Shishido Ryou
School: Hyoutei Gakuen
Birthday: 9/29
Status: Hyoutei Regular
Year: 3rd
Special Moves
   Rising Shot, Dash (high speed)
General Info
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: B
Playing Style: Counter-puncher
Dominant Hand: Right
Hobbies: pool (billiards)
Favorite Food: cheese sandwhich, mint chewing gum
Favorite Class: Geography
Favorite Color: red, purple
Shishido is Ohtori's doubles partner.  He was dropped off of the regulars squad after losing in the Tokyo prefectural quarterfinals against Fudoumine captain Tachibana Kippei.  Despite knowing Sakaki's zero-toleranc policy, Shishido underwent intense training with the help of Ohtori and after cutting off his precious long hair and defeating the then-regular Taki Haginosuke, he was able to get back on the squadwith the support of both Ohtori and Atobe.  He is the only person to have been able to get around Sakaki's zero-toleranc policy. 
Family: Older brother  
Kanji: shishi means "muscles, meat"; do means "door"; ryou means "clear" or "help"  
Seiyuu: Kusada Toshiyuki
Birthday: 8/25
   Naruto: soldier
   Chicago Hope:???