Name: Horio Satoshi
School: Seishun Gakuen 1st Year
Birthday: 9/20
Status: Seigaku Tennis Team
Blood type: O  
Favorite Saying:"I have two years of tennis experience!!"

Outgoing and rather concieted because as a freshman he has "two years of tennis playing" under his belt, Horio is in general a loudmouth who enjoys bragging to Kachiro and Katsuo. (He seems to be forgetting that Echizen is a freshman too) His big mouth often times gets him into trouble and he has been saved by Echizen several times. He is in the same class as Echizen.
Kanji: Arai 荒井 means "rude community"  
Seiyuu: Yamazaki Shigenori
Birthday: 2/26
   Hakaima Sadamitsu: Kuron