Name: Osakada Tomoko
School: Seishun Gakuen 1st Year
Birthday: 4/17
Status: Echizen Ryouma Fanclub President
Blood type: A  
Favorite saying: "Ryoma-sama!!!"

Tomoko (Tomo-chan) is an energetic outgoing girl who greatly admires the Seigaku Tennis Team. While she is the president of the Echizen Ryoma Fanclub (currently two members), she also has crushes many of the regulars. Often times she can not come to all of the teams matches because she has to babysit her little brother. She as is known for talking alot and is generally at odds with Horio who thinks shes too overboard with her attitude. She is in the same class as Ryoma and is best friends with Sakuno. As Sakuno is shy, she tends to end up getting dragged around by Tomoko a lot.
Family: Younger brother  
Kanji: Osakada 小坂 means "a small rice
paddy on a slope"; Tomoka
朋香 means "friendly perfume"
Seiyuu: ??