.

Jiroh knew Atobe well. Better than most people. They had practically grown up along side each other. Both of them were from wealthy influential families and both pretty much were raised by the help. They understood each other, where they had come from, and where they were going. Jiroh understood Atobe as few ever did. He knew Atobe's secrets and his heart and he cared about him anyway. He was one of the few people on the planet that Atobe did not want to squash like a bug just because he could. He was one of the few people Atobe did not want to crush and defile because they needed to learn their place. In short, Jiroh was one of the few people Atobe actually gave a damn about.

Although they had grown up knowing who each other was, they were not friends or lovers before the beginning of this year. Atobe had never even seen Jiroh as anything other than what everyone else was--unworthy competition. Atobe had in short, dismissed him.

Because his heart had been elsewhere. Freshman year at Hyoutei, Atobe had made sure to make his mark. Early on he had beat everyone that came across his path and anyone he could not beat immediately he had seduced into friendship or more to get his way. He knew he was gorgeous, privileged, popular, and he was determined. He wanted to be the number one at Hyoutei as he deserved and he would settle for nothing less. It was his birthright. Within a week of his arrival and school starting, he was made the first freshman Vice Captain in Hyoutei's long outstanding tennis club's history. Naturally. He knew he would be the one to lead them back into the national championship spot that this school had lost for the last couple of years. They had the talent, they had the coach, all they needed was simply, Atobe. He knew it.

Hyoutei's tennis club was strong, there were well over 200 members at any given time all fighting for positions most would never come close to let alone achieve. They used a long standing traditional system of punishments and rewards to keep the team strong. It was simple. You lost, you lost your place. You won, and you were given luxuries and privileges beyond what most would ever dream. You won and you could have whatever and whoever you wanted.

The team was closer brothers than most fraternities. The inner circle of regular members, the true pride of Hyoutei, was a close-knit group who stuck to a strict code of conduct and tradition. They treated each other like brothers. Competitive brothers, yes, but still brothers.

Brothers with sisters. For that was a longstanding perk of Hyoutei as well. Their strong cheerleading team of girlfriends dating back to when the school admitted women. In the tradition of little sisters and fraternity brothers, each regular and each person who had the strongest potential of becoming a regular was assigned a girlfriend. You could do whatever you wanted with her or not. Your choice. It was a status symbol to have one and a status marker for the girls to be chosen.

The higher up her boyfriend achieved, the higher she rose as well. A girl lucky enough that her boyfriend became a regular had a sudden rush of popularity and power. A girl whose boyfriend gets dropped will be as despairing as he is because she too will lose it all.

Whenever there was a school event or a formal occasion, you escort your girlfriend. You could date and sleep with whoever you wanted otherwise. Other girls, other guys, whatever you wanted, but this stopped any fighting and the rewards of having an instant girl willing to do pretty much whatever you wanted was Shangri-la to most of the Hyoutei team. It was a beautiful rumor or a dream. At least the ones with no chance of ever becoming a true regular. For those lucky few who understood what wealth could truly buy, the power and the privileges, Hyoutei was practice for the real world they would someday live in and make their mark in.

Some regulars had the same girlfriend all their Hyoutei Junior High years. They would be in the same year at school. But others, like Atobe because he became Vice Captain, were assigned a Senior girl whose boyfriend had previously graduated. Then when his Senior girlfriend graduated, Atobe was to be assigned another girl. The assignments were supposedly done by lottery, randomly, so that everything was fair. But this was Hyoutei. Fair, like everything else in the world, was yours for a price. Atobe liked the girl he had chosen/been assigned his first year. She was warm, willing, knowledgeable, and smart. She didn't get in his way and he didn't get in hers. She deferred to him and showed him proper respect. He wanted another woman just like that for his next years.

He wanted this girl Shiori. She was pretty, seemed nice, and seemed very similar to his first. She was in his grade and she had been assigned a senior their freshman year who had graduated so she was available. Atobe chose her and as he was Atobe, he expected his choice to be respected with no questions or problems.

But there was a problem. Her name was Naomi. Naomi was undeniably beautiful. She was perhaps the most beautiful girl Atobe had ever seen in real life. And his father had a habit of sleeping with world renown beauties so Atobe had seen quite a few during his childhood. Naomi was beautiful outside and unfortunately driven and twisted on the inside. She was determined to become Atobe's girlfriend simply because then she would rule the school at his side. Atobe admired her visage and her ambitions but did not want the headaches.

First Naomi tried to discredit Shiori. Shiori over the summer before their Junior year and in the beginning of the school year had slummed and seriously fallen for a Seigaku Freshman, a peasant. Atobe of course monitored the situation. He already knew about it so that when Naomi brought it to his attention, both he and Naomi convinced Shiori to break it off. Hyoutei dates Hyoutei and Seigaku dates Seigaku. Shiori, to her credit, did end things. Of course she did, that was why Atobe chose her in the first place, she was obedient.

Naomi however was not. Atobe told her to leave it alone. She didn't. Atobe found out because Shiori cried to another girlfriend that Naomi snuck them out to see the freshman kid and they had a party with another Seigaku guy. Naomi seduced the kid and made sure Shiori knew about it. Effectively breaking the two of them permanently up.

Atobe was furious at being disobeyed. He decided to bide his time and keep careful watch on Naomi. But he had not kept close enough watch on her. His attention was divided and she deviously rigged the choosing.

His attention was divided because his lover at the time had been another teammate Shishido Ryoh. He was magnificent. Proud, gorgeous, and confident. Too confident. Atobe wanted to crush him the moment they met. Shishido was wealthy enough to be accepted at Hyoutei and poor enough to always be an outsider. He was fascinated and disgusted with Atobe and his wealth. The first time they met, Atobe challenged him to play tennis. The winner got to fuck the other. Shishido haughtily refused saying he was not gay.

"Splendid, I'm not either." Atobe had said without batting an eye, "So how about it, unless you think you will lose?"

"I won't lose because I'm not playing you. I don't fuck men." Shishido had turned and walked away and Atobe had known at that moment he would make him his. He would make Shishido beg for him and cry out in pleasure. Atobe knew he would enjoy every moment of his newest game with his newest toy. To defile the peacock would be fun.

It had not taken very long to seduce Shishido after all. It turns out that under his bravado the guy was lonely and curious enough to allow it. Atobe threw Shishido a birthday party and had each person say they couldn't make it. Alone, the two of them got drunk and Atobe had his way with him. Shishido had liked it. Had liked him.

Though you would never know it by all the angry accusations the guy made the next morning. The second time Atobe seduced him took much longer and was much more fun. Atobe had teased him until he simply bent with wanting it. He took him the second time in the Hyoutei shower with Shishido worried someone would catch them. The sex was hard and angry and Shishido refused to kiss him or touch him while he shuddered and moaned and came and came.

It became a fun distraction for Atobe, how much could he make Shishido do before he released him. How far could he let his proud peacock fall before he let him come. He made Shishido take him in his mouth and came on his face in his closet in front of the three way mirror so Shishido could watch himself in shame from every angle. Only when Shishido did it right did Atobe then take him, making him watch Atobe fuck him and enjoying Shishido's cries of pleasure and shame as he came hard. He enjoyed his cries as much as he enjoyed Shishido pushing him away afterwards and still refusing to kiss him.

Shishido was a lovely distraction for that year and the better part of the summer.

But then came Tezuka. And that damn bet. Atobe had long had a fascination regarding Tezuka Kunimitsu. His family was not wealthy or proper and he was a bit of a bohemian peasant to tell the truth and yet, he was simply splendid. Not only was the guy gorgeous in face and body but he was also smart, confident, skilled, a born leader, driven, and very, very proud. Tezuka perhaps had more pride than even Shishido, his peacock. It would take a lot to break Tezuka, more than anyone else Atobe had ever broken.

It would be such fun to do.

Atobe knew he was the one, the only one, to break him. It was Tezuka's destiny to be broken by Atobe.

And by that point in the summer, towards the end, Atobe was a little bored. Shishido's protests and not kissing him, not reaching out for him ever was old and dull. Atobe did not think there was anything else inside Shishido left but rage. It was all Atobe ever felt from him. He was starting to think he had been wrong about Shishido, and that he would never make him his because Shishido simply was not capable of feelings, or love. Atobe simply wanted to be adored and loved as was his due. Apparently for Shishido that was way too much to ask for.

Atobe placed a large side bet watching Tezuka stupidly be manipulated by two amateurs. He decided to intervene after he heard Kuki planned to win at all costs, even drugging Tezuka. Atobe took action. He had his teammates help, his brothers who would never tell. He had Kuki beaten down for touching Tezuka, who Atobe regarded as his, and then he took his brothers home for a rewarding weekend where they would be pampered. He took Tezuka home too.

Tezuka was drugged to the gills and was completely out of it. Sick as could be from the drug. Atobe wanted him but not like this--there was no challenge in this. Atobe cared for him all night and even sent for his family's personal physician at one point because he was so worried. Atobe had never had someone sick like that in his arms or in his care and it made him feel good to help him. Tezuka needed him and wanted Atobe to listen to him while he was so ill. Atobe had kissed him, hell he was only human, and he had touched him but no more. Tezuka had skillfully kissed him back and held him back even as Atobe cared for him.

After the months of Shishido withholding any kind of affection, and never kissing, it felt amazing. Atobe wanted more. He wanted Tezuka and yet he held back because with just a kiss and some touching, Atobe started to care for him. Care about him and wanted to know more about him, more than Tezuka told other people. The drug also worked like a truth serum. Tezuka answered Atobe's questions--even telling him he loved someone, but not who. Never the name of who it was. Atobe had tried a thousand times and ways to get him to tell him the name but Tezuka never would. Atobe even discovered that it was an unrequited love, the two had never even met let alone touched, but never who it was.

Atobe had been so intent on kissing Tezuka and trying to coax the name out of him that he had never noticed his door open. He never noticed that someone was in his room with them. He had no idea to this day how long he was watched. He never saw Shishido until it was too late.

Atobe was kissing Tezuka who was kissing him back. He was running his hands all over Tezuka's body because among other things, the drug made Tezuka writhe with want and lust and every part of Tezuka seemed to be ultra sensitive and want to be touched and pleasured. Atobe was kissing and touching him and softly saying in his most convincing manner, "Kuni-kun," because that is what Tezuka under the drug said his mother used to call him, "please, just tell me the first letter of your love's name, just the first letter, please?" Atobe then kissed and caressed him making Tezuka moan his no while his entire body screamed yes.

"I'm leaving." Shishido said. Atobe had looked at him, utterly startled he was there. Shishido turned and walked out.

Atobe was up from the bed and away from Tezuka like a shot, "No. Shishido, Ryoh, don't go, please? What's wrong?" Atobe grabbed him from behind and held him close. "Don't go. Please?" He whispered in Shishido's ear and felt Shishido's body respond to his touch. "Please stay?" Atobe purred in his ear. "We'll go to the country tomorrow for the rest of the summer. We'll take whoever you want and have a great time. Please?" Atobe felt him bending to his will and he smiled.

Then he felt Shishido tense his entire body up, "Is he going?"

He indicated Tezuka. Atobe was shocked but quickly recovered. It simply couldn't be, could it? After all it wasn't like Atobe had ever been faithful or that it was even discussed. "I'm not sure, perhaps. I might ask him." He felt Shishido tense up even more. Atobe could not resist purring, "Shishido, don't tell me that you're...jealous?"

Atobe after kissing Tezuka wanted to taste Shishido's lips, just once. He wanted to compare them both while Tezuka's kiss was so fresh in his mind. He purred at him, "Because Shishido, Ryoh, let me tell you, that you have, nothing..." and went to kiss him. Atobe figured if he caught him off guard while reassuring him, then he could at least steal a kiss.

He figured wrong somehow. Shishido stepped back and out of his arms so fast Atobe felt a breeze. He turned away and said, "I'm leaving. Goodbye Atobe. I'll see you when tennis and school starts. Have a nice rest of the summer."

Atobe thought of calling after him. He thought of demanding that he not leave. He thought that they could continue this after he let Shishido cool off. That after Shishido had some time to miss him and think, things might even be better. Shishido might even come to him for once.

He thought wrong.

School started and Shishido who was always chilly towards him now seemed encased in ice. He was polite when Atobe talked to him but no more. Before there had always been a hint of warmth, but now, nothing. Atobe tried to talk to him often, always, of course in a casual way, but nothing he tried worked. He refused to make a fool out of himself especially for Shishido and tried to let it all go.

But no matter how much he tried, he could not stop watching him and wanting him. He didn't miss what they'd had, he missed what might have been and never was. It was strange. Atobe was...upset.

He realized he...missed him.

He missed his laugh. He missed his hands. He missed his noises when Atobe pleasured him. He missed his voice. He missed his smell. Shishido always wore this store bought cologne. When they met, Shishido used the shampoo and conditioner too. Atobe had some bought for himself because he missed the scent. The package said it was a refined, oriental, woody fragrance with a blend of cinnamon, jasmine, honey, and vetiver. Atobe sprayed it on himself one night when he was alone. He smelled his own skin all night but it was not the same.

It smelled like Shishido and yet it missed Shishido's smell blended with it. It wasn't spicy enough, there was no moment when Shishido held him close after he came. It wasn't warm enough, there was no Shishido teasings about rich food and Atobe should try a little to just to eat at least like everyone else. There was no musk behind it, no Shishido lopsided grin when he tried not to laugh at something Atobe said or did. It wasn't Shishido.

Frustrated, Atobe tried to throw it away and forget it. Forget him. But he saw him all the time and found he missed him. Talking to him and trying to find excuses to speak with him were only making it worse. It wasn't enough. It was as bad as wearing his cologne and still missing his smell.

During this distraction, their little sisters were chosen. Naomi rigged the choosing and became Atobe's. For pure revenge, and thinking of a plan, he decided to go with the old tradition of sharing her with the other regulars. Whomever wanted her could have their way with her after Atobe finished. It brought the regulars and team members closer together and represented to the guys that Atobe was for the team. That no woman would come between them. Not everyone did this with their little sisters, but a few still did.

They had a party at a large suite in a hotel the weekend after the choosing. Everyone at Hyoutei was always having some kind of party. Atobe explained to Naomi what would happen before she officially was his little sister. It was after all her choice. She agreed in her ambition to submit to whomever on the team wanted her. She even seemed eager. They all had a couple of drinks and then she and Atobe went to the room where she would stay until everyone had their turn. Before they left, Atobe ordered Shishido to walk with him.

Everyone was shocked as Atobe knew they would be but he knew no one would question him. At this point, he didn't care what anyone thought. Anyone but Shishido.

Shishido had not participated before in a sharing. Not in all the time Atobe could remember. Atobe thought perhaps he was like himself, because Atobe would only participate if he was the first. He would never lower himself to accept seconds of anything. When the door to the room closed, he instructed Naomi to undress and prepare herself. He turned to Shishido and explained, "I want to give her to you first."

"Before you?" Shishido asked with one brow raising slightly. He stood close enough to Atobe to make him feel weak. He smelled so hot and sexy. Shishido tucked a little of his long hair behind an ear. A sure sign he was nervous or surprised. Atobe wondered if he had ever been with a woman before. Rumor had that Shishido was experienced, but rumor and reality were not always the same thing. While he wondered, Atobe wanted him. Atobe was hard standing there just talking to him. He ached to take his hair out from behind his ear as he often had and lick down the scented skin on his neck...

"Why?" Shishido asked, snapping Atobe out of his reverie.

He quickly recovered, "A gift. A token of the time we spent together."

Shishido curled his lip up in that half smile deliciously. He was amused as Atobe's heart pounded. Atobe thought of saying more, much more, but he simply couldn't. No words came to him so he shrugged. The girl did not matter. Shishido did.

"All right." Shishido said evenly and Atobe felt his heart sink. He felt like someone punched him in the chest. He did not realized up until that point that he actually had truly wanted Shishido to say no. "Will you watch?" Shishido asked casually, as if they were talking about tennis and not sex. Making love.

Atobe did not want to watch him, he wanted to be with him. He did not want to watch him be with someone else, even someone as insignificant as this girl. "Of course." Atobe shrugged while he felt his insides crush, his heart ache, and his erection throb.

Shishido walked over to the bed. He slipped off his shirt and neatly lay it on the dresser in the room. The girl was naked on the bed. A pile of condoms were on the table next to her. Shishido sat on the bed. "Hey." He said softly and smoothed her hair back. "You don't have to do this you know."

Naomi said evenly, "I know. I want to."

"You do?" Shishido said and Atobe knew that his eyebrow would be raised again.

"I know what I'm doing. I know what I want." She said and smiled, "What do you want?"

"You're so beautiful." Shishido said and moved his hand over her face, down her neck, down the center of her ample chest, and then back up to her face. "What I want is to have fun, to take my time, and for us both to enjoy this, is that all right with you?"

Naomi smiled and Shishido bent down to kiss her. Atobe almost yelled at him. He almost stopped him. How could he kiss her? Atobe sat in a chair and felt his insides twist as Shishido took his time kissing her. He must have been good because he had not touched her anywhere else and she moaned a sound. Atobe was completely jealous.

Shishido then twisted the knife in Atobe's gut when Atobe heard him softly ask, "You're in love with someone aren't you? Someone who doesn't love you?"

"Y...yes...how did you...?" The girl whispered back and seemed upset.

"Shh," Shishido said softly, "here's what I want you to do. Let's get you over him, all right?" He kissed her again, "You are so beautiful, he doesn't deserve you if he let you go." Atobe saw there were tears, real tears on her cheeks and Shishido gently kissed them away. "Shh, tonight, I want you to pretend that I'm him. I want you to close your eyes and pretend it's him making love to you and not me. Will you try?"

"Y...yes, but what about you? Don't you love someone?"

Atobe strained to listen but all Shishido did was slowly shake his head no. "Silly girl, you're all I need." Shishido sounded like he was smiling. He must have tickled her when he kissed her because she giggled. Atobe almost stopped him again.

Shishido then kissed his way down her. He was loving and aggressive as Atobe had never seen him. He had never been this way with Atobe. Not once.

Shishido made her come with his mouth and then again with his hands. He had her moaning in pleasure. He took his time. She kissed down him and made him come. He never once looked at Atobe who wanted him so much it made him feel sick. After a very long time, Shishido finally put on a condom and Atobe expected him to be at least now like they had been in bed. But he wasn't. Atobe had been seme every time with him and he realized for the first time he had no idea how Shishido was as a lover. The pain of that nearly made him cry out. It nearly made him stop them again but he refused to show Shishido how much he hurt him. How much he was hurting him. How much he felt for him.

Even though Atobe knew for certain, Shishido already knew. Knew without even Atobe knowing this.

Shishido entered her slowly, gently, and made her come and come and come. Atobe thought she was crying out Shishido's name over and over again. Then he realized her eyes were closed and she wasn't saying shishidoshishidoshishido as Atobe was doing in his head, she was saying something that sounded like shioishioishioi...

Shishido made those sounds that meant usually he was close but he held out and held out. Pleasing her more and more. Atobe thought Shishido was never going to come until he finally came inside her. When he came, Shishido made a noise that sounded like a roar, a growl. Atobe could not believe it. In all their time together, Atobe had never heard him make anything sounding even close to it.

She had come again at the same time Shishido did. The two of them laughed like they had a private joke and Shishido kissed her long and hard before they came apart. Shishido asked her how she was and talked to her softly for a moment. So softly, Atobe could not hear.

Then he stood up, threw away the condom, and took his clothes into the bathroom to wash up. He came out about two minutes later dressed and thanked her and Atobe. He told Atobe to enjoy his evening and he walked out. He never looked back. He broke his heart and never looked back. He showed Atobe everything they had never had and would never have. It was the most hurtful thing anyone had ever done to Atobe Keigo. He hated him and loved him more than anything in that moment.

It was the first and last night Atobe ever had sex with her. He did it quickly because he had been hard for so long it hurt. He kissed her because Shishido's mouth had been there. Perhaps, he mused, she kissed him back like Shishido kissed. She smelled like him everywhere, her skin, her hair, her lips. Atobe did not last long and did not think he could bear to take a second turn on her. The smell of his lost lover was making him act irrationally and emotionally. Atobe did not know if he made her come and did not care. She seemed to but may have been faking it. Atobe closed his eyes, kissed her, pushed deep inside her, and smelled Shishido. The girl wrapped her legs around him as Shishido used to do. Atobe distantly wondered if maybe Shishido told her to do that or it could have been coincidence. Smelling him and feeling her do what Shishido used to do made Atobe come suddenly hard.

Unfortunately he softly must have said Shishido's name when he did. A moment after he came to his senses, he saw her smiling wickedly. Atobe realized he had underestimated her, Shishido, and his own feelings. She was dangerous and had something over him now. Shishido who Atobe had hoped to win had somehow won him. Atobe actually had feelings for someone other than himself. He had never felt so lost. He actually had an instant of self-doubt although he would never admit that to anyone. Ever. He got up to wash himself.

He closed the bathroom door, looked in the mirror, and held his hand up to his face. "Insight..." he said clearly seeing his emotions and the weakness of his broken heart that he had not noticed before.

Shishido had somehow known. Known and seen right through him even when he himself, the king of finding weaknesses, missed this vital clue.

Atobe washed up and went to leave her. To send the next person in.

"Well now, Atobe, it seems even you're not so invincible after all. Long live the Queen," Naomi was sitting up and looking dangerous even naked and used.

"Naomi..." Atobe started and quickly thought of a way to destroy her. It simply would have to be done. He could not afford loose ends.

"So, its my turn finally?" Atobe turned to the chair he had been sitting in. He was shocked. Jiroh was sitting there. Atobe had no idea how long he had been there but he suspected he had seen everything. "She said I had to wait for you Atobe." Atobe worried what she might have said to Jiroh when he interrupted his thoughts. "Were you done? Or do you want to play too? Come on Atobe, play with me!"

Atobe was not sure what Jiroh was up to but he looked wide awake. A wide awake Jiroh could be dangerous and fun. Atobe said, "Sure, why not?" and smiled. They had their way with her and left for her to be used by everyone else who wanted to. Then they had their way the rest of the night with each other.

They had been lovers ever since. Jiroh knew all about Shishido and he didn't care. Naomi had told him. That night, Jiroh completely dominated her in bed along with Atobe. He punished her for Atobe, he made her beg, he mocked her, pleased her, and they all had a great time. Atobe hadn't seen Jiroh as commanding since, but he was full of surprises.

Overall though, Jiroh liked things simple and uncomplicated. He thought Atobe's little sister was a stupid bitch who did not know her place. Jiroh's was a nice sweet girl who baked him treats and got the notes he missed when he was sleeping through class.

Atobe was very glad to have a close friend like him. And such a good lover.

Atobe trusted him like he trusted no one else. Not completely, not ever completely because the world simply did not work that way, but more than enough. The same way Jiroh trusted him. Atobe knew both of them would marry eventually, it was expected of them and they would. They both would take lovers from time to time, maybe even still sleep with each other occasionally. No matter what though, Atobe had needed a friend and in that instant, Jiroh had completely been there for him. Atobe would never let him down. Ever.

One thing though, lately Jiroh was warning Atobe quite often that Naomi was up to something. He wasn't sure what, only that she was. He warned Atobe to watch her again and again. He wanted Atobe to get rid of her completely. Then Jiroh said Atobe could have a nice girl like he deserved. Jiroh reminded Atobe that he was Atobe, he was the king, he could have anyone and do anything. He didn't need to settle for a troublesome bitch. Besides, Jiroh had said in between yawns, she's not that pretty or at all good in bed.

Atobe felt a rush of emotion for him thinking about all this. He turned Jiroh over and kissed him, caressing his hand down his strong body and feeling Jiroh's erection respond when Atobe held him in his tennis-strong grip. "Jiroh..." He said softly as Jiroh kissed him back in his sleep.

"Mmm...Keigo...s'nighttime?" he asked sounding sleepy but interested.

"Even better Jiroh, it's playtime." Atobe purred wanting him more and more.

Jiroh yawned, "What's the occasion?" He ran his hands along Atobe's body and Atobe shuddered slightly in anticipation.

"You were right, so I thought we should celebrate." Atobe smiled. Jiroh loved a party and any excuse for a celebration was fine.

Jiroh looked quizzically and sleepy at him. "Right?" He must have wondered if he had talked in his sleep again. Jiroh was now more awake and insistently pulled Atobe down into a kiss.

When the kiss broke Atobe explained, "About Naomi. She has been too quiet. She's up to something. I need to watch her closely." Atobe kissed down his neck and teased his nipple between his teeth and lips.

Jiroh stretched his legs and then ran his fingertip over Atobe's entrance making Atobe shudder, "Watching won't do anything. Just get rid of her."

Atobe smiled and then bit him gently, making Jiroh suck in his breath. "I intend to Jiroh, but I want to do much more than that to her. After what she did, she needs more punishment. Much more. She needs to learn her place."

Jiroh yawned, "Oh. That. Whatever you want. As long as you get rid of the dangerous bitch permanently. Then you can have a nice little sister like mine. She makes the best peanut butter pie, better than our pastry chef makes. You have to try it." Atobe teased a spot of wetness from Jiroh's erection and rubbed it along his tip with his thumb making him moan.

"Thank you, I think I will try it." Atobe licked his erection lightly making Jiroh moan again. Jiroh rocked his hips up at the feel of his lips and tongue. All traces of sleep gone, Jiroh said with a smile, daring him, "Come on Atobe, play with me."

Atobe rarely did this to Jiroh, although he knew he loved it. Atobe just felt very affectionate today for some reason. He mused that destroying an enemy must be good for the libido as he took Jiroh in his mouth. He smiled up at Jiroh who was nearly trembling with anticipation.

"Be awed at my prowess..." Atobe said around him and then made his lover come for the rest of the morning.

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